25th July 2016: A new page offered for general comment in limerick format (by choice) and ‘no-holds barred’ views on Brexit and its aftermath. We acknowledge with thanks to the originators of cartoons and graphics for the non-commercial use, without prior sanction. The intent is for the spread of greater awareness of graphic and literary skills.


The new Foreign Sec known as Boris,
As a classical scholar knows Horace.
He’ll wreak havoc in Brussels,
As he flexes his muscles,
Will he fix up the eaters of Haggis?

Bastille Day, the Frogs uttered jeers!
Forgetting of course, all those years,
When the Brits rescued ‘em twice,
As they fell over like mice.
Now that’s a bit rude to our ears!


So Boris needs to be more analytical.
‘Cos his Office is ultra political.
He can make the UK much more stable,
Putting beef, lamb, & plonk on the table,
From OZ where we’re not hypercritical.

The Krauts think it’s not at all funny.
With Brits gone they need lots of money.
‘Cos the EU’s an ideological mess,
And Brussels which’ll never confess,
That the UK’s a huge pot of honey.

Gib Cartoon1

‘Corse, a first pressing item is Gib.
Where for 300+ years the Brits live.
Long The Rock have the Spanish espied,
So when Brexit quite soon is decried,
An Armada might sail with full jib!

On issues EU there’s no doubt,
That Boris has limited clout.
Aussie1 But if matters go wrong,
PM May pinned the gong!
He’s inside the tent pissing out!

The new Gov in OZ has made offers,
For Free Trade to open the coffers.
Encouraging issues no doubt,
Shows the Brits there’s some clout,
When the hats to the EU- no doffers!

Now Ayrault called Boris a liar,
But now wishes his words had no ire.
Boris3 ‘Cos Boris with all good intent,
Says his speeches will still be well meant,
In future and not stoke more fire.

From the Telegraph to Boris, no cash,
His column was given great splash.
He’ll curtail his reviews
Of the wankers EU’s
And develop aplomb and much dash.


The PM has pushed that The Trident
Will continue to be much more strident.
Dare Europe & Russia make issues,
Veiled threats from the Brits will need tissues,
Hope Boris the gap doesn’t wident.

The trigger for Article Fifty
Will not be pressed anywhere nifty.
Boris4 This offends the ‘Remainers’
Who called Brexit ‘No Brainers’
And Boris exceedingly shifty.

A series of flamboyant gaffes,
By Boris has provided us laffs.
The facts ringing true of the past,
To unite the land mass didn’t last.
‘Cos ‘have-nots’ disagree with the ‘haves’. Snooty French Waiter1

Now on food many questions arise,
For instance, Brit cheese and pork pies.
Will the Krauts & the Frogs raise dispute
On established great heights of repute?
And will Boris ensure we’re allies?

Of war crimes our Boris has spoken
To bring justice beyond just a token.
When insurgents take flight,
And continue their fight,
In our countries preferred left unbroken.

Of Hollande & Merkel opinion,
Over Brexit – who’s got true dominion?
One can question democracy,
EU1 To see such autocracy, are there –
More skins to peel on the EU’nion?

Hollande will be betting each way,
To keep Britain for fighting parlay.
He plans to bugger The City,
Of its riches – no pity, what’s new?
Like De Gaulle? Ole! Ole!EU2

The French balls up continues – a farce,
Now that Lagarde will be kicked in the arse.
Retrospective their laws might make sense
To high brows who perch on the bench,
Methinks they should piss off to Mars.

‘The Appointment’ says Boris, he’s humbled,
To media questions – not that he bumbled.
The future, for Britain “Much Better”.
MerkelHollande1 “For all, right down to the letter”. Says The PM
Remarks that no doubt will be fumbled.

For the French, some have low opinion,
Their Socialist trends split dominion.
The people are great
‘Tis the Leaders, most hate,
When they ride the UK to oblivion.


The learnings of Boris are polymathic,
In contrast to some others – less tacit.
He surprises with charm
Conceals a strong arm,
And behaves like a seasoned diplomatic.

Hollande has done it again,
Has his mouth taken over his brain?
He acts like a Prat,
Hollande1 Playing French tit for tat,
As he tries to preserve his domain.

‘Corse. The Frogs don’t like it at all,
‘Cos the RosBifs have decided to stall,
To make decisions that GB holds dear,
For traditions and history won clear,
And show strength and prodigious large ball.

G20a Uncertainty reigns at G20,
But Hammond assures that there’s plenty,
Of plans to defeat the recession, caused
By the Brits by secession, from
The EU, which now numbers twenty!

As sad as it is – to admit!
The EU is deep in the shit.
The ideals of the past
Are now mired – cannot last!
As other Members EU – will soon split.

Globalism1 To unravel wool yarns was a test,
That our mothers then knit with great zest.
The unravelling EU,
Is a horrendous stew,
Beyond most, we are starting to guess.

So Lewis the leader of Clan, claims
That Wales needs much more elan!
So, take over from Boris!
Who he sees as a novice,
Have you heard of a more stupid plan?


There’ll always be an England (& Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland)!!

A FEW HOME TRUTHS A bloody good piece of journalism from OZ.







    Watching tennis at Rio – we’re thrilled
    That the hopes of the Argies were killed.
    It must be here said, that
    A gent is Juan bred
    And Andy a champ very skilled.

    I note that the Aussie News Media,
    Didn’t highlight Andy’s Gold Medal superior.
    AndyGold1 They refuse wider mention,
    Or pay much attention, ‘cos (ahem),
    Rio tennis without OZ is inferior!

    S’ quite true that OZ Press is one-eyed
    It reports only sports that are tried,
    Mainly cricket and tennis –
    Where most Aussies hold premise,
    That unless you live here – you’re denied.

    • A magnificent effort all round,
      At Rio where GB proved sound.
      Our hats off to each athlete,
      Who showed pairs of clean feet,
      Winning Medals galore, quite profound.

      While in Rio the Games are unstable,
      Even so we’re still two on the table.
      To maintain such a share,
      Beating others fair square
      It’s a joy knowing GB’s so able.

      In Rio the races are run,
      The cost for each nation, a sum!
      Each medal for OZ cost $11 mill,
      A cynic might ask “where’s the thrill”,
      To shell out so much, ain’t much fun.

  2. Brexit1


    While our navels we ponder anew,
    Here’s a new page to post up your view.
    On all matters of Brexit
    On both sides of the Exit
    And the inevitable ballsup and stew.


    Perplexing to hear the Scots tout,
    To Remain and that Sturgeon has clout.
    Why the need to parlay?
    Over fermented barley!
    And surely you’re in or you’re out?

    Seems to me there’s dissent in Scotland,
    A place that we all love – it’s grand.
    Scots1 To cause confusion to reign,
    With nothing to gain, seems
    A dastardly act, out of hand.

    Time ago they slew Wallace for anarchy
    Now again we’ve a similar malarkey.
    We love Scotland dear!!
    But it must be quite clear,
    United we stand, no disembarkey!

    The question of diplomatic immunity,
    JohnBull1 By our Boris now raised with impunity!
    There’s cash owed to the Brits
    By diplomats foreign – what shits!
    All cheats in the power community.

    There’s Ireland, a trip not to miss,
    Boris, remember to not take the piss!
    Mick jokes are a No! No!
    Just puns that gain Ho! Ho!
    And Nth Ireland, the EU won’t miss.

    EUDimino1 IrelandEU1


    • THIS PAGE IS OPEN GrumpyOldMen1

      If you are so inclined, you may continue as normal for additional commentary. Have a go at limerick verse – it’s fun. Cartoon graphics can be located in Google and added by me when you email the .jpeg.

      The Old Bloke these limericks –
      Composes, will share ideas more,P1070641a he proposes. To revert to this prose,
      Often times thumb to nose
      Until to his Maker disposes!

      Replies on this page you can make,
      It needs just a thought and uptake.
      Take a topic that’s current
      Use a syntax – abhorrent!
      You’ll find it’s a nice piece of cake.

      The world’s in a bad parlous state,
      Terrorist1 With terrorists horrid with hate.
      Greater control at the borders
      Will reject the marauders, let
      The Mid East resolve its own fate.

      Hard to fathom Remainer’s
      Uptake, to make London and
      Scots, separate.
      Set Great Britain adrift,
      ‘Cos they’re still very miffed,ScotSecession1 the Majority did the Leavers most make.

      Encouraging news GSK!
      New capital without any delay.
      Seems that daily pill popping,
      Not soon will be stopping,Olympics2016a One more for the Leavers – Hooray!

      To Rio our thoughts are now cast,
      With high hopes for joyful repast.
      The lack of respect
      Shown by those who object,
      Do Brazilian coppers act fast?

      RuddCartoon1 K. Rudd was in OZ one time heard
      As an MP, he proved quite a nerd!
      If the UN Council agrees then,
      That this twit oversees ’em
      The dopes at the UN have surged!

      Fortunately, good sense has UN1 prevailed K. Rudd’s application
      To UN derailed.
      There are plenty of twits
      At the UN – few Brits,
      Another disaster that’s failed.

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