West Cornwall Caribbean Guests Tuesday 9th June 2009

West Cornwall Caribbean Guests Tuesday 9th June 2009


(July 14th 2009) The party sadly is over, with all visitors departing to their respective homes, wherever that might be. Sad farewells were said at the end of this very special week, but many renewed friendships were established and of course many tall stories remembered.

Hundreds of photographs have been taken; mainly simple snapshots of Old Mates enjoying each other’s company – so there is no outstanding photography on display. Should anyone wish to build their own Picasa3 Album from privately taken photos of the Event (and/or other occasions too), then simply email me the correct URL (from the Picasa upload) and I shall attend to the matter.

Ed & John Billett at Bodmin Regimental Museum June 2009

Ed & John Billett at Bodmin Regimental Museum June 2009

Barry, Jim, Trevor. Re-Union June 2009

Barry, Jim, Trevor. Re-Union June 2009

Keith, Pete, Trevor, Barry. Re-Union June 2009

Keith, Pete, Trevor, Barry. Re-Union June 2009

Memory Lane. Bodmin Depot. Re-Union June 2009

Memory Lane. Bodmin Depot. Re-Union June 2009

Trevor, Barry, Peter. Bodmin Memorial Day Re-Union June 2009

Trevor, Barry, Peter. Bodmin Memorial Day Re-Union June 2009

Swanny and Joe. Re-Union Week June 2009

Swanny and Joe. Re-Union Week June 2009


1,009 Responses to CARIBBEAN RE-UNION 2009

  1. Barry Cornish says:

    Hi! Derek,

    As it is ‘Tomorrow’ in Brisbane already, I wish you a Happy Birthday and many more, with the good health to enjoy them.


    ED: Thanks Barry, another year older and deeper in debt, but richer in experience.

  2. Sloop JB says:


    Hello again, We know it’s a bit late but we hope you had a good birthday and that you all enjoyed your birthday tea together. We weren’t in Scotland this time round, that comes later. See you at the service.

  3. Terry Simons says:

    Hello John and Peggy. Thank you for the post card we received from Scotland glad you are having a good time and the weather is good to you. Sorry you cant make the Dinner may be you can come down sometime later?

    Looking forward to seeing you in Bodmin on the 10th of October. June and the Family are all very well its my 74th birthday today so they all came to tea we had fish and chips from the chippie b…..y lovely. Take care of Yourselves see you soon Terry and June

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Here is Wishing You Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns of the Day.

      I left you this message on the ‘Bloody Unbelievable Blog earlier on. Have you found everybody over on that one, yet?

    • Jack Madron says:

      74 ? Get some in.
      Just joking mate. Have a Happy Birthday.

  4. Sloop JB says:


    Hello young man how are you. Peggy & I would like to thank you very much for the invitation extended to us for the 13th of November. In as much as we would would like to attend we have a very full diary. What with going up to Scotland for starters then we have several things to done with the family, once again thank you very much.

    All being well we will see you at the Rememberance Service in St Petroc’s, October.

  5. Terry Simons says:

    I sent you an email yesterday asking you and Peggy down to Penzance for the West Cornwall Branch Lucknow Dinner on the 13th November at the Lugger Inn on the Prom. Phone me if you and Peggy would like to join us OK? Phone 01736 368745

  6. Sloop JB says:

    Hello Terry
    Where have you been hiding? Peggy said to say hello to you and June, hope you’re both well. We have got the rain you sent on up, thanks a lot. Hopefully see you at St Petrochs Oct.
    Take care.

  7. Terry Simons says:

    With the mention of Rendell Maddern’s name, I remember going to the Newlyn C P Boys school with him and also Neil. A lot of water gone under the bridge since then. Sad he left us so young.


    John Billett. The first time looking at your photos from the Caribbean with Jack yesterday I didn’t realise that you knew Rendel Maddern, now I realise you were both batmen in the Officers Mess. I went to school with Rendel I didn’t know he was known as Ken!

    As I said we were at school in Newlyn where we only knew him as Rendel. He was always a character and I think the last time I saw him was in Plumer Barracks Crownhill, when I met him loading the Officers Mess regalia, Battalion Silver etc ready to load on the Troop Ship.

    Jack was home before me at the time he was killed being hit by a motor cycle in June-July 1955. Thanks John for his many photos with your group of mates which I will cherish. Ken Rendel Maddern (RIP)

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Swanny, I joined the Officers Mess at Plymouth Crownhill, that’s where I first met Ken, didn’t know for a long time that his name was Rendel. He told us he didn’t like his name thats why he chose to be called Ken. He was a food waiter, I was a wine waiter. I tried being a batman but I soon gave that up. You are quite right about him being a character, always up to his nonsense but he was a very lovable guy, we became great buddies.

      I think it was Roger the ex Postmaster who told me about his accident, it took some accepting. I am glad you had a good look at my pics and if it gave you pleasure seeing Ken then I am glad I let Derek display them.

      J B.

  9. Jack Madron says:

    I’ll join you there, John.

  10. JT says:

    It might be the case that other would be bloggers are put off by the old hands seemingly dominating it. Difficult to break in perhaps.

    I for one am withdrawing from this blog and will in future inhabit the Bloody Unbelievable blog.

    I hope some of you lads will get going.

  11. JT says:


    But they had these at Catterick ‘cept the swimming pool was full of coal.

  12. JT says:

    Jim Kelly

    Great pictures. The drag outfit was wonderful complete with the pointy bra of the time. Luckily Mockingbird didn’t see you she would have scratched your eyes out. Also you were safe from the “Green Ticket” which the Bermuda Police could issue for skirts above inches above the knee.

    There was a calypso about this law called “Green Ticket”

    • Jack Madron says:

      What other shenanigans did those squaddies get up to in Bermuda? We had nothing like that in Jamaica. Of course we had a NAAFI and bathing pool in camp, which kept us on the straight and narrow. Ha ha.

  13. Editor says:


    As our memories of the Re-Union inevitably begin to fade, I’m reminded of the earlier motivations that initiated these web and blog sites. You’ll get my drift if you peruse the dialogues between Dave and I on the MMG blog.

    With a view to encouraging others who have not yet bitten the bullet to blog regularly, I remind you all of an important feature of Picasa. You can open a Google Picasa Account very simply, which then enables you to log a comment onto each and every image in my Picasa Albums.

    This means that (as John Billett has already done) you can identify faces and occasions to your heart’s content. You might then assist others to put a name to a face (which I surely need as well) for that long lost someone whom you bumped into at the Re-Union.

    This facility offers yet another interactivity on our Blogs that will encourage others to participate.

    Tempus Fugit!

  14. Terry Simons says:

    I remember Dave Besley, he taught me how to put on puttees without them unravelling. Glad he is OK, give my regards to him.

    • Jack Madron says:

      That was a job and a half. Can you still remember how to put them on ? Damned if I can.

  15. JT says:


    Not me mate.

  16. Mike Cummings says:

    Thanks JT great photos of an unforgettable time I found a couple with a little fat guy with a stick. I don’t believe it, I thought I was still a slim handsome bastard

  17. Jack Madron says:

    Sorry Ed.
    You’re right of course. I didn’t give it a thought when I replied to Swanny.

  18. Editor says:

    I’m led by the nose by your developing comments about Harry Patch, to record a comment on this Blog. But as sad as the Harry Patch Event is, it really has sod all to do with Caribbean Re-Union History.

    You’ll find that Harry’s Memory is addressed on the DCLI Blog – so kindly continue the thread of the topic in the proper place.

  19. Jack Madron says:

    If they’re saying, no banners or flags. No Lord Lts. No Ex DCLI members. Why is Wells Cathedral doing the funeral? Not for Harry or his family, but their own gratification. The uppercrust snobs have taken over as I see it. I bet the place will be full of Brigs, Cols and other so called top brass. Shameful.

  20. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED. Now had phone call from Frank Baxter who has been in contact with Trevor Stipling and Lorraine Sadler Branch Sec.Truro Branch DCLI Assn. to say we couldn’t get any allocation of tickets for the Harry Patch funeral, also no tickets for the Lord LT’s of both Cornwall or Somerset, no Standard Bearers of the Associations or British Legions? According to what Frank said apparently all the funeral arranged by the powers to be of Wells Cathedral. Frank then said Lorraine had contacted the Vicar of Bodmin and his Church will organise a Memorial for Harry at St Petrocs Church Bodmin to take place on Saturday 17th October, time to be arranged at later date AM-PM?

    Neil (Swanny) on behalf of West Cornwall Branch DCLI Assn.

  21. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED. I omitted to say Dave Besley is now 78 years old. I mentioned some of our old mates names especially Roy Westbrook but he couldn’t place him, he said of the past some names you never forget and mine was one of those, like all of us some you remember! He said he had quite a few photos of our Bermuda days.

  22. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED. John Billett. Now been on the phone to Dave Besley, first contact for 55 years! He was delighted that I phoned him, had lovely chat for 20 minutes, some sad news he told me his wife passed away 6 months ago and he said it was very difficult to go on without her! He has had heart operations over the past few years but is now very well. I said it was a pity we hadn’t had contact before our Re-Union and he said he only wished he knew about it etc, He spoke to Doris and she said he would be welcome to come and stay with us if he wanted to come down to Cornwall which he really appreciated the offer, I said to him about the DCLI blog etc but he isn’t into PCs but his Grandson is. I said if he could write to me with his grandson’s email address I could send him data etc of our DCLI events etc and keep him up to date with the Blogs etc. At least it has brought us together after all these years!



    I have today compiled 2 fresh small Picasa Albums, one each for Jim Kelly and Dutch Hoon. Many of the photos are without captions, which can be added by anyone viewing the Albums. One of Dutch’s photos show a rare shot of Robbo and another of Paddy Feeney, in addition to Brad, Griff & Ed at the RBYC.

    Travel to Blog page leader to click the hotlink.

  24. Margaret Royffe says:

    Derek, Many thanks for the photos of the Re-Union they are wonderful. I would just like to say that it was a pleasure meeting you all and thank you for making me so welcome. I am sorry that I have not been able to be more help with the photographs. I have searched all the photos and paperwork and am still working on it of course and when I have more info I will get back to you.

    Kind regards Margaret

    ED: Thank you for your remarks Margaret. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet up with you and to establish the connection to our revered RSM. The Re-Union was a splendid event and so worthy of the comradeship – as you say – that endures over time. Obviously Time Marches On, but to have the pictorial record is a bonus too. Thank you for your participation.

  25. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    John, thanks mate for your mail, I’ll give Dave a bell next week, it will be very interesting to talk to him – long time ago 55 years! Thanks again John, was nice to have met you at Bodmin.

    Best Regards Swanny.

  26. Margaret Royffe says:

    Swanny, the warmth that comes across in these blogs is such a pleasure to read and is a prime example of the comradeship that exists between you all. We will all be thinking of the bigger family of the DCLI on Thursday.

  27. John Billett says:

    Hi again Swanny, am just about to make your day you’ll never believe it when I made one of the phone calls I got an answering maching so I moved on to the next call then I had call from the person whose machine it was and who do you think it was? Your very own Dave Besley. His phone number is 01278 788444, he said you are very welcome to call him, what was he on about you colouring your hair? Speak to you again.


    • Jack Madron says:

      John B.
      Swanny had black hair. It was coal dust. Read about it in the blogs. Ha ha.

      • JT says:

        Now then Jack

        Swanny wants to forget all that and I believe he has resigned from the National Union of Mineworkers.

  28. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Margaret, it was so nice to have met up with you on our Re-Union at Bodmin, and so good to have you on the Blog. I had the privilege to meet and converse with Harry Patch over the years at open day at Bodmin, what a role model that man was! lets hope that his funeral next Thursday will be a day to remember for our DCLI family, to show the world what comradeship the Regiment had for all generations who had the Honour to serve in such an esteemed Regiment.

  29. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Hi John,

    Derek introduced me to you at the Museum at Bodmin. You showed me a photo of Dave Besley in your Jamaica album. I thought you said you live near him? Could you possibly send me his address if you have it, or possibly his phone number? Nice to have you on the BLOG welcome aboard.


    • John Billett says:

      Hi Swanny, I do remember meeting you at Bodmin and I do remember saying about Dave Besley. I tried a couple phone numbers but I didn’t get any luck so I’m afraid I can’t help you old son.

      Hope you’re keeping well.


  30. Margaret Royffe says:

    Swanny, don’t forget Harold would have been about 92 and would have been so pleased to see that you had all made the effort to meet and to parade with pride – he had a sense of humour too and would have enjoyed the whole day in Bodmin, I am sure. Kind regards to you all.

    Rest in Peace Harry Patch my thoughts and prayers to his family.

  31. John Billett says:

    Hi Jack, hope you got my letter on the other link. My son Steve put you in touch with me. Please forgive my mistakes on the other letter, this is all new to me, we only picked up our laptop last Saturday – it ain’t half giving me headaches.

    Speak to you again.


    • Jack Madron says:

      John B.
      Join the clan mate. I’m still learning how to use this thing. Tip from a fellow learner. KEEP AT IT.

  32. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Ed. All quiet on the western Front! I have done quite a bit of writing to several people about the Harry Patch funeral etc on behalf of our Branch to BLI etc. Doris and I spent couple of hours down at Nobby Clarke’s place on Tuesday last. He and Mary spent 10 days staying with his LONG RANGE SNIPER Son in Larkhill home on the RANGES RA! He was glad to get home for a rest after 10 days babysitting!

    All who have seen Keith’s DVD have been delighted he has done a brilliant job filming all of our Re-Union events. The highlight being our Drill Parade at the Keep under the Command of RSM T. Joll. Brilliant!

    But the whole DVD was as I said Brill!

    • Jack Madron says:

      That was the worst drill I’ve ever seen. What a shower but a good laugh anyhow.
      Harold would have done his nut.

      • John Billett says:

        Hi Ed
        Could you please remove my email address from this blog.

        Many thanks

        ED: Done

        • John Billett says:

          Hi Ed, sorry to trouble you again, could you please remove my email address from this posting as well, Caribbean re-union site on the July 31, 2009 at 5:54 pm.

          Many thanks

          ED: Done JB. Sorry to have missed that one.

  33. Jack Madron says:

    Is there any way to get hold of John Billett? On looking again at his pix, I can name two chaps and recognise (I believe) another five. The chap who he names as Ken Maddern was Rendal Maddern from Newlyn, who was killed not long after he was demobbed. Hit with a motor bike while riding his push bike. The other is Jimmy Andrews who was in the MMGs in Minden and Jamaica.

    The five I recognised but can’t name were also in S Coy, three names keep coming to mind, John Fisher, Pilley, Chapman but I’m not sure about them. Apart from the Bodmin and Jamaica pix, the others I think you’ll find are Minden. One pic is Kaiser monument. Minden Gap. If possible, I would like to put names to the faces I recognise.

    ED: Jack, transfer to the Clyde Blog to pick up John’s email address.

  34. Editor says:


    At Page Header you can view a hotlinked Picasa Album of spillover photos taken during my week in Penzance for the Re-Union. A visitor’s brief view of West Cornwall.

    • Barry Cornish says:


      Thank you for these photographs. You have captured the essence of West Cornwall really well.

      • Jack Madron says:

        Lovely photos. You’ve got a good eye for a picture. Now we see why so many people want to live here. Can’t blame them.

  35. Editor says:


    Some 48 snapshots now uploaded to a Picasa Album of the above name. View from the hotlink at Page Header – under Re-Union Album.

    PS: Anyone requiring copies of any particular photo (Swanny please note) just lift off the Picasa Album. These photos are all in a public domain, so copyright is waived.

  36. Terry Simons says:

    Sorry to read of the passing of Harry Patch. A gentleman and an inspiration to us all. RIP.

    Terry Simons.

  37. Jack Madron says:

    Have had a look at John Billets pix but only in thumbnail. When clicking to see them enlarged, I can only get the first 14. Something I’m doing?

    • Jack Madron says:

      Just tried again and everything seems to be OK. Whatever it was, scarpered when it realised it was messing with an MGer. Ha Ha.
      Wish I had same effect with other things. Didn’t recognise anyone in pix but some brought back memories. Dunns River Falls. Carib cinema. Main gate with cannon and bathing pool in background. Very nice.

      • JT says:

        Wots an Mger ?

        • JT says:

          Jamaica sounds wonderful. Swimming pool (men only), a cannon, and a waterfall. Gee bet all the Bermuda lads are sooooo jealous and hey the MMGs got to shoot out to sea, plus shooting at their own feet with blanks. (Or was that just in Germany?)

          • Jack Madron says:

            Hi John.
            It wasn’t just a blank. It was a bulleted blank. Lethal within a certain range. That wooden bullet would do a lot of damage to a toe within two feet. Ha Ha. Just noticed. Shouldn’t that have been one foot after firing.

            MGer is Machine Gunner. Only had idjits in Jamaica after 1955. I put it down to all that sunshine and white rum. I reckon that bloody Sgnt who joined us just before I left, let the platoon go to bloody ruin. Didn’t like the bugger.

            • Dave H says:

              Jack, I beg your pardon! I was 55-57, our lot weren’t idjits. Maybe Naylor was but not us lads.

  38. Mike Cummings says:

    Can any one direct me to the site where the Re-Union photos are. In plain language please (I’m a bit thick re this computer stuff)
    curno bys vyken

    ED: Click ‘ere Mate


    • JT says:


      Top of the page below group picture see blue underlined Re-Union1 Photo Album …click

  39. Editor says:


    I met John at Bodmin during the Re-Union Memorial Day at The Keep (as I recall) and afterwards at the Regimental Open Day, where he handed over a disc of some 100 photos taken in Bodmin, Osnabuck and Jamaica. I’ll invite John to tell his own stories via this blog. See hotlinked Picasa Album at page leader.

  40. JT says:


    Did members of any other Company attend the reunion other than A Coy and Jack from S Coy ?

    • Jack Madron says:

      At the Penzance gathering, we had Trevor Wallace from D Coy but can’t think of any others, John.

      Bodmin on the Thursday there must have been quite a few. Bill Kelloway MMGs and Fred Hughes S Coy, were two. I think Fred was 3in Mortars.

  41. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Hi All, I wrote about the passing on Rhyme and Reason about the sad news of Harry Patch (RIP) Old Soldier, always a DUKE and always wore his badge with PRIDE.

    • JT says:

      Thanks Swanny

      But “Rhyme or Reason” has been pretty well redundant for some time. I think Derek will simplify the blogs when he has time.

      Saw the TV documentary yesterday about WW1 and Harry Patch was featured. Makes me once again want to visit my grandfathers grave in France. Must do that soon.

  42. Trevor Webb says:

    God Bless Harry Patch and all his generation rest in peace.

  43. Jack Madron says:

    Met your sister and brother in law in Newlyn this afternoon. Known Dave for years but first time I’ve met your sister. Don’t worry, didn’t give any secrets away. Ha Ha.

    • Barry Cornish says:


      Thanks for keeping stumm and me out of the doghouse! I expect that David and Diana were walking their dogs, weren’t they?

  44. Terry Simons says:

    I have just seen the Re-Union Photos on the web site thanks to Barry Cornish I think they are brilliant. Hope You and Yours are Well June the Family and I are Fine Take care Terry


    I’m in contact with Caroline Goss, niece to the Major and also indirectly with her mother Moira Stephenson, Tony’s sister who appears in the latest batch of posted photos.

    More pix and clips might be forthcoming for publication and we eagerly await any developments from Bermuda archives that Keith Mannings might be able to initiate.

    Moira will appreciate a snail mail from anyone who might care to write (address on application to me) with anecdotal recall of her brother, our CO.

  46. Gidday Cheps!

    I’m introducing Sylvia (Royffe) to the Blogs, with comments now lodged on 1DCLI and the RSM Royffe pages. Be gentle with a fine lady cheps – no ribaldry required thank you – not that it would happen, I know. Sylvia likes what she has read thus far and has many anecdotes of Jamaica days, as a young child, so let’s encourage her please.

    • JT says:


      I agree. Swanny and Jack please do your ribalds on the other blog.

      MMG Blog is generally suitable . Dave in Dog Patch Canada is usually ribald. Its the moonshine likker.

      • Jack Madron says:

        Just because I mentioned a certain ossifer on MMG blog, you don’t have to call me a Dandy and now ri BALD. I may be getting a little thin on top. Wish I could do the same with the bay window.

        Did you see on tv news about the Canadian who had his guitar smashed by an airline? It’s on You Tube. United Breaks Guitars. Great way of getting your own back.

  47. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED, Had a phone call from John yesterday saying they had received the DVDs – they being Joe, Graham, and that they were very pleased with it. John said he is in regular contact with them both and the are planning to come to Mousehole caravan site in July next year and hopefully make it as a yearly DO as like a reunion.

  48. JT says:


    Wonderful experience. DVD magnificent. Thanks Keith.

    Swanny I think the best joke you sent is the cartoon with the caveman dragging the woman by the hair. I look at it from time to time and it still makes me laugh

  49. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    All. Now watched the DVD of the Re-Union which Keith posted from Frome. What an excellent job he did making this DVD – as all who watch it will endorse. I will be handing these DVDs to Frank Baxter for members of the branch to buy at 5£ – all proceeds for West Cornwall Branch DCLI funds.

    On behalf of the Branch I would like to say a big thank you to Keith for all the work he did in the making of this DVD,

    Neil (Swanny) Swanson. Also again a big thank you to all concerned in the people who made this Re-Union such a success, especially our editor Derek for all his work and endeavour for getting this event to take place.

  50. Dave H says:

    Something like that JED – or are you Jethro? I think Jack has been eating too many crawdads. JT

    • Jack Madron says:

      Shucks pard.
      You can’t eat too many crawdads. Crayfish. Lobster. Prawns and Crab.
      As a matter of fact, I’m rather selfish about shellfish.

  51. Jack Madron says:

    Howdy friends and neighbours. Cmon in. Take ya shoes off. Setta spell. Is this the way we speak from now on? Simply called, “Brean Speak”. Ya all come back now.

    • Dave H says:

      Jack. You feeling OK? What you bin drinkin?

      • JT says:


        Have you been sending Jack some of that red neck moonshine?

      • Jack Madron says:

        Isn’t that the way they spoke on the Beverly Hillbillies on TV? Seeing Ed has gone all western on us since his visit to Brean, I thought I’d join in as well.

        So long pardner. Happy trails.

  52. John Billett says:

    Hi Derek, I thought I would give you a buzz. Steve is letting me have a go on his laptop, gaining a bit of experience in case we do get one of our own. We have seen what you have been working on. We hope you enjoyed your stay here in England meeting all the guys down around Cornwall and doing all the fun things you all done together. I wish I could have been one of your party. My wife Peggy and I are both very pleased that you arrived back home safely, and hope that your wife was in good health when you arrived there.

    Bye for now

    John and Peggy.

    ED: G’Day John, good to hear from you, I note your earlier comments on other blogs. Settling down here- back in OZ – finally. Jetlagged to all hell with a direct flight through 7 time zones, just dropping down for fuelling. Family is well here too, and am busy picking up the strings with grand children etc.

    I shall be devoting more time now to publishing additional (historical) images – such as yours – now that I have most of the Re-Union photos posted to Picasa, which you have evidently seen.

    The Re-Union was a huge success and ’tis a pity you missed the main days, as by general acclaim, we got it all right. Many Old Mates revisited after over 55 years in some cases.

    Keep watching this space for further notices.

    Best Regards

  53. Editor says:


    John Griffin and Jenny and Yours Truly enjoyed a brief Cowboy Week stay after the Re-Union. See Doc, Kitty and Wyatt in their glad rags.

    Check the hotlink at the page header

  54. JT says:

    Hi Swanny

    It was must that he went on about Welch coal miners at the end ?

  55. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    JT, don’t get the gist ALF on coal miners?

  56. JT says:


    Yes it was Greengrass – I forgot you watched Heartbeat. I think his name was Bill Maynard.

    No I don’t think the Alf the Alien was here, I never heard of it anyway

  57. JT says:


    Alf on coal miners

  58. Dave H says:

    JT isn’t that Greengrass with him? Anyway I was expecting to see Alf the Alien, always thought that was a good show. Did you get it over there?

  59. Graham, Your name is on the list that Keith sent me I will let you know when they arrive, Neil (Swanny)

  60. Graham Martin says:

    Swanny, could you order a copy of the dvd for me please. Sorry I missed your birthday the other day, anyway belated birthday greetings from Carol and myself. I must find more time to use the blog site, I have been a tad busy with the living history group lately.
    Thanks Graham.

  61. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED, Bill, excellent photos of Hereford. What a lovely County with brilliant photo shots etc and photos of you taken in the pub etc. We don’t appreciate the English Counties till we see it photos etc. The beauty of most the Counties in the UK, all different but all beautiful in their own right and nice to see you and Nancy Bill taken together. You are looking very well Bill hope it stays for the future and you keep up on the blog with our banter etc.


  62. Editor says:


    A Picasa Album (hotlinked title above) to honour Bill Griffiths and Nancy is now on parade. Bill was Mine Host during a pre Re-Union visit to Bill’s home village of Eardisley, Herefordshire – where we spent three evenings and sunny days examining the skills of the local publicans and their wares.

    Herefordshire is a beautiful English county, as my photos will I trust, depict in all its glory. Too short a time alas, to truly show any more than just a glimpse.

    Thank You Sgnt Major for the all too short time with you, and indeed the return visit later in June when we visited Shrewsbury and the Rifles Weekend celebrations.

    Our best wishes to you and Nancy.

  63. Barry Cornish says:

    Well said, Swanny!

    I am sure that we will all say ‘Aye’ to that.

  64. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED, received a letter and list of names from Keith yesterday for DVD of the Re-Union etc. The cost of these is 5£ each, this is to be paid to Mr. Frank Baxter. Hon Sec-Treasurer West Cornwall Branch DCLI-LI Assn for Branch funds.

    A vote of thanks for Keith for the work he has done for the making these from us all who attended the Re-Union, also a vote of thanks to Derek for his photographs of the events etc and his downloading same and the travelling he did to make this historic event such a success.

    Bravo to both Keith and Derek for the work both these carried out.

    Well done.

  65. Dave H says:

    Great pix Derek, looks like you all had a great time, sorry I missed it. Jack, you should have been sat behind that gun, shame on you. On picture # 142 who is the Patrick Stewart lookalike? he could be on the Starship Enterprise.

    • Jack Madron says:

      If I had sat down behind that gun, I’d probably still be there. Only Derek and me in the museum at the time and Derek was busy with his camera so couldn’t assist in getting me on my feet again. I think the chap in #142 pix is Swanny’s mate, Graham Bradshaw.

  66. JT says:


    Oops Guilty as charged Sir.

    On another matter does the truss means you have transferred to Support Company?

  67. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED. Excellent photos Derek, now rang Joe and he said they had just been looking at them. First class photography, perhaps we could get you another stripe?

    Glad you have settled back to normal – ie plenty of work doing PC work etc on our behalf. Now been to PZ Hospital and had a truss fitted, bit uncomfortable but part of it now!

    JT 252 for you! having your hands in your pocket while being photographed with our Bugle Major, typical CORPS CHEPS – wait till Col Toots sees the photo, OFF WITH HIS GREEN BERET – HA HA. You will have to pay entrance money to get in the coal hole now.


  68. Editor says:


    You’ll note – cheps – some revision to the Page Header that removes old images that are no longer applicable and a simple HOTLINK to a Picasa3 Album is installed that will display 188 photos in general order as taken. Picasa3 has however, randomised some images that are now out of sequence. Sorry about that, but enjoy!

    Picasa3 permits enlargement of the thumbnails by using a sliding bar (top right) and/or full page view (F11)

    • Barry Cornish says:


      Thank you for posting this excellent record of our really memorable Reunion.

      Best Wishes to you and Audrey.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Well done and thank you Derek. We’ve no excuse now for forgetting that wonderful week of the Re-Union.

      Again, well done and thank you for your hard work in organising everything.

  69. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    JT, Now you mention it I believe it could have been the coal miners daughter that was in the coal hole, it was that dark in there who knows?

    • JT says:

      Now then Swanny you know very well that there weren’t no coal mines in Bermuda and those gals were jest natcherly black.

  70. JT says:

    Just for you Swanny

    • Jack Madron says:

      Hey John.
      You sure are getting into C/W music. With little ‘ole Loretta Lynn singing little ‘ole Coal Miners Daughter. You’re getting a dab hand at this down loading from You Tube as well. Aren’t you?

      I’ve got to down load from video tape to PC before I can put anything on You/Tube. Seems very high tec to me, but must have a go.

      I guess Ed is catching up on some well earned sleep. If I’d done all that travelling, I’d be out for a week or more.

      • Jack Madron says:

        By the way. Swanny likes C/W music as well.
        I think he likes Don Williams best.

  71. JT says:


    I was listening to the radio this morning and some bloke was going on about “Clean Coal Technology”.
    I thought I bet Swanny would have been interested in this at one time. Just think no incriminating coal dust on the knees of your denims.

  72. JT says:


    Banff is very nice. But make sure we don’t settle in Dog Patch BC. But your Country and Western stuff might go down well with the rednecks. When can we see the You Tube ?

    ‘Er are we on the wrong blog? Aw dogone

    • Dave Hutchinson says:

      Er, is there a right Blog and a wrong Blog? I thought a blog was a blog. Sheeeeez you lot driving me nuts!

  73. Jack Madron says:

    Glad to hear you arrived home safe and sound. It’s been a bit quiet the last few days but we’ll all be back to normal soon. Regards to Audrey and your family from Ruth, Teresa and myself. Looking forward to Banff. Ha ha.

  74. Jack Madron says:

    Happy birthday for tomorrow. Just think, once I was twice as old as you, now there is only twelve months difference. But you’ll never catch me up. Anyhow mate, have a nice birthday.

  75. Terry Joll says:

    Last week I was a year older than you, now we are the same age, you are catching me up, getting to be an old bugger now

  76. Terry Joll says:

    Well another Happy Birthday with sincere Greetings from Wendy and I

  77. JT says:


    Birthday again? Don’t time fly? Many happy returns dear friend

  78. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Barry, thanks for my birthday wishes from you. Illness apart I don’t feel my age? but couldn’t manage 140 these days!


  79. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Hi Derek. Glad you are home safe and well, long flight I know the feeling! bet Audrey is pleased to see you home after your epic trip, I am sure that all we bloggers have been the winners in the past month having your company with all your witty comments etc Give Audrey and your family our best regards and again Derek thanks for your company and close friendship this past month,

    Swanny and Doris.

    ED: Thanks Swanny for your kind remarks. All are well back here. Another 24 hours and I’ll be back into the usual cycle here – i.e – 9 hours on GMT and clock wound back 20 years!

    Happy Birthday too ‘Ole Mate, many more of ’em I trust. Maybe we should plan an ‘Eightieth Birthday Re-Union’ for the Caribbean stalwarts, to be held at Banff, with salmon fishing competitions along with all the banter and bull.

  80. Trevor Webb says:

    Pleased you that you and Audrey are home safely, I hope all the photos I took for you on your camera are OK. It’s been a pleasure meeting you.
    Best wishes to you and Audrey .

    ED: Thanks Trevor. All pix are very good. Have just done the first uploads into the doctoring software and all looks well. Shall be arranging the site carrier/s now for all the memorabilia records. Keep watching this site.

    My Family are all well back here and I evidently survived the long trip home without catching the poxy swine ‘flu. Thank you for your valuable contributions to the Re-Union.

  81. Barry Cornish says:


    Here is Wishing You a Happy Birthday and a Healthier Year to Come.

  82. JT says:

    Morning Derek. Nice to be home?

    ED: Thanks JT. Still reeling a bit from 27 hours constant travel. 3 air legs in succession, with midnight stops and cramped leg room, but survivable. The Merlot helped!


    Just landed back in OZ – Cheps – some bloody trip that – 16 ferking hours from Abu Dhabi to Oz with just a fuel gauge check at Singapore. Uneventful trip and no problems with Customs at this end. Got my boots scrubbed in case of Foot & Mouth (or is that VD?), seeing as how I’d tramped all over King Alf’s Country.

    Back to normal soon after a quick kip and a massive photo upload.

    Thanks again for a wonderful trip and many more happy memories from you all.

    Carpe Diem!

    • Barry Cornish says:


      I am pleased to hear that you are home safely after your epic and eventful journey. I now look forward to seeing the photos.

      Best Wishes to you and Audrey.

      ED: Many thanks Barry. Same back to you and Nora and family. Pix being uploaded now and shall work out the carrier blog sites for the future.

  84. JT says:

    Jack and Dave are bantering away like billy o in the MG blog.

    • Dave Hutchinson says:

      No we are not JT. We are just conversing MGS, don’t banter so there! Canada Post isn’t that fastest in the world, the hosses get real tired after a few miles and have to stop for a beer.

  85. JT says:


    Could you tell em about clicking underlined initials. I know you can send signals in Cornish.

    • Jack Madron says:

      If whales and dolphins can click surely rifle coy bods can do the same. Or are we expecting to much?
      Those photos were only posted 14-00 hrs yesterday. Can’t complain about Royal Mail, can we? Bet Dave wishes the Pony Express was that fast.

  86. JT says:

    Do all you folks know about clicking underlined Initials ?

  87. Terry Joll says:

    True about Wendy and her Motor bikes, real Hells Angel until just a few years ago, ask her about her Wheelies through the flower beds
    or her argument with the road tar sprayers.

    She gave it up as she could not get her leg over.

    No need to go Banterless, I am sure you can tell us a few tales until such time Derek starts to start publishing again. None of us are alone.


    • JT says:


      “None of us are alone” sounds a bit thoughtful for us lot. Have you been on that Panther Piss again?

  88. JT, Lost with no banter? Wont be long when Derek gets back in harness!! Can,t wait, the time has flown by since we were all waiting for our reunion, thats life, time flies when you are older, back now to the usual chores around the garden etc?

  89. JT says:

    Derek back to his day job

    • Jack Madron says:

      I thought it was Oz answer to “Come Dancing”.
      Or is it an early Victor Silvester show?

  90. JT says:

    Back to OZ

  91. Terry Joll says:

    Sorry chaps but I have been AWOL for a couple of days. I got a serious VIRUS in the computer which would not let me do anthing, Some bastard stitched me up. It cost me £83 to get it fixed and it is still going slowly.
    Nice to read the most recent posts from you all.
    Take care

    PS Wendy is getting up to 140ppm and leaving me behind. She said that once she can get her leg over things will improve, she was referring to getting leg over a motor cycle again
    Take care


    • JT says:


      Is Wendy a Hells Angel then ?

      • Jack Madron says:

        I think Terry maybe a bit puzzled with Wendy.
        Sometimes she gives him Hell and other times she’s just an Angel.
        Terry. I don’t believe that about the motorbike.

  92. JT,Ed, Glad to hear that you had a good meal and meeting old friends in Warminster Derek. Had a post card from my old girlfriend and her Husband who are on their annual holiday in Nova Scotia wishing me well in my rehab since my problems from last year, I sent via their Son pictures of our reunion and photos Jim Kelly sent me of our time in Prospect and a photo I had of her when I was going out with her in St Georges in 1955 before I came back to Cornwall, MEMORIES!!! MEMORIES!!!

  93. Graham Martin says:

    Have a safe and pleasant journey back to oz, and thanks for allowing me to join in with the crazy gang. You have all made me feel at home and one of the family. Even JT didn’t seem a bad old stick, of course I am in complete agreement with him about the land lord from hell. Hope the bugling came up to standard and you now know why I sounded the long reville. Take care my friend, you never know you may return to try the old panther pee once more.

    Graham and Carol Martin.

    ED: Many thanks for your kind thoughts Graham. I had the pleasure yesterday of viewing and hearing on video tape, your fine rendition of the Last Post and Reveille at the Re-Union Memorial on the 11th June. I shall continue my life in OZ with that fine reminder of the spirit of the Light Infantry echoing over the group at Bodmin. A most worthy effort and your inclusion in our Mad Blogger Group is most welcome. Thank you in turn on behalf of us all.

    Best Regards


    • Barry Cornish says:


      It is good to have you with us. Your long reveille did your uncle Joe proud.

      I don’t think that we shall have to suffer from ‘the landlord from hell’ any more. Frank Baxter and Nobby Clark have put in some good recce work and have a lined up The Lugger, on Penzance Prom as a venue for the next Lucknow Dinner. It sounds very promising.

    • JT says:


      er “Bad Old Stick?” Get that BD pleated and pressed young fella me lad
      252 in the post (tell him someone)

  94. Jack Madron says:

    Done it again.

  95. Harry Hupp says:

    I can’t say more than Barry, Swanny and JT has already said. It’s been a pleasurable few weeks, meeting up with you and others. Thanks for everything. Dew genough-why old friend.

  96. JT says:

    Billy Boy

    So pleased that you got to see Derek on his trip. I know he was very keen to so spend some time with you.

    We were all sorry you could not make it to the week of festivities. The turnout of so many of the lads (and wives ) was very impressive and a welcome surprise.
    Hope you keep in touch…

  97. ED, Thanks for your E Mail in answer to my phone call to you, glad that everything went well with your lunch with Keith and all, I had phone call from Frank Baxter he said it was so good to have met you and all our DCLI mates at the Branch Meeting etc he said it was one of our best meetings for years,also wishes you all the best regards for the future and a safe journey home to Australia.

    • JT says:


      As you know I sent a mail regarding that prick at the Union Hotel. If you see him tell him to also get a hair cut. Annie says he looked like a fairy (and that is really bad language for her)
      You OK Laddie ?

  98. JT says:


    How are things with you ?


    The final meeting of Old Mates happened yesterday at The George Inn, Long Bridge Deverell, Wiltshire, when Keith Mannings, Don Ford, Dave Beck, Keith Derrick and Editor met for lunch and banter and bull.

    Again, a re-union of mates from over 54 years ago and the incredulity that we can arrange to get together again after so long and walk down Memory Lane.

    Thanks Keith for your organisation and hospitality and for the others in making a wonderful conclusion to my UK trip.

    I’ve also sighted the unedited version of Keith’s video compilations and can say that we have another fine record to add to our Memorabilia. Keith will edit and copy in due course and forward to all on his list. 5 quid into the West Cornwall Branch coffers (by cheque) will get you a copy. Watch this Blog Space for further advice.

    Take Care all of you Ancient Bloggers.

    Carpe Diem!

    • JT says:


      Mission accomplished, bon voyage and so many thanks for creating a wonderful experience for all of us.

    • Barry Cornish says:


      Thank you for all that you did in making the Reunion the great success that it was. It was really good to meet up again, after so many years.

      I wish you a good trip back home and look forward to seeing the material that you have gathered over the last few weeks on the websites.

      I was wearing my sweatshirt in Helston last week, when I was stopped by Trevor Bennetts, who told me that he served in Signals in the DCLI, Jamaica from 1954-1956. He said that if he had known about our Reunion, he would have come along. I have offered to take him to the next meeting of the WCLIA. The net is widening!

  100. Terry Simons says:

    Derek: June and I were glad to see you at our recent Re-Union. We both wish you all the best and hope you have a good trip home.

    Take Care Terry and June Simons .


    Gidday Cheps! Still in Brissol after a lovely weekend with JT and Annie and their London friends. The weather remained fine and dry and the Aussie Screech was sampled with fine foods. Thank you both for a memorable London Stopover.

    I am today having a pie and a pint with Dutch Hoon in Brissol. Dutch having returned from his Norwegian Fiord cruise. Tomorrow I lunch with Keith Mannings, Don Ford, Dave Beck and Keith Derrick at Warminster.

    Then that’s about it cheps. Back to Orstralia via Abu Dhabi, where a few locals will need some smartening up – LI style and Singapore for a brief stopover.

    My grateful thanks to all of you individually for making my trip so worthwhile. Many ‘Old’ friends revisited and memories rekindled. I trust that over the forthcoming weeks I can do justice on the Blogs – with new pages, sub pages and images, to record the Re-Union that will cement the enduring spirit of mateship, forged so long ago but not forgotten.

    Carpe Diem!

  102. ED, Had phone call from John, He has been in contact with Graham and Joe and they are going to arrange to hopefully come down to Penzance on regular basis next Summer, Stay in a caravan next to John and lets hope this gets off OK. Also Keith rang a couple of times about meeting you and Don Ford,Dave Beck, Keith Derreck going for a meal etc and about the DVD of our Reunion etc, hope you had a good weekend with John and Annie, well Derek have a good few days till you leave us on Thursday and we shall all miss you when you return to OZ, but we have all enjoyed your company over last few weeks BON VOYAGE mate, Swanny and Doris.

  103. Jack Madron says:

    Somebody answered Mr Khan on Bloody Unbelievable Last night and cocked up.

    • JT says:


      I don’t suppose Mr Khan reads the blog. His letter is only a copy sent by Arthur with the assistance of someone who can scan the original I guess.

  104. JT says:

    Calm down calm down

    Now then ..Wots goin on ?

  105. Jack Madron says:

    Damn Blast. I changed that back last night.
    Bloody voodoo machine.

  106. Jack Madron says:

    Time for a muster parade. There seem to be a number gone AWOL. COs office will be busy next week.

    ED: Gidday Jack. JT seems to be keeping up the banter – despite my being the Tenniswood’s guest this weekend. We are this (Sunday) morning having a chuckle over the recent blogs. Have also just sighted Dave H’s pix of Banff – very attractive. Keep up the good work – cheps – OZ beckons this Thursday. Home in Brisbane on (your) Friday midnight.

    • A Yew. says:

      Have a good journey back home. You do know that you’re missing the Ashes. Don’t you ?

  107. Terry Joll says:

    I think you chaps were not best pleased then. I agree with your comments.

    We can try the local KFC or McDonalds next time, I always enjoy my food there


  108. JT says:

    Sorry I forgot to take off the You Tube URL from previous item.

  109. Jack Madron says:

    I’m not a fussy eater but I thought the Lucknow Dinner and our Re-Union meal wasn’t even up to cookhouse standard.
    Like Swanny, I wont be back there again.

    • JT says:

      Jack and Swanny

      Just go back once and tell the manager he is a prick. They treated us like a Wallace Arnold coach party of old ladies.

  110. All, Nobby and Frank have the matter in hand as for a venue for the Lucknow Dinner, they are going to see the people at The Lugger Hotel who can cater for our number of people, also the Queens Hotel on Penzance Promenade where we used to go a few years ago who can cater for large or medium set of people, will as I said debate it at our next Branch Meeting, Swanny.

  111. Terry Joll says:

    The Union Hotel has been closed for a couple of years and the DCLI OCA looked elsewhere for our Dinners but we exhausted all the options and after a lot of thoought we decided to give the Union a try with the new owners. The Manager came with the new owners.The previous owners were superb.

    Our dinner last November was not up to DCLI standard. This report ref the Union and Manager has sealed the fate there. At our Lucknow Dinner I was Toast Master etc and had briefed the Manager on the expected procedure but when I saw him in his dinner Jacket with brothel creepers shoes and long hair I wondered what was going on.
    He had a ready made group on the Wednesday but obviously buggered it up and spoilt it for future meetings. I am pleased to get the feedback

  112. JT says:

    Swanny and Terry
    Re Union Hotel. The Bloggers Banquet was really terrible wasn’t it? It wasn’t that the food was so bad but the waitresses were bloody rude and simply could not cope even with a small choice of pre ordered menu or even take drinks orders.

    The Manager was a disaster, what a prick. I said at the time that if he was the owner he would be surely out of business soon. How long has he been there I wonder.

  113. Terry Joll says:

    Thank you Neil. I think the Manager needs changing. I was not impressed with him at the Lucknow Dinner or at the first night of the Re-Union weekend. As regards the Lucknow Dinner, where else is there to go that can cater for over 100 plus?

    I fully agree with your comments ref the food etc as in November it was not up to DCLI Standard, the room was great BUT.

    Thanks for filling me in.

  114. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Terry, The dinner was crap – that is what most said? I ordered Crab Salad the evening prior and what I had was like sardine paste? I complained and the response was if I asked for White Crab they would have got it?

    My retort was to the Boss ‘ have handled hundreds of Crab in my time fishing etc’ The waitress replied that she would show me the TIN it came out of – but she didn’t show it me! Several others complained at the meal they had and waitress was quite rude to some people.

    I will not be going to the Union Hotel again and will bring this matter up at our next Branch Meeting about a future Venue for the Lucknow Dinner.

  115. Terry Joll says:

    Can anyone tell me how the Dinner at The Union Hotel went on the Wednesday evening

  116. Terry Joll says:

    That appears to be a little underhand and smacks at secret drinking. Hope Annie looks over your shoulder tonight.

    Hope you have a few good days with Derek, put him on the plane suitably refreshed.

  117. Terry Joll says:

    Whatever you drink make sure you enjoy it.
    I sit here at night nursing a large tumbler of Single Malt. It does not stay in my cabinet long

    • JT says:

      Well Terry

      Reminded, I decide to take stock of the wine cellar today. This my secret store in the Garden Shed and a store which I am not supposed to know about in back of Annie wardr0be. I discovered the following. Nothing in the shed. In the wardrobe half bottle of Tia Maria (yuk) (one of Annie recipes) small amount of rum ditto. Then BINGO a bottle of Jacobs Creek..Ozzie but not bad which I am consuming as I write while she is out with the dogs. I will refill with Screech when I get the chance


  118. . says:


    Well I don’t know much about fine wine. Everyone knows that I only drink Ozzie Screech which inflation has now pushed up to over 3 quid a bottle (Tesco) and ages about 30 minutes from arrival in my wine cellar. (I have written to my MP.) He is from Pakistan so unlikely to assist.

    Also a number of enthusiasts are pressing Tesco to supply a nappie with each bottle or at least a bottle of Immodium.

  119. Terry Joll says:

    I was a good looking man and thank Annie for being so observant and noticing my natural beauty, I am like a fine wine, better with age.
    Was nice meeting you both, you know where Bodmin is so we hope you will come again. Look after our Derek please

  120. JT says:


    You might consider going back to the 2 blogs “A” Coy and MMG’s etc (to cater for Jack and Daves profanities) plus maybe a photo section attached to and dedicated to the Reunion blog.

  121. JT says:


    Annie says she thought you were a good looking man.

    I sent her to Spec Savers and said I would get her a guide dog

  122. Terry Joll says:

    Well put Swanny and thanks to Doris and yourself for showing Derek the kind Cornish
    Hospitality. I am sure he has gone home with thousands of good memories which I am sure he will share with us in the future blogging

    Take care

  123. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    All, Have now taken Derek to Penzance rail station after he spent this last weekend at our house. Jack Madron came in last night and we were all saying what a good day we all had at Bodmin for our Open Day meeting up with friends and mates old and new. Had phone calls from Dave Beck who Derek is meeting up with in Somerset later this week for lunch etc also Keith Mannings and Keith Derreck.

    I felt a wee bit emotional as Derek and I said farewell!! Overall it has been a great Re-Union with all who attended the various functions we all attended and Bravo to all our blogger mates who made this Re-Union such a great success.


    ED: Thanks Swanny & Doris for a most hospitable weekend. Good cook is Doris – cheps – get yourself an invite to dinner when you can. I have really appreciated too – the warm Cornish sun – as good as OZ anytime.

    Shall be meeting Keith Mannings, Dave Beck, Don Ford and maybe Keith Derrick on 7th July at Warminster. Shall also extend the open invite to Griff, Brad and Dutch if they feel so inclined.

    It was indeed an added privilege to call the Regimental Toast on Saturday night at the Cassino Dinner. Many thanks to all – especially Terry Joll and Lorraine for making it all possible. Good tucker also! All capped off by the Bodmin Open Day and meeting up with more Old Mates.

    One and All!

  124. JT says:

    Have a good time this weekend chaps.

  125. Terry Joll says:

    I agree with your proposed format regarding pictures etc of the re-union week,

    It will obviously take you a while to get them posted but it will be well received once completed.
    hope you are in fine voice for Saturday night.

    • Jack Madron says:

      I’m sure what ever you do with a new blog will be A OK with us lot.
      See you on Sunday.

  126. Derek, If you have access to PC go on You Tube and look for PZ Mazy Day Celebrations.

    • Jack Madron says:

      When I was a youngster in Mouzle, we called anybody who wasn’t quite right in the head, “Mazed”. Now Penzancers celebrate that sort of thing. Glad I’m not a Penzancer. ‘Coarse, they can’t help being mazed.

  127. ED, I will pick you up on Saturday as planned at 1300, I might have to park near the rail station as we are as every year Penzance is celebrating Gollowan Week( Mazy Day) is on Saturday and there will be thousands of visitors in the Town for this Festival, no problem Derek I will meet you from the Train Platform as we did for Joe etc, looking so forward to have your company again this weekend we should have a good time had by all at Bodmin etc, Swanny.

  128. JT says:


    As an ex Flatfoot I must remind you that “Forced Entry” in terms of burglary adds to an already serious offense.

    Another type of “Forced Entry”…er best not go there lest the “fragrant” ones are reading this.


    G’day Cheps! I’m reading the blog postings on a fairly regular basis, but as expected, being away from my Brissol home base frequently, leaves me ‘detached’ so to speak.

    JT makes a relevant point – i.e. “Apres Re-Union” – which in part answers my earlier mention of group ideas as to where do we go from here? Clearly there are many images (over 800) locked away in my camera, which I cannot doctor and edit until after 9th July when I shall depart these treasured shores and localities for Orstralia. The ‘sub page’ idea occurs in that a pictorial reference – per blog page – will offer (again) more choices for banter and (kind) remarks.

    It is a fact however, that ‘blogging’ can, and obviously does, take applied time most days and has become an important feature of our daily dozen.

    What is also apparent, the 1DCLI websites (not blogsites) are somewhat (now) in the background and “the moving hand once writ – moves on”. I have no answer for this, other than observing that one can read a book many times and still derive great pleasure in turning over old pages.

    My best suggestion – for YOUR response – is to suggest that we break down the Re-Union Week ‘Events’ (Arrivals. Meetings, Departures, Gatherings etc) to a suitably named Page. Then (say) the Thursday at St Petrocs and the Borough Arms, as another and finally the Memorial at the Keep. All followed by another (yet to happen) at Newquay and Bodmin Open Day this weekend.

    If we lump ’em all together, there’ll no doubt be added confusion as to which Blog Page to respond to. ‘Corse (to a degree) I can shut down a page for continuance of response and force entries anywhere I (as Editor) choose – but – I don’t really want to be placed in that situation, simply because (as JT again refers) who (?) might eventually start blogging for a first time – in the future?

    Your thoughts – Cheps?

  130. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Terry, Being half Scottish that’s why I offered you a drink. I knew you would be duty driver that’s why I asked! HA HA, You know me better than that Terry as a good JANNER I would buy you a a drink anytime, Swanny.

    • JT says:


      Great news, if Terry is on the wagon ask the barman to give him a glass on me (water ?) (no Ice)
      Cheers Terry .

  131. Terry Joll says:

    Thank you to all who have promised to buy me a Wee Dram, However as I am Duty Driver for the weekend it will be Non Alcoholic for me.
    Whatever I drink it will be in good Company with all my friends Old and New

  132. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Terry, Sorry to have forgotten your Birthday!!Hope you enjoyed your drop of Scotch, I’ll get you one on Sunday. Hope Wendy is going on OK – give her our love.

    Bill, – I – like you, have noticed the blogs have gone quiet! Derek will be here in Cornwall staying the weekend with me and Doris, going to LI Open Day on Sunday, lets hope its fine weather, over the years we have been lucky only a few have been wet ones. Nice for you to have had Nancy home for the weekend give her our love, and you look after yourself, was so looking forward to seeing you at the Reunion but let’s hope we will meet at a future date, maybe at Shrewsbury next year. Bye for now. Swanny.

  133. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi everyone,
    Things seem to have gone a bit quiet for the last few days, are you all nursing bad heads after all the Booze and Banter over the re-union period?

    Hope you are all well, and enjoying the summer weather.

    Also hope Ed is behaving himself, wherever he might be at the moment. Cheers Derek, enjoy the rest of your holiday…and give my love to Audrey when you get home to OZ.

    I have had Nancy home with me for a couple of days, and just about to take her back to the nursing home. She is OK and thanks to all of you who have shown concern for her and me.

    Bye for now

    • JT says:

      Hi Billy Boy

      I think we are uncertain which blog to use now. Ed will be sorting it out I expect.
      Praps we will have the “Apres Reunion Blog.” Wonder if any of the lads who attended the reunion will now venture in.

  134. Jack Madron says:

    Pen Bloth Lowen agas Yeghes Da.

  135. Terry Joll says:

    Well it is my Birthday today and no bugger has sung me Happy Birthday on here, Never mind I had a good bottle of Whisky given to me which I am just about to open

    • Barry Cornish says:

      I am, sorry that I almost missed the occasion but here’s wishing you many happy returns of the day, Terry.

    • JT says:

      Yes Terry hope you had a good day. Heres wishing you a happy next birthday.


      We just failed to log on to make mention Sgnt Major. Happy belated Birthday! I was yesterday sampling the ales at the Bear Inn, Wantage, Oxon (used to be Berkshire) and talking about my old Wessex mate, Alfie from 850 AD. All’s well, but his brasses a bit tarnished now.

      Hope the scotch went down well. I’ll shout you one this Saturday.

      Carpe Diem!

  136. Terry Joll says:

    He will be surrounded by Proper Cornish Folks so he had better get it right first time, they do not take prisoners.
    I am sure he will do it “With Style” and will show
    that them although he has gone down under his Regimental spirit is still here.
    Take care

  137. Terry, Will Derek give the toast in a Ozzie, Cornish, or Brissol Accent?maybee a Shropshire Accent?!!! he is now a Cornish Passport Holder by staying in gods Country for the past few weeks, Goodonyer Derek.

  138. Terry Joll says:

    Glad you had a good time and that is was all worthwhile.
    See you next Saturday down at SWANNY VILLAS
    at 1630hrs Cornish time.

    You are detailed to propose the Toast to The Regiment.


    Bloggers will – hopefully – be pleased to learn that Bill Griffiths and I paraded behind our banners – KSLI and Truro DCLI Association – and marched at 140 past the Major General – all with immaculate precision. My group was made up of DCLI, SLI, SCLI and OBLI – such were the dwindling numbers on parade. Reg Norris was on parade.

    I later met up with Reg Mitchell (DCLI Band) who spoke of John Warrilow and lost contact when Rose and he left the UK for the USA. Reg also mentioned a frequent sighting of Bert Love, now mourning the departure of his wife, for whom he cared for many a long year.

    A great day and a wonderful occasion, to the poignant sounds of the Bugles.

  140. Terry Simons says:

    Very sorry to hear of Bill Edwards passing. My condolences to his Family. He was a good bloke.

    Terry Simons

  141. limostwanted says:


    I have this evening, attended the SCLI Bristol Branch Meeting at the TA (Artillery) Hall in Whiteladies Road, Bristol and met many old LI soldiers, one of ’em is 91 years old. Rex Brain was there as mine host and he and others are travelling to Newquay and Bodmin later this month.

    Refreshingly, (while I was splashing my boots) a voice from behind me remarked “Derek, you’re looking well, would have recognised you anywhere”. None other than Ron ***ham, an old Glosters TA mate from 1956, who rode on my Vincent Black Shadow pillion from Newquay TA Camp back to Brissol in 1956 and who ran me into the TA Camp nick, when I abused the Adjutant for his stupidity.

    Small world!

  142. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Bill. Just a short note – hope you are keeping OK and that you and Derek enjoy the Light infantry weekend at the Depot in Shrewsbury. Pass on my best regards to anyone who knows me, also anybody that knows my son Donald from his 2LI and 3 LI days and all of our West Cornwall Branch members.

    Again Bill hope you have a super weekend you deserve it,have one or two drinks for me.

    Swanny (SNR)

  143. JT. Thought I would send you an email. Alls quiet on the Western Front after all our activities over the last couple of weeks! I am knackered to say the least (Age shall not weary them and all that). Hope Annie enjoyed the Re-Union in our company while down here in God’s Country. Doris was so pleased to have met her and sends her regards.

    Derek has been a busy boy travelling all around he must be doubly knackered, but he has done us all proud with his work ethic on a day to day basis. Bravo to him. Again it was so good to have met you in the flesh so to speak. Keep Blogging.

    • JT says:

      Thanks Swanny

      Yes we had a great time and Annie thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone. Look forward to seeing the photos and in due course the Video.

  144. ED, Just seen the photo of the Re-Union West Cornwall Branch with the Standard. Excellent photo Derek.

    Had very nice email from Margaret Royffe thanking us all for making her most welcome on her visit to Bodmin, she was overwhelmed by the hospitality shown by one and all. She has sent me her email address and wishes to be kept in any events in the future.

    Glad you are enjoying your trips around the UK but must be tiring at our age. Will keep you informed on happenings down this end while you’re away. Terry Joll has your arrangements for the Cassino dinner and his transport for you in hand etc picking you up from my house on Saturday 27th.

    ED: Thanks Swanny. You’ll have my travel details by separate email.

  145. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED, I have just passed on to BLI Web that our good mate Bill Edwards had passed away in Canada – on behalf of all his Army mates and on behalf of the West Cornwall Branch DCLI -LI Association, endorsing what Derek had said, about our close relating to training and Bermuda days! – not realising that our old mate had passed away while our Reunion was in full flow!

    Bill was mentioned so many times like Dick Hill – Ted Davies and many more of our old mates who we talked about who have passed on RIP to all who have left us in the the past years, all who we knew will never be forgotten, while we with God’s Grace are left to remember all of our close times in wonderful memories of our DCLI times.

  146. ED, I am so sad hearing our close pal and friend has passed away. Only yesterday I scanned photos of Bill for you from Terry Simons’ photo album of our Bermuda days together. As you have said many times Derek – GOYA – you that have access to a PC!

    Our blog site has brought us so much closer together these past couple of years; it has made us even closer friends. I remember so vividly our closeness in our barrack room living together in Bermuda. It showed last week at our Re-Union, just how close a friendship when we got together after 54 years since most of us had got back to what we all had in our DCLI days.

    For those of us that trained together in Bodmin was a very special bond! Not seeing Bill for all those years but for photographs, it is very poignant of my memories of all our times together all those years ago.

    Goodbye Bill ( RIP) Neil (Swanny) Swanson.


    I have today in Bristol, been advised by Elaine Edwards in Canada, that our Old Mate “Bill” Edwards of 3 Platoon and later as L/Cpl in 1 Platoon, both “A” Company (1954-1955), died on May 18th after a long illness.

    How sad that during our Caribbean Re-Union we should have mentioned Bill many times in our musings and recollections, not realising that he had passed on.

    Our condolences Elaine to you and the Family. We had long hoped that Vern would join us on the Blogs. I shall enter his name on our 1DCLI Memoriale when I return to OZ.

    Derek Lovemore in Bristol until 8th July

    • Jack Madron says:

      How sad. May I offer my deepest condolences to his family. I didn’t know Vernon but we were all “Dukes” together. RIP old soldier.

  148. Terry Simons says:

    One word to sum up the week. Fantastic.

    All the best to All Terry Simons

  149. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi Guys,
    So very sorry I couldn’t be with you last week…especially as from all the news I am reading you all obviously had a great time…and I bet the Lamp hasn’t stopped swinging yet.

    Thanks Swanny for your message and I will pass on your regards to Nancy.

    I will be meeting up with Derek and his sister on Friday, so I will no doubt have all the gory details of what really went on. All best wishes to you all for now.

    • JT says:

      Hi Bill

      Sorry you missed the occasion and no doubt Derek will post many photos taken and hopefully plus many others collected from those days of our youth. I will offer to bribe him to trash any of me if my “bay window” is too obvious.

      Mind you there were quite a few.
      Some of those guys really are Pastie enthusiasts.
      Bless em all …a truly great Re-Union.

  150. Swanny Swanson says:

    Terry, Frank Baxter rang me has ordered a bigger coach for Bodmin. Derek and two others are booked on it for Open Day. Hope Wendy is going on OK after her operation. I am looking forward to Open Day, I am feeling KNACKERED after our last couple of weeks! Marching at 140 and all that.


  151. Terry Joll says:

    Wear your special Sweatshirt, Stand out amongst the others.
    Nice to have met you

  152. Mike Cummings says:

    Thank you all for an unforgettable day, and look forward to the open day on the 28th.


    Reading the comments thus far and experiencing my own feelings and thoughts, I must say how splendid was the Caribbean Re-Union. We are all – most of you that is – back safely within the walls of your own castles and for the week to have passed without mishap is a bonus.

    We have all of us taken a mighty step forward in both personal and Regimental history and I have the feeling that greater involvements in our Blogs will eventuate in the near future. Photos are beginning to flow into my emails, with the many of course still in my camera – all of which will be published to new blog pages that need to be written up, suitably captioned.

    If you have a particular idea that you wish to share – go for it – as it will be mid July before I have access to my own PC in OZ.

    I shall be staying with Swanny in Penzance on Sat/Sun later this month for the Casino Dinner/Bodmin Open event, returning to Brissol on Monday 29th June, when my 1DCLI activities will be over for the time being. JT and Annie have also kindly offered me accommodation in London prior to my departure on July 9th. No doubt the banter and memories will continue to flow.

    May I just record my personal thanks for making our Re-Union a grand success. You have all made special contributions in your own way and to single out any one individual would be unfair on the remainder. We shall each cherish the inimitable style of those who were outstanding in their style and personality.

    Thank you all most sincerely, we have made – yet again – remarkable 1DCLI Regimental History – 54 years after those wonderful, halcyon days of our youth.

    Carpe Diem!

  154. Trevor Webb says:

    I have had a great week meeting up with mates, I was very pleased indeed to meet my old mate Jim Kelly it’s been 56 year’s since I’ve seen Jim.

    Also it was great to meet you Derek at last.

  155. Terry Joll says:

    I have finally managed to come back down to earth from cloud nine where I have been all this week.

    This is not the end but the beginning of further Bloggers Friendships


  156. Swanny Swanson says:

    All, We had our final farewell get together at Heamoor RBL last night, apart from the ones that went home prior to this. We all had a very good evening and a big thank you to all who made this Re-Union so very special. To Bill who couldn’t be with us, you were mentioned many times over the past week.
    All of the bloggers send their best regards to you and Nancy hope to meet you sometime in the future, I will not be going to Shrewsbury this year due to my past illness, but hopefully next year.

  157. Terry Joll says:

    AH, now id’n that nice.
    Keep in touch all you lads

  158. Annie Tenniswood says:

    I very much enjoyed meeting JT’s old Army mates having heard so many stories about them and laughing at the cards and jokes sent on the Blog over the past months. We shall be looking forward to seeing the photos taken this week.
    Many thanks to all the organisers and a really big thank you to Derek for having the original idea for the Reunion. Annie,Beauty and Minnie. (my dogs)

    • Jack Madron says:

      It was wonderful meeting up with you and John this past week. Hope you enjoyed our little part of the country. Not as sunny as Bermuda or Jamaica, but to me, a lot, lot better.
      I wish you all the best.

      PS. The pix of you and the dogs came out ok. Will e-mail them to you.

  159. JT says:

    Just arrived back in London. Yes what a wonderful treat for us all.

    Great to meet everyone and only wish we had more time to renew more old memories.

    Thank you once again Derek for initiating and maintaining the the blog, creating the idea for the Reunion and pressing for results. Thank you Terry for applying your huge experience to the project. Barry and all concerned with the admin

    Swanny and Jack my regular blogging companions what can I say ? Words fail me for a change….
    Cheers everyone. Back to the Ossie screech tonight. I need as stiff one.. No comment on this required Jack or Swanny if you don’t mind



    This Friday morning, we have said a temporary farewell to Graham Bradshaw. Griff, Jenny and I waved Graham off, but we shall catch up with him again in Brissol next week or very soon after.

    Graham has been the cement in the bricks of our social soirees, with his dry, wry humour and endless jokes and repartee. Well Done Brad. Thanks Graham, for making my week even more special!

    In turn, may I take this opportunity to thank you all for your individual, unique contributions – and that includes all the lovely wives, who have stood alongside the blokes throughout this week.

    We have ALL made this memorable week a living example of friendship and comradeship and living proof of the ability to exercise our brains to conjure up stories, anecdotes and jokes. Well Done ALL!

    • Graham Martin says:

      Many thanks for instigating and organising this week of banter, bull and beer. It really has been a pleasure to have met a number of Joe Tippett’s old mates, hopefully you enjoyed hearing the long reveille at The Keep. I did say that I had a surprise up my sleeve. Also it is an honour for me to be accepted as Swanny puts it a member of the family. It was nice to meet up with the likes of JT etc most of the other bloggers I know from Jack to Swanny and Terry not to mention several others from the West Cornwall area, all of which have made this week such a brilliant occasion. And yourself of course for accepting me into the fold. The only thing left now to say is, see you at the Legion tonight for the farewell drink. WELL DONE to everyone

      Regards Graham (Bugler to the stars).

  161. Swanny Swanson says:

    All. What a wonderful day, to meet up again with so many old mate. The ladies at the Church were a credit to the Regiment for access to the Church and making us tea, coffee etc, the Borough Arms for a wonderful meal, and sitting for lunch with our former Coy Commander Col, (Toots) Williams, Maj. Hugo White, Lt Jeremy Hooper, and a special thanks to RSM Terry Joll for his splendid work for his parade duties at the Keep. Also to have been in the company of RSM H.Royffe’s daughter Margaret and talking of times gone by was was a real pleasure.

    Last but not least a vote of thanks to my good and close mate Derek Lovemore for all his work to have made this Re-Union such a success, and to all of my Blogger Mates a big thank you for our close friendship over the past year, especially John Tenniswood for his WITTY banter which has really lifted my spirit over the past year! Again thanks ONE AND ALL for making this Re-Union a successful and special event.

  162. Jack Madron says:

    Can I second what Barry has said. Thank you Derek and Terry. I’ve had a wonderful day. Completely knackered but really enjoyed everything.

    Once again, THANK YOU BOTH.

    • JT says:


      Sorry I missed you saying good bye. But it was great meeting you at last. Annie loved your hat. I told her you had caught too much sun in Jamaica and you were a bit Doolali. Hope you don’t mind.

      • Jack Madron says:

        I hope we’ll meet up again in the not to distant future. To me, it’s been a wonderful week and meeting Derek and yourself was the highlight, never having met before and just getting to know you by these blogs, it seems we’ve been mates for ever.

        Glad that Annie liked the hat but I don’t think it as the fault of the Jamaican sun. I’ve always been a bit Doolali. Ha ha. Can’t even blame the vibrations of the Vickers.

        Quiet Fluffy!

  163. Terry Joll says:

    Having had such a wonderful day I am not letting the fierce rottweiller upset me. Silly old bugger.

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Wasn’t she an old battle axe, Terry, but you were more than a match for her!

    • JT says:


      If you are referring to my wife she’s quite docile if you throw her a biscuit.

  164. Terry Joll says:

    I had a wonderful day. As mentioned I had a little bit to do with the organisation and I not only feel it was an Honour to do so but felt very privileged to have been asked to get involved considering I am only a more recent soldier.

    I was pleasantly surprised as to how well the day went and it really is down to all those who attended, without the full support of the troops the event would not have been so successful.

    The Dinner at The Borough Arms was superb and service excellent, not many pubs get invaded by 60 or so all at once.

    I thank you all for allowing me my moment of glory.

    ONE & ALL.


    ED: Terry, we all owe you a debt of gratitude for your exemplary organisation and attention to detail. The entire Agenda of arranged Events has gone off like clockwork, which in turn has cleared the way for all participants to focus on comradeship. Thank you Sgnt Major.

    • Barry Cornish says:


      Derek has beaten me to it in congratulating and thanking you for all that you have done to make this week so special. He has put our thanks so well into words that I can only reiterate his comments and compliments to you


    I can report a highly successful turnout today at Bodmin. Starting off with a tour of St Petroc’s Church and a lovely morning tea and biscuits provide by the Church Ladies. Thank You Ladies!

    We then convened to The Borough Arms and an unexpected – but highly complimentary, 60 bodies arrived and we totally booked out the Pub! Lunch was excellent and the conversation flowed. All the Bloggers were there, and many, many others, whom we shall identify on photos in due course. To top it all off our former CO. Major ‘Toots’ Williams, 4 Platoon Commander Jeremy Hooper and Major Hugo White, Military Historian, topped of the Honoured Guests.

    We then convened at The Keep and Memorial and held a short service in honour of our Fallen Comrades of all Wars and the memory of those who have passed in peace time. Significantly, we remembered our passed 1DCLI Caribbean Comrades, who but for an early demise would no doubt have been with us today.

    The Bodmin Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress, Revd Father Graham Minors and other Honoured Guests attended and 2 wreaths were laid, one on behalf of the Caribbean contingent.

    The poignant sounds of the The Last Post and Reveille were bugled by Honorary Caribbeanier Graham Martin and RSM Terry Joll conducted the entire Parade with his usual precision. Terry later marched the malingering troops to the Guard Room, thence to the Museum and a smart LI trip around what remains of the Old Depot.

    A fantastic day! – it will go down in regimental History as a fine example of DCLI spirit and co-operation.

    • Barry Cornish says:


      Thank you for being the instigator of this wonderful Reunion and for all the effort that you have put into making it happen.

      You have already coined the right word to describe today’s proceedings, It was FANTASTIC! I am sure that this was a day that none of us who had the privilege to attend will ever forget.

  166. Barry Cornish says:

    Thank you Margaret,
    I have just returned home from a wonderful evening of meeting old mates, whom I haven’t seen for fifty-three years and their wives. It has been an evening full of chatter and laughter.
    We are looking forward to meeting you on Thursday and we are very sorry to hear the sad news that Carol and Toni have just received. Please give them our condolences.

  167. Margaret Royffe says:

    I am thinking of you all and I am sure you are enjoying your first night in Penzance, I can just hear you all chatting away. I am looking forward to meeting you all on Thursday at St Petroc’s Church. Carol Fidock and her husband Toni will be unable to attend as they have had a death in the family. A young member and totally unexpected.

    I send you all my best wishes and hope you have a marvellous time. Love and Best wishes


  168. Barry Cornish says:

    Thanks Archie.
    Welcome to Cornwall, everyone! I am looking forward to seeing you all during the week. I am sorry about the weather forecast but it can often be wrong down here. We will enjoy ourselves anyway, won’t we! I do hope that all the sweatshirts fit.

  169. Archie Vaughan. says:

    Hi All you Ex D.C.L.I chaps have a great time together. Hope to see you all at Shrewsbury on the 20th. All the best to you all.

    Archie ex ksli.

  170. Jack Madron says:

    Hi Mike Cummings.
    If you give me a ring on 07530887796 if you are still interested in DCLI blazer badge. I can give you a phone number or e-mail address if you need it.
    I got mine by return of post and it’s a beaut.

  171. Mike Cummings says:

    Looking forward to seeing you all at Bodmin on the 11th, sorry I cannot attend the rest of the Re-Union, but will be with you in spirit. I too have had difficulty in obtaining a blazer badge and was promised to be informed of their arrival at the museum, but that did not happen.

  172. Bill Griffiths says:

    Mornin’ All,
    had a bit of a lie in this morning, I reckon that Red Wine is better than any other sleeping pills. I didn’t even hear the Bugle. Just had breakfast, and am now chatting to my little niece in Hong Kong via webcam, telling her all about you lot, and how I guess you will be having a really great time together during the coming week.

    Don’t forget, I will be with you in spirit. All best wishes to you all
    Bill. (The poison Dwarf)

    ED: Bill, I’m at Swanny’s now and we’re all reminiscing over old times, with much laughter – and some tears! So far we’ve had a fabulous reception with all happening – according to LI plans! We speak of you often and the lads send their regards to you and Nancy. You’ll have to explain the Poison Dwarf scenario!

  173. Bill Griffiths says:

    P.S. to earlier Blog
    Just about finished a nice bottle of Red Shiraz. I am not sure if it is dark, or my eyelids are drooping, better get in to bed before “lights out”. I mean of course, before MY lights go out. All the best chaps.

  174. Hi everybody,
    See Ed got back to Brissol safely. Mind you, I had to make sure he got on the train. I think he wanted to try a few more of my favourite Pubs, especially the ones where I get cheap or Free beer. Ed & I had two great days together, and the weather was great also, then as he left this morning it bucketed down with rain.

    Hey Guys, have a great time, and as I said before, I will be with you in spirit AND a bottle of wine or two, in fact I think I will make start now, to get some practice in. Cheers! to all of you.

    Thanks Jack & JT and thank you Ed for a memorable two days.

  175. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, Thanks for your phone call today, just after you phoned Jennie and John came in for the afternoon, had nice bit of yarn. They left about 5-30 going to get fish and chips and go to their caravan in Mousehole, they are going to Mousehole RBL club tonight, hoping to see you tomorrow and JT. He said Graham is staying at Warwick B+B which is Regent Tce by the Promenade nice location, just down the road from the Union Hotel, see you all very soon now.

  176. Editor says:


    G’Day – cheps – now enjoying the best of English weather! Left a soulful Sgnt Major behind in Hereford this morning. He is most regretful at not being able to join us – but – commonbloodysense prevails, and as stated, will be with us in spirits.

    ‘Corse – he needn’t add to the ‘spirits’ list; every bloody Pub we visited (even out of hours) they ALL knew ‘im and 1 landlord bought the grog!

    If anyone had a thought about staying in Eardisley for The Rifles Re-Union, there is a fabulous B&B (16th Century house) with generous and inexpensive fare and we can all travel to Shrewsbury together on each of the days.

    Spoke to Swanny who is raring to go.

    Also have a presigned Comm Card for the stalwarts from Bill to register his involvement. I am now travelling to Penzance on Sunday, so will see some of you earlier than expected!

    • JT says:

      Hi Ed

      We are leaving early Sunday (0700) thats the plan (snigger) and hope to arrive about 1300 allowing for dogs and me to pee fairly frequently. (staying Southern Comfort Guest House
      Probably 1st meet then on Monday at the Nelson Bar at 1900hrs ?

      ED: G’Day JT, Hope you’ll read this tonight. Why wait till Monday to sample the local Panther Piss? I’m with Griff at Mousehole from about 1400 Sunday and Joe Knight, Brad and maybe Keith Mannings are there too. We can get a day start on the planned festivities

      • Jack Madron says:

        Are you travelling by car or train? The Southern Comfort is just 10 minutes stroll from my house. Mind you, that’s down hill. Hour to get home again. Ha ha.

  177. JT says:

    Swanny and Jack

    Seen weather forecast. Pleas cancel deck chair


  178. Jack Madron says:

    Hello Bill.
    So sorry we wont be meeting up but I wish you all the best. You look after yourself now.
    All the best.


  179. JT says:

    Dear Bill

    So sorry you cannot make it. Please keep in touch with us



  180. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello to all you L.I. Bloggers. So sorry I will not be with you after all. My plans have been messed up because of health problems. But, I will be with you all in spirit. (Probably a Bottle of it). I wish you all the very best for the whole of the Re-Union, and perhaps I may meet up with some of you in Shrewsbury on the 19th?

    All the best now.

    Thanks Barry

  181. Derek here, doing a URL placement demo for Bill – on Bill’s computer in Eardisley (while we’re NOT having a beer!).

    Terrific 2 days thus far, seeing the sights of a glorious old part of Historic Britain and taking many photos that we shall eventually post to Bill’s Blog.

    Bill sends his regards and best wishes to all Caribbean Mates and will be with us in spirit. Maybe more Old Mates will meet Bill at Shrewsbury on 19th June.

    Derek for Bill at Eardisley

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Dear Derek,

      It is good to see the photos of you, John and Bill.

      I was hoping to see all three of you next Monday but if Bill is unable to make it, please give him my kindest regards and best wishes.

  182. Dave H says:

    OH, those 2 new pictures, the first one, 2 shifty looking gadgies there and they have some sort of growth on their hands.

  183. Swanny Swanson says:

    All. Met Gwen Passmore while out shopping today, she has had a replacement knee operation and was in pain most of the time, she asked if I was going on OK after my illness etc. I invited her and her friend to the Assn, evening and Re Union etc but she declined as she doesn’t go out much these days as to her pain in her knee etc.

  184. Jack Madron says:

    Another year gone by. 57 years today I reported to Bodmin depot for National Service. It’s frightening, looking back at what’s happened in that time. Coloured tellies. Digital cameras. Cars everywhere. PC’s. Emails, but the same morons as MP’s though.

  185. Swanny Swanson says:

    Terry, give Wendy Doris and I mine best wishes for her operation on Sunday next, we will be thinking of her and praying for her. She will be like a new one after the operation, God Bless,

    Doris and Neil (Swanny)

    PS: After the OP she will be doing the TROON marathon!!

  186. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. Lovely picture of you and Bill. He is looking very well, give him our best regards, I was so looking forwards to meeting him. Glad to see you are over here and meeting our blog Mates, Derek, You are looking good, don’t seem to have changed much apart from the SHAVE ON as we BOOTNECKS call it! Won’t be long now old mate, till we meet up, I am all excited by getting to meet up with my old mates etc, lets hope the weather holds up for next week/

    Got the Truro Issue of the West Britton yesterday, some good write ups,pics, etc of the Rifles Parade last Sunday of DCLI on Parade.

    ED: Thanks Swanny. Bill and I are carrying on with the Pub Inspectiions, up to scratch, I’m pleased to report. Old English Breakfast not bad either!

  187. Jack Madron says:

    We send Wendy our best wishes.
    See you Monday evening.


    You’ll be pleased to learn that 3 pubs in the town have passed inspection, but tomorrow is another day

  189. Terry Joll says:

    Had a call from another member from Bodmin a few minutes ago asking if his Sweatshirt had arrived. When I asked his name I was able to tell him that he had not ordered one. He said, well I did not know anything about it!

    His Branch had been informed two months ago with a request that they inform members. Just shows he is not a member of the Branches down West. If there is a spare left over maybe he will be lucky.

    Latest on Wendy is that she is going into hospital on Sunday for operation on Monday but I will still be at The Union on Monday evening. The Consultant Surgeon told me he can manage the operation without my help, Ungrateful sod. See you Monday.


  190. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. Now I know you are showing your age. I remember so well when we were on the ranges at Bodmin in mid winter, as you say with extra clothing under our gear! That’s the problem Derek when you Anzacs fight in colder climates, as I well know Aberdeen is always cool even in Summer. Your trip there is a dummy run, you will soon be in God’s Country KERNOW, OGGIE—OGGIE, all the best mate, give my regards to Bill for me if he is to poorly to travel,



    G’Day Cheps! Up before Reveille today, catching the 0556 out of Aberdeen for Hereford. I shall be meeting Bill Griffiths at 1340, when we shall mix it up with the SAS and teach ’em a thing or two!

    My trip on schedule so far. After 2 glorious days of near OZ weather, am experiencing brass monkey temperatures. Drawers, woollen, 6 for the use of! Reminds me of Bodmin Rifle Range days when we added several layers under our denims – November 1953 – what a year that was – Classic Vintage!

  192. Terry Joll says:

    Today I sent a confirmation report to the Borough Arms at Bodmin to ensure they are ready for us all on the 11th, I then had a telephone call back from the Manager informing me that Fred Hughes has booked a further 12 for the lunch.

    I informed the Manager that will not be a problem but I explained that my THIRTY must have priority, he got the message loud and clear.

    He informed me that there is a SPECIAL on the day which is the CARVERY AND DESSERT for £10-00. This seems to be the best idea as it will be done a lot quicker than if separate meals are ordered. Individual requests can still be made but it stands to reason that they will take longer to prepare. Going for Carvery will be just like lining up at the cookhouse hot plate.

    I will take meal orders at Penzance on Tuesday evening .


    ED: Well Done Terry, with your usual panache again, as usual. Thank you on all our behalves. For me – agreed. Belay any previous choices made for me, I’ll go for the Special. Might I presume that Hugo will follow that choice?

    I like the report on the growing numbers, Bodmin will never be the same again!

  193. Jack Madron says:

    An old naval pal of mine used to say. “If the good Lord meant us to walk he’d have given us four legs”. How true.

  194. Jack Madron says:

    This is Britain. We don’t have kms. The only thing in their favour is 10kms is shorter than 10 miles otherwise you’d have more than one blister. Report to Coy Orderly Sgt at 08-30.

    • JT says:


      Very impressed with the 10Km whatever that is. Its got to be further than our nearest Tesco which I can walk to in 2 minutes. Anything further I use my bus pass. Hence the bay window I guess.

  195. JT says:

    Derek went for a 6 km jaunt? Did he use the Dial a Ride pensioners bus we might ask?

    ED: As a matter of accuracy, turns out it was closer to 10kms – on foot and I have a blister to prove it. Will probably report in sick tomorrow

  196. Jack Madron says:

    So we’ve found out that your loss of hair has nothing to do with your age. You’ve been going to that Polish barbers three times a week. Haven’t you, you randy so and so.

    The blazer badge that I ordered arrived OK but was returned because Cornwall was spelt Cornwlll. I cancelled the order and my daughter got one on EBay. Arrived this morning. All the way from Wendron. Helston. Wire. Red behind the bugle and only £9-99 + £1 postage. I have address and phone number if anybody needs it.

  197. Jack Madron says:

    Thank you Terry.
    I probably was mistaken when I saw the news. Just caught a glimps of the person. I looked at the later news but they didn’t show the parade part.

  198. Terry Joll says:

    The Hossifers always wore bowlers on Parade, I fully agree with that as well. There were several there, Major Richard Vyvyan-Robinson. Lt Col Paul Bradley, Brig Gage Williams.

    I am inclined to think it may have been Richard V/R as he was in before me. I will have a trawl through my photos.


  199. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT. Let’s hope the weather next week is like its been for last few days – 110 degrees in our porch today, if it stays Derek will feel as if its in OZ! So John, let’s hope it stays for next week, but you know how the weather can change in Blighty!

    Getting real excited about seeing you all next week, let’s hope I can stand the pace!

    ED: Just been for a 6 kms jaunt around Aberdeen, taking in the City sights and taking many photos. Weather fabulous and nicer than Brisbane (while it’s like this, 25C that is!). Cloudless skies, no breeze etc. The Guiness was good too!

  200. Swanny Swanson says:

    Terry. Thanks to you and Wendy for your write up about the Parade. When Doris saw it on the BBC South West News she so wished she had gone to Truro. It’s the Family Bond thing as both Donald and I had served in The Light Infantry. When you hear the sound of the Band and Bugles there is no sound like it, makes the hair on your neck stand up! It was a really good day all round, and I was so pleased that we had a good turnout of DCLI Assn’s turn up for the event. Also spoke to Brig.Gage Williams and asked about Col. TOOTS Williams, he said he was very well 90 years young. Spoke to several of The Rifles and said how proud we all are of them for there service in Iraq and Afghanistan and maintaining the standard of the Light Infantry to high esteem.

  201. Jack Madron says:

    Just been into town and it’s like Kingston. Jamaica. Hot as hell. Hope it lasts for next week as well.

  202. JT says:

    Jack and Swanny

    Could you kindly arrange some decent weather for when we visit Penzance. Also we are used to frequent police and ambulance sirens with just occasional spasms of gunfire if it can be organised.
    Thanks lads

  203. Jack Madron says:

    Seen it on BBC news this evening. There was a chap near the rear of the march past, wearing a bowler hat. Just got a glimpse of him. Any idea who he was? Reason I ask is he reminded me of a chap I done my training with back in June 52. Another I have in a photo but no name.

  204. Terry Joll says:

    Well chaps, nothing to do with the Re-Union but I must tell all of you about the wonderful afternoon I have just had. City of Truro was lovely. the gardens etc up to first class standard and the weather was great. BUT, the important thing was the Freedom Parade for The Rifles. The Lads on parade did an excellent job. The Old and Bold were formed up in the shade outside M&S where they were inspected by The Lord Lieutenant Lady Mary Holborow, a proper Lady.The Veterans Marched past led by Major Hugo with myself as RSM and trying to keep them in step,

    There were WW2 Veterans on Parade aged 88 89 90 years of age and they kept within the ranks. The best part of the whole Parade was having SWANNY marching with us and he did it all the way and my Wendy and I were delighted to see him do so.

    Well done Swanny, I can’t call him an old bugger because he is younger than I. Well done Neil, it was a pleasure to lead you all. I spread the word again about the day at Bodmin, I think you will all be pleasantly surprised at the turnout in numbers

  205. JT says:


    Derek doesn’t have a bay window so you will have to stand in the rear rank.

    • Jack Madron says:

      OK John.
      But do I have to stand? Looks like I’ll have to dig out my old grans whalebone corset if I’m to line up with this whipper snapper from Oz. To late for a diet.

    • Dave H says:

      No Bay window, well I think its all the Roo and Croc meat he eats, either that or he is doing a lot of pushups.

  206. JT says:


    Met Derek Heathrow London this morning. Had a natter, a couple of beers and then he entrained for Edinburgh at 2pm.

  207. Jack Madron says:

    The niece of Lt Col Marsh has made contact this evening. Thought you might let Derek know tomorrow when you meet up with him. It’s on Lt Col Marsh blog.

  208. Terry Joll says:

    Had reply from the MAYOR’S Office today,that the Mayor and Mayoress of Bodmin are attending the Ceremony at the War Memorial on Thursday 11th June. Not had much help from the local papers yet

    ED: Wow Terry! That’s good news. Thank you for your efforts.

    • JT says:


      Great PR effort thank you. Any chance of getting your local MP so we can give him a kicking?

      • JT says:

        Might I suggest that we need a massive celebrity event to get the international Press interested.

        You do know I suppose ( if you have read my memoirs) that Stewart Grainger bought me a beer at Gander (Newfoundland) airport in 1955 when the plane homeward bound from Bermuda stopped off for refueling.

        Do feel free to use this if you think it will help.

        • Arthur Pullthrew says:

          Dear Glob

          I saw that film with Stewart Grainger King Solomons Mines where that tribe of Masai blokes danced jumping up and down grunting, waving their heads and grinning. It was brilliant.

  209. JT says:


    Meeting Derek at Heathrow tomorrow morning. He’s coming in on a Wog Airlines flight (Allah know why). If he is wearing rag head gear (ex Mecca) I’ll call Immigration who will immediately offer him asylum, spending money plus compensation for inconvenience etc. We hopefully will split the proceeds and buy a few beers in Penzance.

    ED: The Emu has landed! Well – 2 Old Mates reunited. No problems in recognition! – Even without the Haj hat!

  210. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT, Donald used to drive us most days to Royal Brunei Yacht Club where he was a member to use the swimming pool etc and restaurant etc’ Lovely situation right on the South China Sea. On one occasion Donald had arranged for me to have this special meal cooked by a Dyak Headhunter! it was lovely. The Sultan of Brunei has a ranch in Australia as big as the UK and breeds the best British Beef Cows for his people. The RBY Club Commodore was Taff Thomas a close friend of Donald’s, a CPO on loan service like Donald to the RBA Forces and they could get their alcohol from the NAAFI. for a Muslim country I have never drunk so much in my life, all Duty Free! I’ll Tell you all about our holidays when we meet up at the Reunion.

    • JT says:

      Dyak Cook. How many head types were on the menu. I think the recipe calls for burying for a while so that the maggots add to full enjoyment. Bit like ripe pheasants (not peasants). Anyway glad you enjoyed lunch

  211. Arthur Pullthrew says:

    Dear Glob and Mr Swanson in Partikular

    Me and the wife used to regly go to Mecca Bingo til this geezer banned me for wetting the seat. I said why don’t you have a little hole in the floor for elderly gents lioke me with a tube going to the ddrains. I didn’t know they had white hats thoe.

    Did you see any wild men in Bornio Tee Hee ?

  212. JT says:


    Yes very nice picture. Lucky you were holding the tum in.

  213. Jeri Khan: Muslim Council says:

    The allegation that we Muslims only piss in holes in the ground is entirely false. You are thinking of the Frogs, Dagoes and Wops.

  214. Jack Madron says:

    Just seen your photo with new shirt. Very nice. Won’t say anything about bay window. Welcome to the club.

  215. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, I know what your up to – getting a White Haj Hat to say you’ve been to MECCA. We used to see these in Brunei making out they had been to the holy grail and strutting around as if they owned the place – Muslim Gitts. The law there is as you know all on their side, but in Blighty they don’t follow our laws etc. Most of these twats never left the Far East, lying bastards wearing Haji Hats. They used to bribe the Infidels 5£ if you would go to the Mosque. Nearest I got was to piss in a Muslim toilet in the Brunei Airport Resteurant. They squat to piss in a hole in the middle of the floor. Of course I should have used the infidels heads!

    ED. Wow Swanny – some ammo here for banter – wait until JT gets ahold of it all!

    • Ding Bhat: Brunei Airlines says:

      Bloody nerve. So it was you who pissed on the brothers working down the electricity service hatch at Brunei Airport. Typical Brit tourist pissed on duty free I suppose

  216. Graham Martin says:

    All seeking blazer badges.

    I have obtained a blazer badge from the keep at bodmin, but they are not the same size as the old ones. These take up most of the pocket space, but are still a lot cheaper than Simpsons. At the time of my purchase there were still quite a few left, but with all trying to buy I would say stocks would soon run dry. So come on cheps best foot forward and get in contact with The Keep and get one reserved.

    I have Joe Tippett’s LI beret here if anyone wishes to borrow it for the Re-Union. I do not have his cap badge, and the size of the beret is 56, that is 6/78 in old money. Contact me via this site if needed.

    ED: Graham, when posting, leave the URL box empty – it just goes to leg without the full address.

  217. Jack Madron says:

    Last June get together at Bodmin I tried to get a blazer badge. They didn’t have any in stock but I left my name, address and phone number. They said they would notify me when they had them in. Last I heard.

  218. Terry Joll says:


    Well done, the more the merrier, I spoke to an outside Broadcaster last week at our Church, he seemed interested to a point, he has my details also. Great minds think alike.

    NOW YOU CHAPS after DCLI Blazer Badges.They are on sale at the Museum at Bodmin for £12-. They are superb quality and wire. Don’t waste your money on those outfitters as they will possibly get them from Bodmin.

    Hope to see some of you on Parade on Sunday at Truro. On the Piazza by M&S at 1400hrs ish


  219. Jack Madron says:

    Hi Everybody.
    I hope I’m not being too pushy but I’ve just e-mailed BBC Radio Cornwall, “Whats On” with some details of our forthcoming Re-Union. I have given my phone number in case anybody listening needs to know a bit more about things. Hope I’ve done the right thing. Don’t want jankers at my age.

    ED: Well Done Jack. Hope you asked for more bullshit artists!

  220. Swanny Swanson says:

    Jack, Glad you were able to order a DCLI Badge, I got mine from Simpsons few years ago now, also that you told Barry, good news all way round.

    Lets all hope Derek will have a good flight, not to many Singer Slings on the way to Blighty, I am jealous, I have to be happy now to have half a draught Guiness! Looking so forward to meeting all my close mates at the Re-Union, hope that Bill will be able to attend and is a bit better when Derek meets up with him. Also thanks Terry for getting the New Shirts for us all.

    ED: Swanny, with Heineken at $SIN 35.00 a pint at Raffles – stick with halves of Cornish Panther Piss

  221. limostwanted says:


    G’Day cheps. Keeping my beady eye on you all! Good new about the shirts Terry.

    Off to Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling and then to Changi War Memorial and Chinatown tonight

    Keep blogging – cheps!

    • JT says:

      OK Derek

      Admit it, you are going to stopover in Mecca as its the Annual stoning finals. See you Sunday.

      ED: JT, my plot revealed. Got in some early practice with a 1.5 size XXXXXXXL fat A-Rab seated next to me from OZ to Singapore – we fought over the arm space!

  222. Jack Madron says:

    Only to pleased to tell you. The place is Simpson’s Of Penzance. It’s beside Lloyds Bank, top end of the Terrace, Market Jew Street. They were very helpful, got the catalogues out and then phoned order there and then. Two sorts of badges, silk or wire. I think the silk ones are about £16 and wire are £35. Good luck.

    • Dave H says:

      Good grief Jack 35 pounds for a badge. Sounds like the Pirates are still in Penzance

      • Jack Madron says:

        Pirates all over Briton nowadays, Dave. Land of greed since the wicked witch of the west, (Thatcher) cast her spell. We’re the dearest place in the world now.

        • Dave H says:

          That is sad Jack, only the rich and famous like Derek can afford to visit, sounds a bit like here, a dollar won’t buy shit nowadays, not even a cup of tea. A pint of beer if you can call it a pint $5

  223. Jack Madron says:

    Proper job Terry.
    Ordered a blazer badge today. Should be here early next week. Swanny suggested an old local firm and I called there today. They don’t stock them but they phoned the order through and it’s in the post. Thanks Swanny.

    • Barry Cornish says:


      Please can you tell us where you were able to order your DCLI blazer badge? I know of two old mates who have been trying to get one but have been unsuccessful.

  224. Terry Joll says:

    I’VE GOT ‘EM. looking good.


  225. Swanny Swanson says:

    Jack, Stuffed. I’ll say no more, Old Blue nose really put to the sword, Router news Manager diagnosed with Lockjaw. Gum Shocked.

    • Jack Madron says:

      If two nil is stuffed what do you call three nil with Chelski at OT.

  226. Jack Madron says:

    Good news indeed.
    Everybody. How about reforming the Regiment and showing the socalled top brass what they have been missing since the early sixties or if you’re like me. Late 50s.

  227. Terry Joll says:

    Had another call this morning from FRED HUGHES of Bodmin, he confirms that he is bringing along another THIRTEEN DCLI from the West Indies including. Wait for it Jack.

    BILL CALLOWAY. Hope that puts a smile on your face.

    All you lads here in Cornwall on Sunday do not be late for the Freedom Parade in Truro.

    Off to get the Sweatshirts tomorrow afternoon.

  228. JT says:

    First Night Ladies attendance. “A Coy “Warning.

    If someone has organised Rosies great grand daughter to attend please note that she will not show her boobs for a shilling.

  229. Editor says:


    Spoke to Johnny Griffin this morning OZ time and he’s confirmed his arrival at Mousehole on Saturday 6th. Brad will arrive on Monday 8th by rail.

    Some bad news regarding Bill Griffiths – he might not make the Re-Union at all, on doc’s orders. I’ll be on track to meet him at Hereford on Thursday 4th afternoon and we’ll make a judgement call on his degrees of comfort then.

    If in fact Bill misses out, I shall probably advance my arrival in Penzance to Sunday afternoon, rather than noon Monday. Maybe I can get an early morning’s mackerel fish?

    • Jack Madron says:

      Sorry to hear about Bill. Fingers crossed, I hope he can join us. If not, give him our best regards. Have a nice trip over. See you soon.

      • Barry Cornish says:

        Hi! Derek,

        Here is wishing you a good trip over. We are all looking forward to seeing you – and Bill, if he can make it.

        ED: Thanks Barry and all other well wishers. See you all on Monday 8th

    • JT says:


      Looks like “A” Coy will be outnumbered. Where have the others been hiding ?

      Great recruiting Terry.

      • Jack Madron says:

        A Coy has been outnumbered ever since I joined the blogs and more than ever now Dave has joined in. Never mind. We’ll SUPPORT them.

        ED: I’ll photograph lots of bulls, while I’m in Scotland, Jack, and try to upload ’em to the MMG Blog. I’ll make sure you’re in good company!

        • Dave H says:

          Jack what is Derek insinuating Geeez some people

          • Jack Madron says:

            Bullshit baffles brains. As you know, S Coy always found it easy to baffle Rifle Coys. Of course, if they had any, they wouldn’t have been in Rifle Coys and S Coy would have been over crowded.

            ED: Mmmm. Pistols at dawn, sounds like!

        • Jack Madron says:

          Make sure they’re Angus. I love a good steak.

    • JT says:

      Bill was so looking forward to this

  230. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT, Don’t know whether or not the the ladies will be attending on first night. As you know Joe Knight and Anne are staying at my place, will have to play it by ear,as you know most of our wives are paid up members of the DCLI Branches but do not attend all of the functions, mainly Dinners etc.

    • Editor says:


      Come on – cheps – at least give the ladies the option. So far as I’m concerned, bring ’em along. They’ll add quality to the gathering/s. Anyway what alternative does Penzance offer on a Monday night? You surely don’t expect the DCLI wives to not want to meet and greet all the Visiting Emmetts and their better halves!

      I believe that we need to consider the ‘Unknown Factor’ of blokes and couples turning up unannounced and for a missus to be left out after making the effort to get there on Monday, would be a bit Un – Regimental – cheps!

      Anyway, if some bright squaddy sneaks in Rosie or Moke Enbird, the better halves will want to ensure good behaviour!

  231. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT,Bit of luck hope old Blue Nose gets LOCK JAW chewing that gum, He,s got to be the most annoying of all the managers in the Premier League, only other one that chews gum is Sam Allardyce!!

  232. Jack Madron says:

    This time tomorrow night, I shall either be on top of the world or down in the dumps. Come on UNITED.

  233. JT says:


    Do you think the first night (Monday) is for the lads only, for example will Doris be coming?

  234. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. When Doris and I flew out to Far East and Australia in 1995 we flew by Royal Brunei Airlines which was Brill. On stopping off in Dubai for fuel going out in the middle of the night, we went to look around the shops etc, in those days I was always taking indigestion tablets. On entering the entrance to the security barrier, all of a sudden the alarm bells went off, and Arab security guards came out brandishing weapons of all sorts. What I didn’t realise my tablets were wrapped in tin foil that set the alarm bells off and as you all know these Arab twats are trigger happy! Didn’t realise how lucky I was, now reverse how naive we oldens are!

  235. JT says:

    Bon Voyage ED.

    ED: Thanks JT. One more sleep in OZ, then I’m off. See you in Blighty!

  236. JT says:

    Our leader is about to set of for the re union. For some reason he seems to be travelling from Abu Dabi or some such place on a Rag Head Airline. I have warned him the snacks handed out by Cabin staff in Burkhas may include sheeps eyeballs and that he should avoid these without if possible giving offense.

    ED: Thanks JT, Menu selection hereto:-

    STUFFED CAMEL Ingredients
    Med. size whole camel, 20 med. size whole chickens, 25 lb. rice, 110 gallons water, Salt to taste, 1 lg. size whole lamb, 60 eggs 5 lb. pine nuts, 2 1/2 lb. pistachio nuts, 5 tbsp. black pepper, 8 tbsp. garlic, 4 c. vegetable oil

    Skin, trim and clean the camel, lamb, and chickens. Boil until tender. Cook rice in garlic and oil until fluffy. Fry nuts until brown and mix well with rice. Hard boil and peel the eggs. Stuff the lamb with five of the chickens and some rice. Stuff the camel with the lamb and some more rice. Broil in large oven until brown. Spread the remaining mixed rice on a large tray and place the camel on top. Place the remaining chickens around the camel. Decorate the rice with boiled eggs and nuts. Serves 89 big eaters.

    The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

  237. Swanny Swanson says:

    Terry, I will be going with Bobby Fox and Nobby all being well next Sunday; let’s hope the weather is fine, let’s hope we have a good turn out from all our Cornish Branches. Hope Wendy is going on OK, give her Doris and mine our best regards.

    Hope you have got your pace stick in case we can’t catch up HA HA. Also I think our new Regiment – The Rifles – have made us so proud of their outstanding bravery in Iraq and Afghanistan, let’s hope there is a good turnout.

  238. Terry Joll says:

    Had another call from ALDAN ROBERTS this morning known as CURLY ROBERTS, he was an acting Bugler. When I asked why he was acting he said he was no bloody good. He comes from St Austell and is trying to round up a few more DCLI chaps from the West Indies time, he is coming to the Union Hotel on the Monday evening.


  239. Terry Joll says:

    To all lads who are able to read, this is for you.

    The Freedom Parade for our new Regiment THE RIFLES is taking place next Sunday 31st May on the Piazza Truro. The Freedom Parade will be followed after a cup of tea by the Band & Bugles of The Rifles Sounding Retreat. Get yourselves on the Piazza at 1400hrs, all in best parade kit. The Retreat is at 1600hrs.

    Come along and bring your pals.

    To the Pirates of Penzance can you ensure the West Cornwall Branch Standard is carried by Bobby Fox.


  240. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT. As Graham said our water in Mounts Bay is as clean as Alpine water, as Graham also said the place where the water is supposed to be contaminated is in the Padstow – Rock area. Rock is where the Young Tory congregate every Summer and burn peoples gates etc -bloody menace to society!

    Let’s hope those TWATS get contaminated all in one go!

    ED: Swanny, does this mean that they’ll be in the shit?

    • JT says:


      I don’t understand why the locals let those chinless little f***krs congregate every year. As a senior Teddy Boy can’t you get something done?

  241. Graham Martin says:

    Don’t be too concerned about the EU clean water test. The reason why it failed is the area where the aforesaid Panther Piss is brewed is fairly near to the sea. Consequently when there is a dubious batch of the old foaming nutbrown, it is farmed out to the monied classes of the rock area etc. Thus starting the natural proccess of filtering the impurities out and then flowing nicely down to the sea. The remaining decent beer is then sent out to those who so justly deserve a rich foaming pint of delicious ale.

    So JT, you now know why (A) The sea is salty, and (B) You definitely need your LI green boots.

    As for the crap, well you’ve just read it.

    • JT says:


      Thank you for the useful information. I might have to wear my antique diving helmet as well.

  242. Editor says:


    Shortly, I shall lose editorial access for several days, except when I can use a friendly PC for Blog management. This means that there will be time gaps when Comments are logged and (obviously) not edited.

    Watch yer “P’s ‘n Q’s” – cheps – punctuate and spell correctly and enter periods appropriately (full stops and commas!)

    Check out the Old Bloggers Photos occasionally for updated photos and rude banter. If you have some pix that you require uploaded, get ’em to me pronto!

    I shall sign off early Thursday morning (28th May) in Brisbane (10 hours on GMT) and will see you all Monday 8th at the Nelson Bar. JT and I are meeting at Kings Bloody Cross on Sunday 31st.

  243. David says:

    Damn right ED. The Yanks were always full of crap, as far as I’m concerned. I’m just waiting for the day I meet up with a Yank deserter, I hear there are quite a few in this area.

  244. JT says:

    To whom it may concern
    I read in the paper today that some Cornish beaches have failed the EU clean water test. Please can you check this out before the Re-Union. I had planned to go for a paddle on the morning of 8th June. If there is poo in the water I will have to bring my wellies.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Beaches are East Cornwall and the snob area, Rock. Our part is washed twice a day by the Atlantic and if there is any poo, it will be from our American friends.

      ED: No crap like Yankee crap!

  245. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, nice caption of the TEDDY BOY! I did have a suit of the colour blue shown in the late 50s and winklepickers and with lessening hair did have a Ducks Ass before I lost it completely. Didn’t matter because I was either wearing a beret or hat of some sort, still do to this day!

  246. Terry Joll says:

    Jack Madron
    Had a chap called Fred Hughes from Bodmin ring me up, he was in Jamaica in the Support Coy, remembers you Jack, he is attending on the Thursday at the Church 1030hrs.

    To all others
    Can I ask you to be at St Petroc’s Church for 1030 kick off, I have arranged for two young ladies to be there to open up and welcome you all and hopefully provide a cup of tea and a biscuit. There will be a Donation basket in which you can show your appreciation, There are many souveniers of the Church for sale which I am sure will have pride of place in some house across the world.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Hi Terry.
      I think I’ve met Fred before. To be honest, I can’t place him in Jamaica but there are a lot I can’t remember. I believe Fred knows an old mate of mine, Bill Kelloway, from St Austell who I would like to get in contact with. Bill and I joined up together in June 52 and signed on, were in MMGs and got demobbed together. Don’t know if Bill knows about the Re-Union.

  247. Terry Joll says:

    I agree ref Detention but Bodmin Jail is closed for the Summer, no place to lock the offenders up into, unless we can borrow Swanny’s Coal House.


  248. JT says:


    I reckon there are some pending charges requiring a bit more than jankers. Bit of detention I should think.

  249. Terry Joll says:

    To Graham Martin

    Graham when you attend the Meeting at Heamoor RBL please bring along your BD Jacket and TWO Miniature safety pins and your Bugle if you like. With the Gang all present and correct you could sound Jankers call


  250. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT, I was a Ted! Had blue suede shoes and drainpipes, string tie! When we got to Bermuda first we had to be vetted for civilian pass, we had to show our civies to be allowed out. My Mum sent my civvies out from Cornwall by boat which took sort of ages to arrive. Loh and behold! my gear arrived BLUE Suede shoes and all

    On booking out at the guardroom to go down town, thought I was the cat’s whiskers, I heard this shout – Jock Massie! “where do you think you are going dressed like that get back and put normal shoes on before you can go out”. Only had shoes that befitted uniform dress, ’twas the reason I never booked out that often, on hindsight again young and naive. As like the rest of us, had to buy apt gear to go out from Cardies clothes shop. Thinking back JT, you could have given us extra clothes allowance. Those were the days.

    ED: Swanny – I remember your mini DA haircut – how often were you told to ‘Get yer ‘aircut Swanson’?

  251. Jack Madron says:

    Winklepicker shoes. Drainpipe trousers. Full drape coats with velvet collars. Flattop hairstyle with DA. Did you ever wear these, John? Of course, when we were demobbed, we were no longer teenagers. B/W TV, still had that in the 60s.



    • JT says:

      No Jack, When I came out of the Army in 1958 I was married (my first wife) and then I joined police force. So becoming a Ted wasn’t really on for me, (still short back and sides) Don’t think Teds were around before we went overseas were they?

      • Jack Madron says:

        I don’t think Teds were around, John. Never got into that style apart for sideburns and DA.

        I can just picture Swanny in his gigolo boots or brothel creepers as we called them, standing on a street corner swinging his bicycle chain. Ha ha. I bet he was one of those who rioted in the cinema when showing Blackboard Jungle as well.

        ED: You Tube clip linked to Jack’s bolded name above.

  252. JT says:

    Hi Swanny

    Glad you found it interesting. Long time ago hey? Do we remember the 50’s in UK as black and white. like the telly. No “teenagers” then were there?

  253. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT. I have been reading your Memoirs about your Army life, ie. RAC DCLI etc, This is the first time I have read it right through and was really impressed with your accounts of your Military Carreer. I know the feeling of being in Lurve as you call it! and at that time coming home to Blighty was not in the equation?

    But looking back I would not have changed my life for anything, I had a very good TA life with many good and true friends, good marriage and Family who I am extremely proud of, got to SGT late in my years, always a rebel up till then. I used to tell my Donald, don’t be a bloody fool like me get’ em on your arm and he did me proud, WO1 in 19 years.

  254. Jack Madron says:

    Sorry John. Still great though.

  255. JT says:


    These were Ed’s links. Mine was the clip of Derek playing the Didgery Doo.

  256. Jack Madron says:

    Enjoyed the whole lot. Got out of breath listening to LI bands. Trying to figure out why Waltzing Matilda is in four four time and best of the lot was Lee Kernaghan. Boys From The Bush. Great. All over the world, Country Music is Country Music. Of course, I’m biased. Ha ha.

  257. JT says:


    If you look at the above link you might conclude that its a bit late to spring these Jerry and Frog composers on Derek. He looks knackered already on this clip.

  258. JT says:

    Hey take it easy Derek, let’s keep it light.

    ED: Must have been a clip taken a while a go, when I was more sunburnt!










    Any more – cheps?

  259. JT says:

    Thank you Jack

    Sounds exciting and very challenging. Check with Derek about his didgery doo skills though re above. He is working on the one note samba.

  260. Editor says:


    The Blues Hounds Band

    Special booking for the Penzance Caribbean Re-Union. Booking Agent Swanny Swanson, with Jack Madron as Technical Director.

    • Jack Madron says:

      As Tech Director of afore mentioned Blues Hound Band, I wish to change the act some. I think in future they should concentrate on the classics more. Bach and Offenbach would go well and to liven it up a bit, some Debussy.

  261. JT says:


    I have got the hang of the You tube URL thing.

    ED: Well Done JT

  262. JT says:


    No Jack sorry, I was trying to patch in a You Tube of the song “Mockingbird Hill” which might strike a chord with some of ” A” Coy. Not that many would admit a closer relationship. Particularly the buglers according to Swanny

    • Jack Madron says:

      I get it. Very good. Still, who’s a clever clogs then? Mastering this patching thingy. I’m still trying to figure out how to do it properly.

  263. Jack Madron says:

    Not just A Coy memories. All of us.
    Thank you.

  264. JT says:

    “‘A” Coy Memories

  265. JT says:


  266. JT says:

    Special request for “A” Coy

    Memories with Infection ?

  267. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. Had a visit from Graham Martin, Joe Tippett’s nephew yesterday. What a valued member he is, to our DCLI Assn. and such a role member to have as our Regimental Bugler. How pleased our past mate Joe would have been to see how keen Graham is on his Duty to the Regt.

    He has gone to much expense to buy a new DCLI blazer and Badge etc for our forthcoming Re-Union to be, as he put it on to look the real McCoy and do Joe’s memory proud when he plays at the Re-Union Memorial at Bodmin, dressed in BD with the 43rd Wessex Div Flash and DCLI Badge etc, and playing with a copper Bugle which Joe gave him as a young man.

    Graham is a role model for all to see in his enthusiasm to duty.

    ED: Thanks Graham for your dedication and enthusiasm. Like Swanny, and on behalf of all the other cheps, I thank you most sincerely for this effort. You will make our Re-Union a special occasion in Joe’s honour; and to all The Fallen in War & Peace. We shall remember them.

  268. Editor says:

    Lt. Col AJ Marsh, DSO, OBE, 1DCLI (SAS)

    Readers will be aware by now, hopefully, that a fresh blog page has been published to honour the memory of our former C.O. I seek more photos and anecdotal material.

  269. Editor says:


    Bill is home from Hospital after undergoing some exploratory processes and treatment while they had him under anaesthetics. He’s chirpy but tired and disoriented and needs a cheerio or two – cheps!

    He’ll be OK for the Re-Union we trust, and hopefully Shrewsbury for the LI Annual Meet.

    I shall be meeting up with Bill in Hereford on 4th June for an inspection of as many pubs that will serve Orstralians and we shall then move on down to Eardisley, Bill’s village, for a couple of days. Bill is travelling with me to Penzance on 8th.


      Our Grand Old Soldier WO11, Sgnt Major Griffiths is keeping in touch with me, but probably a bit reticent to blog at the moment. He’s a tad sore in awkward places and on the mend but awaiting a biopsy outcome.

      He’s getting chirpy again and planning a Pub Crawl in Hereford on 4th June and scheduling visits to some local vantage points to photograph the Herefordshire County sights. Should be a glorious time of the year.

      Bill’s been doing it tough this year; on his own with little support from Family and with Nancy in hospital and Nursing Home and having her home at Eardisley occasionally – a tough call on our ‘Ole Mate – but – they breed ’em tough in the Light Infantry.

      Bill is still finding time to send me updated photos of KSLI interests – (Go to KSLI Blog) where youngsters are encouraged to honour the glorious KSLI Military past.

      Bill is a living example of fine old soldiery and he’ll be a fitting and honourable ‘Honorary Caribbean Blogger Mate’ in Penzance. Let’s all make sure ’tis a memorable occasion for him as “The Senior Soldier” on Parade.

      Mind you, he might have to run a bit to keep up in the Grand March with the tall ‘uns at the right marker!

  270. Jack Madron says:

    The photos I scanned are now on Blogger Mates Photos. In my little section. Actually, they seem to be better quality than the originals. Thanks Derek.

    ED: Smoke and Mirrors, Jack

  271. JT says:

    Billy boy is in trouble. Let us hope he is able to parade.

  272. JT says:

    Best wishes for Wendy.

    Re your recce Bodmin. Please if you have time enquire whether the local toilets will be open for wee wees. Not for me you understand, but Private Godfrey may attend and Jack might be anxious.

  273. Terry Joll says:

    Thanks for the good wishes for Wendy for tomorrow but the date has been put back to the 11th June. BUT have no fear Wendy will be well looked after in hospital so I will still be On Parade as usual. Can’t let a serious thing like a Hip Hop get in the way of Re Unions. But it does mean she will be unable to travel to Shrewsbury for the LI Reunion end June.

    Not long to go now chaps. I am having a Recce to Bodmin on Monday just to tie up any possible loose ends.

    • Jack Madron says:

      My first hospital appointment was for the 28th May. They cancelled that one and gave me the 11th June. I contacted them and told them that I was unable to attend that one so they gave me yesterday 14th May. As you say. Can’t miss a Re-Union for silly old hospital appointments. Can we?


    Bill Griffiths is in hospital having some unmentionable indignity perpetrated on certain parts of his anatomy. Hope they put some sugar in the soapy water Bill.

    Wendy Joll in for a hip job this Saturday. Terry comments that he might need a 3 wheeler to keep up when she gets out.

    Audrey Lovemore home today from hospital after 6 days of exploratory tests. Totally clean bill of health except for disc pressure problems in the back after carrying me for 46 years! (Gotta larf!). Came home with lots of morphine. Yippee! What a wonderful Health Care system we have in Qld!

    Good Luck and Best Wishes to you all and a hasty recovery. Our thoughts to other Mates and their wives too, who may be in recovery.

    Get Well Soon.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Went to the hospital yesterday for check up on my ears. Have had ops on both for growths of some sort. Everything fine and dandy. All clear.

      My best wishes to Audrey, Wendy. Bill and anyone else who maybe recovering or has recovered from any sort of ill health.

      • Dave H says:

        So you had mushrooms growing there eh Jack, (sorry not funny) I have had some on the body, sun damage they call it, must be all the sun we got behind that bloody gun, do you think we can get compensation? Ha ha

        • Jack Madron says:

          Wouldn’t have minded if they were mushrooms. I like them. Sun damage is what my Doc said it is. If we had been issued with Ozzie type bush hats, maybe things might have been different. I’ve often wondered if it was possible to get compensation. Yes, if we were MPs.

  275. Jack Madron says:

    You won’t find any dingoes, roos, funnel spiders and surfers around Swannie’s place. The sound of his digerydoo scares everything for miles. Maybe SAF should stuff his gum in the mouthpiece. Ha ha. Do they have a mouthpiece?

    • JT says:


      From what Ed says it is not a mouthpiece he uses. Yuk

      • Jack Madron says:

        Joke in todays paper.
        I met a bloke with a didgeridoo. He was playing Dancing Queen. I thought. “Thats Aboriginal”.

  276. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, I have a Didgeridoo in my den, you will have to give us the Rolf Harris treatment. I bought it in a Aborigine Shop in Perth in 1995 with Manual and Tapes on how to play the thing, could never do it. Donald also bought one, he was quite good at it. The ozzy bloke that ran the shop was brilliant at it.

    ED: Enough – quite enough of this banter. There are in fact many sounds that I can extract from a digeri – fucking – doo, none from blowing it, I might add, never tried it! I’ll leave it to your fertile imaginations to work that out! I’m a listener to music of all types – not a player.

  277. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT, I have been waiting for him to choke on that gum for ages. They say the devil looks after its own!

  278. Stop Press Breaking News says:

    It is rumoured that Derek Lovemore may treat us to his famous rendering of Waltzing Matilda on the Didgerydoo. He points out that this is mostly a rythm number as he can only play one note. Some thing else to look forward to besides bugling.

    ED: Old Aussie saying “May your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down”

  279. JT says:

    Well Jack I confess I’m a bit obsessed with and only watch for the managers gum chewing which drives me mad

  280. Jack Madron says:

    I gather by your comments that you spend a lot of time watching the top football team on telly. Good for you. I personally don’t care how much gum he chews as long as MUFC keep winning. Of course, Swanny will disagree. Ha ha.

  281. JT says:

    Aside from the MP’s scams and just as important there is a growing feeling that football managers have to be stopped from chewing gum during matches. Your man Alex is the worst offender. Please write to him.

  282. Graham Martin says:

    Hi All,
    After reading about standard bearers and stretcher bearers, I reckon I will have to be on duty with my bugle to sound last post for all of you people who drink from the cup that contains the dreaded PANTHER PISS!.

    By the way Hi to Barney, haven’t seen or heard of you for a year or two, and to our beloved editor and all who travel from afar have a good and safe journey. Be prepared to drink some good old warm cornish beer.

    ED: Crikey Graham. WARM Panther Piss! We even chill the bloody glasses in OZ as well as the ale. I’ll speak to Mine Host at the Union and get him to put some bottles of Heineken on ice. Either that or a switch to Bundaburg Rum and Ginger Wine! Or a “Dark & Stormy” (Rum & Ginger Beer).

    • JT says:

      Hi Graham

      Warm Cornish beer no thanks. I shall stick to my cheap Oz Red Wine ( Screech) and bring extra bog rolls.

  283. JT says:


    I have no recollection of the name.

  284. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT. When I was big pals in Bermuda with Big Jim Dennison whom I wrote about some time ago in one of our blogs, I said he was a big man 6ft 6ins and a Korean Vet of many big battles. He was in South Staffs, Middlesex Regt, Manchester Regt and as you know these were all Machine Gun Regts. He would tell me all about the horrors of war in Korea. One story was of a Mongolian Brigade and his Regt was firing non stop for hours on end, when the next morning came they sent in to observe the death toll of these men, mostly they were all giants who were all over six feet tall.

    After the war Jim went to Nettley Hospital for brain treatment for several months as did hundreds of his mates suffering mental stress from this horrific battle. He joined the Light Infantry and ended up with us to come to the West Indies. He was a L/Cpl in Bermuda with us but was posted to Jamaica after a few months, what a lovely guy Jim was and a great friend to me. His famous saying was (I was in Bhagdad when you were in your Dads Bag)!

    I have never seen or heard of him from that day on. Jim was in 2 Platoon if anyone reads this I would be so pleased to hear from them.

    ED: You might get lucky Swanny and George Kent will reply and attend Penzance to check our navels for fluff!

  285. JT says:

    Tried new beret on. Iraqi Militia look (flat pancake). Wife laughed a lot, Spaniel barked a lot. Greek Dog ran for the garden.

    Soaked and shaped, that’s better. When we did this at Catterick winter 1952 the wet berets froze. Naafi lamp swinging?

  286. JT says:

    Billy Boy whats up?

  287. Dave H says:

    Thanks for the info Jack. I was just curious I thought maybe JT kept in touch with him being they were mates.

  288. Jack Madron says:

    Dave. JT.
    I asked Peter Michell, President of our WCLIA about Tim Hodder and he said as far as he knows he’s still with us. Don’t know how old he is though, reckon you aren’t far out John.

  289. Dave H says:

    JT, you had to get up to wee wee and put the computer on. Gee you go to bed early. I used to work 12 hr nights – no wonder I can’t sleep now and its been 9 years since I retired.

  290. Dave H says:

    JT, you know everything. Is Tim Hodder still with us? How old would he have been in 1957?

    • JT says:


      I reckon he would have been about 25 or 26, let’s ask Jack, he knew him in BAOR.

      Know everything? You takin the piss Laddie? Talking about piss, notice the time of this message. I’m on the night shift again.

  291. Dave H says:

    JT, if I could put pictures on here I would show you the palm trees in my garden, does that answer your question?

  292. JT says:

    Hi Dave

    Snow melted yet?

  293. Dave H says:

    Jack, you still got that bloody tripod on yer back. You can take it off now

  294. Jack Madron says:

    We send her our best wishes and for a quick recovery. When I got married first, the Mrs used to say to me when we were out walking, “Slow Down”. Now it’s me who’s moaning about the speed she walks.

  295. Terry Joll says:

    The radio is my alarm clock. It wakes my up, then I get out of bed to turn the bugger off then get back into bed again until Wendy shakes me to get up, from bed that is.

    Heard today that Wendy is to go into Hayle Hospital next Saturday 16th May to have the other hip replaced. I will not be able to keep up with her once that is done.


  296. Jack Madron says:

    Why didn’t you turn the radio off when you went to bed.

  297. Terry Joll says:

    And the weather was kind I believe. Heard that bloody Bass Drum on Radio Cornwall at 0700hrs sharp.

    • JT says:


      Surprised about the drum in Cornwall. We get lots of that in London of course plus the wake up call from the Mosque loudspeakers. (I notice that Allah works on British Summer Time). Unfortunately its a recording or we could hire a sniper.

  298. Jack Madron says:

    Well done mate. Better than Morris Dancing anyday. Glad you and your family enjoyed yourselves.

  299. Jack Madron says:

    Were you out on the streets of Helston today? Looking dapper in your top hat, tails and lily of the valley. I bet.

    • JT says:


      Does Barry often do this kind of thing? Do the kids throw things? Poor chap.

    • Barry Cornish says:


      Yes. I have certainly been out on the streets of Helston today, since 7 am, wearing my lily of the valley. I was with both of my daughters, watching the dances (my grandson, Alex, was one of the two thousand children in the children’s dance), meeting old friends and generally enjoying myself in the sunshine. I was not dressed in top hat and tails this year, though! I left that to the mid-day dancers.

  300. Terry Joll says:

    You know I like to be precise. JSSL actually stands for; Joint Services School of Linguists

    There is now a Plaque on the wall outside the entrance gate to the Keep at Bodmin commemorating the School at Walker Lines. Next time you are at the Keep look on the left hand side wall, high up.


    Not only Russian was taught there but many languages, it catered for all services.

  301. Paul (Barney) Barnes says:

    Hi Jack.

    Put the buggers on here lets have a look at them. Might be the Mrs?

  302. Jack Madron says:

    Hi Barny.
    Not long finished scanning some photos and one is of three young ladies in army uniform, beside the war memorial at Pz bathing pool. One has three stripes. I wonder who that could be? Could have been Armistice Parade. Must ask Teresa when I see her.

  303. Paul (Barney) Barnes says:

    Hi All,
    I have heard from Swanny via email and would like to thank you for the invitation. I will if at all possible love to come along to one of your Re-Union activities. I must say having just sat here and read through the posts, what a fine sterling job you old buggers are doing in arranging this Re-Union, I’m sure it will be a great success, and I for one do wish you all every success in the world, a magnificent effort by all concerned. You should all take a big WD. Keep up the good work and remember if you should need a standard bearer who is a little younger, to stand in now and again if you’re struggling to get one, then you only have to ask. If I can do it and available at the time I will, work and family commitments allowing. As some of you will know I have done this before for the Association and many years back for Penzance RBL. Anyway the offer’s there. Good luck and God Bless you all.


    P.S. Sorry Ive not been on for a while, been a bit bust with work and what not, and buying a house.

    • JT says:

      Hi Barney

      Seems if they get to drinking this Panther Piss it will be stretcher bearers not standard bearers they need.

  304. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. Remember it well, when we were in training a gang of us went to go to the pictures in Bodmin and as all will know the cinema could only accommodate about 200 and with DCLI in training etc and about 1000 JSSL in the camp we couldn’t get in so we all went in that Pub. If I remember we all did what the RN call a tarpaulin muster! We close mates did that, pooled all our monies together so we all had equal amount so we could have a drop of beer! Wonderful memories, like the old saying, you never remember bad times only the good times! That’s what our Country is missing – the friendships we enjoyed by having Nat Service times together.

    • JT says:


      Wot’s a JSSL?

      • Barry Cornish says:

        Hi! John,
        JSSL was the Joint Services School of Languages, which was situated beside the DCLI in Bodmin Barracks in the 1950’s. They taught Russian to clever bods, with the idea that they would go on to become spies, or something similar.

        • Jack Madron says:

          I thought they were there to try and teach us English! Ha ha.

        • JT says:


          Thanks Alan Bennett did his Nat Service learning Russian I believe?

          ED: Kak vy pozhivayetye?

  305. Jack Madron says:

    Yes John. My boss told me. Unlike me, she actually went to school. Isn’t edification a wonderful thing.

    Would that be Dortmunder Pilsner? Got a few thick heads from that.


      OK Jack,

      Let’s get serious about us drinking Polperro Panther Piss – and other Cornish delights to settle the dust for weary travellers. I read that some 20 years ago there were only 3 brewers in Cornwall, now you’ve got 13 or so.

      Bloody boozy lot if you ask me. I seem to recall a pub in Bodmin “The Hole in the Wall” served ‘Smugglers’ – ring a bell?

      • Jack Madron says:

        Hi Ed.
        I’ll take your word for amount of brewers in Cornwall. I haven’t been in a pub since I retired. No need to now. Booze is cheaper from Tescos. The last time I was in “The Hole in the Wall” was the night before demob. That was part of the reason I was in front of CO next day. Ha ha.

        This three Ps, is it similar to four Xs? As for boozy lot down here. I think you’re right about some of them. No names. No packdrill.

        ED: Jack, the reason we have 4XXXX beer in Queensland is because the redneck fuckers who like the stuff enough to drink it, can’t spell ‘beer’


    The term ‘hotlink’ – for those not aware, means that a mouse (or ‘thinggy’) click/roll will open another web/blog site when actuated. The BLOGROLL listings on the rhs of the leader Blog Pages are all hotlinked and you can travel/browse among ALL the sites that have evolved since our early beginning days of the “A” Company blog page.

    Just spend a few moments to browse – cheps – and catch up with the latest postings. ‘Tis interesting to see that some of our Old Mates are logging on to seldom viewed sites.

  307. JT says:

    Ditto. No singing allowed in Heaven. No virgins either. So let’s party while we can is the message. Right Ed?

    ED: Yeah JT! Pasties and Pilsner at dawn.

  308. JT says:


    I dunno, some rag head wrote it. But ‘sans’ is Frog for ‘without’ I think. So no wine after you’ve croaked get it?

  309. Jack Madron says:

    What are you on about? Sans. That is HOLY in Cornish. “Brythel Sans.” Or as Derek might say after catching his breakfast, “Holy Mackerel”.

  310. JT says:

    Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend,
    Before we too into the Dust descend
    Dust into Dust, and under Dust to lie
    Sans Wine, sans Song, sans Singer and-
    sans End

  311. Jack Madron says:

    You crossed with a bloody owl ? Those times are the middle of the night. That duty free rum that Swanny brought back from Bermuda is long gone, I’m afraid. As for mackerel, you know the French and Spanish are the only ones allowed to fish outside of quotas. Bloody EU.

  312. Dave H says:

    Thanks for the phone # Derek, I will make sure its 3 am UK time when I check in with you to see how things are going! HA HA .

    Hope you have a great flight.

    • Editor says:

      Well Dave, reckon that at 3am, we shall all just be rolling out of Swanny’s place, after drinking my duty free rum and going back to our billet for a shower and then getting ready again for bacon and eggs back at Swanny’s place! That’s of course after 6kms at 140 around Mousehole before 0500. Then Terry Joll is mustering us all for PT on the Morris Green at 0600.

      By then also, I might have 1/2 dozen mackerel in the bag for breakfast too!


    The Moving Finger writes; and having writ, moves on: Not all your piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it.
    Omar Khayyam

    Whether your individual comments are in jest or truth, I enjoy the opportunity to delve into all your characters, deduced from your expression, humour and content – in whichever Blog Page you choose (36 in total now). As Editor, I have the opportunity to view the ‘hit’ logs behind the scenes, and monitor each and every visit daily, monthly and annually. Some pages of course are more popular, many now are (sadly) seldom visited and I guess that only the reader/writer will determine his interest, or accuracy of placement.

    It would assist now (7th May) as I wind down my general personal activities, prior to departure from OZ – UK bound on 28th – if you fulfill any intent to forward photos that you wish to have published.

    Additionally too, initiative has no boundaries and that ‘extra’ activity to phone, write, email an Old Caribbean Mate will swell our numbers – as we run down to the Re-Union next month. I personally have just had a “Reader’s Letter” published in the Bristol Evening Post, calling any who might have known me from my school days in 1947 until 1959!

    PS: Kindly note my mobile number for use from 31st May until 8th July

  314. JT says:

    We are in the WRONG blog guys. I think a bit of Jankers is required Mr L.

    ED: Right on JT! 252’s being written up now. Will get Terry Joll to march ’em up and down a bit in their ‘wellies’ and ponchos.

  315. Jack Madron says:

    Just sick of the media over here. According to some of them, this Swine Flu, it’s the end of the world. Stupid bastards.

    Still. Good news tonight. Man United beat Arsenal 4-1 and go to finals in Rome. Second year following.

  316. Dave H says:

    You feeling sick Jack? Maybe it’s something that has laid dormant from Jamaica days and come back to haunt you, or maybe just something you laid. OK JT. Your turn

  317. Jack Madron says:

    This Swine Flu. The way the media are carrying on is getting me pig sick.

    • Editor says:

      Good ‘Ole Jack’s back on track, with his Mac!
      Like JT, paid his bills with alack!
      He now speaks of the Press – how much whine.
      Over bugs, influenza and swine
      And other such great loads of crap!

  318. Terry Joll says:

    The problem with the buggers down here is that they do everything DRECKLY, their get up and go has got up an gone already.

    I am sure we will have more at our gatherings than expected at the moment.


  319. JT says:

    Hi Swanny

    Wonder how many will turn up. You Terry and Barry are great recruiters. I wonder how many of the Jamaica, BH and BG guys will come?

  320. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT, We call you lot EMMITS but don’t worry we are already outnumbered with them you, l feel right at home down here HA HA, at least Jack can speak our native tongue so he will look after you. Nice to have you back in the fold. Time getting short to our big bash, Probber Ansom down wez. idna, CORNISH BULLFIGHTER Madder-dooar.

  321. JT says:

    Afternoon Jack

    Soon be the big day, waiting for my Grockle passport. Practicing waving the white hankie and skipping for the Morris Dancing.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Hi John.
      Hope you can keep in step doing the Morris Dancing. Not like you know who in the pix.

      Been having trouble tonight, trying to get on LI blogs. Been getting everything else OK but not our blogs. Are we being got at?

      • JT’s Mac infection’s now spread,
        To Jack Madron’s laptop – is it dead?
        Seems to Ed, that some help with the ‘hits’
        Is needed – so he’ll send over the (TITS)
        And stand all in Penzance on their head!

      • JT says:


        I had a lot of trouble trying to get into the blogs for about 2 weeks. I am sure it was to do with WordPress rather than the computer. OK now. I thought maybe that THE AUTHORITIES WERE BUGGING ME. Paranoid in me old age.

  322. Jack Madron says:

    Hi John.
    Missed your banter. So welcome back. Mind you, some things are best missed but won’t say anymore about that.

  323. JT says:

    Hi Ed. No I just kicked across the room. Works with the Mem Sahib (when she does it to me)

    • JT our old mate, has a Mac,
      But IT service in Balham is crap,
      After cussing and swearing – so much
      ‘Cos his mates he was left out of touch
      He paid overdue bill – now he’s back!

  324. JT says:

    Well I just got online after many days of bloglessness.

    ED: ‘Nuther shilling in the meter JT?

  325. JT says:

    Still blogless at home.

    Hello out there everyone

    • Dave Hutchinson says:

      JT, thats what you get for buying a MAC and it was probably a Chinese clone as well.

  326. Dave H says:

    Jack, I phoned Fred Baulch in Okehampton today. I mentioned to you he was with me in the MMG’s. I told him about the Re-Union and I’m sure he is going. If you like I will email you his phone # and you can give him all the details. By the way he did remember you as he told me he was in Jamaica some time before me. Let me know about the phone #.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Hi Dave.
      I don’t remember Fred Baulch but that doesn’t mean we never met. With my memory, I can’t tell if it’s 30 or 31. Ha ha. If you email his phone number to me I’ll get in touch with him.

  327. Dave H says:

    Sorry to hear of your problems Bill, I only wish I could be there at the Re-Union to meet you all. I will be looking forward to pictures.

  328. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. I look every day for JT’s comments; is he still having problems getting on this site? Donald had big problems last week and had to rebuild his whole computer unit! He isn’t like us amateur bloggers he knows what to do in a crisis, I would be completely lost if mine went TITS up.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Swanny.

      Thanks for your supportive comments to Bill, he’ll greatly appreciate ’em.

      Regarding JT. Yes, seems as if he’s still in the shit with his AppleMac, as you can observe – no blogs, no emails lately. I can’t help as I’m a PC bloke – warts and all! After 30 years with computers I can manage most problems, but they need nursing all the way.

      • Jack Madron says:

        I had some trouble with my laptop for about two weeks. Took a long time to get on line and then would just lose connection with internet for no apparent reason. I put it down to loss of signal, as I’m not on landline connection but use a (dongal?) Works the same as a mobile phone.

        Everything seems to be back to normal now. Except my memory, as you will have probably noticed. Ha ha. If the Romans can alter the calender, why not me.

  329. Swanny Swanson says:

    Hi Bill. I know how difficult it must be for you as a carer. Doris looked after my Dad and her Dad several years ago and know first hand how hard it is to cope in that situation and recently her devotion to me in last few months and we both admire you for your devotion to Nancy.

    So looking forward to meeting you next month, our love and prayers are with you at this most difficult time.

    Best Regards Doris and Neil (Swanny).

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Hi Bill,

      Swanny has put all our feelings for you so well into words, that I can do no more than endorse everything that he says. I am really looking forward to meeting up with you at the Reunion.


    Just heard from Bill, after some time, for which he apologises for loss of contact and blogging. Some personal health problems requiring hospitalisation recently and some follow up tests shortly.

    He says that the Re-Union will be a lifeline amidst his current health challenges – for both himself and dearly loved missus Nancy, who is now in health care most of the time apart for some brief days at home when Bill can manage.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bill at this time, with all the fellowship that we of the LI brotherhood can muster.

    Get Well soon ‘Ole Mate, Nancy too. Get them boots and brasses polished for June.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Derek speaks for all of us. Chin up mate. The fine weather will soon be here. See you in June.

      All the best.

  331. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, I am in contact with Paul Barnes on regular basis via the Internet, I mailed him about reunion etc his job is Security for the Army guarding RAF St Mawgan and on guard shifts etc, he said if possible he would be to some of the reunions activities.

  332. Terry Joll says:

    Ref quantity for Mike Cummings; he requires ONE SHIRT at XXL that is extra, extra large.
    He tells me he is short chap but rather rounded, he will obviously be a Bay Window so will fit in nicely I think.


    • Barry Cornish says:


      Thank you for the clarification. I see that Derek has already amended the relevant entry on this site.


  333. Paul (Barney) Barnes

    Has one of you local cheps thought to invite Barney along one evening or during the Thursday? He’s been a stalwart blogger over the past few months, on and off. Would be good to have a beer with him

  334. Jack Madron says:

    30 days has Sept, APRIL, June and *****Doh. It’s OK folks. I’ll wake up in a minute. Time flies when you’re having fun.

  335. Jack Madron says:

    Bloody hell John. Time travels fast in Balham. It’s only 2-44 pm. 31st Apr here in Cornwall. How do you do it? I had some problems for about a fortnight, just over a week ago but seems to be OK now. Never will understand this voodoo machine.

    • Dave H says:

      31 days in April in Mousehole. Ye Gads! Are you OK Jack? Now, how many legs did the tripod on the MMG have? Come on now think!

      • Jack Madron says:

        Even at our age you can always learn and yesterday, I learned two things. First thing on awakening. Open eyes. Second thing, engage grey matter. if any left.

        Yesterday, I missed second thing. When you get to my age you’re allowed to forget things. Ha ha. Waiting for remarks from JT now.

        • Dave H says:

          Jack, my missus is your age. I know what you mean, she has me worried at times, ha ha.

  336. JT says:

    Bollocks I am Blogless in Bloody Balham.

    Hi folks. In the library to get online. My Mac is playing up. Barry do you have any problems loading the sites?

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Hi John,

      No. I am not having any problems loading the sites on my Mac. I am sorry to hear of your problem. I do hope that you can soon resolve it.


    Anyone recall Dennis Dyer, Minden, Jamaica, British Honduras? Just heard from daughter Catherine seeking information – which I have passed on.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Don’t recall a Dennis Dyer. If he was in Minden. Jamaica and BH, I would put two and two together and make five and say he was S Coy. But I’m guessing again.

  338. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, I email Jim everyday like via his son and never get a reply, not mail but funny captions etc. Last saw him at our dear friend Don Puckeys funeral at Bodmin. He has rang me from time to time, but not for some time now.

    • Editor says:

      Thanks Swanny,

      Strange how Jim has dropped off the radar, I hope that he is OK. He seemed keen for a good while, supplying many photos for our sites.


        Thanks Swanny for persisting with Jim Kelly. I received your copy reply from his son, who as we now know is bringing Jim up to speed with events.

        I have also just hung up the phone from a call from Joe Knight who is sprucing himself up in a big way for the Re-Union. We spoke of Robbo and Dave Besley, Pope, Charlie Seaborne and others.

        I have also this week caught up with Brad and Griff. Everyone now lining up for the Grand Gathering.

  339. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. Gerald Thomas rang me on Saturday enquiring about my health etc, he has been in hospital had blood in his bladder but is OK now. I said to him about our last Mtg etc as I always do and told him about the Re-Union, and get his ass in gear and come along. I will remind him nearer the time!

    • Editor says:

      Well Done Swanny, nicely timed.

      Speaking of other Old Mates, anyone in touch with Jim Kelly direct? I’ve emailed him via his son, but no reply!

  340. “A” Company Group Photo (Blogsite hotlinked to my name)

    A reminder – Cheps – we are running down timewise to what will probably be the final Grand Gathering of Old Mates (en masse) of the Caribbean era of the DCLI.

    Please take a moment to scan the Company group photo at the header page and remind yourself of faces and names whom you might be able to contact. Maybe they live in a Cornish village close by?

  341. Jack Madron says:

    My daughter lives near Raymond Triggs and knows him quite well. She said she would have a yarn with him about forthcoming events and will try and get him interested. Fingers crossed.

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Thank you for that. Please give your lovely daughter my kind regards.
      Raymond Triggs has seemed very interested in the Reunion, when I have spoken to him on the phone. However, his problem would be in leaving his old mother, for whom he is sole carer.

  342. Swanny Swanson says:

    All. Had a phone call from Joe Knight yesterday. He said that Derek is coming his way on way to Bristol?

    He said he and his wife would be coming by train to Penzance on Sunday 7th June. He is really looking forward to this Re-Union week.

    • Editor says:

      Thanks Swanny

      I’ll have to straighten out that misunderstanding by Joe, as I’m travelling directly to Bristol from Aberdeen via Hereford (to see Bill) and arriving on Saturday 6th and leaving Bristol again (with Bill) on Monday 8th – for Penzance, arriving at Mousehole probably mid afternoon.

      I have said to Joe that maybe I can additionally (after the Re-Union) catch up with him again when I visit Berkshire, and maybe also chase down Roy Westbrook.

  343. JT says:

    I have decided to refrain from using profanities on this blog lest it upsets the fragrant ones.

  344. Terry Joll says:

    Have just had Monty Banks on the phone. He was in A Company in Bermuda and remembered all the names I mentioned. I attempted to drag him in but he is going to Greece for the month of June.

    He sends his best wishes to “ONE & ALL”


  345. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT, Nice reply. No I wasn’t so lucky with my girlfriend, was too much in love – was afraid to try my hand in those days, youth and naivety, but we still keep in contact, Christmas cards etc,

    Keith Mannings is going to Bermuda again in July this year, he meets for meal etc with her and her husband, and last year met a pro Cricketer who was playing for Penzance when we were in Bermuda stationed. I used to give his Grandfather local Cornish newspapers with reports about him.

    His name was Eugene Woods, a brilliant cricketer by all accounts, Keith had lunch with him also while he was there, small world, John!

  346. JT says:


    Derek will put us on a 252 if we keep using the wong bwog…..

    • Editor says:


      Too bloody right. 252’s by the dozen when I get there! Too many choices by the look of things. Get yer ferking acts together – cheps! I’ll be setting my Editorial Support Team on you!

  347. JT says:

    Hi Swanny

    Well you have to remember that I was always a Cpl at heart. When I returned to UK thinking to leave after my first at 3 years (then changed my mind), I was reduced to my substantive rank of Cpl (best rank in the army) and became a bit of a Bolshie nuisance trying to get back to the RAC

    Also in Bermuda I was really too young at 19/20 for the Sgts Mess. Most were ancient at 25 plus. Anyway who told you that I got the leg over the Canadian Nurse (only in my dreams) bet you didn’t with that white Bermudian girl friend either. Everything but, ’twas true love. Fun trying though. They weren’t so easy in those days were they?

  348. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT. In answer to Jack, it took me lots of years to get your rank as SGT, not till I joined RMR, was acting Cpl in the TA, but got 3 in the end, to everyone’s surprise! after 22 years service, so now perhaps I can get my own back, after the Coal Store story which I will never live down! But since JT got his leg over at Elbow Beach he is now on par with me. HA HA. Canadian Nurse I believe JT?

  349. JT says:


    Do we need a detachment from the Met to control the crowd? As an ex Plod I could pull a few strings. Or if we get enough bods we could form up in the old I.S. Drill and deal with the crowd ourselves.

    I volunteer to take up my usual exceedingly safe position in the centre of the square holding up the banner “Disperse or else..”

  350. Jack Madron says:

    Swanny’s blanket bath! Are they still washing that coal dust off, after all these years? He looked clean last Tuesday night when I dropped him and Doris home from LIA meeting.

    Swanny. I think these senior ranks are having a go at you, mate. You get your own back in June.

  351. JT says:

    Is that when Swanny gets to stroke the stroking nurse? Bet if Doris finds out she will be doing the striking.

  352. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. Had Keith Mannings on phone this morning, asking about filming our events on June agenda. I said a lot of arrangements will mostly be played by ear, ie meetings together etc and we will more find out when we all meet, other than the meeting at Bodmin together which is as planned.

    • Editor says:

      Thanks Swanny,

      Spontaneity is the key to many successful ‘interviews’ recorded by the camera and I can well imagine that Keith will play out the roving reporter role as we all gather together at many places during The Week – from Monday evening onwards.

      F’rinstance I’ll bet that Doris might be hosting morning coffee at Maison Swanson to permit the viewing of your daily blanket bath ceremony by the 2 nurses!

  353. Jack Madron says:

    I see your Editorial Support Staff have done the trick with the shirts. Bravo. Was it (Support) word in their title that done it?

  354. Swanny Swanson says:

    Nice to have you back Derek, have missed your wit etc on the site. As you will read on blog we have all been quiet since you have been away. All in all we home here in Assns etc have had very good week. Our Branch had very good meeting last Tuesday and 3 new members, as said I have missed your banter, welcome home.

  355. Editor says:

    Gidday Cheps!

    Just returned from FNQ (‘Fark Q) – The Daintree (croc mates) and The Great Barrier Reef and the Atherton Tablelands (snakes). Got some memorable photos – above and below the water!

    The Bob Smith Family (sons of Cpl Ernie Smith RIP, Jamaica) have ordered 6 Sweat Shirts. I shall update all Comments and web pages in due course – after I unpack.


  356. Margaret Royffe says:

    Thank you so much Terry. Carol looks a lot like her mum and I am sure you have met her she has attended some reunions. We all look forward to meeting with you and we will be at St Petrocs by 10.30. Keep up the good work and take care Regards Margaret

  357. Terry Joll says:

    Hope you have a good time in America, pity it is not Bermuda. The Veterans will be reporting for Inspection at St Petrocs Church at 1030 hrs so if you are about at that time I will look out for you.

    From after looking around the church we will make our way to the Pub at Dunmere, Borough Arms for lunch at approx 1200 hrs, then back to The Keep. Nothing is set in concrete so we can be a little flexible. I cannot recollect the Fidock daughter although I do believe I have met her at a Re-Union here in Camborne in the past. I know Paul very well

    Take care see you on the Thursday 11th June,


  358. Margaret Royffe says:

    Hello Terry, thanks for your message we are looking forward to meeting you all. Yes Carol is Jan and Vi Fidock’s daughter. We grew up together in Jamaica and Bodmin. John and I are away in America from 27th April to 7th June – so may not be able to see these communications. I would like to know if we should meet you at St Petrocs Church and what sort of time on Thursday morning everything else will go from there easily. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes Margaret.

  359. Terry Joll says:

    The Lucknow Call will not be needed until the Lucknow Dinner in November so plenty of time, it is not difficult and as you sounded good on Tuesday I cannot see you having any problems after the wonderful coaching you will get.

    PS: You are booked in for Dinner and also your wife?

  360. Graham Martin says:

    Would you kindly book me in for lunch at the Borough Arms, also could you possibly give me a call one evening as regards the Lucknow call.
    Thank you

  361. Terry Joll says:

    Consider yourself and group booked in for lunch. I am making the arrangements, you will be made very welcome. I assume Carol is the daughter or granddaughter of dear Jan & Violet. Be nice to see them.

  362. Margaret Royffe says:

    My partner and I would like to go to lunch at the pub. Carol Fidock and her husband Toni is coming too. I still don’t know how many sisters will be able to make it as they have to arrange time off work. So would one of you please let me know how to book lunch for four please. I am enjoying reading your communications.

  363. Terry Joll says:

    Have been checking on those who are atending the Burough Arms for lunch. Only 16 Booked so far.

    I expect several are making their own arrangements for lunch. I would hope to hear from the daughter of dear Harold and anyone else who will be with her.

    I will include Major Hugo in the final number. Get your names down chaps.

    I have heard from Dennis Cardew, Elvey, and George Foster who were all in British Guiana. They are attending for lunch with their wives also. Included in above figure.


  364. JT says:

    In more affluent times the Bermuda contingent might have worn Bermuda shorts for the big occasion. As pensioners could we get a grant?

    Think of all those skinny white legs.

  365. Swanny Swanson says:

    All. It is good that Graham has come on our blog page and get in on the banter etc, he is a valued addition to our DCLI Assn. and is a first class chap. Uncle Joe would be so proud of him.

    He gave a demo of his bugling skills last night at our meeting and did a rendition of the long version of Reveille and we were all delighted with him playing, under the watchful eye of Terry Joll a former DCLI Bugler who gave also a demo of his bugling skills and was still at his age very adept. Can’t keep a good man down, well done Terry.

    As was said we had an excellent meeting and buffet with 33 members and wives in attendance. Our President Maj Peter Michell said with our Branch with so many members present were a credit to our Regiment DCLI and I was mentioned as one of the first members when we were formed in 1983 and that he and I were the only ones still living from that day and time.

    Also A COY Bermuda had 9 members there – two new members Derek Lawrence, Alan Mitchell and they had very good evening meeting with old comrades again, and Rex Trevor Wallis D Coy Bg 55-57. A good time was had by all.

  366. Terry Joll says:

    I for one give you a hearty DCLI Welcome Graham, ONE & ALL is the Motto.

    Get some more Bugle practice in before the 11th June, Uncle Joe will be listening in. Nice to have you amongst us, your bugling skills will come in useful. Learn the LUCKNOW CALL.

  367. Graham Martin says:

    Dear Ed,
    May I through this blog site introduce myself to you, after being cajoled by Swanny and Terry Joll into sounding the Last Post and Reveille at Bodmin for the Re-Union.

    My name is Graham Martin and I am Pete (Joe) Tippett’s nephew, I am a member of the West Cornwall Branch of the Regimental Association. I look at the blog on a regular basis and as you want photos of days gone by have given Swanny all of Pete’s collection of photos from Bermuda and some of Jamaica. One or two of them have even jogged the memory of a certain member of the MMG section.

    I hope you don’t mind me butting in on your most entertaining blog, but I thought I would make contact with you all before the Big Week.
    So here’s looking forward to reading all the banter and of course all the bull amongst you.

    Kind regards.

    • G’Day Graham

      Welcome indeed – on behalf of all we Ancient Bloggers – banter from “A” Coy squaddies and bullshit from “S” Coy gunners – in copious quantities. Your involvement is greatly appreciated – doubly so in that many of us knew Joe from Training days in 1953 and heard him play so often. There’ll be a tear in many an eye when we hear you at Bodmin.

      I’m shortly publishing all of Joe’s photographs in a new blog page under his name – as part of our collective Light Infantry Memorial Blog Site references. It will I trust, be a fitting permanent record of appreciation to ‘our’ Joe Tippett.

      • Graham Martin says:

        G’Day Derek.

        Thanks for allowing me to join various members of the crazy gang, it’s nice to know there is someone out there as mad as me. Glad to know Pete (Joe) is still well thought of and hopefully I will not let him down at Bodmin. It’s nice of you to publish some of his photos, I am sure as you say will be a fitting tribute to the old bugger.

        I am being groomed by a very well versed and adept bugler for Bodmin, who is also being ably assisted by Messrs Swanny and Jack Madron. Don’t know who’s got the most wind out of all of us.

        Anyway got to go now as the cocoa’s getting cold.

        • Editor says:

          Well Done Graham, I like your namesake adoption of ‘The Crazy Gang’ – most appropriate! Stand by for some piss-taking from JT. Slowly working through Joe’s photos – quite a collection. I’m getting some ID response already.

  368. Jack Madron says:

    Hi John.
    Just got back from AGM of West Cornwall DCLI Assn. Barry Cornish told me you had returned to the fold. Welcome back. Good turnout. Plenty of grub and good raffle prizes with plenty of banter plus bragging from A Coy. An enjoyable evening.

  369. JT says:

    Thanks Swanny

    Barry, don’t send the 2 quid as you are an ex banker I can trust you to invest it wisely for me. Bag of salt and vinegar crisps before the price goes up?

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Hi John,

      It’s good to have you back. We were all at a very good meeting, with an excellent buffet, of the WCLIA, this evening. All being well, we will have your and Derek’s company for the next one. A good buffet is being laid on for that one too.

      Meanwhile, I will look after your 200 pennies for you.

  370. Swanny Swanson says:

    All. We have our AGM West Cornwall Branch DCLI LI Association and Buffet Supper has been organised. I for one will bring up in any other business about our forthcoming Re-Union and hope tonight that few more will be coming to our events in June.

    As I said at the Truro Branch AGM hoping to have several more from that Branch and Bodmin Branch attending most of the days planned for the Reunion, will give you news of meeting etc tomorrow.

    PS: Nice to have JT back on board, have missed his banter!

  371. JT says:

    ‘Allo all. Been away. Back now. See you have all been very busy on the recruiting front.

  372. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, Just one to go? it would be good if we could locate Cpl Trevor Pope as like Joe and Ken he was also a very good NCO with us, and very good friend for us young soldiers in our Platoon.

    Still no phone call from Roy – but that’s life. I was so pleased when we got hold of him when I was staying at Donald’s and my hopes were high at finding him.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Swanny,

      Well ‘Ole Mate – as stated privately – Roy has had ample opportunity now, between yours and mine efforts, to acknowledge the desires and hopes to reaquaint ourselves with the memorable past. Little more now to be done, other than expect his cheerful face to appear. Let’s at least be thankful that we now have many more attending that we hadn’t even thought about a couple of months ago!

  373. Terry Joll says:

    Had a phone call just after Reveille this morning from GWYN NICHOLLS who was in West Indies he and his wife will be attending the Thursdays activities as well as the Lunch. He will no doubt chase up his mate PETER KENT. Numbers are slowing increasing.

  374. Jack Madron says:

    Is Rex Trevor Wally and Rex Trevor Wallis, one and the same?

    • Barry Cornish says:

      I have just had an e-mail from Cyril Pryor, who says that he has been in touch with Trevor Wallis and told him about our Re-Union. Trevor is going to have a look at the Re-Union website on his son’s computer. He was in the DCLI in British Guiana in 1954. Hopefully, we will be able to meet him at the Re-Union.

  375. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, Rex has come to some of our Association meetings some years ago but as said before he wasn’t enthusiastic, but who knows? Anyway Derek happy Easter to you and Audrey and your family and all of our BLOG mates and Families, as I said to John Griffin on phone – time is flying! Only few weeks till the Re-Union, I for one can’t wait!

    • Editor says:

      Thanks Swanny

      Hear! Hear! to yourself and Family and all our Mates. Maybe Rex is shifting his focus, as he is now in print – looking for his “D” Coy Mates. Maybe we’ll soon have enough for a cricket match in June – Bermuda v Jamaica?

  376. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED,Terry. I have now emailed the chap who was asking about Rex Trevor Wallis and said I went to school with him. He did his N/S in DCLI and went to BG for the duration I think? I said to this chap I could contact him if he so wished as he lives in Newlyn. Coincidence his brother Ken RIP married my cousin who still lives in Sydney Australia and she phones me on quite regular basis.

    • Editor says:

      Wouldn’t you just bloody well know it! Swanson’s got the answer!!

      Gotta Larf! – Thanks Swanny – whichever way you are interpreting the message – we’re on to ‘im. I’ve emailed him also – so between us – we’ll ‘ave ‘im parading up and dahn the square, up and dahn the square

  377. Terry Joll says:

    I know a lot of Wallies but no Trevor, Swanny knows everybody so over to you Neil

  378. Jack Madron says:

    Don’t know Trevor Wally. Just had a look on Brit LI Message Board and he said that he was in D Coy. They were in Jamaica. Swanny could help on this.

    • Jack Madron says:

      He doesn’t say what Reg he was in. I’m surmising that he was in the DCLI?

      • The original post into LI Message Boards is on the Duke’s page, but usage of ‘Delta’ has kinda thrown me – cos we were never “Apha” and neither was there a “Bravo” or “Charlie” etc. Maybe ’tis a misplaced message. But then – Penzance! – surely if he was 1DCLI he would have surfaced before now. What sayest thou Oh Master Swanson?

  379. Editor says:

    ‘DELTA’ COY CHEP – 1955

    One Rex Trevor Wally has posted a message onto the British LI Message Boards. He hails from Newlyn. Is he known to anyone?

    Click the hotlink to read

  380. Terry Joll says:

    Yes, Les is not all that well, he has the shakes a little but tells me he does not spill his beer. He was shopping in Morrisons for his “Medicine” for the coming weekend, he still walks at 140.

    He said he will tell Ken Young, neither of them are on computers.

  381. Swanny Swanson says:

    Terry, I omitted to say I and couple of mates used to have a drink at Les Southworth’s pub in Tregony in my TA days at weekends when based at Hendra Drill hall in Truro. Les was in Jamaica and Belize when DCLI was in BW Indies and many a war story came to light in Leslie’s Pub!

    Happy days.

  382. Swanny Swanson says:

    Terry, it’s good news that there is news of you seeing Les. Like Les, Ken Young was a very good boxer. He was 3 platoon Cpl acting Platoon Sgt when we got to Bermuda. First class soldier and excellent bloke, it would be BRILL if we could get hold of him, especially if he is online? I think Derek would be delighted if we could get him online. Ken, Joe Knight, Trevor Pope, all 3 were Cpls in our Platoon and all 3 were excellent NCO’s.


      M’sieu Terry Poirot. Excellent detective work, thank you. As Swanny well knows, Ken was a great guy and well respected by we young squaddies from Day One. It’ll be bloody marvellous to see him again, along with Joe of course and who knows – another link in the chain to find others?

  383. Jack Madron says:

    Les Southworth was with me in MMGs in Minden and Jamaica. Nice to hear he is OK.

    • Dave H says:

      Jack, Les Southworth rings a bell with me. When did he leave the MMG in Jamaica, was it before you?

      • Jack Madron says:

        Hi Dave.
        Les was still in MMGs when I left but I believe he went to either D or C Coy later.
        Les is in my photo of platoon on stairs on Empire Clyde. In front of Peter Rowe and Dick Oram.

  384. Terry Joll says:

    Bumped into LES SOUTHWORTH in Morrisons this morning, walking very well and asked Whats’ going On. I told him of the Re-Union and may be able to attend the Thursday in Bodmin, he was not in Bermuda, He is in close contact with KEN YOUNG who was in Bermuda. He will give him details. So hopefully a couple more.

  385. Editor says:


    We are pushing and pulling in the outstanding Orders that have not yet been paid for. We shall appreciate ‘fingers out’ to send your cheque/s to Barry – pronto! We have reached the minimum required by the Printer, so print production will commence on schedule – for completion by early June.

    Note also that mailing the Sweat Shirt WILL NOT HAPPEN unless you specifically add £2 to the required £15 to cover costs AND that you understand we cannot accept responsibility for the product being delivered to your given address before you leave home for the Re-Union.

    As stated above at page leader, we plan to hand out the Sweat Shirts on Monday 8th June, at the Union Hotel, or later during the Re-Union Week, when you can first contact Terry Joll. If you happen to be in Penzance, before the Monday, then by all means contact Terry to collect your Order. It is unlikely that the shirts will be available before 2nd or 3rd of June.

    We are pushing the production time envelope as closely as possible to ensure that we accurately produce sufficient stock for all who might leave things to the last moment.

    Bloody Light Infantry! – get yer cheque books out!

  386. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. Rang Derek Lawrence to ask if he would be coming to our AGM on the 14th and could he ring Alan Mitchell to say if he will be coming also. Mentioned to him about buying a sweat shirt, I asked Alan when he was on the phone if he was getting one he said he doesn’t wear them but I will try and twist his arm! I will also ask Fred Philips.

    • Barry Cornish says:


      Good work on the sweat shirt front. I will print out the two relevant pages from this web site and bring them along to next week’s meeting. So much good work has gone into designing and preparing the sweat shirts, that it would be really sad if we could not meet the minimum order requirement.

      • Editor says:


        I’m sending over my Editorial Support Staff to muster up the remaining orders – cheps! Shouldn’t be much of a problem to get the minimum numbers!

  387. Terry Joll says:

    OK Jack, if you want a job doing do it yourself, so I will get the overalls out for the wife and she can have a go at it. Was going to ask Doris but she will be busy making pasties for Swanny, I expect I shall manage.

    Take care. See ee next week

  388. Terry Joll says:

    Have had a chap called CARDEW on the phone to me this morning, he lives near Callington, he will be attending the Keep on the Thursday and hopefully round up a couple more from his area. He was batman to Major Barnie Mills, anyone knaw un do ee?


  389. Swanny Swanson says:

    Barry. Had a phone call from John Griffin last night and he and Joe Knight will be sending you their payments for sweat shirts, as John isn’t on PC he asked me to verify payment address to be sent to you which I repeated over the phone.

    As you said Barry, hopefully Fred Philips, Derek Lawrence, Alan Mitchell will be at our meeting next week and they could purchase one each.

  390. Jack Madron says:

    When it comes to tanks, I don’t want anything to do with them. Having changed tracks on T16 and Universal carriers, I know what it entails.

    Suggest that JT would be ideal for the job, being ex tankie. Bet he’ll say NO and I won’t blame him either.

  391. Terry Joll says:

    As mentioned by Swanny above, we had our AGM today, fair attendance only. I won a lovely basket of Easter Eggs which was tastefully made by Mary Clark, Nobby’s boss. I will recycle it at our church fundraising event soon.

    The Buffet Lunch today was as always excellent but that little bugger Swanson got in early to the dining room and grabbed the table nearest the food. When the dinner call went he was off like a scalded cat and made great inroads amongst the food. Myself being a gentleman took my time and had enough to fill my needs, I then heard that there were Buckshees going but when I got there that coalman had beaten me to it. Never mind, the extra will do him good. It was good to see him and Doris looking much better but he still needs a few more of Doris’s pasties.

    Neil, keep on trucking mate, all will be well.

    PS: I went to Penzance on Sunday to check out the Tank and noticed than the tracks need changing so maybe Jack can get along to sort it out before the March Past. Jan will approve.

  392. Terry Joll says:

    Barry you are most probably correct, I was an RSM and we could never count, that is what the Adjutant was for. We must get our Master to chase up the few who need a kick up the rear end to get them moving.

    It will be a shame if we do not get the required 25.


  393. Terry Joll says:


    Barry at the above meeting I managed to persuade DAVID COCK, DCLI in Bermuda to purchase a Sweatshirt and I got the £15 from him which I will put into cheque form and let you have it soonest. He requires an EXTRA LARGE Size. I think that puts total to 20, Not enough in my book?


    • Barry Cornish says:


      Thank you. That takes the tally to 19 firm orders only, to date.

      Hopefully, we may be able to encourage some of the members of the WCLIA who have not committed to purchase yet, to do so at our next meeting, a week tomorrow. I think that 25 is the minimum for the printing to proceed.

  394. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, Just got back from Newquay Truro Branch DCLI Assn AGM and Spring Buffet. Nobby and his wife drove Doris and I, and we had very good meal and constructive meeting.

    I spoke to all concerned about our forthcoming Re-Union and ther result was quite positive about same. Not so many there as in previous years – as like everywhere we are losing members. We had 25 members and wives present today. I remember when there would be over 75 members in attendance!! Sign of the times I’m afraid.

  395. Terry Simons says:

    Terry Simons. June and I live at 21 Freshbrook Close, Eastern Green, Penzance. Cornwall TR183RQ. Phone 01736 368745

  396. Jack Madron says:

    As I’ve just said, Barry. MMGs know how to behave at all times.

  397. JT says:


    Calm down, we are going to suggest that Ed pressures Bermuda Government (Tax Haven) to get the rich fuckers who park their money there to refund us for the tee shirts.

    After all Derek cut his foot on coral, sort of defending the bastards and Swanny got coal dust in a embarrassing place. Not to mention (unless necessary) my own groin strain suffered on Elbow Beach trying to get my leg over a resistant (and strong) Yankee maiden.

    • Editor says:



      See my opinion on Bloody Unbelievable

  398. JT says:


    I think you should be careful when referring to “erections “to these golden oldies. People like Jack or more likely Muskrat Dave will pounce upon this kind of loose language and be rude.

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Oops! I walked into that one, didn’t I , John?

      • Jack Madron says:

        Have no fear. Dave and myself wouldn’t dream of being rude to you. After all, we are ex MMGs and we know how to behave at all times.

  399. Terry Joll says:

    I have just written a cheque for £15- to cover one Sweatshirt EXTRA LARGE SIZE. Having written the cheque I must now go and have a lie down to recover from the shock.

    Take care

    ED: List Updated Barry.

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Thank you Terry. I now have firm orders for nineteen sweatshirts.

      You may have to lie down now but I am sure that you will be standing erect, when you put the sweatshirt on!

      Thanks for your note, Ed. I will let you know when Terry’s cheque arrives.

  400. Health & Safety Directive says:

    Heath and Safety

    “It is not advised however to use the same equipment for Boots and Foreskins viz brushes and hot spoon handles.”

  401. JT says:

    If “Foreign Attachments” is a threatening and scurrilous allegation about the Polish cleaning girl next door I refute this entirely and demand the negatives by return

  402. JT says:

    Luckily (like Barry) I have a Mac which is little bothered by viruses etc (touch wood). I until recently had loads of Malware, anti virus, anti spam stuff and in combination they made my Mac so slow that I removed them. Might put just one system in though.

    But I agree must be careful about downloading attachments.

  403. Editor says:


    While I appreciate the thoughts behind the many, many emails with fun stuff attached, there are many problems associated with passing on ‘stuff’ that you have not generated yourself (on a clean computer). Viruses and bugs abound throughout the Net and spammers are very clever in embedding viruses that are only detectable with the latest firewalls and software designed to clean up a system.

    You’ve all seen recently the ‘greening’ of the (changed) text on this blog page – caused by an implanted virus that altered the HTML of the site. It has taken me 6 attempts to screen and clean the foreign HTML out of the system. This ‘bug’ could well have originated from an email ‘attachment’ that has been passed on down the line.

    Akismet has so far screened out 5,517 Spam attempts to penetrate this system, and unfortunately one got through.

    There’s a lesson here.


    The exception of course are your photographs (.jpegs or .gifs) that YOU attach to a covering email.

    PS: Treat your computer as you would your boots or your foreskins! – clean the fuckers every day! This means that you run your Virus Scanner and Spyware regularly.

  404. Jack Madron says:

    If at first you don’t succeed. Let some bugger else have a go.

  405. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, Green to green—-Red to red—– Perfect safety steam ahead, fishermans jargon.

    Answer. If in danger or in doubt, pull your foreskin inside out–SPOKESHAVE! If you don’t succeed f—k off! again, as fishermen say, but only in Kernow Cornwall I think?

  406. Jack Madron says:

    Oh, I see, Derek. They want to lead the way at the G20 summit. Well, as there’s more of them than there is of us, I think we’d better let them have their way. For the time being, that is.

  407. Jack Madron says:

    Why is the writing gone green? Prefer it black, myself. Easier to see.

  408. Jack Madron says:

    I’ll have a number seven please, with extra fried rice.

    • Mr Wong Numbah won Hacker says:

      That numbah 7 Clispee Fuck OK Tommy?

      Orso, We in wrong brog? Mr Ed have tessicals on brock.

  409. Jack Madron says:

    I wonder what the Chinese hackers make of our blogs.

    • Mr Wong Numbah won Hacker says:

      Velly good brogs
      numbah ten
      Blitish soja Ok
      Yu lak china gals ?

  410. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT, don’t worry, as soon as you get a whiff of our Cornish air you and I can fend off the remarks of our MMG mates in the Re-Union, just think of my antics in you know where, Black Hole! and all that, pity after locating Roy after all these years he isn’t on the PC, we could have a good banter about that subject!

  411. JT says:


    Hope you had a good break. Jack and Muskrat Dave have taken us over and even got their own blog.

    • Dave H says:

      Jack, do I see jealousy rearing its ugly head here?

      JT, it’s just that Jack and I know how to beg and grovel better than the rest of you.

  412. JT says:

    Is that Pricks and Mortar I see?

  413. Jack Madron says:

    Love the parade on Pz Promenade but that tank will have to move before the tide comes in.

    • JT says:

      Please leave my tank alone

    • Jack Madron says:

      PS. Didn’t that grey you’re riding, win the Derby in 1947ish?

      • JT says:


        What make is that tank? and The Old Grey Mare she ain’t what she used to be.

        “Not you dear, calm down” (to the wife if she reads this by getting the codebreakers to get my password) (even now I can hear her Enigma machine clicking away in the next room)

        • Jack Madron says:

          Sorry John. Haven’t a clue. I guess it’s an American of some sorts. The only one I ever remembered, or part recognised, was the Matilda. Only because of the square holes in the sides. Mudguards?

          Broke down in Germany once and got towed for bloody miles by a Centurion. Never forget that. Where that bugger went, I had to follow. Sod the tanks.

  414. Jack Madron says:

    Welcome back Swanny. Things have been fairly quiet lately. I think JT has got withdrawal symptoms or something.

    Ed has been busy, what with new blog gunners at the Alamo etc. Things will get back to normal now you’re back.

    • JT says:


      Wot a cheek. I have been the only blogger in 2 of the blogs and bitching about everything. I was beginning to wonder whether Cornwall had been Asteroidedededed

      • Jack Madron says:

        Sorry John.
        With so many blogs, it’s hard to keep up. I have had a look in on your comments and there’s no way I could put them better than you.

  415. Swanny Swanson says:

    Hi All, just got back from Hampshire, nice to see the banter hasn’t changed on site, Jack and Dave stirring it again!! Had a good result while up there, Donald and I managed to get in contact with my mate Roy Westbrook, hopefully he will be at the Re-Union. He said he would contact me in near future.

    Doris and I have had lovely week, my eating programme is going to plan, so let’s hope it will continue.

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Hi! Neil,

      Welcome back. It is great to hear that you and Doris had a good trip and that your recovery is going well. With Roy Westbrook hoping to come to the reunion, would he like a sweat shirt? I have received firm orders for 15, so far. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

    • Dave H says:

      I thought you were back soon Swanny. Me thought you went to New Hampshire USA. Senior Moment. Ha Ha.

  416. JT says:

    OK Barry relax, no rush.
    I put on a $250000000000000000000000000000000000000 Zimbabwe stamp (and that’s 2nd class) but quicker than sending a native runner with the letter in a forked stick.

  417. JT says:


    Thank you for reminding everyone about my teeth. Very embarrassing.
    But I did rinse them when I dug them up.

  418. JT says:

    Help Line

    I have been feeling depressed all day and it just occurred to me why. I remembered I have just posted a cheque to Barry.

  419. JT says:

    Ed, can we have link to python Mr Gumby?

    Hotlinked to JT above

  420. Mr Gumby says:


    Do you know who you was? Do any of us know who we was?

    Was we who we think we was?

  421. Jack Madron says:

    In ref to the name of CQMS, S Coy in above comment. I always thought he was called Fred Fearless but in DCLI Journal that Swanny loaned me, he was called Fareless. Doesn’t matter a lot I suppose, I knew who he was.

  422. Jack Madron says:

    I’ve often wondered about the numbers from Jamaica that are not on the web. There are a few that we know of that have computers, like Fraser in Canada and John in Oz, who don’t give hardly any imput. Come on chaps, lets have your two pennyworth. Doesn’t matter how trivial, if it stirs up memories, that’ll be just great.

    Ed, about BD, you won’t let on to CQMS Fred Fareless will you?

    By the way. Empire Clyde called at Jamaica twice. First time, to drop off advance party. I was one of them. Went to Belize, dropped off E Coy then came back to drop off rest of the Battalion. Can’t remember any of the officers in advance party but CSM Marsden was with us.

  423. Dave H says:

    I wondered that as well Jack

  424. Jack Madron says:

    Apart from Swanny. What did everybody else do in Bermuda?

    • Editor says:


      Well, I can vouch for many of us – A Coy being the most Regimental in the Battalion, the smartest uniforms, the shiniest boots, the best brasses and the foremost LI drill specialists – we spent most of our time keeping up the high standards. Someone had to do it and it was no good relying on the Jamaican contingent – even Harold said that!

      ‘Corse, we found time to chase the birds, swim on the public golden beaches, visit the forts and snorkel at the MD beach close by the Garrison. JT showed us a few films and we held a few Dances. Some of us went to parties and rode the mini bikes around the Island, and unlike Fraser’s mates, can’t recall any of us ever being bored.

      The elite few mounted regular Special Guards and Quarter Guards after the Company settled in after a few months of re-establishing the Garrison. Other than that it was drill, drill, more drill and route marches with a lot of weapons practices thrown in.

      Mind you the land crabs took some fending off – aggressive buggers!

      • Jack Madron says:

        They could have stayed home at Buck House and done all that. Proper soldiering was done in Jamaica and Belize. I reckon Swanny was the hardest worker in A Coy and he spent most of his time skiving in coal holes. Harold’s words were just to keep you all happy. He was expert at man management. As we know.

        • ‘Corse Jack – you could be right! ‘Tis amazing though (when you examine the website evidence) that the breadth of the photographic records ever to surface (apart from your own, JG’s and – now – a few from Dave H that I’m working on) it’s only “A” Company squaddies that have shown proof of what they did in 1954 – 1957. JT has often mentioned the Sargasso Sea and the mysterious disappearance of B,C,D,E, & HQ Coys into that black hole!

          I feel that we have a ‘Marie Celeste’ mystery here in that (maybe) the Clyde carried mainly – other than we temporary Bermudians – some phantom troops who wrote a few postcards from Crownhill, and had the Argyles post ’em from Jamaica & Belize over the following few months.

          Are you sure that the Clyde actually landed at Kingston? Perhaps Hugo White is an “S” Company bullshitter too!

          PS: Just remembered too! “A” Company was the only company to wear BD in Winter I recall! I reckon that you blokes flogged off your uniforms and turned native!

          • JT says:

            By coincidence we discover that Mockingbird’s friend (“Monkeyface”) was actually ALSO called Marie Celeste. Swanny told us the story of finding the buglers shagging them in a barrack room.The fact that she was nicknamed Monkeyface illustrates that the buglers weren’t at all fussy and Mockingbird was also very scary looking in bright lights.

            Legend tells us that she (Monkeyface) was known a Marie Celeste because whenever she appeared in a certain bar in town all the squaddies disappeared leaving unfinished drinks on the tables.

      • Dave H says:

        Oh the poor buggers Jack, I do feel for them though, all that drill and marches, must have worn their poor tootsies to the bone.

        • Jack Madron says:

          Yeah Dave, and they only had a 7 pound rifle to carry. Just imagine the moans, if they had to carry a water filled MG or that horrible hard heavy tripod, plus personal weapon and kit.

  425. Editor says:

    Check out the Afghanistan blog lead page – cheps! Linked to Editor above.

  426. JT says:

    Why would anyone from A Coy want to go into a nasty field? Yuk. Don’t think there are any in Bermuda, just coral beaches and golf courses.

    Swanny didn’t need camouflage for his night exercises, he had enough trouble finding those girls in the dark.

  427. Jack Madron says:

    Spot on Terry, but don’t forget the coal field.

  428. Terry Joll says:

    Your Spotter should have been on a box, how could he see over that barrel and his cap badge was shiny, never heard of camouflage I expect, being in A Company. They never went near the field.

    • Editor says:

      Take no notice Swanny, ‘Ole Mate. Little did they all know that you were about to change your headgear to the latest bullshit spotting device!

  429. Jack Madron says:

    Love the coonskin caps. Stripes in the right place as well. Only thing wrong is size of condensing can at feet of gunner nearest muzzle. Thanks for the damn good laugh.

    • Editor says:

      OK Jack. Attended to that small detail – gotta give you some ammo. Decided that a spotter was required – someone with plenty of bullshitting experience to match the claimed accuracy of the gunnery.

      • Jack Madron says:

        And I thought he was only there to whitewash the ammo while eating his pasty! Maybe he’ll learn something worthwhile at the same time. Ha ha.

      • Dave H says:

        Lots of ammo there Jack. lol

  430. Jack Madron says:

    What about a certain person blasting land crabs with a 38 or the clatter of coal buckets being knocked over? Things weren’t that quiet, John. Or so I’ve been told.

  431. Jack Madron says:

    Dave and myself are sorry for forgetting that these technical subjects are so baffling for others. We promise to curtail our knowledge of main LI weaponry for the forseeable future.

    MMG Platoon. S Coy.

    Bloody hell. What’s Fluffy going to do now to get excited?

    • JT says:

      Well I don’t think the Bermuda contingent had such noisy things to disturb them. Sometimes a beach ball might burst though which was pretty scary as you can imagine.

    • David says:

      I know JACK, I keep forgetting. It’s such a pity I can’t round up some of my ex mates, then we would really have a ball.

  432. JT says:


    Marvellous ain’t it? these happy, simple little souls burbling on about their bloody Vickers.

      JT, I thought that we need to bring the Blogger cheps up to date with this Vicker stuff. I managed to retrieve an ancient historical photo of the defence of the Kingston Alamo in 1854 – see fresh photo above.

  433. Jack Madron says:

    Google, Vickers 303 machine gun. click on (flash) Continue Scene Now Loaded. It’ll remind you of the workings of the beast. Oh happy days.

    • David says:

      I remember cleaning all those parts Jack. Also did you change parts blindfolded – like night time repairs? Yeah Mon.

      • Jack Madron says:

        Yep. Did all that as well. Little poser for you. Which handle had the oil brush in it?

        • Dave H says:

          Jack are we playing the shell game here? lol. I’m right handed so it was in the left one.

  434. Jack Madron says:

    Maybe I should get a coonskin cap. It would keep the sun off of my slightly thinning top. That is, if we get any sun.

  435. David says:

    JT. Crocket didn’t smoke, there were no Fags in those days.

  436. JT says:


    Davey Crocket did have a Vicar at the Alamo but the Texans obviously dont want everyone to know. He was not “King of the Wild Frontier” as the song says but the Queen.

  437. Swanny Swanson says:

    ALL. I shall be away from tomorrow till next Friday staying with Donald in Hampshire. Will be back in PZ next Friday 27-3-09, keep the flag flying while I’m away.

  438. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. Had phone call from Keith last night asking how everything is going about Reunion etc. He said he had sent you snail mail and photos of Bermuda with Ike etc, he said to give his regards to all who knew him in his DCLI days. Still keep telling him what he is missing not having a PC and following all the blogs etc.

  439. Swanny Swanson says:

    Hi Bill, very good report, as you say time is going so fast looking so forward to meeting you in June. Give your good lady a big hug and kiss for us. All the best Bill you are a credit to us all for your devotion to duty.

  440. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi Guys.
    Been a bit tied up for the last week or so, but thinking about you all and looking forward to seeing you all in June. I have Nancy at home for the weekend, as I did last weekend, so as you can imagine, I am devoting as much time as possible with her. She is OK, but needs 24 hour care – so she is keeping me really busy.

    Ed I have booked in to Shoreline for three nights, with the option of staying the fourth night if I can possibly stay for the extra night, but at the moment that seems doubtful. Time is flying by now, soon have to get my Cap badge highly polished and make sure no moths have got in to my Beret. I have still got my original cap badge, before they brought in the anodized type. Have to blanco my gaiters as well.

    Bye for now, better go and brew up ready for the little lady when she wakes up, hope the Bugle doesn’t go too early!


  441. Jack Madron says:

    His name is Hutchinson, not Crocket. I wonder if he’s gotta little ol shack out back though. I bet Davy Crocket would have loved to have had a Vickers at the Alamo.

  442. JT says:


    Can you dye the coonskin cap LI green and parade outside the cabin?

  443. Terry Joll says:

    So the Canadian Dave will be AWOL. As he will be On Parade at his home I suppose we can think about him for a few minutes. He will be with us in spirit but not in body, hopefully we will all have some spirits in our bodies.

  444. Terry Joll says:

    Swanny. The batman for General Urquhart was FRANK HANCOCK, came from Four Lanes and during his last couple of years I frequently visited him at his house. I was present in Oosterbeek Cemetery when his cremated remains were interred amongst the Graves of the Airborne Brigade. Frank was Airborne Forces and wore the Red Beret but not Paras, he was in a Glider.

    Although shown as a Sergeant in the film he was only a Lance Corporal. He was an Adviser on the making of the film.

    General Urquhart was formerly Highland Light Infantry and Commanded 2nd DCLI in Italy before getting promoted to Colonel and upwards. He was a Gentleman.

  445. JT says:


    Dave the (pierced one) in Canada wants to wear his coonskin cap and lumberjack shirt. He won’t be coming but will parade in front of his cabin at the appropriate time. Guess we don’t care do we?

  446. Terry Joll says:

    The correct cap badge to wear is the one applicable to your Regiment or Corps. You are all entitled to wear the LI Green Beret but for those not in possession of then wear what you like. The baseball cap is a favourite but make sure you have one with the peak in the front. They are difficult to come by as all that I see the youth of today wearing have the peaks in the back. I even went into a shop and asked for one with the peak in the front and the lad behind the counter said. Sorry mate that is all we have. Cheeky Bugger calling me mate. Who the hell did he think he was.

    The Bush type hat or what I call cowboy hats as worn by officers is acceptable. Only a few officers wear the Bowler nowadays, Hugo still does. Whatever you wear I am sure you will wear it with immense PRIDE.


    • Jack Madron says:

      I own four cowboy hats, two are genuine Stetsons. One of which had a DCLI badge that I wore on stage. My group was called BRANDY CREEK. Don’t think any would look right with blazer and Regimental tie.

  447. JT says:

    Dave H

    I get it, you went to Canada as a hippy and now live in some sort of senior citizens commune (there were some in BC).

    • Dave Hutchinson says:

      I wish JT. All the rich Rancher widows are on cruise ships, and I get sea sick

  448. JT says:

    Billy Boy

    Are you going to wear a LI badge or RAPC or both?

  449. JT says:

    Thanks Swanny

    I will measure my head and get a beret. No comments Jack thank you

    • Jack Madron says:

      As if I would, John.

      My beret disappeared years ago. Don’t fancy getting another. All that shrinking and shaping again. Still got my badge and crossed rifles somewhere in the house.

  450. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT. Nice to have you back on board, have missed all your banter on site, don’t worry about drill proceedure, Terry Joll will get you up to scratch when you come down in June!

  451. Swanny Swanson says:

    JT. The soldiers for many years have worn the LI Beret with appropriate badge ie REME, RAPC etc with their own Regt badge. Maj General Urquart’s batman was a DCLI who joined the PARAS in the last war, he always wore the DCLI capbadge in his Red Beret. He used to attend most parades years ago in his wheelchair, what a gentleman he was, he hailed I believe from St Austell, his name was Handcocks. RIP old friend.

  452. Dave H says:

    Guys, if I were to come to the Reunion would I have to remove my lip rings, nose rings, eyebrow rings, belly stud, the others are covered.

  453. Terry Joll says:

    I most sincerely hope none of you old chaps will attempt to march at 140 ppm. We would need a Paramedic attached to us with Air Ambulance hovering overhead if we tried to do it. Just all agree to get along in a smart soldierly manner without any hands in pockets or fags behind the ears.

  454. JT says:

    Sorry. Just got back to my computer after a few days absence so am a bit over excited by it all.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Hell John.
      You’re sure making up for lost time. If the others are going to do LI pace, I’ll be in the back row along side of you. But I won’t be wearing spurs.

  455. JT says:

    Jack and Dave

    You know if you keep banging on about Vickers a certain Vicar will be encouraged don’t you Jack?

    Also I happen to know that ” A” coy were allocated at least one Energa Grenade for practice in 1955. I remember the powers that be (were) moaning about it.

    Just one of the numerous involvements that Garrison HQ roped me in on to spite DCLI claiming me.

    Paying DCLI, Paying Garrison HQ, Paying Civvy Maids, sorting out Accounts of thick Garrison Adjutant, Running Garrison Cinema, attending meetings of G2 (?) so called intelligence thingy.

    I don’t know how I got it all down to about 3 hours a week – well only by playing one against the other I suppose.

  456. JT says:

    If you guys are going to march at LI pace I reserve the right to follow at the rear doing the Tank Park Shuffle and wearing cavalry spurs.

  457. JT says:

    Ed and the committee.

    A matter of protocol. When attached to “A” Coy I was instructed by Maj Marsh to wear the green beret and LI Chevrons but an RAPC badge. Thus he claimed me from Garrison HQ.

    Now, should I wear (if I get one) a green Beret with RAPC badge or shall I do a Monty and wear on the beret also all the cap badges I had worn prior to attachment? viz Royal Armoured Corps (wanking spanner), plus 5th Dragoon Guard plus RAPC badge?

    Or should I wear a Tommy Cooper fez signifying my position of “One Who Nearly Got Posted to Tel el Kebir in 1954”

    Guidance please.

    • Editor says:

      JT. Would you like me to design 60mm cube (like the object that is magnetized and the mechanic places on the roof of the car when servicing) showing all the relevant Regimental and Corps badges, where you served? Maybe even an interior l.e.d. that glows in the dark. You could then fix this to the crown of (say) a LI green beret. Reckon you’d look smashing, also wearing jodphurs and spurs.

  458. JT says:


    Can you order a shirt for me please XXL will send cheque pronto. Thanks

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Certainly, John.

      It is good to see that you are back home and on-line again. I look forward to seeing you in June.

  459. Jack Madron says:

    Welcome back John. I’ve been Muzing these last few days. After seeing Ed’s pix on the other blog, shall I throw my camera in the back of a cupboard or flog it? They’re good photos.

  460. JT says:


    John Who?

    ED: John Griffin from Bristol

  461. JT says:

    Back in the Londinium. Hope we still have a full complement and you have all been amusing each other (aMuzing Jack before you start)

    My e mail

  462. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. Had phone call from John this morning he just back from holiday in Spain. I contact his Son Steven by email and told John to go and look at our website and look up about orders for the Sweat shirts, news etc.

  463. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. Is Bill fixed up with a place to stay?

    • Yes Swanny,

      Bill is booked into the Shoreline Guest House, Mousehole and confirmed. I am not however, sure of how many nights – at least Monday & Tuesday and possibly Wednesday for the Blogger’s Dinner. He is to return to Hereford by rail. He will be accompanying me on Monday from Bristol TM.

  464. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi Barry

    Just put a cheque in the post for a T Shirt. Medium please. The chest bit will be OK but I expect it will come down to my knees or ankles. I will bring a bit of binder twine to tie it round my waist. Looking forward to seeing you all.

  465. Editor says:


    While we all have varying preferences as to whom “Our Mates” are or were, while we served in the Regiment, and indeed remain so today during the conduct of our daily lives, we cannot in all fairness, ignore the fact that the few, were Commissioned Officers and some of ’em decent blokes.

    They had a job to do – up and down the chain of command – and in Bermuda, I could well comprehend the need for the Duty Officer to microscopically examine the navel of a squaddie for fluff, while said squaddie was rigidly at attention in the morning sun – beating down on his bared torso.

    Some of you have suggested an Invitation to a selected Hossifer, to attend our Caribbean Week activities and some of you may have read the uncomplimentary responses. However, as a placatory measure, we recommend that YOU supply the correct Honorific, Name, Initial, Address, Postcode, of an Officer that YOU would like to be invited to OUR Bodmin Keep Day of respectful celebration. This Official Invitation will bear YOUR name.

    Supply this detail to Barry Cornish and we shall arrange a Special Invitation (printed) as “Our Guest” to that Day only (Thursday 11th June). I advise against invitations to other Blogger Events.

    NB: This Invitation will NOT include lunch – unless YOU pick up the tab. Hugo White (Major) has been invited to lunch as MY Guest.

    • Dave Hutchinson says:

      Why don’t you invite the hossifers, I would. Then you can tell them what you thought of them. I mean what are they going to do to you 50 odd years down the road. Ha ha.


    Barry Cornish has today reminded me of the need for an important communication tool while we are all, individually, celebrating our Caribbean Re-Union. Some cheps, will not attend all functions, meetings, meals etc. Neither are all email connected, or bloggers; these cheps rely on word of mouth communication.

    We need a Phone Directory. Please append your contact phone number/s here and email addresses, using the Reply Thread function. When all are received, I’ll place ’em all at the Blog header and also print ’em on the inside pages of the Commemorative Card, together with email addresses. Remember that the Comm Card will only be available from the night of Monday 8th at The Nelson Bar, Union Hotel. Before then you might need to inform your close Mate of the Inaugural Meeting, if he is not Internet connected.


  467. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, had phone call from Joe and Anne Knight this morning followed by an email. They are arriving in PZ Rail Station at 1430 on Saturday 6th June returning on 13th June; they are both so looking forwards to this Re – Union and meeting up with so many old mates.

    • Editor says:

      Thanks Swanny.

      I appreciate being kept in the loop. Joe and I are exchanging emails regularly too – it’ll be wonderful to catch up with him after all this time.

  468. Jack Madron says:

    Congratulations, to Harry Patch for being awarded the “Legion d’Honeur”. Well done.

  469. Jack Madron says:

    Morris Dancers.
    That man. Second in the front. Get in step. Do you think you’re on your Daddies yacht?

    • Whaddya mean? I’m the only joker in step! ‘Tis the rest of ’em catching up! I’m 9 hours ahead of you cheps. The sun rises first in the British Empire – dahn undah!

  470. Jack Madron says:

    That e-mail photo advert you sent me. That got me real envious. I couldn’t do that when I was young. That’s what I’d call, “Standing to attention.”

  471. Terry Simons says:

    Congratulations on the design of the Commemorative Card, it’s brilliant. How much are they?

    Terry Simons

    • Editor says:

      Depends Terry – on how much UK Customs set my bail at, when I smuggle ’em in! Larf!

      Nothing, ‘Ole Mate, I’m happy to produce ’em as a means of recording the Re-Union. I personally would like to take away a little memento bearing all the clean (!!?) remarks and anecdotes that will be conjured up, and I guess others will too. I’ll print off about 60 or so.

  472. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, now had Keith on the phone. He said about dates? He will be down in Cornwall from the 3rd June till the 17th June. He said about ways of putting music etc on what he will be recording etc of the Re-Union events and apt music – ie Cornish – Band and Bugles etc which we could possibly do at my place on his recording device before the events and put on camera at the apt time.


      This means that you can put on your Morris Dancing gear and Jack can play the tunes and we can all see what you Cornish buggers get up to after dark!

  473. Terry Joll says:

    Dozens more than that but will not bore everybody. There was a call for almost everything and everybody.

    A favourite we used to practice was; Adjutant, wearing Greatcoat, Musketry Order, riding a bike on the double,

  474. Terry Joll says:

    Jack. Most Bugle calls had words to remember them by. Not all repeatable in the company of ladies

    Sgts Mess Dinner call was;
    Tom Tucker, Tom Tucker you silly old F…er
    Tom Tucker. Tom Tucker you silly old fool

    You can have jankers as long as you like, as long as you answer the call.

    Quarter Hours Dress
    You’ve got a face like a chickens arse.

    HQ Company call
    Is you wife at home, or is she on the batter.

    Sick Call.
    Sixty Four, ninety four, he’ll never go sick no more the poor bastard is dead.

    Oh come to school you silly fool, come and learn your ABC

    The list goes on.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Yes. Remember jankers now. Some others are, Mail Call, No Parades, Lights Out and of course, Cookhouse. Nice to recall all these things that once ran our lives.

  475. Terry Joll says:

    Support Company call, I cannot sing it on here but the words of the S Coy call were; “If you want a shit, fall out.”

    • Jack Madron says:

      Thank you Terry, didn’t know the call had words. I would have thought those words would be for another Company. We had no shit in S Coy. In Jamaica, it was S Coy who were always picked for special duties, Royal Guards etc. Even hurricane relief, twice.

      Never had a motto but it could have been, “Always Reliable”. Ha ha. Can still shoot the bull.

  476. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED & JT, I suppose you two are scratching your heads to be able to put pics of the coal hole on BLOG! No MMGs anywhere in that vicinity? I expect MI5 will be drafted in!

    Also we Bermuda boys will never live our posting down now Jack has seen those pics Donald sent.


    • Jack Madron says:

      We didn’t need coal for MGs. Red hot barrels boiled the water for us. No bloody good for brewing tea though, full of gun oil and asbestos. Asbestos used for packing two glands to stop water leakage. Just like a steam loco’s cylinder.
      More to setting up, than you think. After getting the glands packing right you had to get the correct tension on the return spring which affected the amount of ammo you could fire in one minute.

      Support Coy? Should have been Specialist Coy. lol. Here endeth the first lesson. And still stirring it after all these years.

      • Dave H says:

        Jack do you remember how many rounds the gun would fire APPROX before it wore the barrel out?

        • Jack Madron says:

          Not sure but the figure 10,000 comes to mind. I’m probably miles out.

          Did you do any indirect firing? I know that involved the dial sight. Very interesting, knowing you were hitting a target that was out of sight and probably a mile or more away. These rifle coy bods don’t realise what was involved to being a machine gunner. We also had to be adept with rifle, Bren, Sten, 2in mortar and 3.5 rocket launcher.

          Hey Dave, we were good. Watch out for flack from A Company now. Ha ha.

          • Jack Madron says:

            PS. Forgot Energa grenade.

          • Editor says:

            Yeah Jack

            Don’t forget Shovels Mark 79, bullshit piling, for the use of.

            • Jack Madron says:

              With the amount of bullshit flying around, we should have been market gardeners.

          • Dave H says:

            Jack we were more than good. That’s why we were known as Creme De Crop. We didn’t get in the MMG for our good looks -our group were all Mensa members.

            • Editor says:

              Bull Shit
              A turkey was chatting with a bull. ‘I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree’ sighed the turkey, ‘but I haven’t got the energy.’ ‘Well, why don’t you nibble on some of my droppings?’ replied the bull. They’re packed with nutrients.’

              The turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree. The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch. Finally after a fourth night, the turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree. He was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot him out of the tree.
              Moral of the story: Bull Shit might get you to the top, but it won’t keep you there.

            • Jack Madron says:

              Bet that farmer used a Vickers.


      I accept the challenge. Go to your personal blog on the other blog site to view a Coal Shed pix.

  477. Editor says:


    Above are 3 photos doctored as best I can and published for your possible interest. Can you identify the location?

    • Jack Madron says:

      I would say, Newcastle. The huts in first photo are familiar but can’t place them. At a guess, I would say they are down near the cemetry.The one with steps and wooden rail could be one of the alleys leading up from the square where the old Jamaican cobbler had his little work place. Pity about the sun glare in one. Port Royal is behind there somewhere.

      Just make out the Pallisados Peninsula in top left hand corner.
      We marched from Kingston (seen in distance) up over those bloody hills, to Newcastle and back, in one day. Never forget that.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Seem to be a lot more houses on adjoining hillsides from what I remember. Of course, Ed could be fooling us and photos could be somewere completely different.

      Dave. Help us out. Will you?

      • Dave H says:

        Jack, I can’t help you with the pictures as I was never in the camp at Newcastle, but it does look like the hill of Jamaica, unless Derek has Photo Shopped them. lol.


          Right on, you two Jamaica squaddies. Photos lifted from Google. I presume Jack that #3 is a distance shot of the Camp?

          • Jack Madron says:

            It could be, Derek. Looks as if Jamaica is the same as everywhere else. If there’s room, build a house. My vague memory of the place is the hills were covered in trees and scrub, not houses. I found photo #3 on Google. Newcastle. Jamaica. Two photos of square with cannon and badges of different Regiments on retaining wall. One photo has been printed back to front. Couldn’t find the ones with huts.

  478. Barry Cornish says:


    I have just come home, and switched on the computer and see that you are asking for comments on your commemorative card. I think that you have done an excellent job.

    • Thanks Barry.

      I feel that we’ve achieved all we need, to depict the Re-Union in a quiet understatement. All the lads can each sign the inside pages of their own copy with anecdotal comments. I’ll be summarising the web and blog URLs inside too, so there will be a permanent reference for those who might join us on the blogs after the Re-Union.

  479. Editor says:

    I have now completed the design which I feel embodies the spirit of the Re-Union. I have also deleted all those earlier versions to avoid confusion.

    The latest graphics are shown at page leader, just scroll down from top. You will note that I have retained a cropped bugler shot behind the Title and added the Regimental Colours and a penline graphic of a 1955 Passing Out Parade – to show the Square as we all remember it.

    In my opinion, the front page is now nicely balanced and says it all.

    Comments please!

    • Jack Madron says:

      As far as I’m concerned, that is spot on. Great.


      I have now completed a montage of Prospect Barracks, Jamaica Town and Newcastle Hill photos (see above) in faint artists’ outline that will print inside the cover to be (optionally) oversigned with Old Bloggers signatures. If anyone can supply additional Honduras and Guiana photos I can of course include ’em also – but so far they appear to be at the bottom of the Sargasso!

      PS: I shall also insert a folded A4 blank pale green sheet into the centre fold to capture signatures and anecdotes, secured with a glue line.

  480. Terry Joll says:

    Personally I would rather see the Bugler than just the Bugle. Buglers belonged to the Battalion and would on a daily basis sounds the Calls for each Company. However I take the points others have raised. I am an outsider looking in as always.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Forget the outsider looking in part. You’re on the inside looking out, with us. As for Company Calls, I wouldn’t recognise S Coy’s Coy Sgts call now even if it was played right into my ear. It’s surprising how much is forgotten over a period of time.

  481. Jack Madron says:

    Donald Swanson.

    Your beach scene to your Dad. You don’t know how close to the truth, you are. We all know the real soldiering was in Jamaica.

    Good one mate.

  482. Jack Madron says:

    Very good idea, Souvenir Brochure. Things are getting better all the time.

  483. Terry Joll says:

    Brilliant idea ref Souvenir Brochure. I wonder how the Army has got on so well without all you clever chaps all these years.

  484. Editor says:


    Above at blog page leader, you will sight the latest graphic front & back pages illustrations (2) of a proposed A5 Re-Union Commemorative Card. The intent is to provide a keepsake that will both inform an Attendee of the Week’s Events, venues etc and to also provide space for Mates’ signatures inside (so that we can forge cheques in their names). Signatures will be inscribed on the 2 inner pages of the 4 page Card, which will also hold printed references to ALL the Blog and Web sites, together with various email addresses for individual Bloggers.

    Comments are invited – subject to my further tinkering, which is (probably) to change the titling colours to LI green and (possibly) chevronise (colour inside) the main subject (Caribbean etc). Just follow my drift and advise any inclusions/alterations that all you budding Graphic Designers would wish to see.

    Given all of this, I’ll arrange a small (say 60) print run here in Brisbane and smuggle ’em past the sniffer dogs at Heathrow. Unless one of you buggers owns a digital print shop?

    • Editor says:


      Kindly peruse the alterations shown above at page leader section – reflecting a more subtle frontage with an etched rendition of The Keep & Memorial as a background to our Regimental name. The Titling is also ‘chevronised’ in regimental colours. I’ve also tidied up the Agenda. Comments on layout and content please.

      NB: The ‘inside’ pages will contain all the web and blog site URLs together with some email adddresses of Bloggers. Plenty of room for souvenir signatures of Old Mates!

      • Editor says:


        Check out the additional graphics – Cheps – I’ve added the Clyde in penline on rear and on the front a B Coy Bugler in penline and silver Cornwall badge on a regimental tie background.

        I’m now quite happy with my tinkering! – Whadda bout you lot?

        • Jack Madron says:

          I don’t think any individual part of the Reg should be used. The badge keep, Empire Clyde just great. Nothing personal against buglers or anyone else but we could end up with so and so moaning about, “HQ isn’t mentioned” or bloody machine guns into everything again. We were all DCLI.

          Your idea, I think is just great and I’ll go along with what everybody wants. Carry on tinkering.

          • Editor says:

            The Bugle rather than Bugler is the motive behind that image and I respect your valued comment. I have not – as yet – found a suitable image of a lone Silver Bugle – which of course depicts the Light Infantry – and also reminds us of the call to remember Old Comrades who are no longer with us – when the Last Post is sounded on Thursday 11th June. I shall maintain my search.

            I’m also toying with the idea to create a montage of ALL the 1DCLI Caribbean camps, that will then background the entire front and back pages in faint penline. I’ll continue tinkering – nice word eh?

            • Jack Madron says:

              I get what you mean. Good idea. Tinkering. Unlike you, when I tinker, I haven’t a clue what the hell I’m doing. Keep up the good work.


    I’m advised by Corny that Keith Mannings is going to camcord the Re-Union at various stages. This includes a March Past of the Bloggers Squad (from a moving Centurion Tank) on Penzance Marine Parade at some time (between the rain no doubt!) and majestic marching music will be dubbed in. Keith will also (no doubt) be flashing his camcorder at lots of other times too – so get yer boots and gaiters polished and blancoed – Cheps – and be early on parade. Get practising 140 ppm!

    ORDER YOUR SWEAT SHIRT NOW! (Bloody nag, I know)
    Tempus Fugit!

  486. Terry Joll says:

    Further to the above. Swanny has given me Graham’s phone number and we have made contact; he is now on extra bugle practice until June

  487. Terry Joll says:

    Joe Tippett was an excellent Bugler and tales were often told around the Bugle Platoon at night drinking our Cocoa that when Joe was Duty Bugler on a Saturday night he would sound Long Reveille on the Sunday morning and chaps would get up early just to listen to him, then back to bed again. Sadly Joe passed away last year.

    Graham is now an Honorary Member of the West Cornwall Branch Association.


  488. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED. Now got back from Blackwater with our meet up with Terry and visit the factory were the sweat shirts are produced. Met the lady dealing with it and she explained sizes etc which was very helpful to us, all in hand now.

    Also phoned Graham Martin (Joe Tippett’s nephew) to ask if he could blow the bugle for our laying the wreath at Bodmin, he will liaise with Terry on this matter, times etc.


    • Editor says:

      WOW! Swanny

      How fitting it will be to have Graham bugle the Last Post for us – shades of dear ‘Ole Joe within our ranks – a most momentus co-incidence. Remember how we all listened agog to Joe as Duty Bugler when he visited us in Bermuda?

      • Dave Hutchinson says:

        Can these old buglers still bugle, with dentures – OOPS!

        • Editor says:

          HUGE BITE!

          Dave, reminds me of a story oft told when boat fishing. Chap thinks he’ll fool his mate – takes his own false teeth out and ties ’em to his Mate’s hook that he pulls up – from several fathoms down, and then jerks the line. Mate pulls in what he thinks is a fish – examines the teeth – says ‘not mine’ and throws ’em back in!

    • Editor says:


      Kindly note – Cheps – consequent upon the Mannequin Parade under the sharp observation of Terry Joll, the 2 models, Swanny and Jack attended the Blackwater Printer. While an actual fitting of shirts failed to materialise, information was provided for specific shirt sizes. The “Chart” found at blog page header, under the shirt illustration, has been revised. Kindly check this out, compare with an existing shirt or get your latest chest measurement.


  489. Editor says:


    In the past 48 hours there has been 57 hits onto the Caribbean Blog and 10 referring hits from the British Light Infantry Message Boards, where the continuing exposure (over 2,000 hits) of an original message from over a year ago, attracts contact.

    The widening publicity for the Caribbean Re-Union is grabbing attention – Cheps – and thanks are due to those who push the arrangements – namely Terry Joll, Barry Cornish, Swanny, Jack Madron, Terry Simons and several others, who act in the background.

    Please keep up the good work and dig deep into your memory banks to find the name of a long lost Old Mate – who might be out of the loop.

    Media publicity is planned in Cornwall & Bristol for April, also print media in Shrewsbury, where many a 1DCLI trained at Copthorne. All ideas are welcomed, blog ’em up and share with us!


      Banking facilities are now in place under the firm management of Barry Cornish. Place your Orders NOW please. Full instructions at the page header under the Sweat Shirt mockup. Thank You.

      Remember an extra 1 or 2 for family and friends who might be attending. There will be no repeat print runs.

  490. Terry Joll says:

    We may not be as fast as in our younger days but put me in a trench with a good old Bren and I will be as good as any of these young lads with their modern weapons. As long as someone will lift me out afterwards. The Vickers too noisy for me.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Agree with you about the Bren but the Vickers was only noisy from the sides or front. Of course, if in front, you’d soon stop hearing it. Oh, someone else would have to dig the trench.

  491. Jack Madron says:

    A suggestion. How about reforming the Regiment. Admittedly, we’d have to change the speed of marching. 80 a minute?

  492. Terry Joll says:

    At the Truro Branch DCLI & LI Association meeting today I have recruited the U/M, who were in the West Indies.

    Stan Roberts. Bermuda
    Stan Reynolds Jamaica
    Gwyn Nicholls Jamaica
    Peter Kent Jamaica
    David Cock. Bermuda

    Also attending with Stan Roberts is younger DCLI Soldier Fred Lean, my vintage. All the ladies of the above will be attending.

    They are down for the Thursday Parade at the Keep and possible for Sweatshirts once I get them together again.
    Numbers are increasing.

    • JT says:


      Great stuff. You’ll be able to get 3 ranks on Parade soon. Bet Billy Boy will bag shortest on the right before “Get on Parade”

      Are you paying attention Bill?

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Great Stuff, Terry,

      The more the merrier!


      Excellent Terry, greatly appreciated. We’ll be at Company strength soon. Makes all the effort worthwhile. Congratulations.

    • Editor says:

      Will this entitle the Bloggers to Freedom of Bodmin?

  493. JT says:


    Not so much a gathering, it’s to take a turn at looking after my mother and give my sister a break. Lots of daytime TV quiz shows and early nights.

  494. JT says:

    Thanks – leaving Tuesday. No snow. Will use the chains for other purposes.

  495. Editor says:


    A Banking facility is now in place with the Nationwide Building Society, all arranged by Barry Cornish, who will handle all receipts and accounting on our behalf. Details for making payment are outlined above at the Page Header, under the Sweat Shirt mockup. Confirmed and PIF orders will show on the main list above at page header.

    The deadline for Orders is APRIL 30TH (revised), when the single production print run will commence. There is no arrangement to repeat the print run, so make sure that you buy more than 1 shirt, for your wife or family member, as we believe the commemorative shirt will be a prized item in years to come.

    Clearly, we need the minimum Print Order (25), which is well catered for (provisionally), but we require a firm commitment NOW. Please contact Barry Cornish immediately, if not sooner. Any queries – post ’em to this blog!

    NB: “Thread” replies to this Comment by hitting the “Reply” option – top right hand side, if you haven’t yet tried it. This will contain ALL related queries to this Comment!

    Tempus Fugit!

    • JT says:

      Ed and all

      I shall be away from London for a week or so and may be offline unless I can get connection at local library. Will try.

      Play nicely together

      ED: Have a good trip JT. Get back safely. Do you have chains on your tyres?

  496. Terry Joll says:

    What is a SUN and please do not be too hard on the dear chaps, living down Newlyn end has had it’s effect on them. I will treat them gently.

    The Shirts will be large enough to cover even the largest amongst you chaps, if extra sizes are needed we can go to the Tent Makers in Truro.

  497. Terry Joll says:

    You chaps have got it all wrong. The models are Swanny & Jack. The two chaps with good figures. I am going along to show what a chap with the perfect hour glass figure looks like, the sands have shifted a little but still good.

    There is one pub in Blackwater but three in Chacewater which is near enough if you want some sherbert.

    • JT says:


      Its the shifting sands we are worried about. Jack’s bay window will need special tailoring expertise and extra material.

    • Editor says:

      Pull these squaddies into line Terry. A bit of square bashing first to take the wind out of their sails. Stand the buggers 1/4 turn into the sun and make ’em sweat!

      • Jack Madron says:

        I don’t need sun to make me sweat. I can do that anytime. As for hour glass figures, I thought they were narrow in the middle. Must be something wrong with mine.

  498. Terry Joll says:

    Jack & Swanny.
    Yes, next Wednesday is firm. If you leave Penzance at 1000hrs you will get to Blackwater approx 1030 – 1100hrs.

    Route from P/Z. A30 towards Truro, at sign post for Blackwater leave the A30 and follow slip road until Roundabout, Turn right, proceed down through Blackwater and up the other side, on the crest of the hill there is a crossroads. Turn left and 100 yards on the left is the firm ADVERTEES, down a narrow lane, I will wait on the road to escort you in.

    Have a look at any sweatshirts you have at the moment that are good fit, take note of the size. See you Wednesday.

    • JT says:


      How come Swanny and Jack get to meet models and who is paying for what they get up to ? Is this event covered by the NHS?

      Just make sure the girls are gentle with them.


      Well Done – Cheps – great co-operation – many thanks for your quick response. We are all very appreciative. How many pubs in Blackwater?

      • Jack Madron says:

        Blackwater has been by-passed for a number of years. Haven’t been there for some time but do remember doing a gig in a pub there once. I think it’s the only pub, but could be wrong. Are we meeting models? Yippee! Eat your heart out JT. I’ll keep Swanny away from any coal sheds that may be there.

  499. Swanny Swanson says:

    Jack, If you can pick me up next Wednesday that will be fine, please let me know a time you want to go.


  500. Terry Joll says:

    No problem, I will await a call from the two models and then arrange a Fitting Parade

    Swanny & Jack, give my a call either on here or via my E Mail or by my home phone number on 01209 719658 and we can meet in Blackwater. No point in me coming down West.

    Wednesday next would be be suitable at the moment.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Wednesday, anytime would suit me. If Swanny can make it, I could pick him up. Save using two cars. Let me know of time and meeting place. Blackwater isn’t that big.

  501. Dave H says:

    OOPS! Sorry Jack, I need to get my specs changed, still a nice pic though. Jack are you going to buy me one of those T Shirts for my Xmas pressie? and I will wear it when I go into the US of A and the Yanks will ask me about the red behind the badge.

    • Jack Madron says:

      What’s your size? Imperial, not US. You never can tell what Father Xmas will bring if you’re a good boy.

      • Dave H says:

        Jack, I’m a big boy large – not extra though, just a bit chunky in places, and I’m always a good boy since I broke my leg – things went to pot, if you get the drift!


    We are finalising minor chevron text size alterations with the printer and are approaching the time when firm paid for (upfront) orders are required. The Cornwall badge is reproduced in 3 colours (Red, Black, Silver). Body text colours are Yellow as shown on graphics above.

    Sizes are standard options and suited to all body weights, so go to a local shop, or check your current wardrobe to verify the Sweat Shirt size that you will require.


    Barry Cornish is handling the money part, and we shall shortly publish Banking details etc for advance payments.

    • Editor says:


      Terry, can (maybe) you organise a ‘fitting’ with (say) Swanny, Jack and yourself at the printers to ascertain the accuracy of the available chest sizes that I’ve now published under the Sweat Shirt graphics above. The 3 of you would represent a fair cross section of growth!

      Blokes need to be sure that they are ordering the correct size, as there’ll be no exchanges!

  503. Dave H says:

    Great pic of the pirates in Mousehole harbour, lol.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Wrong name. It’s Newlyn harbour. Mousehole harbour isn’t anywhere near that size and we don’t want to upset Swanny. He’s a Newlyn man.

      ED: Fixed that Jack!

  504. Barry Cornish says:


    Keith Mannings and I have now advised the following old soldiers details of the proposed re-union, but with little positive response so far. At least now, they are all aware of what will be happening, and that they would be very welcome if they can come to any or all of the planned events.
    Dave Beck.
    Keith Derrick.
    Don Ford.
    Peter Rule.
    Raymond Triggs.
    Mike Woolley.

    Peter Rule is definitely hoping to come and would like a sweat shirt. Please can you add his name to the list?

    I have also sent an e-mail to Mary Mc Cartney, Reg Pearce’s daughter but this has been rejected by her former ISP. If you have an up-to date e-mail or snail mail address for her or Reg, I will pass on the relevant information.

    ED: Great work Barry & Keith – greatly appreciated. Will check my email archives for another email address for Reg Pearce

  505. Jack Madron says:

    Thanks to everybody for helping to bring back so many good memories and stopping me from slipping into apathy in my (old?) age.

    Have really enjoyed the last year and a bit – of yarns, banter etc. Hope to have a few more years yet. Looking forward to June.

    ED: Hear, Hear, Jack. Exciting times ahead, won’t be long now!

    • JT says:


      Just done the reply bit. I like a bit of apathy now and then. I am having a bit right at this minute.

  506. Swanny Swanson says:

    ED, Will you put down a sweat shirt for Nobby Clarke please, Swanny.

    ED: Done Swanny – thanks ‘Ole Mate – keep well!

  507. Editor says:


    So far in this month of February 2009, we have recorded over 3,700 ‘hits’ on our accumulated Blogs. This is a 370% increase on the same time last year. By far the most traffic is recorded on the Caribbean Blog, as is to be expected.

    ‘Hits’ are originating from many different sources, many from our inter connected websites that carry hotlinks to the Blogs.

    Our activities are bringing wonderful old memories to the surface – cheps – and a pat on the back to all of you who participate on a regular basis. Many an Old Soldier is being jerked out of his apathy for times passed.

    Tempus Fugit!

  508. Jack Madron says:

    Too right Terry.


      At the top line rhs of each individual comment, you will note the word “Reply”. By clicking on this link, you will open a Comment Box that enables your reply to that specific previous comment by another. This is called ‘threading’ and permits the comment/response thread on a single topic to develop, under the original topic. Identical to the Message Boards on the British Light Infantry (elsewhere).

      Give it a go – cheps!

  509. Terry Joll says:

    On my way to church this morning I called in at the printers with another picture of the DCLI Cap Badge. The latest badge is excellent clarity and will be a Proper Job once finished.

    The squad wearing the Sweat shirts and floppy hats were sized off properly. Tallest on the right, shortest on the left. SIZE. I never had any problems as I was normally on the left flank until I growed up a little. The beards worn would not have been permitted on Harold’s Parade Ground.


    • Fruit of the Loom Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt SS8

      Weight 280 gsms: All sizes available

      I am very confident with the manner in which our Sweat Shirt production is progessing under the Production Management of our erudite Honorary Caribbeanier – Terry Joll. I thank you Terry on behalf of the Cheps for your diligence and interest.

      I have investigated alternative UK supply avenues – simply to satisfy myself of garment alternatives and I can state that we are in very good hands with the Printer/Supplier that you have nominated. We await artwork completion and final ex factory costs for silkscreening.

      As soon as a Unit price is available we shall advise.

  510. Jack Madron says:

    No fear John. We weren’t US trained. Our fire was never friendly.
    Do like the latest graphic of sweat shirt. Very nice.

  511. Editor says:


    See latest change to illustration at blog page leader. Won’t we look smart then? Dinna fergit to polish yer boots!

    PS: Hope there’s enough room at the bar for this frigging lot!

  512. JT says:


    From what you have admitted about the fire discipline of the MMG guys, I would be nervous even they were pointing the other way.

  513. JT says:


    I agree, these folk would be far better directing their aggression towards Politicians and Bankers. The taxpayer will supply the booze in that case and they could bludgeon away to their hearts content.

  514. Dave H says:

    JT, It wasn’t Glycol we were drinking, they thought we had water in that can to cool the gun, but it was Ethanol. HA HA

  515. JT says:


    If you are referring to me and my particular group of pals in the above diatribe we have always paid our Insurance Stamps and we only bludgeon immigrants nowadays. You should be grateful

  516. Jack Madron says:

    Now that’s more like it. Ed.

  517. Jack Madron says:

    Don’t you class us as OAPs? With all these MGs around it’s getting to feel like Senelager, more and more. Or maybe Putlos.

    ED: You’re right on Jack. Maybe I should rephrase that and state – YAPs – those knife wielding, dope smoking, aggro shitheads on the dole, with fuckall better to do than booze and bludgeon decent citizens, who have long made a contribution to the Social system (if one can call it that!).

  518. Jack Madron says:

    I can’t remember, but I know it was quite a lot.

    John, you would be looking stressed as well if you had that pointing at you. I know I would.

    ED: Jack – thanks for setting up a perimeter field of fire at the Pub. We can drink now, feeling much safer from attack by the OAPs!

  519. JT says:

    Dave those dogs look really stressed out with you pointing that Vickers at em.

  520. JT says:

    Thanks for the reminder Jack, Happy Anniversary Empire Clyders. What time did you first throw up?

    ED: Er, 1805

  521. JT says:

    Dave H

    If you guys in MMG were drinking Glycol so wonder you walk funny.

  522. JT says:

    Dave H

    Not Guilty for picture.

  523. Dave H says:

    JT, you are crackers Ha Ha, but nice pic though, the water in the jacket of that MG will freeze, I hope I remembered to put glycol in there.

  524. Jack Madron says:

    Ed has put machine guns in all the photos except the pub one and your camel train.
    Yes, today’s the day we embarked for our sunshine cruise. Dark. Dismal. Well it was from scouseland we sailed.

    ED: And the Band played “Should Auld Aquaintance Be Forgot” as we sailed down the Mersey.

  525. JT says:


    What are you on about? Armed? Also is the the embarkation anniversary?

  526. Jack Madron says:

    Armed Coaches. Armed Fishing Boats. Armed Sledges. What next?
    Happy Anniversary. All Empire Clyde bods.

  527. Barry Cornish says:


    Thank you for your reminder. I am already working along these lines. Trevor Webb tells me that he has been in contact with Dudley Watts but he does not seem to be interested and added that he doesn’t remember me!

    ED: Thanks Barry, I knew you’d be on the ball. Just that I remembered that Mike Woolley was a Brissol lad, wasn’t he? Strange reaction from Dudley – dementia can be convenient! I have a similar ‘problem’ with Roy Westbrook and Dutch Hoon. Ah Well – let’s make doubly sure that we all have a wonderful Re-Union.

    PS: The next time I write to my old contacts, I’ll enclose a dehydrated anaconda and a vial of water – so’s when they heave the letter into the waste basket, the snake activates and swallows the buggers!


    I’m as guilty as anyone else – but in the flush of enthusiasm to reply to comments here on this Caribbean Blog – ’tis easy to overlook the other Blogs, and websites, to refresh our memories of Old Mates, with whom we might! – be able to contact for our Caribbean Re-Union.

    F’rinstance Barry, what about Mike Woolley? and your other driver mates on your photos, Dudley, Jack etc

    I’m happy to be a hair shirt and keep nagging – cheps – just so’s that our efforts now – can make all the difference in June. ‘Tis never too early to make contact.

    On another note, I’ve resurrected the Empire Clyde Tankard inquiry with a Northampton (UK) supplier. I shall post results to that Blog.

    ‘Nah Then! Regarding accurate placements of comments. I KNOW that we have a wide choice of Blogs and ultimately ’tis YOUR choice of where comments are placed. You are all very clever most of the time, please continue with the very high standards!

  529. JT says:


    Get those Huskies and the dog sled out and mush.

    ED: Couldn’t resist an opportunity Dave – see sendup graphic at blog page leader above. I put my husky – Zack – as leader of the pack!

  530. Jack Madron says:

    I’m sure you’ll be there in spirit. When we have the event, I’ll keep you up to date. All the best, mate.

  531. Dave H says:

    Jack, I wish I could attend the Re-Union, but I don’t like flying, my arms get tired. Seriously though, I’m not a traveller.

  532. Jack Madron says:

    Ed. Do you have an e-mail address for the chap Tripp who was an RP in Jamaica? You put some photos of him on 1 DCLI Supplementary. He’s another one who may be interested. Hell. Past bedtime again.

    ED: Check your personal email Jack for information

    PS: Good detective work Jack. Made me check out the websites also and have consequently emailed the daughter of Don Ford. Don lives in Somerset – so that widens the net a little further.

    PPS: What about Peter Rule and Peter Trethake – both of whom get representation on the “A” company website. Someone must be in talk or phone contact with ’em locally.

  533. Terry Joll says:

    Some grub orders are coming in but it matters not if they are not pre-booked, it just means that those who have ordered will get served first. I will collect orders at the West Cornwall Meeting, and phone bulk orders to the Pub. I will write to Major Hugo with Invitation. Maybe Swanny can get hold of TOOTS if it your wish for him to attend.

    All is going well. Terry

    ED: Thanks Terry. Point well made. Also – the shirt printer is back in touch with me and prices and production options are being attended to.

    Regarding Invitations. Seems to me that those Hossifers whose presence is wished for by anyone, should be centralised on a particular day, namely Thursday 11th at The Keep and Memorial, when the local Press are likely to be there.

    Remember – cheps – this is about ‘Old Mates’ who have the spirit and intent to keep in touch regularly and to cast the net wider to attract those who might join us on the Blogs in the future! Can’t quite envisage George Kent playing the bullshit game!

    PS: One of the sadder episodes that I’ve experienced, regarding Hossifers, was the case of Lt John Rutter RIP, last year. One the eve of JR’s expression of interest to post his photo collection and memoirs of Bermuda and Jamaica, he passed away. He was – so far – the one and only Hossifer Bloke to show interest – and he lived in Canada, a bloody sight further away from Cornwall than most of his fellow Gentlemen! His son is hopefully going to pick up where JR left off!

  534. Jack Madron says:

    Looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story about Capt T.H.

  535. JT says:


    Just shows. The little bugger if he headed East must have nicked a freebie in Blighty. When I see you I’ll tell you about the row we had over my girl friend at the Elbow Beach Club.

  536. Jack Madron says:

    I think you’ll find that most of the sharks are not in the sea. They run hotels and holiday homes.

  537. Jack Madron says:

    Agree with you 100%.

    Don’t worry about you know who. I haven’t clapped eyes on him since 1954 when he headed east to the Holiday Isle. Pity though. Good ossifer. (To some).

  538. JT says:


    I second that and further propose that stones can be thrown at any ex Hossifer coming within range. They are obviously just too grand to have joined our blog.

  539. JT says:


    I think Jack would invite his own Hossifer if he could just to spite me. You know who I mean Jack.

    ED: Yeah JT – but Jack’s not slow on the uptake! Joking aside, it’ll be great to meet any former CO, or half decent Lieut. but we all must respect the fact, that military authority was often delivered in the hands of a dickhead subaltern – often so wet behind the ears, that he was still dripping! I vote for the fact that if any Hossifer is to be invited (personal arrangements aside) – let it be on the Thursday 11th June, at Bodmin Keep and the wreath laying and – then as OUR guest!

  540. JT says:


    Thanks for the Camel picture. Reminds me that I am still a member of the “I was Nearly Posted to Tel el Kebir in 1954 Society”

  541. Terry Simons says:

    I would like to suggest that we invite Colonel Toots Williams to our Meeting at the British Legion in June. He was our CO when we arrived in Bermuda in 1954 and he could be our Guest of Honour.

    ED: A timely suggestion Terry. Rather a matter for your Branch though, I would have thought, as we ourselves (the foreign Emmetts that is) will be guests too – although whether we shall be deemed ‘honourable’ or not – I’m not sure – don’t think the Old Fellas care much for brash Orstralians, who swear too fucking much!

    Regarding the other Events – namely the Bloggers Banquet – I’d prefer to keep that ‘un to ourselves and our Non Hossifer Mates. I’m not one to curb enthusiasm, but this entire Caribbean Re-Union initiative has been promulgated and carried by the rank and file Bloggers and their Mates – over some 2 odd years now, without any evidence of interest from Hossifers, and that includes making memorabilia contributions to the vast collection on the websites. “Horses for Courses” ‘Ole Mate.

    PS: As you are probably aware, we are making a day out on Thursday 11th June to Bodmin and The Keep, RHQ and The Museum, and laying a wreath – where we are – hopefully – meeting up with Hugo White and the Royffe daughters, and all lunching at the The Borough Arms, Dunmere. In addition to your West Cornwall Branch Meeting, this is a more likely event for Toots (and/or any other Hossifers) to be invited by US to attend.

  542. JT says:


    Thanks for the caution. 1 steak will do. Medium.

    I notice some increased late night blogging (Barry and Jack!). Does that mean Spring is coming to Cornwall or are they just peeing more at night?

    ED: JT, I too am a tad concerned at this late night oil burning. As Orderly Hossifer overviewing every Pommie Night Times, they’re ignoring “Lights Out”. I hope that this practice will desist in the British Summer, particularly on June 8th – 12th, as much needed energies will be called upon.

  543. JT says:

    Only one for lunch? Are you coming without a minder or does she have to wait outside with a sandwich (and walk in front in case of landmines?)

  544. JT says:


    8 0z Rump Steak for me please. Small salad, then Salmon for the boss


    ED: Just clarifying JT. That’s NOT 8 x Aussie Steaks, is it Mate? Just the 1 x 8oz – how do you like it cooked?

    PS: Good shot of you and your Arab Mates on the Camels!

  545. Dave H says:

    John, I’m sure Jack would let you pitch a tent in his back garden, no mozzies or crocs to worry about.

    ED: We’re bringing our own crocs Dave, disguised as kitbags. Needed to assist the culling of the rampant illegal immigration in Good ‘Ole Grated Britain! I also need some long pig for bait when I’m off shark fishing in Mousehole Harbour!

  546. Editor says:


    John Goddard (from Gold Coast Queensland) has indicated that he is strongly considering joining us in Penzance for the Caribbean Re-Union. Sounds like a good chance that he’ll make it to lend support to the Jamaican contingent. He’ll need accommodation ifasandwhen he arrives. So local advice needed – cheps – for suitable B&B.

  547. Barry Cornish says:


    Order for Borough Arms.
    Carvery Please.

    I’m off to bed now too! Goodnight all.

    ED: Thanks Barry. Terry kindly note!

  548. Jack Madron says:

    Order coming up.
    Creamy Garlic Mushrooms £4-50
    Golden Scampi. Reg size. £7-95.
    Black Forest Roulade.
    Cup of Coffee £1-35

    ED: Thanks Jack, Terry please note! OK – off to bed with you now Jack, ’tis long past bedtime “Lights Out” sounded hours ago!

    PS: Stand by for some incoming flak from London, Jack!

  549. Editor says:


    Looking at the map of The Borough Arms location and its proximity to Wadebridge, reminds me of the name – Tony Bray – who was a barrack room companion of mine in November 1953. I believe that he hailed from Wadebridge and would be a contender for our Caribbean Re-Union. He must have been posted elsewhere other than Bermuda, as I lost touch with him after Basic training.

    Any of you local lads recognise the name?

    PS: ‘Corse Swanny, many other billet Mates come to mind also, who would be spread around Cornwall. McGough for one. Let’s hope that the intended media publicity will ring ’em in!

  550. JT says:

    Checked out the Borough Arms. Looks great. Suggest just a small salad with your Lasagne, Derek. You know we have you down for doing the Bermudian Limbo afterwards.

    ED: OK JT, advice accepted. Terry kindly amend order to include a £5.95 Salad, thank you. Relieved to hear about the Limbo, thought for one ‘orrible moment that I’d be competing with Bunty doing “Knees up Mother Brown”! on the table.

    PS: Now what about those of you who are scanning these Blogs – Orders Please! – and support Terry, our Honorary Caribbeanier!

  551. JT says:

    Personally I am bringing haversack rations just in case.

  552. JT says:


    What the hell are you talking about? £8.25 salad? plus lasagne £4.50? also all red wine in Cornwall will be “rough” won’t it? Chianti? You must be jokin’

    Have you seen the menu then? When you were last in Cornwall (or anywhere else in UK for that matter) you had to go to the M.O or a Chemists shop to get olive oil (to dribble down your ears)

    ED: JT – check out page leader

    PS: Ferk Me! What have I got myself into this time?

    PPS: HmmHm! – Is the beer chilled in Cornwall, or still served warm like cricket’s piss?

    PPPS: Notice they’ve omitted the ‘roo, croc & ostrich steaks from the Menu

  553. Editor says:


    Terry Joll has once again considered our welfare on this day and spoken to the Landlord at the Borough Arms, where it is proposed to convene for lunch. A party of around 30 at one time will obviously place a load on the kitchen and dining table facilities.

    Given that we would all seek to be seated in close proximity to each other – advance meal ordering – will ease the pressure on the staff and also ensure (inside) seating, at individual tables.

    The Borough Arms details are published under the graphic at page leader. Click the URL to open their website and browse the Menu. Terry will monitor your replies, I trust and advise the Pub, where applicable. Titling above, bolded and underlined, is a hotlink to the Pub website.

    Clearly not all Bodmin Attendees will read this blog, so pre-ordering is not imperative in order to eat.