Due to the closure of the site to general comment and the death of many former Contributors, we are now less unlikely to remain informed of news of former Old Mates and local Cornwall news of the passing of Old Comrades. Anyone who wishes to record an entry to the Honour Roll or place a comment needs to contact the Editor to open the site for temporary access. So – to advise the Editor of a DCLI soldier’s death, or make a correction, just simply send an email to djkl157@gmail.com with Full Name, Rank and DOD.

“Granddad would have been proud”: War hero Harry Patch honoured in Bristol Kindly forwarded by John Billett.



We are informed by this newspaper clip that Bobby Bogan, a Regimental Hero has passed from this life.






Thoughtfully supplied by John Billett today (8/11/2015). Some Old Dukes there by the look of ’em.


Commenced 19th January 2011: Advise Editor by direct email on djkl157@gmail.com or post a Comment here on Memoriale, with full name and date of death and funeral details if known. The details will remain published in this paragraph here, until the funeral, at which time the Old Soldier’s name will be posted to the Honour Roll.




James (Jim) Aishe, John Allsop 2006, Ted Amor 2010, Bert Angwin 2009, Michael Austin 2005, John Austwick 1980, Bob Barrett 1981, Ivor Barrett 2005, Fred Beatie, M Bicknell 2001, Roy ‘Wally’ Birch 2007, Robert ‘Bobby’ Bogan (C/Sjnt) 2015, Sidney ‘Shiner’ Bright 2011, John Butler 2018, Steve Carne 2006, Cecil Carter 2015, Sydney “Sid” Chapman, John Cheeseman 2003, Dennis Churcher 1997, Leslie Arthur ‘Nobby’ Clark (2nd Batt) 2012, Melvin Cobb 2004, Bob Cook 2006, George Rex Cook 1965, Roy Cotton 2010, George Crossman 1992, Ray Culverwell 2007, Ted Davis 1988, Ron Delap (RSM) 2008, Ben Denly (1st Batt. DCLI 1944, KSLI) 2005, Francis Drake (Lt) 1968, Geoffrey Drewitt (Col) 1987, Kenneth (Horatio) Dunn, Ben Dunster (RSM) 1989, Jimmy Duthie 2016, Terry Dyer 2007, Bob Ede 2012, Godfrey Edwards (Colour Sgnt 1DCLI, SCLI, LI,) 1994, Vernon “Bill” Edwards 2009, Bobbie Fox 2015, Andrew Gendall (2nd Batt) 2008, Brian Gendall 2011, Stan Gilbert 2006, Frederick ‘George’ Gillet 2006, Charlie Gough, Paul Grange (Sgnt) 2005, John Griffin 2014, Frank Grigg 2012, Mike Hamblin 2017, Jeff Harvey 2007, Joe Hichens (2nd Batt. Greece) 1993, Richard ‘Delabole Dick’ Hill 2001, Len Holt (2nd Batt) 2012, Dennis Hooper 2012, Laurence “Hoppy” Hopkins (Sgt 1KSLI, Malaya) 2003, Tom Howell (Major) 2016, Fred Hughes 2016, Ken Hughes (Colour Sjnt) 2000, Leslie Hunt (OBLI) 2010, Neville Hurst 2010, Bernard Jackson 2015, David (Jacko) Jackson 2014, G. Illesley WW2, Mike Jenkins 2005, Charles “Gibbetts” Gerald Jilbert (2nd Batt Greece) 1996, Terry Joll 2014, Jim Kelly 2011, ‘Joe’ Kendall 2006, Joe Knight 2011, Bernard Lark 2006, Bob Lawford (2nd Batt) 2012, Derek Lawrence 2010, Bert Love (Capt) 2010, Rendall “Ken” Maddern 1955, David Madron 2004, John (Jack) Madron 2013, Peter Male 2010, David Marks, 2007, John Anthony Marsh (Major) 1984, Claude Marston (CSM) 2000, Billy Matthews 1987, John Matthews (2nd Batt Greece) 1986, Ken Mitchell (Belize) 1990, John Morgan (Capt) 2011, Peter Morris 2005, Fred Murt, Leonard (‘Blondie’) Nicholls 2011, Tony Nicholls 2005, Frank Norris 2008, Bill Oates 2011, John (Jan) Passmore (Capt) 2000, Henry John “Harry” Patch 2009, Jack Pender (Lt) 2004, Harry J Pennells 1DCLI (1943-1947) 2011, Bill Perry (5th Batt), Bevan Phillips 2011, Ernie Perry (4th Batt), Tom Pollard (2nd Batt Greece), Brian Ponder 2007, Cyril Pryor 2013, Donald Puckey 2007, William (Bill) Pudney (Sjnt) 2003, Edward John Reardon 2013, Jimmy Richard 2012, Graham Richards 2007, Trevelyan Richards (2nd Batt. Greece, Valiant Coxswain Penlee) 1981, Bill Richmond 1998, Brian Rose 2005, William (Billy) Rouffignac 2000, Harold Royffe RSM 1DCLI Nov 30th 1982, John A M Rutter (Lt) 2008, George Sandalls 2012, Ernie Sargeant 2007, Donald Semmens (KSLI) 2003, Ernie Smith 2008, D G (Bert) Sowden 2008, Edwin Stone (DCLI KSLI), Leonard Sullivan (SCLI) 2007, Neil ‘Swanny’ Swanson 2012, Stan Templeman 2010, John Tenniswood 2015 (Sgnt RAPC & 1DCLI), Fred Thomas 2007, Gerald Thomas 2015, Peter Tippett 2008, Hugh Tonkin (2Bn DCLI) 2000, Gilbert Toy 2013, Philip Trelawney (Lt. Col.) 1998, John Treloar 2015, Everett Treneer (MT Sgnt 2nd Batt Greece), S Trewhella 2002, Fred Walker 2007, Rex Trevor Wallis 2009, John Wardle 2000, Mark Ware, bugler 2012, Reg (John) Warrilow 1986, Maurice ‘Winker’ Watson (SCLI) 2007, Sam Wearn 2006, Mervyn (Spud) Webber, Len Weiner (Major) 2012, Derek Weston 2004, Barry White 2006, Douglas (Chalkie) White, Colonel GTG ‘Toots’ Williams 2012, Ken Williams 2007, Tony Wills 1993, Barry Winterbottom 2007, Mike Woolley 2012, Ray Woods 1982, Bob ‘Curly’ Wotton 2012.



A poem by Jim Brown, (short version) acknowledged as Author with thanks.

I was wandering in a country town ‘cos I had time to spare,
So I went into an antique shop to see what was in there.
Bikes and pumps and kero lamps, but nearly hidden by it all,
A photo of a soldier – an Anzac on the wall.

Such an honest face, a young man in your prime,
And it seemed that when I looked at you,
Your eyes locked onto mine.
An image proud and confident,
Within a wooden frame,

“Does the Anzac have a name?” I asked,
The old man answered ‘No,
The ones who could have told me Mate,
Have passed on long ago”.

The old man kept on talking, and according to his tale,
The photo was unwanted junk, from a clearance sale.
“I asked around” the old man said, “but no one knows his face,
He’s been on the wall for years, he deserves a better place,
Someone must have loved him, it seems a shame somehow”.
I nodded and said quietly, “I’ll take him now”.

So you came home with me Mate, too long you’ve been alone,
I don’t even know your name Mate, but you’re welcome in my home.
Did you fight at Flanders or Gallipoli?
I’ll never know the answer, but I know you fought for me.

I wonder where they sent you, when you answered the call,
Were you killed in action, did you come home at all?
You must have had a family, will you be claimed one day?
To be honest, I hope not Mate, ‘cos I want you to stay.

People come to my house, and they question me,
And I tell a white lie and say you’re family.
They say “you must be proud of him”.
I tell them, one and all.
That’s why you’ve got the pride of place.
My Anzac on the wall.

See Comment below with You Tube clip narrated by Jim Brown in 2011.



133 Responses to DCLI MEMORIALE

  1. Those contributors and readers who visit this weblog site are familiar now with my connection to Australia and my support of the Anzac tradition. This year marks the 52nd anniversary of my arrival in Fremantle WA from Singapore. I can claim to be an Aussie, and have raised a family here, in Perth, Melbourne and now Brisbane. This poem was published on Anzac Day 2017 in The Tamborine Times, but is well known earlier in other publications. My thanks to Jim Brown for displaying his artistry, in advance of receiving requested permission. The Spirit of Anzac lives on.


    2011 Version narrated by Jim Brown

  2. ANZAC DAY 2018

    Joan Baez: And the Band played Waltzing Matilda

    This Anzac Anniversary together with the approaching 100 year Anniversary of Armistice Day 1918 draws attention to the many sacrifices made in all Wars. I dedicate this Comment to ALL Servicemen and Women of the British & Allied Armed Forces throughout all the years. Remembered also are the Old Mates who served with me in 1DCLI in the Caribbean 1954-1957.


    The news grapevine via Barry Cornish and Keith Mannings, has advised of the passing of John Butler, who served at Prospect Garrison Hamilton during the Regimental posting, and who left his mark with the signage production for “A” Company’s occupation of the Barracks. Time tends to erase memories of names and events and I regret no recall of John personally, but no doubt would have rubbed shoulders with him during Guards Duties and Parades. Such sparse recollection brings to mind the fact that especially now, as we all approach the Winter of our lives, that so few of the Old Dukes get a mention here until they die. How sad is that, when so many opportunities past and present, offer the space on this blog to recall a laugh or a joke or a story of our unique posting in the Caribbean in the 50’s. I’m in touch with Geoff Cherry, Barry Cornish and Terry Simons quite regularly, Keith Mannings via separate posts, only 4 blokes who served with me (1954-1955) at Prospect and additionally Fraser Pakes (1956 – 1957) each Christmas. John Billett who served in Jamaica emails often and I speak to John Goddard (Queensland Australia) quite frequently. The highlights of these blogs back in 2009, registered interest from <30 Old Mates from that era. There surely are more who read these blogs occasionally and either cannot or will not respond. We again approach the Empire Clyde sailing Anniversary (64th in 2018) and I appeal, yet again, an effort to post a remark or quip to let us know that you're not yet ready for Memoriale.


    Army No. 22876834. DCLI 30-6-53 to 23-12-56. BAOR 3 months, Jamaica 2 years mainly as a Storeman, Home, Bodmin etc. Army Reserve 1957 to 1960 Based in Bath, Somerset?

    Even towards his last days, Dad had so many happy memories of his Army days, his long term memory remained sharper than mine! he could talk me through the streets and bars of Jamaica, and clearly recall names of fellow soldiers. All the best Derek, God bless you and your Family.

    (Received from) Andy Hamblin. (Formerly 25120200 Bombardier 255Bty 1RA)

  5. EDITORIAL UPDATE (Amended Feb 2018)

    The closure of the site to general comments has brought about several changes which has affected most pages, leaving most pages at “View” only. This DCLI Memoriale page can however be accessed in the usual manner. Should you wish also to arrange a photograph, I shall gladly oblige on receipt of a .jpeg image forwarded to djkl157@gmail.com


    Cheeseman I farewelled Johnny Cheeseman at Prospect Barracks, just over 60 years ago, in late October 1955, never to shake his hand again. Only this month I discovered his UK address tucked away in a forgotten 1962 diary and had I realised, I could have met up with him again during the several visits that I made to the UK, prior to his death in 2003. John was a close mate of mine in 4 Platoon, where he and I shared adjoining spaces in the Platoon Billet, overlooking the Motor Pool. Earlier in 1955, in the company of Don Puckey RIP and Phil Taylor, the 4 of us spent a week’s local leave at Warwick, getting up to mischief, earning the ire of CSM Passmore RIP, who threatened us with recall. We pitched a bell tent close to the cookhouse and foraged wide and far around Warwick and especially Horse Shoe Beach.

    Barry Cornish assisted me this past week in locating John’s widow in St Blazey, to whom I have written seeking photos of John that we can publish and sanction to enter his name on Memoriale. Sadly, John (to my knowledge from discussion with Cornish locals) slipped under the Regimental radar in civilian life and no-one during the 2009 Re-Union was able to assist my inquiries for him. Too late now I regret to re-establish contact in this life with a great and loyal friend. It seems only like yesterday when he and I exchanged jokes and banter in the 4 Platoon billet, wandered into Hamilton and swam down on the North Shore. A reminder to all you DCLI’ians that life’s too short to overlook friendship and invitation to participate with long lost Mates on this weblog site. Tempus Fugit!

    • John Billett says:

      G’Day Derek, I’m very sad for you that you never met John again after leaving Bermuda, it is always sad to lose a friend that you’ve been so close too in your life. As you say never to shake his hand, never too see his face, never hear his voice again. Take some solace from the fact you located John’s wife.

      RIP John Cheeseman.


    As The West – once again – places its loyal military men and women in Harms Way, we must not forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

    RIP All those who have died in defence of democracy and common sense.


    Sylvia has thoughtfully forwarded the clipping linked above to advise of the death of the Regimental Hero C/Sjnt Bobby Bogan. Many 1DCLI mates served with Bobby, who assisted the Royffe Family when RSM Harold Royffe passed on.


    JB has kindly forwarded the link for the Harry Patch Memorial launched in Bristol for Remembrance Day, See DCLI Memoriale header section above.

  10. 16th INTAKE MATES

    On 5th November 1953, (upcoming 62nd Anniversary) more than 90 rookies officially began their National Service at Bodmin Depot. Many were from Bristol and the Midlands and the following 10 weeks became a rude awakening to life in the British Army, known as the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. Many of us were later drafted into “A” Company 1DCLI, serving at Prospect Barracks, Hamilton Bermuda, after a spell at Crownhill Barracks Plymouth, joining up with the Regiment from Germany. We were among the passengers on HMT Empire Clyde which sailed from Liverpool on 19th February 1954. Many rookies formed close friendships during those cold and wet mornings in the Depot barrack rooms, on the parade ground and at the rifle ranges on Bodmin Moor. Today only a scant few keep in touch, sadly many are dead – far too early when one considers the advances in medical science these days. Would their living presence have made a difference to the camaraderie on these blogs? I’d like to presume so. So this is a call to those who still remember those halcyon days of our youth – keep on blogging Cheps and share your memories. Let us keep alive those unique experiences and log comment about those departed. RIP Old Mates.

  11. John Billett says:

    About a month or so ago a Bernard Jackson ex DCLI Lcpl or Cpl from Taunton passed away, is it possible to put him on the DCLI Memoriale.

  12. Les Browning says:

    Hi. My father was ex DCLI served in Palestine and Cyprus how can I find out about his service.

    ED: G’Day Les. Unless a current reader/contributor can help, then I regret neither can any of we who remain from the 1950s (1953-1957) Caribbean era. Sounds as if his service window was before our time. You might investigate his name, rank & service number with the Regimental Museum in Bodmin (now The Rifles Museum) where records are kept. Good Luck.

    PS: I refer you to “One and All”. A history of the Duke of Cornwalls’ Light Infantry, by Hugo White ISBN 9781873951 200 (453 paperback) published in 2006 – reference The 1st Battalion 1945-1959 and the section 1945-1948 pp471-. There you will find Hugo’s synopsis relating to Palestine and Cyprus. A fantastic publication available from the Museum. I hope that this information is useful.

  13. Emma Knight says:

    I’m not sure if I have come to the right webpage but my dad was in the DCLI and my mum used to have plenty of contact with other members but now she can’t seem to get on the page now. Has it been deleted? Thank you.

    ED: Hello Emma, thanks for comment. Advise your Mum to write to “Well Wisher” – many of Joe’s Old Mates still read the pages.

  14. John Billett says:

    Good Afternoon everyone. It is with great sadness to report that Cpl Cecil Carter passed away on 14th February 2015. Cecil spent most of his service in Minden Germany. Could I please request Cecil be placed on the DCLI Memoriale page.

  15. Lee Phipps says:

    Jacko1 With deepest regret I must announce the passing of David ‘Jacko’ Jackson on Thursday 30th October. If you are able I would love to see a memorial written for him. I would also be most interested to hear from anyone with information about his time with the DCLI. Funeral arrangements are being made and I’d like to fully honour and respect his time in the military so any recommendations would be gratefully received. Kindest of Regards. Lee, Grandson.

    ED: Lee and I are in contact and so far a few of Jacko’s photos are in the process of upload to this Comment. In due course we might be able to compile an additional Picasa Album for our growing collection. Kindly note that practice is to conceal email addresses, but interested parties can be placed in contact with Lee via Editor. I conclude that Plymouth was Jacko’s home town so a near local DCLI Association might be contactable. Please advise via this blog.

  16. Editor for Barry Cornish says:


    Fortunately, the weather was fine for Terry’s funeral service yesterday, because the number of mourners attending greatly exceeded all expectations. The chapel was soon filled, with all of the seats taken and every inch of standing room in the aisles occupied. Many more were crammed into the lobby and others had to stand outside. There were six standards on parade, from Cornish branches of The Light Infantry Association and The Royal British Legion. The service was ably conducted by The Revd. Canon Eddie Woon, from the church where Terry regularly worshiped, who said that he had never conducted such a well-attended funeral service.

    The last post was blown by Graham Martin and a recording of “High on a Hill’ by The Band and Bugles of the 2nd Battalion of The Light Infantry was played at the end of the service, as we all followed the orders printed on the back of the Order of Service ‘Stand at Ease’ and ‘Parade Dismissed’. Many of those present had happy memories of hearing Terry ‘barking out’ these orders in his own inimitable way. The service proved to be a fitting tribute to a very well-respected senior soldier, who will be sorely missed. I was pleased when afterwards Wendy, who bore up very well throughout the service, told me that it had made her feel very proud of Terry. Donations in lieu of flowers were made to Cornwall Air Ambulance.


    Thank you Barry for your update and report of Terry’s funeral on the Well Wisher page (now transferred to above). In the very short time that I spent with Terry in 2009, I can well recall his voice and style. Sadly missed.

  18. John Billett says:

    Good morning everyone, it is with great sadness Terry Joll passed away last evening, could I please ask for him to join all the other Men on DCLI Memoriale page. RIP Terry Joll.


    John Griffin aka 'Doc' Holliday

    John Griffin aka ‘Doc’ Holliday

    It is with profound sadness I post notice that John died in Benidorm Spain, on 12th March. My sincere condolences to Jenny and the Family. Until quite recently John and I spoke on the phone to pass the time of day as Old Mates do, but it has been several months since that happened, and now will never occur again.

    Griff, you have always been a good and loyal friend and I had hoped that OZ was on your travel cards this year, when we would have had a few pints together. I fondly remember our time at Brean in June 2009 after the Re-Union when you Griff as Doc Holliday and I as Wyatt Earp blazed away in their Wild West regalia at a fun Cowboy Night.

    We first met in Bodmin in November 1953 as rookies from Brissol alongside Ted Davies RIP, Delabole Dick RIP, “Bill” Edwards RIP, and Swanny RIP. We later spent many happy hours in 3 Platoon “A” Company in the early months of the posting to Bermuda enjoying our gardening on Saturday afternoons for pocket money and wandering the streets of Hamilton. Griff, you are in good company now with many of our Old Mates in Old Soldier’s Heaven, wherever that might be. RIP


  20. Terry Simons says:

    Could you add to the Memoriale please. Jack Madron who passed away on the 16th December. Thank you. Terry Simons


    I am advised today of the accidental death of Chris Wheddon on 9th September 2012 in the UK while on secondment from Bermuda. Chris was known to me during his time as the ADC to the Governor of Bermuda and also as Adjutant to the Officer Commanding the Bermuda Regiment. Chris was extremely helpful during the time a few years ago when attention was required to the grave of our former CO 1DCLI, Col Tony Marsh. We tender our belated condolences to the Family and would like to feel that his memory can join the many former DCLI’ians with Bermuda service who are mentioned here on this Memoriale page.

  22. Terry Simons says:

    Could you add Bugler Mark Wares name to the Memoriale please he passed away 2012.


    Order of Service Trevor Webb, Trevor Bennetts and I have just returned after attending Swanny’s funeral. St.Thomas Church, Heamoor, although quite large, was absolutely packed for the occasion, with all of the seats taken and mourners standing shoulder to shoulder in the aisles. I took the liberty of representing you at the funeral, because I knew that you would have liked to have been there with us. I also represented Bill Griffiths, Geoff Cherry and our secretary/treasurer, Frank Baxter, who unfortunately, was taken ill this morning and so unable to attend.

    Swanny’s coffin was accompanied by Bobby Fox, carrying the standard of the WCLIA and was greeted by a Guard of Honour of over twenty members of the WCLIA, all in uniform. Keith Mannings was able to take a photograph, which I hope to receive in due course and send on to you. Many other ex-DCLI soldiers attended, some from many miles away, including Bill Eaton, Johnny Griffin and Keith Mannings.

    The service was ably conducted by Rev. Tim Hawkins, who knew Swanny well, and the eulogy was given by Swanny’s son Donald. Graham Martin, our bugler, played ‘The Last Post’, followed after a short interval, by ‘Reveille’. The hymns ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ and ‘Eternal Father, strong to save’ were sung with gusto by the large congregation. After the service, the family together with the WCLIA standard, our bugler and Chairman, Nobby Clark, Terry Joll, Keith Mannings and Peter Rule, then travelled to Camborne for the cremation, whilst everyone else was invited to the Heamoor British Legion for refreshments. Unfortunately, I had to leave with my passengers, before the family returned, so I did not have an opportunity to speak to Doris on behalf of Bill Griffiths, as I would have liked.

    It was a most memorable ceremony and a very fitting tribute to a well-loved and respected old mate.



    • Thank you Barry, your quick reportage is greatly appreciated. Best Regards


      • Sylvia says:

        I would like to echo Derek’s thanks, Barry. I’m afraid I was unable to attend due to a prior appointment, Jack kindly represented me. What a sad day for us all.

    • John Billett says:

      Thank you Barry for your your report of Swannys service, I’m glad he had so many people attend, he will be sorely missed by his family and his many friends.

      Best Regards


  24. John Billett says:

    Farewell Swanny old friend, you suffered, now RIP. A brave Old Soldier.

  25. Neil ‘Swanny’ Swanson

    We are advised today sadly, that our dear ‘Ole Mate Swanny has passed on to where all Old Soldiers go when their time arrives to depart the ranks and seek adventures anew.

    Swanny Old Mate, we shall miss you and your banter and bull, but you are remembered fondly for your unfailing support and enthusiasm and straightforward mateship. We know that you fought hard with endurance and persistence right to the end and now you can rest in peace. Our condolences to Doris and your Family, you were the epitome of the Light Infantry and I personally thank you for the memories and friendship from those early dark cold days at Bodmin in November 1953. RIP

  26. Dick Burwood BAOR29 Kingston, Newcastle. 22246490 says:

    Although the London Branch LI. Assoc. has closed down, I must inform you of the following recent deaths of former DCLI men. Sgt.Len Holt DCM, Nobby Clark and Bob Lawford 2nd Batt.

    ED: Dick, I shall attend to Memoriale updates, but will need a 1st name for Nobby Clark please.

    • Dick Burwood says:

      Dear Editor, sorry for delay.Leslie Arthur Bradbury Clark (Nobby} RIP Best Wishes to All old Comrades of 1DCLI One and All. Dick Burwood

      • Dick Burwood says:

        Leslie [Nobby] was the London Branch LI Assoc. Standard Bearer. He carried out his task with skill and pride. I was privileged to carry the Standard at his Funeral.

        ED: Thanks Dick. The amendment was attended to on Memoriale a week ago.

  27. Alan Prentice says:

    I’m looking for any info on Pte Joeseph Manning 5th DCLI KIA October 1944. Joe is buried in Mook Holland. He was my dad’s cousin.

    • Hello Alan, I hope that you receive some response, however there is a better page to log in this type of “search” comment. I have re-opened “Lost Names & Faces” for you and anyone else who is seeking information about lost relatives and loved ones. You are more than welcome to place a “Memoriam” style comment here, but otherwise we request that contact searches be placed elsewhere. Thank you.

  28. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Attended the funeral of Jimmy Rickard yesterday, very good turnout, Michael Nobby, Swanny, Terry Joll, Maj P Michell from West Cornwall Branch and about 30 ex LI, also Bugle Major + two Buglers from the TA Rifles. I represented all members abroad so he had a very good sendoff and also George Stevens 16th Intake asked to be remembered to you Derek.

    ED: Many thanks Swanny, regards to George also.

  29. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Very good write up of Sgt Cook Derek, I remember him ordering me to whiten the coals when on fire picket at Bodmin, strange how one remembers little incidents when training in Bodmin. He introduced me to hockey at Bodmin and that helped me escape his wrath, but on the whole he was a good soldier, I never ever saw him again as I thought I would as I was in the DCLI TA for 5 years very sad to think he died at that young age.

    RIP Sgt George Cook.


    In November 1953 the 16th Intake was fortunate to be trained by Cookie (as we irreverently called him behind his back), although we didn’t realise that fact at the time. George was a hard taskmaster and seemingly unforgiving whatever we did. He chased us up hill and down dale in and around the Depot square and the Bodmin hills and the bloody Bodmin Moors rifle range, bollocking us all the time and yelling always, it seemed paradise to collapse on our bunks at the end of the day to get away from him.

    In retrospect it was all quite necessary in order to switch civilian rookies into Light Infantrymen in 10 weeks, and of course he knew what was ahead, it being all second nature to him. I remember vague flashes of humour during those weeks, when his language surpassed anything that we had heard – not foul stuff, but memorable quips about our gender and our posture, our marching and our rifle drill. He showed a kinder more tolerant attitude when we all went down with the multiple jabs, but that didn’t last long – it seemed.

    Most of the 16th served in Bermuda, and Cookie and his family shipped on to Jamaica on the Empire Clyde in Feb/March 1954, never to cross our paths again. We spoke fondly of him during the 2009 Re-Union, while we boozed in Penzance, but sadly nothing was forthcoming.

    George died early in his life aged 41, in 1965, a fact now learned from Wendy his eldest and recorded on Memoriale. There are some photos that will be published shortly as a Picasa Album, but here are 2 that will evoke some memories.

    16th Intake 2 Platoon, Jan 1955 Bodmin Depot. Sjnt George Cook, Cpl Budge

    Sjnt George Cook on parade. HRH Princess Margaret Jamaica 1955

    • Dick Burwood says:

      I was in rear rank next to RSM Harold Royffe on this Parade with D company. I think it was the maiden voyage of The Royal Yacht Britannia. Major Morton above was OC of D Company.

      22246490 Dick Burwood

  31. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Funeral of Jimmy Rickard from St Ives this Friday 25th May at St Johns in the fields.

    Funeral next Tuesday 29th May of Frank Grigg at St Johns Church in St Austell at 1300 hours.

    RIP to both of these members DCLI Association from Neil Swanny Swanson on behalf of West Cornwall Branch DCLI Association.

    • John Billett says:

      If my memory serves me well, I seem to recall Frank Grigg was warrant officer in charge of our all in – stews when we were on schemes in Germany. If I’m right he use to make a bloody good job of it, we always went back for more.

      Frank Griggs RIP.

  32. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Just to say Keith Mannings sister passed away last week, she was 85 years of age and they are the daughter and son to Keith’s father who was a regular soldier for years and RSM in the Somerset Light Infantry serving in India before the war and a relative in the LI family as we all are.

    (RIP) J.Mannings from N.Swanson. West Cornwall Branch-LI Association.

  33. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Derek, now watched your Waltzing Matilda with tears in my eyes, I am biased but so proud to have Scottish blood in my veins, in that so many Scottish Australians died in that terrible War as my late father, a Scot from Caithness in Scotland and his younger brother Hugh Swanson from Perth in Australia served in Gallipoli and feel how close our relationship with the Australians are.

    I was in Perth at the time of Anzac Day in 1995 but missed the parade as we left to go down to Bunbury at the same time as the parade was lining up in Perth as we were on a strict schedule. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but how wish I had attended that parade with my one and only chance of a lifetime being there on that date, as said hindsight.

    My cousin Bert Swanson was in the RAAF in GB the whole of WW2 and we met up on our visit there talking about when he used to visit us in Cornwall if he got the odd weekend off and as a boy he was my hero and it was a lovely time meeting up with him, alas he is 90 years old now and suffering from dementia which is terrible for his wife Doris and he in a home. She still lives in a RAAF Assn accommodation and it is very lonely for her. Long live our heroes and cousin Australians now fighting alongside our forces in Afghanistan.

    Again as a pilot flying on so many missions to Germany in WW2 and to live through that to end up with dementia is such a awful end to his life god bless you Bert for being my Australian Hero.

  34. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    We attended the funeral of Col. ‘Toots’ Williams yesterday. Major Peter Michell drove Alan Mitchell, Fred Phillips and myself to Bodmin.

    Derek, it was the biggest funeral I have ever attended in Cornwall. At a guess I would say 500 to 700 people in attendance, just to give how popular our old CO was in society in general and the esteem he held by all and sundry. After the service I spoke to his grandson who is a captain in the Royal Hussars and he said that Col. Williams thought so much of his men who served in A Coy 1 DCLI and knew most of their names who served under him, which I thought was a credit to all of us who served in Bermuda with him.

    Most who attended met up at The Keep for refreshments and I spoke to Maj Gen, “Bronco” Lane SLI and LI and he remarked how popular “Toots” was to far and wide. It turned out a very good day for Toots’ farewell.

    RIP Col. Toots Williams and I would like to say thank you to all his family for their courtesy and friendship during this sad time. Neil “Swanny” Swanson.

    ED: Well said for all of us Swanny, thank you. I have uploaded the Obituary for all to read.

  35. Geoff Cherry says:

    Very sad to hear of Maj Williams’ passing. I used to drive him around in the Land Rover, when we first moved to Bermuda. A vivid memory of him was on one of his fishing trips standing waist deep in the sea, and baracuda swimming around him. My condolences to his family. RIP

  36. Terry Simons says:

    Very sorry to hear of the Colonel’s passing, he was an officer and a gentleman. My condolences to Gage and his family. Sincerely Terry Simons.

  37. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    As said Derek, you have done us all proud of the sort of write up that you have portrayed of as we knew him as Major Toots with affection. As a rugby player for A Coy in Bermuda playing along side the likes or Brigadier Rice Evans our Garrison Commander these two great men always boosted me and the 15 players in the team to higher than normal heights of the game and as senior Officers that they were made you feel at ease in playing to the best of our abilities and made me a better man and player in later years. I know the likes of Cpl Alan Mitchell will endorse as they went on to senior rugby in Cornwall, RIP to these great Officers and Gentlemen.


    My condolences to the Family on the sudden loss of our former CO (‘A’ Company 1DCLI Prospect Garrison Bermuda 1954).

    Major Williams was God to me and other squaddies in the sense that he managed the seamless establishment of ‘A’ Company in March 1954 from the Empire Clyde into Prospect Barracks. We quickly became proficient Light Infantrymen under his direct command via the Platoon Commanders and Serjeants; he was always ever present at Parades, Guards of Honour and managed our daily lives in what was a highly organised process. On a few occasions while Acting Coy Clerk, I would have typed up Standing Orders and organised the 252 miscreants to appear in front of The Boss, all of this under the ever watchful eye of CSM Jock Massie.

    I cannot say that I played the Major at rugger or cricket, but most definitely partook in manoevers and exercises at Warwick, during his relatively short time at Prospect. I most certainly recall the transfer of power to Major Tony Marsh, and the farewell parade.

    As late as June 2009 during the Re-Union lunch in Bodmin it was my pleasure to be seated next to him and exchange a few memories of that time long ago in sunny Bermuda.

    It does somehow not seem right that ‘A’ Coy, 1DCLI should have lost our CO and I for one – with many others I know – lament our loss. It was a surreal comfort to know that he was always there.

    Colonel “Toots” Williams – we shall miss you and remember that special place in the DCLI that you gave to we young men. RIP

  39. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    ED. It is with great sadness I have to report EX Sgt Major Terry Joll emailed me to say yesterday that our Coy Commander A Coy Bermuda sadly died in his sleep after a fall at his home in Cornwall. I will go to his funeral at St Petrocs in Bodmin if I can, and represent you Derek. If I cannot get there Terry said he would represent those that cannot attend. Colonel ‘Toots’ Williams was a first class Officer and gentleman, I like you Derek had the honour to serve under his Command and I also played rugby with him in Bermuda for the DCLI and we have lost a great man and soldier. Will you please add his name to our Roll of Honour Derek.

    ED: Sad news indeed Swanny, my condolences to the Family when the occasion of the funeral arises. I shall appreciate your representation at St Petroc’s as indeed no doubt will all former “A” Company men. Major Williams as we knew him in the 50s was indeed a great man and a very special CO, I’m glad that I at least saw him again in this life at our Re-Union in 2009.

  40. 6402071 L/Cpl SANDALLS, George Gaston, 5DCLI

    George was my Father. He transferred into DCLI after joining up with his County lads, 4 Royal Sussex in 1939. Having gone to France in the BEF with them. and swum out of Dunkirk, I gather he returned on D-Day +2 with DCLI. Stayed on the trek through to N Germany in 1945 and discharged out via Shornecliffe in April 1946. Dad died 7-FEB-12. I would welcome any info on Dads war service. Bill Sandalls

  41. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    While i try to keep you advised about who has passed away etc I have not given you the name of a very close comrade whom I completely forgot to notify you. He was one of my closest friends for many years but got married and moved away to Staffordshire in the early 1990s and died of cancer. I feel so guilty for not telling you before.

    His name Kenneth Dunn from St Ives and served with the DCLI in Osnabruk and with me in DCLI TA in the late 1950s. Ken was known as Horatio and played rugby for St Ives and Cornwall, DCLI and TA and was an exceptional player, as said he and I were the closest of mates and I apologise again for not telling you before and would you please add his name to our roll of honour.

  42. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Had a fisherman from Padstow visit me today and I asked him about Fred Murt who was with you in 4 Platoon and he told me Fred had died some time ago now. I knew him well when I used to go to Padstow for their Hobby Hoss May Day every year. I think I told you Derek, Fred lost a leg from a motor bike accident not long after his demob from Bermuda, he was a real character just like his brothers. I have not been to Padstow for quite a few years now, he will be sorely missed by all who knew him, could you place his name on our Roll of Honour.

  43. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    It is thirty years ago today 19-12-1981 that our Penlee Lifeboat was lost with all hands trying to save the crew of the Union Star cargo ship. We here still feel the pain of that tragic time and Mousehole lost those brave men and the heart of the village will never forget that sad day especially at this time of the year.

    I knew all of the crew intimately and the Coxswain was Trevellian Richards who served in our Regiment in the DCLI in Greece and Palestine. Mousehole is renowned for it’s Christmas Lights Display every year and thousands visit them from all over Cornwall, they are switched off for one hour, on always a very solemn memory of that terrible night.

  44. John Billett says:

    Another of our ranks has taken his leave from this earth. Condolences to his family.

    Jim Kelly RIP

  45. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    I have now received this very sad email from Dave Kelly.

    Neil, prob the the worst email I will ever send. Its with great sadness that I have to tell you we lost Dad yesterday morning, it was sudden and unexpected. Please can you let any remaining army colleagues know. Funeral will be at St Cleer Church November 16th at 1-30, then family only to crematorium,family flowers only, donations to the Little Bridge House Hospice via funeral director. If you need further details please ring me. 07748198023

    ED: Sincerest condolences Dave & Family. Jim was a great young soldier in 4 Platoon Bermuda and he and I shared many a Quarter Guard together in ’54-’55. A very sad and sudden loss.

  46. John Billett says:

    Welcome back Anne, glad to hear your computer is up and running again. Sylvia contacted me and told me about Joe’s day. It was very lovely of you and your family had her sit with you, it made her feel more close to you for being so kind. With your computer back you can keep up to date with anything thats going on, very little at moment, things just seemed to have dried up. Take care.

  47. Anne Knight says:

    Hello to you All,

    My computer has been down, but glad to say I’m back. I would like to thank you all for your kind messages of sympathy at the sad loss of my Joe. It is comforting to know that I am in your thoughts. God Bless you all. Anne xx

  48. Geoff says:

    Just caught up with the sad news of Joe’s passing. My condolences to Ann and Family for their sad loss. Geoff

  49. Terry Simons says:

    My condolences to Anne and Joe’s Family on their sad loss. God Bless.

    Terry Simons.

  50. From Swanny via Editor says:


    Soldier Poem


    I think this poem is most apt. I lost a close friend and former DCLI mate this last week, Cpl Joe Knight RIP, and when I read this poem I thought of Joe. He was my first platoon Cpl in Bermuda and was a fatherly figure to all of us in 3 Platoon and taught us our trade as Light Infantrymen to a very high standard. I know all who served with Joe will endorse all I have said about this very special man and soldier. Joe was only a year older than me and served 12 months in the OBLI in Germany and Egypt before joining the DCLI in the West Indies, but his fatherly figure to us taught us so much as young soldiers.

    When another former mate who lives in Australia organised a Re-Union in 2009 of all Caribbean mates in Cornwall it was over 55 years since most of us had seen one another and it was a wonderful time of two weeks meeting together and to all the work of organising this Re-Union was down to him and we all thank him for the memory we all have of this event.

    Sadly we have lost a number of former DCLI’ians since this Re-Union and I like all of us miss every one of them. I finish again with thanks for having been a mate to all that have passed on. RIP.

  51. John Billett says:

    Life, nothing stays the same for long.

    RIP Joe.


    Griff Swanny Joe June 2011

    Hi Derek, this is a photo taken at Mount View Hotel when Joe, John and I were out for lunch last Summer this year. Could you put it on the blog page Derek, as several people have asked me. Now had a phone call from John Griffin who just got back from their holiday in Spain, he asked to be remembered to you. Swanny

    JUNE 2009

    3 Platoon A Coy mates in 2009


  53. Emma Knight says:

    Hi everybody. I’m Joe Knight’s daughter. I would like to thank you all very much for all your kind messages concerning my dad. He was a much loved man and and my family and I will miss him forever. Once again thank you xxxxx.

    Emma xx

  54. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    As said to you would you please represent Doris and I at Joe’s Funeral, also the West Cornwall Branch DCLI Assn. I didn’t know Anne’s PC was out of order and also I didn’t know about the funeral arrangements as I haven’t been on our blog for couple of days. Keith Mannings rang me and said the funeral date was on the blog page as he has now got back from holidays with their grandchildren today and checked his PC, as he leaves it at home when he goes away.

    Best regards Doris and Neil Swanson.

  55. John Billett says:

    Hello Sylvia, if Anne is having problems with her computer and is not reading the Blog would you be kind enough please to pass on our condolences to her. I don’t know if I ever met Joe but I would like to think we were Comrades in Arms in the 50s.

    Joe Knight RIP.

  56. Sylvia says:

    Anne Knight is having problems with her computer and has asked me to put Joe’s Funeral arrangements on here for her. It is Tuesday 25th October 1100 hours at St. Mary’s Church, Banbury then on to the cemetery for the burial, and to the Cromwell Lodge for refreshments. I will be attending the funeral so if anyone has a message for Anne please leave a post on here and I will copy it down and pass it on.

  57. John Billett says:


    Peggy and myself are sending our condolences on the loss of Joe, our thoughts are with you.

  58. Sylvia says:

    Anne, I am sending the sincere condolences of the Royffe family to you and your family on the loss of Joe. My whole heart goes out to you. Will it be OK if I ask Swanny for your address? Sylvia xx

  59. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Now had a phone call from Anne Knight in Oxford with the sad news that Cpl Joe Knight had passed away in hospital. Joe had been admitted for tests to his breathing problems and was having a bad time. She asked me to do her a favour and report to all on the blogs of his passing. I have phoned all of his close mates that are not on the blogs to tell them the sad news.

    Only spoke to him a couple of weeks ago on the phone for him to say about his and Anne’s holidays staying in Cornwall which they both so enjoyed every year and the company of his and her friends and talking of old times etc. I will let you know any news if I get it from Anne.

    RIP Cpl Joe Knight you will be sorely missed by all of your DCLI mates and families and all who knew you.

    • Joe Knight (Cpl) RIP

      Sad news indeed that one of our own inner group has passed on. My sincerest condolences Anne on hearing of Joe’s passing. It has been so rewarding to hear from you regularly on the blogs and to speak to you and Joe frequently since we all renewed our old friendship last June 2009.

      Our best wishes to you Anne, from Brisbane Australia.

  60. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    I have had today news of Leonard Nicholls was cremated in Ayrshire Scotland. As you know Derek Len and I were close mates and I was very upset to think he died in a ambulance taking him to hospital. Len was so proud to have served in the DCLI and I shall miss him as he and I were on the emails on a daily basis. Could you please place his name on our DCLI Memoriale. As I said I would if anything were to happen to him.

    RIP Blondie you will be sorely missed.


  61. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    As I reported the death of Captain John Morgan, Keith Mannings and I, also Lt Jeremy Hooper, Major Peter Michell, attended the Thanksgiving Service at St Just in Roseland Church on 23-9-2011 on behalf of the Regt. His Widow Mrs. Bridget Morgan thanked us for our attendance, the service had over 400 there to show their respect for such a first class gentleman. Could you please place his name on the DCLI Memoriale.

    ED: Now done.

  62. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    More sad news! Just had a E Mail from Scott Mcabe the stepson of my very close mate Leonard Nicholls who died in the ambulance on route to hospital in Troon in Scotland, having another massive heart attack. Len (Blondie) Nicholls served in the DCLI in Minden and Plymouth from 1952-54 firstly as a bugler and also in Support Company as T20 Driver. I was on the internet to him most days and he loved to hear me on the phone to hear my Cornish accent. I will keep you posted Derek about arrangements as soon as I know details etc.

  63. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Attended the funeral service for Bill Oates yesterday, Fred Phillips and Alan Mitchel picked me up and went to Pendeen at 1-45pm for 2pm service.The church was packed and I represented the Regiment in the book. At the wake which was held in the Rajel Pub there were a lot of his workmates that are left and a lot of ex servicemen who spoke so highly of Bill and all said he was so proud to have served in the DCLI, also his widow and son Jeremy thanked me for keeping in touch on the internet about regimental matters.

  64. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Now had some sad news from Keith Mannings on the phone to say that Captain John Morgan died last Monday 12th September 2011. Captain John Morgan was 4 Platoon Commander A Coy 1DCLI in Bermuda 1955-57, also a Serving Officer in 4-5th Bn DCLI for some years. John has been fighting cancer for last few years and was always a first class gentleman, he will be sorely missed by his close family and many friends. I only said to Major Peter Michell on the coach last Saturday about John as Peter was his best man at his wedding and John was Peter’s best man at his wedding as they were close friends and soldiered together in the DCLI TA. There will be a thanksgiving ceremony at St Just in Roseland Parish Church on the 23rd September at 1400 hours.

    ED: Sad news again Swanny. My condolences to the family and close friends. Permission required to write up on Honour Roll on Memoriale when an opportune moment arrives.

  65. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Hi Derek
    Now had a phone call from Fred Phillips with the sad news that Bill Oates had died. Fred, Alan Mitchell and myself to attend his funeral at Pendeen parish Church on Thursday next 15-9-2011 at 2 pm to represent the DCLI. To think Derek he was the first to contact you on the start of your DCLI blogs in 2005-6. I hadn’t seen Bill for a couple of years but he has suffered with ill health for a long time. I will represent you on the funeral names list Derek.

    ED: Sad news indeed Swanny. I appreciate your representation. My sincere condolences to the family.

  66. Swanny Swanson says:

    Now read in The Cornishman newspaper of William (Billy) Rouffignac on memoriam page, another DCLI close mate of mine who I should have remembered as he and I grew up together in Newlyn. I felt guilty when reading this and forgot to tell you Derek a long time ago. The write up in the paper was as follows. Remembering your 75th birthday on the 22nd of June. We love and miss you always. From Kath, Anne, Mandy and family. I don’t know the exact date of ‘passing but I went to his funeral and represented the Regiment at the time some years back now. Could you place his name on our Memoriale Derek, the date about 2000.


    We’re advised of the death of Sid ‘Shiner’ Bright, firstly on the SCLI blogs and secondly by Sid’s grand daughter Izzy, with whom I’m in email contact. Izzy has kindly forwarded 2 photos from Sid’s collection, one of which is early post war DCLI Depot and the other from SCLI Depot Bodmin Corporal’s Mess 1962. Both photos are published to “Lost Faces”, but with some captioning errors. Sid ‘Shiner’ Bright (assumedly) served in the Caribbean and might be known to Tom Howell or others. Your help with accurate names to faces will be appreciated.

  68. Swanny Swanson says:

    Another ex DCLI soldier Mr Brian Gendall passed away two weeks ago after a long illness. Brian was a well known man and a avid singer with Newlyn Male Voice Choir for many years. Brian served in the DCLI in Osnabruk in the late 50s doing his N/Service and like many others that did N/Service was very proud to have served in the DCLI.

    RIP Brian Gendall.

  69. Swanny Swanson says:

    The widow of a DCLI stalwart died last week. I have overlooked that Hugh Tonkin 2Bn DCLI who served in Greece and died in late 2000. Hugh was born in Breage and great friends with Maj. Gen.Tyacke, who also was born in Breage where Hugh’s mother ran the local grocery shop and always had a good chat together when at Open Days etc and early on when we formed the West Cornwall Branch DCLI Assn. and attended dinners. I felt a bit guilty not to have informed you of Hugh’s passing before as I was also great friends with him, would you put his name on our Memoriale please Derek.

    ED: Thanks Swanny, now done.

    • Editor in Brisbane says:


      Swanny demonstrates how easy it is, to overlook the name of an Old Comrade whose name should appear on Memoriale, even though he and his family have lived close by under one’s nose – so to speak. Kindly review the Honour Roll above and advise name and year of death of anyone missing from our special DCLI Memoriale.

      Thanks in advance.

  70. Editor for Terry Joll says:

    SYD DUDLEY who has been ill for couple of years, passed away last night. He must have been 90 years old or thereabouts but there is to be a post mortem so have no other details. He died in Taunton where he had been in a Nursing Home for a while.

    RIP Syd Dudley

  71. Editor says:


    We advise the passing of Mr Bevan Phillips from Hayle. He was DCLI & SCLI with Terry Joll in the 59/60s. He was not a member of any branch, however it will be good if a Regimental Presentation be at his funeral. Bobby Fox will carry the Standard. Funeral at 1430 Tuesday 18th January at Hayle Methodist Church.

  72. Swanny Swanson says:

    Now had some very sad news, Fred Phillips now phoned me to say that Derek Lawrence dropped dead yesterday! I do not know the exact details but will keep you posted when I get more details. Alan Mitchell phoned Fred about the sad news. You met him last year at our Re-Union after all those years at our DCLI meetings and get together. I will let you know of the funeral etc as soon as I know.


  73. Dick Burwood 22246490 says:

    I was saddened to hear of the passing of Peter ‘Paddy’ Male. We kept in touch since our service days together, and had some great times at Re-Unions, Winchester, Shrewsbury and Bodmin. We both took part in a boxing show on the Empire Clyde on route to BWI. A lovely man, always ready with a joke. My condolences to Sylvia and son Peter.

    Dick Burwood.

  74. Swanny Swanson says:

    While in town this morning I met a close mate Terry Tonkin and we were talking about the DCLI and he mentioned another schoolmate that died in the 1990’s who served in the DCLI and KSLI in Korea and was wounded and half his heel blown off in the war. Sadly he suffered many years with his disability and worked for quite some time at the Penlee Quarry.

    Edwin Stone a massive big man in heart and body, Edwin Stone DCLI-KSLI (RIP). Could you put his name on our Memoriale please Derek.

  75. Swanny Swanson says:

    While writing on Regimental page about a recent bereavement I mentioned Colonel Geoffrey Drewitt 1-2 4-5th Bn DCLI to have his name on our Memoriale, he passed away in 1987.

  76. (Capt) Bert Love RIP

    Sjnt Bert Love. RIP

    Tom Howell today attended the funeral of our former Sjnt in Bermuda, which turned out to be a low key event with some 30 mourners in attendance, and none of the LI Associations present to mark the spirit of the occasion. Nevertheless with Tom’s presence, we were assured that we of 1DCLI in Germany, the Caribbean and later eras were honourably represented. Contact is again established with daughter Alison, with whom Tom and I hope to liaise in due course, in matters of Bert’s Military Memoirs.

    Bert was 80 years of age and I must remark here on Bert’s apparent maturity then, at his tender age of 24 when he drilled me in Hamilton, as the experienced Sjnt he then was, just 5 years older than I, a cheeky rookie private soldier of 18. Bert was to me then the epitome of the British Army, a fierce and expert Drill Serjeant who demanded nothing less than perfection.

    Bert, I dearly wish now, that I had kept in touch and spent time with you when I visited Shrewsbury last year, but not to be. I sincerely hope and trust that we can amass your military history in print and photographic memorabilia, and record your story within the realms of DCLI history, where it richly deserves to be. Rest well, my old friend and mentor, you are sadly missed by this group of Old Mates. Bert Love RIP.


    Derek Lovemore,
    Special Guard
    Hamilton Bermuda 1954.

  77. Swanny Swanson says:

    Could you put Charles Gerald Jilbert name on our Memoriale page please, sadly another one 2 BN/DCLI Greece 1947-9

    ED: Swanny, I have added Gerry to the Honour Roll and also written a brief passage about the current request onto Lost Names & Faces.

  78. Joe Knight. says:

    I was very sorry to hear that Capt Bert Love had sadly passed away. I served with him in the West Indies in 1954, I found him to be a good soldier and was well liked by everyone in the company. Goodbye to an old soldier. My condolences to his family.
    Cpl Joe Knight.

  79. Geoff Cherry says:

    It was with great sadness, to see that Bert Love has decided to leave us, condolences to his family. I first met Bert when I transferred from the Bugle Platoon, before we left for Minden He was a fine NCO I found, he always had time to listen and advise. After I was demobbed, Maj Williams wrote to me from Germany and in the letter said Bert had been promoted to CQMS.

    RIP Bert

  80. Terry Simons says:

    Condolences to the Family of Bert Love RIP.

    Terry Simons.

  81. (Capt) BERT LOVE RIP. (DCLI & Admin Officer 5LI).

    I learn with great sadness that Bert Love has succumbed to his recent illness and has passed away. I am especially saddened because only recently in September, had we been able to establish an address in Shrewsbury, where we had hoped to open up communication with Bert and to support him with our memory recall of times in Bermuda. His daughter, I believe had advised him of our concerns following his illness which had been announced on the BLI Assn website, so he was – at least – aware that we had remembered him.

    Bert, you were a Special Mentor to we of the Special Guard in Bermuda. You were a fair and just and hard taskmaster and we revered you for that. You left no stone unturned in your demand for perfection in dress, military attitude, rifle precision and delivery of DCLI performance. We even got to enjoy standing up in the back of the Bedford, en route to the House of Representatives, each week, to avoid creasing our KD. Thank you for those Special Memories of our youthful soldiering, your mentoring was beyond superb. We shall miss the hoped for opportunity to bring you into our blogging community.

    Condolences to Barry, Brenda, Bridget & Alison and Family, on behalf of all DCLI bloggers.

    Bert Love. RIP

  82. Sloop JB says:

    Sjt Bert Love RIP.

  83. Sloop JB says:

    Peter Male. RIP

    Derek, my old pal and army buddy Peter Male is ready to go onto the DCLI Memoriale page, on behalf of his wife Sylvia and every one who met and knew him please do the Honours.

    Peter Male. RIP.

    ED: Thank you JB, sad news indeed. My condolences to Sylvia and Family and Old Mates. I too enjoyed my all too short contact with him on a few occasions in 2009, at Bodmin and Shrewsbury.

  84. Terry Joll says:

    Ted Amor & Anne at Windsor Royal Tattoo Sept 2010

    Have received news from John Fossey that Ted Amor from Newquay passed away on Wednesday. He apparently had a fall at his hotel in Newquay.

    Ted was in training with me at Bodmin in July 1957 when our Platoon Serjeant was Sjt Tom Howell. Ted spent his service with 1DCLI in Osnabruck in the MT Section. No other details are known.


    ED: Sad news Terry. Our condolences to the Family and all Old Mates.

    • Editor for Family says:

      Ted Amor,1DCLI Osnabruck 1957-59, MT Section – Lived Newquay RIP


  85. Swanny Swanson says:

    I had mail from Paul Barnes to say his Uncle Leslie Hunt had died in Treliske Hospital, he said Les was in Ox and Bucks LI, I knew Leslie very well in the RBL in Penzance Legion. I think Les served in Korea with the DLI or KSLI. His funeral is at St Johns Church today at 2pm. Unfortunately I cannot attend as I had prior engagement, Nobby Clarke and myself always try and attend all Ex LI Members funerals if possible.

    ED: Sad news ‘Ole Mate, will add Leslie’s name to the Honour Roll. Condolences to the Family.

  86. Joe Knight. says:

    Dick Hill RIP.

    I first came across Dick when we landed in Bermuda. As many of you know I came from the 1st Battalion of the OBLI, everybody was new to me and me to them. After we got settled in Dick was assigned to my Platoon, 3rd platoon. My first impression of Dick was a farmers boy but I was proved wrong. Dick proved to be a good soldier as good as anybody in the company, Dick did everthing I asked of him without question. He told me he worked in a slate quarry in Delabole, hence his name Delabole Dick. Sorry to hear of his death, one of the better DCLI men has gone.

    RIP Dick.
    Cpl Joe Knight.

    ED: Joe, many thanks. Its good to read you picking up on these alternative blog pages – particularly our Old Mates in 3 Platoon and Dick Hill especially. Dick was great pals with Griff, Ted, Swanny and myself and his dry wit and country humour were quite deceiving. He was quite bandy legged too, that lent an even greater air to his country bumpkin appearance, but Dick was no slouch. Nossir! A very smart and dedicated soldier and in total control. In the ranks, Dutch Hoon, Ted Davis, Dick, McGough and I were all about even height so invariably we stood shoulder to shoulder, but Dick never engaged (within my earshot) the rude and dirty banter that we ‘young’ uns’ exchanged.

  87. Editor in Brisbane says:


    This Memoriale site with the Honour Roll above, needs a constant update and your browsing of the names for accuracy and any omissions will be greatly appreciated. I note as I read the 1,000s of Comments placed on these pages over the years, that there are mentions of many names unknown to me and should be recorded here, following your confirmation.

    Please scan asap and advise Name & DOD, where applicable.

  88. Terry Joll says:


    Have just been informed of the passing of Sgt Stan Templeman formerly DCLI then SCLI, one time Bandsman in DCLI Band and later at The Light Infantry Depot Juniors Band and Museum Attendant at Copthorne.

    Stan who was known as Shirley was a wonderful old soldier who would sit front and centre each year at the Shrewsbury Re-Union. He died last week and his cremation is tomorrow Thursday 29th at Shrewsbury Crematorium. A few former colleagues from the DCLI are attending.

    He was 89 years and will be remembered as one of the characters of the DCLI in bygone days. Rest In Peace Stan.


  89. Swanny Swanson says:

    Had some sad news from Rex Brain to say sadly Roy Cotton had passed away, he served in B Coy DCLI in Osnabruck with Rex, he leaves a widow Heather. I have sent a sympathy card to her from Doris and Neil(Swanny) Swanson on behalf of the West Cornwall Branch DCLI LI Association and all members at home and abroad.

  90. Swanny says:

    Ivor Barrett. RIP

    Ivor and I knew each other from boyhood and were always the closest of friends. He like me, started to serve our apprenticeship in the building trade in 1950’s, Ivor a mason and me a painter and decorator. We both broke our indentures in the middle of same, me joining the DCLI in September 1953 and Ivor several months later, but he joined us in the DCLI in Bermuda for six months before going on to Jamaica to finish his N/Service.

    When Ivor finished his time in the Army he like me, went back to our jobs in the building trade, seeing each other on many building sites around Cornwall. We remained close friends until he passed away after a hard fight against throat cancer.

    Ivor was such a character all of his life and is still sorely missed by all who knew him. RIP old mate I will always miss you.

    Neil (Swanny) Swanson.

    • Donald Irish says:

      Hi Swanny, I look on the DCLI now and again and have only recently noticed the death of Ivor Barrett. I knew Ivor very well and can agree he was a good and lively character. We were both in the same platoon, B Company in Jamaica, must have been around 1954 – 56. Sad to hear another of the guys have gone, will be digging out some old photies to remind me of the gang.

      Donald Irish.

  91. Swanny says:

    Bert Angwin. RIP

    Bert was a St Just boy who signed up in 1939 at the age of 21. Prior to his military service Bert worked at Truro Cathedral School from age 16. He fought during WW2 in North Africa and throughout Italy, taking part in the Battle of Monte Cassino. In 1944 he was posted to the Middle East where he fought the war in Egypt, Palestine and Syria. During his later time in Greece he was awarded a medal by the Greek Government. Towards the end of WW2 Bert was posted to Austina, where the Regiment assisted the rebuilding programme with the local builders.

    Bert recalled many lucky escapes during his service, one of which occurred while marching in Italy and came under sniper fire. Bert’s rifle jammed and his unlucky companion was killed alongside him. Bert’s war record speaks for itself and he reiterated his luck often when on another occasion a bullet went through his small pack and ricocheted out of the side knocking Bert down with the force of impact.

    After WW2 Bert returned to civilian life as a chef at Warren’s where he met Olive his wife and married in 1948. Olive died in 1994 leaving 2 daughters Gillian and Judith and Bert of course, who took up active participation with the West Cornwall DCLI Association.

    Bert and I were the closest of friends for many years in the DCLI Association, and we attended many Parades together all over the county and beyond. Bert always attended the Lucknow Dinner every year right up until his death. Bob Swanson was headmaster of Alverton School and taught Bert’s daughters as they lived on the Alverton estate in Penzance. Our other personal connection was my wife Doris who worked with Bert as a kitchen attendant at Poltair Hospital in Heamoor in the early 1950s. Bert was the chef there at that time.

    What a unassuming man he was, always laid back and always ready to help in any way he could. I am honoured to have been friends with such a hero, RIP Bert,

    Neil Swanny Swanson.

  92. Don Puckey. RIP

    Don’s death in late 2007 had a profound impact on me, insofar as we had recently launched the “A” Company websites and published many photos that Don appeared in, and I felt that in particular in 2007, I was very close to making contact with him again after 52 years. I knew that Polperro was his home town and that he was connected to the electrical business, but contact via other DCLI Mates proved inconclusive. It would have been wonderful to have met up with him again at the Re-Union.

    I met Don in Bodmin 1953 as a Rookie of the 16th Intake and later as a co-member of 3 Platoon, “A” Company in Bermuda. Don possessed a maturity and presence that marked him for early promotion, which indeed happened in 1954 after he attended to RSM Royffe’s batman needs during the NCO Cadre. Don and I were good mates and spent many hours discussing riflesmanship and Parker Hale telescopic sights used in competition shooting. We were both later promoted to Corporals in the Platoon and became Section Commanders and as such shared many conferences with our senior Officers about leadership and lecturing procedures.

    Don enjoyed a good time and on one occasion he, John Cheeseman and I took some local leave at Warwick under a bell tent that we commandeered from Stores and after getting kicked out of the Camp Kitchen by the Volunteers (‘cos we pinched their spuds), we persuaded Jan Passmore that we weren’t so bad really, and would arrange local meals from a local café, so the week’s holiday continued. On another night time occasion after Warwick Range manoeuvers, Don, Spud Taylor and I (being weapons storeman) appropriated a 2” mortar and some parachute flares and lit up the Rifle Range, exposing all the local lovers on Horse Shoe beach. Great fun so we thought. Why we weren’t punished I’ll never know. I’m sure too, that Don was a willing party to the Great Land Crab Campaign with the .38’s.

    Don was a very smart soldier, immaculately uniformed and an able leader. He won many Stick Orderlies before his promotion and carried an air of maturity that endeared him to the other squaddies. Don was also one of the original selections to the Special Guard under Bert Love. He had an infectious laugh and enjoyed a good yarn and a good book.

    Don, I am sad that we never met up again in civilian life and I shall carry the memory of you forever as a good mate, friend and quality soldier. RIP.

    • Mary Beth Knight says:

      Well Don was my grandad and reading this has been lovely, it’s a side I never knew of him. He was the best Grammy in the world, very fun but very strict when needed. We all miss him so much. Thank you for sharing these stories with us. Mary Beth x

      • G’Day Mary Beth.

        Thank you for your comment and remembrances for Don. He and I were good Mates as my earlier record mentions. Yours is the 1st ‘civilian’ reply to Don’s memory that I can recollect although during the Caribbean Re-Union in June 2009 many of Don’s 3 Platoon Mates spoke of him with respect and happy memories. Time is now taking it’s toll on all of us, but those halcyon days of our youth in 1954 in Bermuda live with us forever. There are many photos of Don in the “A” Company links. Best Regards. Derek Lovemore

  93. Sloop JB says:

    Rendall (Ken) Maddern. RIP.

    Ed. I notice in the scroll next to Kens name you have in brackets Belize, Ken was in Jamaica, just pointing out.

    Ken, as he wished to be known, was a great character, always happy always joking, I can never remember him in a bad mood. He was always up to mischief in a nice sort of way, full of devilment but always polite. He was the sort of guy you would want as a friend. One day after a thunder storm the ditch that carried the heavy rain away was brim full, Ken and a couple other guys jumped in and splashed about.

    I called to Ken ‘be careful you don’t get washed away’ Ken’s answer to me was ‘you can only die once’. That was Ken. What a great shame he had to die so soon after being home from the DCLI.

    ED. Thanks Sloop for that recommended correction. For the time being, we’ll leave the (Belize) bit in, as the original request came from elsewhere (I don’t know whom). Was Ken ever in Belize? Maybe a well intentioned Family Member (not in the specific knowhow) sent it in. Maybe I should remove that reference?


      Sloop makes an important point here in ensuring accuracy across the spectrum of this new Memoriale Blog. I shall appreciate everyone’s scrutiny of the existing Honour Roll and advising errors accordingly. So too, I shall further appreciate your advices for anyone’s name not yet published. This applies to ALL DCLI as far back as the referrer wishes.

    • Sloop JB says:


      At this point I would say Ken never went to Belize,he was with us from the time we got off HMTS till the time he left the Battalion to go home.

      • OK Sloop, good enough from your personal experiences. I shall amend the entry accordingly.

        PS: During an earlier exchange of comments with Dave H, you mentioned Taunton ex DCLI who had long passed away. Is there an opportunity for those names to be entered – with your authority? You might also spread the word at Bodmin in June to any Old Mates that you chat with, about this Memoriale, and our wishes to update it as far as practicable. Thanks.

        • Sloop JB says:


          I have set the ball rolling


            Several Taunton names have been added to the Roll, thanks to Sloops’s industry. A sad addition of more names that hitherto had escaped our knowledge. None known to me, but significant that some would have brushed shoulders at Plymouth and on the Clyde.

            RIP, cheps.

  94. Ted Davis. RIP

    Ted was drafted into the 16th Intake at Bodmin in November 1953, together with some 80 Brissol cheps, who were later dispersed throughout the Battalion. Ted kept good company with his Brissol Mates in 3 Platoon, A Coy, Bermuda and quietly served out his N/S time without a single problem. Ted was good company, enjoyed a drink at the Naafi with Griff, Bill and myself and spent many sunswept hours at Horse Shoe Beach enjoying a quiet rum or two.

    Ted was the smart soldier, immaculately dressed in uniform or civvies and being of almost identical height to me, we spent many hours on parade next to each other. I recall that Ted and I remarked on HRH Maggie’s perfume as she wafted by our Royal Guard.

    Ted had a dry wit and sardonic humour, dwelt cautiously on some of the more outrageous comments, but was always ready to pull his weight with Platoon chores. We had some hilarious times bivouacked down at Warwick Camp and he played no small part in the Campaign against the Land Crabs. Early in 1955, Ted accompanied Griff on transfer to Kingston and that moment was the last time I ever saw or spoke to him.

    Ted had no family that I know of and died an early lonely death in Bristol far too early. He kept in contact with Griff in Bristol over the years.

    Fond Memories Ted. Thank you for your Mateship.

  95. Swanny says:

    Brilliant write up of Delabole Dick, just like to add that I only saw Dick once after he left Bermuda. I met him in Wadebridge and had as we say Bit-A-Yarn about old times. Outstanding character, in those days there wasn’t many of us had transport, I had a 350 BSA and drove to Bodmin on route to Wadebridge where I met Dick.

    Would have loved to have seen more of him, but alas in those days we didn’t get in contact as we do these days. I also went and met Brian Peters in Bodmin again; that was the last time I saw him also.

    I always ask when I go to Bodmin but have never met anyone who knew him, strange as he was a Bodmin boy. I did meet many of our old mates when in the TA at one camp on Dartmoor which most just did the one TA call up training.

    Again Derek the years have passed and as you always say GOYA before its too late as our memorial shows of the close mates we have lost in the last few years.

  96. “Delabole Dick” Hill. RIP

    Dick Hill was a great character. Outwardly, he was at odds with we younger 3 Platoon, A Coy cheps; Dick had about 5 – 6 years on us and from memory was a country lad in the company of many Brissol city slickers. Dick, Griff, Brad, Bill, Ted, and myself seemed to fraternise in the billet and on our many forays into Hamilton, with Swanny, Dutch and Paddy Feeney of course! Dick was quietly smart and absorbed his military obligations with panache.

    On the occasion when Charlie Seaborne initially lectured us on the application of the Energa Bomb, Dick Hill forever afterwards referred to the weapon as “dat der nerga bam”, to the amusement of his mates.

    Dick earned Stick Orderly on at least one occasion, was always smartly turned out and a reliable soldier. I appreciated his dry humour and turn of wit and his dogged competition with we “young ‘uns”. Miss you Delabole Dick, fond memories, you died too soon.


    Kindly use this new Memoriale Blog page with dignity and respectful comments about an Old Mate. Compose your message as if it is a eulogy that you wish to live in perpetuity of your thoughts and dearest memories of your Old Army Mate.

    The Memoriale List has been transferred from the 1DCLI Memorabilia website that is hotlinked to the Name Title. Kindly advise errors and omissions.

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