Geezer Image1 The current few Old Mates who maintain contact quite regularly on the LI Most Wanted pages have promoted an idea for a new non-military weblog page to provide a platform for social exchanges that embrace our present lives and activities. The fond hope is that Old Mates who have wandered afar from the long ago recollections of the 1950s and who are now (in 2015) in their 70s/’80s will join us in banter and bull and friendly repartee. We can of course continue to post comments to the remaining ‘open’ weblog pages for military related dialogue, but on this Geezers R US, we propose a clear space for wide civilian style exchanges, including well achieved Birthday Wishes, Anniversaries and the like, additionally to frequent holiday and local escapades. Feel free to email me your .jpeg photos for inclusion in Comments that you post such as the example shown.

The general view is that we seek to encourage a regular exchange of interesting comments about daily life and events; funny, happy, sad and memorable occurrences that you wish to share with others. Holiday snaps, garden tips, cooking achievements, travel hiccups etc – anything goes. We hope that the widows and families of Old Mates (especially past Regimental characters) will make an effort and we can restore much of the original camaraderie – echoed during the June 2009 Re-Union and the immediate years that followed. Carpe Diem!

UPDATE 24TH JULY 2016 The site has changed yet again with many page closures (hidden) to simplify the header section. Followers of Geezers will note the posts relating to our diminishing numbers and frequency of comments. I predict that the entire site will shut down by end 2016.


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    Thanks Cheps for your concluding remarks. HMTroopships and sub pages are now the remaining pages open.


    PS: Since the closure was announced just a few days ago, the site has been bombarded by Spammers who proclaim many variations of editorial ‘assistance’. What they don’t get unfortunately is that their parasitical invasion of private documents is an affront to yours – and mine – privacy.

    PPS: Geoff and I are in regular contact with Bill, who is holidaying in Hong Kong with his Chinese relatives. Bill passes on his regards and best wishes to all mates and lets you know that he’s having a fine time and trying to drink the island dry of it’s beer supplies. He plans to visit surrounding islands today.

  2. True to Life, we regret to admit,
    That all good things to an end do submit.
    This Light Infantry site
    Must face up to its plight,
    And cease remarks we can no longer permit.

    Since November in 2006
    Our opinions we’ve offered to mix.
    We’re all getting older,
    Our remarks far less bolder,
    As before long we shall cross River Styx.

    Now if that’s seen to be maudlin I fear,
    That reality produces some cheer.
    300,000’s quite weighty
    Daily average of plus eighty.
    These blogs to our hearts hold quite dear.

    My Good Friends and Old Mates ‘So Long,’
    It’s ‘Good Bye’ to the Light Infantry throng.
    Please find pastures anew,
    Where you can stir up a few, more
    Old Geezers who’ll sing the same song.

    • John Billett says:

      Well said Derek, as they say “Everyone has their day” and we have had ours, thank you for making it possible, we have had quite a long while keeping in touch. It has been quite an experience, a learning curve in a lot of things, helped me in conquering this modern day machine, not that I know everything about it even now, I still have a long way to go yet. I would like to wish you and Audrey and all the bloggers who are still active the very best for the future they have in front of you and them. After saying all that it just leaves me one thing to say “All for one and one for All”. Farewell Gentlemen & Ladies, it has been a pleasure knowing you and I thank you for being a big part of my life.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      A very sad day Derek, but we have to thank you for all the hard work you have put in over the years, to try to keep us poor old chaps together, and although we hope to ALL go on for quite a few years yet, we have to be grateful for the lives we have led thus far and the great friendships we have made and enjoyed. We can still of course send each other updates via emails and sincerely hope that this we will do. I will do my best, when I am able, although things are not nearly as easy as they were ten years or so ago BUT there is life (I think) in the old dog yet and even my Doctor said to me the other day, “There are not many men aged 86 who would think of what you are doing”. This cheered me up a little and of course I am thrilled to say that a week today, I will be UP,UP and away and back here on 30th October. All best wishes and a BIG THANK YOU AGAIN, for all you have done for us. Bill.


      Mates will note that a major revision has occurred in that many older pages are restored to “View” (only) with just 2 “Active” for the time being. It seemed appropriate that the little bit of Light Infantry history that we’ve made be kept for posterity, for all to view over time. You might be astonished to be reminded (as was I) to read across the breadth of opinion over the years, on various topics, which shows beyond doubt that we were and are, definitive about some matters. I shall shortly close Geezers R US – so finalise any comments you wish to make. You’ll note that the ‘personal’ pages for our little gang of Geezers are at view for all time.

      Only DCLI Memoriale will remain “Active” – for obvious reasons and because HMTroopships casts a wider net than just DCLI – it too will remain ‘Active”. ‘Tis important I believe for we remaining few to keep in touch and I’ll happily pass on emails addresses at any time. Take Care Cheps.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        A big thank you Derek for all you have done to keep our small band together all these years, you are a brick old mate, I am pleased that the site will remain for browsing, doing that jogs the old memory. Bill, have an enjoyable and safe trip to H-K. I will contact you there later and to all OLD GEEZERS, best wishes and keep well, and once again Derek Thanks.

  3. The brilliant story of Captain Smithers MC& bar.
    (With thanks to Clive Yapp.)

    In the great days of the British Empire, a new commanding officer was sent to an African jungle outpost to relieve the retiring colonel. After welcoming his replacement and showing the usual courtesies (gin and tonic, cucumber sandwiches etc.) that protocol decrees, the retiring colonel said, “You must meet my Adjutant, Captain Smithers, he’s my right-hand man, and he’s really the strength of this office. His talent is simply boundless.”

    Smithers was summoned and introduced to the new CO, who was surprised to meet a humpbacked, one eyed, toothless, hairless, scabbed and pockmarked specimen of humanity, a particularly unattractive man less than three feet tall. “Smithers, old man, tell your new CO about yourself.”

    “Well, sir, I graduated with honours from Sandhurst, joined the regiment and won the Military Cross and Bar after three expeditions behind enemy lines. I’ve represented Great Britain in equestrian events, and won a Silver Medal in the middleweight division of the Olympics. I have researched the history of…..”

    Here the colonel interrupted, “Yes, yes, never mind that Smithers, he can find all that in your file. Tell him about the day you told the witch doctor to fuck off.”

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Derek, Hello Everyone, the moral of the story is never upset the Witch Doctor, unless you have a death wish. I hope all you guys are keeping as well as can be expected, in the last three weeks I have been diagnosed as a Diabetic Type 2. I have to give up being a sweet tooth, new venture for me. Ah Well something had to give at some time, I hope I can stick to the rules laid down for me, take care everyone, keep soldiering on.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi John. Welcome to the world of diabetes, not quite as bad as expected when you get used to it. I was diagnosed back in 1994 I am now on insulin by choice and have been since 96. I find you don’t have to stick rigidly to the rules, you can bend them now and again within reason. I hope you are both keeping well apart from the collected ails, keep in touch we are always pleased to hear from you, I think I speak for all of our small band. Take care my friend, best wishes, Geoff.

        • John Billett says:

          Good morning Geoff, thank you for your kind welcome into the diabetic world. I did tell the nurse I’m not giving up everything, but as you say be sensible about things. Yes we are both well and getting about, the visit to Bodmin is coming up fast. We are having four days in North Cornwall, Friday till Monday, just twelve miles from where we are staying over to Bodmin, hoping to see old friendly faces, talk about old times, cornish pasty for lunch with a glass of beer shandy. Proper Job. You take care old friend, and all you other Bloggers keep well.

          • Mate JB & his Missus are going
            To Cornwall – just toing and froing,
            His sweet tooth he’ll curtail
            May his reason prevail, or his
            Behind for a needle – he’ll be showing.

            • John Billett says:

              Yes Chaps we are toing & froing
              Off to Cornwall we are going
              And we think it will be enthralling.
              After a good nights sleep
              We are off to The Keep
              We can hear the Bugle calling.

            • In the Old Days – about ’53,
              National Service called up our JB.
              After 10 weeks of time,
              Boots and brass he could shine
              And march quick in the Light Infantry.

              But when next he arrives at The Keep –
              He’ll see changes from his last Platoon sleep.
              If Reveille blows,
              Will he jump to his toes?
              And recall his Memories so deep!

              A Cornish delight is the pasty
              Its flavoursome content so tasty.
              When in 16th Intake,
              Our Mate’s Mum did bake,
              And send back to the billet quite hasty.

    • On the matter of prose – we’re rewarded
      To laugh at the joking – recorded.
      Just shows that Old Blokes,
      Can remember good jokes,
      To share ‘em around – and not hoarded.

      ‘Tis largely a matter of timing,
      Using verbs that rely on good rhyming.
      When you give it a try,
      You’ll get tears in your eye,
      As your humour you take out of hiding.


    5th August ‘tis Beer Day International,BeerDay1 Partaking of which is most rational.
    This fluid so golden
    By many beholden
    To Old Mates, inter denominational.

    Bottoms Up Cheps, your shout!

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Cheers ED, BOTTOM’S UP! as you say head down. HA HA

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      I will have a few.Aussie Wines1 Not sure yet –
      Which brew,
      But you can all rest assured,
      That I will not be bored.

      Whilst slurping and burping
      For some time before bed
      Then after all this, a drop of Red
      Will not go amiss and ensure
      That I sleep well in sheer bliss

      Cheers everyone.

      • Bravo Bill, very clever. Yokel1
        Bottoms Up!

        Bill’s humorous limerick
        Fits nicely, the expression
        Of words – put so brightly.
        While it’s wines he prefers
        He never demurs, if we
        Peasants on beer – get
        Quite tightly!

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hi Derek, Geoff and all. just looked at this again and thought it was about time I had a quick one! So opened a bottle of San Miguel to remind me of days gone by out East. That went down so quickly. I then had to go back to my bottle of RED. Hell it’s a tough life!

      It is only four weeks now to ‘Lift Off’ and I am getting quite excited. I will be staying from 3rd September until 30th October and I bet I get through a few pints whilst I am there, even though it costs about £9 a pint drinking out, but buying cans in the supermarkets is a lot cheaper, not much more than here in UK. My accommodation is in an area called Kennedy Town, on the West side of the Island and my accommodation is only a few hundred yards from the sea front and I can see this from my room on the 16th Floor. I am flying Emirates again, seat is already booked on top deck of an Airbus A380-800 with a single window seat with reclining facilities. Oh dear, it’s a hard life. Bye for now, back to my bottle of Red, and later on, TO BED. Bill. Take care all.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. Same routine day in day out, as you say a very hard life. See you broke the routine a bit with the “SAN MIGUEL” did it bring back pleasant memories of the distant past I hope so, the world was a very different place in those days. Not long to wait now for your away days bet you are already packed, I have a vision of you sitting on your luggage with a glass of red in your hand and your boarding pass in the other. I hope all goes smooth with the flight and I know you will have a wonderful time out there as you normally do my thoughts will be with you old mate. I had a drop of the “Old Speckled Hen” tonight, the MG lubricant, that went down very well. As you say Bill, a very hard life. Keep well old mate. Geoff.

      • Our blogger mate Bill is now packing
        To Hong Kong quite soon he’ll be tracking.
        Flying Emirates first class,
        With an ever filled glass.
        Forever his lips will be smacking.



        • Bill Griffiths says:

          Yes Derek, Geoff, JB, just 18 days and look at all those lovely girls just waiting to get me on board and look after me WOW! it’s a hard life and I am only staying for just two short months. Sad ain’t it? Flying on an Airbus A380-800, Birmingham to Dubai, then same type of plane again to Hong Kong, window seat, only one seat at each window and only two in the centre, so nobody tripping over my feet. HELL it’s a tough life. Being met at HK airport by two of my Chinese nieces, then welcomed to my apartment by my wonderful little friend ‘Doris’ (‘Bing Li’ her Chinese name) she is a real little comedienne and looks after me as though I was one of her own. She is getting married up in China on 27 Oct (after courting her man for 9 years) and has invited me. No need to pack just yet, I travel really light, no need to take a wardrobe full of stuff. Best wishes to you all. Bill. The Happy Wanderer

        • John Billett says:

          Hurrah for our friend Bill,
          Who is flying off at will.
          He’s picked a seat,
          Where he can hide his feet.
          He’ll be met by two nieces,
          Who will love him to pieces.
          And I’m sure he’ll find it a thrill

          • ‘Gotta Larf at the antics of Bill,
            Off to Hong Kong – not run of the mill!
            On the Airbus 380,
            Will he turn out quite weighty?
            When the tucker he eats to his fill.

    • I’m enjoying a Peroni – nice beer
      Of Italian extraction – so clear.
      At my local Pub,
      It’s served by the tub,
      I can manage a few – it’s not dear.

      Guzzling ale I’ve always been willing,
      Long gone when a pint cost a shilling.
      I remember the plan,
      To have one black and tan,
      But usually took more to be filling.

      Geoff mentioned “The Old Speckled Hen”
      Unheard of in OZ since dunno when.
      It’s available local,
      For those not teetotal,
      I’ll try when I have a spare ten.

      I’ll declare that my best choice is Guiness
      A fine brew made with Irish finesse.
      Good Old Swanny and I
      Saw much eye to eye, when
      We downed one or two with great relish.

      ‘Tis Winter in Queensland – no snow!
      But we shiver – ‘cos the temperatures low.
      We’ll be fine in September
      When the sun will remember
      On we ‘Old ‘Uns to once again glow.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      When I arrive in Hong Kong, it won’t take me long
      To start as before and make merry.
      With family and friends, who tie up all loose ends,
      And make certain my nose ends each day, like a cherry.

      Of course I’ll drink beer, of this never fear
      Even though it costs about nine pounds a glass
      But this is only, when in bars, and in clubs
      And much cheaper from shops, bought “en masse”.

      This I do often and in stores buy quite a few
      In case I get thirsty and withdrawn
      ‘Tsing Tau’ is my favourite, a nice Chinese light ale
      And I make sure that cans/bottles, are well emptied by Dawn.

      So there we are dear Geezers, just two weeks today,
      I will be away, with feet well and truly off the ground.
      Flying through the air with greatest of ease
      With nothing to do except, ‘JUST BUM AROUND’

      Hell It’s a tough life, cheers to you all. I will probably have access to a Lap Top whilst away and I will use this Email address.

      • Well, it’s hard to surpass,
        These fine limericks with class,
        Noting focus on HK’s fine brews.
        When it all comes to pass,
        Bill shines like new brass,
        On delivering the update in news.

        Now this Tsingtao light beer,
        You’ll be quite pleased to hear,
        Is China’s most famous cheer.
        We’ve checked out with the brewer,
        To ensure there’s no fewer, than
        Plenty for Bill to not fear.

        These limericks are becoming quite clever,
        The prose shows a major endeavour.
        Given effort and timing
        And Shakespearean rhyming,
        We’ll be remembered for ever and ever.

  5. Geoff Cherry says:

    What is democratic and democracy please enlighten this old fool. We had what was called a democratic vote the Referendum, wonderful. The Leave campaign won? I was led to believe democratically that is then accepted by everyone regardless of which way you voted whether it is a result by 1% or 100%. But our highly educated MPs who voted to remain, are jumping up and down like a load of Spoilt Brats, refusing to accept the result. Had it gone the other way nothing would have been said, is that being Democratic?

    We then had a change of Prime Minister, democratic? All the contenders who said they were standing against Mrs MAY suddenly threw in the towel, withdrawing from the race, so Mrs MAY just walked into number 10 and the job unopposed. All the contenders who threw in the towel allowing this, now have prime jobs in the cabinet! Following the reshuffle democratically done by the new Prime Minister, as normal practice on being elected, she is now having to quell a lot of Spoilt MP Brats because they were not picked for plum jobs in her cabinet. When I was growing up my Father gave me some advice, he said never trust or believe a politician or a parson, they promise all but give nothing, how right he was.

  6. Geoff Cherry says:

    On Friday the 22nd of July we spread the ashes of Tony, in a tranquil spot at the crematorium. It was a nice warm sunny day. After it was over I sat alone on a bench and was able to say my goodbyes to my son in that lovely setting surrounded by all the roses in full bloom. In life my son was never visited by his children, either at home or in Hospital, he said to me many times, that nobody cares. The children not visiting him was very distressing for him. Now that he is gone there is this show of grief and the expression of the love for him. I have to bite my tongue, it is a pity they did not show it when he was here.

    It is amazing the things that Tony achieved, going through his papers while clearing his home. I came across all these courses that he had passed and the City and Guilds he had achieved, he never spoke to me about them, it made me very proud of him and it opened my eyes to why he kept saying nobody cares, because of the lack of support given to him by the authorities, as normally the politicians spout a lot of hot air and no backup. Had Tony been a healthy person and not had to fight that terrible illness all his life, he would have achieved so much; in all he tried, he could turn his hand to most things and do a good job. RIP Tony you live on in my heart.


    The Last Post

    Seems to me that we’ve run a fine race
    On the Blogs once, at LI pace!
    We’re all getting on,
    And the fire is bygone.
    Shall we retire and drink beer with rum lace?


    For now 8 days, not even a mention
    Of anything – even moans about pension.
    To the Pub are all gone?
    Or elsewhere – leaving none!
    Involvement will best avoid tension.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hello Derek. I was thinking that might sound at some time. I sounded that call many times in my days as a bugler, it was the most moving call of the day. I remember in Gottingen in the Hartz Mpountains, we were way up and in the valley was the American army base. We could hear clearly their version each evening. I have a long time ago now taken out a funeral plan, paid for at the price in those days it will never go up. I was able to arrange my own trip away from this life and that will be to the sound of the last post, there is me again gabbling on again, dry tube now so will have the BEER with RUM lace. Cheers my friend and should the blogs close, I will still keep in touch, till I march quietly away, to the sound of that very moving call.


      I’ve reluctantly reached the conclusion that inevitably we are reaching the end of our ‘Use By’ date and that total closure will eventuate before the end of 2016 unless some formidable resurgence of interest takes place. Today I have privatised (hidden) many of the former pages at view due to lack of support. Note that the site has many, many hidden pages that can be restored at the click of a button, but as in all matters, those pages need action. Thanks to those contributors of the present few and the past who made the effort. Tempus Fugit!

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Derek, having terrible trouble here, just wrote a long message telling of my absence visiting Chinese Family in London etc. and when I tried to post it the whole thing shut down and said WordPress is not responding. Got this message a couple of times and then LOST everything I had written! I am not doing anything different to that which I normally do. ANY IDEAS?

      • G’day Bill. I’ll email separately to this post, but WordPress doesn’t identify your fsmail email address, that’s why it gets parked in “Pending”. However you must have a local PC issue to lose all the prose. Until you find a remedy I suggest that you type up the original in Word and cut and paste across to preserve the effort.

        • Bill Griffiths says:

          Hello Derek and thanks for your advice. I will try this and hope that my poor old addled brain, (did you say What brain?) will stop playing games with me. Bill

          PS: See if this gets to you?

        • Bill Griffiths says:

          BINGO, this seems to have worked, must be your influence or perhaps I did something right? Bill

          PS: Had a great time visiting Chinese family and friends at the weekend, stayed with my lady cousin who was celebrating her 85th B’day. My Nieces and Nephews and loads of grandchildren were there and we had a fabulous time, they fed and watered me in fine style and with all the different types of booze they poured in to me, I slept well. Travelled there and back by train, very good trip and quite fast these days, will write some more later. Bill

          • Hello Bill. Well Done Sjnt Major, this time you have used your ‘wanadoo’ email base – note the Avatar recognition.

            • Bill Griffiths says:

              Hello Derek and Audrey. Yes, got back on site OK, don’t know quite how I did it. These days I seem to get lots of computer problems and I am sure it is the computer NOT me! For instance, this morning I switched on one of my lap tops and everything has disappeared, except a message telling me to insert my installation CD which, would you believe, I can’t find. Think I must have some of those old fashioned GREMLINS invading my little bungalow, perhaps they have found out that I have sold all my shotguns! and not able to fight back. Ah well, good job I have several computers. Best wishes and love to Audrey. Bill

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Hi Bill. Good news all round then and happy to hear you had a rewarding train trip to visit your Chinese Family. A forerunner for the longer trip to come? That is the motto for today “LIVE AND ENJOY”. Best wishes. Geoff

            • Bill Griffiths says:

              Hello Geoff, and Derek. Yes, had a great time with all my Chinese family, grown ups and loads of grand children all running around with water pistols, a massive hose pipe in the garden, all soaked to the skin and having a really GREAT time. I laughed for ages at one little three year old girl. Soaked to the skin and running around holding an umbrella and laughing her socks off. I wish I had the guts to join in with them.My cousin has now gone off to Hong Kong with a few of the family just for two weeks, she has a flat up country somewhere about fifteen or so miles up in the New Territories AND only 35 days and I shall be UP UP and away. Whoopeeeeeeeee, hope my health holds good, have to take plenty of medicine, Australian Red sounds a good bet.

              Geoff, love the picture of Thumbs Up Thomas, he looks a real little character. So, just about to have a night cap, (or two)! Cheers for now. Bill

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      The one call I never liked was The Last Post. I heard it so many times especially when I was a very young soldier. Now that I am older, it brings back sad memories and I guess it is the same for all of us old soldiers, even though we are struggling along and making the most of our twilight years. It is difficult to believe that it was seventy years ago that I signed my attestation form (which I still have) on 27th May 1946. WOW, where have all the years gone? They gave me the King’s Shilling which I found out later was deducted from my first weeks pay, so it was just an advance of pay to help getting to my place of joining “Copthorne Barracks Shrewsbury” and do you know I had the very LAST regimental number in existence 4042838 as I kept it even in the TAVR which I left in 1984. WOW!! Anyway, we will all plod on regardless with memories of all the good and bad times. Bill

  8. Geoff Cherry says:

    Thomas3 July 2016 Hi all. The holiday makers will be returning to Oxford tomorrow. I have a load of new photos, a very good time was had by all, more so by Thomas. I am told he slept like a log every night, he will be telling me all on Sunday! Best wishes to all keep well Geoff.

    PS: And Thomas met a new friend.

  9. Geoff Cherry says:

    Thomas2 July 2016 Thomas, Mum & Dad. Visit Cornwall for the week today in St Ives, Thomas gives it the thumbs up! Thomas2a July 2016

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Geoff, we hope they enjoy their time in Cornwall, can equal it but can’t better it, take care.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hello John. They are becoming regular visitors, like me they love the country side in that area. They will be coming back home on the weekend, time flies when you are enjoying yourself. How are you and your wife keeping, well I hope? Best wishes for now. Geoff

        • John Billett says:

          Hello Geoff, good to hear from you. Yes thank you my wife and I are fine, hope you’re OK. Cornwall does take some beating for holidays and day trips, we can make it to Looe in about one and half hours from our place and when we go to Bodmin for Rally Day just over one hour three quarters. Bit different for you guys from where you live. A30 for Bodmin A38 for Looe, don’t do much one day trips these days, must be getting old, gets a bit tiring. Take care old chum, best wishes to you and your family.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Thanks John, trying to work out how long and how many stops to refuel it would take for me to get to Bodmin on my scooter, might make it for Xmas if I started now? HA! HA!

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello Geoff and family, hope all is as well as can be expected for you all just now and I think little Thomas looks a bundle of joy, which must give you all a wonderful feeling. He looks a real little character. I feel quite jealous, as all mine are grown up and as you know do not speak to me. I am now getting all geared up for my HK trip, not long now and just hope I don’t have any health problems this time. Love to you all. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. Yes Bill, Thomas is quite a character and full of life and the questions, he never lets anything slip by. Life is getting a bit better now but I still expect Tony to appear, it is sad when the children have chosen to not contact you, my two boys from my army days are like that. I have tried to make contact many times but am ignored. Your HK trip is very close now, I hope all goes well and this time you get to spend all the time there and not get it cut short again. We will be rooting for you and your family in HK must now be looking forward for your arrival. Take care Bill, all the very best from all of us. Geoff.

        • Bill Griffiths says:

          Thanks Geoff and yes, I hope that there will not be any hiccups this time. I have another session with the physiotherapist at the hospital for acupuncture again in the morning and he has said it might be a good idea to get a few sessions in HK and he added with a laugh! They know what they are doing out there, so might have more success! I have already written to a little friend out there asking if they can recommend a good therapist, so we shall see. I might come back fitter than when I go! All best wishes to you all. Bill

          PS: just about to down a glass of nice Red Wine (or maybe two). Cheers.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Well done Bill, out there they are the experts, that could be the best advice. There will be no stopping you when you return, talk about 140 it will be more like 180+. The red is very tempting, but be warned off for the time being, so make it three one for me? all the best Bill.

  10. Geoff Cherry says:

    Tony Cherry1 Hi All. Thank you all very for your kind support for us yesterday. I found the strength to hold my emotions so was able to support the rest of my family and give comfort at that very trying time.

    The service went very well, everything as we wished. I was amazed at the amount of people that attended many that I did not know, it made me very proud of my son. He had touched so many hearts in his short life and in a way I am now happy that all his troubles with that terrible illness is now at an end and he can at last rest in peace.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello Geoff and all your family. Once again I say, God Bless you all and you now know that your son is in good hands. I know it is hard, believe me, but I have my darling Nancy’s pictures all round the house, in every room and I talk to her many, many times each day and this helps me to cope on an hour to hour basis. Love to you all. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill, thanks again, we all have our way of dealing with our loss, it will ease a bit with time, but never to be forgotten. My daughter Christine passed away in 1962, there is never a day passes that I do not think of her. It will be the same with Tony, one day I will march quietly away and join them, until then they live in my heart and life continues. God bless Bill keep well Geoff.

  11. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi All. Today is Tony’s Funeral, the service is at 1645pm. The last few day’s have been a bit hard, please excuse me for lack of contact, I hope to get back to normal soon, have managed to hold the emotions till now but the test is to come later today. Best wishes to all. Geoff.

    • Hello Geoff & Family. Our thoughts are with you today ‘Ole Mate. A sad day for all and I just know that the lads will be thinking of you. Derek & Audrey.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Dear Geoff and all family. Yes, our thoughts and prayers are with you all, now and for all future times and I trust that you will all live with Wonderful memories of past years. Geoff, I have pictures of my darling Nancy ALL over the house, she is watching me what ever I am doing and wherever I am in the house AND I speak to her ALL THE TIME. Believe me, this helps even if I am brought to tears several times a day. God Bless you all. Bill


    BrexitPoll1 Why am I not surprised? Generations of cossetted, ill-mannered youth, indulgent in all respects, selfish, greedy, disrespectful and lacking in all things of historical appreciation – looking down at their handheld devices, be-ringed in their nostrils, pierced and tattooed in their nether regions – now complain! Lazy, incompetent and worthless individuals can find time to parade with banners over how hard done by they are! Bollocks, bring back National Service and inject some spine into these pricks. Get’ em off their arses Boris and reveal the meaning of British pride and independence – and guts!!

    PS: Buy more Aussie beef and lamb! – and wine!

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Steady on Derek, don’t want you blowing any fuses, but my god how did you read my mind, on the other side of the world? CAMERON has resigned! but will still hold the job for the next weeks and months how’s that for double dealing, can he be TRUSTED?


      I further note the dissension in the younger ranks now calling for a 2nd Brexit Poll ‘cos they didn’t like the outcome of the 1st. What a crock of poop! Just shows how selfish and undemocratic these spoiled bastards are. Move the goalpost if you can’t score.

      The Independent quote ” The referendum vote, the culmination of an often poisonous campaign, exposed deep divides across British society, including between what The Independent newspaper called “those doing well from globalisation and those ‘left behind’ and not seeing the benefits in jobs or wages”. Young people, graduates, and big cities tended to favour “Remain”. Elder, less educated people and rural populations were more likely to back “Brexit”.

      What an astonishing reaction to a long campaign, I’ll bet that many now signing this Petition, didn’t GOYA to vote and now have 2nd thoughts. Hello – it’s called ‘Democracy” that which our forebears fought and died for in the trenches and in the air. As for “less educated” well fuck me, in my experience many intellectuals these day are educated beyond their intelligence. Having a diploma or a degree doesn’t necessarily provide wisdom. Get going Boris and shaft the EU to Kingdom Come.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Derek. The mind shall I say “BOGGLES”. All I can say is Democracy is OUT and UTTER STUPIDITY is in. Democratic Country, Democratic Vote, Democratic acceptance of the result! What must the rest of the world think about this country of IDIOTS?

      • Bill Griffiths says:

        Derek. I agree with all you have said, but HOW COME Boris has already been shafted? And who is this woman who seems to have got herself into what appears to be first place? What has she got and WHO IS SHE and who are all the other prats lining up for big pay packets and Knighthoods? Looks to me like Britain will never be GREAT again and I am beginning to think glad I am on the way out.
        Words fail me and like you say the younger generation think that a degree or wasted few years of their lives living it up in Universities entitles them to doing a job which they are NOT capable of doing! I wouldn’t give them a job washing my car or anything else. But Ah well! Bill.


          How true is the observation that a day in politics is full of surprises. How deceitful can a politician be to deny PM interest so many times and then shaft your running mate. Few saw that coming – what a bloody mess. However, I agree with Boris (when one compares the magnitude of the British economy versus that of Brussels) and all the false proclamations – GB will rise above all this B/S, the British PM Elect will fall on his/her sword in short time and Boris will take over. BJ is a breath of fresh air. Most British politicians are the mirror image of Aussie pollies – all wind and piss! Most with law degrees, never taken a risk in business (and probably never served in the military) and full of idealogy that in private enterprise would never get off the ground. All with our money. Better that they spend a few years on a factory floor to get to know the grass roots of the Country!

        • John Billett says:

          Hello Bill & Derek, Bill your comment on the younger generation rings true, the people who have been running our country are ex Varsity and look at the mess they’ve made. I’m glad we are out of the EU but it’s going to take a while to settle down. I think they have been pampered too long for them to want to do anything, having said that there are some good youngsters out there, take care guys.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello Derek. You have it, every word you say is correct and YES bring back National Service but NOT under command of some today’s guys who can’t even wear their beret correctly. Let them serve under a few of the older generation, who understand what discipline is. I have watched the South Koreans, boys AND girls doing their National Service and they are FANTASTIC and TOUGH. Best wishes to all old soldiers of our era. Bill

      • Hello Bill, good to see you back in the ranks Sjnt Major. I trust that you are OK – within the body’s limitations – after appropriate lubrication!

        Your remarks about the South Koreans brought to my mind the times when I lived and worked in Singapore from 1962 onwards and Lee Kwan Yew came to power on the wave of “The Winds of Change” that swept that nation and laid the foundation of what is today a model democracy.

        The descent into the abyss of current Western society is brought about by indulgent self centred cretins with little or no respect for history, while focussed on “must have it now” attitudes. The honourable principles of applied effort, self respect and courtesy have disappeared, where now we see even educated “Leaders” reversing the wishes of the experienced elders – and I refer to Scotland – seeking blockage of the majority vote. How many times now do we observe lack of principle excused on ‘political advantages’ – as interpreted by elected politicians?

        MassageJoke1 The issues are in effect beyond repair, when teachers, parents and elected leaders, lack the spirit, guts and commonbloodysense to make good the ails in our societies. Easy money, easy credit, slothfulness and pure bloody indulgence have taken our communities to the brink of mayhem, encouraging the rise and rise of rebellious youth. Maggie Thatcher might have had a few problems of her own making, (relatively minor in hindsight) but bloody hell, there’s no way she would have stood for the crap in the EU right now and the lack of leadership from the PM. Plan B – fuck me – what about a Plan Z? Ah Well, let’s keep our sense of humour – they can’t remove that – can they?

        Beam me up Scottie!

        PS: Buy more Aussie lamb, beef and plonk!

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello once again Derek. have had a couple of not so good days again. My own fault in a way, because I volunteered to take part in a relay for life venture to raise funds for Cancer relief, which meant at least one of our team had to be walking on a sports track, for every minute of a 24 hour period Saturday and Sunday. I managed about twenty laps and believe me it seemed like a bloody marathon and left me quite knackered. The rest of the team were guys and gals about half my age and I am glad they were there. Anyway all over now, just waiting to see how much we as a small unit raised. This is the third year I have joined in and we only had a very small team. I keep buying this Aussie wine, but forget the beef and lamb, even had fish and chips today, on a Monday! Ah well, keep plodding on, less than two months before ‘Take Off” Whoopeeeeeeee. Best wishes to you all. Bill

      PS:Think I will have a day off tomorrow!

      • G’day Bill. Well done Sjnt Major, you deserve a day off and a yard of Aussie plonk after that effort. Good On You! HK will be here before you know it. No plans for us to travel overseas I regret, as much as we both would like a trip to the UK. Maybe Singapore next year, but limited mostly these days to local interstate trips to our Sunshine Coast, about 90 minutes by road after the road hogs depart the scene.

        Interesting scenario here in OZ after our latest elections where lies and false proclamations were left unchallenged and the country looks like headed for a hung Parliament. Regardless of politics, ’tis amazing how these political wankers fail to learn and listen. Globally, the Western nations are saying to their ‘leaders’ – enough is enough, get professional and take your goddamn snouts out of the trough! In Queensland we voted in a renegade Senator on a platform of opposition to illegal and foreign immigration, yet she still faces criticism from the bloody do-gooders, even before Parliament opens. Democracy has no second meaning IMHO, yet the result/s are challenged when not approved of by the bleeding hearts. Beam me up Scottie!

        PS: Aussie lamb is cheaper this week, but also pork. “Put more pork on your fork”. 6-2-2 delicious!

        PPS: See my restored new Mens Shed blogsite. GYMS


    Vera Lynn says it all. As an expat Brit for over 50 years, I’m bloody proud that the UK is finally out of the EU. Tough counter measures and spitefulness ahead no doubt, but the Old Country has the guts and resilience to forge ahead now freed from the shackles of a narrow minded EU governance. BLOODY WELL DONE CHEPS!

    PS: Buy more Aussie lamb.

    • John Billett says:

      G’Day Derek & Audrey. We will buy more Aussie lamb on the condition The Aussies are gentler with our Cricketers. (lol). Yes a Great day for Britain, feel our way through the Mine Fields and we will be fine, long time coming. If our governments had done their job it wouldn’t have come to this.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi All. At last some good news, we now need MP’s who are for this Country. All the doom and gloom idiots should be kicked out now not wait till the end of the year. Osbourn and the rest of them will inflict more damage on this country because they did not get their way. I would like to thank all for you kind words and support in this sad time for my family. Thank you all. Geoff.

        • Bill Griffiths says:

          Dear Geoff and all your family. Words cannot express how I feel for you all at this very sad time, but I know that my prayers will be heard and acted upon from up on high and that you all will in time accept, though with great sadness, that this is one of God’s ways of trying to make us believe and accept that one day we will all be re-united once again. Again, my prayers and thoughts are with you all, now and as long as I am here. Bill

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Hi Bill, thank you my friend. I have managed to suppress my feelings for the time being as so much has to be done and I cannot risk losing it at this present time. I have just returned from the myeloma clinic, I had blood test today. I have to go back in four week, after more tests in three weeks, they are talking of taking bone marrow then as the myeloma has got worse. Am now filling up the appointment book again, blood tests on Monday, the heart clinic on the 30th, Keep well Bill and thank you again. Geoff

  14. Tony Cherry RIP

    Geoff & Family. Our sincere condolences for your loss of Tony. Our thoughts are with you all. Such a sad loss when children pass before parents. Derek & Audrey.

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Geoff, I would like to reiterate Derek and Audrey’s condolences at the sad loss of your Son Tony. Nothing worse than losing children. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time. John & Peggy.

  15. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi all old Geezers. Sorry for being AWOL for the last day or two had another funny turn. Tony has been put into an induced coma, he is very ill but at present stable, just at the time when I should be there giving him my support I am banned. My daughter Mandy visits and bless her, keeps me up to date, she has gone in this morning. The hospital is phoning my wife every 3 hours with an update, they are monitoring on a 3 hourly block as they call it. Thank you all very much for your kind thoughts at this time. Best wishes to all. Geoff. And BILL I hope they sort out your problems soon that has been going on far too long now.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hi Geoff, many thanks for your concern, but my problem is peanuts compared to yours and your dear son. I pray every hour for your return health to as normal as possible. Yes we get older and sadly some suffer when still early in this life but, Dear God, please help those who need and deserve help. Thinking about you all. Bill

      PS: Please give Mandy my best wishes as well, God Bless her. I have a grand daughter named Mandy, she must be over thirty now and she has not spoken to me for at least 18 years, sad.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. I would not term your health problems as peanuts, you suffer the pain. I and my son are lucky that way, Tony is now in a deep sleep, today I have been told another line is being put in to clean his blood. I take it to be dialyses, but he will be unaware of this. It is sad when your children, do not keep in contact or talk to you my to sons Malcombe & Peter from my first marriage have not been in contact with me for years now. All my attempts to contact them have been ignored. I will pass your kind wishes on to Mandy take care old Mate. Geoff.

        • John Billett says:

          Good Morning All, you just hang on in there Guys, life can be a bitch at times and then that is the time when we have to show our Metal, it isn’t always easy that’s for sure, take care everyone.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Good morning all. I hope everyone are OK as far as age and health will allow. I will be leaving to visit Tony in Hospital in the next half hour. I have been cleared to visit after my last funny turn. He remains in the coma but stable, I will find out more this morning when I will be able to talk to the doctors. I am hoping to miss the showers on the way down, the forecast is not too good, chins up best wishes Geoff.

      • G’day Geoff. I truly hope that Tony is on the improve and that the docs are holding a close watching brief over him. Our thoughts are with you ‘Ole Mate. Good Luck to all the family as well. Regards. Derek and Audrey.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Derek and Audrey. Thank you very much for your kind words and wishes. I spent two hours at Tony’s bedside this morning, he is at present holding his own. He had a slight blip during the night, the doctor said it might be a new infection due to the assisted breathing machine, but is now being treated and under control. It is the first time I have been able to visit. On entering his room I was confronted by a battery of machines and Tony is a mass of tubes and wires. I counted 9 syringes, 6 different drips attached, plus he is on dialysis cleansing his blood to help with the chest infections and to complete it all the breathing machine and monitors, with a background noise of bleeps whirs, and flashing lights, he is never left on his own. There is a nurse present at all times. I feel a lot better being able to see him rather than relying on what other people say and the weather was on my side, making the journey pleasant. Best wishes. Geoff

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello Geoff. I do hope and pray that things are at their best for you, Tony and indeed ALL your family at this time. You are ALL in my prayers and thoughts day and night. I am still plodding on, with continued pains in my spine and during the night also in my legs and feet. This despite now taking NINE tablets a day of one particular drug which is supposed to combat this BUT no change, apart from unwanted side effects!

      For other little problems I have to take a further eight types of medication. NO WONDER I FEEL ILL ALL THE TIME! I think I ought to revert to M & D with an aspirin, that always used to work and certain that our Military Doctors were not allowed to give us anything different and it didn’t do us any harm did it? Ah well, soon popping down to the surgery to deliver a letter to the doctor to let him know how I am suffering. Impossible to get an appointment. All best wishes and again, God Bless you all. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. Thank you for your kind words at this taxing time, so sorry to hear of your ongoing problem with the spinal pain radiating to legs and feet. My wife has a similar problem and taking high doses of pain killers, she say’s they only deaden the pain slightly and as you mention the side effects, make the situation worse. Sadly the days are long past when you could pop along to the Doctors surgery and know you would be seen and the doctor did not have these stupid targets to meet. I hope the doctor will read and digest your letter and hopefully see you in the near future. Keep the chin up my friend, in this day and age we can only live and hope for the better. My very best wishes are with you, Geoff.

        • Bill Griffiths says:

          Hi Geoff. Re the letter I left for the doctor. I had not heard anything so assumed that nothing was happening however, this afternoon I was feeling very tired due to lack of sleep last night and as it was quite hot, I stripped down to my under pants and relaxed in the chair in my conservatory and soon fell asleep. Then all of a sudden I woke to find the doctor in my conservatory, waking me and having quite a grin on his face, suggesting that it was a good job nobody could overlook. I was a little embarrassed but he was so comical about it, I just laughed with him. Anyway, he is going to try some different treatment, but has to wean me OFF the current medication maybe over a couple of weeks. So, hope now that things will improve. After he left I went back to sleep feeling a little better but still very tired. Best wishes. Bill

  16. CURIOUS?

    As a matter of daily editorial rote, I peruse the entire blog for Comments, Spam and general interest. Invariably these days the total daily ‘hits’ on the site pages adds up to over 100 with the browsing interest spread over most pages, in particular the HMTroopship page. Why is it then that so few Comments are fed into the system? This weblog site teeters on the edge of extinction for want of support and at best these days only 5 stalwarts make the effort.

    This is a message to the ‘browsers’ who peek at our site. It takes an individual with specific LI & DCLI background to examine the pages and graphics (I can see the entire history), so the extra effort will be greatly appreciated. Tempus Fugit in ALL things, but surely if you make the effort to click on selected pages, an extra little typing effort to join in would be so encouraging. Please Oh Please, GOYA and make a contribution. Ta!

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      ED. I think it might be another sign of the times. While I am on the soap box! my son Tony is back in hospital in Oxford this time. I managed to get to see him today one of his carers picked me up and took me in since having the pacemaker put in I get bullied if I try to do anything. The doctors have told him it will be a long stay, the iron being released from his heart has left it very weak, he is very breathless. They are now going to transfuse and that will put iron back in, so a never ending saga, but he is still on the 24 hour desferal drip direct to his heart, will know more as the treatment progresses. Between us we are keeping doctors and nurses etc employed, doing our bit as you might say all the best to all and as ED has said stick your oar in give it a stir?

      • G’day Geoff. Burning the midnight oil? 0940 here in OZ! Tough News about your son, I’m confident he’ll pull through. Here’s a Good Luck thought for you both. Take Care.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Thanks Derek. I must say these are trying times, made worse by Idiots in charge, but still we soldier on. Best wishes

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Update, Tony has been moved to intensive care as his oxygen level has dropped.

            • John Billett says:

              Good Morning Geoff. Our thoughts are with you, hope everything goes well.

      • Bill Griffiths says:

        Hello Geoff, so sorry to hear once again of all your troubles and of course those of your son Tony. My prayers and I know those of ALL your friends and family, are with you all and pray that all will be well again soon. Bill

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello Derek, sorry for a few days absence, have had terrible nights of severe pain in legs and feet (and NO sleep as a result), which the spine specialist puts down to trapped or maybe damaged nerves in the spine. He sent me for more X rays on Monday but not had the results yet and he has also said that he will send me for acupuncture treatment. Wonder if he has any little Chinese nurses to do this? Ah well keep soldiering on.

      Have been in all day today not feeling like doing anything, but will try a drop of my favourite medicine shortly and see if there is anything on the news other than IN or OUT of the EU. Sad though, all those telling us what is good or bad for us were not even born when BRITAIN was GREAT. What have these people in Brussels got to shout about? I don’t remember hearing anything about them when I was a schoolboy! God Save The Queen. Bill.


    The funeral has been confirmed for Mon 13th June, 2.00 pm at St Michaels Church in his home village of Farnsfield near Newark in Nottinghamshire UK.

  18. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Derek and those few geezers of us who are left trying our best to keep the Flag flying. The Union Jack of course. Is there another flag that is worth flying or even thinking about? Yes, perhaps as our ex military members are few, perhaps it is a great idea to encourage families, or others who might just show a little interest in what WE did all those years ago, although, I have found that when I sometimes mention my time in the Army to people of this generation, they look at me as though they think I am talking about rubbish. They seem to think that the only time the British Army has been involved abroad, is in Afghanistan! How do we let them know that the British Army has been involved in much worse situations than this? Bill

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Bill & Derek. Sadly that is a sign of the times, the pride in the country has been lost, we are now multi national. I believe most of the young join up, or should I say sign for a job in the forces, because of the lack of employment. They are then at the whim of dopey war mongers in our government, sent to fight because they hate the leader of another country, then leaving that country in a complete mess of small groups all fighting for power. Now to top that passing the running of this island to the EU. GOD HELP US

    • The bookies predict we’ll remain
      And Brexit will go down the drain.
      But in contrast the Out say ‘Let’s Go’
      Enough of this free border dog show
      ‘Tis time Britain was Great – once again.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        ED. I think being great again is wishful thinking, our elected leaders are openly telling us they cannot pass simple laws in this country and enforce them to protect a simple thing like workers rights! We must be in the EU for that to be. We are now multi national, the bull dog spirit has long gone, this is now just another island to live on, no compulsion to fight,

  19. Geoff Cherry says:

    What a wonderful country we now have? Our elected leaders openly telling us they are incapable of governing our country and we must join the EU as full members or everything is going to collapse. That advice is also coming from all the other leaders in Europe as well also backed by THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD. How did we manage to elect the useless idiots and all our brave young men lost their lives in two world wars fighting to keep this country free. We won the wars BUT HAVE LOST THE PEACE.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello Geoff. GREAT to hear from you and so very sorry for my absence for the last few days, had a bit of back trouble again. Have seen the specialist and have to go for more X-Rays on Monday, and the Doc is arranging (or so he said?) for me to have acupuncture sessions and physiotherapy. On the NHS? We shall see. So sorry to hear of all your health problems Geoff, it must be a really worrying time for you and the family, but it seems that you have a really tip top medical team looking after you and Mandy has kept us informed as well. So all best wishes Geoff,cChin up, chest out, forget saluting and take your tipple with your left hand or, as JB suggests, get a few straws. Keep well old soldier and again all sincere best wishes. Bill

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello again Geoff. With regard to our elected leaders, sadly they were NOT even born when Britain was GREAT and we used to sing “There’ll ALWAYS be an England, Red White and Blue what does it mean to you?” And what about RULE BRITANNIA? Trouble is, these wankers in government today are just that! Wankers, who have NO PRIDE in our country. Pity we can’t get through to them. Ah well! keep taking the medicine. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi BILL. Yes mate the chin is up, at least one shoulder is back, saluting out pace slower but back on the scooter tomorrow HA! HA!, as you said a wonderful team of medics on my side. I hope your team will be as good for you and get you sorted, ready for your next trip to HONG KONG, that is now speeding forward. All the best for next Monday my thoughts will be with you. Geoff

    • John Billett says:

      Good Morning Geoff, that’s what happens when you put boys in to do mens jobs. If that’s what College and Universities turn out we had better get back to Secondary Modern Schools where the brains and backbone comes from. You have to go back a bit to remember Ministers who thought and worked in the interest of our Country and its people, all these new ones think about is money in THEIR pockets. They are selling us down the river bit by bit, God help us. Take care old son.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi JOHN. I cast my vote last Friday by post, some of the old sayings prove true, one was (the higher the education, the more addled the brain). Proven day by day, as you say GOD HELP US. Best wishes and keep well both of you. Geoff

  20. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi All, still doing well, seeing my doctor in the morning. The stitches out on Saturday and allowed to use the scooter next week but must not raise the arm above the shoulder for another week. Could not find things on windows 10 so now back on windows 7. Hope you are all well. Best wishes, Geoff


    We regret to announce the passing of Tom Howell on 27th May, 2016. Tom was a corporal in BAOR and in the Advance Party to the Caribbean in 1954. He made a career of the Army rising to the rank of Major after transferring out of the Light Infantry. Tom’s Memoirs are published for all to read, which were written by Tom some years ago. Tom visited Mooloolaba, Queensland Australia during which time I had a beer with him and family at the local Surf Club.

    Tom had made several contributing Comments to this LI blog in the past, but we were never able to attract his participation on Geezers. Tom was a keen bowler and had been unwell for some time. I recommend his Memoirs for all to read the rise through the ranks of one of our own. RIP Tom Howell.

    Our condolences to Family.

    • John Billett says:

      RIP Tom Howell. I tried so hard to bring you to mind but alas my memory failed me, I’m sure we met in BAOR then in the Officers Mess Jamaica, farewell fellow DCLI comrade.

  22. G’day Geoff.

    Horse Shoe Beach2 Trust that your quietude is due to technical issues and naught else ‘Ole Chep! Have been wondering how you are faring this week past after your various malfunctions. Old Mates and long friendships are important Geoff and we are with you in spirit “Dahn Undah”. Hope the medicine works OK – if Bill is any testimony to that prescription – it works wonders! We frequently visit various clubs and pubs – particularly where a nice pint of Guiness is pulled. Swanny was a keen Guiness man, but only in later years, ‘cos I never remember him drinking the dark stuff in the Prospect Naafi. In those days we imbibed the lagers and gin concoctions. Remember the Tom Collins?

    Dunno if this clip will load

    Bermuda 1954

    • Geoff. Just seen Mandy’s comment further down the page. Welcome to the bionic age ‘Ole Mate, now you’ll be able to bypass the scanners at the airports. Good to hear that you’re going home. 72 regular beats to the minute now!

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Derek and all old Geezers, I have a short story to tell. Last Friday night I was sitting back in my relaxing chair, after a puffing billy day, when I dropped off to sleep. I had this funny dream, about a lot of people in my living room dressed as medics, they were all talking and calling me. Then they grabbed me and forced me into an ambulance, which tore off down the road, blue lights flashing and and shouting -we-we- all the way to the hospital. Then a doctor said to me, “I am bored will you help me”

      Sorry have a bleed must go.

      ED: Whoops Geoff – is all OK? – come back soon.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Derek. Patched up and back sorry about the quick exit, I will cut out the stories and give you the facts. On Friday I passed out, my wife called the ambulance, they found my heart kept stopping what they called a heart block, they managed to revive me got me into Hospital and stabilised me, then fitted a pace maker, I was discharged yesterday. While sending the story to make light of it I suddenly had a very heavy bleed, so was again sent into hospital, but all is now well and am back home with tick – tock powered by electric HA! HA!.

        Thanks for putting that video clip on as I have said before I could not remember disembarking in Bermuda. My mind is a blank on that I had a quick look at it yesterday and I am on parade, so I must have marched up to Prospect. Thanks Derek I will have a good look at it later. To all you other old GEEZERS sorry for the scare, wishing you all the very best, Geoff.

        • John Billett says:

          Hello Geoff, you’re certainly going through the mill aren’t you, keep fighting Buddy, we wish you well.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Thanks John. It was just my turn in our little band of Old GEEZERS, we all seem to be hitting the same trail. What is the saying “ALL FOR ONE – ONE FOR ALL”, we are all a band of fighters, now on light duties not allowed to raise the arm above the shoulder, so no saluting or waving for two weeks. Good job I raise the pint pot with the other arm HA! HA! Best wishes, Geoff

            • John Billett says:

              Hello Geoff, when people say light duties I always think of Alfie Bass in the “Army Game” but I’m sure your sandals are in a better state than his. If you can’t raise your arms you’d better get a box of long straws for when the other arm gets tired. Life doesn’t get any easier does it old friend, chin up best foot forward, take care.


    John Giles (RASC 1947) and I are exchanging emails, following his latest comment on SS Franconia (HMT Memoirs). John lives in Spain and enjoys good health. I’ve invited his contribution here to liven up the blogs, so be sure to give him a LI warm welcome if he manages to join in.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello Derek, are there any problems with the blog site? Haven’t seen anything recently and I know I sent a message for Geoff which doesn’t seem to be there? And nothing yet from John Giles. Also NO update from poor old Geoff. Please let me know if all is well. Bill

      • G’day Bill. All is well on the site – beyond sufficient comments of course, it is rather lean these days. Note that your earlier (lost?) comment appeared 7th in the original thread to Geoff’s initial comment. Just a reminder that when you ‘reply’ to an original comment your contribution appears at the end of the thread, which might be well down the page. Also a reminder to check “Recent Comments” at the rhs widget column to instantly view (and connect) to the that ‘recent’ comment.

        Still waiting to get a response from John Giles (RASC). I’ve not heard from him after the recent email exchanges.

        Bee1 Beyond that, we are OK in OZ and enjoying 30c with Winter just a few days away on 1st June. Audrey and I are enjoying life, wining, dining and dancing, bridging and woodworking. Our outings programme is being worked on for June with a long weekend away planned for the Sunshine Coast and a German Club visit planned for the Gold Coast on 4th June. My Top Bar Honey Bee Hive prototype is half finished, mixed in with various other projects for the Cat Café and other private customers. Audrey has just been promoted to State Master for Bridge.

        • Bill Griffiths says:

          Thanks Derek, I thought everyone had gone AWOL. I know Geoff is not too good but hope he is well enough to just let us know. I will be off to a Masonic meeting in about an hours time, over in Leominster, being given a lift so will be able to have a few glasses of wine with dinner afterwards. Then tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the hospital to see the spine specialist again, don’t know if he is going to take joints OUT or put a couple more IN. whatever, I hope he will be able to deaden the pain I have had recently. Have to be fit for September, for my trip to HK. All best wishes for now and love to Audrey. Bill.

          ED: Good to hear from you Bill. Geoff is in the deep doo-doo with his TV and most other matters, according to his last Comment. Let’s hope that he mends it all quickly. Our thoughts are with him always, as indeed with your goodself. September is just around the corner ‘Ole Mate and Hong Kong beckons. Good Luck.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Hello this is Mandy, Geoff’s daughter. Dad was rushed to hospital last night after collapsing. In his words he had a funny turn. He is well today after having a pacemaker fitted and fingers crossed will be home some time tomorrow.

  24. WINDOWS 10

    Reading the professional reviews of W10, I note that Microsoft propose charging $119 in OZ for the O/S. I took the free offer and must say that while I do experience some glitches, so far I have few issues that I can’t manage. The problem with keeping using an older W7 will be the (eventual) support with upgrades etc.

    We are moving into the electronic age at a virtual speed of light and keeping abreast of changes is always a challenge, particularly if you are using tablets and mobile devices and unless you have a grandchild of 7 or a neighbourhood nerd, we Oldies pay through the nose for technical assistance. I would suggest that instead of farting around with outdated hardware (and pay for expensive technical assistance) that you ditch the old and get a bundled new computer. Best in the long run.

    Another generally unpublished problem is the residual retention of ‘deleted’ commands when removing older software. Unless they are properly removed – problems with compatibility arise. Ah Well – remember the days of the Mk 5 Lee Enfield!!

  25. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi Bill & Derek. Problems have visited me, sort of stacking up. First the doctor phoned and asked me to attend the surgery for blood & urine tests plus ECG. I went up on my scooter, an ambulance was called, I was taken into hospital for tests. I have been having trouble breathing and back pain, making walking very hard. After a lot of tests my medication has been changed and I was sent back home at 21.30hrs. I have to go for another ECG next month and attend the Heart Clinic, daft old ticker is not going tic-toc anymore! Then that blasted Windows 10 decided to download on my computer putting every thing upside down. I have been informed that it can be put back to windows 7 by clicking Windows and selecting updates & security then selecting recovery and follow the prompts. On top of all this our small dog fell ill and passed away this morning. I tried to turn on the television to catch the news and that has gone wonkey, get the sound but no picture. Reported it to the repair people, they will be out on Friday morning, they said if it has to be taken for repair, we will not get it back until next Wednesday. Well Bill I am now going to mix up a very strong dose of your medicine, take it and retire for the night, and see what tomorrow brings. Best wishes to all, (ain’t life rewarding) Geoff.

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Geoff and Bill. I know I’m not saying much on here these days but I am watching points and my thoughts and best wishes are with you both at all times. Take great care, keep taking the medicine.

    • Hello Geoff.

      Have you been walking on those cracks in the footpath again? I trust that your Medical Advisors are attending to your every need. Chin Up ‘Ole Mate, your British Summer is nigh and Boris will save the nation!!

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      WOW! Geoff, so very sorry to hear of all your problems all coming at once. Do take care Geoff and I will be praying that all goes well and that your Doc is on the ball and gives you a good and successful MOT! The trouble is, we all have had too many birthdays and even when they give us an overhaul, some of the spare parts don’t fit as well as the old ones! SO, take my type of medicine in small doses and try not to overdo things. I know this is easy to say, but think of yourself as an old Morris Minor and don’t try to race at 70 miles an hour Ha! Ha! All best wishes Geoff and once again, Take Care. Bill.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill, thanks for the thoughts. Yes mate I have hit a nasty one have not felt this way before, very short of breath when I attempt to do anything, tried to mow some of the lawns yesterday, nearly passed out, had to use the spray under the tongue, done me for the rest of the day. Am light headed most of the time have been told to phone the Churchill Hospital to get the Myloma checked and have another ECG booked Later next month and Heart Clinic following that on the same day, so hopefully they will soon sort me out. I think some of the inner parts have got a bit rusty! So the medication advice in small doses is a very good prompt and will be carefully administered HA HA. As regards the speed,I would say I match a puffing billy! Take care Bill, and all you Old Geezers.

        ED: Good Luck with the upcoming procedures Geoff. Maybe you should add a Tom Collins or two to the medicinal range OR a “Dark & Stormy” (rum and ginger beer). Either way, get well soon Ole Chep. Thinking of you.

        • Bill Griffiths says:

          Hello again Geoff, as I said, take it easy. I had a heart attack 28 years ago, after which I was forced to retire and was only 57 at the time. I also had a massive stroke in 2000 which resulted in hospitalization and .after taking advice from all the specialists and doing as I was told, here I am, now just short of my 86th birthday and still plodding on. Not as fast as I used to be, but what is there to rush about for?

          Geoff keep going, but take it easy, get someone else to do the hard jobs. I do and the thing is NOT to be ashamed that you can’t do it yourself any more. I quite enjoy watching someone else cutting my lawn and I restrict my gardening now to watering pot plants in the conservatory. From one Puffing Billy to another Puffing Billy, best wishes and keep taking the medicine. Bill

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Thanks Bill, finding it a bit hard to hand over and getting an ear bashing from the family, but I think the body will win, over that I have now power. Have a nice weekend, will have a drop of the medicine with you in mind, Geoff.

            • Hello again Geoff. Don’t worry about the ear bashing, just remember your army days. No doubt you got an ear bashing at some time I know I did., but we got through it all. If the family complain, tell them to try it sometime.Ha! Ha! I will also have a drop of medicine with my dinner (lamb Chops sauteed potatoes and mixed veg). Keep your chin up Geoff, remember how they used to shout at us, “Chin up, Chest out, etc” and it didn’t do us any harm. Cheers Geoff. Bill.


    Sunrise1 Most mornings I rise at about 0500 (getting darker in OZ as we approach the shortest day) and prepare our veggie drink for breakfast. First rule of the day is to warm up the PC and check for emails and then the LI Blog. I attend to any editorial matters while Audrey prepares our fruit, by which time the ABC News is switched on (in the background) to listen to the inevitable waffle from ‘journalists’ about the state of idiot play among our politicians as we head for an OZ General Election in July. Ranking importance for InterNet viewing is the web based France 24 News followed by the New York Times to see how the USA is raising more global incredulity over it’s Primary system and it’s Republican debacle. I’m not overtly religious, but ponder on the utterances of my JW friends who press the Armageddon prophecy in the Old Testament that the ‘end is nigh’. We live in perilous times, as is obvious, with most reasonable standards of decency, behaviour and discipline disappearing in favour of minority interests and obscene amounts of money squandered on sport, questionable education ‘improvements’ and political local/global interests that generally only favour the protagonists of the argument.

    With the inevitable pollution of the globe and the daily bastardry in the Middle East accounted for I can relax, as soon as dawn brightens the sky and the birds begin chirping and the first rays of the sun shine through our NE facing windows, as I inspect my tomatoes and spuds, paw paw trees and cucumbers, water the garden and plan my day. I can find peace of mind with the evidence of Nature around me; the quietude of a garden, the gentle rays of a winter sun, the background sounds of a community waking up and the fresh scents of a clean atmosphere. Peace within, I’m sure there is a God!

    • Hello Derek, been trying to enter a blog and it keeps getting lost! Been having problems with both my desktops, one I had loaded windows 10 and what a load of rubbish, then two days ago when I switched on it asked for my password but then would not accept it. I looked for answers on the Internet and found that loads of people had problems, suggesting that perhaps Microsoft were trying to get people to BUY instead of using the Free version. Result is I have had to send my computer to a specialist who will have to strip it down completely and revert to windows 7. So I have had a few rotten days, now using my old desktop with win 7. Think I will have a day off tomorrow, put my feet up for a couple of hours. Best wishes to you all. Bill

      • G’day Bill. Just read your post, how unfortunate to lose your electronics. Win 10 has given me a few problems too, but I’ve managed to skirt around ’em. Problem will be with older software incompatibility. Pour some Ozzie Red into it Ole Mate!

        PS: Just completed one of our winter favourite dishes – lasagne – now oven ready for tonight when we eat at around 1800. I cooked the Bolognese sauce yesterday and this morning Audrey attended to the bechamel sauce. We layered up the lasagne sheets and Presto! Mama Mia!

        • Hello again Derek and Audrey, will be there to join you for dinner. Sounds really super “in my thoughts”. I don’t have to cook tonight, going to a Masonic meeting with dinner and wine afterwards. Cheers! Bill

  27. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi Bill. Have you spotted the blog on KSLI?

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello Geoff. This is just a quick entry to see if I have regained contact WHICH I LOST this morning and I hadn’t had any red wine, just blasted Gremlins in my computer. Bill

      ED: G’day Bill ‘Ole Mate. Trust you are OK. This Comment bears a different email address (not at view) to normal. WordPress fails to recognise it, so your Gravatar is missing.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill, you are OK to go!! Give them blasted gremlins some of the square bashing, might make ’em think twice about returning. Nice to have you back, sorry I did not get back sooner, my son has been using my computer. Have a drop of the RED to aid recovery. Best wishes. Geoff

        • Bill Griffiths says:

          Hi Geoff, many thanks for this and YES “gremlins beware” The Poison Dwarf is after you. Just having (for a change) a big glass of Bloody Mary and it is bloody lovely. A bigger measure of Vodka than you would get in a Pub and cheaper. Cheers! Wish we could get together for a party, wouldn’t that be great? Best wishes. Bill

      • Bill Griffiths says:

        Hi Derek. Don’t know why this is, perhaps I should go and have a lie down for a few days. Peeing down with rain here and last night was really heavy, good job I am quite deaf. Ha! Ha! Just having a home made Bloody Mary with a good slog of vodka and worcestershire sauce. Cheers! Will write again soon, my main computer is playing up again, so waiting for my technical pal who runs his own computer business. Bill.

  28. John Billett says:

    63 years ago today I became 22876824 Private Billett 1st Battalion DCLI at Bodmin training Barracks, where has the time gone?

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hi John. I know how you feel and the older you get, the faster the years fly by. I was just looking at my attestation paper from when I joined up, 27 May 1946 and my certificate of Discharge to the Army Reserve on 4th October 1970 showing my total service as a regular as 24 years and 131 days and discharged as a Warrant Officer. This was signed by the CO of the Glosters who I had just served a three year attachment with. Wow, how the years fly by. Bill

  29. CALEDONIAN CANAL Click to enlarge.

    Caledonian Canal1 I was reminded recently during a visit from our in-laws from Nairn, how beautiful is the United Kingdom and in particular, some parts of Bonnie Scotland. I knew very little of the Caledonian Canal until my brother in law described the location and practical features of the Canal.

    ADDENDUM 2/5/16: For those interested there are a series of relevant Scottish Highland Barge Videos to be found here:-

    You might have to cut/paste the URL into your browser to open but I’ll post up a hotlink for you to try. Scottish Highlander Barge

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Derek. Thanks for sharing that stunning view with us, looking at that alone is a reason to reclaim our country?

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Derek, that is the very reason why we love Scotland so much, scenery like that is out of this world. As Geoff said STUNNING.

    • Hello Derek and Audrey. And WOW! what a beautiful picture, I would LOVE to go there and see it. fantastic colours, and looks so very peaceful. WOW again. Bill

      • John Billett says:

        Good morning Bill, it would be sacrilege to say give up your Hong Kong trip and go to Scotland, but if you could get to Scotland it would be well worth it, I promise.

        • Hello John. There is no way I would cancel my HK trip but, I have plenty of time on my hands and feel sure I could manage a trip sometime. I will look at the details for getting there. I believe it is a weeks trip on a boat, sounds pretty good, although I suppose most people taking the trip are couples? Might be a bit difficult being single! Anyway, will give it some thought and investigate. Best wishes. Bill.

          ED: Hi Bill, you might meet up with Julia Lumley!

          • John Billett says:

            Hello Bill, you’re right it is mainly couples, but you’d be surprised how many people go on their own.


            PopEyeBill1 Cast off the bow lines, reef that top’sl, haul the reefs, splice the mainbrace, shiver m’ timbers, run out the colours, break out the rum!! I’ll keelhaul the lot of you. 140 paces up the mast or you’ll be on jankers in the morning!

            Admiral William (Bligh) Griffiths. Rtd.

  30. Hello all Geezers. JB’s recent mention of our Queen on her 90th B’day, made me think back a few years and I wrote a small article about my memories from the past and I have been encouraged to share this, although a little long winded. It could have been a lot longer, hope you will find this interesting?

    Bill Griffiths Memories of yesteryear!

    On the Queens 90th Birthday, whilst I was watching television, I started to think back as far as I could remember and this took me back to May 1937, when I was just coming up to my seventh birthday. I can clearly remember the opening of a new County Hospital in Hereford, no more than about two hundred yards from the front door of the house in which I was born. I remember this so well, because we were honoured by the presence of Her Majesty Queen Mary, who laid the foundation stone at its opening and I stood no more than, honestly, about fifteen yards away and the Queen was accompanied by two lovely little girl Princesses, one Princess Elizabeth then aged about eleven, and her young sister the late Princess Margaret. They were such pretty young girls, who seemed full of fun and I saw them again later that day, when they planted trees by the side of the river Wye in Hereford near a suspension bridge on which I was standing. Later in 1946, I joined the Army as a boy soldier, when the Princess’s father George was our King, and I was so proud to wear an army uniform and to serve him to the best of my ability.

    Boy Soldier 1948 Later in 1948, with my Regiment The Kings Shropshire Light Infantry, I was posted to Chelsea in London, where we took over Royal Duties from The Welsh Guards, who were posted abroad somewhere. We were there for a whole year, having to march from Chelsea to Buckingham Palace and back again, two days out of every three, this was no mean feat being some two miles each way and this at our Light Infantry pace of 140 paces to the minute. Small wonder that I never grew to more than five foot one inch! During this time, we witnessed Prince Philip as a young Naval Officer, flying in and out of the Palace gates in a lovely little sports car, whilst courting the young Princess Elizabeth and later after their marriage and the birth of Prince Charles, the Princess holding Charles as a young baby, up at the windows overlooking the Palace forecourt whilst the Guard was being changed.

    When King George died, I was still serving with my Regiment in Korea and we were not able to hold any services of remembrance, though we were of course saddened by this terrible news.

    To see our Queen, now 90 and Prince Charles 67, together yesterday on my TV screen, made me wonder where all the years have gone. I was so proud to have served King George and his daughter, our wonderful Queen Elizabeth, in stations abroad in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaya, Germany, and many different places in the UK from 1946 until 1984, when I finally handed in my army uniform. I also had the pleasure of meeting and shaking hands with Prince Andrew at The British Ambassador’s residence during a re-visit to Korea in 2002 with other veterans from my old Regiment. And, if I had my time over again I would do the same. I would not change anything, apart from losing many of my close friends during hostilities, especially in Korea.

    ED: Well Done Bill. Timely to re-introduce your Memoirs to remind the lads of a treasure in our midst.

    Bill Griffiths Memoirs This is an older Google website, now uneditable with changes (not for the best) at Google

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Sgt Major. For as you say a small man, you have achieved so much to be proud of, I have enjoyed very much being able to share this with you, keep well Geoff.

      • Thanks Geoff and JB, for your wonderful comments and its great to share a few treasured memories with you. Sadly, years are rolling by far too quickly and our Ranks are dwindling BUT let’s keep the flag flying for as long as possible. We owe it to Derek our ED’ out there in OZ who has done us proud. Wish we could find more support for him. I sadly, do not have anyone here in Hereford any more. Best wishes to you and your families. Bill.

      • Mornin’ Geoff. Hope all is well with you and family. We have had terrible weather here for the last few days, rain, hail, frost and short periods of sunshine, which I am glad to say I pick up in my conservatory which is facing south and therefore picks up the rising sun, keeps it all day until sunset. So I very often sit out there (I have a four seat dining area, and a five seat lounge) for breakfast, lunch and dinner later on. Then relax at any other time of the day. If it has been a really hot day, I can also sit out there in the evenings, looking out over my massive big garden, then fields beyond and the black mountains in the distance and not another house in sight. Ah well. All best wishes. Bill.

        PS: Have to go out later to see the Doc. nothing serious, just a check up.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Bill. The location sounds great, I can see the appeal it has for you, the weather up here has been mixed, last night we had a very heavy shower of hail, real noisy, left an inch of hail on the ground. As I type this a very black sky is approaching, I wonder what that holds? I had a ECG at the local surgery on Tuesday morning, shortness of breath, called a damn ambulance and spent the rest of the day in the JR Hosp having tests etc, kicked me out at 7pm, after changing some of my pills, now on water extraction, with a load more tests being arranged, so the trusty scooter will be in full use, as the saying goes ‘THAT’S LIFE. That black sky seems to be giving us a miss, wind’s have risen, but the sun is now peeping out of the clouds. Hope your check up went well. Best wishes Geoff

    • John Billett says:

      What a great memories Bill, makes my short time feel small, never the less me like you would not change a thing. My only sight of a Royal was of Princess Margaret in the West Indies, and that was from a distance. to have served our Queen was an Honour. Take care Bill.

    A claimed happily married British father succumbed to temptation with an Italian beauty while on business in Rome. After a torrid affair and exchanges, he was advised that she had fallen pregnant. He swore her to secrecy from his wife and family in Britain on account that he agreed to pay a lump sum and support the child until it reached 18. The lover was to communicate only with him by postcard with the word “spaghetti” when the child was born. Some appropriate time later the bloke’s wife greeted him one evening with the information that she’d received a peculiar postcard from Rome that read. “Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti arrived, 2 with meatballs, 1 without, send more sauce”

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hot chilly no doubt HA! HA! Good one mate, started the morning with a chuckle.

  32. John Billett says:

    Hello All Geezers, I’m sure you will all join me in wishing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd a very Happy 90th Birthday. May 1953 I Joined Her Majesties Forces, I went home on leave for a short while and during that short time a Lovely Young Princess was Coronated. Who would ever think at that time the Lovely Young Queen would do our Country so proud and for so long, I’m sure a lot of people could take lessons from her in the way of Dignity, Kindness and how to conduct themselves at all times. May the Queen Reign for many years to come, hats off, Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah. Have a Brilliant Day your Majesty.

    ED: Hear! Hear! JB. Well mentioned in dispatches.

    • Hello JB. You could not have put it better and neither could any of us. As you say, Long may she Reign and long may we live to support, and love her. Wish we could all get together to drink to her health. Best wishes to you all. Bill

  33. GALLIPOLI 1915

    On Monday 25th April 2016 we remember Anzac Day, the 101st Anniversary of that battle for which the records show the following fatalities. Turks 80,000, Allies 44,150, Australian 8,709, NZ 2,779.

    Quote: “Their gallantry will never be forgotten, and the stupidity of the commanding generals must never be forgiven. This was a war where too many of the beautiful young of every nation were sacrificed willy-nilly by old men smelling of whisky, with the brass buttons on their tunics stretched to breaking point over their paunches. Dyspeptic colonels and generals, spluttering and mumbling through their tobacco-stained moustaches, watched men die through the rubber eyepieces of their field glasses and pronounced the battle glorious.” Endquote

    ‘Nuff said.



    To all LI Most Wanted Bloggers – past & present.

    Recent events of a medical nature to some (if not ALL) regular bloggers and the resultant disadvantage of either being away from home or just feeling 1 degree under, brings (to me) a sharp focus on mateship – as experienced in the Regiment during our serving years. There is no better tonic to receiving a ‘Cheerio’ from Old Mates when one is doing it tough. I appeal ALL LI Bloggers to support those of the crew who will benefit from such support. A quick browse of (say) the Geezer page (the newest) will reveal a rise in medical issues that are making life tough. In our past 9+ years of publication, there have been many Old Mates (now long gone) who contributed to the written blogs to offer condolences or commiserations to those in need. So too, there are many ‘Old Mates’ still alive and kicking, who could make an invaluable comment to the few who soldier on. You are welcome to again take up the pen and offer a few words.

    I’m reminded of a story I heard some 40+ years ago from a philanthropic nerd who was endeavouring to impart some lifestyle advice to we (new) sales people.

    “3 Wise Men were travelling across the vast uncharted African desert in the middle of the dark night and stumbled upon a dry river bed, littered with small sharp rocks. They dismounted and collected a few of the rocks and continued their journey. Many hours and uncounted leagues later at daybreak they discovered that the rocks were diamonds and they were both glad and sorry. Glad that they had gathered some rocks – but sorry that they hadn’t gathered more”.

    The analogy being of course – seize the moment (Carpe Diem!). The LI Most Wanted blogs need support and we welcome the return of many Old Mates to keep the pot boiling.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Well said Derek. A wink, a nod, a smile, a hand shake, a few kind words, they cost the giver nothing but to the receiver, they are priceless.

    • John Billett says:

      G’Day all. True to life story Derek, always wise after the event but hey to be content is a wonderful thing, hope everyone is OK today and that the future is kind to you, take care everyone.

    • Hi Derek Geoff JB and all. Sorry for short absence, had a few days AWOL. Went for the MRI scan, they found my brain somewhat rusty but NO major defects. The specialist rang me and said he wanted me to stop driving for four weeks, so I asked him who would take me to the doctor if needed, five miles away? Also who would do my shopping, again nearest shops five miles away. He was quiet for a moment than said he would write to my doctor! Anyway, I will carry on as normal. Just having a drop of medicine South African First Cape Shiraz, very nice and guess it will help me sleep well. Hope you are all in good health and thanks so much again for you concerns. Bless you all. Bill.

      ED: Good News indeed Sjnt Major, you had us all worried I can tell you! Now all that we need to do is to canvass the NHS to arrange a nurse’s visit thrice weekly to make sure you are tucked in, taking your South African medicine and clean yer boots!! Welcome Back ‘Ole Mate.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill, glad you are back and as well as can be expected, sounds like you could do with my trusty old scooter to fill in the gap with the car. These fit and able bods with all the help of family close by don’t understand the problem’s of us old vets, or do not think how to manage with the mobility taken away, all the best Geoff.

      • John Billett says:

        Hello Bill, I was going to suggest writing to the Government and ask them to help you out as they do with immigrants. Then my brain clicked into place and I remembered you are BRITISH, silly me. Keep biting the bullet Bill and drinking that lovely South African medicine, if it means larger glasses so be it. Take care.

      • Hello all. 10pm here had a quiet day at home, lovely sunshine, so thought I would do a bit of tidying up out on my patio. Was not long before my poor little back was playing up again and I was only planting creepers etc in pots and you know of course, I don’t have to bend down too far. But HELL, I am definitely not fit for any type of gardening any more, not even a window box. better concentrate on lifting my half pints down at the local and, just for a change I have just had a couple of ‘bloody Marys’ and they were ‘bloody’ lovely. So just made a third one, couple of extra blocks of ice and an extra measure of vodka not forgetting the Worcester sauce of course. Hell it’s a tough life ain’t it. Cheers everybody. Keep smiling. Bill

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Bill. For a change the weather has been kind. Pity about your back again, stopping the task you had set yourself, but then I see you decided to take your medicine, I trust that did the trick for you. You could try the medicine first then maybe the plants would have crept in the pots on their own? Your summing up hit the nail far and square on the head, life defiantly is tough, keep well and lubricated, Geoff.

  35. Hello all my Geezer friends. just a quick one to let you all know I am on the mend, although very slowly. Have not done anything today, felt really tired all day. Had a little nap in the conservatory really nice and sunny. Popped to the local for two swift halves at lunchtime, not too much pain in the arm but still there! Have been invited out to lunch on Sunday by one of my Masonic friends, lives quite a few miles away, but another friend who is also invited has offered to drive.

    Will probably pop in to Town in the morning, have a look around see what is going on. Not much I guess, but I will pop in to the Cathedral, (as I always do when in Town). Makes me feel old when I think that I was a chorister there and left SEVENTY years ago. WOW! Anyway, bye for now, you are all always in my thoughts and prayers, and thank you for your devoted friendship. Bill

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Well done Bill, take it steady old mate don’t overdo it, store some of the energy to use in Hong-Kong, drop the 140 to 120, best wishes Geoff.

      • Hello Geoff and all. Went to see a specialist at the hospital this morning as a follow up to my recent visit, this time a specialist in Neurovascular study and after various things he asked me to do, he is thinking I may have had another mini stroke. I have to attend again tomorrow morning for an MRI scan which, if he is proved right he mentioned the possibility of stopping me driving for a while! Just hope the scan proves him wrong BUT if he is right I can’t do much about it. So ‘Fingers’ crossed, ‘Legs’ crossed, ‘eyes’ crossed and anything else I am capable of crossing. Just getting ready to pop out to a Masonic meeting, being given a lift there and back (only five miles away) so I will be able to enjoy a tipple or two and of course we have a three course dinner after the meeting. So, will report progress again tomorrow after the scan, which takes place at 12.30. Best wishes to you all. Bill

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Bill. Not very good news, I hope they are proved by the scan to be wrong. I will join you in all crossed, steady with the eyes though don’t want you bumping into things! Looking on the bright side, at least now thing’s are being sorted and you will get the treatment. Good luck for tomorrow and thank you for keeping us other old geezers informed. Geoff

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Bill, good to hear you are active,and getting on with life, keep drinking the liquid amber and any other liquid medicine that helps you through the day. Thoughts are always with you, take care.

  36. Hello to all of you. Many thanks for the concern you have all shown about my trials and tribulations! Today has been reasonable and I have regained some feeling back in my arms and hand, still a little difficult to raise a glass in my right hand but a lot better than it was. Have received a letter from the Hospital for an appointment next Monday at the Neurovascular Clinic, which I take to be a follow up and check of the nerves and blood flow. Hope there lots of nice pretty nurses! Feeling a lot better and wish you all well.

    Just had a small plate of curried chicken and rice, now about to try a drop of Port and Brandy followed by a couple of glasses of Italian Chianti. If it is good then I might have some more. Thanks again all of you for your kind thoughts. Bill.

    ED: Good News Bill all round and a plus with the follow-up letter that had us all worried about the seeming awful medical treatment you had received. You sound like your old self Sjnt Major. Take Care.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Bill, so nice to have you back on the blog, good luck on the appointment on Monday I hope they sort it out this time and give you the treatment you require, a few pretty nurses would do wonders for the blood flow! I don’t know about the nerves though! Good news that the arm is improving, must be the home remedy I notice you are administering, best wishes Geoff.

  37. G’day Bill.

    1940 OZ time and am home after a long day tripping out with our visitors. Can’t get through to you on your landline number, it just rings out and refuses messaging. Hope all is OK and you’ve had a restful night. Regards. Derek

    • CONTACT!!

      G’day Bill & All Geezers.

      0700 about on Thursday in OZ as I post. Just spoken to Bill in Eardisley and can report he sounds bright and breezy with a glass of red on standby. Had a short chat to confirm that he still awaits any further diagnosis, but in the absence of no more reports, we can hopefully assume he has suffered only repercussions from his earlier fall. Good to make contact Sjnt Major. Take it easy ‘Ole Mate. God Bless. Derek and Audrey in OZ.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Thanks for the news Derek and Bill hope all is going well with the red, with plenty in stock. Best wishes to all. Geoff

      • Hello Derek. many thanks and see my reply above. Now on the mend and hopefully all will be well soon. Bill

  38. Geoff Cherry says:

    HI Bill. The time now is 1535hrs, so I take it at last you are getting, the medical attention that is your right. I join Derek in hoping the problem is owing to the fall and not the stroke, we are all waiting with fingers crossed for news, our thoughts and prayers are with you, Geoff

    • Hello Geoff Derek and all. WOW! what a day. I went to the surgery 5 miles away got there at 8.30 just they were opening and got first to the reception girl and said “I want an immediate spot with one of the Doctors, as I think I may have had a mild stroke” She fixed this and I was taken to one of the lady Doctors straight away. She did all kinds of tests, prodded me here and there, but really did not feel happy with the situation after a COMPLETE HOUR of investigation, so she phoned the Hospital, spoke to one of the Doctors who said I was to go straight down to Hosp 15 miles away. When I arrived at about 10.15 I went straight to A&E where they were expecting me and was seen straight away by one Doctor who seemed confused and called two other Docs for second and third opinions.

      They all seemed to think that I had had a mini stroke and sent me for a ‘brain scan’ of course I knew they wouldn’t find one, but they did try. Time was flying by, and after seeing so many Docs, it was soon 5pm and I had not even been offered a drink. Time 6.15pm and the specialist Doc said I could leave, but would have to attend again and that they would call me. SO almost EIGHT hours, after I was allowed to escape. What a damned performance, all those hours and they did not give me a satisfactory conclusion. So here I am back home still with severe pain in my right arm and still can’t lift a half pint glass full of beer with my right hand. I give up! I can do it with my left hand, so I will not die of thirst, but found it very difficult trying to use a knife and fork! Guess I will have to live on soup for a few weeks! Sorry to bore you all. But what a bloody Mess the NHS is in! Best wishes to you all. Just about to attack the Brandy and Port bottles. So glad I have a good stock here. Cheers Bill

      • Welcome Home Sjnt Major. I’ve just woken up after a busy day here. Pleased to hear that at least you received some attention. One would hope that they’ve evaluated the matter. But what about the wider scans for these ailments? You needed 48 hours observation I would have thought. So pleased that your spirits are up – and down!! (the throat). Brandy was a cure all in times past, why not now. Take it easy ‘Ole Mate.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Derek. Find I am a bit concerned with no word from Bill today. If the pain in his arm stopped him sleeping he may have called an ambulance and has been admitted to hospital. He should have been kept in when he was there for observation, rotten treatment! Hope to have word soon.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. God what a mess, I would have thought they would have at least kept you in overnight under observation and continued diagnosing tomorrow and sorted it out! That would not happen here in Oxford. I am a regular user and cannot complain in any way about the treatment that I receive, in fact the nurses have got that used to seeing me around they wave to me as I go by. They talk about post code service, by the treatment you have received I would say the NHS in that area is way down the list if not at the bottom!

        Since the war I have seen this country given away and ruined more so by the last three governments. Thatcher the wrecker started it, this Lady is not for turning in short a dictator? Blair followed, he ignored the public taking us into conflict and leaving that country in turmoil. Now we have Cameron another dictator, with his Chancellor cutting this country of ours to the bone and wasting billions overseas, making out he is the big man, running a rich country, when we have a massive national debt added to every week and the opposition partys do not exist anymore. Sorry Bill got carried away, but sometimes the blood boils, have you any pain killers to deaden the pain a bit? Try and get some sleep if you can. Best wishes. Geoff

      • John Billett says:

        Hello Bill, you certainly had a bad day, God help the people in this country who are ill. I fear it’s going to get worse before it gets better, what with the younger element of doctors going out on strike doesn’t give me much confidence. An old cliché “we’ve seen and had Better times”, get well soon.

  39. Mornin all. Have a look at item about seven down. Re my current health problem, damned painful and very worrying. Bill



    For Bill during “Pick Me Up’ time.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Derek. Clicked on NO LAUGHING MATTER, found this message:- This video contains content from Mr Bean Endemol, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

      ED: Thanks Geoff, what a pity – ’tis a good laugh. I’ll see if I can get around it somehow, but if blocked there’s a good reason.

      • Geoff, a mystery to me at this end and of course I cannot view your receptivity in the UK, but there is naught on the You Tube platform to proclaim a blockage due to copyright. It’ll be interesting if the clip is blocked to others. You Tube operates out of the US – to my knowledge – so OZ and the UK should be compatibly viewable. Mystery?

        Geoff. Have changed the link above – please try again.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Derek. Still no joy on that clip, but the others work OK!

          ED: Well thanks for testing – a mystery unfortunately. 1st time I’ve ever heard of such an issue. I’ll look for a solution ‘cos the clip is very funny.


          Just read the breaking news: RONNIE CORBETT RIP Another great British comedian passes from the ranks.

    • Hi Derek, found the same problem with Mr Bean goes to hospital, although others opened?. Anyway, feeling a little better today, been resting in the conservatory, lovely and warm. Best wishes to you all. Bill

      • G’day Bill & Geezers. Good to see a comment Sjnt Major. Can picture you in your sunny conservatory surrounded by memories. Good to focus on the better times! Hope you’re recovering from your fall, am nursing Audrey with the same problem, although she’s been immobilised for a while. A bloody pain during our Scots Visitors holiday, but we have managed many local trips and good tucker.

        Too bad about Mr Bean – must be a serious copyright issue as I’ve tried many alternatives.

        Just emailed JB directly over a comment related to the closure of a DLI local Museum, failing through lack of attendances. Little wonder these days when populations are more focussed on electronics and fast food. The education process for respect and honour needs to begin in schools and respectful parenting and I can’t see much evidence of that happening anywhere. The educators and pollies seem more focussed on alternative lifestyles and foreign beliefs to curry favour (pardon the pun!). Some schools here have banned Christmas Carols for want of offending Muslims and our pollies now are trying to change historical events to provide another slant on past events. Wish the arseholes would just manage the economy instead of opinionating on matters that they were never charged with when gaining office.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Derek. So sorry to hear of Audrey’s fall, please wish her a speedy recovery for me, as you say a bad situation made even worse as you are entertaining visitors at this time. As regards the Pollies of the world they are supposed to be educated people, something must have gone drastically wrong even their lies are not convincing? Best wishes Geoff.

          • G’day Geoff. I appreciate your warm wishes for Audrey, who is mending quickly after copious bombardment with pain killers and suppressants. The indefatigable Scots temperament allows little to hold ’em back and she and her sister (an Aberdeen nurse) are ruling the roost here. Geoff, my brother in law and I just sit back and manage to get by with a few Guinesses. Of course the challenge is to taste the prawns and the fresh fish as well! Fantastic day here today, balmy weather and slight offshore breezes – we’re headed up the coast for a cold ale and a bucket of prawns – or two!

            Sticker1 Warm regards to all Geezers with maladies, challenges and fond memories of quality times of the past. 2 fingers to the Pollies and the Wankers of the World who wish us otherwise.

            • Geoff Cherry says:

              Hi Derek. Relax, party and enjoy, I remember partying with the Scots, when I took over the MT from the BLACK WATCH in BG, something I will never forget!

        • John Billett says:

          G’Day Derek, hope Audrey is getting over her fall, not nice when that happens, shakes you up and takes time to get your confidence back, hope you’re back dancing with her real soon.

    • Thanks for this Derek, it will not open for either, but others do! Anyway. a bit more bad luck for me, I think I must have had another mini stroke, because yesterday afternoon I had a drop of shut-eye in the conservatory and when I woke I couldn’t use my right hand, can’t hold a cup or anything and not possible to extend the fingers, so cant even salute! The pain is creeping right up my arn towards the shoulder. HELL just had a nasty thought, will have to drink left handed. It has really knackered me and I can only manage to type very slowly with index fingers. I was up all night, worrying about this and obviously will try to get to the doctors as soon as possible. Not sure yet if this will affect my driving. It is now 7am and the surgery is not open until 8.30, but a phone line will be open at 8am. But from experience I know people are queuing up at eight and I know it will be almost impossible to get through. It is really worrying me and I didn’t sleep at all. It really is painful and I guess it is all to do with the couple falls I have had! Will let you know what the Doc says because I will be down there dead on 8.30 and demand to be seen straight away. Well, keep smiling I suppose. Such is life, as the years pass by. Bill.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. Too late to catch you before you left for the doctors, but I believe you ought to have phoned for a medic to call.I hope all went well with the trip, that doctor’s surgery to my mind is (crap). With mine I can phone up and they will put me in as an emergency the same day or visit. In a case like yours an ambulance would attend within half an hour, please old mate keep us up to date, best wishes. Geoff.

      • Hell’s Bells Bill, I agree with Geoff – get an emergency trip in an ambulance. I hope you have been seen by the time of this comment (9.50 local Eardisley). I’m phoning you during the morning. Take Care Sjnt Major and Good Luck that’s its a repercussion of the fall only and not what you fear.

        ED: Bill, I’ve tried in vain to make contact and hope that this means that you are getting treatment at the surgery or in Emergency. Chin Up ‘Ole Mate, you’ll be up in no time and please make sure of no repeats. I’ll phone again in the morning (OZ time = 10+ hours on Greenwich)

  41. Hi Derek. Got it, really easy when you know how. Sun is shining now, but I had a bad night last night and this morning, had a fall outside last night, hurt my right hip and bumped my head a little, then this morning I got up feeling very tired and slept in the chair all morning. Feeling a lot better now, might even try a drop of Port and Brandy a little later, this is my ‘Cure All’ tipple. Think I will sit in the conservatory for a while, lovely and warm. Bill

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Bill. I hope the cure all is working for you, sounds like you had a nasty one! Watch it for the next day or two, if in doubt get a checkup. Best wishes. Geoff

      • Many thanks Geoff. It was a bit of a shake up, although I don’t have far to fall, at my age I fall a little more awkwardly, don’t know why, perhaps reflexes are not so quick these days. I haven’t resorted to the ‘cure all’ yet, maybe a little later when I am sitting more comfortably. Think I will have a very light meal maybe an omelette with cheese, then a nice glass of wine and my cure all. Best wishes. Bill

      • Hello Geoff. See my reply to JB about seeing the Doc. The surgery is packed, but I bet that if I was an illegal immigrant I would be seen straight away. Sad ain’t it? Bill

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Bill. I think that is terrible, that is not the way to treat people, in today’s world OAP’s and veterans don’t count anymore. In the eyes of this government we are not hard working tax payers As you say illegal immigrants rank higher than us.

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Bill, hope you’re feeling better now, don’t want to many incidents like that, like Geoff says if your no better get a check up, take it easy old friend.

      • Hello John thanks for your concern, just been down to my surgery, (FIVE MILES AWAY) to try to see the Doc and the place is packed, absolutely NO CHANCE of seeing a doctor and they would not let me book for tomorrow saying I would have to ring them tomorrow morning! Great aint’ it, at least, if it was an army Doc. I would get an aspirin and medicine and duty! Ah! Well, will stick to my cure all. Port and Brandy. Bill


      HospitalJoke1 Sjnt Major. I was angered to learn of the indifferent treatment meted out at your local surgery following your recent fall and need of medical attention. That is just not satisfactory and I hope a protest can be made, particularly after you being stuffed around after driving the distance. I trust that the Pick Me Up works, but that clearly is no remedy for a potentially dangerous fall. ‘Tis the complications of falls that are a cause for worry and we ‘Old ‘Uns’ need to be better looked after at all times. Our in-laws from Nairn Scotland are with us in OZ at this time and they recount similar behaviour in their local surgery.

      Without bragging about the matter – as an example – yesterday morning at 0750 I drove Audrey to our local GP (1km) to attempt an immediate consultation prior to a later confirmed time (1630) and she was laid down in the anteroom, given water and comfort until slotted in within 30 minutes and prescribed some anxiety medication. We enjoy a totally personal relationship with our sole practitioner GP; we are on 1st name terms with him and his staff and he treats us like a family friend at all times and in fact makes contact with us for all available jabs and follow ups when they are due. What a difference!

  42. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi all. You have now made my day knowing everyone is OK. I find the mind plays tricks when there is silence, followed by the dread of asking, or am I just being an old fool? Best wishes to you all. Geoff.

    • Hello Birthday Boy. You survived the Big Bash OK? How was Young Thomas? You’ll need the day off ‘Ole Mate.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Derek. Just about managed it, had a job keeping up with that four year old could do with some high energy pills, have to talk to my medical adviser on my next visit, also told next time no candles on the cake for me, Thomas saved the day? As regards time off! – a month sounds better, best wishes Geoff and Thomas.

    • Hello Geoff. I too worry at times, especially as time seems to fly by so quickly BUT it is great to wake up in the morning and find that things are still ticking along nicely, maybe a bit slower, but do a quick count to see if I still have the same number of fingers and toes etc, Ha! Ha! Can’t believe how time is flying by, only five more months and I will be off to Hong Kong again and it seems like only yesterday that I came back from my last visit, better get practising with my chopsticks. Keep well, and all best wishes to you and all the family. Unfortunately, none of my kids speak to me, have not done so for about seven years now and I don’t know why, even the seven Grandchildren and five GREAT grandchildren don’t make contact! It’s a strange World, and this blog is a life saver for me. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. I sometimes compare my younger days with now and remember how the weeks seemed to last forever, now a month is here and gone before you can look around, you would think it would be the other way round, having lost that get up and go of the younger days!

        I had a time in the past when my first marriage broke down, I bought a caravan on a site and lived on my own, but I was young and at the time repaired Vehicles so was always out meeting different people, so never felt the loneliness that you feel but can fully understand it. My children from my first marriage I had three two Boys and a Girl, sadly the girl left this life at the age of eight, on leaving school, my eldest boy went to Lowestoft and worked on the North sea oil rigs, my younger son lived with me for a number of years, then decided to join his brother, working on the rigs. Over the years contact has been lost, they have gone their own ways, I know I have grandchildren and great grandchildren with no contact at all, it is sad but I suppose Life.

        On a more cheerful note you will soon be visiting your family in Hong Kong if only you could slow time then! as you never get to do all the things you want to fit in, still a bit early but have a wonderful time and a safe flight Bill my thoughts will be with you, and you will be able to celebrate your Birthday HONG- KONG style. Keep well old mate, best wishes, Geoff


    Hope you 2 Geezers are taking matters easy over Easter. Our dwindling little band of heroes needs all the thoughtfulness we can get. Sunday already in OZ with a low cloud and overcast sky promising a milder day, following some hot temperatures recently. Bill has been unwell recently, but soldiering on. Hope everyone is on the up and taking the chocolates with plenty of fluids. Best Regards. Derek

    • John Billett says:

      G’Day Derek, I am still here. I read all comments you Geezers put on but my brain is getting lazy and I just don’t seem to be able to come up with conversation like I used to. I wish you all a very Happy Easter with lots of lovely chocolate or which ever is your tipple. Bill is in a bad place at the moment but I pray he pulls through and gets back to his old cheerful self. But as we’re all finding out for ourselves this period of life is quite a challenge. We are looking forward to the summer with some warm sunshine hopefully and our usual trip to Cornwall. Enjoy the rest of Easter, take care everyone.

      ED: Good to hear you’re on deck JB, take things easy Ole Mate – no rush these days. Have a good Easter Sunday too and plan for the holidays.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi John. Nice to hear from you again, just to know you can still hit a few keys, as you say we are all getting to that stage, that get up and go has now changed to maybe or I might! at least now hopefully the warmer weather is coming, keep well Geoff.

        • John Billett says:

          Hi Geoff, yes I can still finger the keys even though I’m a one finger typist, you’re right about the get up and go. I think mine has nearly got up and gone, good to know some of us are still around.

      • Hello JB. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, I have been out of sorts at times recently but plodding on and I can still get down to the Local (only about 150 yards) not quite at light Infantry pace, but not far off. Several of our locals have asked me why I walk so quickly, I tell them it is second nature having had to do this for so many years plus the fact that I am thirsty! Nice to see that you are back on the Blog, keep it up even if it is just to tell us that you are OK. Best wishes Bill.

        • John Billett says:

          Hello Bill, my thoughts are always with one or the other of you, good to hear you can get to your watering hole. Question:- Do you walk back as quick as you walk to the Local, but then who minds if it is a bit slower? Good to hear from you as well Bill, take care my friend.

          • Hello John. Thanks for your reply and the answer to how I get back from the local is sometimes a bit of a puzzle but I get here safely, so all is well. Have just prepared a chicken curry for later on, not sure if the Local is open today, so might take a trip to the next village, only a couple of miles. The days seem to fly by so quickly now, only five months to go and I am off to Hong Kong again, already booked my flight and accn’, flying with Emirates on an Airbus A380 800 to Dubai, then again from Dubai to HK. makes the trip a bit longer, but nice to get up and walk around at the halfway stage and the Emirates Airway is really something special. Hope all is well with you and yours. Best wishes. Bill

      • John Billett says:

        G’Day Derek, just happy just to plod along these days. I am one of thirteen children (number nine), my youngest sister baby of the family will be 70 this year. We have lost 2 of the family so far, a brother and a sister, between the rest of us we notch up 910 years+. My eldest sister was 94 this week, if that is anything to go by I have a long way to go yet, many more Easters to come, fingers crossed.

    • Hello Derek and many thanks for your thoughts and good wishes. Yes here we are, first quarter of the year already gone with the wind and the few of us that are left, trying our best to keep together. I would hate to get so old, that I would just have to sit in a chair with my feet up watching telly or just going to sleep and getting OLD! I am still gadding about, rushing round town (fifteen miles away) most days and although I can’t take on heavy jobs any more at least I keep my brain active. (What brain did you say?). I have already prepared my dinner for today, it will be roast chicken, with roast potatoes and five different vegetables. I remembered to put all the clocks and watches forward last night and this I usually forget!

      So sorry to hear of your ‘garden malady’ good job it was not Malaria. I am OK, had a few days of not feeling on top form but I guess this to be expected sometimes at our stage in life. My young brother Ken, (there are only us two left of our generation) had his 83rd Birthday last Wednesday WOW! Time marches on and so it seems, at Light Infantry pace! I shall be popping down to the local for a couple of glasses of beer at mid day. Cheers you you all. I will drink to your health. All best wishes. Bill.

    • Mornin’ Derek and Audrey and all Geezers, thanks for your kind thoughts. I had a very quiet day yesterday, went down to the Tram for a quick couple of halves, came back to find this SILLY OLD FOOL had left a saucepan of vegetables boiling whilst I was out, house filled with smoke and the burning smell took ages to get rid of with open windows doors etc. Then had to make do with a bowl of soup for my Sunday lunch. Certainly did not fancy trying to cook anything else. Must be the old brain! beginning to take days off and leaving me to make the most of things? Ah well, keep on going as best I can but, seriously, it gets very lonely here on my own and there are no people here in the village that I can call close friends. So, I will spend today wandering round the world on my computer, (and even this damned thing plays me up a lot these day) seems to have a mind of its own. Best wishes to you all. Bill


    Gardener1 Could happen to anyone I guess, but a warning for Spring gardeners (Autumn here in OZ). A recent cleanup in my busy garden lately – without a long sleeved shirt while lifting foliage, resulted in an allergic reaction to my arms and thumb from bacteria and hospitalisation on a powerful antibiotic drip overnight. Not expected I can tell you. The interruption has a knock-on effect with unplanned travel in peak hour traffic and inconvenience to upcoming UK visitors preparations. Life’s little surprises, reminding me how vulnerable we are at all times. Must say though, the Health Dept’s doctors and nurses here were marvellous and gave me top dollar treatment. Back home now, fully relaxed and on the mend. Wearing a long sleeved shirt and gloves!!

    Easter Saturday as I write, with retail back to normal. Fortunately many locals are absent over a 4 day Easter break, having packed the arterial freeways north and south. Over 3,000 apprehended for speeding would you believe and over 500 on drug related offences? They will never learn. Have a Happy Easter Cheps.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Derek. By the look of it you are getting quite a lecture from that garden helper. I must say us Old Geezers keep the medics busy in one way or the other and the motorist doing the same for the police? Take it steady Derek and have a tot of the special medicine works wonders for the recovery! Thank you both for the birthday wishes for Thomas and myself, we will be celebrating together tomorrow. I have been told Tom has been partying all this week. I have been resting up preparing, reckon I will be whacked by night time, trying to keep up with that young lad, still that’s life? Happy Easter to one and all, keep well, Geoff.

      • Shots1 G’day Geoff, you’re a stalwart, Old Mate, thanks for keeping in touch regularly. The spell in hospital worked wonders with the jungle juice they loaded me up with. Unlike the crap in Nov 1953 when they shot all that shit into my arm in one go. When I think about it, they probably (then) never even changed the needles from rookie to rookie! Must say though, that ‘shit’ endured in my system for years afterwards. Any mossie that dared bite me, dropped dead instantly.

        Enjoy the day with Thomas and Family. Shall be thinking of you all. We’re starting a 2 week hosting for Audrey’s sister and hubby from Scotland – doing the touristy stuff – including fresh prawns and chilled wines.



    Bill and Geezers, just to re-iterate the “new comment” procedure – as opposed to a “reply procedure”. This choice of action/s determines the placement of your Comment either at the very top of the viewed page as a ‘new comment’ OR as a ‘reply’ to an existing comment, which will continue/start a thread from the origins of the original comment being replied to.

    Firstly, select your page and place your lhs clicked mouse/thinggy over the tiny square at the top of the rhs scroll bar. Drag your mouse/thinggy to the very bottom of the scroll facility, which brings you below the very first (1st) Comment made back in time. Enter your details in the vacant box (LEAVE A REPLY) where it prompts and in due course your ‘new comment’ will channel to the very top of the page – OR – sometimes be held for moderation if WordPress fails to accept your email/ID.

    NB: If you choose to reply to an existing comment you are placed in a thread that is dictated to by the positioning of the original comment being replied to. Clearly the unwary/uninitiated Contributor can get confused with WordPress terminology, but basically just make a choice – ‘NEW’ comments begin at the very bottom of any page, “REPLIES” are answers to an existing Comment where placed in the pecking order, usually near the top of a page.

    HOWEVER: There is a purpose in the listing (RHS under “Recent Comments) to enable a quick link to that Contributor’s blogged comment. I suspect that Bloggers are unaware of this, just ensure that you click the latter part of the listing, otherwise you get the Avatar. Geddit?


    Eric Sykes & Co up to tricks. 3 segments.

    Mr H is late


    Jinging the Penguin


    Recently I’ve been having slowdown issues with my PC and problems with video links, so I bit the bullet and uploaded Windows 10 (from Windows 7 Professional). I’m amazed now at the improvement (after re-setting the PC) and the wide array of software tools that are available. My PC is back to lightning speed and performance. A bit of savvy is required to restore deleted programmes, such as Picasa 3, but the effort has been well worth the 4 hours labour.

    A new version of Microsoft Office 2016 (single user for AUD$137) has also given me the latest range of Office tools.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Derek. I have not the confidence to attempt downloading windows 10, it keeps popping up to download it free. My skill on the computer extends only as far as hitting the keys with one finger and hoping for the best, have survived so far. After reading your blog I might ask a whiz kid for help, fingers crossed?

      • G’day Geoff. The effort will be worth the trouble, believe me. Apart from re-setting all software (if lost) the results are bloody marvellous. I tried all manner of tools (before Windows 10) to rectify issues, but only on re-setting the entire PC, was I able to restore the machine to it’s former high speed glory. Just spent 2 hours re-uploading Corel Graphics Suite. Good Luck with the ‘whiz kid’ – ask Thomas!!

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          I reckon Thomas would have as much joy as myself, would be a bit of fun on our birthday!

      • Hello Geoff. I know exactly how you feel experimenting with updates etc. and I have been looking for a ten year old whiz kid to help me sometimes, but as yet can’t find one. So I dig in and try all sorts of things, sometimes successful and often get in a mess, but in general think I do reasonably well. Nobody here to challenge me, or laugh at the mess I get into. So, keep plodding on. Just managed to copy Publisher 10 from one computer to another and I use this a lot, especially making my own personal Birthday and Xmas cards. I have great fun with this and they are well received. Hope all is well with you. Best wishes. Bill

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Bill. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, wonder if that includes OLD GEEZERS could prove them wrong? With the inspiration from you and Derek, best to you both keep well. Geoff

        • Hello Derek, sorry about me AWOL for a few days, been somewhat out of sorts and had to go to the doctor yesterday. Been having sleepless nights, with terrible pains in my legs and feet. Now having to take extra medication (pills), one of them taking four a day. I shall probably end up like a bean bag or in my case being a little chap, a billiard table pocket. But, I will still have my usual ration of the red stuff, a glass or two! I guess this must be passing years that cause the problems and we can’t do anything about this. Anyway, best wishes to you and Audrey and of course to all our Geezers, even though we are now so few?

          I was singing with our choir on Sunday at a dinner party laid on by us Freemasons, for all our widows. There were about a hundred of them and they really appreciated our program and of course, we really enjoy ourselves as well. Bye for now. Bill

    • Hello Derek. On Win 10. I too loaded Windows 10 on one of my desktops, but found it quite difficult to follow in some respects, still am, but I am playing about with it every so often. I had difficulty finding some things, like My Computer! And it will not let me use my Flight Simulator ‘A Century of Flight’, which is bloody annoying. I can’t use it on win 7 either. There are other flight sims on the market. I bought two and they are RUBBISH in comparison, so I have dumped them. Ah well, such is progress! Bill

      • G’day Bill. You may find that older software has a compatibility issue with later browsers and OS’s. In my experience I found that many programmes were removed automatically when Windows 10 was loaded – and I re-set the PC. Maybe in your case you have to reload your Flight Simulator – should be easy if you still have the discs and codes. Remember to delete the old files if not already done.

        On Windows 10 the ‘old’ My Computer has gone, instead all is found on the icon lower left corner of the screen – try right/left click for content and sub menus.

        • Hello Derek and thanks for this. What do you mean when you say you re-set the PC? Yes I still have disks for Flight Sim, so I will try deleting and reload, fingers crossed. Bill


            1.) Open ‘Computer Management’ with rh click on Windows icon lower left corner.
            2.) Find ‘Device Manager’ lhs column – click – go to ‘more actions’ rhs column. Click ‘help’.
            3.) Enter ‘TechNet Library’. Under “General Support’ click on “How can we help you?”
            4.) Find ‘Categories” by scrolling down page to “Repairs & Recovery”.
            5.) Open 1st item – “Recovery options in Windows 10″.
            6.) Open the live link ‘Reset your PC”.

            You will lose some programmes, icons and passwords. Not for the fainthearted!!

    • Hello Derek. I think I asked this question before. How do we get a message to appeat the top of the page, when it is not a reply to someone else’s blog, but just a bit of current info? I have just written a short blog, but it appears about six or so blogs already down a few pages! Best wishes to all. Bill.

      ED: Thanks Bill. Just scroll the chosen blog page down to the very 1st Comment to find a fresh comment box. Our system provides for latest Comment at the top (foremost at view) so unless you are replying to an existing Comment you need to scroll to the very bottom of the selected page. A nuisance I know, but the mouse placed over the scroll bar square icon (top rhs) and yank the mouse down will quickly get you to the blank box. Cheers and have a great Easter yourself, we are entertaining in-laws from Scotland over the holiday for 2 weeks.


    I was amused (not unexpectedly) this morning in Brisbane at 0730 to get a call from my local GP to arrange an appointment for both of us to attend his surgery for a compulsory Age Driver consultation. This is a regular service from our GP who never misses the opportunity to muster his patients for essential (and free) ‘flu jabs, new procedures and Consultant follow-ups. Plus the fact that we could (if chosen) walk to the surgery – just a 1km distance from home. In contrast I believe (as informed by my sister in the UK), where months on a wait list prevail and then little chance of seeing a doctor of choice. We are blessed with a fine Health Service in OZ – yet some buggers still complain (and abuse).

    Recently a friend belatedly underwent some urgent eye surgery which unless attended to would have jeopardised his driving licence. He later received a fine old bollocking from our Ambulance Service for not calling it, in his time of need (whether required or not) and was informed at the time that ambulances have been called for ultra trivial (non emergency) non medical matters. Such is the land of the free!!



    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Now that is a reliable forecast!

      • Hi Geoff, except maybe for the last one “Stone Gone” could be that some Old Geezer had Pinched it! Bill

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Bill, that thought had crossed the mind, nice sunny frosty morning. Leaving in about 20 minutes for hours run on the scooter to Cowley, appointment with the foot doctor, get the hoofs filed down be able to trot around like a young colt then? Geoff

          • Hi Geoff. hope all goes well and the ‘farrier’ makes a good job on your hoofs’. I popped in to town this morning, about thirteen miles away and as you say, very cold and frosty, so I ran around like a lunatic trying to keep warm and ended up popping in to a fish and chip shop and brought some home for lunch. Very nice too and saved me cooking. Not doing much now, looks like being another Frosty night so think I will stay in the warm tomorrow. Best wishes. Bill

            • Geoff Cherry says:

              Hi bill, all in all a good trip, a bit nippy on the ears. Hoofs passed the test of time, smartly clipped, sounds like your HOOFS are OK, all that running around, you needed the fish ‘un chips to replace the energy used. Hope you are resting up now,a nice drop of RED should complete the day! Best stay in tomorrow forecast rain! Stay well. Geoff.

      • Hello Geoff and ALL old Geezers, seems a little quiet here on the Blog. hope you are all OK. I have been very busy writing a nine page Paper on “The British Naval Fleet in China, and Freemasonry” which I am going to deliver at a Freemasons Lodge meeting down in Southampton tomorrow night. This particular Lodge was originally opened in CHINA way back in 1903 and consisted mainly of sailors from The British Naval Fleet but was transferred back to UK in Southampton after the War in 1947. I have spent many hours doing research on this and I am sure to tell present day members things that they never knew. Because of their connection with China and the Chinese, they have a Chinese dinner after their meeting closest to The Chinese New Year (which was last Month The year of The Monkey). Some of the members and all the waitresses and bar staff all dress in Chinese dress, not a knife or fork in sight,only Chopsticks. I went there last year and had an eight course Chinese inner. Wonderful. SO, case already packed, staying overnight of course and back on Wednesday. Best wishes to you and ALL. Bill

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Bill. All very interesting, will bring back many memories to the older members and educational for the not so old. I hope you have a good time and eat hearty, with the chop sticks, I don’t think I could manage them?

          It is quiet on the blog, that is a pity as we will lose it as a means of communication. I believe it to be better than one to one as other lines, all old geezers can read, and join in. Best wishes, have a good time. Geoff


            The 2 foregoing comments by regulars Bill & Geoff raise relevant points insofar as ‘Geezers R US’ are concerned – indeed relevant to the LI Blog in general. What in fact do Geezers wish for? We have diminished to a level of (at best) 5 contributing bloggers only – despite appeals, revised pages, new topics and endless opportunities to build the site to its former glory days. Problems from my aspect are that we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. The convenience these days of mind numbing focus on ‘social’ media via our cell/mobiles, where (it seems to me) every manjack and his dog are peering at the handheld devices on trains. buses and (stupidly) while driving – totally ignoring traditions of face to face conversations. Audrey and I travelled for 11 minutes on our local train to the CBD yesterday during rush hour to notice that practically everyone was engrossed with a device of sorts. A fellow traveller was astonished when Audrey struck up a conversation with him!!

            We are witnessing the demise of an era Cheps and I doubt that we can do anything about it. Our Old Mates are disappearing fast and unless a renaissance washes over these blogs, we shall succumb to modern alternative social media that (apparently) requires far less effort and thoughtfulness, than blogging. I appeal again to those readers (I know that over 80 a day scan this blog generally ‘cos I can view the logs) to GOYA and make a contribution of sorts. Birthdays is a fine opportunity if you are seeking a lead.

            • Geoff Cherry says:

              Well said Derek. I check the blogs about three times a day, but find very little traffic, texting has now taken over. When out on the scooter, I have to shout really loud to alert people head down ear phones in fingers pumping the keys and if they run into you it is then your fault not theirs!!

              On the Oxford Tube going to London, the seating is arranged two facing forward, two facing the rear with a table between, there are power points for laptops and HI-FI, with that arrangement of seating ideal for conversation not a word spoken, but laptops and tablets in full use, in todays world a waste of time learning to talk?

              As regards our NHS with the last three governments, it has gone rapidly down hill, between them the country has gone multi national, with the EU in charge, and CAMERON prancing around on the world stage, wasting money left right and centre, making out we are a rich country when we are in fact up to the eyebrows in debt. what a wonderful world we live in? Best wishes to you and Audrey. Geoff

            • Hello Derek and Geoff. Sad ain’t it? This day and age when as you both say, people are walking around in a trance, mesmerised by these stupid little things they are staring at. You should see them in Hong Kong! Thousands of them and I am not kidding. Here they walk around town, in the supermarkets, on every street, heads down, thumbs wagging and stabbing at this damned thing. Couples do not talk to each other any more. What is the world coming to? Do you know, I was 40 years old before I even had a wired telephone in my house! Ah well I wonder what form of communication they use in Heaven? Sad ain’t it. Bill

          • Hello Geoff. Yes, my talk on the British Fleet and Freemasonry went down very well I am pleased to say and there was quite a crowd at the meeting. I was greeted by many after the meeting who came and shook my hand and congratulated me. The Chinese dinner after the meeting was very good, as was the wine which was all free and plenty of it. We Masons in Hereford are holding a big dinner on the 20th for widows of former Members and we will have about a hundred in attendance and our Masonic choir (of which I am a member, singing baritone) will entertain them with a short concert afterwards. We do this every year and it is always well attended and for us, a great pleasure to see them enjoy the hospitality.

            Went to the Hospital this morning for an ultrasound scan on my right shoulder which is giving me some pain, reckon it might be caused by too much saluting during my 38 years service OR the weight of pint pots of ale consumed during the same years! This why I now have small glasses of wine. Ha! Ha! Bill

            • Geoff Cherry says:

              Well done Sgt Major. You have lost none of your skills on lecturing and holding the attention of the audience, proved by the greetings later. i hope the scan went well, did you get the result? Sounds like you knew the answer (TIRED WORN OUT SHOULDER AFTER 38 YEARS PUNISHMENT) pint pot raising and saluting, happy happy days! Best wishes. Geoff

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Very interesting, bit of a drastic way to end your life, at the other end of the scale, a firm trusting friendship? Think I will give BREAKFAST a miss!!

    • John Billett says:

      I’ll give it a miss if you don’t mind Derek.

    • Breakfast. Yes please but just a nice plate of eggs, scrambled, boiled or fried with a couple of pieces of nice hot toast! That monster on the table looks about three times my size, one bite by him and I would be GONE. SO, not for me. Bill

    • Bill's Pub Free Drinks1 Mornin’ Derek and ALL. really lovely sunny morning here but still a bit cold outside and I am feeling quite relaxed and might even pop out for a beer at a nearby Pub. Remember Derek, the one where I knocked on the window to wake the Landlord up and then get him to pay for our beer. Well, that guy left a long time ago and the Pub closed, but I have just been told that it is open again, so will give it a try. Hope you Geezers are all well. I think about you all each day. All best wishes. Bill

      ED: Well remembered Bill and what a fine English summer’s day that was. More pubs than people and Bill knew every one. Happy Days.

      • CiderPress1 Hello Derek. The new owner at the pub only a young guy, didn’t seem interested, didn’t say a word to me except to tell me how much my half pint cost and there were a couple of guys, obviously his friends, scruffy, sitting at separate tables on either side of the bar. Never stopped talking a load of crap, so I will NOT be going there again, save myself a bit of petrol and enjoy my local “The Tram”. Cheers.Bill

        ED: Pity about the changes Bill, a lovely old pub in a beautiful part of Herefordshire, no doubt with a long history that needs to be appreciated. I hope that the new bloke will grow to develop his opportunity. Is the old press still outside on the lawn? Click on photo to enlarge.

      • Hi Derek, yes, a great pub from yesteryear, but sadly now run by a couple of today’s generation, whose values leave a lot to be desired, a great pity. But never mind, I will just have to remember it as it was. Bill.

        PS: YES. The old press is still there, the new owner probably doesn’t know what it is.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Bill & Derek. That all sounds typical of today’s world, young sprogs with no knowledge of the past and the wreckers of today, but they cannot touch the memories as you say Bill.


    Re-Posted to premier position from being ignored 5 days ago. Just so good for a few laughs.

    • Hello Derek. OK, he can make bottles of wine appear quickly, BUT I can make them disappear even quicker. WELL! The contents not the bottles! and I take those out to the waste bin at night so nobody sees them disappear. Ha! Ha!

      I am off to the hospital shortly to have the cataract removed from my right eye, so it won’t be long now before I can see where I am going OR coming from? Really frosty this morning, but lovely sunshine so the fields look quite nice and lots of little spring lambs out in the field at the back of my house, good job they have thick little woolly coats. Best wishes to all Geezers. Bill

      ED: Best wishes to you too Sjnt Major. Hope all goes well at the hospital.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Good luck Bill, don’t forget to get that little nurse to hold your hand. I did, have you a padded bin for the bottles?

        • Hello Geoff. Yes, all OK and had different nurses this time but all very nice and the one who held my hand was quite attractive. Mmmm. Thanks again. Bill

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            You lucky old GEEZER, what a treat, glad it went well, my right eye still needs doing, looking through that one everything looks yellow, the one that has been done, lovely bright and clear, have a nice day, and a glass or two of the red to calm you down.

      • Hello again Derek. Eye OP went well, a little bit blurred this morning but this is to be expected and of course I will now need an eye check up for new glasses. In the meantime, I have just adjusted the size of print on the computer. Will be ready for a few glasses of wine this evening. Cheers to you all. Bill


    Stupid1 Your reaction to this photo taken in 2014 in Sao Paulo, during a Tattoo Festival will no doubt place you well and truly in the Old Geezer Camp – or am I wrong? Australia is making a move to ban eyeball tattooing – I wonder why? Ain’t that a deprivation of liberty – that same freedom that our forebears fought for in WW1 & WW2? What’s the place coming to? This bloke might be a Senator in the making. Beam me up Scottie.

    • Hi Derek, can you imagine this chap as a VICAR in Church? or as your Doctor peering down your throat OR maybe, as a Sergeant Major bawling at young recruits and have you thought about all the little old grannies in just a few years time with fox tails shooting out from wrinkled old backsides. Glad I won’t be around to see those. Yuk! Sorry, makes me feel sick. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Derek. As the saying goes (IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY) HA! HA! BLIMEY?

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Just floated through the mind. As the Red Indians used to say ‘white man talks with forked tongue’. How true just listen to our prime minister, modern term (nostril cleaner)

  53. Geoff Cherry says:

    (IN OR OUT)

    Soon it will be crunch time, we will have our say whether to leave or stay in the EU? My first instinct is to leave, on our own we used to be great, but Thatcher, Blair and Cameron between them have destroyed that, our industry has gone, we are now a multi national island. With Scotland saying they will stay with Europe even if we leave, at present we have a puppet government, with no control over laws passed by the EU, even our courts can be overruled by Europe. So taking all that into account, I say Join the EU a 100%, not as we are at present dithering. Use the same currency. Our top politician THE PRIME MINISTER should be based in Brussels partaking in making the laws on our behalf; the puppet government in London be controlled by the deputy prime minister, who can in this day and age be in touch 24 hours a day with the top man in Brussels. I despair thinking of all our brave young men and women, who have given their lives to keep this country free, only to end up like this.


      I’m reminded that Verdun 1916 Anniversary is with us, a battle fought in the war to end all wars and the consequential sacrifices made by the British for European countries who retreated in the face of German Armour. My family members fought at the Front of WW1 & WW2 and but for the small time difference in the 1950s, many of us could have finished up in Korea or Malaya to join the fight on foreign soils. Britain will always be Great Britain to me and I’m thankful for Boris Johnson who supports the UK departure from the EU, the joining of which in my opinion was a mistake from the beginning. Forget the frappes and the travelogues of Europe, the UK individuality has been diminished in the eyes of many, by a pussy political power in Brussels, which first and foremost has only Europe’s interest at heart. Great Britain is a sovereign island nation, hard fought for and won by the supreme sacrifice of many and should restore its former greatness. Put the ‘Great’ back into ‘Britain’.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Well said Derek, my gut feeling is out, but we have in charge politicians that are only in office for themselves and not for this country and that is what needs to change. Boris Johnson was my local MP he is one of the best, if he takes over leadership of the party, we could see a lot of change.

        • G’Day Geoff. In essence a good ‘ole dose of British guts is required, that formula which was dispensed to us in the wombs of our mothers who themselves were born in the early 20th century, when decency and respect was the mainsail of humanity. The phenomena of survival pussy power, as found at the EU, is now inbred throughout the ranks of the global current politician populace – at whatever private standing or political level they occupy. The Nanny States of the West prevail today with the ‘cradle to grave’ so-called ‘humanitarian’ approach to ALL matters that can be helped by chucking a few Taxpayer dollars at a perceived problem. That finite ability called ‘guts’ to stand firm, shoulder a challenge and find a workable, fair solution is long gone. The global financial debts racked up by impotent Governments are obscene, unnecessary, and will endure for centuries. Too much wealth for idiots to tinker with. Mark my words – China as an Eastern power is headed for an economic disaster and what will that do for the global economy?

          I lived in Britain in the ’50s when McMillan said “You’ve never had it so good”. (How correct he was!). I might also add, in those days of mortgage rates of 9.5+%, no child support or birth bonuses, no compulsory superannuation and no internet or luxury devices to widen abuse and insult on ‘social’ media (how come it’s “social”?). Popular opinion always seeks the easiest solution. Consider also the decline of public entertainment and the drivel that our TV and Cable stations deliver to the lemming like acclaim of the public. Humbug to most of it.

          Today we are governed by amateurs, who disregard honour and history and fuel self interest on all fronts. Our Health Services are diminished to assist cocaine and meth sniffing twats, our roads turned into death traps by selfish idiots. We have an identical vein of thought here in OZ, particularly the Greens, backed by pollies who have never taken a business risk with their own capital, served in the Armed Forces or worked on a factory floor.

          History is a firm and proud teacher and ’tis time I believe, for Brits to say “OUT” to the EU and it (for once) to solve it’s own issues of illegal migration, poor spending and wasteful policies. There are only so many European jaunts that one can absorb in a day. Stand up Great Britain and begin (again) to appreciate the wonders of England, Scotland and Wales and remember how our ancestors dealt with the Romans!

    • “Hello” to you Geoff and you Derek. Looks as you both could write a book on this subject and I am at a loss to add anything except to say, that Britain used to be GREAT and it is the succession of wankers who have been our so called leaders, out for themselves who have ruined our country.

      I can remember as a kid being proud to sing “There will ALWAYS be an England”, “Red White and Blue” what does it mean to you? In those days, it meant WE were proud to be British and WHY is our Country now full of foreigners? Because our so called leaders have been frightened to keep them out and have let them gradually RUIN our Great Britain. I am glad that I have lived most of my life in Britain whilst it WAS GREAT. I have been lucky to be alive during the reign of George V, Edward V111, George V1 and our present Queen Elizabeth and was proud to serve this Country under both George V1 and our present Queen.

      I guess we could all write books on this subject, but the majority of people in England now are foreigners and probably can’t read English! Ah well. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. Yes Bill they were the good old days, the pride and the commitment was strong in mind and body, Britain was a Great Country, I could not wait to do my bit joining the Army Cadet Force, training for the day I could enlist, not waiting for conscription. I remember the feelings I had the first day I was allowed out of barracks in northern Ireland, in full uniform in the service of my Country and proud of the commitment I had Made, as you say we were very proud to be British.

        I am afraid now in or out of the EU too much damage has been done to our wonderful Country. For it ever to be corrected and being made even worse by the highly educated rich goons in charge, who have no interest in Britain, only poncing around making a name for themselves on the world stage, pledging millions of pounds to Foreign countries, while cutting this country to the bone, leaving this country to flood, roads becoming potholed tracks, old people dying of the cold not being able to afford to turn the heating, working people collecting FOOD Parcels, the list is endless. My fear is in the future, this Country will descend into civil war.

    • John Billett says:

      Good morning Geezers, to answer your question Geoff I want out, we didn’t join to be taken over, we joined to free trade in Europe, but the money we have to give them is horrendous, that would help keep Britain buoyant. Just remember the wars we fought to keep our land free, we can’t dishonour all those people who lost their lives, let’s get our Country back.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hello John. Nice to hear from you again, my gut feeling is out, but so much water has passed under the bridge over the years, is it possible to claw all the damage back? when we only have a puppet government, and are mainly governed by Europe. At this present time, they crack the whip and Cameron jumps regardless of what he says. Like Blair he is quitting and only trying to make a name for himself on the world stage, he says he is doing what is best for Britain and the brain washed people believe him, so I think OUT has a very slim chance?

        • John Billett says:

          You’re probably right Geoff. For a long time now we have had governments with No Balls to stand for the Country and not their own selfish ends. Cameron said he would lay out what he achieved and let the people decide for themselves what we wanted but he has already had a go at Boris for wanting to be out. I think of him as a Dictator, quicker he’s gone the better.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            John we are like minded. Not only is he, but Thatcher. This lady is not for turning and Blair, he ignored the voice of the public. That is three dictators in a row, Cameron with a smirk on his face say’s what he is doing is the best for this country; ie pledging billions overseas, cutting everything in this country to the bone, allowing our roads to become potholed lanes, agreeing to cuts, cuts and more cuts. Need I go on? He will use every dirty trick in the book to get his way on this, backed up by scare tactics. We need MP’s who will put our country first and foremost, but I will never see that happen in my lifetime.


    Sarah was in the fertilized egg business. She had several hundred young pullets and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs. She kept records and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced. This took a lot of time, so she bought some tiny bells and attached them to her roosters. Each bell had a different tone, so she could tell from a distance which rooster was performing. Now, she could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells.

    Sarah’s favorite rooster, Old Butch, was a very fine specimen but, this morning she noticed Old Butch’s bell hadn’t rung at all! When she went to investigate, she saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets hearing the roosters coming, would run for cover. To Sarah’s amazement, old Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn’t ring. He’d sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one. Sarah was so proud of Old Butch, she entered him in a Show and he became an overnight sensation among the judges. The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the (wait for it);

    “No Bell Peace Prize” they also awarded him the “Pulletsurprise” as well.

    Clearly Old Butch was a politician in the making. Who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the most coveted awards on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the unsuspecting populace and screwing them when they weren’t paying attention? Vote carefully in the next election. You can’t always hear the bells. (If you don’t send this on, you’re chicken – no yoke!)

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      I think this calls for an award, trying to think of a good title but one does not spring to mind, or can any OLD GEEZER beat it?

      • Hi Geoff. “Eggsactly” and I can’t think of one just at the moment. But here’s another one.

        A farmer buys a rooster to service his 200 hens, puts him in the farmyard and says, “Randy, I want you to pace yourself now, you have a lot of chickens to serve, off you go have fun but take your time, pace yourself. The rooster takes off like a shot and Wham Randy nails every hen in the farm, then sees a flock of geese and nails all of them as well, even creeping up on a couple of unsuspecting pigeons. Then the farmer sees Randy laid out on his back, looking quite dead, with a load of buzzards circling overhead. The farmer says “Oh Randy I told you to pace yourself”. Randy opened one eye, winked at the farmer and said. “Shhhhhhh they’re getting closer”. Ah well. Bill

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Bill, the thought flashed through my mind, be reborn a ROOSTER but is it worth it if the performance should drop? like the bit playing possum.

          • Hi Geoff. If you were reborn a Rooster at least you would be sure of getting the Bird and they all look the same, so you would not get an UGLY one! BUT a Roosters crowing upsets a lot of people and could lead to looking up the barrel of a shotgun. Not a nice ending, so best stay as you are. Bill

            PS: I am having my other eye operated on next Wednesday to have the cataract removed, so I shall be able to see my way to the pub easier! Although, I have been here 28 years now and the Pub is only about 159 yards down the road, so I think I could probably get there with my eyes CLOSED!

            • Geoff Cherry says:

              Hi Bill. Good point! fair warning, the saying is all good things are doubled barreled! Best wishes for next Wednesday, have you noticed the brightness of colours looking at them with the eye that has been done? 28 years visiting! just follow the rut in the path mate but watch out for the potholes!


    Check out #44 listing on Geezers Video, supplied by Bill Griffiths for some lighthearted nostalgia.

  56. Hi everyone. Re my entry on 20th Jan and the nasty bits they removed from my backside at the hospital. Glad to say I have just received confirmation that the bits were benign. So nothing to worry about.

    It was very cold this morning, but now the sun is shining and my conservatory is lovely and warm, think I will have a half hour nap out there. best wishes to you all. Bill

    ED: Good News Sjnt Major, pleased to hear ’tis all OK. Must be the acid in the Aussie plonk that you imbibe. The full bodied reds especially are good for cleaning car engine blocks and removing squashed beetle juice from the windscreens. LOL.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Bill, good bit of new’s at last, enjoy your nap, finish it with a nice glass of red best wishes Geoff

    • John Billett says:

      Congratulations Bill, that is good news indeed, that settled your mind for sure. Hope you enjoyed your nap in the warmth of your conservatory earlier, take care.

    • Hello everyone, many thanks for all your good wishes, already feeling a bit more settled after the good news and tomorrow morning I have to go to see the EYE specialist for a checkup on the eye he has treated (which seems to be pretty good as I have not worn glasses since I had the cataract removed and now I will wait for a date to have the other eye done. Then I hopefully will be able to drive at night again, get out and about more and be able to see for MILES. Ha! Ha! Bye for now. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. The new year is beginning to look better for you, I hope it continues that way, sounds as there will be no holding you. It will be tearaway OLD GEEZER BILL in the headlines soon, go for it mate?

  57. John Billett says:

    Good morning All. Happy Valentines Day, to all who are lucky enough to still have our partners. Roses are the Order of the day and to those who have lost their partner. Reflect on happy times in the past. Let’s be honest it’s not a one day a year job, every day is Valentines for partners. Take care everyone.

  58. G’Day Bill. I’m not sure if you’ve sorted out your Server problems, so hereto a ‘help’ request. See ‘KSLI’ page and scroll to the most recent comments that you might be able to assist with. Some KSLI Family members (Marc Clark) are looking for past details.

    • Hello Derek, have replied to Paul, although I did not know his uncle but have his name on my Roll of Honour in my living room and Mare Clark’s letter is a bit vague and probably relates to 1st WW so I can’t help there. Sorry, Bill

      • G’Day Bill. Thanks for replying to those Comments. I continue to see inquiries from relatives of former LI soldiers and we all help where we can. Received your email this morning and hope that you are taking matters easy Old Mate.

        • Mornin’ Derek, thanks and YES, I am taking things easy. Outside everything is covered in thick frost, so I am staying here in the warm. I slept a little better last night, but still do not feel 100%, had the doctor out to see me at home yesterday, he couldn’t find anything specific so I told him I thought I had had TOO MANY BIRTHDAYS. He said, I hope I am lucky enough to have as many as you. So this made me feel a bit better. I have a friend coming round later who is a bit of a specialist with computers, to see if he can sort my machines out for me, so fingers crossed. Best wishes

  59. Barry Cornish says:

    Dear All. It is good to be able to get to my laptop again and catch up on your news. It all seems to be about our various medical problems now, doesn’t it! On 21 January, I woke up with a severe pain in my left leg, no feeling in my foot, and black toes. As soon as the doctor saw it, she sent me to hospital, where they confirmed her diagnosis of an aneurysm in my popliteal artery, with associated blood lots. Fortunately, a CT scan showed that there was a superficial vein running from my groin to my knee that the surgeon was able to use to by-pass the aneurysm. The operation went well, but I then had a very difficult 9 days, suffering from constant hiccups, which refused to respond to treatment, until eventually the ‘home remedy’ of two teaspoons full of sugar chewed up, and the resulting syrup swallowed, brought blessed relief.

    I am now back home recuperating. The first 63 staples were removed from the wounds yesterday, but the rest remain until more healing has taken place. Today, the nurse called the duty doctor, because the leg has become infected. At present this is being treated with oral antibiotics, but I have been warned that if these do not work quickly, I may have to have them intravenously. I was interested to hear that you had a similar operation five years ago, Geoff. With best wishes for a healthier 2016 to you all.

    • Hello Barry. Just switched your Comment to view mode. Dunno why it patched to ‘moderate’ mode, sorry about that. More importantly, good to hear that you have pulled through a testing time. I trust that you will recover fully. Best of luck with that. I’m sure that all Old Geezers will be pleased to welcome you back on line.

      As deduced, most Old Geezers have some medical issues and in various stages of recovery, thank Heaven. We of the ’30s know how to soldier on regardless. Keep well ‘Ole Mate, good to hear from you.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Barry. Sorry to hear you have had all that misfortune, but pleased to hear you fought through it. I hope the antibiotics work and your recovery is quick from now on. My aneurysm was not in the leg but in the artery in the lower torso, that was repaired but the surgery damaged the leg in some way. Best wishes for now keep us informed. Geoff

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Barry and all other Geezers, sorry to hear of your nasty troubles. I’m glad they swiftly got to work on you to put things right, hopefully the antibiotics do their job and you can get back to normal. Take it steady my friend, will be thinking of you.

    • Hello Barry. so very sorry to hear of your terrible problems and pray that the treatment you are receiving will clear things up soon. As you say, we poor old Geezers are all suffering with some problem or other, but I think our Army training helps us to take things as they come and we have to ENJOY life ‘cos this is NOT a dress rehearsal. All best wishes to you now and today is Chinese New Year. The year of the Monkey. So you can get up to any old monkey business you care to today. Me, will have a few tots of Port and Brandy. MY Cure All recipe. Cheers! Bill.

  60. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi Bill. Sorry to hear you been feeling under the weather again, I hope you are improving now after your doctor giving you the once over, (At five four my once over takes just a bit longer)! During your cataract removal you can have a nice nurse hold your hand, WOW hows that for treatment?

    Yes the weather has turned cold of late, but keeps changing that makes it worse as the body can’t adapt. I tend to stop in the warm most days, that FEW drops of port and brandy I think I will take that with a pinch of salt? My leg problem stems from surgery on the aneurysm, back in 2005. I have discomfort standing, not too bad short walks 100 yds, increasing after that, making each step painful, my trusty scooter is the answer for that. I will take your advice with the magnets, I have arthritis in my hands not improved when out on the scooter. I had a quick look on the Robinson Healthcare, I will go back on and order some, thanks for the tip? Chin up old mate keep taking them FEW drops of the beverage! Best wishes. Geoff

    • Tuesday 2nd February 2016

      Heatwave 2016 Temperatures reached 40C in Brisbane today and still 36C at 6.00 pm. Humidity 97%. Cor! it ain’t ‘alf hot Mum! Photo of Southbank Pool on the City south river side.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Ed. Wish I could join you for a few hours, looking basking in the heat of the hot air fan spot lights on me, pint in my hand, dreaming of a dip in the deep water or perhaps a wallow in the shallows, please don’t wake me!!!

      • Hello Derek. WOW wish I was there to enjoy your lovely weather, here today has been pretty miserable, cold and wet. But I have not been able to do much as I had a cataract removed yesterday from my left eye, pretty painful for quite some time but getting a bit better now. In fact I am typing here now without glasses because wearing them now makes everything all blurred. I can see well enough to pour my port and brandy and later a couple of glasses of nice red wine. Hope you and Audrey are both well. All best wishes. Bill.

        • Hello Bill. Good to hear that you are partway through another procedure with fine results. Audrey had both her cataracts fixed last year but currently has an eyelid infection which she is advised is quite common after the op. The weather has been challenging, but a cooler change is sweeping in giving some relief. Still a tad off colour myself and taking it easy.

    • Hello Geoff and thanks for your message. The cataract surgery went well but very painful for quite some time. At the moment I am typing without using my glasses because when I put them on everything seems mixed up and blurred. I have to put drops in my eye now four times a day for two weeks, then go back to hospital for a check up and get a date to have my right eye done as well, hope then I will be able to see much better.

      The other day I booked up my flight for Hong Kong again in September, also booked my accommodation in the same apartment with a deluxe room with a sea view up on the 16th floor and will stay for two months again, all of September AND October. Will have my 86th Birthday in October. WOW! Look out Hong Kong. Here I come. I got a good deal on the flight by booking early and will fly on an Airbus A380 800 on both flights, Birmingham to Dubai, then Dubai to Hong Kong, then the same on the return journey. Seats already booked, just a single seat by the window on the top deck, so nobody crawling all over me. Wonderful. There is also a very nice Bar up on the top deck, with FREE drinks and snacks. WOW! great stuff. All best wishes. Bill.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill, so glad to hear all went well, with the eye surgery the big difference you will notice is the brightness of colours. Oh boy you don’t let the grass grow underfoot, booked up for Hong Kong, top deck seat by the window free drink in hand, you may be celebrating your 86th old mate but you’re still very young at heart well done. When the time comes have a wonderful trip and two months with your Chinese family. I bet they will be pleased to see you again, as you say great stuff.

  61. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi All. Leaving for London in the next half hour, Bus, Coach and Tube. To hospital to visit my son, I am hoping there is not too much walking, can manage short bits, not used the tube since my Minden days, it is now time UP UP and away.

    • John Billett says:

      Pleasant trip Geoff, hope your journey isn’t too taxing for you, quite a venture. We also hope you find your son in good spirits. I have used the Tube since army days, but must tell you about fifteen of us on our way back for release from Jamaica got to Paddington Station, doors opened we all tossed our kitbags in the train, just getting in the carriage when someone said this isn’t our train, just imagine the scramble to get ourselves and our kit off the train before it pulled away, at least we laughed the rest of the way back. Take care Geoff.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi John. The trip to London went quite well, caught the local bus to the Park and Ride, on the outskirts of Oxford, where I caught the coach to Victoria, then a short walk to the Underground station, that was not too bad, made me pant a bit, right leg felt like lead, giving the hip a bit of jipo, I went into the underground station, hey presto LOST, that many machines no ticket office, signs for going north and south on different lines, all the barriers and a sign I spotted pointing down a tunnel for the Victoria line the one I required. I spotted a guy with the station logo on his jacket, so asked him to advise, the ticket to travel, he said use the bank card at the barrier, showing me on one close by, but not activating it, then pointing down the tunnel said follow the sign for the Victoria line, you want platform three using the card to get on the platform and at the exit station at the barrier to leave. SIMPLE when you know how, WARREN STREET station is across the road from the hospital, so again not far to walk, I spent three hours with my son, he was in good spirits, we caught up with everything and went down to the cafe, had a bite to eat, as I had to have my injection, we went back to the ward. The nurse told me the only thing really keeping him in hospital in London, was the care he needs when he leaves, he needs a nurse to visit him every day, as he will be on a permanent pump 24 hours a day and here in Oxford that has not yet been arranged, so tomorrow I will be phoning a few people to ask why and get their fingers out.

        The journey back home went well the only bad bit was a walk of about half a mile, took me well over half an hour, boy was I glad to get on that coach, arrived back home about 1730 Hrs in all a very nice rewarding day, BUT NOT TOO OFTEN. Will sleep well tonight. Keep well john and all you old GEEZERS.

        • John Billett says:

          WOW, what a day you had, never mind you achieved what you set out to do, good for you old chum. Glad you found your son in good spirits, bet you slept like a log last night and I also bet you didn’t have a day like that right through you Army days, take care.

        • Well done Geoff and glad all went well. All best wishes and good luck to your son and hope all goes well for you all. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Bill

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            HI Bill. Today I am paying the price for my escapade yesterday, my leg is that stiff and painful, I have a job to move around, my son phoned me today and the doctor’s have told him they are changing his medication to tablets and he will be fitted with the 24 hour pump about Wednesday and could be sent back to Oxford at the weekend. So a bit of good news, my leg should start improving and all will be fine, take care Geoff.

            • Hello Geoff. sorry I have been AWOL for a little while, not feeling on top form. Went to my Doctor last Friday, she gave me a really good going over from head to toe (I am only five foot one, so that didn’t take too long). Ha! Ha! She changed some of my medication, only have seven different tablets now. Have to go to see the eye specialist on Wednesday for my first cataract removal so hope that goes well’

              Have not been out much, weather too cold, wet and windy, so have stayed in the warm and had a few drops of Port and Brandy (in small measures. Honestly!). What really is your leg problem? I have pains in my legs as a result of my spine injury and I am just trying applying little magnets on plasters to see if this will help. I have used these before on my fingers to relieve arthritis and it WORKED WONDERS. They can be bought from Robinson Healthcare, have a look at They really do work. All best wishes.. Bill

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi all. My son has not been discharged as we were expecting, everything was in place. I was sent a fortnights supply of Desferal, for his infusions, the nurse has been arranged to visit him each day to deal with his medication, they have told him they have the 24 hour pump. Now he is told another week, amazing as he only went in for two weeks in the first place, so I am going to hit the road again up the Smoke. I will get a taxi this time from the Tube station to the Coach station, as I have an appointment on Monday and must be fit for that.

  62. Geoff Cherry says:

    What a wonderful day it has been for me, the antibiotics sent the bug packing at last, the camera found no return of the cancer in my bladder, apart from the after effect’s of the procedure thumbs up all round, all we need now Bill is for you to report the same, that would make the icing on the cake. On top of that I have been offered a lift up to London to visit my son in Hospital on Sunday, best wishes to you all Geoff

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Geoff, wonderful news indeed, let’s hope that the New Year continues in the same way for you, keep taking the medicine whether it is in tablet form or from your favourite bottle, we wish you well. We also hope Bill gets well soon, and I offer him the same advice. Keep well everyone.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi John, I think I will take your advice on taking the medicine, more from the favourite bottle will be the best in moderation, best wishes.

    • GREAT news Geoff. So pleased to hear this and I pray that all will continue to improve. Sorry I have been AWOL for a few days but my Internet connection went down and I rang them, got some Indian guy trying to make excuses and said he would send an engineer to see me in FEBRUARY. I told him in the best way I could to GET STUFFED and I was in the process of changing my server to someone MORE reliable and put the phone down on him AND BINGO, connection was restored this morning but with NO apology. So, I have in the meantime arranged with BT to connect with them at the end of the month and their terms are better than EE who I am with at present. So Once again Geoff really so pleased with your good news.

      Hope I have good news on Monday after my little Op at the hospital. And I have an appointment for my first cataract removal on 3rd Feb, so things are looking up for me. Best wishes to you and all Old Geezers. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. Seems like our Indian friend understood the get stuffed, if nothing else? I am with BT I have found them very helpful even taking over to fix a problem, will keep the fingers crossed for you on Monday,

        • Hello Geoff and J B. Now back home after my hospital visit, very painful, but had a lovely little nurse holding my hand during the procedure. All done, op was successful and nasty bits that they removed have been sent to the Lab for investigation. Back home now, have just opened a nice bottle of Australian Shiraz and enjoying a glass or two. Best wishes. Bill

          • Best Wishes Sjnt Major. Speedy recovery. Will join you next week in the War Wounded Dept.

            • Hello Derek, hope this is nothing too serious and hope the stretcher bearers remember to march out of step, as we were taught to do. Nothing worse than being tossed from side to side on a stretcher. I remember when we were doing stretcher bearer training on the ship on our way to Korea and I always seemed to be teamed up with some guy about ten foot tall and the guy on the stretcher used to float down to my end so that I had all the weight. Ah well, that was a long time ago WOW! sixty five years ago and it seems like yesterday. All best wishes. Bill

            • Hello again Derek. Haven’t heard from you for a while?. Is everything OK? Have been thinking about you both. Please let us know if all is well. Bill

            • G’Day Bill. Thanks for mention. Home from hospital yesterday after another procedure. All’s well after what seems now like a regular pipe inspection, but I’ve had an uncomfortable 2 weeks with a foul cold and virus infection. Resting now for a few days, will be back on top soon. Best Regards.

            • Geoff Cherry says:

              Hi Derek. I wish you a speedy recovery, from your recent bout of misfortune health wise, once again Bill has alerted us, keeping his beady eye on our little band, and Bill how are you now, after your last visit, had any news about the bits, they were checking? best wishes Geoff.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Hi Bill. Not a very nice procedure, hope that lovely little nurse, made up for it and I hope the nasty bits on investigation solve the problem for you, that glass or two of your favourite medicine is just what the doctor ordered, best wishes Geoff.

          • John Billett says:

            Good luck and Best wishes to you Bill, hope all will be well with there investigation, take great care.

      • John Billett says:

        Hi Bill, good to hear you’re still keeping going, wish you well with your hospital appointment. Just a little bit of information, BT & EE are amalgamating so I wish you well with that, take care. Bill.

  63. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi All. Went to the doctors this morning, finished the last course of antibiotics on Friday, infection still there, started a new course today of different antibiotic, have the hospital appointment on the 13th for the bladder inspection by camera so that might show something up. Bug must be an ex (DUKE) can take all that is thrown at it! Take care.

    • Hi Geoff. Sorry to hear that you are still having trouble, like me they still have not found out what is causing the pain in my legs and feet. Ah Well soldier on I suppose. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. It seems with all the medical advances, they still cannot find the answers to the common ailments. Mine is a stubborn bug resisting the antibiotics and your problem sounds to me to be one, concerning the nerves in the lower back. As you say Bill soldier on.

        • Hello again Geoff. Went to the doctor this morning about pains in my legs. He gave me some tablets to help me sleep but insisted NO ALCHOHOL, so I don’t think I will take them. I would rather have a glass of wine and stay awake all night. Hells Bells there’s not much fun without a little tipple is there? I think every tablet I have to take, says NO alchohol. I used to have a doctor here who always said, go off to the Pub and have a pint and his favouritebBar entertainment, was to stand on his head and drink a pint upside down. Ah well.Bill

          End of the first week of the year. Hope everyone is OK.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Hi Bill. Typical easy prognosis take this pill and hay presto all problems solved. I sometimes fancy a tipple so I indulge in a quick one, that does more good than all the medication in moderation. I sometimes read the leaflets and the side effects, frightens you to death, don’t get them, but have to have a whiskey to steady the nerves (MY EXCUSE). In my younger days, I used to do that entertainment standing up outside, after what was termed a SKIN FULL. Happy Days Bill. Happy Days. Best wishes. Geoff

            • Hello again Geoff. Yes, the leaflets they put in with all tablets are almost identical and I reckon this is just to cover themselves against claims if anything goes wrong AND these firms producing all these different drugs are making an absolute FORTUNE. Have you ever looked at the prices if you try to buy them either on the Net or in the chemists? They cost a fortune. There must be some very rich people around who make and sell these tablets. I took one of these so called sleeping pills last night at 8pm, I was still wide awake at 10 pm watching TV and also awake quite a few times during the night! Back to the drawing board tonight. A nice bottle of Shiraz. Cheers. Bill.


    A fresh page has been published entitled “Geezers Video & Music”, a move designed to remove clutter from the header section of Geezers R US page and to also facilitate an easier usage of that page. This new page will assist (hopefully) those of us with musical interests and to perhaps open up repartee and memory for all those old wonderful snippets of humour and sentiment that have been fading away. Even today I can easily recall those times when Bermuda Radio played the latest hits from the 50’s and earlier, particularly Nat King Cole and The Platters. Remember that “Nostalgia Old Toons 1954-1957” remains open for comment and contribution.

    • Hello Derek and Audrey. Hope you are both well and that you had a good Christmas. Mine was of course very quiet and difficult to believe that we are already in to the second week of the year 2016. And, it is still very mild here in UK and of course very wet in places. Feel so very sorry for all those who are affected by floods, why don’t they create more big lakes around the country? Think how the fishermen would love this. Best wishes. Bill

      • G’Day Bill. Thank you indeed for your kind thoughts, as with you we too enjoyed a quiet Christmas break with a blessed release from the bedlam that seems to accompany this so called ‘Festive Season’. I’m warmed by the gestures of fellowship that appear from left flank supporting the hope that a few good hearted citizens still believe in the spirit of giving. By and large the general population seems hell bent on financial destruction – in our case in Queensland with over AUD$4.3 Billion spent over Christmas and credit card interest billings at AUD$430 Million daily. We spent the day at a posh French Restaurant, very family oriented that made up for our absentee Brisbane family who were in Melbourne. We’ve since enjoyed a few Oldie’s parties with the level of dignity and controlled boozing that is the exception from the norm. Very quiet here still in Brisbane with a long annual school term break of 6 weeks and the roads are generally free of careless Mums dropping off kids at school. This week has observed a return to normal retail trading hours and there is product on the shelves after the hordes of human locusts swept ’em clean as if there is no tomorrow. Hate to sound maudlin, but this bloody commercialism gives me the ‘irrits, they’re already flogging Easter buns would you believe? Humbug in the large part and out of control across the globe.

        Remember when we hung up a sock and got an apple, orange, a bar of chocolate and a toy? and if we were lucky, a board game of Ludo under the real tree with hand made decorations.

        • Hello again Derek, thanks for all the update and you are right, people go stupid over the Christmas period, spending money they haven’t got and I agree they are like a horde of locusts. I saw women in the supermarkets with trolleys packed high with enough grub to feed all the starving all over the World. And yes, I remember the stocking we hung up at Christmas and making the decorations that we hung up, great times, great memories. Ah well so be it! All best wishes. Bill

  65. Geoff Cherry says:

    Just watched the display in London on the television. My son was watching it from his hospital window on the 13th floor, how’s that for a front row seat? We have now caught up with you Derek, in 2016.

    ED: Behind in time, but matched in spirit Ole Mate. Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope ‘Junior’ gets well soon. Is he the lad in the Bermuda photos?

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      No Ed, I lost contact with Malcolm and Peter many moons ago now, who were in the photos.

    • Hello Geoff. I also watched the firework display, while downing a bottle of nice red wine and drinking to the health of you and all my fantastic Geezer friends, but who pays for all the fireworks? Anyway a good start to the New Year and I hope it is Happy and Prosperous to you and all Old Geezers. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. Glad you enjoyed the show, with a nice bottle of red, I believe we were all joined in thought at that moment in time, just think old mate just a tenth of the cost of that display in the back pocket!

  66. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi ALL OLD GEEZERS, A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all,

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Geoff, thanks for your New Year wishes and may I extend our goodwill wishes to you and all Geezers where ever you may be, have a Brilliant New Year.

  67. A woman cleans the inside window of her wine bar, as the floodwaters rise from the rivers Foss and Ouse after they burst their banks in York, northern England, on December 28, 2015. AFP: Justin Tallis

    FloodsinNorthern EnglandDec2015

    By any reasonable assumption, the lady is around 5’4″ (163cms) tall – imagine the volume of water behind the window panes. Unbelievable! Just 8mm of glass from disaster.

  68. UPDATE: The Oscar goes to – “Geezers R US”

    G’Day Cheps!

    If ‘normal’ after Christmas is applicable – here in OZ the streets are still bare of traffic & pedestrians, one of the quietest Festive Seasons for some time, most natives are still in the supermarkets I guess, or queuing for ‘bargains’. With an inclination more towards our Scots heritage, we are preparing for New Year’s Eve Dinner/Dance at the Russian Club – with our dancing friends.

    Of interest to all Geezers might be the current “circulation statistics” – which for me speaks volumes. The sum total “views” for Geezers (since only October launch) ranks at 2,371 peaking at 968 in November, followed closely by December. This by far outranks any other weblog site page, except the opening ‘Home’ page which all readers open automatically.

    Oscar1 When you have a moment, I urge you all to scroll down the 240 recorded ‘comments’ (not the same as ‘views’) and assess the interest and encouragement that has been registered. We are indeed growing old gracefully and while currently only a small band of heroes, the warmth and support for each other is evident. I hope that other former ‘Old Mates’ will eventually join us in this renaissance of LI Most Wanted. While our former military memoirs might be a thing of the past, the future is not, and we have much to record and reflect upon. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support. Tempus Fugit!


    Part of the southern State of Victoria entirely lost to bush fires.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Ed. What a wonderful world we live in, over in OZ you have rampant bush fires and in the UK, floods. Bush fires are hard to control and very destructive, the fire itself causes high winds fanning the flames and water is required to control it that is not handy! On the other hand in the UK with the floods, we have the natural drainage to the sea formed by nature itself. Our rivers, left by our leaders to silt up over the years, looking wonderful in the summer flowing level with the banks, add a thunderstorm, the result somewhere down stream a slight flood, those in charge cannot understand if the level rises 3ft in the winter then 4ft needs to be dredged out to prevent the flooding, or am I just a daft old fool?

      In the past a dredger could be seen daily at work. keeping the rivers clear and unclogged. Our leaders tell us it is too expensive to dredge and it will not stop flooding, but will waste thousands of pounds, on sand bags, flood channels, building little walls etc. and at the same time tell us we are one of the richest countries in the world, so we can spend billions, bombing other countries. As I said (what a wonderful world we live in).

      • FOND MEMORIES OF HORSE SHOE BEACH BERMUDA (Click photo for larger view)

        Horse Shoe Beach1 How the vista has changed from those times when the Firing Range monopolised the foreshore and land crabs abounded. The scene of many memorable activities, in 1954-1957, when 1DCLI were in residence.



        CRUNCH ‘N DES OPENING CREDITS In summer 1955 I stood on the bridge of the Poseidon anchored 200m offshore from Darrel’s Island in the Bermuda Sound (the old seaplane base) and fired 1,000s of .303 rounds from a Bren mounted on the bulwarks for film sound effects. This to assist the fledgling US TV industry, pioneered by Forrest Tucker, who entertained myself and another 1DCLI squaddie for the duration. Memorable Days!

    • Hello Derek. I agree with what Geoff says about our strange World and yet our World didn’t start just yesterday, it has been around for millions of years and we haven’t learned how to avoid disasters. We can send a man to the moon, we can send rockets millions of miles in to space and still keep in touch with them., but a drop of rain, or a spark of fire creates complete disasters! Very strange indeed. Bill

  70. Geoff Cherry says:

    A very Happy Christmas to one and all, and may the new year bring health and Happiness with it. I paid a visit to the doctor this morning and Bingo! was given another seven day’s antibiotics as a Christmas box, plus an extra pill, to shrink my prostrate gland and the promise of a follow up appointment in the new year! I am giving myself the day off antibiotics tomorrow so that as promised, I will raise my glass To All You Old Geezers and remember the good old days, and all our mates who are no longer with us. GOD BLESS ALL. Geoff

    • Hello Geoff, Derek, John and all old Geezers. Here we are Christmas EVE I haven’t got a chimney so Santa will not be able to visit me BUT I know that ALL my old friends will be with me and I will be with you all. Wishing you and all your family and friends the BEST Christmas ever and I have just lifted a glass several times wishing you all a great time AND the bottle is not empty yet, so CHEERS to you all. Bill

    • Hello Geoff, and indeed all Geezers. Hope you have had a good day. It was quiet here of course early today. I prepared all my dinner, and almost repeated my roast pork disaster, popped all in the oven, and fell asleep again in the chair, woke up just in time to save a complete disaster, but my dinner was somewhat OVER COOKED! Then the doorbell rang, it was one of my Masonic friends, who had driven all the way out here, about thirteen miles and handed me a tray of Xmas dinner, still warm, with a jar of gravy, warm and a big piece of Christmas cake AND a lovely bottle of red wine and he stayed and kept me company for about an hour despite the fact he has a wife and three young children at home. This is what Freemasonry is about, just like a big family and I also had a visit last night from another Mason who stayed with me for well over an hour, he had also travelled quite a few miles to see me. So, now almost 10.30. Have had a couple of glasses of wine and drank to the health of all Geezers past and present and wish you all. Well, NOW and for the coming years. With all sincere and best wishes to you all. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. So glad to hear you have had a rewarding day, we were thinking of you knowing you were on your own, it is nice to know there are caring people out there, that are prepared to give their time, glad you woke in time to save your dinner, even if it was over cooked! I was supposed to start the new course of antibiotics this morning but put it off till tomorrow, so that I could toast everyone, and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, we then had our grand children visit us, they left at about 2030 hrs making a nice day for us. I had a chat with my son who is in one of the London Hospitals. He sounded a bit low after being told he will not be discharged till the 15th of January or later, he was in the process of moving when they called him in, and he is now afraid the flat will not be held for him. Well Bill I wish you and all a very Happy New Year. Best wishes Geoff


          SantaSendUp2 Well, Well! Sjnt Major. All your Christmases at once eh? Good job there’s no chimneys around to climb into after all that tucker. Goodonyer Bill, what’s around the corner for Boxing Day?

          • Hello Derek, yes. It turned out to be quite a good day for me and I had a nice quiet evening, reminiscing about years gone by and wondering what the future will bring. Not sure yet if I will venture out today. I have no interest in bargain hunting at the various stores which will be packed no doubt, with hundreds of people who can’t afford it anyway and will be knocking hell out of their credit cards. Then complaining about being broke! Ah well, great to hear from all on Geezers. God bless you all. Bill

  71. John Billett says:

    Good Morning everyone, on behalf of my wife Peggy and myself I would like to wish you all “A Very Merry Christmas” and “A Happy and Healthy New Year” and may the New Year be kind to you. Take care everyone.


    Your attempts to log Comments are diverting to Spam – ‘cos you are attempting a ‘reply’ to a graphic image which confuses WordPress protocols. I suggest that you open a fresh Comment box (or make a Reply to an existing comment) here on this ‘Geezer’ page for your Mum Anne, to share the Festive Season with us. I can – if you wish – cut/paste your comments, which might be a solution, but will not originate from Anne. By the way, I have attempted 3 emails to you to offer support – all are bouncing. Joe Knight was a fine Old Mate of most of us, particularly Geoff Cherry and myself (3 Platoon) who survive and we welcome Anne as a regular on the blogs. The therapy will be wonderful for her – and us – to share remarks about Life in general. We wish Anne a quick recovery from her bronchitis and all of the Knight Family, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      I will second Derek’s comments, we miss your mum and would love to be able to talk to her again. I also Wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year, and (I have hit the wrong button)

  73. Geoff Cherry says:

    Party. My daughter picked us up for dinner and party at her house in Chinnor, all went well and continued well into the evening, sadly I was only allowed SOFT DRINKS!!The terrible punishment was inflicted on me, still as you understand us old GEEZERS can take it. The downside of the day was getting in the Taxi to come back home, there were five of us to be dropped of on the way, myself and Ruby my wife being last, had to get in first in the van type vehicle sitting at the back. I did not dream my mobility was so poor, it must have taken me more than five minutes to get into the seat and to get back out! Boy would that have made a good video a definite trip to remember HA! HA!,

    • John Billett says:

      I can sympathise with you about the getting into and out of the car, it’s not the easiest of moves, in fact it’s a bloody struggle, but I’m glad you enjoyed your evening out. Seasons Greetings Geoff, take care.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi John. Could be I have got too used to sliding on and off the scooter, leg’s have forgotten how to bend! Nearly here, hope you swept the chimney? now relax and enjoy. Best Wishes,


    Geezers will note that I’ve expanded the “Recent Comments” listings in the rhs Widget column – to an optimum of 15 – most recent comments. This enables rapid access to a logged Comment by a Geezer on various pages and facilitates a ‘reply’ to any selected Comment. “Geezers” is performing extraordinarily well – but is not intended to replace the other relevant pages for Birthdays & Greetings.

    The weblog site is now just over 9 years old and many Old Mates are possibly awaiting invitation to subscribe, please pass on the information. The upswing in the use of Gravatars adds graphic balance to the pages. Tempus Fugit!

    • Hi Derek. Difficult to believe the website has been around for over 9 years. I was only a young whippersnapper then just 76 years old and of course the success of all this is due to you and I know all the other bloggers, (now old Geezers) will agree with me, hope that it will carry on for another 9 years (I hope I will too!). Best wishes to you and Audrey and all old Geezers. Bill

      PS: Put a nice joint of pork in the oven yesterday, fell asleep in the armchair and the whole lot burned to a cinder. Ended up in the bin and me with a cheese sandwich. Ah Well!

      • No Pork on your Fork this time Sjnt Major. Better luck next time. LOL. BarbecueJoke1


      • John Billett says:

        Oh Bill, the joys of growing and being old, lucky it was only the pork joint that got scorched, hope you enjoyed the cheese sandwich. Seasons Greetings to you.

  75. Good morning All! Here is wishing John Billett a very Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns of the Day. I would also like to send my best wishes to Bill Griffiths and Geoff Cherry for a good recovery from their health problems.

    • John Billett says:

      Thank you very much Barry, the first thing I must say is after a long dismal spell the Sun is shining brightly, just for me maybe, LOL, I appreciate your wishes Barry. I hope you’re keeping well and that You have a Merry Christmas with your Family, stay safe and Best Regards.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Barry. Thanks for the thought and wishes, just about to swan off to my daughters for a meal, and pull a few crackers with young Thomas. Happy Days. Best wishes to all your family for the festive season. Geoff

    • Hello Barry. Great to hear from you, and many thanks for your good wishes and all best wishes to you and yours for a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Bill

  76. 44C in South Australia today

    Geezerbeachbum1 Apparently anything is OK to get away from the heat. Anyone recognise this rear end? OZ weather generally is challenging at this time of the year. Storms and floods earlier this week on the Eastern seaboard and bushfires raging in South Australia. Hope Tom Strike is OK. Would be good to hear from him!

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Good God Ed, where did you dig up my rear from, HA! HA! Just shows how tempting the sea is, on a hot day, anything goes,

  77. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi. I still cannot shake this blasted infection. I finished the last lot of antibiotics Wednesday morning, saw the duty doctor yesterday and have now been prescribed a stronger one. The doctor has sent the sample to the lab’s to see what cultures grow, should finish this course on 24th, so should be able to have a drink of the strong stuff on Xmas Day, will toast you all then?

    ED: Here’s to you Geoff. as to getting better. Not good when infections hang around and drag a body down. Maybe a good tot of Jamaica Rum with some honey will do the trick. I have a taste for Bundaberg Rum with ginger beer that we call ‘Dark & Stormy”

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Had a shot or two of whiskey, on my return from the doctors, “reaction” done a couple of wheelies on the scooter, the Jamaica Rum rings bells, sunk a few of them in the past!

      • Hi Geoff. Sorry to hear that you can’t get rid of this damned infection and I know how you feel. It is about nine weeks now since I had to come back early from Hong Kong, and they still have not sorted me out, just had notice of another visit to hospital on 18th Jan for another probe to get rid of these growths they found last week. As I said before NOT looking forward to this at all.
        And of course with the weather being so wet and miserable being stuck in the house all the time this doesn’t help BUT carry on regardless and fingers crossed that we all keep our chins up and carry on as best we can. Keep taking the medicine! of our choice and think of all the GOOD times we have had especially when we were in uniform. The good old days. Almost Christmas day and soon it will be all behind us. Ah Well! Merry Christmas to you and all your family, and of course to ALL old geezers. Bill

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Bill. A bit of good new’s I finish this course of antibiotics on the 24th, just in time for the big day? I am hoping that this lot will do the trick at last. As regards getting rid of the growths I was able to watch the operation on the screen as it was being done it was quite interesting, the worst part is the thought of it being done and not knowing. I hope it goes as well with you as it did with me.

          I hope the weather brightens up over Christmas, makes life more pleasant when you can get out; this morning it is quite nice here in Oxfordshire, sunny high thin cloud, I am hoping it is like this in the morning, I have an appointment in Cowley at 0915hrs about an hours run on the scooter, so fingers crossed. I often think of the uniform day’s with all that was happening in those days in my opinion the world was a better place than now, the last three governments have destroyed all that was fought for in world War 11. Have a nice Christmas Bill, we will be thinking of you, as I am sure all OLD GEEZERS will be. Best wishes Geoff

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Geoff, hope the stronger medicine does the trick, my head is full of you doing wheelies on that mean clean silver machine of yours, that would be well worth seeing, keep taking the medicine and take care.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Thanks John, slipped up there should have taken a couple of photos, but then I had been on the whiskey! Take care


    RooFence1 Not exactly. A large grey ‘roo hopping paddock fences in South Australia. These native animals grow to over 7’ tall and can kill a human if angered. Best to avoid.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      He flew through the air with the greatest of ease, look at that pose!!

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Just had a second thought, is he showing off to the bird sitting on the post four down?

        ED: Hadn’t noticed the bird Geoff, but also of interest is that the fence is designed to keep rabbits out, but allow ‘roos to hop over and move about. Both are pests respectively and OZ has an industry for ‘roo meat. OZCoatofArms It’s quite tasty on the barbecue. I think that OZ is about the only Western country that eats its national emblem.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi ED, could call that TIT for TAT, Roo when angered can kill human, when hungry humans can kill R00. As they say THAT’s LIFE!

  79. UPDATE

    For your interest Cheps: “Geezers” recorded the fasted growth in commentary volume of any page published here since Nov 2006. Geezers was opened on 3rd October 2015 and currently stands at 196 Comments. “Well Wisher” opened in May 2011 and to date registers 329 Comments. Only these 2 pages and “Memoriale” (124 comments) registered any activity over the past months, although HMT sub pages bubble along. Ergo, in just over 2 months Geezers has proved to be more popular than all other pages, even in the halcyon days of General Banter, Reggie Mental, Wise & Wicked and Caribbean Re-Union, when Swanny & Co were active. In those days we had over 19 Contributors at varying times.

    I encourage you all to make as much use of this platform as possible during these autumn years of our lives. Our numbers are thinning and medical procedures are increasing, but our faculties are topline. Holly2 The acidic wit, repartee, banter and bull remains intact and requires constant exercise. Please use every endeavour to invite long lost friends and possible newcomers to the blog. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2016 and beyond.

  80. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi Bill. Be thinking of you tomorrow, hope all goes well, get the green light then full speed ahead for the festive season. I put my “Santa stop here sign” out this morning! Gave him plenty of warning. Best wishes Geoff.

    • G’Day Bill. Echoing Geoff’s comments about your procedure tomorrow (it’s the 16th in OZ already). Hopefully all will be well and maybe just a few polyps to be snipped. If it’s the same as my previous event, the preparation is worse than the practice. Good Luck Sjnt Major. No puckering up now!!

      • Hi Derek and Geoff. I went to hospital yesterday as planned, had a terrible time. On the chopping block for over an hour, he cut two small polyps and then found two big ones, recorded them as 30cm and 55cm but could not cut them due to me taking a blood thinner similar to Warfarin, so I will have to go back in about four weeks when he has booked me in for a double slot and told me I will have to stop taking the blood thinner for about four days beforehand and be heavily sedated. OUCH ! not looking forward to this at all. I was in pain all day and night after yesterdays performance and have been up all night in a lot of pain. Just beginning to wear off now 7am. Ah well ! carry on regardless. Sorry I have been off the blog for a couple of days. Best wishes. Bill

        • John Billett says:

          Hello Bill, not a very nice time for you at the moment, we can only feel for you and wish you well after your nasty experience, hope your courage stays with you for your next visit. In the meantime have a good time leading up to Christmas, time for some of your favourite tipple. Take care Bill.

        • Well Sjnt Major, that’s disappointing that they couldn’t pre-op prep you more professionally than that! Its standard procedure to check blood thinners etc. particularly prior to this invasive procedure. Pack of incompetent shits! (pardon the pun). On the upside though – polyps are fairly standard at our age I believe. Chin Up Old Mate, get stuck into the Tram medicine and add some cider apple vinegar to your prune juice. Take Care ‘Ole Mate. Nulle Illigitimo Carborundum.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Hi Bill. Not a very good result, keeping the fingers crossed for not working very well this time old mate, to be sedated next time will be better I suppose. I had some removed under sedation, from top and bottom, did not know a lot about it and was lucky, no after pain. Take some of your special medication help you forget for the time being, as they say a TOT_TOT here and a TOT_TOT there, works wonders have a good Christmas Sjnt Major and as Derek said, Chin Up.


    Baby Polar Bear

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      That 2nd clip reminds me of when I slid out of bed, same antics, so know how he feels HA! HA!

    • John Billett says:

      I think after a few bevvies I might relate to the second clip, but I’m not going to try it, LOL.

  82. Geoff Cherry says:

    High all. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, thank you very much for your thought’s and wishes, I am feeling better now but cannot shake this infection, just finished the last course of antibiotics on friday, tested this morning, and still have the infection, trying a stronger antibiotic as long as the infection does not get in the blood again, I can cope.

    If Derek can take, that horrible punishment in OZ, with a smile on his face, I have nothing to fear! John a very happy birthday to you on the 20th, steady on the falling down water as XMAS is following very close. I wish all you old GEEZERS a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR, you will all be in my thoughts as I raise my glass, keep well my friends.

    • Hello Geoff. Great to hear you are getting better, especially as Christmas is almost upon us. About this stronger antibiotic, I think a couple of tots of Port and Brandy will do the trick. It always works wonders for me and I was given this tip by a Medic years ago and I have taken it MANY TIMES, in fact I think I will have one after I finish this blog as a preventative, because at the moment I feel quite good. Have to go to the dentist in the morning, hoping to get some new false teeth so that I can chew on my Xmas dinner. All best wishes. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. I think you have hit the nail squarely on the head, I will put your remedy to the test, a pleasant medicine to take. I hope you are now improving, good luck with the new teeth get the dentist to hone ’em up a bit make the chewing easy. Best wishes. Geoff

        • Hello Geoff. Got my new teeth this morning, feels funny having a mouthful after such a long time with just a few. Only tried soup so far and a sandwich, have to get used to them before I decide to attack a steak. Taking things a bit easy at the moment, been suffering some funny dizzy spells and NO it’s not the Brandy and Port Ha! Ha! and as I am only five foot one it can’t be the height? Have to go to the hospital on the 16th for a colonoscopy, not looking forward to this. I had one about six years ago. Hope they don’t find anything that shouldn’t be there. Ah well, got to keep the doctors busy I suppose. What would they do without us? All best wishes. Bill

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Hi Bill. A bit of good news at last, you can now say “I will get my teeth into that an mean it”. Not so good with the giddy spells though, had a few of them myself they say its the little crystals in the ear. Best of luck on the 16th the procedure is not too bad it is the thought of what they may find the worst part. As you say it gives the doctors security of employment, as an after thought I think they should reward us in some way? Best wishes Bill, I will now have a tot of your prescribed medication!

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Geoff, glad to hear you’re on the up, thank you for the birthday wishes, no not too much falling down water, may be a drop more Xmas something like the one in 1954, the boys put me in the shower and turned the cold water on, took a while for me to resume normality, take care ole friend.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi John. Why does that remind me of, Greenslade?

        • “Waster” Greenslade!!

          I don’t think that JB would identify with a notorious “A” Coy character Geoff. JB roughed it up in Jamaica – or did Greenslade finally end up in Kingston? I can only remember Waster in Bermuda where one night in Hamilton Dutch and I roped him to a harbourside bench with his belt to prevent him from falling in the water. He was so pissed from his perpetual rum intake. On other occasions on parade he was already pissed at 0745, What an awful example of a regular soldier.


    FishMarket1 Today we are heading north to our Sunshine Coast for a few days break, mainly in order to assist the locals wade through the massive fresh prawn catches brought in by the trawlers at Mooloolaba. We shall celebrate Audrey’s birthday having lunch on the river. Temperature today is 25C, mild breezes and sunny. Tonight will be pressured into sitting on the bank of the Noosa River drinking a fine red. Bloody tough times in OZ.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Enough said, my heart bleeds for you, what ever have you done old mate to warrant all that punishment, stay strong another lot coming your way, 24-25th a very happy Xmas to you both, and may I say more of this treatment in the year to come?


      SpiderCrab1 Just returned home to Brisbane from the Northern Beaches after another bloody lunch of fresh prawns and local coral crabs washed down with chilled Peroni ale. S’about time another squaddie was appointed to manage these chores, why not bangers ‘n mash for a change?

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Bangers ‘n mash! Bangers n mash! Do you reckon you could manage that challenge? No little eyes watching you with a whisker gently moving in the breeze?

        • LOL Geoff! No I suppose not – someone has to do these chores. Wouldn’t have been so bad at all really, except the blue sky was a bit monotonous and the breeze kept ruffling the tableware. Ah Well – back to chores!!

        • John Billett says:

          Welcome back Derek and Audrey, we can only hope Audrey had a Great Birthday and that you both enjoyed your time up on the Northern Beaches. Sounds like the gourmet was excellent. Time to prepare for the Christmas Season. Take care both of you.

      • Welcome home Derek and Audrey after your sojourn to the beaches. I really do envy you both. I haven’t been to a beach since my son was about two years old. He is now 60 SIXTY where have all the years gone? And, he is about twice my size, obviously fed him too well when he was a lad. Anyway, I did manage a seafood breakfast this morning, smoked cod, scallops and king prawns (not fresh just from Sainsburys) and I sat out in the conservatory to eat, even though it was peeing down with rain outside. Also popped down to the Local for a couple of halves of beer at lunchtime, still raining, good job it is only about a hundred yards. Light Infantry pace going, heavy Infantry pace coming back. Once again, great to hear you had a good time. Best wishes. Bill

        • NoosaSLSC1 Hello Bill. OZ is well known for Surf Life Saving Clubs, which abound at most popular beaches especially on the Sunshine Coast. These are extremely wealthy clubs, funded by Pokies and Public funding and want for nothing and are situated in prime spots overlooking most beaches. A vantage spot (as shown) gives a view of all the activities. Only problem is they insist on serving cold ales along with fresh prawns on the menu – can’t get away from ’em!! LOL.


    TattooSendUp1 As 2015 draws to an end of yet another meritorious eventful year for us, I wish you all a safe, happy and joyful time with family, friends, neighbours and distant Old Mates, who have shared 2015 with you. Additionally I hope that 2016 will bring in Peace on Earth and a cessation to the madness and violence that has become commonplace in our society.

    I thank you all sincerely and warmly for your support and individualism when commenting on the weblog site and for breathing fresh air into our tired little military community. Since 2006 when the site was first published we have travelled a road of widely contrasting opinions and thoughts about our former connections at 1DCLI, our later meetings and our views on current matters – serious or light hearted. In these our autumn years, we have no apologies to make, only reflections on what might have been. Our thought go out to those who have crossed the River Styx and their families left behind and equally to those living who might – still – one day find our small community and learn about blogging from their 8 years old grandchildren.

    Holly1 Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you all.

    Amira Willighagen “Silent Night”
    Sissel Kyrkjebø: “Auld Lang Syne”

    • I also wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year. There are not many of us left now, so let’s stay together as long as we are able. All best wishes to all of you. Bill

      • G’Day Bill. Just received your reply email and ’tis good to know that you’re OK but housebound only ‘cos of the weather. There’s no choice regarding scrolling to endpage for a new ‘Comment’ unfortunately. Hope all goes well with your procedure. Regarding the Gravatars – your choice – from those sent. You need to enter “Your Profile” to post up a fresh image and crop carefully to area shape.


    A recent exercise with Barry Cornish (helstonian) and Geoff Cherry (Lord Glencoe) has accomplished (I feel) a highly satisfactory result in a Gravatar image for them. This can be changed at will from a bank of images that we can develop over time. I offer the same ‘service’ to you all – from .jpeg images that you send me – or from images on my files. The better resolution will be achieved from more modern camera lenses of course. If you want to experiment- get in touch – and we’ll work summat out!

    Note that the sample photo has an elliptical vignette and a corner curl with LI colour. Be re-assured however that no changes to your Gravatar can be made without your involvement from your computer. All and any changes to text and/or images are done from your computer under your control. I can simply attend to an image restructure here in OZ and convert to a .jpeg file and then send it to you by email.

  86. Terry Simons says:

    Hope everyone is OK at the moment, I am OK. Expecting the family soon for lunch, ham egg and chips how does that sound? Couldn’t go to the Lucknow lunch had to go to the hospital for a check up but I’m OK. Take care and all the best for Christmas and the new year. Terry.

  87. Geoff Cherry says:

    This daft fool went to bed after returning from his hospital appointment, blogged on site OK went to bed, next morning felt unwell so stayed in bed, tried to answer the call of nature. As I sat on the side of the bed I felt myself slithering ofF like a snake, onto the floor where I wallowed like a basking whale, all my strength had left me. My wife being disabled could not help me, she called the ambulance, I was suffering from a bladder infection and on antibiotics. The ambulance team put an inflatable cushion under me pulled me to the sitting position, pumped air into the inflatable till I was sitting two foot off the ground, I was then returned to bed.

    After an examination, it was decided that as I was being treated they would not take me to hospital, but I needed a stronger antibiotic this was prescribed, then it was just a case of waiting for them to kick in. As the day wore on I slept woke had a drink, slept, I remember little. The next day my wife said I got worse, the ambulance came again, and decided to leave me at home, this is all out of hours, in the afternoon my wife called an out of hours doctor to come and see me. I am told he looked at me, and said I must go to hospital immediately, he rang for the ambulance again, rang the hospital, and I was taken in.

    The infection had passed into my blood my one kidney was failing, I was put on an intensive infusion of an extra strong antibiotic I came round at two in the morning, I had been out for two days, then for two days I was awake. I am now back home. I am not going to brag, but am recovering, still taking a strong antibiotic, finishing the course tomorrow, have further tests blood, etc, may be absent for a day or two, will update later, best wishes to all.


      My goodness Geoff, what an experience for you ‘Ole Chep. Here’s to trusting a quick recovery and an effective treatment to prevent further attacks. Perhaps the ride on the scooter in the rain wasn’t such a good idea? Get Well Soon Old Mate. Perhaps Bill can send you some of his Tram medicine!

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Geoff, not a pleasant experience for you at all. I know exactly what you went through. My wife Peggy went through the same as you but not to the extent of going into hospital. She had the water infection and didn’t say or do anything about it, we were going to Scotland on a coach trip. Got on the coach here in Taunton but by the time we got to the motorway station in Bristol she was in a terrible state, I had to get her off the coach and call our daughter to come and fetch us. We got her home okay but we thought we were going to lose her. We called an ambulance and the guys were great with her, got her settled and decided to get the doctor to come and see her next day. After the doctor checked her out he put her on antibiotics and it took a week to clear the infection, it frightened me and we hope never to go through that again. We hope you have recovered, Take great care.

      • Barry Cornish says:

        I am sorry to hear about your awful ordeal, Geoff. I do hope that the improvement, which you have started to experience, will continue. Whilst I am writing, I would like to say how good it is to have Terry ‘on board’. We certainly missed you at the Lucknow lunch Terry, but it was good to have Sylvia’s company there. Bill, I am pleased to hear that you are back from your travels and I do hope that the operation on your back proves successful and that you will soon be out of pain.

    • Hello Geoff. What a terrible experience, you are in my prayers for a full recovery as soon as can be. I can’t believe you were not seen by your own doctor? Have you got a dedicated doctor? You should have, everyone over 75 in the NHS should have a dedicated doctor who KNOWS YOU and knows your past problems and is the best person to deal with unexpected illnesses. Get well soon old soldier. All best wishes. Bill

  88. Mornin’ all. Have had a few days feeling a bit down and have tried to take it easy, even went down to the Surgery this morning, five miles away to try to see the Doctor. NO CHANCE the waiting room is full and I just turned round and came back home. But my second surgery The Tram Inn will be open at 12 noon so I will pop in and see my best Doctor, ‘Mark’ the ‘landlord’ and I feel sure he will diagnose my problem and prescribe and give me treatment straight away. So I will write again later and let you know his ‘prescription’ and how I feel after this! Haven’t seen many blogs over the last few days. Hope you are all OK. Best wishes. Bill

    • John Billett says:

      Good Morning Bill, I’m sure your landlord will give you a sound second opinion, at the same time of serving up your special medication. I think some times it is better than the medicine you get from your chemist. Hope you feel better soon, take care Bill.


    rogues1 Just a quick note to all bloggers. ID’s and URL’s are highly sensitive to accuracy. WordPress recognises existing ciphers, but parks anything ‘foreign’ in moderate (delayed until I pick it up). Most of you would have received Invitations to accept as “Contributors” to avoid any delays. If you have received these WordPress emails (from me) please action ’em asap.

    PS: Give me some feedback on You Tube Videos & Music clips please.

    • Hi Derek. I have looked at some them, love Tommy Cooper and The Two Ronnies and the Plank had me in stitches all the way through. Will look at some others. Bill

  90. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi all. just returned from the hospital, had the scan no sign of cancer, caused by water retention. Have the option of surgery, I said leave it for the present, I can live with it, So good news, take care all old Geezers.

    ED: Thought that you’d gone for another long ride in the rain Geoff. Good news for you – and us – that you are in the clear. Keep on blogging ‘Ole Mate.

    • John Billett says:

      Good news indeed Geoff. Power to your elbow I say, keep on trucking.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Thanks for the comments, I have been thinking about the scooter, and the stupid politicians not giving me permission to use the cycle tracks at 8 mph! If I change to a power assisted tricycle I will be able to use it legally on the cycle paths and Yippee! this old GEEZER will be able to travel at (26 kph) cutting my journey times, will have to try one? Good advice John (I will keep on plucking). AH! HA!

    • Geoff, really great news, soldier on now with peace of mind. Don’t know why it is always us ‘Old Un’s’ they pick on to give us problems? And with regard to your other news about cycle paths etc., if you get a trike’ can you also attach a trailer to carry your shopping? that would give the politicians something to occupy their tiny minds for a week or two. Take it easy, and best wishes. Bill

    • BillSendUp2 Great news Geoff and as Ed says keep on blogging and don’t forget to keep your eye on the speedometer on that machine of yours (has it got one?) don’t want you arrested for speeding. I too have just come back from the hospital after seeing the Ophthalmic Surgeon who has confirmed I need cataracts removed from BOTH eyes, they can’t do both at the same time so I will have to go through this twice BUT in the paperwork he gave me describing the procedure, it says. “A nurse will hold your hand the whole time, to make sure you are alright” WOW! of course this is not at the NHS hospital but a private one. Hope she is a pretty one. Bill

      • John Billett says:

        I’m sure the nurse will be the prettiest one on Earth Bill, after they’ve removed the cataracts every thing will look beautiful to you. If the nurse is anything like the one in the picture she is worth holding hands with whether your eyes are good or bad, just hang on in there Bill.

        ED: Housekeeping JB. Your signature ID showed ‘johnbillett’ (and parked your comment in moderate without the Gravatar) which I changed to “John Billett” – which was immediately recognised by WordPress when I unlocked your comment. The ‘England 873’ URL winds up a blank connection. Here endeth the lesson.

        • John Billett says:

          Hi Derek, I thought it had rectified its self last time I commented, I’ll keep eye on it in future.

          ED: OK JB. But same issue – ‘johnbillett’ rather than ‘John Billett’ dispatches the comment to ‘moderate’ (and unpublished) – now edited and ‘approved’ 30 minutes after posting.

  91. Terry Simons says:

    Hope everyone is OK at the moment. June and I are fine. My son and his wife bought me an Alba tablet for my 80th birthday, the instructions could have been written in Swahili for all I could make of them. The weather here in Penzance today horrible but no gales as forecast. So take care and God bless. Terry Simons.

    ED: Gotta Larf Ole Mate – get your grandson to show you how! Try your best anyway, we’d all love to hear from you as often as possible. We’re trying to hold the Old Gang together by launching Geezers R US – a roaring success to date, despite our numbers thinning down. You, Geoff, Barry and myself are just about the sum total of “A” Company who bother to blog, although there must be others still out there on this side of the River Styx.

    • G’Day Terry

      Welcome back Old Mate, another Geezer returns to the fold. We’ve missed you Terry and hope that you’ll join in the banter and bull, just like Old Times when Swanny and the other lads were around. You can perhaps keep us all up to date with happenings in Penzance.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Terry. Nice to see you back old mate, weather up this way not much better, temperature will be dropping over the weekend, getting ready for Santa? Keep well.

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Terry, good to see you back on Blog, glad you and June are well. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who has problems with these machines, the youngsters come in very handy at times don’t they, take care.

      ED: JB, I’m attempting to avoid the ‘moderate’ parking of your comments. Would you sign in as “John Billett” next time please, rather than “johnbillett”. I’m finding that WordPress is a bit sensitive to ID changes. Also the URL that you are using doesn’t connect.

      ED: Thanks JB – all good now.


    CCCTues17thNov2015 Thought you Old Geezers might care to see how I spend much of my leisure hours in carpentering and specialised modelling. The Cat Cuddle Cafe in Brisbane is Australia’s 1st Cat Cafe of it’s type which apart from providing therapeutic benefits to old and young, who mix their cafe late with cuddly pussies, funds a wonderful cat rescue charity. The fixtures shown have been designed and modelled by Old Grumpy over a few months since July, when the owner – a family friend – asked for a staircase. The rest is history – now 7 stages of elaborate construction culminating yesterday with the Cat Spiral Staircase – the 1st ever in Australia. I guess that many future projects are in the pipeline – as yet unknown – but animal lovers seem to have deep pockets. Most of the fixtures (the shelves, the open stairs, the overhead bridge, the climbing pole, the intricate spiral staircase and more) in the photo have been constructed in my workshop. Click on photo to expand the view.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      WOW! who’s the clever boy now then, well done Old Grumpy, looks like a job well done,

  93. Geoff Cherry says:

    After reading about all your trips up into the mountains, supping the Australian beverages and the leisurely trips, back through the country side, then Bill’s effort getting to his watering hole, (no doubt avoiding all high curbs) and returning to his slap up meal washed down with his Favorite brew, stung me into action.

    I jumped aboard my scooter called in the corner shop, went to the bridge over the motorway, where I parked watching the traffic tearing by, and quietly supping my can of coke, then down it came, the heavens opened up, soaked to the skin, I made my way home and wormed up with a hot Cornish Pasty!

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Sorry. Should read WARMED up and Derek, I made it to the top of the page thanks to you mate, best wishes to all OLD GEEZERS

    • Hi Geoff. No wonder the heavens opened up. A can of Coke? that’s enough to upset any situation. NOW a can of good ALE to soak the inside of the skin that would be more like it. Not that I am a boozer myself, seriously, I never drink more than two half pints when I go to the pub (I can’t lift a pint pot). BoozerSticker1 Might have a glass of red wine or even on special occasions a glass of brandy but COKE? Oops sorry, forgot you were in charge of your scooter! Sorry! Anyway I have had a really lazy evening, had some soup and vegetables earlier on, followed by an apple tart and custard and sitting quietly with a nice bottle of red wine and generally taking it easy. Still quite a bit of pain in my spine but getting better. All the best. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Bill. Glad to see the discomfort has not dampened the spirit, well done Sgt Major. On the quiet I forgot to mention the whiskey to wash the pasty down! Bought ones are nothing like home made. Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight, or is that wish full thinking again? all the best take care, Geoff

        • Hi Geoff. NOW that’s better, a drop of good stuff to help the pasty on its way, although I am not a whiskey fan, got absolutely ‘Brahms’ and ‘Liszt’ on it when I was a young sergeant way back in the fifties, missed a whole half day on duty. But luckily I had been drinking with my boss who was a Major and when I eventually turned up on parade he took one look at me and sent me straight home again. One of my lucky escapes during my service which could have debarred me from receiving my LS&GC medal, I was very very lucky. It is is why my little story is called ‘Long Service & Good Conduct’? with the question mark. Ah well this was a long time ago. Had this medal presented in 1964 by a Brigadier in The New Zealand Army Brigadier Dawson.

          Still wet and cold outside, but going out tonight to a Masonic meeting, followed by a dinner. Being given a lift so will be able to down a couple of glasses of wine. Cheers. Bill






    MntGloriousBush1 We are so lucky to be close to a low mountain range within 40kms of home and often navigate the winding roads to the peak at Mount Glorious where 2 cafes are favourites. Today we sampled quiche for Audrey, spaghetti for me and a glass of NZ Marlborough Pinot Gris and Merlot respectively. We then repaired to Emu House for tea and desert – all in the same locality, followed by a leisurely trip home via Mount Nebo into the precincts of Brisbane again. About 4 hours of leisurely repast, gentle sun and few cars (all are shopping for Christmas). Happy Days. The posted photos are miniaturised for space containment but will open up when clicked into a separate view. Note that the snakes were not on the menu. The blackboy shrubs are unique to the Aussie bush and survive for 100s of years through countless bush fires.

    • Hello Derek and Audrey. I am extremely jealous reading the above, especially as here it is cold, wet and generally awful weather and for me, having only recently been relaxing in wonderful sunshine, cooling myself with nice cold glasses of beer (despite the fact that it was about NINE pounds a pint). Phew!(I didn’t ask what the glasses of wine cost, I just paid up and handed over a fistful of Dollars with my eyes closed).

      I am still not fully recovered from the recent spine ‘op’, difficult to sit or lie down comfortably but guess it will be OK soon. Think I will risk a short walk down to the Pub in about an hours time, see if I can manage a couple of glasses of beer, then come home to an already prepared beef and veg dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. All best wishes to you both, and of course to all Geezers and their families. Bill.


    Bill has raised the question of page placement which I answered as an addendum to his post. Scrolling up/down pages is the only navigation ploy to scan any particular page. A most recent fresh post appears at the top of each page – universally across the weblog site. I could reverse this, with the inevitable consequences of a new post appearing at the bottom of the page, which (I believe) is a bit arduous when one considers the 1,000s of comments that build up. Scrolling is a mouse function and the bottom of the page is rapidly accessed by placing your cursor thinggy on the scroll bar to the browser page right hand side and dragging the bar down while holding down the left side mouse click button. Alternatively simply scroll up/down using the centre roller thinggy on your mouse. See Microsoft Mouse Functions.

    Reminder: Each time you post a fresh Comment, it is allocated the primary first position (at that time) but is subsequently overtaken by another. A ‘thread’ occurs when you “Reply” to an existing post (comment). You all manage the blogs extremely well and I appreciate your enthusiasm. Don’t overlook sending me email attached photos for nominated inclusion where required.

    NB: WordPress is very sensitive to typos (such as incorrect spelling of name etc) and will send your mistyped User name or wrong Gravatar to “moderate” (Editor function). In these instances your post does not appear immediately (it is parked for my attention).

    NBB: Further to all of the above, we each have (no doubt) different browsing habits and might only read a particular comment after some time has elapsed, or simply curious about past comments. A ‘Reply’ actioned – to a particular past comment – will appear in the “Recent Comments” widget at the right hand side of the Page Header (where your Gravatar shows). If you click on this specific ‘recent comment’ the connection is made immediately.

    PS: Geezers is a runaway success story with daily ‘hits’ now exceeding 80 counts (and Editor’s are not included). Well Done Cheps, keep up the good work!

  96. Good Morning Derek and all. Early morning, couldn’t sleep well at all so here I am. I went to see the spine specialist yesterday, he gave me a really thorough going over and decided that after re-examining the pictures he already had of the X-Rays previously taken of my spine, I needed to have an epidural operation at the bottom of my spine BillSendUp1 and that he would do this straight away. I stripped down to my knickers, got on the trolley and after giving me first a pain killing injection and waiting for this to take effect, he then set about injecting some sort of fluid in between the bottom two joints of the spine. This fluid then apparently thickens and sets, keeping the two bones apart, so fingers crossed. It has not felt uncomfortable, but definitely stopped me sleeping for some reason.

    So here I am, just about to have a bowl of bran flakes, perhaps a scrambled egg, then at 9.45 I have to be at the dentist down in Hereford. Not sure what will go on there, haven’t got many teeth left, hope the dentist will add some to my existing little dentures. Then I can have the weekend off? All best wishes, keep taking the medicine, like some good old Aussie shiraz. Cheers, Bill

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Bill, not dragging the bum there mate and I would say exceeding the 140, HA! HA! I hope the treatment works, the saying is if it Herts it is working, keep the chin up mate after this morning the pain at the top, will perhaps take it from the bottom! best wishes Geoff.

      • Hello Geoff. I’m afraid no transfer of pain available, the blasted Dentist was absent and have had to make another appointment. They didn’t bother to ring me and tell me, so I gave them a piece of my mind, hope they don’t tell the Dentist, she might get her revenge on me! I am pretty tired at the moment, didn’t sleep at all last night and finding it difficult to rest in a chair. Too much weight on the area where the Doc carried out the treatment. So keep smiling. All best wishes. Bill

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          You’re not having much luck mate, you would have thought that a simple phone call would have been made, well done for giving them a dressing down. As regards the discomfort sitting have you tried making a ring of a rolled up blanket to sit on to take the pressure of the operation area? If you could sleep for a short time it would make things more bearable. Best wishes, Geoff

    • John Billett says:

      Good Morning Bill, seems you had a very interesting visit with the specialist yesterday, hope it wasn’t army issue knickers, lol. We can only hope that what he did yesterday does the trick and no more pain for you. Keep well and take things easy.

      • Hi John, great to hear from you, no not army issue knickers, nice tight civilian ones to show off the figure. Ha! Ha! Still quite painful this morning and of course difficult to sit down and because I didn’t sleep last night I am truly knackered at the moment. But things will be OK soon I am sure. Best wishes, Bill

    • Hi Derek. This is not a reply but a question. It would appear that whatever it was the specialist injected to my backside has travelled up to my head and affected my Brain, (did you say WHAT BRAIN?). But where do we put a new entry so that it appears at the top, rather than a reply to an existing entry. I am sure I have seen it, but can’t see it now.

      ED: Short answer. Scroll to the absolute end of the page at view and use the vacant comment box there. Follow the prompts to logon and the posted comment appears at the very top of the page.

      • Thanks Derek. I knew it had to be simple, but ME being simple minded couldn’t see it. Ah well soldier on and thanks for the info. Have not had a good day rear end, still feeling pretty tender and it seems to have been a long day, peeing down with rain all day so have been confined to barracks, but luckily plenty of grub in the cupboards and fridge and a good stack of wine in stock, so I think I will survive. Cheers to you all Geezers. Bill

        ED: Well Done Bill. You’re a champ Sjnt Major.

    • Mornin’ Derek. See my mail a couple of entries down with regard to new entries. NOT replies. I think I am losing my brain or what is left of it! Bill

  97. Hello Derek and all Geezers. Have had a couple of quiet days, not feeling on top of the World, but I guess there are many who are a lot worse than me, so I am NOT really complaining. I have to see the spine specialist tomorrow afternoon so have my fingers crossed that he will be able to sort out my problem. I reckon it is because I am so short, every time I step off the curb, the lowest joint of my spine is in my bum and this hits the curb every time. Ha! Ha!. Anyway best wishes to you all and GREAT to be with you all again. Bill

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Bill, My best wishes for tomorrow. With all the mod con’s they have, will now get you sorted, I think you will have to do as I do with the scooter find a drop down curb, or are you already doing that? take care

      • Thanks Geoff. I will look out for one of these, never really knew they were there.Wish I had a scooter, but that would present another problem. I wouldn’t be able to get aboard the damned thing. Ah well. Reckon Ed is right, it is a result of all that square bashing we did. Bill

        ED: Just a footnote Bill. Your comment was sent to ‘moderate’ because your ID was mistyped – “Griffith” was added to “wg52neg”.

        • Oop’s, sorry about that, getting a bit sloppy in my old age. Can’t even spell my own name?

        • Hi Derek.Is there any way we can add pictures to our replies, or do we have to send them to you somehow? I have a few pictures I would like to share with the Geezers. Bill

          • G’Day Sjnt Major. The short answer is that you need to send an attachment (either .jpeg or .gif) by email to me for insertion in any selected comment. These are the usual files that exit from a scanner, mobile phone or camera. So long as you identify each photo file with the caption, we’re unlikely to have any problems. A simple direction to me such as Pix 1, Pix 2 etc should do. The process at my end is not too arduous – just a few tweaks of HTML language behind the comment at view. The other possible benefit is that I can doctor any old prints in Corel Photo Shop to bring some improvement. Give it a try ‘Ole Mate. Real good feeling to have you back on a daily basis.

            Bumper Sticker1

            The above Bumper Sticker example is a (converted) .jpeg file processed from the I’Net into CorelDraw, saved as a file, then inserted into the text of this comment. Bumper Sticker1 I can position left, right, centre and adjust the size to suit wrapping text or stand alone.


      Gotta Larf Sjnt Major, in the shadow of your pain which you obviously soldier on with, I have this vision of you lurching off the footpath with your bum dragging along. Far from the truth in reality I guess, like us all, you’re wearing out ‘Ole Mate and the square bashing never helped. I attribute a knee soreness to the terribly uneven surface on the Square at Prospect Bermuda. Fancy sustaining an injury in Bermuda – woudda thought that the gin anesthetised everything.

      Bumper My prescription for you Bill, is more Aussie red plonk and fill up both legs to give you better balance LOL.

      PS: I’m not actually awake at 01.48 – Brisbane is +10 on Greenwich.

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Bill. Welcome home, sorry to hear you’ve had a rough passage. Hope the Spine specialist could help you or at least give you some advice towards getting better. You’ve got what we call down this way “Ducks Disease”. You explained it admirably, get better soon.


    Well Cheps, congratulations! You’ve made today a memorable day with over 10 comments logged by 5 individual bloggers (+ 60 over ‘hits’ on Geezers), signalling the return of our Senior Soldier Bill Griffiths. Thank you all. Note that a ‘Reply’ to an existing comment (might) place that reply far down the page – hence Bill’s reply finishing up where it did. To get a comment noticed quickly ’tis preferred to open a fresh comment box. Please persist with Gravatars upload with .gif images – follow the WordPress prompts. Note also (as in Bill’s case) a change of computer will trigger a rejection of a previously recognised address. WordPress is ever protective against Spam. In some cases (especially those without Gravatars), a comment will be parked for me to moderate and will not publish until cleared.

    NB: Geoff & JB, you are part way (so far as I can determine) in the Gravatar setup process and need to upload a .gif or .jpeg file of your image to that platform. I would assume that after this is done that your Gravatar will appear.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Derek. I looked at the process yesterday, I am no whiz kid on the computer. I can press buttons and reply, above that I am lost, will see if my son can help when he visits next, best wishes

      • Passwords & Gravatars

        Hello Geoff. You do so well with your skills – ’tis a learning curve all the time! WordPress will remember all Passwords, Email addresses and Names – with unerring accuracy. The problems occur when we (forgetfully) misspell our names, or change computers etc. My hourly (almost) attention to the blog, places me on automatic, so I experience few problems with logging on and posting – ‘cos my computer remembers all, but if I’m absent for a few days, a bit of memory jog is often required. There is an action for me (as Editor) to invite Contributors as “Contributors, Followers” which triggers an email from WordPress. If received this needs to be accepted, otherwise the process just hangs in suspension. So far all current Contributors are posting OK, but it would be good (I think) to have that little Gravatar image – if possible. You might need to get Thomas to fix it up. LOL!

  99. Sylvia says:

    I will be travelling to Cornwall on Saturday, staying with Graham and Carol Martin. Graham is Joe Tippett’s nephew. We will all be attending the Lucknow Lunch on 18th and look forward to seeing old friends. At the same time thinking of the old friends who are no longer with us. Take care all of you. I’ll catch up again once I’m home.

    • John Billett says:

      Safe journey Sylvia, enjoy your visit to Cornwall. Hope the Lucknow Lunch goes well, take care.


    Mark Twain Quote1 Bill and I are exchanging emails in order to get him back on board again, after his unsuccessful attempts to post Comments. ‘Tis somewhat a mystery why he has a problem ‘cos many others (even non-regulars) are able to post. Readers of this Comment, who are experiencing similar difficulties, need to advise me so that I can tweak the site to admit you as a “Follower” (which permits postings). When this happens you need to “accept” via the WordPress email message. Perhaps too, it might be a useful exercise for you (from YOUR computer) to follow WordPress prompts and create a Gravatar ID. Then a little .gif pix of you appears with each comment that (hopefully) you make. Hotlink hereto

    This Geezers R US sub page has proved to be an astonishing success story in just 5 weeks since opening insofar as regular exchanges are concerned. Admittedly as Editor the traffic from me is fairly intense, but the response from just a few Old Mates shows how blogging can bring another level of social interactivity into our lives and re-live the special camaraderie that we once had in the 50s. Please join in and keep the site bubbling merrily along.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Good Morning Derek. Have an appointment at the JR11 this morning at 0930hrs, the weather is dull and wet. Temp outside 15C, am lording it up this morning booked my car for the visit, having my hearing aids adjusted, leaving in 15 minutes. Best wishes Geoff

      • John Billett says:

        Have a good day Geoff, hope everything goes well for you.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi John, good news all round. Had the left one adjusted now fits better no soreness, the right one adjusted and tweaked up, has improved my hearing quite a lot. Can now listen to the tele and hear what people are saying, take care.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Bill is on site but very far down the page, but he has made it.

  101. Sylvia says:

    It is with great sadness I have to say that JT left this world on 14th October. I will pass on any messages from you to Annie

    • JT1RIP Sad news indeed. JT had been absent from the blogs for some time, but never absent in our hearts and minds. JT was a likely contender for our new blog page here and we held high hopes for his return. He will always be remembered from Bermuda days, especially Pay Day and later at the Caribbean Re-Union in 2009. RIP Old Mate. Our condolences to Annie.

      JT has been recorded on DCLI Memoriale.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Please pass on my condolences to Annie for me, he will be sadly missed, JT rest in peace old mate.


      Sylvia1 SylviaApplique1 Welcome back Sylvia, albeit with sad news of JT. We appreciate your renewed contact on the blog and hope that you will visit us regularly. As emailed for permission (granted I hope) your applique sample is shown hereto, craftsmanship (should that be craftswomanship?) is always admired and your worthy 2nd place award greatly deserved.

    • John Billett says:

      Very sad news indeed, we use to have a joke and wind each other up, great guy.


    Storm Season SEQ1 Evidence hereto of the looming tropical storm season in South East Queensland. Picture taken at sunset last night followed by hailstones as big as golf balls and deluges of water in the local creeks, submerging cars and buildings. As I type (Sunday morning) a huge storm has just passed over – guess what? in a few hours we’ll be in sunny skies and 27C.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Ed. As the saying goes old mate, you have to take the good with the bad. Cloudy and dull here temp 11C. outside, rain forecast later. Best wishes to you both, enjoy the sun.


    Please come home Sjnt Major, we are missing you. Hopefully you have recovered from the long trip back to Blighty from HK and that all’s well. We miss your jolly comments and look forward to some enlightening repartee with a Chinese flavour.

    • Bill Griffiths

      TramInnEardisley1 TramInnEardisley2009 TramInnEardisley2009a I phoned Bill on UK time Sunday morning to check on his whereabouts and he advises that he has been unwell recently and returned home early from HK. We had a fine chat about health issues and a mention about Geezers R US for a bit of friendly repartee. He is still active with his Masonic Choir and making future bookings at his local ale house. (Photo aged for effect – click to enlarge).

      Bill, when you read this – we look forward to you getting back in touch with us and keeping us updated about your weekly adventures. I remember the fine times we spent at The Tram in 2009, albeit a much later era than shown in the sepia photo. Bar shot taken by Ed picturing my sister from Bristol. Good Luck with the medical issues. All the best ‘Ole Mate.


    Geezer Rockers1 General opinion appears to favour this recently trialled option – so – all current clips and as many more as you choose to request are now displayed at the bottom of the Geezer Page Header above. This enables a quick selection, rather than scroll down to a Comment Box. Kindly register your requests by a ‘fresh’ comment each time, which I will then process asap, publish the credit for the ‘Requester’ and voila – we’re in business. Just a reminder though, some video clips are dismounted at You Tube source due to copyright violations (not ours) and might need replacing from time to time.

    My hat off to you ‘Ole Mate – together for all the other unsung heroes who take the time and make the effort to remember our illustrious forebears who gave their lives on Flanders Fields.

    As we all march down the path of life, evoking memories of honourable deeds, this time of Armistice Day reminds us of honour, respect and dedication to those who willingly gave their lives in order that we gained the freedom that we now enjoy, despite (now) many others less noble and cowardly who fight meaninglessly for disreputable causes and beliefs.

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Geoff. My hat also off to you, you’re doing a good job there, let’s hope you sell all your Poppies and make a lot of money for British Legion.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi. Second stint completed at the motorway services, collection was very good, talked to a lot of people some quite interesting, one chap said what is a “duke” doing up here but was gone before I could question him which was a pity, must have been in a hurry. An RAF Officer stopped and wished me luck with the collection and talked about his men and their duties, that was quite interesting, I thanked him for his time and thoughts.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi, third stint completed, one to go, collecting very good, a lot of people just putting money in.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            All Poppy duties completed!!

            • John Billett says:

              Well done that man, duties done you can “Stand Down”, go to Naafi, get yourself a cup of tea and a bun, you will be mentioned in dispatches, carry on Soldier.

            • Well Done, Sjnt Cherry of “The Dukes” (aka Lord Glencoe). In commemoration of your wonderful effort I have posted a link to the Royal British Legion site on DCLI Memoriale for anyone interested in the Poppy Day activity.

    • Barry Cornish says:

      CONGRATULATIONS ON A GREAT EFFORT GEOFF! BBC Radio has announced this morning that Poppy sales here so far this year have exceeded £45,000,000, that is an increase of £5,000,000.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Barry, I found that people in this area, emptying their pockets and purses, as they passed and had a chat many were putting £5, £10, and £20 pound notes in. I find it terrible that the government sends our brave boys out and when they return disabled make them rely on charities for help.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          I forgot to say thank you all very much for your support, it makes it that much more rewarding, they will never be forgotten. (Old Soldiers never die, they just march quietly away)

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Glencoe SendUp1 Glencoe2

      HI Ed. This old GEEZER has been out on this bright sunny morning hoovering up leaves with the mower, still have half the lawn to do, full kit tomorrow selling the POPPY’s first stint in ASDA store, Tuesday Motorway services, Thursday ASDA again and Friday TESCO store in Cowley. The motto “have scooter will travel”. I have just thought how many people can say they have bought their poppy from a LORD HA! HA!

      ED: You missed a bit of the lawn down the edges of the path Geoff.



      • Geoff Cherry says:

        ED. I thought it was big brother watching me, thought I had got away with that little strip!


    New Farm Jacarandas1 That time of the year when the jacarandas are in full bloom. Shot taken in our local New Farm Park on the Brisbane River, where we picnic frequently and visit the Saturday morning market and the Powerhouse cafes.


    Your favourite song – by Frank Sinatra.Nancy with the laughing face. Hope the trip home was not too sad after leaving your wonderful HK family.


    Geoff News Item A well known local Oxon road speedster has (again) been apprehended violating the 8KPH speed barrier, photographed here overtaking several large trucks and creating mayhem on the Motorway. Even more disruptive is this character’s insistence on using the bikeways/walkways on occasions when local Pollies are out walking the dog and generally avoiding the public. What are the coppers doing these days when law breakers such as this are allowed to breach the laws of the country? LOL. Well Done Geoff – persistence might pay off!!

    ED: Footnote. This comment is logged in as a ‘fresh’ comment in preference to a ‘reply’ to the original string of comments – now too far down the page for ‘page at view’.

    • John Billett says:

      Hooligan, Road Hog, get him off, take his licence away, a couple of years in the Army would have done him good, what ever is the world coming too, didn’t act like that in our days, I blame the Government. Where are his L plates?

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        The Pollies are to blame: I cried, I sobbed, I grovelled, I drove up and down, my batteries went flat, they all ignore me. It must be my cloak of invisibility, or do I exist? I know I will have to honk my horn.


    The unexpected favourable response to JB’s initiative (Ramsbottom, Enoch & Me) and the easy technique of attaching You Tube videos onto weblog pages, raises the question for continuance of this type of Commentary. F’rinstance, in the LI Most Wanted Archives is a page (now restored to view and comment) that was started in 2007, which offered up Nostalgia Toons of the ’50s. This page was highly succesful and gained great support. I can easily create a similar list on the Geezer Header block – if Geezers are interested. All you need to do is nominate a celebrity from the past and I’ll do the research. Voila!! In some cases, an old video clip is removed over time, due to copyright violations, but we can try.

    NB: The earlier videos listed here have now been transferred up to the Geezer page header, where easier access is offered when the page opens initially, rather than scrolling down to this Comment. Please continue to add choices by logging in a fresh comment and I will publish the “Request” accordingly. Thanks for your ongoing support.

    When a clip is selected and runs through – the feature of the You Tube ‘Auto Run’ is to then flip to the next clip – on that selected page. You might have to let the mini ads run.

    • Barry Cornish says:

      I think that your links to You Tube videos of songs and old radio shows are brilliant Derek. How about adding one or more episodes from the superb Dad’s Army series, if these are available?

      Incidentally, did you see that the winner of the Melbourne Cup was a horse called ‘Prince of Penzance’? One man from Penzance who had never placed a bet in his life before, put £5 on it at 100 to 1. He says that he will never bet again- Wise man!

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Barry. Nice to see you on here, how are you doing these days, I like the idea of Dad’s Army clips they should fit in nicely,and the chap from Penzance sure hit it lucky outsider Lady Jockey? take some beating, was that a surprise Derek?

        • Barry Cornish says:

          Thank you for your comment, Geoff. I am lucky enough to be keeping very well and able to enjoy life, I am pleased to say. Although I only make a comment when I feel that I have something to say, I do enjoy reading this blog regularly and reading about your exploits. It was good to see you looking really smart in the photograph in which you were selling poppies.

      • G’Day Barry

        You Tube requests now available at Geezer Page Header – for quick access. Dad’s Army is available – heaps of ’em – so many to choose from, but the You Tube ‘Auto’ facility will continue the roll. Good stuff – please keep the requests flowing.

        I should have read the stars for that horse Prince of Penzance, it ran at 100 to 1 here also. My nag is still running somewhere, got left at the first turn. LOL.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi, look’s like I mixed up horses, rider and race track? but the thought was there, better luck next time!

  110. John Billett says:

    “We three we’re all alone”. Working on the LIDC. Geoff, Derek and Me. Sing to the BBC programme, Enoch, Ramsbottom and Me.

    Morning All.

    Ramsbottom and Enoch and Me

  111. John Billett says:

    G/day all. Went to Musgrove Park Hospital this morning to have an eye checked. My appointment time ran over by 55 minutes and to add salt in the wound the parking cost me nearly six pounds, I wasn’t best pleased to say the least. That comes under “Any experience that comes to mind”. Take care everyone.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi John. I hope the eye is OK, the parking charges are a good money spinner there could be a connection with the over run time and profits? the main trouble with the Hospitals in Oxford is getting a parking space, you picked the right thread mate take care.

    • Hi John. Don’t quote me, but someone told me that when you get a ticket to go in to the parking lot the time starts from when you get in. So when you come out, just go to the gate and get a fresh ticket and use this to leave. This way you only pay for the first hour. Apparently it works here in Hereford, haven’t used this method myself because I have a private parking space near the Hospital.


    In the interests of Geezer page development, perhaps we might vote on a uniform topic of interest (to us all) and raise a series of ‘threads’ (replies) to keep the pot boiling. Geoff and I are exchanging direct emails on a number of different topics that – might – be of interest to others (e.g. scooter traffic regulations, cost of alcohol, health services, crazy drivers, hobbies, volunteering, Old Mates encouragement). Let’s create a Wish List and vote on a uniform subject and then air our views. I’ll start the List with 3 Topics. please add your 3 and then when done we’ll vote and get the ball rolling.

    #1) Supermarket funny experiences
    #2) Unusual characters in my neighbourhood
    #3) Crazy drivers I have met

    OK Cheps – over to you.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      1/ Trying to get politicians to listen?
      2/ Any subject that comes to mind of interest.
      3/ the most scariest experience you have had.

      • Well Done Geoff. I noticed that your post was over an hour in the system before publication, despite my re-loading the page. The only difference in the content of your text that might have caused the delay is the beginning with a “1” (numeral). I suspect that WordPress is somewhat picky sometimes. Don’t despair Ole Mate with your welcome posts.

        So far I will vote for your #3 “The Most Scariest Experience”. That should create wide and varied comment.

  113. John Billett says:

    Melrose Abbey by JB Oct 2015 Hello everyone, back from Scotland all refreshed. Had a lovely few days, weather was kind to us. Looked out for you Geoff but didn’t catch sight of you, probably indoors putting your scooter to rights. We were in Edinburgh Thursday, it seems to get more crowded every time we go there. That’s the holiday season over for us this year. Belated Birthday wishes to Bill, hope he is well.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi John. Pleased to hear you are back safe and enjoyed your visit and that was topped up with good weather, can you wish for more? Last time I went on holiday was back in the fifty’s, should be due one soon! best wishes take care.


      Melrose Pig1 G’Day JB. Many thanks for the batch of Scottish Border photos sent direct by email. I greatly appreciate the pictorial memoir of a country that I have grown to love over the years. Audrey of course is a Highlander and where we returned to Aberdeen first as a family in 1965. Over the years – as absentee Pommies – we have maintained contact with the history and mystery of Scotland. I was interested to learn from Wikipedia that Melrose Abbey is the repository for the heart of Robert the Bruce and also that the Abbey is renowned for the effigy of a bagpipe playing pig. Good to have you back on deck. Many thanks, take care.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Talking of Scotland. I bought a plot of land from Highland Titles, people from all over the world are doing it to protect the Highlands from developers and safeguard the forests, there is also a scheme to save the wildcats I support both. For this I can use the title of Lord of Glencoe; you are supplied with a pack, with all the information to change your bank details etc, but not allowed a seat in the House of Lord’s! When I depart this life and travel on, I can leave my title to a dependent or friend with my plot of land?

        I log into the site, it is all very interesting, they have cameras set up so you can watch the wild life, you can also tour the forest, by entering your co-ordinates, you can then see your plot, you are also given the chance to put your view on the plans for conservation.

        So you see I am now a happy young Lord swanning around on my ROLLER MOBILITY SCOOTER, how’s dat den?

        • Geoff Send Up1 My Lord, M’lud. I’m lost for words. Lord of the Manor now – can we all stay in your castle and fish your river frontage? Found this Pub Sign on the Internet – any relation? LOL.

          • Geoff Send Up2 Hoots Mon! Is this yer wee castle Lord Glencoe MacCherry?

            • John Billett says:

              Any concessions for Old Soldiers? I’ll book my bed right away. I think the pub sign is brilliant, and I think Geoff meant his Scooter is a Rolls not Roller, or maybe a Rolls Can Hardly.

            • Lord Cherry says:

              I am very sorry to have to inform you that in this very rich country of ours with this Conservative Government in our time of austerity with all the cut’s to try and pay off our debts, I have also had to do my duty and cut back. I have had to downsize, to my now humble pad in Oxfordshire, so will be unable to provide rooms for my many holidaying friends, if in years to come (IF) we manage to get a Government and MP’s that put this country first and make this country Great (Britain) once more, things might change for the better, we can but live in hope? How’s that for a bit of the old bull? And John I think you have it mate (Rolls Can Hardly) fits the bill! And Derek you do a first class effort with your pictures old mate. A bit of wishful thinking if only we could have a ride in the old 5 tonner again!


            Geoff Castle Send Up3Geoff Castle Send Up2GeoffSendUpTruck1

            The outcome of a recent poll among retirees in Oxon which appealed directly to the Lord Chamberlain over the poor holiday facilities for Old Soldiers – particularly Cornwall Light Infantrymen – has resulted in a modern nostalgic style of Holiday Camp to be installed annually on the Village Green. Qualifications to make use of the facilities are a British Army Pay Book from 1950 – 1958, puttees and starched KD. Lord Geoffrey MacCherry of Glencoe will meet and greet all holidaymakers and will transport all attendees on a replica Bedford 5 tonner.

            • Geoff Cherry says:

              I am now in the process of expanding the camp area, to hopefully include a family area where the ladies can enjoy a stay in caravans, if the ladies would like to comment on this please give us your views?

            • Camp McCherry for Ladies1 Well Done M’Lord, is this what you have in mind to entice the ladies? Airfares included naturally!

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            That could be my long lost twin, last time we had contact was back in the 50’s, you never know what’s around the corner?


    Mango1 The Queensland mango season approaches and we are currently seeing boxes of high priced fruit on the supermarket shelves. The 1st wholesale box was raffled (for charity) just last week for AUD$35K. At the moment we pay $2.00 – $3.00 per piece, but that will drop in December to $10.00 per box of 12. This delicious fruit has been representative of Queensland’s tropical fruit fare for yonks, and can be used in a variety of ways at the dining table. My sister in Brissol advises that Spanish varieties are sour and tough by comparison and she would know after spending 4 weeks here in September feasting on fresh mango and prawns.

  115. 14 DAY UPDATE

    14 days have passed with a total of 1,227 ‘views’ averaging 87 daily. Highest day of 144 and a next lowest (I ignored the 1st day) of 69. Quite encouraging I feel – however only 4 participants have made contributions and we need more to keep this new page afloat. Some Old Mates are on holiday, but the call is out to other Blogger Mates who have been contacted to share this page for civilian banter and bull – otherwise ’tis just another inconsequential page.

    These figures are in effect ‘false positives’ as Editor entry has been frequent for .jpeg insertion and considered encouraging replies to keep the pot boiling. Can I appeal all those listed in earlier Comment to climb on board and support the remaining few?

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Ed. I would like to say thank you for all the hard work you put in to keep us together, it will be a pity if this site sinks for want of use, a lot of the hits are made by me checking, and also my son sometimes has a look, best wishes Geoff.


        Many thanks Geoff and to those who – so far – are using the new page. After (now) 10 years of familiarity with WordPress I have achieved a high pinnacle of appreciation for this ultra fine system for social communication and ’tis rewarding to note that Old Mates make use of it. I have other platforms (the Men’s Shed) shut down through lack of support and lassitude, but have a good feeling for the continuance of LI Most Wanted.

        Sometimes – the system will trick us – by sidelining a ‘regular’ into the moderation pile. This happens when (f’rinstance) a small change has occurred in an email cypher – or – a URL has been included in the body text. Usually I free ’em up after a short time and the Comment is released. Blogging can get quite serious and there are many features worth exploring, such as Avatars (a Personal ID) which attaches a photo to the Sender message. You can also ‘link’ another URL in the body space of the Comment Box that will highlight your author’s name in blue colour when you post. This is for attracting attention to a noteworthy article.

        When you Old Mates get the opportunity, I invite your participation to directly encourage others to get back onboard. They might need a little instruction and tutelage – but once convinced I’m sure we’ll have a fitting memorial comment page that will brighten the daily life of many. Do not hesitate to email a ‘jpeg photo for any insertion that you wish for to embellish your comments. 1 picture is worth a 1,000 words – so they say – and the process is quite easy at my end. Any photo can be doctored in Corel Photo Shop.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Derek. Sorry to hear the shed has folded, I still go in at times, for a read check or to watch a video, but had noticed comments had stopped. I hope all the work is continuing? it would be a very sad day if everything stopped. Best wishes keep well.

          • G’Day Geoff. I’m surprised that you can even access the site – as I sent it into ‘Private’ mode some months ago on account of lack of support and interest – and worst of all, acrimony from those who opposed me. The Shed has been booted out of the current premises into a smaller location some kms away. I’ve resigned from the group, due to personal preferences and many other projects on my plate, which I can get involved in, with people who have their sights on community spiritedness. The Mens Shed movement is a fine institution, but there is no space for selfish, narrow minded snides, who in 2 years failed to pull their weight and share the loads.

            • Geoff Cherry says:

              Hi Derek. Yes mate I can still access the site as a matter of fact I watched a video last night. It is a case of once again not getting the support that is required, one good thing is you are a man of many talents, so are never stuck for things to do.


    BillGriffiths Oct 1952 Bill has been in Hong Kong since August 28th and returns on November 4th, during which time (October 5th) he’s had his 85th Birthday. Happy Birthday Sjnt Major – I’m guessing that your HK family made a huge celebration for you. We hope that you will return safely and join up with Geezers R US to regale us with tales of your adventures. This new page is firing up very well, but can always do with your wisdom and repartee.

    Many Happy Returns.


      GeezerBirthdayCake1 The site used to publicise a Birthday Page (now defunct) but in the glare of the anticipated success of the Geezer Page, I propose (as a Geezer – not Editor) that we (repeat) publish our Birthday dates within the Page Header as a reminder of the future events. I believe that an age 80+/- Geezer deserves recognition from his/her peers. However site privacy rules prevail (including current concealment of email addresses) and I need your personal sanction to proceed. Hereto is a list of current (and expected) ‘Geezers’. All other unmentioned are welcome and those who are listed please accept this invitation to ‘sign up’. Kindly confirm your approval where appropriate and include your Day/Month. The Year is optional. Existing dates were published previously.

      John Billett (20/12/1934)
      Rex Brain
      Dick Burwood
      Merv Chandler
      Geoff Cherry (26/03/1930)
      Barry Cornish (02/10/1935)
      John Goddard (07/07/1935)
      Bill Griffiths (05/10/1930)
      Tom Howell
      Anne Knight (21/03/1939)
      Derek Lovemore (21/09/1935)
      Keith Mannings
      Fraser Pakes
      Margaret (nee Royffe)
      Sylvia (nee Royffe)
      Pete Rule
      Terry Simons (17/09/1935)
      Tom Strike

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        From one OLD GEEZER to another count me in?

        • Thanks Geoff, you ‘Ole Boot Scootin’ Devil you. Thanks for being so prompt.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            It’s in the blood old mate. I also revived the old scooter, told too expensive to repair; got my tools out, overalls on, fitted a set of brushes. Hey bingo fixed – brum brum away.

            • Scooter Image1 Geoff. What next ‘Ole Mate? Let’s get down and dirty with those latent skills of yours. How’s this for a mobile playhouse for Thomas?

            • Geoff Cherry says:

              Could fit a couple of beacon lights on the back and take him for a spin up the motorway, visit my relative on holiday in France, HA! HA!

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello Derek. See if this gets on site. Many thanks for the Birthday wishes and yes I had several celebrations. Still trying to get back on site, can’t think what the problem is. I just went through the process of changing my password, but don’t know if this has worked. I will keep trying. Bill


    Jonas Walden Artwork1 G’Day Geezers. The latest ‘hit’ count remains higher than average – over 100 daily since launch. Not all viewers make comment (obviously) but if we all direct our civilian type contributions to this page we shall quickly establish a regular exchange of repartee. To that end I’ve directly emailed Anne Knight and note that Geoff has also replied to Anne’s comment on Well Wisher. We do need to focus on page content to make this work.

    The accelerating popularity of social media platforms and smart phones might (now in 2015) encourage a wider spread of Old Mates to log on to WordPress. Regulars in contact with other non participating Old Mates can invite ’em to try us out. Thanks so far for a tremendous response.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      I will tell you a story, a tale of what I have been up to since taking delivery of my new class three scooter, it is supposed to be serious but then some people look at the funny side, so if you need to feel free crack your face.

      When I took delivery of my new scooter in the paperwork I was given, was a copy of the Highway Code for Wheel Chairs and scooters, the BHTA, you can check this on It reads like comic cuts, but then it was compiled by a Miss Godfree, who was stuck in a crowded underpass, people climbing all over her and her scooter, and she say’s “do not yield to the temptation to ram them “. The paragraph Road or Footpath?

      Some wheelchairs/scooters can only be driven safely on the road, this does not always make it safe to do so. To drive safely on the road it is advisable to have a vehicle capable of doing 6/8 miles an hour equipped with headlights, rear lights, flashing indicators and a horn. Even with all this, YOU MAY NOT use a dual carriageway, Unless you also have an additional flashing beacon light and you are not permitted to use bus lanes or cycle tracks.

      ScooterCartoon1 To me fitting a beacon light to my head, and joining fast moving heavy traffic travelling over 50 mph, is what I term assisted suicide, when the A40 was made into a dual carriageway, the footpath that ran alongside, was upgraded to a cycle track, as it was deemed unsafe for the young agile cyclists, but now safe for a grey haired old man on a slow moving Mobility scooter? I checked with the police was this correct they confirmed it, I told them in no way was I going to comply with that and would continue to use the cycle track as I had done for the past four years, I had no response. I sent emails to my MP, the Prime minister, the local highways dept. the BHTA, the minister of transport. In parliament, with my local councillor I had a meeting, I said to them that the highway code for class three scooter needed to be upgraded or amended, to ban using the dual carriageway full stop, and for class three scooters to use the cycle tracks at 8mph that is about the speed of a jogger, as joining fast moving traffic on a dual carriageway was dangerous for scooter drivers and all drivers of vehicles on the carriageways.

      From some I had no reply, some said they had passed my email to another Dept. another said my comment had been noted, the minister of transport quoted the code back to me ignoring all I said, but passed the buck back to the local council saying they could change the rules. From them I had a negative answer, my local councillor told me to carry on as I had been doing for the past 4 years as I had never been stopped, but I said that I now knew I was breaking the law, I was not happy with that, I believe in this day and age the brain has been made redundant, common sense is a thing of the past. I decided to enlist the power of the local paper, I contacted the Editor and explained to him my concerns, he decided I had a good argument, I talked to a reporter, we did a photo shoot, Then the Editor contacted the local council, after about five days the editor phoned me and said I could legally use the cycle tracks, so at last my safety has been assured, but what about others, that do not complain?

      ED: Accreditation to for use of cartoon.


        ScooterHazard1 Is this one of your mates Geoff? Photo uploaded from Internet. Acknowledgement to owner for limited use on this site.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi Ed, Must be a relative. Three lanes! must be heading off to France on holiday and that lad has good battery power for motorway driving,

      • Barry Cornish says:

        Hi Geoff! I think that considering the relatively close travelling speeds of mobility scooters and bicycles, compared to that between scooters and cars and lorries on main roads, your proposal makes perfect sense, provided that a cycle lane is available and wide enough to allow cyclists to pass the scooter safely. I cannot understand why the DofT don’t see it that way. I do hope that your new scooter stands up well to the longish trips that you take on it and that it proves to be more reliable for you than its predecessors.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          VelodromeScooterPix1 Hi Barry. The cycle track that I use from Wheatley to the city boundary could do with an upgrade, but is still wide enough for the cyclist to pass me but more care is needed, all the others that I use are purpose built and wide, as long as you use what politicians lack “common sense” and respect all other users. The new scooter is going fine at present, I will have to watch the brushes in the motor, I am not allowed to touch them but will get a service in six months time. Have another trip to hospital this Thursday, I am still awaiting report from last visit. I should receive a letter, later this week with the results.

          ED: Photo uploaded from internet for limited use. Acknowledgement to unknown author

      • John Billett says:

        Hi everyone, Geoff, We’ll be coming up the Motorway tomorrow morning in a Shearings Coach I’ll look out for you, to see if you’re obeying the Highway Code, give us a wave as we go bye. We’ll be on the way to Scotland, just a short break, staying in Melrose, not going into the Highlands this time around. Take care everyone.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi John. Look for the scooter with the little twirly light, tell the driver to give us a honk on the horn! not pass to close remember the drag, enjoy your break, take care

  118. John Billett says:

    G’Day Derek, permission to come aboard Skipper. Never thought of myself as a Geezer, but I’m game to go along with that. The 80’s club, no more 180 to the minute no more bulling my kit, no more guards, I think I could get used to this, surfing the net seeing what’s happening out and about, talking to you guys, what more could a Geezer want? I wish you well with your new Geezers R Us Blog.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Well said John, One for All, All for one. all old Geezer’s together.

    • Geezer Planet Pix1 G’Day JB and All Old Mates. Good to see the traffic volume increasing since launch day – very encouraging. The use of the titling is challenging – as like you (no doubt) I didn’t see myself as a Geezer – but common parlance usage suggested a kinda ‘mickey-taking’ at life in general. See Definition So too I believe, the fairer gender can be included – as we stroll (?) through Life (8kph Geoff!!) smelling the roses. Feel free – anyone to suggest any changes, don’t want to dissuade anyone from participating through mis-use of language. Hotlink Geezer Planet


    Cat Cafe Birthday1 Construction2 Hereto is a recent event photo of Audrey and I taken on my 80th surprise party at the CCC. The CCC (Cat Cuddle Cafe) is a local Brisbane enterprise that cares for discarded cats; our caring owner is a family friend whom I have recently assisted in making stairways, climbing scratch poles, elevated catwalks and box shelves to decorate the Cafe and provide an adventure playground for as many as 20 cats at a time. A spiral staircase is next on the list – then guess what? – Cat Heaven!!

    The Cat Cafe phenomenon is taking off globally, little wonder when (f’rinstance) in Brisbane the BCC euthanises 250,000 animals annually, particularly at peak times when owners dump their pets. Our friendly Owner does a wonderful job in cat rescue and adoption into loving care – after the full medical treatment and sterilisation of each new ‘rescue’.

  120. Barry Cornish. says:

    Barry Cornish 80th at Bath UK Hi! Derek and everyone. Geoff has e-mailed me with news of this new webpage and I really like the idea of it, Derek. Although I keep in touch with several old mates by e-mail, I welcome this opportunity for us all to have a natter together. First of all, I would like to use it to offer you belated birthday greetings for your 80th. I reached that memorable milestone last Friday and I was able to celebrate it with a very enjoyable long weekend with my family in Bath, a good central point for us all to meet. I expect that you know the city well Derek, but I had only been there once before, when my younger daughter, Sharon was swimming for Cornwall, in an inter-county championship there. On that occasion, I saw little more than the inside of the swimming pool! This time, we were all able to explore the city properly and we were all most impressed with it. We had a group photo taken of us, in front of The Royal Crescent and I will forward this to you by separate e-mail.

    • G’Day Barry.

      Welcome aboard ‘Ole Mate, thanks for your Comment – delayed via the moderation process – shouldn’t happen in future. Feel free to promote the open invitation to ALL Old Mates, wives, widows, relatives etc. to subscribe on any topic – no editorial limitations. Good to hear of your 80th – Congratulations!

  121. Geoff Cherry says:

    Can anyone beat this record on repairs? I reported tiles bulging and ready to fall to my landlord back in APRIL of this year, to-date only half has been completed, the next visit by the contractor is on Tuesday 06/10/2015?

    • Tile Paw Print1 Geoff, I have the answer for the delay. Your landlord has read the recent news from Rome. See hotlink Paw Prints discovered in Leicester No doubt he is waiting for all of ’em to fall off and collect a big reward.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Yes ED you could well have the answer there, he may well be waiting to find Murphy the pet dog’s footprints on some, I will test it out with a drop of wet cement? They estimate a day to complete the work, booked for today, the time now 10-30 am, no workmen!

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Up Date. Progress for today, workman came in at 1445hrs looked at job, stated that it was a full days work, phoned his office, said sorry, will come back on Thursday 15th to do the work, sadly I will not be able to help the poor soul, I have to be at the Hospital at 0900hrs and back to a clinic at the doctors at 1130hrs, all flat out at 8mph it’s head down bum up, go boy go!!

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Up date: It is unbelievable! The chap came out on time made a fantastic job, did not finish till 18-45hrs, tonight nearly finished the job, will return next week to complete the work, wonders will never cease.

            • Geoff Cherry says:

              Failed to turn up this week. Rang landlord and reported the fact again that the cowboy builders, needed a kick up the back end, might work we will see.


    GrumpyPix2 Images and text are arbitrary and invitations are open for a change of page titling and imagery that you deem suitable. More important is the open invitation to all viewers to make a contribution. Just post a comment in the usual manner and send your .jpeg photo by email to me ( and I’ll position it within the text boundary.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Well done ED, let’s see if we can get some new life from old mates, who at times may scan the pages but not comment. Like the look on the cat’s face, determination.

      • Thanks Geoff. The irony of the crumbling brick wall was not lost on you evidently. Thanks – here’s hoping. I replied to an email from Terry Simons in Penzance earlier advising him of our new page intention and also John Goddard in SE Queensland (Labrador) – so we can start to spread the word.

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