History of the HMT Empire Clyde:

As “The CAMERONIA” she was built in 1919 by Wm Beardmore & Co Ltd, Glasgow for the Anchor Line of Glasgow. She was a 16,365 gross ton ship, length 552.4ft x beam 70.4ft, one funnel, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 16 knots. There was accommodation for 265-1st, 370-2nd and 1,100-3rd class passengers. Launched on 23/12/1919, the installation of the final parts of her passenger accommodation were delayed due to a strike and she had to be towed to Cherbourg for completion.

(Photos are onboard 1954 North Atlantic shots). She commenced her maiden voyage from Glasgow to Liverpool and New York on 11/5/1921 and between 1921 – 1924 she made several similar Cunard-Anchor Line voyages. In October 1925 she rescued the crew of the burning US Coastguard cutter “CG 128” off New York and in November of the same year collided with the Norwegian steamer HAUK in the Clyde. In January 1926, one voyage had to be abandoned off Ireland due to steering gear failure and she was forced to put back to Glasgow for repair. In August of that year she missed collision with the Cunard liner SAMARIA by only six feet in dense fog. She was refurbished in 1929 to carry 290-cabin, 431-tourist and 698-3rd class passengers. In December 1932 the ship suffered an influenza epidemic and 400 passengers were confined to their beds. It is reported that the ship’s doctor made 500 visits a day to his patients. Between December 1934 and October 1935 the ship was laid up at Glasgow, and from then until April 1936 was used as a troopship to the Far East carrying a total of over 16,000 personnel. In 1936 she was refitted again and on 10/7/1936 resumed the Glasgow – New York service. In 1937 she attended the Spithead Naval Review for the coronation of King George VI and on September 5th 1939 left Glasgow and became the first British ship to enter New York after the outbreak of war. She made 11 unescorted Transatlantic voyages until she was requisitioned as a troopship in Dec.1940. In Jan.1941 she trooped 3,000 men to Suez via the Cape and then shuttled between Alexandria and Greece, mainly with New Zealanders. In 1942 she took part in the training and run up to the North African landings (Operation Torch) and in November took part in the landings. She was hit by an aerial torpedo in December 1942 with the loss of 17 lives, but reached Bone, Algeria. She returned to Gibraltar for repair and thence to the Clyde. In June 1943 she resumed service and participated in carrying the Canadian Tank Division from Malta to Sicily and in June 1944 was the largest troopship to take part in the Normandy landings. In Aug.1945 she was derequisitioned after carrying a total of 163,789 troops over a total distance of 321,323 miles. Laid up as ‘worn out’ at 25 years of age, she was brought out of retirement in July 1948 and refitted by Barclay Curle at Elderslie for use as an Australian emigration ship, with capacity for 1,266 passengers. On 1/11/1948 she commenced the first of 11 UK-Australia voyages. On 21/1/1953 she was sold to the Ministry of Transport and renamed EMPIRE CLYDE and in March 1958 was scrapped at Newport, Mon. Our appreciation to Chris White – for this update published 11th November 2007.


Boarding Pass on unidentified Troop Ship

Boarding Pass on unidentified Troop Ship

Dear Sir, My mother and eldest sister travelled by troop ship from Greenock to Capetown in 1944 on what I suspect was the HMT ‘Empire Clyde’. I have attached relevant documents, but obviously the ship isn’t mentioned by name, only convoy number. Is it possible to find out if ‘Empire Clyde’ was this ship and any other pertinent information on the voyage, such as:- other female passengers and ports of call . Apparently the ship’s purser, Willie Murdoch, was a cousin of my mother. Your help would be much appreciated as my mother is ninety two and her long range memory seems to be getting sharper and we would love to fill in some of the details of a voyage which must have been harrowing for a young bride and her child on a ship full of soldiers. Yours sincerely Richard Muir.


Your perusal of this Empire Clyde Association 1954 Blog page will bring you up to date with proposed developments to design, produce and mail (to anywhere on the planet) – an Empire Clyde Commemorative Tankard, that historically records the 1DCLI Regimental Posting to the Caribbean from Liverpool, on the Troopship Empire Clyde in February 1954. The attached image is the latest (5th June 2010) proofing that is underway with badgesonmugs.co.uk Addtional images will be posted when available.

Anyone so interested needs to place a purchase option on this Blog Page. At this time of writing there are approximately 24 Orders that have been indicated (revised 5th June 2010). Many more will flow, as active Association Members advise others who are not internet savvy and are shown prints of the photos on the website.




    As a mark of remembrance for the Empire Clyde sailing on 19th February 1954, I’ve opened this Empire Clyde Association -1954 page for Comments, in the hope that the remaining few Old DCLI’ians of that era will drop a line to communicate to other Mates who were part of the last gathering (in one single place) of the Regimental Members who served in the Caribbean. Many earlier anniversaries have passed without recognition, but hopefully the upcoming 64th occasion will encourage some response. Here’s hoping anyway and to all readers, new or old, welcome to this elite fraternity. Tempus Fugit!

  2. Dick Burwood BAOR29 Kingston, Newcastle. 22246490 says:

    Old comrades in Kernow to name a few, Fred Hughs, Nobby Clark(Penzance), Jan Truscot, Lyn Cole.
    Best Wishes ONE AND ALL.

  3. Sloop JB says:

    I have looked the photo of Dick, and I honestly cannot remember him from back then, but if he knocked on my door now I would remember him from our meetings at Bodmin Reunions. Once we were talking and he was looking for a lift back to Newquay where he was staying. As we were heading in the opposite direction we couldn’t help him. I suggested he asked around to find someone heading that way and see if they would oblige. I don’t know the outcome of that, ’cause I don’t think Dick came down after that year.

  4. Dick Burwood 22246490 says:

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  5. Dick Burwood 22246490 says:

    Hi Ed just tried my first upload hope it has worked

    • Editor in Brisbane says:

      Dick Burwood 1955 Jamaica

      G’Day Dick

      URLs written into the body text by any writer (the ‘Author’ of the comment) are usually captured by the Blog Spam filter Akismet and held until accepted by the Editor. In your case the (incorrect) URL cannot reach the public view. The best and only option to publish a URL is to place the verbatim hypertext in the “website” space allocated in the Comment Box, where if successfully written will appear as a hotlink to the Author’s name and then all viewers with the savvy to so do, can open that link and view the material.

      In your case, all that I (as Editor) have been able to achieve is the opening of a single photo of you, but that ain’t helping anyone else who can’t see the URL. You’ll need to email me with your expectations – i.e. the total number of photos that you wish published and we’ll work something out. (This single photo is published hereto – as an editorial function at my end of WordPress).

      Past practice has generally devolved to the compilation of a Google Picasa Album, which method has proved to be a simple and straightforward method to show groups of photos. Examples can be seen in the listings under “Picasa Albums Military” in the header section.

      If there are in fact only a few photos – say 20 or so – the easiest method is to email ’em to me by .jpeg attachments and I’ll do the necessary at this end. I share the enthusiasm of all 1DCLI Mates in seeing your collection.


      PS: Alternatively Dick, set up a Picasa Album yourself (google ‘Google Picasa’ for prompts) and set up your own Picasa site, publish up to the Internet and forward the link to me. I shall then publish on our own “Picasa Albums Military’ page. You can master edit your old photos in Picasa to eradicate blemishes etc.

  6. Sloop JB says:

    Hello Dick, I remember you at the Bodmin Re-Unions, you took a photo of myself and my wife. You gave the photo to Haddow to give to me and I’m still waiting for it, the bugger must have put it in his album. Still can’t remember you from the Battalion days.

  7. Dick Burwood 22246490 says:

    I was secretary of the London Branch for nineteen years and remember John Haddow Som, LI and his wife Gwen laying wreaths at the Cenotaph, she was very proud to lay the DCLI wreath. I have been to many Bodmin Re-Unions over the years and have many Cornish friends.You may remember me winning the light/welter title at Upark Camp.

    Good Luck One and All


    Can anyone with a long memory out there help me? I was a National Serviceman with the Royal Artillery, had completed a Radar Course at Weybourne, Norfolk and had emerged as a BIII Radar operator. The only name I remember from the group that went out to Hong Kong on the Empire Clyde was Bob Sharp who was posted to Stonecutter Island. The same Bob Sharp met my friend David Bluett at a dinner many years later, and I think that he had signed on as a regular after National Service.

    My query is that I remember the Empire Clyde being broken down with engine trouble in Port Said for over 24 hours and then sailing normally down the Suez Canal. This coincided, I think, with the Suez Crisis, no information was given out at all to us squaddies, and no information was given out when we landed in Hong Kong. Therefore, did I imagine that our breakdown did not coincide with Suez – but if it did – why were we allowed by the Egyptian Authorities to proceed.

    Can anyone shed light on this query?

    ED: G’Day James. I hope that someone will pick up on your inquiry and post a reply. However, HMTroopships is probably a preferred page to register a comment against the Clyde image there. You are more likely to get a response.

  9. Dick Burwood 22246490 says:

    Any old Kernow LI remember me, Minden and West Indies

    • Sloop JB says:

      Hello Dick,

      I can’t say that I know you or remember you from Minden or West Indies but I have heard my brother-in -law mention you. He lives in London and he goes over to Chelsea for the LI get togethers, he was in the SLI. Three or four years ago he laid a wreath at the Cenotaph for the SLI and my sister laid one on behalf of the DCLI, he couldn’t understand why you being an ex DCLI member weren’t asked to lay it for them. Did you ever come down to Bodmin on our Rally days?

  10. Editor in Brisbane says:

    ‘SECONDS’ (5 ONLY)

    Michael at badgesonmugs advises that he has 5 slightly imperfect Empire Clyde mugs that would do for ‘daily use’. Slight fading to the images.

    Quote I have 5 “seconds” available, mugs which are too good to throw away but not quite perfect. I had a slight problem with the mug press! Typically there’s a slight fading around some edges of the images. They’d make good daily use mugs. If any of your chaps are interested they’re for sale at £3 each, plus £3 p&p for the first and £1.50 for each extra one. Probably not worth the international shipping cost. Please email me directly and I can set up card payment.



    So if anyone is interested – just email Michael and order the second – or the perfect – whichever suits.

    PS: Michael advises that around 25 Clyde Mugs have been purchased so far. Thanks to all who participated.

  11. ZOE FORD says:

    Hello there, I ordered a HMT EMPIRE CLYDE mug from the Badges on mugs website and they have sent me something completely wrong. I don’t know whether you are involved with that website, but if you are, could you please email me details on where I need to send the wrong mug back to, and how to order the correct one.

    Thanks Zoe Ford

    • Hello Zoe.

      Unusual in our individual purchasing experience for things to go wrong. Best suggestion is to re-enter badgesonmugs website and access “Contact Us” (see Menu Bar on top) and follow the prompts. The owner Michael is very much on the ball and will correct the problem immediately. We have now many times placed separate orders, so somehow the incorrect mug in your case has been itemised.

      Thanks for supporting our Mug production. Good Luck.

  12. Terry Simons says:

    Ordered my Empire Clyde mug after I came home from Bodmin on Sunday and it arrived on Tuesday morning . I hope every one is OK. Terry Simons.

  13. Editor says:


    Many of you have already ordered and received the Empire Clyde Commemorative Mug and reported as such. I would further appreciate the Mug availability and Order Process, being advised to the many others in our little band of heroes, who are slow outta the blocks, or not Internet connected – such as Griff and Brad. Appears to me also that Joe Knight is unaware.

    Others who go un-noticed – peruse the Blogs – Geoff Cherry for one, who was the first to order, was clearly browsing the blogs but making no comment. The Rifles Open day this Sunday at The Keep will see further promotion by Sloop, who has printed off some flyers for circulation.

    The manufacturer has been very compliant and supportive and it will be appreciated if we can make a grand show and place as many orders as possible.



    Orders to be placed direct with badgesonmugs.com.uk

    Simply connect the hotlink above and follow the Order/Shipping prompts. Transaction is highly secure, prompt, efficient and the product is beyond expectation. Reports from Sloop, Jack, Geoff and Barry indicate highly professional handling and satisfaction.

    Multiple orders over 3 items attract a discount. Help us out here to support this UK Supplier who knows how to get the lead out, and who has utmost respect for we of his Dad’s generation.

  15. Sloop JB says:

    We have just gone through the order procedure and placed an order for 6 mugs, with discount and p/p, the total price was reduced to £37.80 (UK only), making it £6.30 per mug, ordering 10 mugs in one order total price comes up at £63, ordering 20 mugs is £126. ordering 1 mug is £10. I hope this helps your decision Barry and others thinking about ordering.

    ED: Well done Sloop, very helpful, every pensioner penny helps!

    PS: Sloop, you are very supportive of all our Regimental Memorabilia and I for one, applaud your industry. Had you considered making a Mug donation to The Museum along with your Flyers? Might have to tie a bit of wire rope through the handle if it’s on open display!

  16. Barry Cornish says:

    I have only now had an opportunity to catch up on this blog and I am delighted to hear of everyone’s satisfaction with the design and quality of the mugs. Had I been aware of your suggestion of a bulk order for those in the WCLIA earlier, I would willingly have volunteered to coordinate the orders.

    However, we do not have our next meeting for another couple of months, so I think that it would be more effective now for us to order individually from Badgesonmugs, particularly in view of their prompt and efficient deliveries. I am going to place the order for mine, now.

    ED: Good News Barry and thanks for your belated offer, but maybe the Penzance cheps – apart from Jack – will still wish to muster. I haven’t heard from Swanny about his intentions, I do know that Terry Joll has signalled an intention to Order. Maybe also Terry Simons wants one or two. Neither am I aware that the availability of the Mug was discussed while Griff, Brad and Joe were in Penzance this past week, again only Swanny will know.

    I guess too, that there will be many others – who are not Bloggers, or Internet connected – will wish to purchase. The advantages of the Badgesonmugs system, is that an order can be processed any time, I don’t expect that the supplier will bank up a huge stockpile, but it would be good to think that eventually some 50 or so are sold.

    • Barry Cornish says:

      My Empire Clyde Association mug arrived today and I am delighted with it.

      Thank you Sloop, for the information on the generous discount that Michael is offering for bulk orders, I will pass the information on to anyone who shows an interest in ordering.

      ED: Thanks Barry for report, again it seems that badgesonmugs are very professional.

  17. Jack Madron says:

    Shipping confirmation. Thurs. 10th. 11-50. Delivered today 11th at 13-15. You can’t beat that for service. Verdict on mugs. Well worth the price or as Geoff said. 10 out of 10. Thank you for the work you and badgesonmugs have done. A very satisfied customer indeed.

    ED: Thanks for update on the outcome Jack. Thank you too for your part in referring the Badgesonmugs Company. Satisfactory all round, let’s hope the rest of the lads place some orders next week. I’ve contacted the few that I know of in OZ, but no feedback yet.

  18. Jack Madron says:

    Have been notified that my order was dispatched A.M. today.

    ED: Thanks Jack, kindly report receipt and opinion.

  19. Jack Madron says:

    Been busy so a bit late ordering. Have done now. Ordered four and had confirmation from badgesonmugs at 13-20 today. Hope they don’t go to Swindon sorting office. lol.

    ED: Well done Jack, please advise receipt, so that we can track this exemplary performance from badgesonline.

  20. Geoff Cherry says:

    ED. My mug arrived at 1330Hrs today Wednesday, delay caused by Mail Sorting Office for Oxfordshire, being located at Swindon Wilts, 10 out of 10 for Mug.

    ED: Thanks Geoff, glad you approve. Brings back a few memories?

    PS: Must be a few mugs at Swindon?

  21. Sloop JB says:


    The mugs are very smart with the Empire Clyde and the Battalion Badge on, well worth what I paid for them. But if I speak the truth I liked the mug you originally designed, but as I said very smart, I sent for four at the last.

    ED: Thanks for feedback Sloop. I appreciate your comments too about the original design. Problem there was the available surface area on the current Mug. My original was set up on a tankard style of mug – not available unfortunately.

  22. Sloop JB says:


    1345hrs Empire Clyde Mugs delivered to my door.

    How’s that for service, twenty four hours after ordering. Well done Badgesonmugs, well done Post Office, and well done you and Jack.

    ED: Thanks Sloop, what are they like?


    On this morning Tuesday 8th June 2010 at precisely 2210 GMT Monday, (which is 0710 here, being 9 hours in front). I found the Order/Payment system to be absolutely bloody fantastic, never experienced anything better and so thorough.

    Why would it not be? this chep Michael at badgesonmugs.co.uk knows his stuff through and through. I’ll report arrival of Ye Olde Mugge, be interesting to see how HM Post performs!

    PS: Received confirmation of shipping (8th) at midday GMT – 2100 AEST

    • Editor says:


      This morning at 0800 OZ time, effectively 8 days from Order. The mug was delivered intact and very well packed in a styrene foam box. Very happy with quality and production system. Can now drink my cider as it should be – from a china mug. I take up Sloop’s mention on an earlier comment that the original larger ‘tankard’ would have been more of a showpiece and given a choice – that’s what I would have gone for. I’ll persist with further inquiry, but it all might be academic just now, as you’ve probably all spent your month’s pocket money!

  24. Geoff Cherry says:

    Order for Mug placed yesterday, notified in post today,will update on arrival.

    ED: Thanks Geoff, well done.

    • Sloop JB says:

      Order for mugs placed this afternoon has been dispatched already.

      Derek I hope I didn’t wake you up with my enquiry early today.

      ED: No problems Sloop, thanks for action. Let me know in due course.

  25. Editor says:


    Nah then cheps! Thanks for all your enthusiastic responses. Outta my hands now and over to you all individually – or collectively – to make your purchase and P&P arrangments. The hotlink above takes you into Michael’s (badgesonmugs.co.uk) direct order, purchase facility and of course you need to factor in your P&P as applicable.

    There is obviously sufficient indication for the minimum quantities needed to qualify Michael’s considerate pricing, bearing in mind that if a group of you such as (say) the Penzance & West Cornwall lads, muster together for a group purchase, you will benefit further for a group discount and reduced mailing.

    So, get to it cheps – Mike’s Order Book is open (just follow the prompts) – but kindly report your acquisitions here and of course, suitable comments on the production, service and quality.

  26. Sloop JB says:


    Well done for getting things moving so quickly. Now, can I add another mug to my list, I have someone else to approach which may mean another one to come this way, I will let you know in due course.

    ED: Done Sloop.

  27. JT says:

    Thanks Derek for reviving this. I would like to order 2 Mugs.

    ED: Thanks JT, your order amended.

  28. Jack Madron says:

    Thank you for getting things done so quick. Have just viewed the badgesonmugs advert and it brought a lump to the throat. Bloody ansum.

  29. Editor says:


    Well – yer ‘tiz cheps – what a fantastic service from the supplier. See hotlinked URL under my name above to view the entire production. All self explanatory. You can order now if you please, or get a bunch together to batch order for the benefits of multiple orders and P&P.

  30. Terry Joll says:

    As an Honorary Blogger I wish to be allowed to have 2 Mugs please. An investment for the future


    ED: Noted Sjnt Major! Many thanks.

    PS: NB: An Honorary Caribbeaner too.

  31. Editor says:


    The news gets even better cheps. This lad Michael at badgesonmugs.co.uk really knows his stuff and has been wonderfully co-operative in our Mug production. We are working on the final print layout over this weekend – that’s how keen he is out of respect for we “Old Soldiers”. Even better is the cost. He is maintaining his standard mug prices for us, even though there is a ton more setup work and printing.

    QuoteIn anticipation of a couple of dozen sales, and because you guys are all my dad’s generation and he brought me up to respect you, I’ll keep the individual mug price at our standard £7. P&P for UK is £3, rest of Europe £3.50, rest of the world £5.50. For multiple purchases there will be a postage reduction for UK only, international is calculated simply on weight.” Endquote.

    This means that (say) if the Penzance and West Cornwall cheps club together and organise a bulk order and payment you will save on the P&P costs and simply distribute from a central address.

    Anyway, we need to do a body count leading up to end of June, so spread the word and report Orders onto this Blog. I shall then log ’em at the Header section.

    Now this is a cash upfront deal cheps, so let’s get with it. Take it from me the quality is superb and Jack will know ‘cos he already has a standard DCLI Mug. Ask him. A final proof is being done and I’ll publish the images soon.

    PS: So you Penzance Lads, what about a volunteer among you to act as a central Treasurer? You’ll save some dollars (or is that six squids?)

  32. Sloop JB says:


    Would you please put my name down for two mugs, my son Steve would be honoured to give a home to one.

    ED: Thanks Sloop, your amended order noted.

  33. Swanny Swanson says:

    Am glad this is on again to be able to purchase Clyde Mug, at this stage when they become available I would like to buy one.

    ED: Thanks ‘Ole Mate. Can you put the word out to Griff and Brad. See the latest post on the Clyde Blog.

  34. Jack Madron says:

    Proper job Ed. I’ll have two please.

    ED: Already noted Jack.

  35. Editor in Brisbane. says:


    Negotiations are underway to produce our Clyde Mug, due to Jack Madron’s timely help in locating a manufacturer who is showing highly professional interest.

    Interim designs have been exchanged and it looks as if we are soon to obtain final costings to include shipment anywhere on the planet. To keep matters simple, I suggest a direct order placement with the Company in the UK, but it will help if we can get some ballpark numbers to indicate the production run potential.

    Kindly use this blog to register your interest.

    The attached mockup is just that. When the final proof is ready I’ll post the image/s here for examination.

    NB: For the sake of accuracy, I shall change “Troopship” to “HMT” and change the 1954 livery to the accustomed black hull, for which I have a better image.

  36. Rich Muir says:

    Thanks for all your help. I am now getting some info from R.S.A. and know that HMT Cameronia sailed from Greenock, Scotland in Jan 1944 and sailed to Durban, R.S.A. via the Med. Thanks again for all your help

  37. Sloop JB says:

    Oh Ed,

    I feel like a snitch now, lol. Sorry guys.

    ED: No apology required JB, your remark gave me the opening to bring a timely reminder, just carrying out morning drill!

  38. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Hi All. Have not been on this blog site for some time. How very interesting to read all of your comments. Looking at the pictures of on board acitivities like the one of Derek, Dutch, and I think Mick Turnbull going through the mode of throwing me over the side of the ship. That was one of the pics that was put on The Bodmin Gazette by Derek some time ago.

    While at Bodmin during our Re-Union group together someone asked me about this caption, I remember it quite well, and unlike Derek who met up with Dutch in Bristol I was so looking forward to meeting him again but alas maybe meet him one day. Good memories of far off days.

  39. Sloop JB says:


    If Richard Muir has access to this blog all he needs do is go to the head of the blog and he will see information answering some of his questions.

    ED: Sloop, you raise an interesting point. The ‘leader’ section of each individual blog page is drafted to outline that blog’s content. Ergo, the topical matter that I – as Editor – originally intended/expected, for the ongoing and disciplined commentary from readers. There are, as anyone can see, specific blog pages for specifically related topics; and ‘general’ blog pages for ridiculous banter. Why this is difficult, remains – to me – a mystery!

    It’s been an interesting journey, over 3 years, to deduce how contributors respond (positively), and additionally how much of the original information is ignored. Further in fact, how many of the original blog pages are not even scanned at all. I’m sure that if time were spent in reading ALL the blog history, there might be avoidance of many duplicated and irrelevant (to that blog) references.

  40. Richard Muir says:

    Sorry, my error ref the departure from Greenock on 14/01/44. The ship would have been the ‘Cameronia’ and the destination was Durban, South Africa. Not sure whether it travelled down the west coast of Africa or through the Med, but I seem to recall my mum mentioning calling in to St. Helena on the West Coast. Does that help identify the ship as the’ Cameronia’

    Cheers Richard Muir W.A.

    ED: I appreciate the correction Richard, but the fact remains, we ain’t a research facility – as much as we in turn would like access to passenger manifests and boat logs. Let me know if you find success elsewhere. Ciao.

  41. Sloop JB says:


    Thanks for taking the time to answer my son Steves comment, he will appreciate that.

  42. Hi Richard and Ed
    Was the paper work for a troop carrier? A very long shot really:

    On the website link, half way down is REINA DEL PACIFICO. In January 1944 she sailed on a trooping voyage to East Africa and then spent ten months ferrying troops in the Mediterranean. It does not say where she sailed from and has got East Africa I know but could have stopped off at Cape Town first. Probably no help at all but it might be a possibility. There is nothing matching Cape Town, Greenock and the date together.

    • JT says:

      Steve Billett

      The Reina del Pacifico was a passenger -cargo liner in the early 50’s with a regular run from UK to Chile via Panama regularly calling at several ports including Bermuda where I remember her unloading stores for the garrison there.

      I was at the docks with an RASC WO11 helping to check stuff off.

      Co-incidentally I was in hospital 4 years ago and a guy in the next bed was a crew member who said he remembered her carrying stuff for us.

  43. Richard Muir says:


    ED: Hello Richard, I have received your email attachment with the relevant Boarding Pass, but regrettably can shed no further light on your inquiry. We have no research capability and have no referral for you either. Similar requests in the past have been given identical response. Best of luck in any further research that you undertake.

    I will however publish the above document in the hope that others with some helpful opinion will add comment to this blog.

  44. Jack Madron says:

    John B.
    Thanks for the info. Sid Chapman. Yes, it’s all coming back. He was into wrestling. We had some chaps in MGs from your part of the world. David Johnson. Don R in Minden, promoted with me in Jamaica. Joe Baker and a chap called Thompson. Can’t remember his first name, he got a first tape just before I left for demob. Did you ever meet any of them? Keep in touch.

  45. Jack Madron says:

    Hi John Billett.
    Sent you an e-mail this afternoon but it failed. Is that your right email address? Looked at your photos which brought back some good memories. Is it possible to put some names to faces in your pix. The chap you named as Ken Maddren was a neighbour of mine, Rendal Maddern. (Not related). He died in a road accident just after demob. In your platoon photo at Bodmin, #50. Back row 3rd left, is that Pilley? Front row right of chap with cup is Jim Andrews. Left of John Allsopp? Jim was in MMGs and other two, I believe were 3in mortars. Photo #71. Minden. In front blowing smoke? Jim is behind him. Chap with hand on his shoulder? and to his right, just behind, not smiling? Last but not least, bottom righthand corner. Is that John Fisher? John, Jim and one not smiling were in MMGs and I think the other two were as well, definitely S Coy. Two names that spring to mind are Chapman and Truscot but not sure if that is them.

    Why don’t you come onto MMG. S Coy blog. At the moment there are two of us from MMGs and hoping more Up Park Campers will follow.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Jack, just caught your mail, glad you like my pics, don’t think I am a poser but how it tuned out. I am going through the pics putting titles to them then you will know who’s who. The Chapman in my pics was Sid. He was school boy wrestling champion of Cornwall. I was in Officers Mess in Jamaica, so didn’t get to know many guys. George Crossman was my mate, we came to Bodmin from Taunton together the only I can’t remember is which Intake we were. 13 sticks in my mind but I’m not sure. I heard about Ken Maddern a long time ago, very sad. Well Jack you’ve got my contact number now so I dare say I will hear from you again.

  46. John Billett says:

    Hello Terry and June, Thank you for your answer to our email. Seems like its a good job we came home when we did, as its been raining ever since. You will have to be careful after you eat those xmas puddings with all that spirit your putting in it, no driving mind. Take care for now. Will speak to you again .

    Peg and John.

  47. Terry Simons says:

    John, glad you and Peg had a good time down here and the weather was good too. Nicholas enjoyed his day at the Keep. June has all the ingredients ready for this years cakes we have 2 puddings made 2 years ago which June feeds with brandy some times. How good will they taste at Christmas? If you ever want to come to Penzance for a few days you would be more than welcome. Keep in touch.

    Terry and June.

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Terry and June,

      Have not heard from you lately, hope every thing is fine with you. We are okay this end. We imagine you’ve been busy with the children as they are on holiday from school. We are still trying to come to terms with this mind bending machine, we are not giving in to it.

      Best wishes to you both and all the family.


  48. John Billett says:

    Hi Terry, we are home now, we had a brilliant holiday in Cornwall, the weather was great. It was nice to see you all again and meeting up with Derek, we hope your grandson enjoyed the day at Bodmin rally.

    We are sat at home with a laptop which has been brought up here to show us around the net, we are thinking about getting one, but its a big layout finacially to start up from scratch. Watch this space.

    Peg says keep cooking the christmas cakes! Love to you and June

    John and Peg

  49. Terry Simons says:

    Hello Steve, I met John and Peggy yesterday in Bodmin we had a good day together. Not so many there I do believe. For the last fortnight we have been having a Bermuda Caribbean Reunion the last we saw each other was 54 years ago it was the years were swept aside and all the memories came flooding back amazing really.

    Best Wishes Terry

  50. John Billett says:

    Hi Terry, John and Peg are in Cornwall already this week on holiday, yes they will be there at Bodmin on Sunday.

    Regards Steve (Son)

  51. Terry Simons says:

    Good to see you on the web page John hope to see You and Peggy in Bodmin on Sunday for the Annual Rally Take care All the Best.

    Terry Simons Penzance

  52. John Billett says:

    Dear Derek, My name is John Billett, I live in Taunton Somerset. I served my National Service with DCLI from 1953-55, starting at Bodmin with my 10 week training under Sgt Johnny Allsopp. My 1st posting was Minden, Germany, then back to Plymouth, then to Jamaica (Up Park Camp) on the Empire Clyde. My son has introduced me to your website as I am not computer literate but love what you have done and what I have seen so far. I have some photo’s of my time with DCLI, if my son scans them into his pc and sends them to you by email along with an account of my time served through my memories. I attend the open day at Bodmin each year and enjoy talking to old comrades. Will wait to hear from you. John ….ps I love the mug idea

    ED: G’Day John, I’m in Brissol right now, headed for Penzance today (Sunday) to attend our long awaited Caribbean Re-Union starting officially tomorrow at the Union Hotel. Why not join us – some of your Minden mates will be there, Jack Madron for one. We’d just love to have your photos, captions and anecdotes for the web and blog sites – send ’em to my email (djkl157@gmail.com) and when I return to OZ, I’ll upload ’em.

    The Clyde Mug is in limbo currently, still awaiting an interested production supplier, but we are known for our persistence ‘Ole Mate. Take care and many thanks for your comments and contact.

    PS: Check out the Caribbean Re-Union page on this blog site to update the many comments on the Events

  53. Ann Schubert says:

    As a child of nine I returned from Egypt to England on the Empire Clyde. I believe we left Egypt April 14, 1953 – is this possible? My Dad was in the Royal Army Ordinance Corps and had served in Egypt since 1948. We were stationed in Port Said and Moascar. My dad is now 90 living in Kent, UK and I live in TN, US

    • Editor says:

      Hello Ann

      Interesting comment and question. You were most likely one of the earliest group of passengers on the re-named Clyde, in April ’53. The history above at the blog page leader provides the history that we have been able to obtain. You make no mention as such, but ’tis unlikely that you’ll get much response to your comment on this Blog, or find a fellow passenger. You have almost a whole year up on we 1DCLI squaddies, who shipped on the Clyde – ex Liverpool 19th February 1954, Caribbean bound.

      Thank You for your comment.

  54. John Tenniswood says:

    Hi Ian

    Interesting, how did you get the passenger list? and where was your Dad then?

  55. Ian Clark says:

    Tracing family history I note my name on the passenger list of the Empire Clyde. 27/3/1954. The Royal Welsh Fusiliers families were returning from Kingston, Jamaica.

    Interesting as I thought my father was with us but apparently not.

    • Det Grace says:

      I also found my mother, myself and brother on the passenger list but not my Dad and the strange thing is that we lived not far from where the Empire Clyde was scrapped at “Cashmores” in Newport

  56. Editor says:


    SFA to report regarding the Clyde Tankard Proposal. Nary a ferking word from the London supplier initially contacted – so an empty vessel (pardon the pun) there. Disappointing though, maybe we’re on the wrong tram – for modern day production options – are we really that old?? Personally I’d have thought that a silk screened china tankard was a simple query – so I’ll continue (in due course!!) to find a supplier with a bit more getupandgo. If it can be done for a mug for Charlie & Diana, or on a gosunder for the Centenary, or a teapot for the London Olympics – why not a tankard for we Old Squaddies?

    I’ll keep searching – cheps – meantime don’t hesitate to forward a suggestion.

    Carpe Diem!

    PS: I spoke yesterday to a knowledgeable retailer here in Brisbane, who shared some valuable and voluble thoughts with me about this proposed production. The most difficult and costly factor appears to be the ‘mug’ itself. The application of substrates is quite simple – provided the vertical and horizontal planes of the base item are relatively flat/straight – in that the artwork doesn’t need to be fudged to fit any angles. Said supplier also suggested that there might be lots of little old ladies in garages (in Cornwall) who have china decorating hobbies and might assist!

  57. Terry Simons says:

    Order me one tankard please. I think the design and the general look of the thing is excellent.

    Terry Simons

    ED: Thanks Terry – will advise further progress

  58. Jack Madron says:

    Can I change my order to two? Must have something to leave my son and daughter to remember their old man by. But not yet for a few years.

    ED: Thanks Jack – amended.

    PS: The Guarantee of Quality on T’owd Tub Tankard – endows immortality to the Purchaser!! (That’s immortality NOT immorality you W&W Bloggers)


    Please reserve (?) Commemorative Tankards for me – subject to my acceptance of a final price to include shipping to: City, Country ONLY.

    (We can pick up your mailing address by confidential email – revealed only to Editor).

    Thanks You (Signed)

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