OLD TOONS 1954-1957

(Editor January 2008) The unexpected demand for Old Toons listings – linked to video clips from You Tube – has evolved into a dedicated Blog Page for this topic. As time passes from the date of initial publishing, you will find that You Tube has dismounted many clips for copyright breaches – so has become unavailable. Sorry about that – out of our hands! However, the recovery task for all the removed links is ongoing and I am continuously progressing slowly through the list.

Frankie Laine singing “I Believe” is linked to his photo here.

When this page was published originally, it was never intended to evolve this site into a normal blog – i.e. comments, replies and threads – but we’ll see how that develops. (31st October 2015) Following the success of Geezers R US and page developments with “Old Toons” this Nostalgia page has been restored to public view and comments.


1.) WE’LL MEET AGAIN Vera Lynn says it all – cheps!

2.) YOU BELONG TO ME The Duprees

3.) YOU BELONG TO ME Jo Stafford version

3a.) YOU BELONG TO ME Patsy Cline

4.) UNCHAINED MELODY Righteous Brothers

5.) SHE WEARS RED FEATHERS Guy Mitchell in person


7.) ROSE ROSE I LOVE YOU Frankie Laine in person

8.) OH MEIN PAPA Eddie Calvert

9.) QUEEN OF ALL THE WOGS Movie clip URL removed

10.) BLACK HILLS OF DAKOTA Doris Day and Howard Keel


12.) DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye, Vera Ellen. This movie was showing at the cinema in Hamilton, Christmas 1954. I’ll bet many a lad had a tear in his eye at the time.

13.) UNFORGETTABLE Nat King Cole. Many other songs linked on this You Tube clip.



16.) HERNANDO’S HIDEAWAY Archie Bleyer

17.) DIANA Paul Anka 1957

18.) THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT Written in 1939 and rose to the top of the charts in the ’60’s but could have been heard at Prospect during 1954-1957.


20.) MELODY OF LOVE Billy Vaughan


22.) STAND BY ME Ben E King


24.) I BELIEVE Frankie Laine 1953

25.) ANSWER ME Frankie Laine 1953

26.) SHANE Some vote this the best Western ever

27.) SIXTEEN TONS Tennessee Ernie Ford requested by Barry Cornish

28.) THE BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT Fess Parker 1956 (?) requested by Barry Cornish

29.) ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK Bill Haley and the Comets requested by Barry Cornish

30.) SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL Bill Haley and the Comets requested by Barry Cornish

31.) MOMENTS TO REMEMBER Connie Francis requested by Barry Cornish Sorry Barry, this version that replaces the original shown here, is terrible, but all that I can find.

32.) SILVER DOLLAR Damita Joe requested by John Tenniswood

33.) SEND IN THE CLOWNS Frank Sinatra requested by Bill Griffiths

34.) NANCY WITH THE LAUGHING FACE Frank Sinatra requested by Bill Griffiths

35.) THE GREAT PRETENDER The Platters requested by Barry Cornish

36.) ROCK AND ROLL WALTZ Kay Starr requested by Barry Cornish

37.) EARTH ANGEL The Penguins requested by Barry Cornish

38.) AUTUMN IN NEW YORK Jo Stafford requested by Barry Cornish. Previous clip no longer available Barry, hope this one suits!

39.) HEARTACHES BY THE NUMBER Guy Mitchell requested by Barry Cornish. Barry, I found this one while browsing for your earlier request.

40.) AIN’T THAT A SHAME Pat Boone requested by Barry Cornish

41.) I’LL BE HOME Pat Boone requested by Barry Cornish

42.) CHINA DOLL Slim Whitman requested by Jack Madron

43.) FRAULEIN Bobby Helms requested by Jack Madron

44.) TIME TO SAY GOODBYE Paul Potts – Britain’s definitely got talent. Editors tribute to 1DCLI who have passed on from this life

45.) THE WAYWARD WIND Gogi Grant


47.) LET ME GO LOVER Joan Weber

48.) WHO’S SORRY NOW Connie Francis

49.) I’M WALKING BEHIND YOU Eddie Fisher

50.) NO OTHER LOVE Jo Stafford


52.) WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD Louis Armstrong. Requested by Bill Griffiths on hearing the Good News of Nancy today

53.) I WILL SURVIVE Gloria Gaynor. Requested by Bill Griffiths

54.) GIRL FROM SPANISH TOWN Marty Robbins requested by Jack Madron

55.) SHE’LL BE COMING ROUND THE MOUNTAIN Requested by Bill Griffiths

56.) PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES IN YOUR OLD KITBAG Requested by Bill Griffiths

57.) HEY THERE Rosemary Clooney requested by Terry Simons

58.) MAMBO ITALIANO Rosemary Clooney requested by Terry Simons

59.) SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE + IT MAY SOUND SILLY Maguire Sisters requested by Terry Simons

60.) UNCHAINED MELODY Al Hibler requested by Terry Simons

61.) THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY THEME Requested by Terry Simons

62.) JO STAFFORD TRIBUTE (Shrimp boats are acoming now dismounted) Jo Stafford requested by Terry Simons

63.) ALLENTOWN JAIL Lita Rosa requested by Terry Simons

64.) CROSS OVER THE BRIDGE Patti Page requested by Terry Simons

65.) THE FISHING SONG & MEN IN MY LIFE Ruth Wallis remembered by Fraser Pakes

66.) WHEEL OF FORTUNE Kay Starr remembered by Terry Simons

67.) WANTED Perry Como remembered by John Billett

68.) NO OTHER LOVE Perry Como, requested by John Billett

69.) FRIENDS & NEIGHBOURS Billy Cotton Band Show. Requested by John (Sloop) Billett

70.) HIT THE ROAD Sam “The Man” Taylor. Requested some while ago in 2009 by Terry Simons. Closest I can find to Cloudburst, Terry.

71.) DARLING, JE VOUS AIME BEAUCOUP Nat King Cole. Requested by Swanny some while ago


73.) HOMELESS Ladysmith Black Mambazo

74.) ZULU The final battle chant and response

75.) UNDER THE BRIDGES OF PARIS Eartha Kitt. Requested by Terry Simons

76.) THE BREEZE AND I Caterina Valente. Requested by Terry Simons

Keep ’em coming cheps! Let’s take a walk down Memory Lane.


45 Responses to OLD TOONS 1954-1957


    As advised from time to time. video clips are dismounted at You Tube source, due to copyright violations (not mine), but replacements are on hand, following research. The opening of this page has drawn my attention to blank titling which I am gradually attending to. Takes a bit of time, but is enjoyable too, to hear the Old Favourites.


    As reported on Geezers R US, this Nostalgia Page is again operational for requests and comments. Please use wisely for specific requests only and refer all other non related comments to appropriate pages. Thanks.

  3. John Billett says:

    Feature linked to titling

  4. Terry Simons says:

    I would like to add to the list of records. Catrina Valante’s record of The Breeze and I. She was alwaysa good singer. All the Best to Every One.
    Terry Simons.

  5. Sloop JB says:

    A private tune for Bill.

  6. Sloop JB says:

    Song I heard in Kingston.

    ED: Thanks JB – playing that song evokes some fond memories for me too – from Hamilton. I forget now the Station ID that played pop music in ’54-’55, but Nat King Cole was a regular favourite in those days. Thanks for the memory.

  7. Terry Simons says:

    I would like to add to the list of songs. Under the Bridges of Paris by Eartha Kitt. I think I can remember it played on the radio in Bermuda.

    ED: Thanks Terry, well done again, I had forgotten this one. Now posted in line at page header.

  8. Sloop JB says:


    Would you have ‘Friends and Neighbours’ by Billy Cotton Band Show put on the Nostogia blog please. It will cover quite a range of old memories for me and maybe many others. Thank you.

    ED: Done Sloop. #69 on the List above. Enjoy.


    Nostalgia reigns! Page now re-opened for contributions. Please contain any relevant (Old Toons) banter and bull strictly to Old Toons and post General Chatter to that ‘general’ page. Geddit?

    You’ll note that many, many Song Titles have been blocked since origination on this page (by You Tube) for site and content violation (not ours). I shall be working to re-instate where possible. Bear with me on this, there are multiple key shifts to make while checking, and to cut/paste fresh versions over the old listings – takes time!

    PS: All 69 re-instated (for now). The clips can – and might – be dismounted for a variety of reasons.

    PPS: Many of the (additional) clips that have been logged into individual Comments by subscribers have been dismounted at You Tube and I’m unable to search for a replacement. It will help in future if you post the song title in the body text in addition to the URL. Geddit? Those Comments that hold dismounted URLs and are irreplaceable have been deleted. Sorry about that – outta my hands!

  10. Sloop JB says:


    ED: Sloop, I’ve cut/pasted in a corrected URL.

  11. Rusty Fraser says:

    Dear Ed,
    I don’t normally give out personal info (where in OZ do you reside?) unless I was in touch with a former service mate. Given a good enough reason though, I would have no problems responding.

    However, your site stirred a few old memories and I had to follow up, perhaps in the hope that I just might bump into some old mate, Brit or Aussie. Two brothers, one my great grandfather, and their families, both former Scottish soldiers, came to Australia in the mid 1800’s. We don’t seem to be able to get the military blood out of our veins and your web site with its nostalgic side rekindles a wealth of wonderful memories, of mates and foreign countries and THOSE songs that were a part, a very important part, of the glue that joined us as brothers in arms forever.

    Q. Where is your web site located?
    The reason I ask is to find out if there is a site/s in GB where we can link up with old mates through common interests such as songs, common military backgrounds and experiences. Could such be an extension of your site? Please keep up the good work.
    Kind regards

    ED: G’Day Rusty. Privacy (including your email address) is paramount with me. I live in Brisbane and ‘drive’ all the blog and web sites from my home in Clayfield, near northern suburbs. The only response I sought from you is your City Location – naught else! I felt that if we were close enough to share a pot or two during our travels, would be good to shake an Old Mates hand.

    Plus the fact that I managed The Straits Times in both KL and S’pore from 1962 – 1966 and was in fact married at St Mary’s on the Padang in KL. I travelled up and down the West Malayan coast many times and called in at Terendak. Our home in Swettenham Road Tanglin, S’pore was close to the Tanglin Barracks and many Military friends were members with me at the Tanglin Club. So we might have a S’pore/Malayan experience in common also.

    By browsing my other sites, you’ll discover a fairly wide interest in ‘Old Toons’ and the squaddies blog daily with anecdotal stuff (too much oftentimes) about their memory of the 50s and 60s.

  12. Terry Simons says:

    I can remember the Bugler Dougie Lander singing A Maidens Prayer in Prospect Naafi one Saturday night. Bit of a sad song.

  13. Rusty Fraser says:

    G’day to all those great pommie mates who I served with in Malaya 59 – 62. Thanks to this web site I was able to track down a song that had been adapted for us, once-upon-a-time, NAAFI songsters.

    I would like to hear of any other web sites that connect us through songs and military mateship. Web Master, this a good site, thank you.


    ED: Well! Well! Rusty, good to see a new comment from you, I was pleased to be able to help last time. Some co-incidence hearing from you, in that I only just this morning (OZ time) re-opened this blog site to attract more comment from my “Pommie” Mates. Who knows what contacts might arise?

    Coupla comments:

    Where in OZ to you reside?

    If you’re game enough to browse and subscribe to some of the other Blog Pages (but first read the opening remarks at each page header) you might read some interesting ‘musical memories’ anecdotes from the various lads – and lassies too. Try General Banter for a start.

    PS: AUSTRALIAN HEROES I guess that you know these? (All hotlinked).

    THE BAND PLAYED WALTZING MATILDA Joan Baez. This ‘un too, very nostalgic and moving!

    THIS VERSION TOO. Ronnie Drew, never to be forgotten.

    NON JE NE REGRETTE RIEN Edith Piaf. For me also a very stirring song by a wonderful artiste.

  14. Editor says:


    The format here is quite simple. Request a Song Title and Artist and specific detail, if to hand. You can now (Oct 25th 2009) even include the URL that is cut/pasted from You Tube and Editor will convert to an embolded title and list that item sequentially at Page Header.

    However, in the light of remarks elsewhere about Banter & Krap remarks/replies/threads – switch to General Banter for that style of B/S.

  15. Rusty says:

    I served along side some really great British soldiers in Malaya 1959. They sang the following; A man came to his home one night, to find the house without a light, He went upstairs to go to bed, when a sudden thought came to his head. He went up to his daughter’s room …etc. – So dig my grave and dig it deep, and lay white lilys at my feet, and at my head a turtledove just to signify I died for love.
    Please help me get all of the words of that beautiful song.

    G’day to all the British soldiers from an ‘ageing’ Aussie digger. Rusty

    ED: “The Maiden’s Prayer”
    Many variations to these lyrics, take your pick.

  16. John Billett says:

    Hi, we girls do agree, they were wonderful days. Weren’t we the lucky ones.

    • John Billett says:

      Who are these lucky girls that agree with me? They must have had a whale of a time, nothing to do with me or was it, I got to be careful my wife is looking over my shoulder.

  17. John Billett says:

    What happy halcyon days they were, not a care in the world, not a penny in your pocket but what the heck, we survived. I don’t know if the girls would agree with that but good fun wasn’t it. Like I said I copied it.

  18. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Hi All. Nice to be back in harness! Have missed all of our banter! How is our Old Soldier Bill? Thanks for spelling my Nat King Cole song John, I couldn’t speak English let alone French? We Cornish talk to suit ourselves, but I could sing it in those days, but I sang it to my girlfriend with a Cornish dialect. That was puppy love style, deeply in love at that time. Good to be back.

  19. John Billett says:

    Thanks Ed for doing that little thing for me. How about adding Perry singing No other love, he has got a great voice,

    In anticipation thank you.


  20. Paul (Barney) Barnes says:

    Loves Farewell..

    I thought I heard the Colonel crying
    March straight boys there’s no denying.
    Cannons roar and drums are beating,
    March straight boys there’s no retreating.
    If I should fall in far off battle,
    Cannons roar and rifles rattle.
    Loves farewell!!

  21. John Billett says:

    Being a new boy on the block is it to late to request a song to go onto the music list. It was one I heard on AFN whilst in Minden. It was Perry Como singing Wanted. It still makes me sit up and listen even now.

    Swanny, the title of your song is Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup, I’m copying it off a tape I have.


    ED: That’s what the blog is for and this is the method. Now Done JB.

  22. Terry Simons says:

    Does anyone remember Cloudburst by Claude Cloud and his Thunderclaps, featuring Sam the Man Taylor? Have a good think about this one.

  23. Gratt Thompson says:

    I’m looking for any fellow US Navy dance band members from 1957 – USS FDR CVA-42. Pictures and rehearsal recordings would be great, I have a few to share. Thanks

    • Editor says:

      G’Day Gratt

      I’m not sure how you’ve ended up here! As one might observe, this blog page is about British Army Nostalgia from our Caribbean days. A few of us in ’54 – ’55 in Bermuda, spent time with US Navy characters during inter-service boxing bouts and military games, but social dances – I fear not. Anyway, you are most welcome and I hope that you get a beneficial response.

  24. Terry Simons says:

    “Half of a Photograph” was recorded by Miss Kay Starr in 1953. I only remember it because I bought her greatest hits CD and it was on it. A good song I am sure you will find a copy of it somewhere.The CD that I have is called The Magic of Kay Starr on the EMI label.

    ED: Half a photograph by Kay Starr

    Just a part track Terry, best I can find. You Tube doesn’t offer the full version.

  25. Terry Simons says:

    Kay Starr’s record of Half of a Photograph and Wheel of Fortune.

    ED: Thanks Terry – Wheel of Fortune now done, but can’t find a listing for “Half a Photograph” – is that the title? – or a line from another Old Toon?

  26. Terry Simons says:

    Patti Page’s record of Cross over the Bridge ?

  27. Terry Simons says:

    What about Lita Rozza’s “Allentown Jail” and Jo Stafford’s “Shrimp boats”? Any good?

    ED: Why Not – Keep watching that space!

  28. Paul (Barney) Barnes says:

    Ah yes “Unchained Melody”. My Karaoke party piece after a Brandy or three?


    ED: OK Barney – will do.

  29. Terry Simons says:

    Al Hibler Unchained Melody and the main theme from the film The High and The Mighty

  30. Terry Simons says:

    Rosemary Clooney’s “Hey there” and “Mambo Italiano” Could you add to list of favourite tunes please. Also the Maguire Sister’s “It may sound Silly”

    Thank you. Terry

    ED: Welcome Aboard Terry. Will do pronto!

  31. Swanny (Swanson) says:

    Song spelt in Cornish Darling Debercare Bou Coo? You can tell I cant speak French? Swanny telling all that I love Darling Debercare Bo Coo??

  32. Swanny (Swanson) says:

    Hi All, Joan’s and mine favourite from Bermuda days was Nat King Cole singing Darling xx (in French) – can’t spell it over to you Derek. Spent many happy hours listening to that song at Joan’s house in St. Georges looking all googley eyes at the sunset together, she looked a bit like Doris Day!!


    PS: Nat was the Best for sentimental songs.

  33. JT says:

    This is so good…takes yer back don’t it?

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