Editor on a good day!

Editor on a good day!

(Editor: Site revision 9th July 2010) This Old Grumpy page is now closed to public comment. All other pages in the Title Bar above remain open for Comment.

The page contains remarks and comments from the Editor of an editorial nature that reflect on the usage of the available blog pages. September 2009 witnessed many changes in the development of page choices and comment discipline across ALL the Blog Pages. Many of the older (original) blog pages have been unpublished. Anecdote, banter, bullshit, repartee and lots of carping from the Editor about blog placement discipline, has been bandied back and forth. From henceforward (to the annoyance of some bloggers), misplaced comments, replies and threads, will be deleted within 24 hours and lost forever. If this seems harsh, then first read the Blogging Rules that follow below to ensure correct blog page selection. It will also help if occasionally, bloggers familiarise themselves with the Editor’s views and guidance over these matters, by browsing the appropriate Comments throughout the various blog pages.

Any suggestions for change will be carefully considered

Any suggestions for change will be carefully considered

G'Day, G'Day, Always knew I was a bit of a bastard! Photo hotlinked

G'Day, G'Day, Always knew I was a bit of a bastard! Photo hotlinked

Just goin' for a swim brudda. Photo hotlinked.

Just goin' for a swim brudda. Photo hotlinked.

Let me record the general guidelines of blogging on OUR DCLI related pages.

Rule 1. Peruse ALL Blog Page Titles (hotlinked) to best determine where to place your Comment.

Rule 2. Trust your own intuition in placing a Comment on a particular page, do not blindly follow someone else’s misplaced comment. Feel free to ‘self-correct’ your answer to another’s misplaced comment, by answering in a more appropriate blog page. The original ideas/expectations by Editor (that are unchanged) are that subscribers will try to contain relevant Comments to relevant Blog Pages and develop the history of the Title Topic, so that we can all enjoy the recorded commentary over years to come.

Rule 3. Experiment with CAPITAL HEADINGS to draw attention to content. Editor will embolden the Caps. e.g. (CAPITAL HEADINGS)

Rule 4. Avoid entering email addresses in body text. Spammers love ’em. Your ‘logged in’ email address in the Comment Box is concealed from public view.

Rule 5. Use the Web Site/URL portion of the Comment Box accurately, otherwise leave empty. Usage of this option will hotlink your Name to the URL. Can be used for You Tube and/or any other web site that you wish to share. Do NOT place URL’s in body text, it will be repositioned. However, due to recent activity (Oct 2009) multiple You Tube references are being raised within a Comment. If the subscriber wishes to copy/paste the appropriate URL ACCURATELY within the body text, separated by a space, the Editor will convert to a hotlinked BOLDED TITLE for general appreciation.

Rule 6. Be considerate in your remarks. Bullshit, banter and taking the piss is allowed, but that cuts both ways.

Rule 7. Upkeep and maintenance of these blog pages is voluntary by Editor and I seek to accommodate ALL, but kindly respect the time, effort and image enhancement processing that is undertaken.

Rule 8. We are a democratic group, suggestions for improvements/page titling options are always welcome. Please place ALL suggestions in the “In a pig’s arse” mailbox.

Rule 9. If you wish to privately communicate to another by email and seek their email address, ask Editor to forward your email address as an invitation to t’other party.

Rule 10. Consider registering an Avatar with WordPress. Editor will guide you through the process. An Avatar is your chosen thumbnail image that is shown with every Comment you log. The Avatar can be an image of anything (clean and decent) that you choose.

Rule 11. Read your Comment carefully, before sending. Correct your spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

Last hope for salvation for 10,000 kms

Last hope for salvation for 10,000 kms

Fridge magnet

Fridge magnet

This is Bartok & friend before kissing the Prinsome Hance - sent from JT - is he trying to tell me something?

This is Bartok & friend before kissing the Prinsome Hance - sent from JT - is he trying to tell me something?

GRUMPY OLD SOD.COM Website for browsing.


234 Responses to OLD GRUMPY’S INFO


    I have decided in retrospect to maintain a few Regimental style pages in perpetuity for DCLI history purposes. This will be evident following wider site shut down on 1st August next. Most are currently showing and will remain open for proper Comments. From that date foward ALL Comments will be moderated, which will mean an editorial delay before your posting is at view. So keep yer fingers off the Submit button – only one send required.

    The site cleanup continues in preparation for the winding down, necessitating minor editorial changes to Header references etc and also the removal of names and faces of Bloggers who have deserted the site and withdrawn support. Loyalty cuts both ways!


    I regret to advise that at 2400 hrs, 31st July 2010 this blog site including all sub pages will be closed down. It has been a few months short of 4 years that the first blog site was launched and much water has passed under the bridge in terms of happy recollections of our youthful National Service times in the Caribbean. There have been many challenging moments and no doubt many adverse and unpopular changes made under my Editorship, but by and large I feel that we made some meritorious history, particularly within the Regimental anecdotes pages and Memoirs. For me personally the savoured moments were recollections of Bermuda and the exchanges and planning of the Re-Union in June 2009.

    I have reached this conclusion with regret, but admit now that the effort is less rewarding than ever before. I sense too that weariness among the blogging fraternity is reflected in the lessening comments, the boring repetitive recall of stories that have been told many times, and most of all, a markedly fewer number of bloggers, who are even bothered to join in. We have just passed the 10,100 comments milestone; no mean feat for a little ‘ole LI blog, but the general tone and content of current comments, leaves me to believe that most of you will be better served on Face book, Twitter, Skype and other social media, where I suspect many of you have defected. Kindly do not invite my participation.

    I could end this announcement on an acrimonious note, based upon recent unhappy exchanges of emails with certain bloggers, but choose to depart the scene with most friendships intact – such as they are in the light of cause and effect. Make your farewells as you see fit and copy those photographs that are important to you, particularly noting the URLs of the Picasa Albums that will always remain separately published unless Google changes the protocols. For those of you with specific Memoirs URLs, I recommend copying across to disk or hardcopy downloads to printers – or both. Any copyright pertaining to me is hereby waived. Other older Google websites remain unchanged, within the altered protocols that are beyond my control.

    I recommend avoidance of writing email addresses to others in your comments, your phone numbers would be preferred and that way you can exchange residential addresses, should that be important to you.

    You are a great bunch of Old Cheps and maybe one day we’ll meet in Blighty. Good Luck.

  3. Editor in Brisbane says:



    You opened an argument with me based on your convenient interpretation of a private email sent to Xxxxxxx on 24th June 2010. You chose to follow and imitate Xxxxxxx’x ignorant misinterpretation of a single paragraph within that email which specifically identified only, a moment in time when you and Xxxxxx joined my blogs. Categorically, there is no implied criticism for you or Xxxxxxx (whichever interpretation is chosen) in that paragraph, simply a reference to ‘abysmal content’ (from others) which blossomed after that window in time. That general email to Xxxxxxx was my lament to him, at poor blogging response and waning interest. I will not accept responsibility for the poor language skills of others, but for the record, there have been many, many attempts to demean you and other bloggers by certain individuals, by using stupid rejoinders within the blog ‘reply’ threads. Neither you nor other bloggers are aware of this, simply because those comments are edited out by me as a matter of respect and courtesy.

    You have snooped on private email, spitefully extrapolated a paragraph out of context, amateurishly detected, charged, prosecuted, judged and sentenced me without comprehending the evidence. I note particularly there is no benefit of doubt in my favour, despite my replies; just summary execution. I feel that under the circumstances of my clear support for you previously, that is unforgivable. Given the fact especially when accounted for, your overall contributions to the blogs amounted to very little, you have complained the loudest. I am surprised over your conduct, but now more than ever mindful that many spiteful bloggers are lurking in the wings and willing to use the slightest opportunity to demean me personally. You have done me a great disservice by pursuing this matter in the manner which you have chosen to so do and furthermore, to draw conclusions that appear to me, to be convenient to create discord where there should be none. I am well used to disputation in industry, but fail to see its place in connection with my private blogs, where after all, you were a guest contributor.

    For the record, the DCLI blogs were published only for military purposes for Old 1DCLI Soldiers with Caribbean service, and the advent of the XXX Xxxxxx Xxxxxx page was an attempt by me solely (!) to pay homage to a man for whom I have great respect. Following that publishing event, it was a bonus to have xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx become involved in some supportive way. For you and mainly Xxxxxx, to widen your participation on other blog pages was clearly your choice, but you did so at the peril of exposure to existing crude, expressive language, banter and bull – without apology from me. We are after all, living out our earlier lives, believing that we were rough, tough Light Infantrymen.

    At no stage (Nota Bene!) – unequivocally – have I been bothered by any remark that you or Xxxxxx have logged in over time BUT I have been bothered by the reaction of other bloggers, who saw an opportunity to colour their banter in reply, with gender slanted content and at times, border on the offensive. As Editor I felt a responsibility to protect other participants from unsavoury remarks by unthinking Old Soldiers, who were re-living their barrack room memories. At times I was ashamed to be associated with such crudity, which might appear at odds with my choice occasionally to use expressive bawdy language, but after all, I own and edit the blog pages and can draw my own conclusions regarding implied content. No apology there either.

    I have had few accolades for the voluntary work and input that I deliver, not that I seek approbation, but equally disappointing is the fact that mainly only gossip, banter and bull appears to attract scant response, when there are in my opinion far more noteworthy topics for discussion in this disturbed world. The entire blog publication has now become a burden – after nearly 4 years – and your unkind and ill-founded accusations have triggered a decision to shut the entire site down, which is timely, as generally most pages are unused, unappreciated and inappropriately used in terms of military memoirs. I shall of course publicly express my reasons for closure. I trust that you are pleased with the outcome.


    I genuinely doubt that this Comment will be of much use, given even that it is read, absorbed and applied. My purpose here, is to hopefully improve the reader’s use of these Blogs, but I am beginning to despair that any notice is taken of my (assumed) ‘helpful’ comments.

    Ergo: My perusal of Blog stats, indicates considerable reader’s ‘searching’ for content that is already well defined in the Blog Titles and Header content. Clearly many ‘hits/views’ are made, using random wordage but almost no Comment logged by that viewer. I ponder therefore on the browsing and blogging techniques that are applied. Of course it does not necessarily follow that only ‘regulars’ are searching, but my call is based generally on specific Comments made by other bloggers, additionally to myself, that go un-noticed.

    I would say therefore in conclusion, that while these Blog sites/pages – call ’em what you will – have advanced in quality over the years, generally based on demanded input/response by ‘regulars’, there is still room for improvement in terms of correct navigation of individual sites. Here’s hoping!

  5. Editor says:


    Only a few (fortunately) Comments by some, are written incorrectly – to a Photo Link. To explain – some – not all photos that are published throughout the ‘header sections’ of these Blogs, have their own unique link (a subsidiary URL of the page at view). When clicked open to view the chosen photo separately from the Header page, the fresh page offers a new Comment Box, which to the unwary is an invitation to continue blogging. The incautious Blogger, used to (normally) viewing a blank Comment Box – sails full steam ahead and registers a Comment – which is then captured on the unique URL and NOT on the publicly viewed (previous) page – Geddit?

    It doesn’t bother me, ‘cos I read ALL Comments, but the result is that the misplaced Comment finishes up in a place that is seldom (if ever) viewed by other Bloggers. So the message is loud and clear. Pay attention and only blog to the main pages.


    Recent upgrades by WordPress have now overcome earlier blockage issues that froze DCLI, KSLI & KOREA Blog Pages. All have now been re-opened for Comments.

    Other sites that remain (VIEW) have been superseded by alternative options or are no longer appropriate for further Comments, but remain published for anecdotal recall.


    We rate about 140 ‘views (hits)” daily across the blog pages, some more heavily viewed than others. At the time of writing “Empire Clyde Association” is taking a large amount – for obvious reasons.

    More specifically though, only a few Comments (less than 3 – 4 daily) are racking up, not that I (personally) object, as the fewer the number, the more meaningful they are and the less crap generally is recorded and requires my attention. Unlike a few weeks ago when I did complain about the written diarrhea that was getting a mention.

    We seemed to have lost a few ‘Regulars’ and again I suppose that’s a sign of times, there is much much more to grab the attention, other than blogging on a site that has (possibly) become ‘old hat’.

    Just a passing thought!

  8. Editor in Brisbane. says:


    You’re persistent some of you – I’ll pay that! Please note my earlier comments on this topic. I am NOT INTERESTED in partaking in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friends United or Whykickamoocow crap etc. – from ANYONE.

    Similarly, I delete ALL chain emails, jokes etc and ONLY open emails with an authentic URL links therein. Kindly spare me from well intentioned missives that will enhance my wellbeing. No disrespect intended, but kindly remove me from your Prospect List.


    I have today published a fresh blog page that is self explanatory. Alterations to the management protocols of the Google websites is making editorial changes difficult, so eventually those ‘older’ websites will lose their effectiveness. I shall leave the ‘old’ Memoriale list untouched for the time being, until the need for perusal for omissions and/or changes moves on. See hotlinked Name Title above.

  10. JT says:

    And no swearing you fuckers. Time these blogs were cleaned up.

    • Sloop JB says:

      Hello JT

      Where have you been, out canvasing? How many votes have you got so far, not counting our blogger votes.


    I have today published a fresh blog page to replace General Banter, to avoid Blog Shit on other pages.

    Go to General ‘Artie’ Culate NHB

  12. JT says:

    orlright orlright yew lot . As yew were. Get back on parade yew Hidle little men Wot are yew ?

    • Sloop JB says:


      We’re idle little men, don’t make me run around the square with my rifle above my head.

      No one has mentioned on blog yet but the Museum had a Royal visitor to open the additional exhibits from Winchester Museum. You will be able to go to the top floor of The Keep and peruse when you come to Bodmin in June.

      • JT says:

        Top Floor indeed. Wow! I didn’t know it had a top floor.

        Thank you Sloop. That will be reely reely exciting. Now kindly continue this on the proper blog .

        • Sloop JB says:


          I’m running round the parade ground rifle above my head, I hope you don’t forget to tell me when I’ve done enough. I’ll do a hundred lines then saying ‘must write on right blog’

  13. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    I’ll go along with what all have said about the blogs. I was a bit aggrieved that when more names came up on the blog, they didn’t go on it like us regulars?

    Also I thought John Goddard could at least have answered some time ago now? I asked him about my cousin Brian Boase who was in the Bugle section with him and he didn’t even give me a reply, but there that happens I suppose.

    I for one seem to go on some blogs more than others and you have bollocked me sometimes for making boobs, but since I have been on your site for some time now I really enjoy it, also since the regulars have meant so much to me for our friendship together and our banter etc with each other. Long may it continue, as I have said many times I have the Victor Meldrew syndrome. I don’t believe it.

    ED: Thanks Swanny for your input. I guess that’s where I get miffed when one considers the throughput of cheps over the past coupla years and the lost opportunity to extend our comradeship of the past. I speak to John Goddard occasionally, but he seems to not wish to get involved in daily banter or bull.

    One might argue (I’m good at that!) that we have all forged a tight knit group since the Re-Union and ‘non-regulars’ find it difficult to catch on. JT has mentioned this several times.

    On reflection now – these past 72 hours – I have been brought back to earth very realistically, in that we need to work on what we have, build it up, accept our idiosyncrasies, try to lift our game BUT most of all, keep our blog friendships going strong.

    • Sloop JB says:

      Good morning Swanny,

      I get accused of being Victor Meldrew some times, and I answer right away with (I don’t believe it), but I believe some times Peggy could be right.

      Swanny if I may say so you seem to have more going on down your end of the country which gives you more to comment on, mainly on Reggie Mental. I know we have the bodies of the troops brought to our area but a little far away to go to every event, but we are proud and at the same time saddened by it all.

      Peggy and myself are hoping you have recovered in health and your back to full strength. Take care.

      • Editor says:

        Good point Sloop.

        I guess too, that Cornwall being the seat of the Old Regiment, holds more Association functions than elsewhere. On the few occasions last June when I spent 1 full week and another weekend at both Penzance and Bodmin, the camaraderie among the Old Soldiers was unique and both fresh and rewarding to meet and greet Mates from years ago.

        There’s no doubt though, that the Internet – Blogs – Websites etc are a daunting prospect for many an aging Chep, and that unknown venture down a path of mystery is more than the novice blogger wishes to take on. I personally am a little unkind when criticising our diminishing numbers, ‘cos many, many Old Mates make as much effort in other respects as we do on our Blogs. To have seen the rapt attention on the many faces (in the Re-Union photos) in St Petroc’s, when they’re following Terry Joll’s dissertation on the Regimental Battle Honours etc, is a sharp reminder that we can all serve Memorabilia in many different ways.

  14. Sloop JB says:


    Grandpa Sloop calling, come sit on my lap see if I can carry this conversation on a bit further.

    We are in no doubt that you also have a sensitive spot, and we all respect that. With regards answering in the wrong Blogs, we are so eager to answer to letters that come on Blog we tend to overlook what particular Blog we’re on.

    I thank you for your apology but I don’t think it was absolutely necessary for you to do so, we are all still learning how this thing works so we expect minor indiscretions from time to time, not just from using the the machine but how to approach people and try to be sociable without meaning to upset anyone, as you say being courteous along the way.

    You can get off my lap now as you’re getting bloody heavy. Best wishes to you and your family, by the way aren’t you a Grandpa? Lol.

    ED: Bloody oath Sloop, you are a bloody smoothie, must have rubbed off on you from the Hossifer’s Mess days. Interesting indeed, how when we stop (or are stopped) to take time to smell the roses (so to speak) that we do appreciate another’s point of view and efforts to meander through this complex system of things. I’m no different in that familiarity with this blog system is not an excuse to take umbrage at every mistake. A good lesson learned.

    I’m sure now that we can shift up a gear and apply the experiences of the moment. Had a good email exchange with JT in the wee small hours today, that sharpened my tolerance considerably.

    Yes also. Grandpa to 4. 2 each to son in Melbourne and daughter here in Brisbane.

    PS: An exercise in diplomacy hereto. “Krap11” for the replacement Blog Title seems a little Orstralian. Anyone with preferred names?

    Recent controversy over correct Blog content has made me realise that we are indeed a close knit community and I tenderly apologise to Bloggers who might feel that I’ve been heavy handed over my handling of the matter. I have succumbed to the tender ministrations and smooth talking of Grandpa Sloop and will install “Krap11” on May 1st.

    I too am sensitive however, over disregard for everyday courtesies that require Bloggers to blog sensitively. Examples of this are to perhaps, heed the efforts of other Bloggers who subscribe details of relatively important topics that are in the public domain – globally. As Editor I observe a drift away from Military matters, but after all, these sites are LI sites and not a replacement for the more widespread social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace etc. Some of you appear enthusiastic about Skype.

    If future abuses of Krap11 clog the site with trivia and blatantly ignore the technical engineering of the system (threaded replies, URLs etc) then all that we will achieve is a repeat of the bandwidth and KRAP complaints that are prevalent in my opinion. Threaded replies achieve the endurance of the selected topic and enable a viewer to follow the ‘chat’ without dodging up and down the page at view.

    Commonbloodysense ‘ennit?

    Can we please advance down the path of improvement by actually reading and absorbing the messages that are posted onto ALL the sites and respond accordingly with courtesy. There is no requirement for quantity – only quality.

  16. Sloop JB says:


    I don’t think Sylvia will put a spell on you, more than likely send you a present of clothes pegs or even a sprig of lucky heather, as if you need it. If you’re really lucky she may give you some tasty hedgehog stew, how does that grab you?

    ED: Mmm! I suppose that might be a Kentish delicacy – especially with mushrooms, but being changed into a frog might be an improvement! Now watch this space!

  17. Sloop JB says:

    Ed. I think I’m as much to blame as anyone else as regards putting messages in wrong Blogs. As regards to what you wish to do or even have to do I will go along with what ever you and the rest of the fellow Bloggers decide on.

    ED: Thanks Sloop, but your admission and response kinda beggars the question “What can I do as Editor?”. I can’t order a Blogger around, I can only encourage participation by creating suitable Blog Titles.

    Simply put as analagies – we have a drawer of files with different labels, or even more elementary, we have several jars of jam with different flavours. The Comment Writer makes a choice – which drawer do I open, which jar of jam do I want this morning? The Responder then follows suit but – if the wrong drawer is opened to start off with OR the same spoon used for one jam flavour is re-used in a different jar – we get mixed results, unless the Responder corrects the error before moving on.

    As Editor, I find the choices simple – BUT I’m seeing this Blog system frequently railroaded by careless usage – like cleaning yer black boots with brahn polish and/or wearing denims on Quarter Guard. It ain’t ferking rocket science.

    I really do appreciate the support of ALL – BUT – ask yourselves these questions (allowing for personal priorities that are not probably publicised). Where are those former ‘Regulars’ who made interesting repartee in the early days? Are they pissed off ‘cos of confusion with too many choices and/or great difficulty in maintaining a thread of topical chat etc? Or have we a dinosaur that is reaching its useby date? Where is any new blood coming from?

    As Editor, all I want is adherence to the appropriate blog for the desired topic. Horses for Courses.

  18. JT says:


    Technical question. Does a ‘Judas Goat’ have to go all the way including the bolt though the head bit?

    ED: Smart fair question JT, to highlight the fatal nature of the character ‘Judas Goat’, which as you would well know, is spared after leading lambs and other cattle to slaughter. A tad dramatic for this social platform, but ironic when all is considered – some of the Old Bloggers have already been chopped.

  19. Editor in Brisbane says:


    No doubt some of you – following my previous remarks about Blog Management – will have excitedly browsed each and every Blog Page to reminisce over past Comments -! In so doing you will (at last) comprehend the fact that some (not all) Blogs are ‘blocked’ with the remark that “Gas Stations in Texas close at 10 pm”.

    This is a WordPress ‘techo’ glitch, that I am trying to correct. Many of you are probably queueing up your fresh Comments in these Blogs – ready to post – when the blocks are removed. (In a pig’s arse I bet!).

    However to pre-empt some smartarse’s remarks about these ‘blocks’, I am letting you know in advance that I am well aware of the problem.

    In the meantime, horses for courses!

  20. Jack Madron says:

    As far as I’m concerned it’s up to you to say what stays and what goes. I think I see what you are getting at when you talk about over use and under use. There are a few blogs that I don’t visit very often but I won’t name them because others may be interested in them and it wouldn’t be fair for me to say, this one or that one should be dropped.

    You do what you think is right mate and we’ll go along with it.

    ED: Thanks for your remarks Jack. I’m gratified that you have picked up on the dialogue so quickly. However fr’instance, by definition, some of your more recent replies/comments were better placed on the MMG Jamaica Blog (before I shut it down last week).

    No one single Blogger is going to be ID’d for a 252. I’m simply trying to manage this site and I need co-operation. The problem arises when a culprit fails initially to use the appropriate blog for the First Comment. It really only takes a little bit of organised thought. Clearly, only some Blog pages hold the individual’s interest and invite/attract response accordingly. That I am happy with, it’s when the dialogue for an ‘unrelated topical item’ appears on (say) General Banter, when it is CLEARLY (say) Jamaica or Reggie Mental, that I get pissed off! It’s quality I want, not quantity at the expense of using the wrong ammo in the right weapon.

    If Bloggers re-create the Great Flood (as in General Banter) when I (eventually) produce a replacement, and still refuse to utilise even the more straightforward sensible choices, then we perpetuate the issues, which I constantly carp about.

    If but one of you would grasp the nettle! and make a Reply in the appropriate (correct) Blog, to another’s (incorrectly) placed First Comment, then by example Old Grumpy’s message is conveyed. ‘Tis when the Judas Goat triggers the error, the Sheep follow.

    Note ALL:

    Kindly consider your reaction to this Grumpy Reply, I need some qualified response and hopefully an undertaking that Order will prevail and we can move on to higher pay grades.


    There are currently 32 separate pages, 30 of which are on reinstated view for either ‘Active Comment’ or ‘View Only’. Logically some are irrelevant (ie Xmas 2008/2009 etc). DCLI, KSLI & Korea have technical problems that disallow Comments (for the time being).

    Last week I selectively shut many of ’em down, simply because they are not being used, and even – annoyingly (for me) not even being viewed. I can spy on the traffic for each site. I drew the conclusion that if anyone missed a Page – then I would hear about it. Blogger Birthdays was the only one mentioned – thus far – by Anne Knight. (There are no April Blogger Birthdays).

    Under any criteria, this entire Blog Site is a massive enterprise, and if you care to peruse the topical titles (and resultant Comments over 40 odd months), it will be obvious where and in which directions, the original intent was aimed.

    However, if Bloggers cannot follow the simple basic premise to blog onto a relevant page (given that it will accept Comment), then we might just as well have one single ‘Krap’ page for all and sundry remarks. Work it out for yourselves, on General Banter during the past few weeks there are umpteen random remarks that could have been better placed. As predicted, a misplaced Comment attracts a colony of bastards downline. Bloody Un-Regimental!

    Tell me what it is you want. Your choices are:

    1.) A single ‘Krap’ blog page for all and sundry remarks across the spectrum of all content. I’ll then block all future Comment on all pages (except the Memorials & Memoirs Pages) and render those page/s ‘View Only’.

    2.) Preservation of the existing choices. In which case – use ’em or lose ’em. Unbelievable, Afghanistan & Old Toons are used appropriately and while traffic is sparse, by and large Bloggers use these Pages correctly. As I (as Ed) tend to use these 3 pages they will probably remain open.

    There is no merit in Old Grumpy grumping away and losing any brownie points in an unwinnable argument over ‘discipline’. We are losing bloggers for a variety of interest, but be warned – oversubscription to General Banter defeats the intent of all other pages, and your Comments disappear from current page view almost as soon as you write ’em.

    • Sylvia says:


      In my humble opinion, the Reggie Mental blog should stay. The reason being that there needs to be a separate blog for the sad occurence of friends and aquaintances passing.

      The Grumpy Blog should stay, so we know what your wishes are.

      I am happy for Dads blog to be View Only, but as it was opened with Margaret’s input I feel you and she should have the last word on that one.

      As to the other Regimental blogs I can not pass an opinion as these are mostly barred to me, as my recollections of Jamaica are not of a Military nature.

      The Birthday Blog should stay, as we all like to get a birthday wish, and without the Birthday list, I wouldn’t know when other Bloggers Birthdays are.

      I know the General Allday blog is the most popular and you are concerned about the loading time and the disappearance from view of the comments. I personally prefer this blog for my comments, and even when I don’t have time to actually leave a comment I get great enjoyment out of reading everyone else’s.

      Basically I am sitting on the fence and willing to bow to everyone else’s wishes.

      ED: Thank you Sylvia – duly noted. As stated, the Memorial & Memoirs sites will always remain open for Comment. Our military heritage is reflected in these Pages and I want ’em always available for remembrances. ‘Tis the appropriate use of the others that is in question, but note if General Allday Banter is abused (by overuse) and the ‘Others’ abused (by lack of use), then fundamentally we need to visit the Shit Creek Paddle store, before they sell out!

      PS: (Saturday morning in OZ). Obviously certain Blog pages are appropriate for spasmodic (future) moments – ie. Birthdays, Xmas etc and can always remain, so long as they are used for appropriate Banter and not filled with General Krap. Even though I mainly only read ALL the blogs and seldom join in, I do like to cast back and peruse earlier remarks for a chuckle!

  22. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Haven’t been on this blog for long time, have enjoyed your comments, especially Derek and Sloops remarks about Burns Night. Sorry boys have slowed up this past few years, but as in Scotland and all Scots all over the world it is celebrated at St Ives with a big Scottish following who go to the big hotel there and pipe in the Haggis etc.

    Now on to the grumpy buisiness, my son Donald and his wife Debbie came down yesterday to take Doris out for Mothers Day on Sunday for a meal etc. We all had a good grump yesterday about all the world problems etc, Politicians, Muslims, Lawlessness, etc, cleared the moan pipes out.

    Donald is going on fine now after a horrific time after having his new hip replaced, showed us his post op wounds etc which after all his problems are now healing up. He goes into a Police Re Hab home in Oxford shortly to get fit for duty again, they are here till Monday and it is so good to see them.

    • Sloop JB says:

      Hello Swanny,

      Glad to hear that Donald is making a good recovery, I suppose you were both seated in different chairs showing each other war wounds, who got the most scars. Have a good weekend and I hope Doris enjoys her Mothers Day meal.

  23. JT says:


    I admit I have not been attending to your Grumpy stuff. Great comments. When shall we start breathing the Helium ?

  24. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi Ed, how come you have the power to read our minds and put it to print?

    • Editor in Brisbane says:

      G’Day Geoff,

      Thanks for comment. One of the many small tasks I undertake most days, is to browse the international news media, all of which these days seems to use mayhem, murder and crime as ‘grabbers’. No doubt you like myself, despair that human behaviour will ever follow a path of decency, common sense and respect for one’s fellow man ever again. One could choose many idiotic examples of a planet going down the wrong path, without bringing religious guidance into the debate (and I’m an atheist), but it seems to me that some good old fashioned biblical ethics would do a world of good.

      ‘Tis a good job that occasionally, we have some jovial and meritorious behaviour to read about or we’d do an Anthony Newley and “Stop the World, I wanna get off!”

      Take Care. Nulle Illigitimo Carborundum.


    (Quote from Shibumi by Trevanian) “Your scorn for the medicocrity blinds you to its vast primitive power. You stand in the glare of your own brilliance, unable to see into the dim corners of the room, to dilate your eyes and see the potential dangers of the mass, the wad of humanity. Even as I tell you this dear student, you cannot quite believe that lesser men, in whatever numbers, can really defeat you.

    But we are in the age of the mediocre man. He is dull colourless and boring – but inevitably – victorious. The amoeba outlives the tiger because it divides and continues its immortal monotony. The masses are the final tyrants.”

    “The roar of the plodders is inarticulate but deafening. They have no brain, but they have a thousand arms to grasp and clutch at you, drag you down.” (Endquote).
    For over 30 years this book has been more precious to me than any philosophical thesis written of the destiny of the human race. The rise and rise of the idiot generations within and behind us, with unplanned pregnancies, faltering moral standards, reduced intelligence from easier education, uncontrolled materialism, greedy political and religious leaders with their brains in their balls, global migration and deregulated financial markets, brings me to conclude that in fact Armageddon (in its cataclysmic sense) is well advanced. We live in a world of teenager violence, mayhem and murder, intellectual argument that violent computer arcade games that pervade nearly 80% of youthful interest, have no effect on behaviour. Discourtesy, ignorance, fast food and fast cars, apathy and boredom are among the current tantalisers for decline. The arrogance of Islam in the infestation of Western standards is obscene, coupled with our military defence of those countries that practice this unbalanced religion.

    The absence of reasonable behaviour, socially, religiously and morally, is shown each day on the electronic media. The so-called ‘human rights’ of offenders, quick to deny their complicity in crime and violence, the blindness of the Courts, adds immeasurable pain and cost to society, and we remain defenceless under the weight of mediocre standards.

    I expect to live many more years in quiet contemplation of my navel, illuminated daily by close family and friends, hobbies and pastimes, moderate lifestyle and disciplined behaviour, but if I depart this life soon, I would have to say that I wished that I could have every 18 year old – both genders – on the fucking parade square each day for an hour for 24 months. I would also re-instate the death penalty for murder of all delineations and life sentencing for rape, terrorism and drug dealing and automatic loss of driving licence for excessive speeding and car destruction for hooning.

    Beam me up Scotty!

    PS: If elected to Parliament, I shall remove ALL tax revenue on Guiness.

    Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
    To the last syllable of recorded time,
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle.
    Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.

    (Shakespeare’s Macbeth Act 5, scene 5, 19-28)

  26. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Soon – maybe 30 days or so – the ‘General Banter’ blog will be relegated to ‘View Only’ and another will take its place. I’m toying with the notion of ‘Archiving’ all Comments – across the board of ALL Blog Pages, but have little confidence that it will solve the issues of slow loading. Personally I’m pissed off in trying to load/edit Blog Pages with 2,000+ comments.

    My call for suggested alternatives has glanced to leg, so here’s an Executive Decision, based on what we once time had with “Nostalgia Old Toons” (now resurrected). From the time of the proposed switch, any Comments that include a You Tube URL (music clip) will need to be logged onto ‘Nostalgia Old Toons’. I seek co-operation here please – so from any time now you can practice your attention to detail.

    Part of the problem is the ‘success’ of General Banter in that all you clever dicks can now cut/paste You Tube clips of your Old Time Favourites, and I hope that will continue – BUT – in the resurrected “Old Toons” in an endeavour to slow the load on whatever ‘General’ blog arises in replacement.


    PS: (2nd February 2010) Obviously too, we shall be able to concentrate ALL our “Oldies” on the one page to enable simpler browsing and opening in the future, and hopefully enjoy ’em for years to come.

  27. Sloop JB says:

    ED: Touché

  28. Sloop JB says:

    Audrey Derek

    Happy Burns night to you, not too much Haggis but plenty of the Fire Water.

    ED: Thanks Sloop, already started.


    Oh what a sleekit horrible beastie
    Lurks in yer belly efter the feastie
    Just as ye sit doon among yer kin
    There sterts tae stir an enormous wind
    The neeps and tatties and mushy peas
    Stert workin like a gentle breeze
    But soon the puddin wi the sauncie face
    Will have ye blawin all ower the place
    Nae matter whit the hell ye dae
    A’bodys gonna have tae pay
    Even if ye try tae stifle
    Its like a bullet oot a rifle
    Hawd yer bum tight tae the chair
    Tae try and stop the leakin air
    Shift yersel fae cheek tae cheek
    Pray tae God it disnae reek.
    But aww yer efforts go asunder
    Oot it comes like a clap o thunder
    Ricochets aroon the room
    Michty me a sonic boom
    God almighty it fairley reeks
    Hope I huvnae shat ma breeks
    Tae the bog I better scurry
    Aww whit the hell, its no ma worry.
    A’body roon aboot me chokin
    Wan or two are nearly bokin
    Ill feel better for a while
    Cannae help but raise a smile
    Wis him! I shout with accusin glower
    Alas too late, he’s just keeled ower
    Ya durty buggar they shout and stare
    Ah dinnae feel welcome anymair
    Where e’re ye go let yer wind gan’ free
    Sounds like just the job fur me
    Whit a fuss at Rabbies perty
    Oower the sake o’ wan wee ferty.

    • Editor says:

      Sloop, Dinna fergit our other Wee Scottish Pal. He’ll be sinking the Guiness at the Legion tonight!

      Do you think that he might wear his Clan Gunn kilt, sporran and dirk and recite “Ode to yon Haggis”

      Gotta Larf!

      • Sloop JB says:

        Ed, Thanks for the Wink Wink Nudge Nudge.

        Swanny. Have a good Burns Night, enjoy toasting the Haggis with your glass of Guiness, steady with the fire water.

        ED: Thanks Sloop. You’re a star!

  29. Editor in Brisbane says:


    (Sunday 24th January, 2010) You’ll note some changes that I feel will be beneficial to Bloggers. I have restored some ‘oldies’ to VIEW ONLY and similarly, chopped off MMGs 2 to VIEW ONLY status.

    Certain editorials written as guidance comments, that are recorded in some of those page leaders, indicate (inaccurately) the ‘Comment’ use of (VIEW ONLY) blogs. This is the transitional development of our blog system. Just use the current ‘Krap’ option of the day, if you cannot find the appropriate blog page.

    ‘Nuff said on the matter now. Your collective comments have been helpful. Ta.

  30. Jack Madron says:

    Interesting questions.
    1. I don’t find it slow to load. Maybe my machine has always been slow and I haven’t noticed any difference. I think if it helps, delete after two weeks.

    The other questions, I must agree with Sylvia. Dave and JB. Although I did three years, there’s only so much a person can remember and even then some things are a bit vague. I’m sure if anybody remembers an anecdote or event, they will tell us.

    Anyhow mate, keep up the good work. I enjoy reading the comments.

    ED: Thanks Jack, I appreciate your helpful comments, along with t’others. Loading is a fetish with me and as stated long ago, a nanonsecond on the web appears a lifetime – exaggerated of course! ‘Tis just that I ponder on my impatience being experienced by other bloggers. I’m loathe to delete comments – after all – considerable thought and feelings are usually loaded into the Comment, once deleted – gone forever! I’ll not do that, but when the time comes, I’ll just create an archive that can be viewed on request. (Wild & Wicked, Rhyme or Reason etc.)

  31. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Thank you for replies thus far. There appears to be little or no concern about the load time factor, maybe its not an issue to bother about. I’ll do naught about anything at this stage and just let the blogs roll on.

    Generally I feel that we make the right blog choices and I thank you for your diligence there. From time to time, interest and available time will wane, no doubt, as we all live busy lives. My main concern is the loss (maybe temporarily) of long time bloggers, who at one time contributed regularly over the past 3 years.

    As we advance into 2010, maybe ‘Birthdays’ will claw ’em back?

    • Sloop JB says:


      I can’t think the long time bloggers are too far away, and I’m also sure that when they have something to say they’ll be back, have faith, they won’t let you down.

  32. Dave H says:

    Sloop, my thoughts exactly in your first para, as with I was only NS. So as with you Jamaica, was the only posting so how much can one say on Jamaica as Jack, Sloop and I were the only ones there. As for the other blogs they are not much of interest to me so don’t go there and I have other things to do besides sit on this thing as have most of you, I think.

    Sylvia is building a new house by the sound of it and is busy. Fuzz Face isn’t around of late also, probably doggie walking. The rest of you, I don’t know what you are up to. Jack could be flashing the old ladies in Mousehole.

  33. Sloop JB says:

    Question 3: I can only speak for myself of course, my memories and quips of Jamaica is exhausted and to keep repeating them would make me boring. I still enjoy the banter that goes on. Not like several other bloggers who went from Regiment to Regiment my two years NS pales into insignificance, they have far more memories to call on.

    Question 2: I do browse other blogs but not the war ones. I see and hear so much in the media I choose to stay away from those. I do respect all your comments of course but I ask you to respect my wishes not to visit those particular blogs.

    I do use the Thread system as requested by you, and I also open fresh comment box at times.

    At times I find it hard to find something to say,I’m sure the bloggers dont want my everyday life style, its so mundane anyway.

    As regards to alternatives or other suggestions I never was NCO material

    ED: Thanks Sloop. I need as much feedback as possible, ‘cos – as predicted – the heavily used General Banter blog is slowing down and will either need replacement or compression at some stage. If other blogs are of no interest then I can shut ’em down. Traffic is back to where it was some 7 months ago and I’m looking to plan a strategy for an alternative that will suit everyone’s expectations. I respect your wishes, but in turn – the currrent nature of ‘general banter’ is (I feel) turning away some of the long term bloggers who seldom make comment.

    I’ll await more responses and then make some alternative proposals.

  34. Editor in Brisbane says:


    This is a bit of a trick question as to how many of you respond, and how quickly you do so.

    1.) Are you finding the General Banter blog slow to load? Would you prefer that Comments older than (say) 14 days be deleted?
    2.) How often are you browsing t’other blogs and moreover offering comment? Are you fully aware – and utilising – the ‘thread’ system, or do you open a fresh Comment Box every time?
    3.) Has the overall Blog Page/s site arrangement lost its pseudo intellectual/anecdotal ‘1DCLI Regimental’ direction, run its course and become a social “banter & krap” exchange of meaningless twaddle?
    4.) Has anyone a creative suggestion for alternatives? What would you like to see?

    I ask simply ‘cos my daily perusal of ‘Stats’ indicates a heavy falloff across the board and observe that maybe a sharp change of direction is required.

    Tempus Fugit!

    • Sylvia says:

      1) I usually go back over the last two weeks of banter every time I view the ‘Allday’ blog, in case I miss a reply. As my laptop is slow any way, I have not noticed the loading time.

      2) I browse the Afghanistan and Dad’s blog once a week, Reggie Mental, Bloody Unbelievable, MMGs and Grump blogs possible every other day. The Allday Blog I view minimum twice a day. At the moment I don’t comment very much, simply because I am decorating a room that hasn’t been touched for 15 years and is proving troublesome, but I also agree with Sloop’s comment, I don’t always feel I can contribute so I just enjoy the banter (it keeps me sane). During the winter I do not do as much as I do in the summer, so I too could become boring, do you really want to know how much housework, washing and ironing I get through in a day. I do use the thread system as often as I can, but also start a new comment where appropriate.

      3) I believe the choice of blogs is brilliant, some comments do belong on the Reggie Mental, i.e. when there is a death, it is better not to put it in the middle of our meaningless twaddle, because it takes the reverence away from the sad event. I have also enjoyed the comments from Geoff which are (in my opinion) rightly on the Reggie Mental blog.

      4) Because I am not technologically minded, I can not suggest an alternative.

  35. Sloop JB says:


    Bring a smile to your lips.

  36. Topic most suited here I think. Mainly for JT.

    JT, ’twas you initially who supplied the name Chauncey M Depew in connection with my earlier website mention (Dec 2006) of “A” Company’s disembarkation at the Hamilton wharf in March 1954. Following passive interest since then, the name and additional detail is now on Reggie Mental – if you will catch up, particularly the old magazine print repro from Keith Mannings. I am including in this Comment some additional researched detail that has taken my fancy and which raises a point. “Did you pinch a funnel?”

    Hudson River Day Line Boats – archival extract

    CHAUNCEY M DEPEW 211290, built in 1913 at Bath Maine by Bath Iron Works. Built as a “Rangeley”. Purchased by Day Line for about $150,000, reconditioned and equipped for about $40,000 operated 1925-1940. Chartered by Government. Requisitioned 1942 US War Shipping Administration. Sold by Government after World War 11. Operated as excursion boat. Sold 1950 to Government of Bermuda as tender. Still in service 1964

    Additional Irish information (Sept 12th 2004)

    The sister ship of the CILL AIRNE – the BLARNA – is for sale in the United States. She left Cork to become a tender in Bermuda, was renamed the CHAUNCEY M DEPEW and went from there to Canada where she was re-named again as the GOBLET D’ARGENT II under which name she is now for sale.

    PS: Just a bit of trivia ‘Ole Mate, the above clip taken from a 1925 Poughkeepsie Regatta magazine, which might/might not feature the Chauncey as the illustration!

  37. Jack Madron says:

    The face is familiar but I can’t remember where I’ve seen it before. Any clues ?

  38. Sloop JB says:

    Our Hero

    Watch this fellow bloggers. Read the subtitles to get the full picture.

    ED: Smartarse!

  39. Editor in Brisbane says:

    CHRISTMAS 2009 & NEW YEAR 2010
    Blog now closed, but will remain at view for some reasonable time. This blog was intended only as a Seasons Greetings and related banter page and I wish to dissuade any additions of a General Banter nature.

    Blog with discipline!

  40. Editor in Brisbane says:


    The more perceptive of you – those who diligently read ALL the daily blogs (?) – will observe that added graphics are now being displayed in selected Comments. This is an editorial elective – so spare yourselves the bother of trying to do it!

    Should in fact you wish to embellish a Comment that you have already made and wish for me to add an image (.jpeg format) to emphasise the text or simply to show yer ugly mug – then advise me by email djkl157@gmail.com and I shall oblige.

    However, as you will also note, the Rogues Gallery has been updated to include facial images of the most recent Bloggers – BUT – unless they have a “Civilian Page” (which would be hotlinked) DO NOT click on the image to record a comment. You will simply finish up in my Media Library where your remarks will be unavailable to public view.


  41. Sloop JB says:

    For you ED

    A cowboy sitting in a saloon one Saturday night recognized an elderly man standing at the bar who, in his day, had the reputation of being the fastest gun in the West. The young cowboy took a place next to the old-timer, bought him a drink and told him the story of his great ambition. ‘Do you think you could give me some tips?’ he asked.

    The old man looked him up and down and said, ‘Well, for one thing, you’re wearing your gun too high, tie the holster a little lower down on your leg.’ ‘Will that make me a better gunfighter?’ asked the young man. ‘Sure will, ‘replied the old-timer.

    The young man did as he was told, stood up, whipped out his 44 and shot the bow tie off the piano player. ‘That’s terrific!’ said the hot shot. ‘Got any more tips for me?’

    ‘Yep,’ said the old man. ‘Cut a notch out of your holster where the hammer hits it, that’ll give you a smoother draw’. ‘Will that make me a better gunfighter?’ asked the younger man. ‘You bet it will,’ said the old-timer. The young man took out his knife, cut the notch, stood up, drew his gun in a blur, and then shot a cufflink off the piano player.

    ‘Wow!’ exclaimed the cowboy ‘I’m learnin’ somethin’ here. Got any more tips?’. The old man pointed to a large can in a corner of the saloon. ‘See that axle grease over there? Coat your gun with it.’

    The young man went over to the can and smeared some of the grease on the barrel of his gun. ‘No’; said the old-timer, ‘I mean smear it all over the gun, handle and all.’ ‘Will that make me a better gunfighter?’ asked the young man.

    ‘No,’ said the old-timer, ‘but when Wyatt Earp gets done playing the piano, he’s gonna shove that gun up your ass, and it won’t hurt as much.

  42. Geoff Cherry 19044336 says:

    Careful Editor.

    ED: Did I pass Geoff?


    Recent additions to this ‘civilian’ blog page that is linked to the Title Bar on these sites include Tom Howell and Geoff Cherry.

    A reminder hereto to both Sylvia and Margaret to forward .jpegs in their best bib and tucker for us all to see. A reminder also, that there is ample publishing space and opportunity for each Blogger to open up a dedicated “Civilian Page” to tell us all about your personal hobbies and pleasures, even hedgehog recipes.

    Now that you are all so disciplined with correct placement of remarks – I have little to keep me occupied!

  44. Editor in Brisbane says:


    But who will really give a fucking rat’s ass?

    REF: Google (not WordPress) websites that are listed in the WordPress Blogroll to the right hand side of every Blog Page.

    The many Google Web Sites that have been painstakingly assembled these past few years are in disarray, caused (as best that I can see) by Google’s need/insistence to alter the protocols of the original ‘free’ offer that was trumpeted to us all. WYSIWYG – no HTML to be learned/written etc. etc. No doubt Google will defend itself by stating that ‘autotransfers’ to another Server have been accomplished – at their end – albeit that ‘Webmasters’ were granted the option to ‘switch’ elsewhere.

    What now is giving me the almighty shits, is that careful placement and layout of pix and cross references are totally buggered up, in some instances, leaving the impression that I as Editor, am somewhat careless in my presentation. In fact I’m a self identified anal arsehole when it comes to detail and frankly I’ve neither the time, patience (now after ALL that hard work) or interest in righting the wrongs created by this interference.

    In due course, I shall I suppose, arrange alternatives, but before some crank out there gets noxious or proves to be a bigger arsehole than I – bear with me – and as fucking usual – I’ll fix it.

    Carpe Diem!

    PS: No such thing as a ‘free’ lunch – cheps – Caveat Emptor! (Buyer Beware!)

    • Sylvia says:


      Thanks for the warning about pending disruption. We would never think that you are being careless in your presentation. You have always been most particular with the presentation.

      I, for one, appreciate the work that goes into keeping the blog tidy, as I’m sure all the blogger mates do. I also know you run other web pages and I’m sure it will break your heart to have them messed up.

      I know none of us can help with the editorial side, but if there are others things we can do, please let us help.

      ED: Thanks Sylvia.

  45. JT says:

    Gerroff this blog the lot of yer

    Oh before I go, the Serjeant at Arms in the House of Commons is a genuine female not some tarted up old queen.

  46. Tom Howell says:

    Re Y/I
    I’ll stick to English too!


  47. Tom Howell says:

    Well done on the translation, but how did you cope with th ‘I’ ?

    • Jack Madron says:

      The Y takes the place of the I.
      MY A WRA. I do. The Y is pronounced as an E in this case.
      To complicated a language for me. I’ll stick to basic English.

  48. Tom Howell says:

    I’m gone already!

  49. Tom Howell says:

    Your smugness wasn’t as half as bad as my crassness! I was trying to be humourous but failed miserably. I deserved my legs cut off! We have spoken and we are good friends still and looking forward to more bantering. Best Wishes

    • Sylvia says:


      Thanks, but I think we had better default to the other blog before our leader returns or we will both be on the naughty step, and there may not be room for both of us!

      Lef right lef right

  50. Tom Howell says:

    Sorry – I nearly missed your reply due to a continuing dialogue on this topic, and I think I was ahead on points till you chopped my legs from under me. As for your Dad – how the mighty are fallen!


    • Sylvia says:


      Just re-read my comment to you, I did sound smug didn’t I, it wasn’t meant that way. Sorry I cut your legs off.

  51. Tom Howell says:

    No wonder the Cornish language is in such dire straits. Without any memorable words it is doomed to oblivion Please translate for me into Cornish the following:
    ‘ I am taking the piss!’


    • Jack Madron says:

      Nearest I can get is, Kemeres an Dowr My Awra.
      Take the water I do.
      I don’t speak Kernewek. Most times, I struggle with English. Ha ha.

  52. Tom Howell says:

    Oh Jack, Oh Jack
    I cant believe you dont know that most Napoleonic Wars were fought in Spain where of course ‘ j ‘ is pronounced as ‘ h ‘.This caused a lot of confusion with the similar sounding ‘ g ‘ as used in the rank sergeant. Sir Hohn Moore said sod it and decreed that jenceforth we would only have ‘ serheantos ‘, which became corrupted over the years to its present form. Simple really!

    • Jack Madron says:

      Never was any good at languages.
      In Cornish, my name is Jowan (John) but the J is pronounced as a Y. There’s no I in the Cornish Alphabet either.
      Believe it or not, unlike the Welsh, there is no swear words in the Cornish language.
      Aren’t we good ? Ha ha.

  53. Tom Howell says:

    Hello Everybody!
    The term ‘Serjeant ‘ derives from Napoleonic days, since when has been in continous use by the Light Infantry, and remains in use today by The Rifles. See Wikipedia for further enlightenment and edification!

    • Jack Madron says:

      Derived from Napoleonic days. Does this mean it’s a French word ?
      If so, you can’t go by them. They even put an E at the end of Concord.

  54. Jack Madron says:

    As it can be spelt either way, I don’t think it matters. I’ve always put a “G” when writing the shortened version. Never got told off by CSM Hallett when writing out Coy Orders and my spelling is (atroshus).

    As we say down here. Madder do ah.

  55. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Tom Howell Memoirs

    I’ve had debate with Tom over his choice of spelling the above and deferred to his preference, based on Light Infantry application. I have no wish to attempt to change his mind on the matter. However, seeing as how we care to intellectualise on certain matters of seeming historical language, make the call yourself!

    According to my Brittanica World Language Oxford Dictionary 1962:

    Sergeancy, serjeancy: graphic variation of Sergeanty. The office of a sergeant or serjeant in various senses; also the commission of sergeant in the army 1670.

    Sergeant, serjeant: The spelling serjeant is now used in designating a member of the legal profession, while sergeant is the prevailing form in the other senses.

    My Dictionary allocates an entire column to the words and makes for an interesting history lesson. Given interest, I recommend exploration. Given disinterest, did you hear the one about the old Italian and the young Finnish lass?

    • Sylvia says:


      Sergeant is more familiar to all of us, but as it’s Tom’s Memoirs, I suggest he chooses. I can’t spell either, as you will know from correcting my errors!

      • Tom Howell says:

        Hello Sylvia
        Your father knew how to spell ‘serjeant’ and I never, never argued with him!

        • Sylvia says:


          I have every letter that Dad ever wrote to me, on the rare occasion he used this word, he has spelt it sergeant. I always argued with Dad, but never, ever when he was listening!

  56. Jack Madron says:

    Bloody hell.
    Snowing again.

  57. Sloop JB says:



  58. Jack Madron says:

    It doesn’t matter what we think. The Medals and Citations belong to the Marsh family and there is nothing we can do except to ask if they will be presented to the two Museums. It’s then up to them to do or not to do that.

    The only medals I have, are an uncle’s navy medals from WW1 and my fathers navy medals from WW2. Not for sale. Never.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Talking of medals. I read in the paper that, Penpushers at the MoD given same Afghan medal as troops. I’d shoot the bastards.

  59. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    I rang Keith Mannings yesterday about the news Maj. Marsh’s medals etc had been sold at auction. He was very upset about it. As you know Derek, he visited Mrs Marsh years ago now and she gave Keith a lot of his memorabilia which Keith gave to the Bermuda Museum. At that time of which he was so proud to do at that time. Did someone mention that all of it was sold at auction for £120,000? or did I get it wrong? As you well know Keith has a lot of friends in Bermuda and has holidays there on a regular basis so most of them will be disappointed about Maj Marsh’s regalia etc, also he was in charge of The Bermuda Rifles.

    ED: The Auction is scheduled for 9th December in Warwick and offers all the Marsh Family Collection. Read the foregoing blogs and the weblink to get up to date Swanny. Also browse the Lt Col Marsh blog site for our former C.O’s service history and Auction Catalogue. Let’s not trigger any false rumours ‘Ole Mate. The Rifles Museum has been advised and one can only hope that at least the Medals and Citations will fall into honourable hands and not be locked away from public view forever. The SAS will also have an interest.

    On the matter of 1DCLI related photographic memorabilia, it would appear that Keith has done his utmost by retrieving those (13) photos gifted to the Bermuda Maritime Museum obo Mrs Priscilla Marsh. Those few photos are published on a Picasa Album. Reading the Auction Catalogue leads me to believe that there are in fact many, many more Bermuda pictorial records for both 1DCLI and The Bermuda Regiment in addition to those sighted. I would like digital copies and publication approval for all relevant photographs for our web/blog sites.

    I believe that the Medals and Citations belong to the respective Regimental Museums.

    Further to this reply and earlier remarks written by me, it should by now be quite clear where I stand on this matter, but I need to be careful over publishing libellous comment.

  60. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Nothing more than, I think, with the response of trying to get info yonks ago like you said, with the efforts of Barry and a few others, when trying to contact Simon all those months back to no avail. Most of us thought at that time we wouldn’t get any help from him, so I am not surprised that he sold our Company Commander’s Medals etc. Like a lot in society today Simon Marsh fits the bill.

  61. Sloop JB says:


    How do you stand as regards to stuff you have on blog already. do you think it can stay there or is there a legal chance you may have to remove it.

    ED: I believe that copyright claims fail for articles in the public domain and most if not all our published material is either ‘ours’ by virtue of prior possession (prior Auction that is) and/or sanctioned by released copies of offered photos being already sanctioned by the Owner (SAS Regimental magazine via Johan Wiegman). However, to what lengths and to what purpose would a (new) private owner/collector go, in order to press a claim against a blog site in Orstralia?

  62. Jack Madron says:

    I understand how you feel but there is nothing stranger than families. As JB said, it’s not worth your health by getting upset over what’s happening. I can’t see how a price can be put on these sort of things. The way I see it, to a family involved, they are priceless. To anybody else, scrap metal.

    I don’t think for one moment that The Keep or SAS Museum could find the amount of money that is being asked nowadays. The web link you put on stated £40.000 to £60.000 estimated. Went for £120.000. As I said, to close family, priceless but to anybody else, this sort of price is ridiculous.

    • Sylvia says:


      I can never envisage any of our family every selling Dad’s medals, not for a million pounds. This is an affront to Lt. Col Marsh’s memory.

      • Editor in Brisbane says:

        Thanks Sylvia, I appreciate your supportive point of view.

        I feel that many families overlook the ‘collective’ battle effort within many medal citations that are awarded to the group leader in recognition of joint activities and the honourable choice would be to hand the medals and citations back to the Regiment.

        My attitude is more directed towards the loss of the Marsh photographic memorabilia, which if it contains DCLI military records is, in my opinion, the ‘property’ of “A” Company and deserves website exposure so that we can all enjoy those moments. So far ‘our’ websites and blogsites are the only dedicated 1DCLI ‘Caribbean Posting’ to see daylight. I personally would be comforted to know that at least the photographic component of this Auction Lot, would appear to view; if not “our’s” then maybe somewhere else.

        However, I really need to record that the medal recipient of the Bravery Class type awards should, again in my opinion, prepare for the eventuality of property disposal on death and will the medal items back to The Regiment. In the matter of Australian Victoria Crosses, the Australian RSL possesses every VC won by Australian Soldiers, either by direct family gifting, or anonymous open market purchase.

        PS: I have now published extracts from the Auctioneer Catalogue on the Lt. Col. JA Marsh Blog Page, together with a .jpeg of the medals.

  63. Sloop JB says:


    I couldn’t agree more, as I said previously, Museum approach the family suss out what they want, perhaps they offer you first refusal. I know you’ve all worked hard, what is there to lose.

  64. Sloop JB says:


    Step back take a deep breath, we don’t want you to have a heart attack.

    In as much as all the work you boys have put into the project don’t make yourself ill over it. Should the Museum show interest in the memorabilia perhaps the family will offer them first refusal. But I think your suspicions about it being for money is about right. You only got to look around to know what’s happening in the world today. Respect and loyalty is pretty thin on the ground at the moment as we all know.

    ED: Thanks Sloop! I’m not THAT pissed off! – just annoyed at yet another dead end to a 3 year trail. When we first kicked off the websites etc, we relied upon our own Memorabilia and enthusiasm, and gradually gained exposure to a wide range of ‘foreign’ interests. In one case (not a Marsh issue) it was only the joint pressure of JT, Bill Griffiths, Keith Forbes and I, that gained some recognition for the CO of 1KSLI, KIA in Kenya 1955, where that Family showed bugger all interest in righting some errors of omission. NOW we (apparently) have a similar dis-interest from one of ‘our own’. Hopefully, The Museum has funding for this type of thing, which would have been the honourable road to travel before a Public Auction don’tcher think?

    PS: See website link here, just in from Johan.

  65. JT says:



    What kind of money would be involved do you think ?

    So do you think the Museum would make an offer ?

    • Editor in Brisbane says:

      JT, that’s a good question at this stage. I have no yardstick for medal values, would have thought that the more ‘usual’ medals (i.e. NOT V.C.) would not be in demand unless there was a Regimental connection. Which is exactly the point of your question and which I have addressed to the Museum, via Hugo White. The sickening aspect of this sordid offer is that; if it is for money, then so much for the Family respect of the gallant Major, but if not financially driven, then where is the desire to ensure that the Memorabilia winds up in the right hands. (Both the SAS and the DCLI Museums).

      Thirdly of course, is my reasoning in that so far as the DCLI Bermuda portion of the Auction Lot – it does in effect ‘belong’ to us of the ‘larger family’. I am really pissed off over this, as both Barry and I – and others – have made repetitive overtures to Simon Marsh AND his offspring to support us – across the board and apart from one small contribution from a grandson – SFA – not even a courteous reply to the many snailmailed letters.

      I wish now that I’d thumped on Simon’s front fucking door when I was in GB last June.

      The interesting part of the Offer is that some of the photos offered are ‘hitherto unpublished’, when in fact some are so published on OUR Blog site and so sanctioned by Johan in The Netherlands. The question of copyright will no doubt emerge, which I hope bites the Vendor on the ass.

  66. Editor in Brisbane says:


    It has been drawn to my attention by Johan Weigmann of The Netherlands that on December 9th there is offered for sale ALL of the Lt Col Tony Marsh Medals and Photos, by the Marsh family.

    Most of you will know of the lengths and industry that Barry Cornish, myself personally and others have undertaken to gain the co-operation of the Marsh Family, particularly Simon Marsh, to have the Bermuda component of “OUR HISTORY” offered for OUR publication. Simon Marsh has ignored all ministrations thus far – and now is (without much doubt) selling – selling the fucking lot on the open market!

    I have contacted Hugo White at The Keep to advise him and in turn the Museum Trustees of this event, but if anyone out there can lend weight to rectifying a great wrong, I’d appreciate a contact.

  67. Sloop JB says:


    I’ve done it right dad

  68. Sloop JB says:


    ED: Er, Sloop, is it this Pooh that you wanted to link?

    • Sloop JB says:


      Not exactly, I realised I’d made a mistake with the music and I was expressing my disgust, but you recovered the situation most admirably.

  69. Sloop JB says:


    Thank you once again


    Sloops’s latest ascension into the ranks of MUSIC apostles has promoted his interest in using the ‘Nostalgia Old Toons’ site (which I recently resurrected). Geddit – smartarses?

    Given however, that a writer wishes to list the chosen Song Title at that Page Header (an editorial function) rather than a Comment listing, you will need to refer to the very original instruction on ‘how to’ etc.

    Remember also that Copyright entitlements will often lead to a You Tube dismount and the URL will disappear without notice and appear ‘broken’ over time, until another alternative can (maybe) be found.

    None of this matters if you the writer, are aware that URLs posted into Comments will get overtaken in the short time and ‘lost’ in history.


    PS: The same applies to Picasa Albums, which if ‘Civilian’ can be listed on your Old Blogger Mates (Civilian) site, if you have one, but I need you to advise me please.

  71. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Above time in OZ is 10 hours on, so ’tis early a.m. as I type. Just to emphasise a point regarding ‘Multiple URL Selection Insertion Comment’ (MUSIC) that Sloop is now perfecting. The Spam filter Akismet reads such a Comment as “SPAM” and parks it for ‘Approval’. At your end it is so notified BUT, on occasions (due to the type of URL) you MAY NOT see anything at all, which means that it is awaiting ‘Acceptance’. No need to re-send unless I advise you.

    Well Done Sloop, Stick Orderly for you!

  72. Sloop JB says:

    I’m finding the next bit more brain stretching, but I will get there.

  73. Sloop JB says:

    My son Steve has made me an idiots guide to follow and I’ve done it several times alone before submitting.

  74. Sloop JB says:


    I can do it.

    ED: Well Done Sloop.

  75. Editor in Brisbane says:

    The Old Farts in retirement, agree
    That good hobbies done well, will help see,
    Each day to pass slowly,
    Give help to the lowly, and
    Avoid boredom and most misery!

  76. Terry Joll says:

    Did anyone see the article in the Sun about some non white bar steward working at an Asda store refuse to serve a lady wearing a Help for Heroes Wristband. The Manager even backed up the assistant. What the hell is happening in this country.

    I only wish some bar steward would refuse to serve me but they no doubt realise that I would let them have it both barrels at once and a bit of verbal Sergeant Majors thrown in for good measure. I would wipe the floor with them and the Manager also.


    ED: Hear, Hear, Terry. Needs a truckload of squaddies in uniform in the store, all with trollies full of groceries and a Union Jack sticking out and then a mass exodus at the checkout, leaving a grocery jam (!) or would that be a pickle? Be interesting then to see how the bar-stewards handle that bit of sauce.

    PS: ‘Corse there’s a denial from Management. Wonder how the bar-steward Asian prick would handle a Nazi Swastika or a Support the Taliban T Shirt (if there were such a miserable object?). Probably give ’em a discount! What about a Mossie female customer with a push-up bra, without a burkha? Ted Bear’ll have summat to say about that!

  77. Terry Joll says:

    I am not baffled, I am fffffff ing baffled.

    All this technical jargon is making me even more confused if that is possible. I will stick to the simple life in future as I cannot stand being bollocked. Have a nice day.


    ED: I sense that you are not Robinson Crusoe, Terry. You’ll find from henceforward that the previous ‘universal bollocking’ has achieved its purpose and has put this DCLI Blog system where it was designed to be originally. Nice and quiet – ish, with appropriate remarks placed where they were/are expected to be – just like “Dress from the right!”. Just ignore the technical stuff if it doesn’t apply!

    PS: Despite opposition from some bloggers, (NOT you Terry), the Editor intends to slowly introduce ‘technical’ features that may/may not have some appeal. This simply affords the application of the hightech features of WordPress, which – so far – are little used. In particular is the use of ‘links’ – to photos, banner headings and You Tube clips, that are finding wide appeal for reference among the reader/bloggers on this site. Since the Caribbean Re-Union, the Editor needed an uncomplicated method to show/promote the display of photographs that were taken by him at the time, and flooded later into his computer from others. Picasa Albums and the subsequent ‘hotlink’ method to publish a large collection of photos is now perfected through ‘technical advancement’.

    PPS: So that readers of this Comment from Terry Joll, and Ed’s reply/ies understand the position, this “British LI Most Wanted” blog site was never, ever established to compete with other social networking platforms that are popular elsewhere. It has however, evolved into a daily exchange of repartee that started off with DCLI/Military anecdotes, but has now further evolved – not unexpectedly – into a wider base for wicked humour, pisstaking, political comment and Old Mates supportive exchanges. This is perfectly acceptable, provided that bloggers respect the (now) rigidly imposed disciplines.

  78. Sylvia says:

    The British Grenadiers, Minden.

    ED, Just testing your instructions, How am I doing?

    ED REPLY: Well Done Sylvia and Thank You, how simple was that! All that was needed at my end was to open the URL, read its title, create a BOLDED HEADING and Presto!

    Now, lets take it a stage further (say) and repeat this exercise with 2 – 3 more URLs, add some text in between each separated URL (make sure you don’t run ’em in together) and presto again, you have a ‘running’ comment which contains a number of BOLDED TITLES.

    Now, the inevitable smartarse will say – “why not leave the URLs” (thats the http:// etc etc). Well the answer to that is, firstly you can end up with a broken, untested link (that goes nowhere) and secondly you finish up with a horrible looking lump of text that is impossible to decipher.

    PS: This arrangement would be useful (say) when the writer seeks to articulate comment between different song titles/artists in the same Comment.

    PPS: We have still not overcome the fact however, that this Comment will ‘disappear’ and be overtaken by fresher Comments and anyone wishing to play your selections off this Comment will need to back track, (given that they remember where to look for it) and open the link. If you seek to preserve this Title (United Kingdom Military March), then it is best listed on ‘Old Toons’. For that option, simply open up ‘Old Toons’ and follow the instructions for a requested listing.

    • Sylvia says:

      OK here goes

      Schubert’s ‘Military March’ Tausig Transcription played by Cziffra Audio + Sheet Music

      And again. (Could be any text matter)


      And again (More text matter if desired)

      Adam Faith. What Do You Want.

      And again (Same as above)

      How was that? Don’t really want these saved, just trying to help

      ED REPLY: Well Done again Sylvia. Full Marks, easy ‘innit? Let’s just clarify a coupla points here. Firstly, your Comment containing the 3 URLs was “Spammed” – so you at your end would have noticed it disappearing – until – the editing process was completed and then the finished article ‘sanctioned OK’ and presto -published to view. (Read the following Comment for clarification).

      Secondly, this exercise proves something dunnit? Let’s say that you Sylvia attended an Andre Rieu Concert and had your photo taken with Andre, which I then published to Picasa (and gave it a URL). You then could link your name ‘Sylvia’ which would be clickable to view from your Comment, plus each of (say) 3 – 4 selected tunes/ditties from the hypothetical Concert could have been referred in the body comment of the Comment. Geddit Cheps?

      PS: Mind You – all credit to Sylvia – took a woman to show how its done!

      PPS: OR! – Any clickable (hotlinked) photo of Sylvia, published at the blog page header, could be hotlinked to a (single) music URL, and presto – again – the chosen ditty.

      PPPS: If you were a bloke Sylvia, you’d get Stick Orderly for the Quarter Guard!

      • Sylvia says:


        What happened my end was, my comment stayed on view, but said ‘awaiting modification’ just for info in case anyone gets worried.

        I’ll default to the other blogs now, but does this mean I can come off the naughty step, I am getting a numb bum!

        ED: Of course Scholar! – Have a porcupine sandwich and a cup of nettle tea.

        PS: I appreciate the feedback re the ‘awaiting modification’ signal. That’s unviewed by me at the editorial end whenever I subscribe ‘cos I’m always in Edit Mode. There are clearly various stages in the “accept” platform, some are ‘spammed’ and await release/approval, yours in this case (at my end) was displayed in faint yellow colour, but waiting processing.

  79. Editor says:


    In the interests of speedier site loading (hopefully) I have un-published several older blog pages that were “View” only or superseded by later editions. Those of you who wish to view these original sites – let me know here – and I’ll re-instate ’em for a while. I further intend to cull back even further on some disused pages. This’ll test the interest!

    NB: Look before you leap! By request last month I reinstated Wise & Wicked, DCLI, Rhyme or Reason. Guess what? – no bloody feedback whatsoever, which proves to me that most (!) bloggers are only interested in the current comment of the day and little of the history of the blog sites. A little proactivity will go along way, rather than the harsher reactive complaints that I seem only to receive. (There are welcome exceptions to that last comment). Prove me wrong and make my day!

  80. Editor in Brisbane says:


    S’obvious innit? Comments anywhere, but mainly (to date) on General Banter, will disappear from page view unless a reader scans/browses ALL the comments. In which case, the topic of the moment (say a song title) will be ‘lost’ unless some effort is made to search and then open the You Tube link (if made).

    Given interest, I shall re-open ‘Old Toons’ which offers an immediate connection to a linked Song Title. Follow the instructions at the page header there, or from existing examples and Ed will be happy to oblige.

  81. Editor says:


    Recent activity on the General Banter blog indicates the (possible) need to publicise MULTIPLE You Tube clips and/or web site URLs. Those who comprehend the cut/paste function (for accurate URL referencing) might appreciate the following suggestion.

    Consider that when your Comment is being read by another/s, how convenient it might be to have one of several (say 3 or 4 song titles) hotlinked Titles – within the body text. You could then, perhaps produce a Comment that is more than just KRAP, BS or FN.

    Simply cut/paste your chosen URL/URLs into the Comment body text, separate with a space, add a comment or two or three and “Submit”. Don’t be concerned if at first it disappears – it is being held ‘for Editor approval’ (this is Spamming Control). Ed will then convert the URL and embolden into a suitable Title that is hotlinked for quick open and close by your reader.

    (Added 25th Oct). Travel to my comment today to Rusty Fraser on the re-opened “Nostalgia Old Toons” to view an example of a URL converted insertion into a Comment.

    NB: As an aside. If this function is of no interest then don’t bother to expand a B/S debate on the topic. Leave it to others who are progressive or, just try it out, and I’ll guide you through. Close yer eyes and pray for England. God knows, she needs it!

  82. Editor in Brisbane says:


    We are a global community, where some regulars are gathered in a localised area (West Cornwall), but where mostly, we are scattered to Lunnun, the Wess Midlunz, Wess Vinglun, Summerset (krek waiter’s peak Bristle), Canada and OZ. Other ‘casuals’ dwell elsewhere (often unknown to any of us).

    Seems reasonable that a close relative (Missus, Hubby, Son, Daughter etc) would be email equipped and/or forearmed with the instruction to write a simple blog comment that “Old Harry” has crossed over the River Styx – etc etc. – in the event that the final bugle call is sounded.

    Dave H. has just made a point on another blog page that some bloggers have no computer friendly family member, immediately to hand. In which case a phone number or snailmail address would, I know, avoid some angst to those concerned enough who wish to be kept informed.

  83. Jack Madron says:

    Old saying.
    “Better the Devil You Know than the Devil You Don’t”.
    Chinless inbreds. No thanks.

  84. Jt says:

    Marble Arch is the site of the old “Tyburn Tree” a place of public hanging.

    Reinstate it for use prior the the General Election. No need to demolish the arch it is perfect for hanging.

  85. Editor in Brisbane says:


    We are approaching 5th November, which Anniversary of Guy Fawkes and his Plotters’ revolt (1605) to change the public’s view of anti-Catholicism English law, reached what in 21st century terms is absolute terrorism and would rightfully so, be condemned as an outrageous attempt to thwart the law of the land.

    I’m mindful too, of my most recent personal visit to HP – last July – and to observe the security that extends to the footpath perimeter. Trustfully such violent behaviour would be forestalled long before the cellars were breached.

    It does however bring to mind the potential, possible reaction that deceived and defenceless voters, would like to attempt on the mass of worthless lying, thieving MPs, who have accepted the trust of their constituents, yet snuffle at the trough of public, taxpayer granted benefits, and who now seek to deny their liabilities.

    See the Daily Telegraph article kindly forwarded by JT today and now hotlinked to the drawing at the page header. The bolded heading is also hotlinked to an historical archive.

    PS: (added 13th October 2009)


    Here you have it. The ‘Leader’ (so-called) of Grated Britain. What a fucking debacle. Fall on your sword you prick!

  86. Editor in Brisbane says:



    Kenneth Williams in form.

  87. JT says:


    Well Bernard Manning seems so unreal nowadays after we have been brain washed for so long.

    Still can raise a laugh though

  88. JT says:


    Norman Wisdom stuff is brilliant.

  89. Dave H says:

    Must show my friend that one he was in the Canadian Paras

  90. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Not to be taken seriously. Gotta Larf!


    JB, I’m building a new page entitled Taunton Sloop and need some civilian stuff from you to develop the front page. If you are interested, please send me some .jpegs – other than those military ones that are on Picasa, trips, hobbies, places, holidays, crimes etc.

    Show these Old Bloggers up Mate – they’re dragging their heels.

    • Editor in Brisbane says:


      Sloop now has his own ‘civilian’ page on Old Bloggers Photo Panorama, linked to the LI Most Wanted page showing his (amended) photo.

      Thanks JB for your prompt attention. I never realised that Taunton was so good on the eye. Weather fine too!

  92. JT says:

    Billy Boy

    You back from FARELF yet ?

    Happy Birthday lad.

  93. Sloop JB says:

    Dont know you from Adam but I’d like to wish you A Happy Birthday on monday, have a good one.

  94. Happy Birthday on Monday Bill.

  95. Dave H says:

    Have a great day Bill

  96. Editor says:


    I haven’t heard from the Sgnt Major since his return (hopefully) from HK. However he has a birthday coming up on the 5th October. Have a great day Bill and not too many pints from your landlord mates.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Can’t forget Bill’s birthday. Same date as my wedding anniversary.
      Long way to go to catch up Swanny. All that soldiering in Jamaica taught me to run faster so I tasted freedom longer than him.
      Anyhow Bill. Happy birthday for Monday.

  97. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Happy Birthday Barry. What’s it to be this year? white water rafting over Niagara, or wrestling Polar Bears in Alaska?

  98. Sloop JB says:

    The only thing I remember about doing Guard was having a Rifle in your hands and no ammunition to go with it, not a lot of chance defending anything if need be, always looked forward to the cup of tea though.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Tea. You mean that brown stewed stuff we got in a bucket that dissolved spoons ? That is, If you could get a spoon into it. It was hot though.

  99. Dave H utchinson says:

    Well i did aprox 20 guards in all , hey and i was no slob , I wish my buddy would get hisself on here and tell it like it is , Im sure there was some favouritism in some cases

    • Jack Madron says:

      Probably was Dave. Lt Hodder was Orderly Officer when I got my first stick in Minden. I remember it well. Guard mounted in the cookhouse because of the heavy rain outside.

  100. Jack Madron says:

    I only got Stick Orderly twice. Once in Minden and once in Kingston. The one in Kingston was the only guard I did as a Private so it must have been not long after arriving in Jamaica as I got promoted in May 54.

  101. Dave H says:

    So Derek. Tell me how were they selected, now be honest.

    ED: Merit – pure merit DH. We were the 16th Intake (Nov 53) and Swanny was already an Old Soldier from July that year, but through illness had been put back. He had an edge on most of we rookies in 3 Platoon so far as bulling kit etc was concerned, but also in fairness, he was a smart man and won his Sticks through pure good soldiering. I can’t ever remember he and I being on duty together though, ‘cos in my experience the taller blokes were selected.

    In the early days at Prospect, we generally had Hossifers on Parade for Quarter Guard mounting, only later in that year (1954) and into 1955 did we see the CSM (Jock Massie and then later, Jan Passmore) mount the Guard. In 1955, often we Junior NCOs would mount the Guard also and sometimes ’twas a difficult choice between some very smart soldiers.

    You know Dave, all bullshit aside, “A” Company consisted of relatively few soldiers, compared to the Battalion in Jamaica. Guard Duties came around very often and some of us were exempted from Quarter Guards, being ‘Special Guardsmen’ – a weekly Ceremonial in Hamilton. From 3 rifle platoons in the beginning, growing to 4 rifle platoons, allowing for NCOs, sick parades and other duties, probably a private soldier was rostered every 16 days or so. I recall that all together as a private soldier, I scored over 25 Sticks and not a shred of a brown nose!

  102. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Travel on the above hotlink to London John and click the frog. This is an initiative test. Brownie points are awarded and/or (maybe) Stick Orderly!

    NB: Comments on the referred Blogs are in reverse date order, latest first (we had a technical problem, before you ask!)

    • Dave H says:

      Derek you mention stick orderly , ,as i always suspected , and i got it from a good source that those that were selected for the stick were the chosen ones , you know brown noses ,

      • Editor in Brisbane says:

        Ooohh! Pistols at dawn DH. Some of we “A” Company lads set a few Stick Orderly records when we were Privates. I personally was only ever beaten once – by Bill Edwards, on our 1st Bermuda Quarter Guard and George Kent (the navel inspector) was Orderly Hossifer.

        No fucking way would I have brown-nosed him, or any of ’em for that matter. I had no respect for Junior Hossifers anyway, especially the N/S creeps. My money was always on the Senior NCOs so far as military nouse was concerned. “Toots” Williams and Tony Marsh, our respective CO’s were complete Soldiers.

  103. Dave H says:

    Sorry JB that post was meant for JT , But if you do find a Diamond , Come on over , but its JT that has that mine in Africa , and if he does find that big stone we should kidnap him

  104. Sloop JB says:

    Dave H,
    Sorry I’ve been awol for a while but I’ve been trying to take on board all thats been going on with all the Blogs. Can’t say as I can understand it all even now. How have you been lately, not too desolate I hope. If I had a diamond that big I’d sell it and pay you a visit on the proceeds then we could both go to the coffee shop.

  105. Dave H says:

    JB must have gone to Africa , , I see they found a big Diamond , His mine will be back in operation soon i bet

  106. Old Grumpy says:


    Now that everyone (?) is feeling warm and fuzzy, it might be an appropriate time to add further confusion (!!) in re-introducing the above, which is (apart from Dave H’s contributions) falling into disuse.

    As I work on Jack Madron’s Picasa Album (which includes some civilian photos) it occurs that (maybe) the ladies (especially) would like to be added to ‘The Clan’ and send me some civilian pix of cats, dogs and flowers etc and/or personal details so that Birfday Wishes can abound. (Ladies, you can leave orf the year if you wish).

    Corny and Bill Griffiths have early October birthdays looming; so Happy Birthday you two and many of ’em.

    Let me know in due course – no rush – but I shall tidy up the pages.

    • Sylvia says:


      We would be delighted to have our mug shots put on here, the only problem I have is that they might frighten the children!

      Joking aside, the only photos we have include the whole family, whose permission I would like to seek before submitting them. I am sure it will be OK but Margaret is on holiday now, so it will be a while before it can be done. I will asked my eldest nephew to send them to you as he understands how you want them. Thanks for asking. My birthday is 18-10-47, that makes me 62 this year, save you getting calculators out.

      ED: Sylvia, we shall prefer to show head/shoulders shots of Blogger Mates, so I can crop from family group shots. You do however raise an interesting point, when publishing family photos. I shall automatically assume permission if sent to me unless instructed otherwise. Birfday coming up!

  107. Editor in Brisbane says:


    I shall today (later in OZ) open MMG2, but will keep the original open for (say) 48 hours or so to permit closure on topics under discussion. It’ll then remain published for viewing only, until it fades away.

    Jack and Dave’s photos will be duplicated in a Picasa Album on the appropriate blog.

    Thank you all for your quick response.

    PS: Belay the 48 hours reference. MMGs (OLD) NOW CLOSED

  108. Sylvia says:

    I’m not sure if I should join this debate, as it was me that mis-interpreted the use of the blog in the first place. I genuinely thought that as the title had Jamaica in it, that it was OK for me to place a comment there. So firstly, let me apologise, after our recent debate I realise how wrong I was. As I don’t want to be seen to be ’sitting on the fence’ in my humble opinion it will be less bother to close the old one and open a new one, rather than move the comments that don’t belong there ,and I promise not to mis-use it. Just one comment, the Newcastle comment I believe should have been on that blog.

    ED: Thanks Sylvia. MMG2 about to appear. No further debate required.

  109. Dave H says:

    My input is , get rid of world press , as i have mentioned before , I belong to a Forum , and there are no problems with how much space , and one can upload their pictures with out all that bullshit Derek has mentioned ,

    ED: Thanks DH, WordPress is probably the best overall and offers a wide range of options for issues that never appear – thus far. As already stated, I appreciate everyone’s response and we’ll travel with a fresh MMG2 blog and cap off at 1,000 comments to avoid bandwidth issues, which is related more (I guess) to local supply, more so than WordPress. Just a little comment broadcast though, ALL platforms have limitations, particularly at the editing face.

    PS: (Added 1216 GMT, 29th Sept) For the purists who might care to know that ‘bullshit’ in relation to WordPress is probably quite careless talk. See my dissertation to DH on ‘Unbelievable’ blog, where I believe some quite sophisticated opinion is fairly convincing! However we do all have our individual views!

  110. JT says:


    To clarify to all would you kindly note “unrelated comments” since 24th Sept on MMG blog which seems to be the blog causing concern at present and is carrying heavy traffic.


    ED: Noted JT, matter now dealt with. My relevant comment on this matter applied to pre 24th. MMG2 about to appear.

  111. JT says:


    I think the problem remains. See the past few days on MMG Jamaica Blog. The article I put in re Newcastle I think was relevant and so are the replies. Do you agree ?

    This debate will be endless and is irritating and will inhibit comments from some people altogether. So something should be done.

    I have recently added comments to the other blogs no one else contributing

    My own view since you ask for it is to when appropriate block further comments and start MMG 2. Will others please add your opinions on this.

    ED: Thanks for valued comment. MMG2 it is by consensus and I’ll automatically cap off at 1,000 comments to avoid future problems. Other than that, all’s fine, everybody is blogging well!

  112. Editor says:


    I said that I would not comment on this topic again. I lied! In a short 6 months (mainly during the past 2 months) this blog has gobbled up 20% of storage so far allocated to the entire 3 year enterprise of LI blogs and you wonder why I’m pissed off!

    MMG was kicked off to facilitate Vickers, Jamaica & “S” Coy anecdotal recall, mainly between Jack & Dave and for ALL others with related interests. Through no one’s fault in particular (probably mine – who else?) it grew like Topsy with unrelated banter, when alternative blogs were/are available.

    My broadband cable bandwidth is pretty good, but even today I face over 30 seconds to load this page, and I have no choice but to load it for technical reasons that probably nobody would be interested with.

    I have some choices – so herewith an ultimatum! Shall I offload ALL the unrelated Comments? OR shall we persevere with the correct usage of the blog, now that alternatives are available. OR do I archive (in due course) and raise MMG (2).

    YOUR choices boys and girls BUT, please oh please “risten to me prease” – horses for courses. Geddit?

  113. Tom Howell says:

    Thank you for your prompt action. Hopefully there will be people out there who may find them of interest. The colour ones were taken by me whilst on holiday and I took a ‘ round island bus trip’ that included Newcastle (about 1990/91). When I have more time I will check out the options you describe to JT.

    ED: Thank you in turn Tom for adding to our growing Picasa Collection. I ‘lost’ the B/W shot of ‘Storm over Kingston’ – sorry about that.

  114. JT says:


    Re Picasa

    On my mac I have iPhoto. Is that the same sort of thing?

    ED: Not certain, but fairly sure you can download Picasa for Mac anyway. This is best option (IMHO) as Picasa can be viewed on Macs, even from a PC.

  115. JT says:


    So are you saying that we can post our own photo? How does that work?

    ED: OK, JT. Short answer NO! (except as a URL placed in the Comment Box, as you would your You Tube clips.) WordPress denies placement of graphic files within Comments, otherwise I would have utilised that option many moons ago.

    However the alternatives outlined earlier (create a URL for your photo) will work if those steps are followed. My recommendation follows:-

    Step 1. Decide if more than a single photo is to be published. Either way, a URL for the single/multiple files needs to be created.

    Step 2. Apply Picasa 3 (or a Mac alternative) and post to the WWW. I can talk you through this.

    Step 3. When a Picasa Album is created with it’s own URL, you can then post to Comment Box (to underline your Name) OR write a Comment in the usual way with a CAPITAL HEADING, include the FULL URL and I will ‘doctor’ for you, OR mail URL address to me to upload into “Old Mates Picasa Albums” etc.

    NB. Note you will probably get spammed (not lost – just parked) until I clear it.


    PS: Let me outline a f’rinstance. Tom Howell has emailed me several Jamaica .jpeg files that might be of interest. I shall upload from the email attachment, ‘doctor’ in Adobe and upload to Picasa (to create a URL). I shall then create a fresh BOLDED Picasa Album in Tom’s name and post to “Old Mates Picasa Albums (Military)”. Tom can then (if he chooses) copy that URL and place it in the Comment Box (when he next blogs) and it will appear as an underline to his name. He can then make body text references to those images if he wishes. OR, I can do it all for him. Geddit?

    PPS: JT, this has now been executed insofar as it’s been done for him. His name on that particular Comment is underlined/linked AND I’ve inserted into a bolded caption at the end of the body text. Both achieving a ‘hotlink’.

    PPPS: Dunno about you lot, but I’m finding MMGs a problem to load (1,221 comments out of a TOTAL of ALL blog comments of 6,114). I won’t say it – BULLSHIT!! – I told you so!

  116. David says:

    Something tell me that Massa like Dirty Harry , and want to be like him , But Massa NOT 21 anymore and not in the army and got no stripes , and only got a big knife like Crocodile Dundee, and a Spear gun.

    “Big Massa” and Ed, not the same
    Despite inferences t’others might claim,
    Old Harry though – he takes no shit,
    From the many – who (him) no likee one bit.
    But beware! – Old Grumpy can play the same game.

  117. Smart Arse says:

    I got it Massa !

    Wots a URL ?

  118. JT says:

    Jack you got all that ?

    I want you all to benefit from my research. As an Ancient Cornish Buccaneer I have discovered that there is a hoard of Spanish Doubloons in a cave on SMM. I’m offering shares in a venture to recover the loot. Each share is GBP1,000. Send to my Bank Account early, ‘cos this is a limited offer!

    Best Regards, your dear and trusted friend and Old Soldier Mate, Jack

  120. Editor says:

    CAPITAL HEADINGS (That are transformed into ‘links’ in the editing function)

    OK Cheps, some of you are wondering why I’m pushing the CAPITALS bit and harping and carping on at poor Ole Swanny about ‘broken URLs’. Here’s why.

    So far,some of you have learned how to ‘link’ your Name in the appropriate space/s of the Comment Box and the need to have a FULL and UNBROKEN URL in that space. You’ve (some that is) also learned how to accurately cut/paste from external articles, that can be other Author’s work or your own in Wordpad, Word or Mac thinggies.

    Let me give an example now, to take you to this more advanced option. Let’s say that Jack Madron seeks to create discussion on St Michael’s Mount and wishes also to embellish his Comment with a photo or two. The photos that he chooses can be allocated to a specific URL via Picasa. The 1st URL is then inserted into his Comment, in the (singular) space when he logs in a Comment. Let’s say that Jack lives in the Admiral Benbow! Supposing also he wishes to refer to an additional photo of SMM in the body text of his Comment. The 2nd URL is entered up under the CAPITAL heading of his comment and Ed will then ‘doctor’ the comment to link that 2nd URL to the Comment Title. Geddit?

    Following are the URL’s applicable that are going to be ‘linked’ into his Comment. See the following pseudo JM Comment



    Both the above URLs will be concealed in Jack’s pretend Comment that follows. And OK, smartarses, before you ask that question “Why not just leave the URLs as is”. The reason is you’ll get spammed by Akismet if you show raw URLs in body text. Plus the fact that I don’t want URLs plastered all through Comments. S’like having yer puttees unrolling when yer marching!

  121. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED, Do you mean we could have these blogs back on. I think with all our blog mates, perhaps you could reinstate;- ie Wild and Wicked, Lewd and Bawdy as perhaps since our membership has grown in past months they might like to peruse these old blogs and shed some light on those old blogs if they have not seen them.

    ED: Swanny, you make a point – which of course (as the Old Cussed Prat that I am) I am ‘fishing’ for. BUT – at a price!

    Firstly, you (of all Old Mates) read the comments that pertain to YOUR ‘broken URLs’ and fix ’em! – which I do and am tired of so doing!

    Secondly, (now that Blog Discipline is being applied) I’ll open Wise & Wicked PROVIDED that the existing blogs that are now operational are used properly. There is absolutely no point in retracing hard won issues, if we fall into the old poor habits.

    Thirdly, you send a fresh comment, corrected with your broken URL (as instructed) and I’ll fulfill my promise.

  122. Old Grumpy says:

    I note from Stats that attempts are made to open a few of the blog pages that have been (temporarily) dismounted for technical (part) reasons and pure bloody mindedness (on my part) – ‘cos they ain’t being used.

    Should you wish to enlighten us/me with some snippets of wordly wisdom (that are relevant to any of the ‘privatised’ blogs below) – drop me a line here and I’ll open ’em.



  123. JT says:


    Better stick to cutting and pasting wall paper to cover those log walls in the cabin. Line em with sheet rock (?) first though.

    Make a nice change from those bear and wolf skins. Also if you are re decorating dump those scalps you’ve got scattered around the place They are so “yesterday” design wise.

  124. Dave H says:

    And i just used the computer to start up and run a bloody chemical plant , i didnt cut and past nothing just making sure the plant didnt blowup in my face , SO THERE

  125. JT says:


    Now thats news (the bit about cutting and pasting word processing stuff)

  126. JT says:


    I do believe that the regular bloggers want it to work as you require and all appreciate your creation and editing role. But I also think some genuinely do not understand and are worried about computer stuff. (It was only a year ago that I asked you what URL means.) and I have been using computers for many years for emails, databases, and spreadsheets etc.

    ED: The past 24 hours has seen a remarkable shift in blog discipline and resultant placement. General Banters Blog now surpasses ALL others, with Grumpy a near second. MMG is slowing down and might – just might – avoid a blocked bowel problem!

    My perusal of Blog Statistics shows an alltime high of nearly 2,200 views per week overall and close to 400 daily. ‘Hits’ are flowing in from many remotely cross connected sites (that’s not Comments – ‘Hits’ only). It shows that ‘Ole Grumpy’s’ point is made and squaddies are reacting to some good ole parade ground bollocking. Keep it up boys and girls and you’ll get your Marksman badges!

    PS: On the topic of ‘computer stuff, I comprehend entirely and encourage usage of the (fairly limited) Comment Blog Box options – i.e. URL (Universal Resource Locator or Website address) placement which most of you now can apply. (Swanny get your finger out!). I further want to see CAPITALS used to head up a Comment to summarise the content. By doing this the particular author will confirm in his/her own mind, what ’tis gunna be about!


    Most PC’s/Macs have a “Wordpad” free text word processor, or better again M/S Word or Mac equivalent. An ‘author’ can compose a message here, get it right in every respect, and then cut/paste into whichever Blog Comment Box is applicable. Final editing can then be done. But as my then (little daughter) once said when told by her mother to ask me an answer to a question “I don’t want to know THAT much about it!”

    PPPS: Well surprise, surprise, some of you DID want to know after all! AND you read the suggestion AND you did summat abaht tit! Well done.

  127. HOLY MACKEREL (Hotlink video clip)

    Lookit all them fucking Indians!

    Talk about being surrounded by the Pawnee and the Cherokee. I feel like an Old Wild West settler on a buffalo drawn cart heading West.

    The discussion on blog discipline is now over for my part. I shall neither join nor comment further on this topic. If the blog system gets fucked – so be it. You all have ample choices to make over most known topics that include “OLD BLOGGER MATES PHOTO PANORAMA/MEMORABILIA”. Let’s see if you can apply self regulation.

    This includes spelling, Capitalising, paragraphing and misplacement of broken URL’s (Swanny!!!!). Follow the rules and you’ll do fine. Happy Blogging.

    Carpe Diem!

    • JT says:


      I don’t think the Cherokee got as far north as Canada. Have to get back to you re Pawnee.

      Watch this space

  128. JT says:


    Look here laddie, you’ll be blog smacked if get cheeky. Haven’t you got some moose calling to do today? That Miss Moose will be waiting for your call.

  129. Sylvia says:


    My grump is, that on the MMGs blog I mentioned that I could only talk about Jamaica from my families point of view as I was not in the Regiment. I asked you which blog I should use, or if I should be contributing at all. Your answer was that I should ‘keep the blogs coming’ no mention off which blog to use. Now we have a ‘General Allday Banter’ blog can I use this to:-
    1)chat about my Jamaica days from a family point of view, if I wish to mention Dad I will go on his blog,
    2) to take the pee out of the other bloggers as long as I am not ‘lewd’ and allow the other bloggers to take the pee out of me.
    3) to do everyday chit chat
    4)Talk about my memories of the past which have no connection with the Regiment.

    To pre-empt your answer, yes I did read the desciption at the top of the page, I don’t require you to fill up the blog with a never ending desciption. I would just like a yes or no to the above questions so I no longer annoy you by putting the above on the incorrect blog.

    ED: Yes to all questions.

    Grump over

    • JT says:


      I don’t think that was the situation at all (that you were only allowed to comment on family stuff on the MMG Blog) I am sure that the regular bloggers enjoyed your contributions immensely.

      Ed ?

  130. JT says:


    (JT) I believe that most if not all bloggers understand what you are trying to achieve in blog “discipline” but are clearly finding it very difficult to comply fully.

    ED: This I agree with, the emphasis being though on “difficulty in compliance” if in fact, which I suspect, bloggers are shooting from the hip and failing to read the header intention.

    (JT) It seems to me that some blogs will simply become unused if this is strictly carried out putting even more usage of the remainder which I think defeats the intent to limit size.

    ED: Well JT, this has already happened. The very 1st blog (“A” Coy) is not even visited, yet when I recently placed a link to facilitate this, this link was ignored and conversations opened in the referring page, which I have now blocked.

    (JT) For example the RSM Royffe blog:
    There must be a finite number of eligible entries regarding this,(probably it has now reached this stage). Once Margaret and Sylvia have contributed and the relatively few existing bloggers have recorded their memories of RSM Royffe and his daughters commented on his families domestic life in Jamaica, what then?

    ED: Well, how do we know this, and so what if it becomes dormant, it has achieved its purpose. I hope that many more subscriptions will eventuate, photos too. After all, the RSM was universally known to us all, there must be many more squaddies who have not yet emerged from the woodwork.

    (JT) Another Example: The MMG blog similarly involves Jack, Dave, Tom and Sloop and Sylvia. To avoid comments not related to their reminiscences of Jamaica or threads developing from these must limit the blog and it will die out fairly quickly.

    ED: Well so what if it lies dormant? Eventually an MMG related comment might pop up.

    (JT) In all the blogs topics change very quickly particularly when banter is introduced. As you say the reply function quickly becomes a problem when comments are coming on thick and fast as happens some days. This will be further complicated if the reply is shunted to another blog because it breaches the intended rules. This would only appeal to the blogger whose comment is being replied to and complicate the receiving blog. I think spontaneity would also suffer badly.

    ED: Agreed, the last issue that I want to deal with is ‘shunting’ and I doubt that it will ever happen, ‘cos I don’t have the time or willingness to fire someone’s rifle for ’em. That is just an option.

    (JT) I think the best to be striven for is that first comments must be on the appropriate blog and everyone does their best to ensure that at the end of the particular thread they do not continue with an new inappropriate (for the blog) topic.

    ED: Well hoofuckingray!

    • JT says:


      I think the “A” Coy blog was latterly rarely visited because there were about only 3 people using it: yourself, Swanny and me. We had to some extent exhausted our reminiscences and were beginning to repeat ourselves.

      Also the Re-Union blog very quickly took over from any habit of commenting on the A Coy blog.

      The creation of the MMG blog brought in the new dynamic of Jack then Dave and recently others. This provided much more opportunity for banter and still does as Sylvia has pointed out. I don’t think it was intended to restrict Sylvia to her Jamaica childhood comments was it?
      Also even with Jack and Dave (plus myself) for a long time the only contributors, there must have been a limit to their reminiscences about MMG Platoon. No others from the Bn joined.

      If the real problem is the size of these blogs do you think they could be at some stage if overloaded paused and archived with a new start?

      ED: I have never had premeditation about restricting comments, or indeed language. Indeed I have sought to encourage wider comment on a variety of topics by introducing separated pages for specific interests. As in my reply to DH’s comment regarding discipline, bloggers appear to me to fail totally, when first browsing the blog page header comment as to what the intent of that blog is and I again remark on the failed use of OLD BLOGGERS PHOTO PANORAMA/MEMORABILIA (maybe misnamed I agree) that was intended for NON MILITARY comment.

  131. Dave Hutchinson says:

    Glad things turned out OK for you Derek. Am going to email my lady cop friend on the Gold Coast, to see how she is making out.

  132. Dave Hutchinson says:

    Lost in a sand storm in OZ never to be seen again, hope the leader has his GPS wiff him.

    ED: Thanks for comment DH. We battened down the hatches yesterday, all doors and windows shut tight, when usually they are wide open. Visibility was almost zero. Our water restrictions have been lifted this weekend to permit sluicing down of all contaminated surfaces. Today is fine and sunny, clear and mild breezes.

  133. JT says:

    Before I go. Ed refers to meeting down the butts.

    He may be embarrassed when I recall a long ago admission from him on the blog that he commanded a bunch of miscreants in the butts on Warwick ranges in Bermuda.

    They amused themselves by making bullet holes in targets with pencils. Is that the reason we might ask, why so many members of “A” Coy wore marksman badges?

    ED: Ahem, ’twas ectually Cpl Robbo Roberts that did the sticking M’Lud. So far as memory allows, there were very few decorated marksmen in Bermuda up to the end of ’55. It was probably only after we “Old Soldiers” were demobbed, that with sod all to do, after all the hard work and standard setting had been achieved, that the CO decided to lower the bar for qualification.

  134. Sloop JB says:

    Have you been seeing red just lately or isn’t those red dust clouds down your way. Looks pretty grim over there at moment, no wonder you had the sniffles.

  135. Sloop JB says:

    Dave H,
    Good morning to you, are you telling me in a polite way that someone in Bermuda got their nose brown as well as their knees, or should I say their hair black, mind you’re not put on jankers to clean out that said cellar.

  136. Dave H says:

    JB. Swanny has filled me in what went on in Bermuda, but my lips are sealed. But I’m sure you’ll read in some of the blogs, some of it, but if you contact Swanny maybe he will tell you the rest. I’m just glad I was with the MMGs in Jamaica, at least we didn’t suck up to the Officers.

  137. Sloop JB says:

    Dave H,
    Good to hear from you again. Don’t know what they got up to in Bermuda but us Jamaica boys were tower of epitome, clean living and all that.

  138. Jack Madron says:

    Am I on the right blog I am feeling grumpy ’cause I’ve got a guts ache. Grumps over.
    I think everybody is guilty of using the wrong blog, including me. I’m sure it’s not done deliberate. I try to follow the right blog, but some one makes a comment and I automatically reply. Wrong, I know but old dog, new tricks, thingy? Anyhow, mate. Put up with us, we may learn in time.

    ED: Thanks Jack, my ranting is well over now, ’nuff said (by me) on the matter. Let’s let things run as you suggest and regroup down in the butts in a few weeks time. There’s enough ammo for the troops to select from nowadays, if anybody gets bloggers foot from now on, so be it!

  139. Sloop JB says:

    What’s up Doc, powder got up your hooter, nothing like a good old sniffle to start the day, or end the day in your time zone. Have a good blow ED.

    ED: Thanks JB, sound advice, been doing that ALL day now, summery cold and pollen are a rotten combination.

  140. Sloop JB says:

    I say Sylvia I think you’ve stirred the ED up. You could say you made him Grumpy, good job we got this page isn’t it.

    Hi Ed, belated birthday wishes to you, does that mean you’re old enough to join the grumpy old men’s club with the rest of us old buggers. (Smile darn you smile).

    ED: Thanks JB. I’m all of ’em (the dwarfs). Sleepy now, was Happy, before that Grumpy and I have been Sneezy all day also.

  141. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Ed, As you have said it was easier when I first got on line and it was just ‘A’ COY. Three years on and I fully agree with you on your comments regarding going on wrong blog.

    I will endorse what Margaret and Sylvia have remarked but we have got carried away by going on the wrong blogs. I for one will do my best to follow the rules of blogging and finally Derek, I fully respect all you do for our benefit on procedure of blogging.

    To quote the BUFFS RAOB their motto “NEMO MORTALIUM OMNIBUS HORIS SAPIT” – No Man Is At All Hours Wise.

    ED: Agreed – cuius vis hominis est errare (it is natural for any man to make a mistake)

  142. Margaret Royffe says:

    ED: SMILE ON thanks for the new blog and all your thoughts on the rights and wrongs. We are all doing our best to keep within your guidelines but sometimes it goes wrong SORRY!

    ED: Thanks Margaret, this situation is highly fluid as anyone can see, and the exponential curve of related issues become greater with additional contributors on board. If everyone stopped to draw a breath before logging in and asked “Am I part of the solution or part of the problem” – we’ll get there eventually.

  143. Sylvia says:


    We can not talk about Jamaican food, flowers and places of interest on the MMG, JAMAICA & ‘S’ company blog, we can no longer do general chit chat on the ‘Bloody Unbelievable’ blog, yet one blogger was doing general chit chat on the Harold Royffe blog and not a word to him from you. I can no longer hack all this.

    ED: Well – what would YOU have done Sylvia? Can YOU claim accuracy with all your comments in relation to the blog content and relevance? How would you encourage ongoing commentary to a new squaddie? Easy to critique without offering constructive ideas. Your welcome presence on the blogs is a breath of fresh air, but what I have repeatedly asked is for blog discipline. Seems a tad premature (to me) to join Dave on the sidelines, he obviously still reads the blogs!

    • Editor says:

      Well it’s like this Sylvia. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I might be anal, but I’m stuffed if I’m going to be editorial policeman to every logged comment, along with DAILY correcting 100s – yes 100’s of spelling and syntax errors. MY expectations are that we have a Blog platform that is ‘Shipshape and Bristol fashion’. So far as MMGs are concerned – it WAS initially related to Vickers machine guns and matters of Regimental interest in Jamaica. I fail to see how difficult that is!

      T’ain’t rocket science to read the headers and opening comments on “Unbelievable” to fathom out where it’s been shafted into meaningless oblivion, despite the attempts by the few (!) to bring it back on line!

      The central problem is that only (about) 10 Comments remain at view on any single blog page. The fr’instance example that I used about Swanny, was that current day (20th – 22nd Sept 2009) comments about this loyal lad with meritorious 1DCLI etc service, logged into “Unbelievable” – (and I for one fail to see relevance there) – get ‘lost’ to view after a few days. I believe that Swanny – and others – are far more deserving of recognition than is the case so far, than being placed in the mixed comments that are recorded on this page (“Unbelievable”). In that instance however, Swanny himself was t’miscreant in that he used Unbelievable to make that announcement and everyone follows like sheep. IMHO, Swanny shoulda used DCLI – BUT -(see another technical glitch) WordPress has shut me out (temporarily) and I dunno when normal service will be restored.

      With regard to MMGs, I can further appreciate that wider interests prevail when additional matters that relate to Jamaica, that are NOT Regimental, are now visited into the comments. Unless an alternative was offered (which until today was the case), OK, some mix will (and has occurred).

      Anyone who so wishes can take their bat and ball home with ’em, (and ain’t THAT a simple solution?) but NOW I have provided General Banter’s Blog for ‘general banter’ seems to me that there is an alternative. I have gripes too, see it from my aspect. Not one of the Blogging Fraternity has offered a solution and as best as I can see, few – if any – read the header sections of any of the blogs. Draw your own conclusions, if as and when you browse ALL the blogs and work out how misplaced many of the comments are, you’ll see the problem.

      The final issue is what to do when a blog page refuses to load on your PC/Mac because of bandwidth load? Whaderyugunnadothen? – OK, maybe not your specific problem! – but when another fresh blog page is published – guess what? – someone else cracks the shits and takes their bat and ball home. Tellyerwat! – ’twas easier when there was only 1 blog – “A” Company 1DCLI – and NOW that’s ignored too! – I can’t solve ALL the ongoing issues. Just a bit of good ‘ole LI support and discipline is needed here, with a bucketful of tolerance! Lord give me patience, but give it to me now! (SMILE)

  144. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED, Sorry again for writing on wrong Blog! Is there any way you can put it on my blog page? As you know I get carried away!

    ED: Thanks Swanny and I respect your request BUT candidly wrongly placed Comments have become a bloody nightmare and I’m doing my best to be a good, friendly Editor here, but fast losing the plot. I make endless appeals for orderliness and fuck all happens. With respect to you, you continue to log in a partly completed URL that underlines your name and goes nowhere. I remove it each time.

    If fr’instance, I do relocate your wrongly placed comment (as you have asked) the Comment will lose it’s origins from your computer to mine, which beggars the intent. I have written another diatribe to Margaret over this matter and hope that soon the disciplines of blogging will take effect. Please read ALL the “Rules” at the header portion of “Old Grumpy”

    • Margaret Royffe says:

      ED: there are times when you want to respond to comments straight away and I just click on the reply button and blow me got it wrong, but what is the point of putting your supportive comment on another blog it all gets out of sync.

      There you are that is my grump for today. I still support Swanny though and hope he feels better about not being able to do what he loves.

      ED: Thanks Margaret. Perhaps in my somewhat ‘lofty’ position of immediately seeing ALL comments in line order (as time logged) NOT only inside each blog, I have a different perspective on matters.

      What I have always intended, when we only had a few blogs, was to marshall comments into blog ‘paddocks’. This gave rise to “Wise & Wicked”, “Rhyme or Reason”, “Afghanistan” where global issues that fell within these parameters were logged. No problem.

      Then the “Swanny Swanson”, “RSM”, “Lt Col Marsh”, “Joe Tippett”, “MMG” blogs were born, where I imagined that relevant comments would flow. (I’m not being editorially inventive here, just scan these blogs and see how poorly they’re subscribed to (and mis-used in the case of MMG), with wrongly placed comments elsewhere, then you’ll share MY frustration!).

      We now (also) have “Bloody Unbelievable” which if a reader browses that header section, the conclusion (hopefully) is drawn that stupid, pathetic events of a political, international profile, that have some impact on we law abiding citizens of Western Countries, can be commented upon. This works some of the time, but not always. WHY?

      The answer I believe (and MY thoughts and intents are not paramount) is that an enthusiastic blogger kicks off a comment in the wrong blog, which is then picked up by a Responder and then the trail – down the wrong blog – is continued. What then happens is that (fr’instance) Swanny’s supportive replies/comments finish up deeply buried in what has become a ‘general’ blog and very quickly gets lost in the pages and layers of dated articles.

      I would like to see related Comments placed in related Blogs, but this entire venture will become meaningless if readers don’t take the trouble to generate order in the beginning. Simply because your computer bandwidth will eventually spit the dummy, and take too long to load the page, you’ll get impatient (a nanosecond is a long time on a computer), you’ll not bother, I’ll get cussed and called an infidel (!), and we lose support.

      I don’t have all the answers, but I can tell you all right now, we have a bloody nightmare looming, if some semblance of orderliness ain’t applied. If anyone has a suggestion for a solution, speak up!

      PS: See another new Blog Page – General Banter’s Blog!

  145. Sloop JB says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve handed your mantle over. Just think you have done it all this time with pride. Keep going old son, don’t let it get at you. Time for a rest.

    Take care JB.

  146. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    All. Grumpy today. First time in many years that I had to decline being on parade for the RAFA Battle of Britain where we the DCLI Assn, always lead the Parade as the County Regiment on the wishes of the Penzance RAFA Association.

    I rang Nobby Clarke to say I wasn’t up too much today and for him to represent me on behalf of our Branch. I think this will be the end of my Marching Days. Armistice etc, AGE SHALL NOT WEARY THEM and all that, old saying you can’t be first and last blowing my own trumpet I haven’t missed many in over 50 years and have been proud to have done it.

    • Sylvia says:

      Chin up Swanny, you’ve more than done your bit for the Rememberance days etc. My sister Eileen carries the Standard for the BL Ladies Section, so I know what it means to you. We are very proud of her, I even changed the date of my husbands funeral so she could march into York Minster with the Standard. She also wears miniatures of Dad’s Medals (on the other side of course) and has been to France and Belgium.

      Our generation will never forget.

    • Margaret Royffe says:

      Swanny, you will still be attending the Services and watching the parades and Nobby will do a good job too. You keep your pecker up. Syliva is right you have done your bit but you are still able to support the Regiment and your association. God Bless you. We will never forget and we will pass on our devotion to our children. Take care now

    • Editor says:


      Many respectful comments for Swanny’s loyalty and service to the Flag and the Regiment will flow on from his announcement. Kindly build our blog page tribute to our ‘Ole Mate (referred above), in the appropriate place, to ensure that we can all review his contributions over the years to come.

      As is obvious, any specific comment such as one for Swanny, inserted into a general blogging banter, will soon be overtaken into obscurity, ‘cos readers will simply not run back to ancient pages. That’s the point I endeavour to make “horses for courses” – place your comments in the most appropriate blog for the subject topic. Geddit?

  147. Sloop JB says:

    Morning all,
    Had a good nights sleep last night so I ain’t too grumpy this morning. One thing wrong with the hotel, there were so many OAPs there I couldn’t get near the lift, you know what I mean. Tell ‘ee what, if there was another war (god forbid) there wouldn’t be a shortage for ‘DADS ARMY’, think about it.

    Sylvia, I think I saw Basil in the back ground hiding behind a branch, must have been waiting to give the coach a thrashing.

    Grump Grump Grump

  148. JT says:

    Well now just showsya

    I thought this blog was just for bloggers to be grumpy about the blog and get Ed wound up.

    ED: There you go JT. Has a mind of it’s own. Ah Well, just needs Dave to join in!

    • Dave H says:

      This is for our fearless leader. It might get a smile out of him.

      ED: Thanks Dave, made my (birth) day, very apt. Good to see your comment.

      • Editor says:

        Trapper Dave has come in from the cold
        With fresh comments to tickle the Old –
        Grumpy’s page he has scanned, ’tis so true
        What now’s MMGs blog gunna do
        With the stories he tells – he’s so blue!

  149. Editor says:

    From t’North has come back ‘Ole JB,
    Pseudo splendour – at Towers Fawlt-y!
    Service, so called, was quite marred
    Like t’eggs, when they got ’em were hard,
    Now he can grouse on new page – ‘Ole Grump-y.

    • Poet, don't know it says:

      Poor ole JB is snoring like a hog
      ‘E don’t know going on in this blog
      We’re not taking the pee
      We’re very sorry for ‘ee
      Can’t do no more for you ED
      Have to go up t’wooden hill to bed

      ED: Bravo Phantom Poet (!), that’ll set the pace!

  150. Sloop JB says:

    Hello everybody,

    Good to be back
    Good to be back
    Did you miss me yeah
    While I was away?
    Did you hang my picture on your wall
    I bet you didn’t miss me at all

    We’re back boys, the worst hotel we ever stayed at, we don’t recommend staying at The Grand Hotel Scarborough.

    How’s that for a grump Cheps. Thanks ED for this page.

    • Sylvia says:


      We did miss you, yes we did.
      We did, we did, we did, we did!

      Welcome to the Gumpy Page,
      Where we all come to rage.

      The Grand Hotel was it very naughty
      Did you stay with Basil Fawlty

      Were the staff just not alert
      Come on JB dish the dirt

      ED: Gawd! the mind boggles at the potential here.

  151. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    All. Looking back to the good old days I think 9 out of 10 smoked, I haven’t smoked for years now, used to smoke 50-60 a day then, I am a very Grumpy these days when I smell ciggies. Not too bad as they have to go out of the clubs etc if they want to puff.

    H R and Co would never believe it!

  152. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Hi All. So nice to have both you girls as the first since Derek and I. I think Derek we will keep them for ourselves.

    Derek, I think HR is looking down on us two saying make sure you look after my girls HA HA. When I go on HR’s blog I am still in awe of him after all these years HR (RIP) and to think Derek, we are the Grumpy Old Men!

    ED: Make the most of it Swanny, our own page to bull and banter, but not for long our exclusive domain for sure.

    • Margaret Royffe says:

      Now then you two don’t get bogged down with being ‘Grumpy’ enjoy every minute and think positive. HR was only Grumpy when he wasn’t well.

      • Sylvia says:

        Psssst, and when we were a long time getting his Woodbines from the Sgts Mess. But don’t tell anyone else.

  153. Margaret Royffe says:

    And Swanny thought there was only going to be the ED and him on this blog.

    Hasn’t it been so cold tonight – there that’s my grump

  154. Margaret Royffe says:

    I haven’t got much to moan about but I do enjoy reading your page so keep it up I am enjoying your banter


  155. Sylvia says:

    Hi guys,

    I have not visited this site as it says ‘Grumpy old men’ (only kidding ED).

    As you are discussing illness, I would like to add my ‘Grump’ I had cancer 15 years ago, yes I thank God every day for the 15 years I wouldn’t have had. But the guy who put the line in for the Chemo put it in crooked and it came out of the vein, now when you first have chemo you don’t know what to expect so when it hurt I told myself to stop being a baby and put up with it. I now have an almost useless hand, to go with my nearly useless arm (I had Breast Cancer). If that guy had told me what to expect, and that it shouldn’t hurt this wouldn’t have happened. I personally would like to castrate that bloke.

    Grump over.

    Pleased you are on the mend Swanny.

    It’s nice to have a blog to grump on, so can I be an honorary man, then may be I can pee in the sink.

    ED: Welcome aboard ‘Old Grumpy’s Page’, Sylvia. Grump away to your heart’s content.

  156. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED.Thanks for your quick response Derek, I think we will keep this site for just you and I, HA HA, we have so much in common.

    Yes Derek, Doris and I go to the Legion and meet up with her cousin and her husband every Saturday evening and I am enjoying my Guiness, can manage three or four pints, goes down lovely. I am not putting on much weight but I eat very well, hopefully I will in the future, but I don’t want to be as big as I was (13 stone) before I went in hospital, would like to be like I was when I joined the Dukes, 10-10 half stone. Only trouble is I have had to get clothes that fit now. Weighed yesterday about 8 stone and a half.

    ED: Well done, good news ‘Ole Mate. Keep Well.

  157. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED. I think if you saw my nurses during my treatment at home you would have a surprise, three of them were quite old and my usual nurse was a bloke and a really big guy but very efficient in his job of changing my dressings etc.

    Only had one big hickup was that COW who took my dressing off and my feeding tube came out, six hours and a trip back to hospital and then on the dreaded drip again for two days before my tube was reinstated, I was not a happy bunny.

    ED: All behind you now though Swanny, hopefully. Onwards and upwards healthwise and hopes that you are putting on weight. Still on the Guiness ‘Ole Mate?

  158. Editor says:


    “In the early days all I hoped was to make a living out of what I did best. But, since there’s no real market for masturbation I had to fall back on my bass playing abilities.”
    Les Claypool

  159. Editor says:


    An old man gets on a crowded bus and no one gives him a seat. As the bus shakes and rattles, the old man’s cane slips on the floor and he falls. As he gets up, a seven-year-old kid, sitting nearby, turns to him and says, “If you put a little rubber thinggy on the end of your stick, it wouldn’t slip.”

    The old man snaps back, “Well, if your daddy did the same thing seven years ago, I would have a seat today.”

    I Think You are the Father of One of My Kids

    An older guy goes to the supermarket and notices a beautiful blond woman wave at him and say hello. He’s rather taken aback, because he can’t place where he knows her from. So he says, “Do you know me?”

    To which she replies, “I think you’re the father of one of my kids.”

    Now his mind travels back to the only time he has ever been unfaithful to his wife and says, “My God, are you the stripper from my bachelor party that got me so excited I had to lay you right there on the pool table with all my buddies spraying whip cream on us?”

    She looks into his eyes and calmly says, “No, actually I’m your son’s math teacher.”

    Offensive mood ring

    My mate’s wife being unhappy with his mood swings brought him one of those mood rings so she could monitor his mood. They discovered that when he was in a good mood it turned green and when he’s in a bad mood it leaves a big fucking red mark on her forehead.

  160. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Hi Derek. This is more like it. Over the last few years Doris has named me Victor Meldrew? I wonder why? When Chelsea lose I do my nut and since my illness last year I thought I had mellowed. According to my family I am back to normal, moaning and groaning mainly if my PC goes a bit wrong, on the phone to Donald my son to rectify the problem. Normally it is very minor fault, but I still gripe at the least things in life, must be old age?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Swanny,

      Don’t believe that the others have found this new page yet, just proves how infrequently the Blog Titles are browsed.

      However, good to read your comment and observe your reflections on the generalities of life. During the time I spent with you and Doris in Penzance, during last June, I found you to be highly jovial and well balanced. I was a tad disappointed though that none of us got a ringside seat when your private nurses attended, to administer your medication. What a sight that would have been!


    ‘Yer ‘Tis. Your opportunity to grouse constructively.

    Carpe Diem!

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