This Blog page is designed to accept comments that relate to or cross answer entries on the 1DCLI Personal Memoirs website. The basic idea is that the Personal Memoirs can be commented upon by a third party reader who can assist with an ID of a forgotten face, or an anecdote that will embellish a particular incident or major event.

Our (initial) “A” Company website has become a very large site with a huge number of pages that might test the patience of some browsers unless you have a very fast connection. You can also browse the many 1DCLI related sites shown in the Blogroll to the rhs. It also follows that a series of individual Memoirs published as sub-pages but hotlinked to the main site can be organised by the Editor. So if you are game and blessed with a good memory you can record your illustrated Memoirs for the world to see and remember you by – before ’tis too late! The interesting by-product of our Google sites is that a Search using ” your name” followed by “1DCLI memorabilia” will produce a significant number of page ‘hits’ – usually ranking 1-2-3-4 from the countless billions of pages in cyberspace

The editor has decided also to develop this dedicated Blog Page to attract relevant comments and ID’s and anecdotes about the contents of the Personal Memoirs pages.

The Barry Cornish Memoirs
The John Tenniswood Military Memoirs
Bugler John J Goddard
Derek Lovemore Empire Clyde Memoirs
The Fraser Pakes Military Memoirs 1955-1957

Wantage Childhood Memories


So – GOYA – cheps and uncover all those old photos and letters to Mum and Dad (that you sometimes wrote) and give your addled brain a run and share your best secrets.

Tempus Fugit!


12 Responses to 1DCLI PERSONAL MEMOIRS 1953-1957


    At 82+ I have long realised that younger generations, militarily related or not, express interest in Family History; mine are no exception and I’ve published my Wantage Childhood Wartime Memories above to partially meet some inquisitiveness. The invitation is open to those Mates and Readers who wish to similarly create a record for posterity.

    Note also that the links to former Google sites are somewhat disappointing to find that the original formatting is altered by Google. Out of my control, I regret.

    NB: This page is open for Comments.

  2. Christopher Dunster says:

    Dear Sirs

    My father was Ben Dunster, formerly RSM. He served in KOYLI, KSLI, and DCLI. He saw active service in Malaya. I have his photo albums. If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    I may be a nurse, but please let me take this opportunity to express my profound respects for what you gentleman have done for us.

    ED: Blog readers might be interested to know that I am in direct contact with Christopher, who is preparing his father’s photo album for our publication in due course. Anyone with specific memorabilia or record of RSM Ben Dunster, kindly open up dialogue here.

  3. Terry Simons says:

    The photo of the unnamed squaddy on Joe Knights section is Dougie Lander the Bugler from Liskeard.

    ED: Thanks Terry – I shall amend caption. Now done.

    • John Goddard says:

      Doug Lander and I were in the same billet in Kingston Up Park Camp. Where is Doug now? I would hope he is still here. He was a good mate of Bob Wooton I think thats how you spell Curly’s name, we all lived together for 2 years a long long time ago.

  4. Fraser Pakes says:

    Thank you so much for contacting me, good to hear from you. Thank you too for letting me know you still had my tie I let you borrow in 1956 . (I had of course been searching for it all this time!). I always knew we DCLI were an honest lot and of course I want you to keep that tie – suitably framed of course with a brass inscription – a memento of the Bermuda years.

  5. Don Histed says:

    I served in the Dukes from ’55 -’58, # 23232164 posted to “B” Coy then in ’56 to “A” Coy in Bermuda. I was in the same room as Fraser Pakes and I have something that I would like to return to him. Any chance of his email.

    ED: Thanks Don – if the return item is the 500 quid that you borrowed, just send it to me and I’ll pass it on (joking of course!). I’ve advised Fraser of YOUR email address, to offer him the option to communicate with you. You’ll understand that for SPAMMING reasons we do not publish email addresses.

    PS: If you return to this page (and strangely many contributors fail to do just that) I extend a cordial invitation to you to open up contributions to our websites and blogs – especially any old photos of the Caribbean era.

    • Dave H says:

      Don. If you were in Jamaica in 55-56 – I was there then. Now where the hell were you that I missed you? I was with the elite MMG platoon what about you?

  6. The Memoirs of Fraser Pakes

    It is I feel, appropriate to comment here about the background effort to Fraser’s Memoirs. None of it would have been possible without the co-operative spirit of Fraser himself. The fact that his parents treasured his rookie soldier’s letters was indeed a bonus – but let me assure you – the hard work only started at that point. The letters indeed served as an ‘aide memoire’ – but the transfer to a publishable document is another matter. Many long hours of story composition, layout, separation of text and image scanning and emailing was involved – across the globe.

    The example of the willingness and alacrity with which Fraser responded to the editorial pressures shows what can be done by willing ‘Old Soldiers’. We have often remarked on the countless stories and photographs that are tucked away in the minds, attics and garages of “Old DCLI’ians” and I hope that Fraser’s efforts serve as a brilliant example to GOYA and make it happen.

    Tempus Fugit!

    PS: The host server – Google – allocates only limited storage for .jpeg images, in contrast to huge text file storage. I am fast running out of image capacity and await a ‘new’ Google system that will hopefully provide additional facilities. Get in while you can – is my message – unless you want to pass into oblivion in the expectation that your surviving family members will pick through the available remnants of your military experiences. The LI Message Banks are filled with plaintive messages of hope from relatives trying to find out about the Army service of Great Grandpa, Grandpa, Father and Uncle. Fat chance that another remote surviving individual is either interested or capable of filling in the gaps. GOYA – cheps!!

  7. Fraser Pakes says:

    Hi all!
    Thanks to Derek’s encouragement and his hard work, I have just finished a three web page ‘Memoirs’ based on letters I sent home to my parents from Bermuda (1956-1957) plus some extra stuff on the couple of months I spent finishing my service in Germany. (Note: Some of the photos that would have been in these memoirs to illustrate parades were posted earlier on the DCLI site and can be found there still).

    I want to mention especially that I sent the first part in to Derek on October 6th and here we are on October 19th with the job complete. I was amazed we could get it done in that time. I’m saying that here because I’m sure there are other fellows around who like me have put off doing this sort of thing because they think it would take up too much time. Well it needn’t! I’m sure Derek would agree.


  8. Michelle Cox says:

    Looking through the photos on “A” company home page with my Dad, he has identified a group of lads that “need ID parade”. Its the photo under Sgnt Thomas, 4 lads lying in the sun from L – R Jim Kelly, Freddy Matthews, John Cheeseman, Charlie Bennetts

    ED: Thanks Michelle and Don – now corrected. Email address sent.

    PS: 4 days after the above emailing Michelle Cox obo Don Ford – her Dad – forwarded .jpeg photos (7) which are now published to Supplementary Pages under the Don Ford Section. Winners make it happen – cheps – get blogging!

  9. Michelle Cox says:

    My father is Don Ford who served with the DCLI’s in Bermuda, he has enjoyed looking at these memoires and may be interested in hearing from old mates. He also identified some of the people, and has photos that may be of interest.

    ED: Thanks Michelle. Don’s expression of interest is the latest from “Old DCLI’ians” who served in Bermuda. A few of us exchange banter and nonsense on Wise & Wicked (a bit bawdy) – but it keeps Old Mates in touch. I’ve emailed you direct with invitation to forward any photos. Regards.

  10. If you’ve reached this page from another link then travel to “1DCLI Personal Memoirs 1953-1957” to view the stories of other Old Mates.

    Tempus Fugit!

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