(30th December 2009): Those readers familiar with the older Google websites (see Blogroll rhs), published in 2006 will be aware of the “British Army Most Wanted” dedicated site that listed names that were known to most of the Caribbean serving fraternity. We gradually expanded that site to include names of DCLI and other Regiments and indeed earlier than 1954 serving dates. Those sites now are virtually inoperable for technical reasons and in fact have been right royally stuffed up by Google (not Editor).

I have today published this replacement Blog Page that will hopefully attract listings of names and faces that we need to open up to public view in the hope that someone can add to the sparse information already to hand. Contact the Editor on djkl157@gmail.com with full details and .jpeg photos to arrange publication.

Each individual will be listed sequentially by receipt of details and we shall appreciate Comment in the usual way. Your assistance will be appreciated and the Editor will of course pass on those details to the surviving Families and Loved Ones.

Courtesy Neil Swanson. Circa 1986 Where are they now


Cpl Cliff Pickering KOYLI circa 1954 BAOR

#1 (Cpl) Clifford Pickering: DOB 1/12/1930, DOD 3/7/1972 at Chilton, County Durham. Service #22664738 enlisted 6 Battalion DLI 1952 at Brancepeth Camp.

Served in BAOR, Berlin 1953 – 1954 and later transferred Regiment to KOYLI and served at Brancepeth 1954 – 1958 until discharge that year.

Family in New Zealand are seeking any additional information from fellow serving DLI/KOYLI Mates during those years.


October 1945 Intake, 27 Infantry Training Battalion, Markeaton Park, Derby.

Dear Ed.
Here is the photo of the October 1945 Intake, 27 infantry training battalion, Markeaton Park, Derby. The two members of your Regiment (DCLI) are marked with red dots, with NOKE in the rear rank, and HINGE just to the front of him. Just for information, two training battalions, 27 and 28, were formed in 1945, and disbanded in I947. Intakes of 30 personnel, one a month, joined direct from civvy street, and were of different British regiments.

Harry Mann, extreme rhs of photo below and instigator of this inquiry

Training was of six months duration. On passing out, each member went to their respective regiments.There would have been other members of your regiment who did training there, but as the youngest would now be 80+, there would be few left who remember.

October 1945 Intake, 27 Infantry Training Battalion, Markeaton Park, Derby.


L/Cpl Gerald (Gibbetts) Jilbert. RIP.

L/Cpl Gerard (Gibbetts) Jilbert served out his National Service in N Ireland and Greece. Until recently, despite Gerry being a local postie in Penzance, it wasn’t known that he served with the 2nd Battalion DCLI, in Greece in the late ’40s.

Swanny and others are assisting Gerry’s widow to receive some support for her disability that requires wheelchair access to her home. A hurried search for Gerry’s Service Number turned up an overlooked Discharge document, so hopefully matters will proceed at Light Infantry pace. Thanks to all involved.

Photo of Private Pike, below centre: Kindly donated by June Clark in connection with her Grand Father’s (Arthur ‘Joe’ Cook) SLI Memorabilia circa 1925. Inscription on rear of postcard photo reads “Private Pike, SLI, Winner of all India Boxing Welter Weight, Agra, India 1925″. We have invited June to subscribe more information about her grandfather – Arthur (Joe) Cook in the hope that others will view the details and possibly connect to family members who served during this era.

These 2 photos are part of the collection. Photo left (Joe Cook) taken in Belfast in 1922, before departure for India that year. Photo right inscribed “F Vauthan”. Come on you SLI historians, any further clues?

Private Pike SLI 1925

REPLY FROM SON – COLIN PIKE on 13th October 2010
Dear Sir,
My father is the welter weight champion in your photograph. He joined the Somerset Light Infantry in 1915 just after learning of his brother being lost at sea when HMS ship Viknor that went down with all hands on 13th January 1915. He was 15 at the time of joining up he then went to India and took up boxing, and spent many years in the army in the first and second world war, his pay number was then 5662306 he finished the TA in 1953.

Gilbert Pike circa 1925

His father was 1467 Pte William Pike who joined the 13th of Foot in the 27th of August 1866 in Salisbury and spent 21 years with the Infantry including most campaigns in the Zulu wars finishing in Taunton on 13th September 1887 with a pension of 13 pence a day.

As for myself 23590090 Pte Pike joined as a National Service man, yes Somerset Light Infantry at Taunton on 2nd October 1958, basic training there, then on to Warminster Knook camp then over to Osnabruck Mercer Barracks.

I will be sending a better photograph of my father in his boxing kit to the Taunton museum. I have sent a copy on to June Clark.

Yours sincerely Colin Pike

Roy (Brillo) Young

Message from Neil (Swanny) Swanson & Doris, 15th October 2010:

This is a photo of Roy (Brillo) Young who was like an adopted son to Doris and I. Roy joined up with our son Donald as a Junior Leader Soldier in the Light Infantry in Shrewsbury 1974. After their training Roy joined 1LI and Donald joined 2LI. Although they were in different Battalions they always kept in contact.

For many years, Roy would always visit Doris and I when he came on leave etc and was like one of our family especially at Christmas and Easter if he could, when stationed in the UK. The last we heard from Roy was when he left the Army in 1989 and he phoned us on Christmas Day from the USA were he went to live. We have not heard from him since that day.

I thought if we could put these particulars on our Lost Faces Page, maybe someone would recognise him and give us his whereabouts. We have tried before with the help of the Light Infantry Lost Mates but have not heard at all if he is safe and sound. I thought to have his photo on our Lost Faces blog someone, somewhere might shed some light on the subject.

Best Regards to you all out there in cyberspace, let’s hope something will happen.


16th Intake billet mates: Passing Out Parade photos. January 1954, prior to posting to Crownhill Barracks Plymouth.

16th Intake billet mates

Top left Editor, Derek Lovemore, top right ?, front left “Brom” from Birmingham, and front right Tony Bray from Wadebridge. I find it interesting as I continually scan DCLI photos for names and faces, that reminders of rookie mates keep popping out to jog the old grey matter. The 3 lads photographed with me at Bodmin must have been posted to the Battalion in Jamaica or Belize, ‘cos I lost contact totally after Bodmin. Tony Bray was a local Cornish chep, so news of him shouldn’t be too difficult.

Sidney 'Shiner' Bright and Mates. DCLI Depot Bodmin circa unknown


Rear Rank: Phil, Blew, Jos, Paddy, Younger Smudge, Dave.
Centre Rank: Rob, Ray, Dick, Shiner Bright, Brian, Hodge.
Front Rank: Les ½ pint, Pat (Older) Smudge, Major Williams, RSM, Bobby, Tim, Shep.

NB: Grand daughter (Izzy) of Sidney ‘Shiner’ Bright RIP, is working off an old photo and has omitted some names to faces which we’ll attempt to rectify in due course


27 Responses to LOST NAMES & FACES

  1. Glynn Leyshon says:

    Looking for 22999760 Pt Pope and “Scouse” who served with me in Jamaica and Belize 1954-56. Glynn Leyshon, Over Village, Cambridge

  2. John Bradley says:

    Anyone who served in Kenya remember me John Bradley from KSLI? I am looking for a Jock Richards from Shropshire who served with me and a few others.

  3. Andy Fedrick says:

    Is there anyone out there who remembers my neighbour Pte Terry Rogers – 23075940, who now resides between Pilton and Shepton Mallet, Somerset. He often recants tales of how he and his colleagues terrorised the Caribbean coast!! I will be visiting the Museum over the festive period and will hopefully find out some more info for him.


    We are indebted once again to Swanny Swanson for recovering an old photo, now published to the page header entitled “Where are they now, circa 1986”. Kindly identify yourself or others if you can.

  5. Isgard Bright-Roberts says:

    Dear all.

    My grandfather was in the DCLI for many years and recounted his old army chums pretty much all the time, he was so proud to have served in this Regiment. I am sad to say that Sidney ‘Shiner’ Bright passed away last week. He died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 89. If anyone would like to pay their respects his funeral is to be held in Exeter, Devon. Please contact me for further details.

    Many regards
    Izzy Bright-Roberts

    ED: Kindly advise me if you seek email contact with Izzy. We do not publish email addresses in the preservation of privacy. We have added Sidney Bright to the DCLI Memoriale Honour Roll.

  6. Christine Weeks says:

    Anyone who served with Kenneth John Weeks, he was in Bermuda. Batman to Lt. CoL James Carne. Ken was in the 2nd Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment.

    Thank you

  7. Anthony Goodway says:

    Hi all, great series of web pages brought me to here. I am looking for information about my uncle who was killed in Holland in 1944. He was a member of the KSLI, his name was Dennis Goodway. I have a few pieces of info, but not that much. He is buried in Leopoldsburg military cemetry. Please get in touch.

  8. Derek Sheppard says:

    My father was DCLI before during and after the war. He was in India at the start of the war, then captured North Africa, then he was a POW Italy – Campo 70 or 75. Then moved to Stalag Camp Number:1V-F. Camp Location. Hartmannsdorf, Saxony.

    I would be very pleased to know anyone who knew him, I have a few photos I will share and would like more if possible. His name was Albert Edward Sheppard.

    ED: G’Day Derek. Always a pleasure to hear from DCLI Family. Welcome. Hopefully there might be some reaction. To be frank, it is highly unlikely as most of our contributors are post WW2 and have service in the 1950’s era, but there may be group contacts. I shall be happy to publish your photos of Albert, send .jpeg files to email djkl157@gmail.com with any more details, DOB, DOD, Army Service Number, Rank etc.

  9. Swanny Swanson says:

    Thanks for showing Cpl Roy (Brillo) Young’s photo on Lost Faces Derek, as you said perhaps someone will recognise him and hopefully we can get some contact with him.

  10. Terry Joll says:

    I am eagerly looking for two former Generals that were on this site until recently. I wish to report that I am deeply concerned as to the welfare of General Arti-Culate and more recently General Chatters, I liked both of them as I could put my views across and had many replies.

    I seem unable to put my banter on the Reggie Mental Forum. What the hell has happened to these two fine chaps.

    ED: General Chatters was (temporarily) deployed to Afghanistan, where a few more Generals need to go to check on the Coalition’s support and ROE, following the announced prosecution of 3 Aussie soldiers, fighting there. He has suggested that ALL male illegal immigrants of above age 16 be trained in modern soldiery and dispatched back to their homeland for 3 years service, to defend against the wankers who (allegedly) force ’em out.

    PS: I regret to advise that General Artie Culate and General Banter are serving in other needy countries, spreading the copious bullshit and krap that accumulated over time, during their UK appointments.

  11. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Harry Mann, formerly of the Gloucestershire Regiment, who served in Bermuda and Jamaica (now residing in Adelaide, South Australia) is seeking contact with 2 Old DCLI Mates, with whom he trained in 1945. Photos above in the header section provide the detail, in addition to a recent posting to the DCLI blog page. The Old Mates in question are into their ’80s – so we’d appreciate some assistance from others who are more likely to have Internet contact and expertise. GOYAs – Cheps!

  12. Bill Eaton says:

    Anyone got information of Ginger Curtis? Did N.S. with me. Believe he lived in Simonsbath, Somerset. I would like to get in touch.

    ED: G’Day Bill, good to hear from you. I hope you get a reply. Might be an advantage to get Swanny to talk to Keith Mannings – between ’em, these 2 know everybody!


      Bill, please tell Stylvia that I retain her classic pen drawing over the desk in my study and think back often to our “A” Company Old Mates Meeting at Bodmin during the Caribbean Re-Union Week last year. Many thanks.

      Hope the dry wall business is still going well.

  13. Swanny Swanson says:

    John Goddard.

    Hi John. In answer to what you ask, I met up with Curly at Bodmin a couple of years back and corresponded to him, ie Christmas cards etc. Curly and his wife do a lot of touring in their caravan, mainly in Germany. I have lost track as I went to hospital for some time in 2008-9 phoned him but havn’t heard from him since. I asked Mark Ware about Bugler Doug Lander and he is not interested in meeting up etc.

    My cousin Brian lives in Plymouth and havn’t seen him for some time, but I see his brothers from time to time and ask to pass on my best wishes. Curly Wotten, phone number is(01647-61134), as you probably know Curly lives in Exeter, Devon. I also meet up with Nobby Clarke Snr, he was older Bugler Clarke that served with you in the bugle Pl, hope this is of interest to you.

    Swanny (Swanson)

  14. Jack Thompson RASC says:

    Driver T/22653201. 23 Transport Company. Pusan. May 1952. Attached 16th Light Regiment.

    Anyone out there remember me? Jackie.

    • Editor in Brisbane says:

      Send me your photos as instructed Jack and we’ll see what we can do to find Old Mates. Meanwhile email my Old Mate in Penzance to get some other blog details.

  15. Jack Madron says:

    You where in the wrong Coy. You should have been in “S” Coy. We went and saw the match.

  16. John Goddard says:

    I didn’t know I was so popular. Yes I remember Brian Boase very well, we got on OK as I did with most of the guys. All we wanted was to get out of the army, we were young and I did not like being told what to do. But looking back on my National Service it was OK. Jamaica was good and opened my eyes to another culture. It was a colony in those days and we sailed through our time easy.

    Is there anybody out there remember the 1955 match West indies V Australia when we did the security for Sabina Park? I am sorry I don’t get on the computer much as I can’t type well, it’s hard work for me. One thing though has anybody heard of Curly Wooton and Doug Lander I would like to hear from anybody who has heard from them. Regards.
    John Goddard

    • Cpl. Marshall Clark (Nobby - of course) says:

      I remember guarding the cricket pitch at Sabina Park. We spotted a couple of locals strolling about, so I formed up my troops in line and we charged the intruders, brandishing our pick halves like clubs and yelling like madmen. We scared the wits out of them, they took off like rockets, we could not keep up with them. I think we must have done a lot of damage to the pitch with our great clod hopping army boots. My Australian sons (keen cricketers) are always very interested in this recollection. I remember the match was between the West Indies and Australia but I don’t remember who won.

      Cpl. Nobby Clark

      ED: Would have been the Aussies of course Nobby!

    • Arthur Stone 23075956 says:

      Hi John! I was at that match in 1955. I was an Usher, directing a few people to their seats. I was in the Orderly Room where I typed Part 2 Orders and did a lot of typing for my old pal the RSM (the screaming skull). I returned to the UK in Sept 1956 on a civvy flight. Would like to here from you. Arthur.

  17. Sarah says:

    I am trying to get in touch with Patrick Howard who served in Jamaica in 1958? Anyone have any contact details for him or know him could they drop me a line please. Many thanks.

    ED: I am in email contact with Sarah and will happily pass on any information received. The date is obviously incorrect so far as 1DCLI is concerned, but available details are very sparse.

    • Sharon says:

      I am also trying to contact Patrick Howard who served in Jamaica around 1957-1958.

  18. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Thanks for your quick reply, I mentioned to JG some time ago about my cousin Bugler Brian Boase who was in the Bugle Section the same as him, but didn’t get a reply. Perhaps they didn’t get on together. Still I did my bit to get him interested in the blogs, can’t but try.

    ED: Good point made Swanny – interest is the ingredient required – almost on a daily basis now – as intriguing comments are always being made – across all the blogs.

  19. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Haven’t seen or heard of John Goddard for ages, we all thought when he came on the blogs he would be very keen, can you shed any light on the subject? Must be over 18 months since he was last heard of?

    • Editor in Brisbane says:


      I spoke to JG some weeks ago, before Christmas, when he informed me that he was absenting himself to his Melbourne Family for several weeks until this New Year. We’ve promised a get together some near time in the future, as Audrey and I drive down to the Queensland Gold Coast quite frequently.

      I will raise the blogging involvement with him then, but sense that JG is fairly passive about bringing his military experiences into the limelight – to wish to mix it with us. However, the blogging bug once started is hard to stop – as we all know!

  20. #1. Cpl Cliff Pickering. RIP

    Hereto is the first listing on our latest Blog Page that will hopefully unravel details and stories of Light Infantry Old Mates, who have been lost to contact, either themselves or surviving Families who seek more information.

    We shall naturally appreciate any and all anecdotal or supportive information that will add to the memories of Cliff’s family, particularly from Cliff’s mates in BAOR and Berlin.

    I deduce from those years ’54 – ’58 spent by Cliff at Brancepeth Camp that he was involved in a Depot training capacity and did I believe, achieve Serjeant’s rank.

    Tempus Fugit!

    PS: When responding to a logged Comment here, kindly use the “Reply” facility top right hand corner of THIS comment box. This will ensure the development of a ‘thread’ of replies that are related to an individual. Said ‘Replies” will then NOT get lost over the following time periods and become mixed up with other responses. Ta!

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