Not just a load of Old Bull

Not just a load of Old Bull

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Sgnt Major Bill Griffiths KSLI and Editor at Shrewsbury LI Annual Gathering June 2009.  We miss you on the blogs Bill, and send our heartfelt support to you during your current challenging times.  Come back 'Ole Mate, we miss you.

Sgnt Major Bill Griffiths KSLI and Editor at Shrewsbury LI Annual Gathering June 2009. We miss you on the blogs Bill, and send our heartfelt support to you during your current challenging times. Come back 'Ole Mate, we miss you.

Bill Griffiths & Swanny Swanson at Shrewsbury June 2010, LI Weekend. Finally 2 great Old Pals together. Well Done cheps.

Harry Patch Memorial Service, St Petroc's Bodmin: Wendy Joll, Swanny Swanson, Jack Madron (Courtesy: T Joll)

Harry Patch Memorial Service, St Petroc's Bodmin: Wendy Joll, Swanny Swanson, Jack Madron (Courtesy: T Joll)

Harry Patch Memorial Service: St Petroc's Bodmin: Hazel Bennett, Russell Bennett, Wendy Joll, Neil Swanson. (Courtesy T. Joll)

Harry Patch Memorial Service: St Petroc's Bodmin: Hazel Bennett, Russell Bennett, Wendy Joll, Neil Swanson. (Courtesy T. Joll)

Swanny & Keith Mannings, trying to look sober the morning after the January 2010 DCLI Tankard presentation to KM at the Heamoor Legion

Old 3 Platoon Mates together after 55 years. Swanny, Maurice White, Terry Simons. June 2010 Bodmin Rally.

Swanny, Ray Smith, Nobby Clarke, Shrewsbury June 2010

Bugler Ray Smith with the Bert Angwin Sword. Shrewsbury June 2010

Swanny, Bugler Ray Smith, Terry Joll. Shrewsbury June 2010

Peter Male and Jack Madron. Veterans Parade Truro June 2010

A recent photo of Peter Male and his wife Sylvia, at Bodmin Memorial. Peter has been the Truro DCLI Association Standard Bearer for many years and has unfailingly attended LI Events throughout the country. Behind every willing Light Infantryman is a good woman. Thank you both.

Photo of Mr David Eddy with the standard of Marazion and St Michaels Mount, who was the Mayor of Marazion. David was one of the last of the N/Servicemen to have served in the DCLI in Osnabruck. This was taken at the Forces Day at Marazion June 2010.

Bodmin Open Day June 2010. Penzance, Truro & Bristol Members

Special Guard Group 1954. A Coy. Bermuda. (Sjnt) Bert Love commanding. Bert is in Shrewsbury Hospital August 2010. See comment below.

JB's (Sloop) Old LI Soldier's Corner in Taunton

(RSM) Terry Joll presenting the Trophy to the Best Shot on Saturday 11th September 2010

Note from Swanny Sept 2010: This is a old photo I found, there are 6 of us that were in the DCLI. Rendell Maddern (Jamaica), Terry Tonkin DCLI-SLI (Malaya), Bill Allan HQ Pioneer (Bermuda), Trevor Wallis (RIP) British Guiana, Billy Matthews (Bermuda) (RIP), Neil Swanson (Bermuda).

The combined WO & Sjt's Messes of the 1st Bn, Depot, and 4/5 Bn (TA). It was taken on the lawn in front of Trg Coy Office at the Depot, a few weeks after returning from BWI. (Courtesy Tom Howell)

John Morgan, Swanny, Pete Rule, Keith Mannings. Sept 2010

DCLI Assn Members forming a Guard of Honour for the funeral of Peter Male on Friday 8th October 2010

Both photos courtesy John Billett: As above. Peter Male. RIP


Representatives Jack Madron, Bobby Fox, Nobby Clarke, Swanny and Mary Clarke, at the 70th Anniversary Battle of Britain Parade, Penzance 2010

BODMIN OPEN DAYS (MIXED LOT) Courtesy John Billett

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Courtesy Neil Swanson: Editorial Bill Billin RIP, The Lord Lovatt's Piper

Hi Derek, I cut this item out of one of our local paper The St,Ives Times and Echo, Friday, August 27th 2010. I thought it would be good if you could put this on the blog where you think fit, in honour of this very brave soldier. I met him in Bodmin few years ago at the Freedom Parade for the the 29th Division US Rangers Corps who trained in Cornwall for the Normandy Landings. The Americans had so much respect for his bravery at the beach in Normandy. I was one of the few to have met this most laid back gentleman and I felt so proud to have Scottish blood in my veins.

Our Gunn Clan motto (Aut Pax Aut Bellum) In Peace And War.

Obituary Notice Major Peter Tresidder TD MBE. Hon Member DCLI Assn Penzance Branch

The Cornishman Obituary Notice forwarded by Neil ‘Swanny’ Swanson, in recognition of a Grand Old Soldier

The newspaper article above forwarded by Swanny, tells it all. Another sacrifice by a brave British Soldier, TA at that, a husband, a father, a friend and a mentor. A sad loss added to the fruitless cost of this wanton war against a cowardly enemy and an undeserving country. William Blanchard RIP.


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  1. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Had a phone call from Keith Mannings to say he went on the net and on Ber News there was a write that is on his blog page and printed in todays page with Major Marsh’s article of his service in Bermuda with the DCLI and his service in the SAS in the war etc which is taken from the one you wrote about on his blog page with his photo in SAS uniform etc. I wrote a caption in the paper about what a honour it was to serve under him in the DCLI in Bermuda in 1954-55 and said he was a first class soldier (RIP Major T.Marsh DCLI-SAS)

  2. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    This is the last write up of Wootton Bassett, as since April 2007 our service men and women who have been killed in action have come through Wootton Bassett, as RAF Lyneham is closing down the our service personnel will now go to RAF Brize Norton. I will send you Derek the down loads from the Daily Mirror for you to peruse.


  3. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Very sad day for me yesterday; my closest mate’s funeral took place in Heamoor. Ernie Gilbert who served in RA and RE with me who had been ill for last two years was buried in Penzance cemetery. The church was full for the service for this very popular character. His two brother in law Colin Coram who served in Bermuda and Edgar Lynn who also served with DCLI in Jamaica and said at the wake to remember them to all that knew them in the Regiment when doing their N/S. (RIP) Ernie you will never be forgotten.

  4. Swanny Swanson says:

    Had very good day at Davidstow yesterday. Excellent turn out of LI veterans from various parts of Cornwall ie Korean Vets from DLI-KSLI. Met a chap who was next to my good friend who was killed there, William Thomas from St Ives, a very emotional moment for me. All on parade were a credit: ie The Army and ATC and Sea Cadets drill etc was first class and we were inspected by the Commander at RNAS Culdrose. The owner of Davidstow was also ex LI and joined in 1974 with my son Donald, small world!

    The museum is first class as it is still laid out as a War time aerodrome with lots of relics from WW2. A good day was had for all who attended the day and again the DCLI was attended by Branches in the South West.

  5. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi everyone
    I went to the LI Re-Union at Copthorne Barracks Shrewsbury last weekend and had the pleasure of meeting up with Terry Joll. What great surprise for me, a really nice guy. Great meeting you Terry and thanks for the picture. I think we marched past at about 130 (well, it felt that fast). Not bad for ‘Old Un’s’


  6. Geoff Cherry says:

    Ray I don’t know the exact dates you are asking for, but we took over in 56 and left in 57 when the Battalion returned to England.

  7. Swanny Swanson says:

    The West Cornwall Branch held its June meeting last night at Heamoor RBL. Not so many there as the last meeting, about 20 members and wives attending, also our guests John and Jenny Griffin, Joe and Anne Knight, who are on holidays till next Saturday.

    Members present wished to be remembered to all our friends up Country and abroad, also attending the meeting was Sylvia Royffe who is also on holiday in West Cornwall. The Branch ladies Mary Clarke, Doris Swanson did the raffle and raised the grand total of £37 for Branch Funds, what would we do without them. On Sunday 26th June the Branch Members are going by coach to Davidstow Airport Museum in North Cornwall for the day and there will be a parade to celebrate the opening of RNAS Culdrose of the Swordfish Museum to be opened by the Captain of RNAS Culdrose base at Helston.

    ED. Thanks Swanny. Well done all and best regards to the Old Mates contingent.

  8. Ray Grubb says:

    Ed can you help me ? Could you find out the dates that D Company was in British Guiana, as I was there about 20 miles from Georgetown at what was Atkinson Field Air base.

    ED: Hello Ray. I regret that I can’t enlighten you at all. Tom Howell’s Memoirs might have helped, but on reading ’em again, Tom spent his latter BWI tour in Belize. However Tom might assist if he gets to read your blog. Hopefully others with BG service can help. Good Luck and thanks for your contribution. Any old photos?

  9. Dick Burwood 22246490 says:

    Hi Everyone

    My name is Dick Burwood, C Coy Minden BAOR, 29 S Coy and D Coy Kingston and Newcastle.
    I will be trying to post some photos in the near future.

    Cheers one and all

    ED: Well Done Dick, good to hear from you. Send your photos by .jpeg, with captions if possible and I’ll publish ’em for all to see.

  10. Swanny Swanson says:

    While watching the news on TV there was a very touching story of a British soldier severly wounded in Afghanistan being blown up by a IED and he lost both legs, also the worst was he had his genitals and crutch area also blown away. The story was about doing something – that with hindsight – thought about Service en should give sperm to bank their sperm in case of this type of thing happening, so that they could have children should this occur. Also I didn’t reallise that our troops are not issued with a protective device in case this accident should happen, but US Forces have, which must be so frustrating when this such thing happens. Same old yarn – our Government always out to save money, when will they learn to think about our troop’s welfare?

  11. Swanny Swanson says:

    Just listening to Radio Cornwall that HMS Cornwall sailing in to Falmouth on her last trip before being decommissioned at Devonport. How sad that this Lib-Con government has been towards our armed forces with leaving our proud military nation with all the cuts in NAVY-ARMY-RAF and getting rid of the very people we will always need so much. It is very sad personally for me because along with the DCLI Associations which went to the commissioning of HMS Cornwall at Falmouth in which the late Princess Diana did the commissioning ceremony and all the DCLI-LI Associations were invited to attend and presented the Captain of the ship with a DCLI shield which was placed in the wardroom of the ship with great pride by all the Officers and crew alike and that travelled all over the world even to China and Korea, in particular for all the people visiting the ship to see our DCLI shield of which the crew was so very proud to show world wide. A very sad day indeed to all who have known many of the sailors that have served on that very special ship that was Cornwall’s own and now alas gone for ever.

  12. Swanny Swanson says:

    I have mailed you the Agenda for the AGM of the West Cornwall Branch LI Association, we had an excellent turnout of 25 members and 6 lady members present. The Officers and committee were elected en bloc to serve for the coming year.

    The President Maj P Michell then presented an engraved DCLI tankard to our Hon Sec – Hon.Treasurer Mr Frank Baxter for all his dedicated service to our Branch for many years, what a wonderful servant he has been, he is 92 years of age and apart from some heart problems he remains so resolute and is a fine example of being a DCLI stalwart and example to all.

    After the business was over the members enjoyed a first class buffet prepared by Mrs Karen Wilson the Heamoor RBL steward who always caters for us with a wonderful assortment of food. We as a Branch have a good membership number and if only the ex DCLI that are still in existence in the West Cornwall area would join. They do not know what they are missing, our comraderie is as the same as when we all served, but alas this is not to be? The members gave a good selection of raffle prizes and the branch made £64 for branch funds.

    Finally. At the Lucknow Dinner in November Mrs Elizabeth Bolitho’s son Col. Edward Bolitho is a guest, his late father Maj Bolitho was my C Commander in 4/5th Bn TA and a branch member for many years.

    ED: Thank you Swanny. Good reporting on behalf of all Members. Greatly appreciated.

  13. Swanny Swanson says:

    Attended the Truro Branch AGM and buffet lunch at Newquay held in the Sandy Lodge Hotel yesterday. 35 members in attendance, as usual first class meal and good meeting. The members wished to be remembered to you and all DCLI abroad. We have the AGM and buffet at Heamoor RBL tonight at 7-7-30 pm. These meetings were close to each other due to Mrs L Saddlier being on other commitments elsewhere,this is only the first time these meetings were so close to each other, will give a report on West Cornwall Branch meeting tomorrow.

  14. Ray Kennedy says:

    Thanks for that, I come from Falmouth and my parents still live there. They are called Eileen and Reggie Cock. When they were fully active, they used to attend the Rough Tor service every year. I still remember as a young lad stopping off at the Half Way House on the way home. I believe that when he came back from Greece for some reason he ended up going to the KSLI. I am just trying to see if this recording still exists. Hope this is of some help.

    • Terry Joll says:

      Hello Ray.
      I think I knew Reggie Cock, if it is the Reggie that I knew, he was a Fitters Mate at Falmouth Docks in early fifties when I was a fitter there. He worked in the Fitting Shop and I was a Bugler in the Falmouth ACF Band and I would take my mouthpiece to work and Reggie Cock and I would send each other Calls by using small copper pipes. I believe he was KSLI and served in Korea. Hope this helps a little. This is so bloody slow, I hope it comes through, I am typing blind.


      • Ray Kennedy says:

        Thanks for that Terry, yes my Dad did work at the docks and both he and I played in the Falmouth cadet bugles and he was a bugler with the TA. I am just trying to see if this recording still exists and if either Dougie Wright’s wife has it, or if the Truro branch have it. Would appreciate any contact details.

  15. Terry Joll says:

    Ray. I cannot remember contacting you but with age the grey cells get greyer.


    ED: Rest easy Sjnt Major, you’re correct. Seems that Ray has assumed that my footnotes are your responses.

    Not so Ray. Your email address is not at public view and is only captured by me (as Editor) and released to an approved recipient. Terry is seeking more information from you – UK residence (Town/City) etc. Maybe you’d like to open dialogue here to see where it takes you.

  16. Ray Kennedy says:

    Thanks for that, Terry has already been in contact and I have replied, hopefully he will be able to give me some more info and I can follow it up.

  17. Terry Joll says:

    Ray, you are talking of events over 40 years ago, Dougie Wright has passed on but his wife still lives in Truro, I think. Tell us a little about where you are from.

    ED: Ray, If anyone can help you, it will be Terry Joll, who has excellent knowledge and memory of the Regiment from those years. If you respond to Terry’s comment here, I will disclose your email address to Terry for direct contact.

  18. Ray Kennedy says:

    This message is for anyone who can help me. I served with the 1st and 3rd Battalions from 1972 to 1993. My Dad William Reginald Cock was a bugler and served with the DCLI in the 50’s.

    In 1972/3 I attended the Old Comrades rememberance service on Rough Tor. My dad and I played Last Post and Reveille and on our return to the car park Dougie Wright’s wife asked us to play them again so that she could record it. The following year, I turned regular and my dad had a heart attack and we were unable to play at the service again. I believe that the recording was used for a number of years for the service.

    I am trying to find out if the recording still exists and if so who has it and could I get a copy. My dad is still alive and I would dearly like to be able to play for him and myself.


    ED: If someone can help Ray, kindly advise by posting a comment so that I can capture your email address (not shown in replies). I will then connect you with Ray. Thanks.

  19. Swanny Swanson says:

    Sloop JB
    Thanks for sending me email address etc for Davidstow Museum. I have sent mail to most of my contacts with the address etc, had a reply from Bill Griffiths and he remarked the museum is not open yet the reason for this would be seasonal I would think?

    • Sloop JB says:

      Hello Swanny,

      You’re welcome, I’m sure Bill is right, I think I read somewhere that their big weekend is in July. Also while reading some of the info the man who runs it, Steve Perry, the name seems familiar, I’m sure we had a Perry at Bodmin or in Germany, it said he was Light Infantry but didn’t say which mob. I’ve also seen it advertised with all the bumph you get at holiday camps, it’s a package telling people what is happening and where it’s happening. Good luck with your sorting things out.

  20. Swanny Swanson says:

    Hi Sloop
    I endorse everything you say, on the normal time of June for open day our West Cornwall branch is arranging a coach to go to Davidstow where apparantly a gentleman has a Military Museum with lots of artifacts of all the Armed Forces. When I get the proper time of this event I will let the blogs know all about it, also this chap makes cheeses of all sorts, Terry Joll told the meeting, as said I will notify the blogs of dates and times.


  21. Swanny Swanson says:

    This is newsletter from Bodmin Branch LI & Rifles Association with new dates for this year, 19th March Paardeburg Dinner. 9th -11th June Royal Cornwall Show, 10th-13th June LI Re-Union at Shrewsbury, 25th June Armed Forces Day, 9th July Annual Bar-B-Q, 10th September Open Day at the Keep. As you can see Derek, Open Day at Bodmin is changed first time ever to accommodate various the other goings on? Frank Baxter brought this up at our meeting on Tuesday last and Terry Joll spoke about the date changes as they would clash with the dates given? I will email you with as said our minutes of that meeting.

    • Sloop JB says:

      Hello Swanny,

      No names no pack drill. I got wind of this change whilst attending Peter Males’ funeral, and because I book my holidays to include that particular weekend I emailed the LI office to enquire if there was any substance to what I had heard. The answer came back (No the open day will stay the same), much to my surprise when I received the copy of the news letter there it was, the date had been moved to Sept. As I had heard about it long before, I can’t help but think some one lied to me and needless to say I’m not very happy towards the office in Bodmin. If thats the way they treat their Members I’m in two minds as to return my membership card and tell them to stuff it. I don’t want to because I have enjoyed the times I have attended and met all you guys. I’m not sure if I can make it Sept, especially the way the price of petrol keeps rising, our pension money can only stretch so far.

  22. Swanny Swanson says:

    Had our first meeting of the New Year with DCLI Assn, there were 21 members and wives present. A raffle was held and £30 was made for Branch funds, I will send the minutes to you when Frank sends them to me. The members wished to be remembered to you Derek and all members on the blog.

    ED: Thanks indeed Swanny, I appreciate the update. Just received an email from Tristan Rutter – we are working on Malcolm Rutter’s Memoirs as you know. Tristan’s mother is seeking to communicate with Peter Michell – do you have a contact email or snailmail?

    PS: Swanny thanks for your post – now removed – that included the residential address of Peter Michell. I shall forward that detail to Tristan by direct email. Might seems a tad pedantic, but personal details I believe are best kept off these publicly accessed blogs.

  23. Swanny Swanson says:

    The Cornishman Newspaper-Personal Thanks (Phillips)

    The family of the late William Bevan Phillips of Hayle, would like to express thir sincere thanks to all who sent cards and messages of sympathy and attended the Funeral Service of their loved one. Thanks also to all who gave donations for the Wheal Agar Ward at Royal Cornwall Hospital. We also send our thanks to the DCLI Standard bearers, Dr Mike Hersant for conducting the funeral service, and Debbie Reeves of WJ Winn for the funeral arrangements.

  24. Swanny Swanson says:

    Attended the funeral of Mr William Bevan Phillips at Hayle Methodist Church; there was five of us in attendance Nobby Clarke, Cyril Pryor, Neil Swanny Swanson, Bobby Fox our standard bearer for the West Cornwall Branch DCLI-LI Association and John Lander ex DCLI in the congregation.

    I represented Derek Lovemore our Editor DCLI Blogs in Australia and Mr Terry Joll who was unable to attend because of hospital appointments, I thought there would have been more ex DCLI at the funeral as there is at least six of them that live in Hayle. The family on leaving gave us all a hug and a kiss and thanked us most gracefully for our attendance and said Bevan would have been so proud to have the DCLI at his funeral. Also the the service was conducted by Dr. Mike Hersant who also said that Bevan was so proud to have served in his County Regiment which also meant a lot to us that did the Guard of Honour for him.

    RIP Bevan Phillips DCLI

  25. Mike Cummings says:

    A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you all.

    On a sadder note I was sorry to hear of the passing of Cpl Derek Lawrence. He was the platoon cpl for 2 Ptn A Coy. We didn’t see eye to eye as I was not a good soldier (too interested in my getting out to see my local girlfriend). He and Sgt Bulley thought I let the Ptn down. I did as much as I had to, to see my time out.

  26. Swanny Swanson says:

    I bought the West Briton Newspaper today and there was not a mention of Derek Lawrence death or any mention of him at all. I thought sure there would be something as Derek was an all round sportsman in Cornwall. At our LI meeting on Tuesday last Fred Phillips said he represented A Coy DCLI at the funeral and that the Chapel was full, and that is a big Chapel to fill. We had 2 minutes silence at the meeting for Derek and all of our mates that have passed on.

    I said that you send all and sundry a Merry Christmas etc, there was 22 members at the meeting and finished with a buffet which the Steward of the RBL club did us proud as usual. I will send you the Minutes of the meeting when I get it from our Secretary Frank Baxter. What a marvel that man is, 91 and as sharp a brain as a youngster, don’t know what the Branch would without him.

    All the members that were present and are not on the blogs send there best wishes to all ex DCLI-LI-Rifles and a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

  27. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi everyone.
    Nearly Christmas, just another week to go and I wish you all, and your families, a really Merry Christmas and an even more merry New Year.
    From Bill and Nancy

    • Sloop JB says:

      Bill& Nancy,

      Thank you very much, may I, on behalf of my wife Peggy and myself wish you both all the best for Christmas, and may you both have a Happy New Year, Keep warm and keep happy and take care.

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Hi Bill,
      Thank you for your Christmas Good Wishes. I do wish you and Nancy a Happy Christmas and a Good New Year.

  28. Mike Cummings says:

    Thanks JB, it is not a very clear shot. I paused it and took a snip but when blown up it gets very grainy. All I can say is we were lined up, tallest on the right shortest on the left as in all parades and relieved that it was BD not KD. Saved a lot of starching and pressing to look good for a short while as KD soon got soggy in the heat.

  29. Sloop JB says:

    Mike Cummings

    Click on my name and you should see the video. Fingers crossed.

    ED: Thanks JB, very supportive of you. The quality of the film is good, with just a small glimpse of the DCLI Honour Guard.

    NB: Keith Mannings – this is how a video clip is communicated to others, when the URL is pasted into the ‘website’ bar of the Comment Box.

    • Sloop JB says:


      Doesn’t give you time to pick anyone out, not that I would know anyone. I surprise myself at times, it took me a while to learn how to do it, the URL thing I mean lol.

      • Editor says:

        Thanks for your timely reply JB. There must be many old 1954 – 1957 Pathe News clips and other film media out there in cyberspace, if anyone cares to do the research. We went through all the cut/paste URL procedures in early 2009, but it seems, just you and I make the effort. Dunno what’s happening out there these days, is every bugger frozen stiff and can’t type anymore, or maybe they’ve defected to DCLI

        The referred clip is very grainy when screened to full size and paused. Sjnt Mike Carling by his posture is about the only DCLI soldier that I can pick out. That event is featured in still shots on several other sites, including Fraser Pakes’ Memoirs, which includes newspaper clippings of the day.

  30. Mike Cummings says:

    I was on the guard of honour for Eisenhower and also we were at the Elbow Beach Hotel as a picquet guard, just patrolling the corridors and the grounds, so I would like to see the website. I googled it but came up with nothing.

  31. Swanny Swanson says:

    Keith Mannings said to me go on BERNEWS on the internet and look for the History Page and there is a video of the DCLI doing a guard of honour for the American President and British Prime Minister. On the filming of the event you can notice Sjt Carling doing the present arms and the soldiers of the DCLI at that time might recognise someone in the guard of honour.

    This came about as Gen Eisenhower invited Mr Macmillan to a summit in Bermuda to settle their differences and reestablish there that was shaken by the Suez Crisis in 1956, this took place in Bermuda in January 1957 and March 20-24th 1957. Both of these men served together in North Africa during WW2, the filming of this is very good and brought back memories of when we served in Bermuda with so many guard of honour ceremonies we did when we were stationed there, Derek.

    ED: I appreciate this information Swanny, particularly as it comes from Keith, who obviously can search the Internet and discover this info, but hasn’t yet contributed directly to the blogs. However, the item does not deliver readily in the History Search Engine on Bernews. When you speak to Keith, please ask him to post the URL into the URL bar on a Comment and presto! – there it is for us all to see, and to show us what a clever old cock he can be. If thats too much of an ask, please get him to send me an email with the URL enclosed and I’ll post it up.

  32. Swanny Swanson says:

    Doris said the members that attended was about 50 and not as I said 24! (got it wrong again Dad.)

  33. Editor in Brisbane. Relayed from Swanny says:


    Swanny has relayed the following:-

    Hi Derek.

    Just got back from DCLI Truro Branch Christmas Luncheon, about 24 members attended first class meal, and the members gave a good selection of raffles for the event. The members attending were down on previous years but as said before we are down in numbers in all the branches.

    Peter Males’ widow attended and put on a brave face and showed a photo album to all with Peter’s photos of his Standard Bearing duties. Most of the members and wives sent you and your family best wishes for Christmas and a happy New Year.

    If you could place this news on the appropriate site.

    Best regards Swanny.

    ED: Many thanks Swanny, I appreciate all the kind gestures from the gathering. Good to learn that the weather didn’t stop you from attending.

  34. Editor in Brisbane says:


    I report with sadness that Bill’s older brother Bob, has succumbed to his recent illness and has passed away. The funeral is in Norwich on Saturday 4th December. We have posted comments onto the KSLI blog and also published a short Picasa Album memorial link. Bob was wounded in Korea, and saw service with the KSLI in many postings.

    Our condolences to Bill and younger brother Ken and Families.

    Bob Griffiths: RIP

  35. Sloop JB says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’m pleased to see that everyone who attended the Lucknow Dinner had a good evening, sounds like it was a fun evening to boot. I’d like to say who ever took the photo of Terry Joll presenting Mrs Gillian Corbett with the framed photo made a good job of it. Well done and good luck to everyone.

  36. Swanny Swanson says:

    Our annual Lucknow Dinner was held last night at the Lugger Hotel Penzance, 43 members and guests enjoyed a first class meal and a good evening was had by all. Mr Graham Martin our Branch Bugler started the evening by Blowing “Cookhouse & Regimental March”. A minute”s Silence for Absent Comrades. Lucknow Bugle Call. Grace-Dinner. The Loyal Toasts, HM The Queen Proposed by our President Major PJB Michell,TD. The West Cornwall Branch of The Light Infantry Association proposed by our Chairman Mr MJ Clarke. Toastmaster Mr T Joll, MSM, The Raffle.

    The highlight of the evening for me was Terry Joll walked to our end of the top table to give a rendition of Happy Birthday to Doris to which the all members present joined in with the singing. Doris was overcome with this as it came as a surprise to me as well as Doris. Quite a few of our mates Derek send you their best wishes and thanked you for all your work on the blogs. To finish we didn’t have the usual speeches as in previous years, our President just spoke for a few minutes about the loss of former members and of Major General Tyacke of his love of West Cornwall and our famous Regiment of which he was so proud to have served in.

    ED: Thank you Swanny. We Emmetts appreciate this update and are pleased to learn that the event was as memorable as usual; particularly for the Swansons in many respects. I gather that the photo below (now forwarded by Terry Joll, with another identical one from you) was taken at the Dinner, so I’ve published it here. Probber Job!

    Terry Joll presenting the framed photograph of The Bert Angwin Bugler's Sword to Bert's daughter Mrs Gillian Corbett.

  37. Swanny Swanson says:

    Like I said, I was lots of years as a private in DCLI TA and a 5star Sapper for 15 years but when the changes were being made by these wonderful politicians to the TA-TAVR, I went into the RADC for couple of years with 112 Field Hospita.l I made A/CPL as I had to have rank in my job! It wasn’t till I transferred to the RMR that at long last I made Sgt.

    I was always rebellious and didn’t want rank at all. I used to preach to my son about rank etc and always told him make sure you get badges on your arm, the more the better, mainly for your Army Pension and he made Staff WO1. It made me proud last Sunday when two of the men I trained praised me for my efforts to have helped them when they joined up, so at least all’s well that ends well.

  38. Swanny Swanson says:

    We have our annual Lucknow Dinner at the Lugger Hotel on Friday next 19th November 2010. I had a surprise phone call from Major Peter Michell last evening and was asked for this years dinner be invited to sit on the top table. He spoke to Frank Baxter our Hon Sec. and Michael Clarke our Chairman and said it would be a nice gesture to have Doris and I to sit there as Peter and myself are the only founder members left. We have been now in our 28th year since we formed the then named West Cornwall Branch of the DCLI Association.

    When we first formed I was elected the first Treasurer of the Branch, this included Col. Tyacke, Col. Geoff Drewitt, Capt.John Passmore, RSM Ron Eddy MM. To think I was a private soldier for many years in the TA to be in such company was indeed a honour for me. The Branch was formed at the then residence of Major Peter Michell’s home at Rosehill Manor in Heamoor and our meetings were held at the RBL in Penzance. In the early days we recruited many ex DCLI and LI and had many happy occasions together compared to our membership today as many of our comrades have passed on. We are still very lucky to have stalwarts who still give their all to keep us going in the Light Infantry Family manner as we always will be.

    • Editor in Brisbane says:

      Swanny, does that mean that in the past they’ve always seated you below the salt ‘Ole Mate? Bloody medieval practice, why not one large single table? There’s none more so deserving of recognition than you Private Swanson. Since the beginnings of our more recent times on these DCLI Light Infantry blogs, no-one has worked harder or contributed more than you, or shown more loyalty. At least you might get some fresh crab this time! Enjoy the company Old Friend and pass on my regards to ’em all! Tell the buggers to get all the old photos scanned and send ’em to me for publication.

      PS: P’rap’s now that you’re royalty, you might get an invite to see Will and Kate get spliced!

    • Sloop JB says:

      Good morning Swanny,

      Promotion indeed, good luck mate you deserve it after all your years of professional hard work and diligence. I was saddened by your remark about your not taking part in the marching over the weekend, it must be very hard, to think you done it for all these years, you just can’t take part anymore. Never mind chin up, keep smiling and enjoy the Lucknow Dinner.

  39. Swanny Swanson says:

    First time ever I didn’t march on Remembrance Day service, I joined our DCLI group by the church.

    I met up with two guys who I trained when they were in the Royal Marine Cadets, Steven Howis is now serving in the Met Police and Kevin Hopkins seved for 22 years in the Coldstream Guards. We went to Heamoor RBL for a drink and had a good chat about old times etc. Last evening met up with Nobby Clarke at the service of Remembrance and afterwards the Newlyn Male Voice Choir gave a recital of music and singing.

    Like everything today the choir is only made up of the older element but gave a good account of how singing is done – Probber Andsom! According to Nobby who was doing his Poppy Collections last week said that a good amount of monies was collected in our area. Bravo to all the few that carry out these duties, same old story leave it to the few real people that give their time to this very special cause. The evening Remembrance Service took place at St Thomas’s Church Heamoor and the vicar Mr Timothy Hawkins gave a first class explanation to the Cubs and Scouts etc on the devotion of all our service personnel about the sacrifices of wars.

  40. Mike Cummings says:

    It can’t be the same chap, Spring Ring was 31st Intake with the rest of us sprogs. I live in hope that someone from the 2 Pltn will log on. Just got back from the Rememberance service in Weston. The Rifles cadets did us proud with a Bugle Pltn. As always were last due to the marching speed, very smart. As far as I could see I was the only DCLI there, so we were represented. All the best, keep blogging.

    • Sloop JB says:


      Unlike your parade at Weston where the Rifles were held back, at the Taunton parade they sent the Rifles on ahead so as the rest of the parade went along at their own speed. When it comes to parades the LI speed of marching has nearly always caused slight problems for someone or other.

  41. Swanny Swanson says:

    Hi Mike.

    Ron Winterbottom was in 3 Platoon when Ed and I were in Bermuda, don’t think he was the chap you mentioned, he was in the 13th intake No. 22888?, he joined in Bodmin two intakes before me. As you said he could have gone from 3 platoon to 2 but I can’t recollect that. I served in Assault Pioneers while I was there and had the chance to mingle with all and sundry. As Derek knows I would mingle with many, as my job and got away with lots of problems due to working on the whole camp ie. Married Quarters etc. Nice to have you on board our blogs.

  42. Mike Cummings says:

    Hey Swanny, I think that Ron Winterbottom was in 2 Pltn in Bermuda. If it is the same bloke nicknamed “Springring” at last new blood and someone I knew.
    Kernow bys vyken

  43. Editor in Brisbane says:


    The “Ode of Remembrance” is an ode taken from Laurence Binyon’s “For the Fallen”, which was first published in The Times in September 1914. The poet wrote For the Fallen while sitting on the cliffs between Pentire Point and The Rumps in North Cornwall, UK. A stone plaque was erected at the spot in 2001 to commemorate the fact. The plaque bears the inscription

    For The Fallen
    Composed on these cliffs 1914

    The seven-verse poem honoured the World War I British war dead of that time and in particular the British Expeditionary Force, which had by then already had high casualty rates on the developing Western Front. The poem was published when the Battle of the Marne was foremost in people’s minds.

  44. Swanny Swanson says:

    Went to the Remembrance ceremony at St John’s Hall yesterday, the weather was terrible blowing a gale and heavy rain. The DCLI was well represented with our Branch Standard Bearer Bob Fox, Duty Bugler Graham Martin who did a first class job in his duty, Mike Nobby Clarke was Parade Marshall, myself and also Mr Ron Winterbottom who served with us in Bermuda and Minden. We tried to recruit him into joining the Association.

    The Penzance Town Council were well represented with the Mayor and Consort etc and also the Penzance Branch RBL men and women Standards, and very good turn out of men and women veterans considering the weather. It was a credit to all concerned.

    • G’Day Swanny

      Many thanks for your report posted to Daily Orders. We Emmetts appreciate the information – being so far away in presence, but not in spirit. Kindly inform Pte Winterbottom to attend the Coy Office, front and centre, he has much detail to provide of the passing years. At least he’s still vertical!

  45. Terry Joll says:

    This is slow.

    The ORATION starts with. “THEY SHALL”

  46. Terry Joll says:

    Hello dear friends.
    Today Eleventh hour of the Eleventh day of the Eleventh month. The heading showing all the Poppies and the Oration looks great BUT I respectfully point out that the Oration is not as printed.

    ED: Thanks Terry, now corrected. Private Google now on jankers.

  47. Swanny Swanson says:

    As we are coming again to Remembrance Day, I had a visit this morning by my closest mate and former DCLI soldier Nobby Clarke. As in previous years Nobby has been such loyal servant to the RBL poppy collection to go in all winds and weathers to sell poppies to the public. His work rate is second to none for his work to the RBl, Heamoor-Penzance-Newlyn branches, also carrying DCLI standard and RBL standards on many occasions.

    Also we will really miss Major Peter Tresidders work for the RBL, his workrate like Nobby’s is second to none for his work to the RBL as poppy organiser for 60 odd years in the Penzance Branch. Doris and I went to Madron cemetery and placed a Poppy Cross on her father’s grave and I placed one on the Regimental DCLI grave of a soldier thename of JT Stone who was killed in the first world war in 1916 at the age of 21.

    It is a good job we still have people who give up a lot of their time to carry out these duties, if only a few younger people would come forward to help at this most busy time. We that are left know the importance that our young Service personnel serving our country in Afghanistan where many have laid down their lives to serve in this futile war are the only hope for being Poppy sellers in the future.

  48. Ray Grubb says:

    John Opie was in BG in D Coy.

    ED: Thanks Ray and welcome to the site. First time we’ve heard from you – what about upping the ante and giving us some more info about you and John O? If you sailed on the Clyde, what about a comment on the HMTroopships page about your experiences?

  49. Swanny Swanson says:

    I remember 16th Intake vividly in my memory! When you arrived in Bodmin I was an Old Soldier. When John was on the phone the other day I vividly remember he was issued like a few others with brown boots and the first job for them was to dye them black. That doesn’t seem like a lot to do but as we all know of the bulling etc was on top of a very hard Light Infantry regime – that was very hard for the best of us, but that made us the men most of us turned out. First class mates and soldiers which we should be proud of ourselves and something you can never buy friendship.

    Thanks to all of us that are left our memories of that time gone past, and RIP to all of our close mates who we have all lost and will always be sorely missed.

    ED: Hear! Hear! Swanny, about the first class Mates etc – but – you were born an Old Soldier, ‘Ole Mate!

  50. Terry Simons says:

    On the 4th of November 1953 I joined the training company of the DCLI at the Victoria Barracks Bodmin. Where has 57 years gone?

    Anyway Best Wishes to all the lads of the 16th Intake.

    Terry Simons.

    ED: Thanks Terry, always thought it was the 5th November -? Maybe you served an extra day.

    • Sloop JB says:

      Hi Terry,

      Your 57 years has gone the same way as everyone else’s mate, good to look back on tho’ isn’t it. Who ever thought all those years ago you and the rest of us would be sat at your own table writing messages to one another on a little machine, press a button and it would be up in front of you within seconds, no pen or paper, envelopes or stamps, mind blowing isn’t it, haven’t we come of age all us guys.

      Is that soaking fruit drunk enough to make your cake yet?

  51. Swanny Swanson says:

    Not long got back from the funeral service of Major Peter Tresidder. Nobby Clarke, Swanny, R White, Major PJB Michell represented the DCLI Association. There were several members of the RBL local Branches, also Geoff Marshall DCLI who is Major Tresidder’s son-in-law, who sat with the Tresidder family as mourners. The Vicar of St Marys Church, also Penzance Branch Legion’s Padre who conducted the Funeral service. A bugler played The Last Post and Reveille, which was his wishes to be played in the church prior his cremation which took place in Truro.

  52. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Terry Joll, Dick is making contact on the Empire Clyde Assn blog and (albeit obscurely) on your Birthday photo (recommend answering elsewhere). Hereto a reminder of the Old Chep.

  53. Mike Cummings says:

    Hi Barry. I think we were so exited to be flying and going to a new country that we all were unable to sleep. I think it was our intake you went with, as not many went to Bermuda, we were all put in 2 platoon Cpl Lawrence, Sgt Bulley and Lt Hooper were the leaders.

  54. HMTroopships blog page

    The regular blogger will identify the latest new blog title appearing in the Title Bar. In keeping with the military direction determined for this entire site, some sweeping changes have been made to 2 old Troopship sites, (Troopship Memoirs and Troopship Blog). Both of the foregoing are effectively closed now for further comment and will be dismantled in due course.

    Many, many comments from UK servicemen and families, over 4 years, were logged in, in a quite haphazard manner, which made browsing quite difficult when so many different HMT’s were being referred to. All that has now changed and each individual HMT troopship is allocated a separate sub-page for comment streaming. Kindly use this new site as directed and make contributions either in thread like manner or a fresh contribution, whichever appeals. There must be 100s of HMT stories waiting to be told.

  55. Terry Joll says:

    Thanks for the details ref Major Tresidder.

  56. Swanny Swanson says:

    Some more sad news, Major Peter Tresidder RE (Retd) passed peacefully away in hospital on October 16th 2010 aged 90 years. Major Tressider, MBE, ERD,TD, FRICS, FICE, was a Major attatched to the TA Unit I served with in the 1950’s, 409 Independant Field Squadren RE (TA).

    Major Tresidder served in Burma with the 14th Army and was a first class soldier and served with distinction. He was the Borough Surveyer when I worked on Penzance B Council in the 50s-60s and was a first class boss and manager of men in the building industry. I also spent many years with him while serving in the RBL together on the local Branch for which him and I were awarded the RBL Gold Badge for our services to the Legion for services work and also served with Colonel Geoffrey Drewitt a DCLI Officer on the same Branch Committee in The Penzance Branch.

    Our own Major Peter Michell also served with him in the same Branch. Major Peter Tressider always attended our Lucknow Dinner for many years with his wife. He will be sorely missed especially by the older ones that are left, a big hole that will be difficult to fill.

    His funeral at St Mary’s Parish Church, Chapel Street, Penzance, on Monday, November 1st at 11am, no flowers by request. Donations, if desired for The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal may be sent to Alfred Smith&Son, Penzance

    RIP Major Peter Tresidder RE.

  57. Mike Cummings says:

    Just been reading Barry Cornish’s blog, he must have flown to Bermuda with us, the 31st Intake as I remember Goodge Street underground. It was all strange to young men such as us, most of us had never been outside Cornwall before that.

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Hi! Mike,
      I am afraid that I don’t remember the actual number of the intake that I was in, but the date was 18 February 1954. Were you kept awake, like most of us were, by the tube trains rattling through the tunnels adjacent to the ones that we were billeted in at Goodge Street?


    Regular bloggers will note several changes to the Blog Title Bar where 2 more important additions have been made; the John J Goddard Memoirs and the Military Memoirs of Cpl. Barry Cornish are now included, having been transferred from the old Google websites that are almost defunct.

    Minor changes are made to both page sites, including the posting of a Picasa Album link to display all photographs in an easier, more cohesive collection. In Barry’s case we have shown some ‘archived’ Bermuda Tattoo references, together with an extract from One & All of that time frame. In both cases, a reader can now post a blog Comment that can be read by other viewers, and similarly the Picasa Album link facilitates the posting of additional comments against each respective photo shown (after you upload the FREE Picasa 3 software).

    The open invitation remains – to any Old DCLI’ian, or Light Infantryman – of any vintage, to draft a Memoir, with old photos and anecdotes. We can collaborate to produce an epic story of Regimental importance. Please don’t leave this important memory to be written as an epitaph, we’d sooner read it before you cross the River Styx!

    PS: Without stating the obvious – but I will! – the publishing of a Picasa Album, with its feature of cross commenting, is just about the best method to share photographs with others. From our military aspect, there surely must be 100s if not 1000s of important Regimental Memorabilia, fading away in garages and attics – just like many an Old Soldier – whose family will try to sort it all out after he leaves us. This is a call to GOYA – cheps – and getaroundtuit! Just send ’em to me by .jpeg, all tattered and torn maybe, with captions – and as bloody usual – I’ll fix it!

  59. Mike Cummings says:

    Thanks Terry, I really would like to return and could then play a bigger part in the Association. I was reading in the Sunday paper this morning, that this government are cutting the defence budget but increasing aid payments to other countries.

    I’m sorry if I upset some people but this makes my blood boil, we should see to our own first then if any thing left give aid. Got to set free a tiny mouse that my cat has just brought in for me its wriggling in my hand, so I will take it outside and free it. Thanks again for the gen.

    Kernow bys vyken

  60. Terry Joll says:


    There are two Regimental Houses in Bodmin, very close to the Barracks, on the road up to the Beacon. One has been occupied for many years and the other one just been allocated. I would get my name down if I was interested. I note you use a stick to walk with, there are stairs in the houses. Contact the DCLI Office.


  61. Mike Cummings says:

    Thanks, I’m not too bright re this technology. I gave out my email address before and got spammed so much I had to close that account and open another.

    I didn’t know of a DCLI house in Bodmin. I have been trying to go back to live there for some time but get no joy from the Council. I was born there and lived there until 1969 when I joined the MN.

  62. Swanny Swanson says:

    The LI Regimental Association West Cornwall Branch held their two monthly meeting at Heamoor RBL on Tuesday 12-10-2010, a very good turn out of 16 members. I have posted as usual the minutes of Tuesday 10th August to you and these were passed and seconded. A two minutes silence was taken for Captain Bert Love and Peter Male, this was taken in all solemnity.

    I told the members that the DCLI House in Bodmin had been let out to a LI former soldier, a Mr Screech from Bodmin and that the house had been refurbished which was good that it was let to one of our own. The Lady members Doris Swanson, Mary Clarke,Valerie Norris ran the raffle and made money for Branch funds.

    I would like to thank Tom Howell for representing the DCLI at Bert Love’s funeral on behalf of our Branch.

    The Lucknow Dinner will be held at the Lugger Hotel on Friday 19th, November the price per person has been fixed at ten pounds, and thanks to the generousity of our President Major PJB Michell who will make up the difference between the price agreed with the Hotel for the meal and ticket price. The meeting closed at 2100 hrs.

    ED: Thanks Swanny, Minutes read and noted with interest. Regards to all.

  63. Mike Cummings says:

    Wouldn’t credit it, it has changed this time. So ignore my last comment. Best wishes to all the contributers, I just wish more of our old mates would find the website.

    kernow bys vyken

    ED: Mike, your email address is never shown in the Comment box anyway. If requested, I can refer another party to you and vice-versa. I have therefore, deleted your earlier remark that included your email address in the body text.

  64. (Capt) Bert Love. RIP

    Tom Howell represented the Regiment at Bert’s funeral today. A fuller report is recorded on Memoriale. Kindly thread any response thereto, as we are hopeful of building a Memoir for Bert, as a fitting tribute to this Old Soldier, under whom a number of us served with pride and trepidation in the Caribbean.


    The page is re-instated and all 68 page header title references checked and remounted in most cases, as the originals had been taken down by You Tube for various violations (not ours). Some of the sound tracks have been re-mastered and will (hopefully) bring back sharp memories of those halcyon days when lyrics could be understood and eardrums not offended.

    The opening offer on that blog page still stands – ergo – anyone wishing to listen and share an old Toon – just send me the title and artist/artists and or the URL and I will oblige. Given also that some enthusiasts will cut/paste a URL into a Comment (that’s OK too), I shall add that Title to the main list at the page header. This makes matters easier to check and/or replace if You Tube dismount the clip for some reason. Geddit?

    Please consider the effort required to search, mount, paste and manage this page and give it some support. Ta!

  66. Terry Joll says:

    A very well written report Neil. Peter was seen off in style by his comrades.

  67. Swanny Swanson says:

    I forgot to say on my last report on Peter’s funeral that we left Crewkerne at 17-30 hrs for the long drive back to Cornwall. After dropping off members at various points, Nobby Clarke and I got back to Penzance at 2215 hours, a very long day indeed but very rewarding memories of a special day for a very special comrade in arms.

  68. Swanny Swanson says:

    Peter (Harry) Male. RIP

    Ed. What a day, the funeral of Peter Male. My day started at 6am. Nobby picked me up drove to Bob Fox’s house, Bob Fox drove his car to Camborne to get on the coach with West Cornwall Branch and Truro Branch members and picking up members on route 30 in all. We arrived at Crewkerne at 1200 hrs went into the George Hotel for drinks and food laid on by the Male family. Went to the Church at 1300hrs, Peter’s coffin was carried in by six bearers and draped in the DCLI shroud and 8 Standard bearers 4 DCLI, 3 SLI, 1 Rifles, formed the edge of the church, a very impressive show indeed.

    The family and mourners totalled over 250 which again was an excellent turn out for Peter. After the service which was first class, we again got on the coach and went to the burial which took place just outside Crewkerne for the commital. This again was very impressive with the Standard Bearers and Association members forming around the burial area and the Cemetery itself was a very scenic view with the sun shining and a Bugler from The Rifles sounding the Last Post etc. After the commital we all went back to the George Hotel where again refreshments were laid on and the place was packed with family and mourners, the buffet was excellent.

    Sylvia Scott drove all the way from Kent to be at Peter’s funeral and Keith Mannings drove the 30 miles from Frome to be there. It was a excellent send off for Peter and the attendance of many SCLI, KSLI and other Regiments showed the extent of Peter’s personality and showed the great affection Peter was held in.

    RIP Peter and thanks for your personal friendship shown to me over many years.

    Neil (Swanny) Swanson on behalf of all the DCLI Associations.

    • Sloop JB says:


      You captured the day excellently, it indeed was a memorable time, every one did Peter proud by just being there. All our thoughts now go to Peter’s widow Sylvia, now comes the hard bit, as if it hasn’t been hard what she has been through already.


    We are advised by Family that the funeral will take place at Church Cemetery, London Road, Shrewsbury SY3 7HS at 1030 hrs on Tues 12 October 2010.

    We invite your reminisences of Capt Bert Love and formerly Sjnt in Bermuda and the Caribbean, to be logged in to DCLI Memoriale, under the eulogy posted there. We have been granted provisional approval to publish the Military Memoirs of Bert Love by Family and we seek any additional information that will assist.

  70. Swanny Swanson says:

    The funeral of Peter Male will take place at Crewkerne Parish Church at 1400 hrs on Friday the 8th October 2010. At the Truro Branch Autumn Lunch today Peter was spoken of with high esteem and as the Branch Standard bearer he always carried out his duties to the full, ie all over the Western Counties at funerals etc and always if possible Wootton Bassett on many occasions since the Afghan Conflict.

    We have a bus ordered for Friday to take 30 members to Crewkerne leaving Camborne to attend the service with Branch Standard Bearers. Nobby will carry the Truro Standard. The coach will leave at 7-30 with pickups on route. Peter will be a hard act to follow and as the ages of Branch members are mainly in their late 70s and 80s we don’t know who will be next to carry out those duties. I will represent you at the funeral Derek and those that cannot attend.

    Again RIP Peter Male you will be sorely missed by all who knew you.

    Swanny Swanson and Family.

    ED: Thanks for that update Swanny. Kindly remember me to Sylvia and Family and my happy memories of Peter, cracking jokes while we were marching at Shrewsbury last year and the Newquay Cassino Dinner and his solemn display of the DCLI Branch Standard at those Ceremonies I attended.
    Peter Male RIP

  71. Swanny Swanson says:

    What a coincidence that Norman Wisdom’s first posting was Lucknow when he enlisted, to be posted to our most famous Lucknow where the DCLI gained so many VCs. Whenever he was on the TV he was always a gentleman in his comments etc.

    RIP Norman Wisdom.


    In 1929 at age 14 he enlisted as a drummer boy in the 10th Royal Hussars of the British Army and in 1930 was posted to Lucknow, India as a bandsman. There he gained an education certificate, rode horses, was the flyweight boxing champion of the British Army in India and learned to play the trumpet and clarinet. While performing a comedy boxing routine in an army gym, Wisdom discovered he had a talent for entertainment and began to develop his skills as a musician and stage entertainment.

    RIP Norman Wisdom

  73. Swanny Swanson says:

    Very sad news indeed, with Peter Male passing on and now Bert.

    Ed, you and I knew Sjt Bert Love as he was Pltn Sjt of 1 platoon and as photos show, your Special Guard Instructor. I also served in 4/5th DCLI TA with him, I send my condolences to his family, we have lost another first class soldier and gentleman. RIP

    Neil Swanson and family. West Cornwall Branch DCLI Assn.

    ED: Sad news indeed Swanny. See eulogy on Memoriale.

  74. Terry Joll says:

    I have just had a call from a pal in Shrewsbury to inform me that Bert Love passed away this morning. He had been ill for sometime. I have no other details.

  75. Editor in Brisbane says:

    Well Done Merv Chandler. “E” Company, Belize

    Merv, who is not internet connected has done a grand job in writing a brief Memoir that covers his time as a N/S soldier in Belize and later in life as he maintains contact with his “E” Coy Mates. You’ll note that a Re-Union is held each year (now) in Bridgewater, Somerset.

    Merv, we greatly appreciate your efforts and recall of that time, long ago, when we were all footloose and fancyfree and hopefully, will receive some photos of the period to augment those supplied by Nobby Clark. Tom Howell will assist as always.

    PS: Merv, I gather from Tom Howell that you are internet connected, so post a Comment in reply to this and I’ll capture the email address. (Note: No-one else can view your email details). Also, maybe you’d like to log your Birthday Blog approval (I have your dates) and we can all remind you – and each other – how bloody old we’re all becoming! Lol!

  76. Swanny Swanson says:

    Reg Norris phoned me at 8am to say that Peter Male had passed away. As a close mate to Peter over many years and especially when we went to LI weekend at Shrewsbury, Peter always shared the billet with Nobby, Terry Joll and myself, he will be greatly missed by all, for his humour and wit and always with a smile on his face.

    RIP Peter.

  77. Sloop JB says:

    Good Morning Every One,

    Alas, it is with deep sorrow I have to inform you that an hour ago Sylvia Male phoned me with the sad news that Peter had passed away last evening, just after 10 o’clock, he was in his own home. The doctor was going to see him Monday too assess him as regards to going into a hospice, but it wasn’t to be.

    Peter Male RIP

  78. Editor in Brisbane, Australia says:


    We have a special Memoriale Page for selection that includes the Honour Roll. I rely on local (UK) advices for the accuracy of the Roll.

    So too, as a viewer can observe, is offered the opportunity to record a eulogy to a passed Comrade, Old Mate, Family friend etc. Too often now – as we shift into our Autumn Years – shall we learn of an Old Mate’s death and you might wish to record a “Special Mention” for others to read. As is obvious, a photo can be uploaded into the Comment.

  79. Swanny Swanson says:

    In the photo of my old school I failed to say that sadly Bill Matthews passed away many years ago now, I didn’t put RIP by his name. Bill was in our 3 Pltn when he first arrived in Bermuda and as I left just as he came didn’t know much about his soldier days there.

    I have been told that Bill joined the local Judo Club in Bermuda and while there achieved high honours in that sport First Dan which was a great achievement. I used to see Bill at the Mousehole RBL of which he was a regular drinker there, but Bill was a very quiet and unassuming man and wouldn’t talk much about his Judo status, we lost a true gentleman in Bill (RIP)

  80. Tom Howell says:

    Ted Amor was one of my recruits. He was in the same intake as Terry Joll – I am sure he can give you more detail. My thoughts are with his family.

  81. Swanny Swanson says:

    Reg Norris now dropped a funeral sheet for me to post to you, he attended along with a few others of DCLI, I downloaded it and have sent it to you Derek, I didn’t personally know this chap, but Nobby and I are going to Newquay next Tuesday so perhaps Terry Joll or someone from Truro branch can enlighten me more?

    RIP Ted Amor Ist DCLI, Osnabruck 1957-9 and he served in MT Section.

  82. Swanny Swanson says:

    The photos I sent yesterday, L/Cpl J Lander, Tony Willis, Billy Mathews (RIP) are about the only ones I recognise. Many of us that knew Sjt Carling in later years have said of the resemblance to a certain Will Carling, Captain of the England rugby team in the 80s – is apparently a nephew? Perhaps someone can verify this, Sjt Carling played rugby with us in A Coy when we were in Bermuda 1954-5.

    ED: Thanks Swanny, Tom Howell has provided more information.

  83. Tom Howell says:

    I was posted to Mons OCS in 1958 as an instructor to replace Mike Carling when he was commissioned into RMP. I can only presume he had been there since leaving Bermuda. I last saw him in 1962 when we both quite coincidentally attended the same RCB. I can’t remember seeing him since. I always liked him and got on well with him.

    • Tom Howell says:

      Can’t find him via RMP sites but can confirm from London Gazette entry he retired as Major in Dec 1979.

      ED: Thanks Tom, I appreciate your quick response. Good News about Mike’s career moves, maybe we can track him down with a bit more investigation, we have quite a few “A” Coy photos of him.

      • Editor in Brisbane says:

        Major Mike Carling RMP: (Sjnt) 1DCLI Bermuda (1954-1957)

        Thanks Tom for that lead into RMP; like you, my search turns up naught, but then 30 years is a long time in military terms and all branches of the British Army have undergone so many changes since those days. Mike would be (approx) 80 odd years old these days, and I do hope he enjoys good health. Would be good if someone can turn up some current information about him.

        • Major (Rtd) Mike Carling (Sjnt) 2 Platoon “A” Coy 1DCLI 54-57

          Many thanks to Tom Howell for his persistence and successful detective work in locating Mike Carling for us. Mike and his wife Katharine reside in Marcham, Oxon and have been invited to join our little band of Light Infantry ‘heroes’. Mike’s story will be his to tell, following his successful military career after he transferred out of 1DCLI some time during the ’50s.

          Thank you Tom and welcome Mike and Katharine.

          • Editor in Brisbane says:

            Mike & Katharine Carling.
            As you browse our many Pages – particularly the “Picasa Albums (Military)” – you will uncover the most recent addition which is The Lt John Morgan Collection – Mike’s appearance in which has prompted this entire detection process, so admirably conducted by Tom Howell.

            However, there are many earlier published photos of “A” Company in which Mike features particularly – as of course, do other Old Mates from the early days, Geoff Cherry for one (who lives in Oxon) and Joe Knight, also resident in Oxon. The Honour Guards from 1956 onwards during the Bermuda posting seem to always capture Mike in the front rank.

            Mike, we are very pleased to be able to welcome you into the ranks (so to speak) and look forward with anticipation to any photos you might be able to contribute. Even if those old B/W photos are ragged, tattty and faded, we have software to restore ’em to their former glory. I hope Katharine knows about .jpeg images attached to emails – if not – I’ll run you through a quick tutorial.


    Sjnt Carling 1956 Bermuda

    I observe as I doctor the many photos that arrive in my email and publish ’em to Picasa, that Sjnt Mike Carling (2 Platoon “A” Company, Bermuda) appears in many from about 1956 onwards. In the (now) nearly 4 years of these blogs, we have heard nothing of the Sjnt and I ponder on any of you meeting him or hearing about him. I remember him from 1954 – 1955 and he always struck me as being a fair and decent chep. Would be good to get some info about him.

  85. Swanny Swanson says:

    Keith drove me and Pete Rule to Porthscatho today to visit Lt John Morgan and his wife Bridget, we had a few hours with him talking of DCLI days in Bermuda and TA times. John is a very sick man with now bone cancer. As always he is a first class gentleman and makes the best of this dreadful disease. He was not at his best which we saw in his face as he was in pain, but he put the best side out and he really appreciated us visiting him and was so glad to see us.

    He sends his best regards to all of his former DCLI comrades who served with him in Bermuda and in our days in the 4/5th Bn DCLI, I have sent you photos Derek that he lent me to download. Whoever sees them on the blogs – I dont know most of their names but perhaps some will know some of the faces shown.

    ED: Thanks Swanny. Published to Picasa. I have attempted accurate captioning but shall appreciate any amendments where applicable.


      Gentlemen, many thanks for your appreciation and concern for one of our former Officers of the Regiment in Bermuda. Many of us who view these photos will recognise with pride, the superb standard of regimental dress and professional soldiering.

      Thank you especially, John Morgan, for sharing these fine Regimental Historical records with us on this blog, our heartfelt concerns and support go out to you from all over this planet. We shall post this Picasa Album to our growing collection in Picasa Albums (Military).

  86. Harry Mann, Gloucestershire Regiment, Bermuda & Jamaica 1947-1949

    Harry has written an inquiry on the DCLI Blog, seeking info on 2 Old DCLI Soldiers from Training Days in the mid/late ’40s. Please read and assist if possible.

  87. Editor in Brisbane says:

    23rd Intake, 4 Platoon

    Swanny has forwarded a Group photo that includes Ivor Barrett and Keith Mannings. So believing that it ‘belongs’ to the Barrett Collection, it has been published there, (Picasa Albums – Military) where many of the existing old pix have been doctored using the new Picasa options.

  88. Editor in Brisbane. Relayed from Swanny says:

    The West Cornwall Branch was well represented at this Parade today, Neil Swanson, Nobby Clarke, Jack Madron.

    Bobby Fox carried our standard and Graham Martin played the bugle for the event, could you put this on Regimental Page for us please, Swanny

  89. Pte. Neville Hurst RIP. KSLI Band & Bugles 1952-1958

    Recent email activity has produced a new Picasa Album for Neville by son Kenneth, showing some DCLI pix taken at Minden (we think) on a secondment posting. Browse the KSLI blog and Military Albums.

  90. Swanny Swanson says:

    Hi All
    Went over Nobby’s on Friday afternoon with Doris to see him and he was downstairs sat down and glad to say he is much better, but feels a bit weak after his latest ailments. Nobby does a lot of reading so I gave him a book Sharps Exploits, he loves military books. We stayed for couple of hours with him and Mary yarning about old times etc. He sends you all his best regards for asking about his wellbeing. Nobby like me is such a house full when he is fit and always has a smile and cracking jokes etc and telling stories about our old TA days, he is a true friend indeed and hopefully is now on the mend.

    ED: Thanks Swanny, good comfort and good cheer for your Old Mate, well done and thanks for letting us know.

  91. Swanny Swanson says:

    Good news all round! Had a phone call from Nobby last night, he is at home and in bed, he was rather shook up at his heart problems but hopefully OK and on the mend. He thanks you for your kind thoughts Derek asking about his welfare, also Frank rang me this morning also very pleased Nobby is on the mend, as I said Nobby is in contact with Frank on a daily basis so Frank is at a loss when Nobby isn’t around.

    Frank himself had a sickness complaint last week as the Doctor prescribed the wrong tablets which didn’t mix with the so many tablets that Frank takes on a daily basis, but is OK again now he sends you Derek his best regards and enjoys the blog news from you which I pass on to him from you. What a marvel Frank is at the age of 91, a truly remarkable man, and the writing etc he does for the DCLI Assn, is as we all say he will never be replaced in that position as Hon Sec and Hon Treasurer.

    ED: Thank you Swanny, good to learn that Nobby is home and on the mend. I hope that he’ll take matters easy. Best Regards to Frank also, remember him well from last year at the Legion.

  92. Swanny Swanson says:

    Had phone call from Mary Clarke, Nobby’s wife last night to say that when Nobby went to visit his GP he had a heart attack and was taken by ambulance to Treliske Hospital Truro for treatment to his heart. Apparently he had murmers to his heart and they were keeping him in for further tests, she said he was now comfortable in there and he could be home today. He has suffered this before on a few occasions and hopefully will be OK, will keep you posted on his behalf.

    Frank Baxter rang today and I told him Mary had phoned last night, Nobby is normally on the phone to Frank on a daily basis about Association buisiness etc and Frank relies on Nobby a great deal for news etc.

    ED: Not the sort of news we like to hear ‘Ole Mate. If possible please pass on our best wishes to Nobby and Mary and relay the thoughts of all we 1DCLI Mates for our hopes of a swift recovery. That’s the 3rd incident in a fortnight that we’ve had about Old Mates – ’nuff s’nuff. Get Well Soon Nobby.


    War heroes ‘to be forced out of armed forces’ Another bloody farcical manoever by the MoD. What the hell are these chinless wonders doing now to our brave and bloodied Cheps?

    See also: Ben Parkinson: promise of a job no longer certain

  94. Sloop JB says:

    Good Morning All,

    I had a talk on Saturday with Peter Males’ wife Sylvia, on the phone. She informed me that Peter was about the same condition as he was the Saturday before, when I visited. The only thing is he will not eat much which is a bit concerning for her, which we can all understand. Personally I think he has sort of given up, I wish he would prove me wrong by being a bit more positive and try to live without shutting himself down.

    Easy for me to say I know but it would help Sylvia.

    • G’Day JB,

      Thanks for update on Peter. My thoughts go out to Peter and Sylvia, via this blog and, I’m sure the collective positive thoughts of all Old Mates, most of whom would know of Peter’s fine record as Standard Bearer over the years. Maybe if we launch an ‘appeal’ for Peter, here in the Comment Threads, to register appreciation and support. Maybe then too Sylvia or Family, can show the page to Peter somehow – or have ’em printed off.

      We need to show our Old Mate how much we think of him and want him to get better and tell some more of his bloody jokes – in the ranks!

      Get with it Cheps.

      PS: Keep the ‘threading’ method going to make it easy for printing Cheps, just in case Sylvia has no Internet access. That way, all the replies will be in one place. Geddit?

  95. (Capt) Bert Love

    Tom Howell has advised contact with Bert, who has been discharged from Hospital and is tired but well, under his daughter’s care. Our expressions of concern will probably result in blog contact. He is most appreciative of our thoughts. Thank you all.

    Get Well Soon Bert

  96. Swanny Swanson says:

    Sorry to hear about Sjt Bert Love, he was PSI in 4/5th DCLI TA at Penzance in the fifties and lived at Chy-an-dour Barracks, 1st class soldier and gentleman, lets hope he gets over this. As you know Derek I had a couple of strokes while in hospital, couple of years back and with modern drugs etc they can do wonders. Get well soon Bert.

  97. Mike Cummings says:

    Sorry to hear of Sgt Love I wish him all the best. I don’t know if I am right but didn’t he used to call any one doing something silly a shagbastical eriwig? I’ve got a feeling it was him.

  98. Sloop JB says:

    May I join in and wish Bert a swift recovery back to good health.

  99. Editor in Brisbane says:

    (Captain) Bert Love

    Message lifted from the LI Association site, posted by Heather, Shrewsbury Rifles Office, 10th August 2010. Bert is in Shrewsbury Hospital after suffering a stroke, no further detail. Bert was 1 Platoon Serjeant in Bermuda and Special Guard Commander.

    Bert, if you eventually read this, or it is relayed to you, we Old Bermudians wish you well, a full recovery and the very best wishes that we can muster up from afar. I personally made an attempt to contact you in Shrewsbury in June 2009 and have appealed for news of you via this site. Not the news I wished for Sjnt, but my very best regards.

    Derek Lovemore. 3 Platoon “A” Company, Special Guardsman 1954.

    See Special Guard group photo at page header.

    PS: Contact point for anyone in the UK able to inquire further:- Heather, Rifles Office (Shrewsbury) 01743 262430

    • Tom Howell says:

      Sorry to hear Bert Love is not well. He was my platoon sjt in A Coy in Minden. I am sure we all share your sentiments and wish Bert a speedy recovery.

      ED: Thanks Tom. I just wish there was a way to get in touch with Bert. Seems as though Heather at The Rifles Shrewsbury Office is informed. I shall be emailing her soon to pass on our support – if possible. I gathered (from my inquiries in Shrewsbury last year) that Bert had lost interest in Reggie Mental stuff, and although I approximately located his residence, I didn’t push it as I felt that he deserved his privacy and that had he been interested he would attend the LI Weekends. I shall keep this blog updated with any information.

  100. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Well intentioned Comments logged against hotlinked photos anywhere on this site, do not appear for others to read. This is a bit of a trap to the unwary, so be sure to return to a main page before logging or threading comments.

  101. Editor. For Swanny Swanson says:

    Daily Mirror 30th August 2010

    (Quote) David Cameron and Nick Clegg were accused of an “appalling” betrayal after revelations yesterday that the Army’s Gurkha brigade faces the axe. Before the election the Tory and Lib Dem leaders celebrated with campaigner Joanna Lumley over victory in the battle to improve the veterans’ pensions, allowing many settle here after decades of service.

    Daily Mirror 4th September

    But ConDem cuts mean Gurkha units who have fought beside British troops for almost 200 years could soon be disbanded. Campaigners were outraged. Peter Carroll of the Gurkha Justice Campaign said: “It is appalling. Gurkhas should not be sacrificed because of a financial crisis caused by selfish bankers.” He said it would be “shameful” if the coalition ditched the 3,500-strong Nepalese force.

    George Osborne’s Treasury is insisting the MoD finds £20billion for new Trident nuclear subs that were expected to come from central funds. An MoD spokesman said: “Tough decisions will need to be made.” And Tory MP Patrick Mercer predicted: “The first people to go will be the Brigade of Gurkhas.” (Endquote)

  102. Mike Cummings says:

    I was the one who started about Sgt Bulley, he was 2 Platoon Sgt when I was in A Coy. Admittedly he was not the most likeable chap, but thats life, we are not all sweetnes and light. The thing I most remember is his bow legs, in shorts. He couldn’t stop a pig in a passage as we say in Cornwall.

    Kernow bys vyken,


    JB continues his enthusiastic Photo Memorabilia activities. Hereto is the latest Picasa Album to add to our growing collection.

    Thank you JB.

  104. Sloop JB says:


    I have just got back indoors after visiting Peter Male, he is looking quite well considering. We had a good chat about different things and we quite enjoyed it. He is still visiting Musgrove Park Hospital, they are quite pleased with things so far. Obviously his wife Sylvia is distressed but she will be strong for both of them. When I get more news I will put it on blog for you all to see.

    ED: Thanks JB, for the update. On behalf of all – our thoughts and best wishes to Peter and Sylvia.

  105. Swanny Swanson says:

    I have now been reading my paper, what next is this government going to do to our armed forces! I read they are going to cut down the size of the SAS. As we ex servicemen already know the SAS is made up of soldiers from every Regiment and Corps of the British Army and to be accepted in the SAS is most probably the hardest training on this planet. How on earth can they do away with the older element in this time where they – the elite – are wanted more than ever before in the fight against the Taliban and very extremist armies of that ilk.

    As was always said in my time in the reserve forces you are learning all the time from the older soldier, so where is the logic in getting shod of the real unsung heros from this very select group of men. Bravo to the SAS (Who Dares Wins).

    ED: SAS Selection

  106. Swanny Swanson says:

    I read that someone mentioned about Cpl Bulley. Nobby Clarke said that he was his Cpl in 2 Platoon in A Coy Bermuda. I never met him as I had left about the time he arrived there, according to Nobby he wasn’t the most liked of NCOs and apparently Cpl Dutch Hoon warned him of his bullish actions and words to the other soldiers of their Platoon and threatened him several times! Also CSM Jan Passmore had a word or two about the same, Nobby said it did the trick as he was a changed character after.

    I remember as you, that when Sjt Charlie Seaborne first arrived in our Coy he was a bit bombastic, but changed to a totally different character when he became our Sjt in 3 Platoon, we couldn’t have wished for a better Sjt as I found as he organised our leave Island just off Bermuda and Cpl Dave Besley and I found him a true friend and Sjt to us all.

  107. Swanny Swanson says:

    Keith Mannings told that a neighbour in his road in Frome, Colin, said he had acquired a PC and was looking through the British LI blog and as a ex KSLI soldier who served in Kenya found his COs name on that blog. He is fascinated by it all, (his COs name was Tupper-Smith). It would be good if he would join in on the blogs.

    • Editor in Brisbane says:

      Swanny, I add for the record that our KSLI blog indicates the depth of interest demonstrated by Bill Griffiths, Keith Forbes (bermuda-online webmaster) and myself, in unravelling the history over the accidental shooting of ‘Sunray’, in the Aberdare forest of Kenya in 1955. Our joint efforts, beyond those of the disinterested Family, resulted in proper recognition of the Lt. Col.

      As you say, to make a worthwhile contribution to the blog, would be another example by an Old Soldier to record historical opinion about a little remembered event. I hope that Keith Mannings too can getaroundtuit.

  108. Swanny Swanson says:

    Is the Max now living in OZ? When I read the caption I thought someone got it wrong? I think I saw The Max Bygraves on This is your life some years ago, and I thought that he did his N/S in the RAF. I think if he was part of the LI someone somewhere would have mentioned it. I would have!

    ED: Yes Swanny, according to Google, Max either lives permanently here on the Gold Coast in Queensland, or winters here among other ‘foreign’ ports. Bill Griffiths mistakenly thought that Max was a Light Infantryman of the same name. Max Bygraves served in the RAF.

  109. Mike Cummings says:

    Hi cheps, I have just found the message from John Bulley among all the spam for viagra and a get a bigger dick ads. John if you are old enough to have been in Bermuda, I baby sat you on quite a few occasions. is your dad still about if not please except my condolences, we weren’t exactly pals but had an NCO relationship.

  110. Bill Griffiths says:

    Me again ED. Ignore me, I must be off my Rocker, it just couldn’t have been ‘THE’ Max. 3LI didn’t exsist in his day. I must be going simple in my old age, better re-name me ‘nutcase dwarf’ or ‘Dopey’ instead of ‘poison dwarf’

    ED: You’re having a great time here Bill writing to yourself! Gotta Larf. Sadly for you however to learn of the death another Old Light Infantryman. A letter from you would go down well with Family.

    ‘The Max’ is alive and well in Queensland OZ.

  111. Bill Griffiths says:


    PS. to earlier blog, I assume it is ‘THE’ Max Bygraves?

  112. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi Ed,
    I never knew Max Bygraves was ex LI and a Bugle Major. Just received this from LI in Shrewsbury. Do you think a letter of sympathy from us might be a good idea? Nigel Jones who forwarded the message is the son of my old CO from way back in 1953 and looks after Rifles dealings in Shrewsbury.

    Generals, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the death of Max Bygrave (ex 3LI and Bugle Major) who passed away on Saturday 31st July after a long illness. His Funeral Service will be on Thursday 19th August at 1120 hrs at Emstrey Crematorium (London Road, Shrewsbury SY2 6PS) to which all are welcome. Anyone wishing to write to his son, Chris, can do so at:
    23 Cherrytree Drive
    SY11 2QH

    He also had a daughter Melanie. Please could I ask you to inform anyone else who might wish to know.
    Nigel Jones

  113. Editor in Brisbane says:


    John Bulley, son of Sjt Bulley, 2 Platoon “A” Company 1954, has responded to Mike Cummings’ posted comment dated 13th January 2008, on the “A” Company blog site. If interested, you’ll need to scroll the pages to back track to Mike’s comment.

    • Editor in Brisbane says:

      G’Day Tom Howell

      Thanks for replying to John on the “A” Company blog, I hope that he scans the old comments to find it. There are other cheps I know who will remember Bulley, will be interesting to see if they take the trouble to reply.

      I shall email John direct and advise him of your reply.

  114. Swanny Swanson says:

    Now had a phone call from my close mate Len (Blondie) Nicholls in Scotland. I had a phone call from Len’s wife Jan last week to say Len was admitted to hospital with heart problems again and he was not very well at all! I rang his address and his son Scott who came home from China to be there with his father while in hospital, he answered me and said Len was much better and hoped to be home again after he was very ill for several days. It was lovely to hear Len’s voice and he sounded very well after being so poorly.

    First thing he said was to remember him to all his DCLI mates and thanked me for ringing his family in Scotland. As said Derek that’s what loyal friends are for.

    ED: Hear! Hear! Swanny. Loyalty – a precious commodity these days, goodonyer for supporting Len. Send him my regards from this site on behalf of all others who care.

  115. Swanny Swanson says:

    Jack Madron said to me on Tuesday night at the DCLI meeting that he and some others that were on the blog were not going on there any more! I said to him that I am staying loyal to the DCLI blogs and have had a few bollockings from Derek over the past couple of years, going on the wrong blogs with comments etc, but I would be lost as I have been on these blogs since it started.

    I have tried like Derek to get ex DCLI and LI to come on, the more the better, so its good you are still involved to get the message across to all that read this. As Derek has always said since the beginning GOYA. I try to help to the best of my ability to get news etc to Derek especially Association news etc to Derek as to updates etc to the benefit of all who reads these Blogs.

    I said to Terry Simons again on Tuesday last GET YOUR FINGER OUT and print what he tells me on the blog. Before I finish I met Maurice White after 55 years and gave him details etc of the blog, my Address, email address etc and the same as my close mate Roy Westbrook – haven’t heard from either of them!

    ED: Thanks Swanny, I appreciate your support. I could say plenty about what is now obvious, in that a noted few have deserted the blogs, but nothing that would dignify that occasion. I will say once and for all though, that what I think most outrageous was (and maybe still is) the theft of intellectual property by so called “Mates” of another, being used under a cloak of secrecy and convenient reasoning.

    Any idiot can open and run a blog site, but for Chrissakes, those who so choose – FO and create an original format and blog your time wasting Krap there, rather than bugger up a meaningful intent to create a small window of DCLI history.

    I don’t think Swanny, that its much of a loss, if the absent few need to hide and skulk away under a private site. Maybe they’ve got summat to hide, no doubt or worse even, they want to make cowardly acrimonious comment and won’t run the risk of a defamation action.

    One door closes, another opens Old Mate. Thanks again.

  116. Terry Joll says:

    In the absence of other places to post this I put it here in the hope I am correct. I have noticed recently that a lot of our frequent bloggers are AWOL. Can all the Absentees get themselves back on Parade and get these blogs flowing once again, Come in out of the cold we are missing you.

    ED: Hello Terry, must be your connection that is slow. Quite OK also to post this comment here.

    Regarding Absentees, I regret to advise that some have joined Che Guevara’s lot, and prefer to talk about lizard soup and beetle syrup for boils, hiding down in the coal hole where they can’t be seen. Obviously a pressing need to gossip in private with something to hide from public view. So much for the Light Infantry spirit of mateship.

  117. Swanny Swanson for Keith Mannings says:


    Dear Neil,
    John Morgan was our 4 Platoon Officer, we all called him Jet behind his back of course, as he moved with terrific speed even on route marches. I remember calling Tom Strike in Barmera, Adelaide some 18 months ago and told him of John’s bowel cancer op. Tom said, “I will phone Jet”, so even after all these years the name Jet still sticks in our memories of him. Tom did phone him as when Pete Rule and I went to John’s home at Portscatho for lunch last year, John mentioned that he was delighted Cpl. Strike had phoned him.

    Major Marsh told John in the Spring of 1956 to go down to The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club at Albuoys Point for a few days to help supervise activities as the yachtsmen from Newport-Bermuda race were due, John told me he got friendly with a guy from Rhode Island who had been in the race, the American invited him on the return trip to the States, Major Marsh OK’d it, so John arrived at the guys house, met his wife and children, the guy said, “stay for a few days with us” I will have to get permission from my CO in Bermuda. Major Marsh said “make sure you are back here in 3 days, or else”.John arrived by Pan Am in Bermuda and re-joined 4 Platoon.

    John told me last year he still keeps in contact with his American friends to this day. He also told me the worst time he had with 4 Platoon was on an exercise at St Georges, a paraffin cooker exploded and burnt 2 of his men quite badly. They were treated by Captain Hartley RAMC and Lt. Paddy Wolffe. Paddy lives in Paget, Bermuda to this day,we met up with him during our visit to Bermuda in 2007. He has now retired as a GP and was Major and Mrs Marsh’s doctor. He also told us that Captain Hartley had died the year before. John told me that both the lads injured in the blast made a good recovery.

    John is such a lovely man, so easy to talk to, he will get out his photo albums over a pint, you would think he was one of your close mates. John left Bermuda with us on the BOAC Stratocruiser on October 6th 1956 and did his TA with the DCLI in Truro.

    Cheers Neil, Keith.

  118. Swanny Swanson for Keith Mannings says:

    More of Keith’s duties at Government House.

    Neil here is a run down of my duties, 0630 every morning, go up the tower and raise the the Union Jack, then back to the kitchen to make the “Gov” a pot of tea in the silver teapot, posh cups and plates and plenty of McVities biscuits on a lovely silver tray.

    “Good morning Mannings” were HE’s first words to me.” What’s the weather like?”

    “Its sunny, your Excellency have a good day Sir”. Next job ditto for Capt. Nicholls in the next room, “Good Morning Si, can you tell me what his duties are today?

    “He will want to wear his full ceremonial white outfit with matching hat and feather as he is opening Parliament at 11-30, so make sure it’s smart, I will be wearing my No 1 outfit so check thats OK”.

    For the next six months all my orders came from the ADC at 07-30. Then I went to breakfast with the civilian staff, I enjoyed the same food as the hierarchy and plenty of booze at night from the cellar. Every night at sunset it was up the tower to lower the Union Jack. I served dinner at night in the large dining room to the Governor, Lady Woodall, his daughters, Kate and Marian, the ADC and invited dignitaries, Noel Coward was in for dinner one evening, he had a posh house in Paget.The best part about the evening was when we the staff tucked into the same food that they had enjoyed, the Chief Cook was a young English girl Daphne Halsall, we had pantry maids come in from outside, Bermudians Alice Looby from the North Shore, Peggy and Ethel who hailed from British Honduras. Freddy Mayes the Chauffeur, the Governer’s car was a large black Humber,t hey used a green Hillman Minx for normal transport. I had the use of their Mobylette while I was there, sporting facilities and access to the lovely huge gardens at Government House which went right down to the North Shore Road. When I left Government House on October 4th 1956, the Governor posed for a photo I took. His home in the UK was at Whitewell Lodge, Whitchurch, Shropshire and Capt. Nicholls lived near Salisbury.

    Swanny: To think I could have had the same job as Keith in the Spring of 1955, only as valet to Sir Hugh Foot who was Governor at that time, I turned it down and came back to the UK in May 1955, I sometimes regret it but thats life, opportunity only knocks once!

  119. Editor in Brisbane says:


    London Daily Telegraph today.

  120. Editor says:


    The photo above in the Header section, of Peter Male and his good wife Sylvia, bears invitation to comment I believe. Peter is unwell at the moment and ’tis fitting to record our appreciation for the job that he has carried out for many years. Perhaps one of you local Cornish boys will provide some greater detail. I only met Peter recently, at Bodmin in June 2009 and again I believe at Shrewsbury.

    Peter, your dedication to the Regimental Association is greatly appreciated and the job of carrying the Standard can often be taken for granted by observers. I’ll bet that on many times, instead of the sunny day at Bodmin above, there was instead a cold blowy and blustery day somewhere. On behalf of all the lads I thank you both for the splendid dedication that you have shown. Get Well soon Peter, the brass needs a polish!

    • Sloop JB says:


      I have known Peter since the day of our joining the DCLI in 1953, even though we didn’t get together much in those early days, I liked him very much. He befriended my mate George Crossman and when I visited George in camp Peter was always present. If my memory serves me well Peter did a bit of boxing, I can remember him in the ring, nothing serious just platoon stuff.

      I’ve got closer to Peter in the years we’ve been in the LI association. Right through all the time I’ve known him he is always smiling, ready with a joke and quick wit, do anything for any one. I’ve got to know Sylvia his wife, who is a very pleasant and jovial lady. I would go as far to say they are both well suited for each other.

      My wife Peggy and I wishes Peter all the best in his present illness and we hope to see him for many years to come.

  121. Terry Joll says:

    If this John Morgan only lives in Portscatho, he is a local boy so why not some Members get together and pay him a visit, he may appreciate it. I only knew the chap briefly in Osnabruck as a 2/Lt, others will know him better.


  122. Swanny Swanson for Keith Mannings says:

    This is from a letter Keith sent me.

    Phoned Lt John Morgan last night, John was so pleased I phoned, he loved the Vulcan DVD I sent to him, he has now loaned it to his brother who was an engineer who worked on the Vulcan Bomb Doors, the Victor and the Valiant when he was in the RAF. John is unable to go on his coastal walks anymore as his spine pain is so intense, he has had cancer for last few years, he can just about stroll up the outside his house at Portscatho. John told me that Maj. Peter Michell had phoned him on Sunday evening, Peter was John’s best man at his wedding, and he was Peter’s best man at his wedding.

    Peter Michell is also a sick man with heart problems, Peter is 77 and John is 75. John left Bermuda with us on a BOAC Stratocruiser that took us first to New York, we were there for 2 hours, then on to Gander, Newfoundland for 2 hours, then straight through to London which took 9 hours 20 minutes, howzat for memory Neil?

    ED: Well Done Swanny & Keith, just the style of stories and anecdotes that we want to read.

    PS: Check out Lost Names – message from Bill Eaton.

  123. Swanny Swanson for Keith Mannings says:

    Keith asked if I could give an anecdote of his N/Service posting to Bermuda.

    Lt John Morgan came to 4 Platoon in April 1956, “Mannings get up to see Major Marsh now”. Our CO (Major JA Marsh) said “We would like you to Government house to look after General Woodall KBE CB MC, The Governor and his ADC Captain Nicholls DFC RA. General Woodall was also in the RA for 40 years, so he obviously went for Capt. Nicholls who was RA, rather than a DCLI Chappie Hossifer! Our CO said to me “It will only be for a week, until they get a civilian out from England, we have looked through your records of 14 consecutive Sticks and the Special Parades you did at the House of Representatives”. Well Neil, I was at Government House until October 1956, I had to go back to Prospect where Lt Paddy Wooffe RAMC gave me my Demob Medical.

    My intake left Bermuda on October 6th 1956, met up with Ivor Barrett at Kindley Field who had just got off the Stratocruiser from Kingston.

    Going back to my story of my duties at Government House the Governor’s chauffer used to drive me to Prospect in a large big black Humber every Thursday for pay, it had the Union Flag on the front of the car. Of course the two guards on at Prospect had to present arms, I would wind down the window as we drove past slowly and shout “carry on please” and came the reply “bastard Mannings”.

    Thats about all Neil, except when we got back to Bodmin I was walking across the square with Ivor Barrett when out came from the Drill Shed a new intake with CSM Jan Fidock yelling, left-right-left-right. Well Neil, Barrett pissed himself, Fidock stopped and threatened to double us all into the Guard Room.

    Best Wishes Keith.

  124. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Just heard from Swanny, relayed from Terry Joll that Peter Male is unwell.

    Peter, hope you can bear up Old Mate and Get Well Soon. All your Mates on these blogs are sending you thoughts and messages of support. We’re thinking of you.

    • Sloop JB says:

      Hi Derek,

      Peter is in a bad way, he’s going to our Musgrove Hospital today to see a specialist and find out how bad, and to work out the next procedure. I can’t say much more yet until his wife contacts me.

      ED: Thanks for that update JB. If as and when any Old Mate gets to see or talk to Peter, tell him that this Old Aussie Digger is barracking for him. Ta.

  125. Swanny Swanson says:

    I asked Keith and he said you had gone by the time Lt Morgan was there, will write when Keith gives me the gen on the matter.

    ED: Thanks Swanny, thought so. His name didn’t ring a bell. I seem to remember that Jeremy Hooper was the 4 Platoon boss in my time there, late August to late October 1955.

  126. Swanny Swanson says:

    Now been on the phone to Keith and he will be mailing me the history of Lt John Morgan time in Bermuda as Pl Commander of 4 Platoon and all about his time there, I will then decipher and send it to you as Keith is not up to it yet.

    ED: Thanks Swanny, John Morgan must have served with 4 Platoon after my departure in October 1955. I look forward to more details.

  127. Swanny Swanson says:

    Keith Mannings just been on the phone as he does on a regular basis and said he had sent a dvd to Lt. John Morgan as he sends them to all members of the DCLI people and Branches of the Associations and he had a nice letter from Lt Morgan thanking him. In his letter he also said he has been fighting cancer since 2002 and he is not very well at all, I said I would be writing to the DCLI Blogs and said that on behalf of all the members of our Regiment and Associations we would all be praying and thinking of him at this most difficult time for him and his family.

    ED: Thanks Swanny. Our supportive thoughts for Lt Morgan for a full recovery. I’m sure that all of we Old Bloggers will send positive thoughts and hopes for him. Bring me up to date on his service with the Regiment if you will. Thanks.

  128. Terry Joll says:

    Please see my report on DCLI Memoriale page regarding Stanley Templeman known as Shirley

    ED: Thanks Terry. Roll of Honour entry done.

  129. Swanny Swanson says:

    No not really, he didn’t say much about his previous life to me. I as I told I think Rose was in the USA and came over to Reg in Bermuda to married quarters. If you remember we were all young and naive in those days and didn’t ask much about peoples past, soldiers included, Reg, Ken Young didn’t speak about Korea, Malaya etc and as I said before only Jim Dennison spoke about the wars to me personally. Again as said Rose and Reg were very kind to me.

  130. Swanny Swanson says:

    Now been looking at John Warrilow’s pics; brought back many happy memories for me, as you know I was great friends with John and Rose. I put on earlier blogs some photos of me taken with Rose and John. I spent Christmas 1954 at their married quarters and they really gave me a good Christmas. I had a weeks leave to stay with them. I had one photo with John taken with the cyclemasters we both bought from a shop in Hamilton and we both went miles around Bermuda when we first got there. Happy Memories. I would like to thank their son for sending these photos to you Derek.

    ED: Good stuff ‘Ole Mate, I knew you would appreciate ’em. I shall be emailing son John later to thank him for the memory stick he sent over the ditch from NZ. I’ve spent most of the afternoon, uploading the photos and doctoring them, some were very patchy. Do you happen to remember Reg’s military history before the DCLI?


    John, as we knew him was a character and a regular soldier long before he joined us on the Clyde. He was our Old Soldier mate in 3 Platoon and kept us in fits of laughter in the ranks.

    Reg and Rose’s son John, living in Auckland NZ has fulfilled his earlier promise to forward more of his Dad’s photos for us to enjoy and remember the good times we had in Bermuda. I shall eventually post this latest Picasa Album to Old Mates Picasa Albums, but in the meanwhile enjoy it here.

    Some photos include Reg’s posting to Malaya – presumably with the OBLI.

  132. Terry Joll says:

    Gentlemen of the DCLI.
    Have I been asleep for a while? But now that I am looking at the header pages I notice that several heading subjects have vanished down the black hole, not the black coal hole but gone from my viewing. I am sure someone will put my wise to what has happened but I do miss the usual banter and General Articulates. I bet someone has been busy with the blue pen and edit button.

    I read all sorts of instructons on the Blogs but to be honest I get absolutely frustrated as I just cannot grasp all the technical jargon. I was an expert with the GPMG and was good with the 36 Mills Grenade but computers have got me buggered first class.

    Whatever the reasons behind all this loss of subjects I would like things to be back to the way they were when I was first invited to become a Blogger.

    Here’s hoping.

    ED: Private email on the way

  133. Latest Old Mates photo added to Header section above.

    Maurice White of 3 Platoon, A Company, met up with Old Mates at the Bodmin Rally in June 2010. Thanks Swanny and Terry for update.

    • Sloop JB says:


      I like the photos sent in by Swanny, covered both occasions admirably, that was quite a weekend.

      ED: Thanks for comments JB. Swanny has long been a highly supportive contributor and many, many of his scans (Meetings, Minutes, Programmes, Hymn Sheets etc etc.) are not published for wont of space and relevance at large. The referred photos are just what is needed I feel, to keep these blog pages alive with military based contacts, friendships and localised Cornish Events, that we ‘Emmetts’ are not aware of and want to hear about.

  134. Swanny Swanson says:

    Had a phone call on Saturday from Len Nicholls wife to say he was admitted to hospital in Troon Scotland were they live. Len has had a heart attack and is not very well, also contracted fluid on his lung. I rang yesterday and his son who flew home from China were he works and told me he is a little better, so fingers crossed, we hope he will recover once again from his heart problems etc.

    As I said before on the blogs, Leonard was always a big man with a big heart and served his country well when in our Regiment, serving in firstly the bugle Platoon and as a driver of T16 in Support Company, get well soon old mate.

    ED: Hear Hear Swanny. When you next chat with ‘im – send my best wishes and regards from OZ.Thanks for update.

  135. Swanny Swanson says:

    Hi Geoff,
    All the best for your results of your latest heart problem. As I had problems in that department while in hospital they can do wonders in that department with drugs etc, will be thinking and praying for you Old Mate.


  136. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi Geoff,
    We haven’t met but all best wishes from me too. I know the feeling believe me. I retired 22 years ago after a heart attack, but I am still here, they can do wonders these days just take it easy. Fingers crossed for you.

    Sgnt Major Bill

  137. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi All, going AWOL for a time ticker playing up, getting it sorted.

    Best Wishes Geoff.

    • Sloop JB says:


      Best wishes to you, will be thinking of you.

      ED: Ditto Geoff, Good Luck.

  138. Mike Cummings says:

    Hi Sloop and Terry. I had an injury to my foot and was excused boots for a while, so I was sent to the Officers Mess to be a waiter. I enjoyed this skive for a couple of months till Sgt Bill Bulley cottoned on to me and dragged me back to 2 platoon. Made my life uncomfortable for a while, got on jankers a couple of times, nobody gets away with anything in the mob I found out.

    I’ll tell you about one session with Cpl Warrilow as guard commander later. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kernow bys vyken Mike

  139. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi everybody,
    I had Nancy home for the weekend, a bit of a slog for me, but well worth it. We went out for a really great Chinese dinner on the first night. I cooked a very nice steak and chips, with all the trimmings the next night, and we had Sunday Roast at our Local The Tram Inn, remember it Derek?

    Nancy is back in the nursing home now, and I am here alone, except for a nice bottle of red, all I need is some company and the chance to tell some old stories, listen to a load of banter and re-live the good old days, when the Light Infantry was OURS.

    Hey guys, I wish we could all meet up and have really great time together, BUT, we must show our appreciation and thanks to Derek our ED, for making this kind of getting together possible. Thanks Derek, we would all be lost without you. Take it easy guys.

    Bill and my little Nancy.

    JT, the wine is a Canti, Italian Merlot Sangiovese, quite nice. Wine rack looking a bit depleted at the moment, better get off to Sainsburys and stock up. Cheers all.

  140. Terry Joll says:

    During me early years in the Sjts Mess I picked up the duty of Silver Member, this duty involved me in ensuring all the Silver was in immaculate condition at all times and ready for instant display. This was usually given to a junior member. It meant I had to be in the Mess early to check all items were on display and accounted for and also to ensure safe custody after the dinner.

    I disliked any members touching the silver or lighting their cigarettes from the candleabras. When I eventually had my own Mess I would take particular attention to anyone touching the silver and at the three monthly time when Mess Duties were changed, I would select those who liked the touch of silver, so I gave Silver Members job. The silver remained untouched at dinner after the message got across.

    As a Bugler we would do Bugle and Colours Guard at Regimental functions, we normally got ten bob from the Messes and occasionally a beer at the Mess back doors.


    • Sloop JB says:


      I can recall nothing but pride when I think of the Mess dining room of a night when all the Officers had a Regimental dinner or they were entertaining guests, to see the dining table laid with all the leaves of the highly polished table in place suitably adorned with all the Mess silver and drinking glasses looking like something I had only seen in films or on news reels. As I said before, polishing it was a chore, but to see it in all its glory was out of this world. As for the table itself we would spend hours working on it.

  141. Sloop JB says:

    Morning Mike

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who polished mess silver, we all sat round the table deciding who was going to polish what, always seemed like a chore, always pleased when it was finished and put back in store.

  142. Mike Cummings says:

    A mention of the Regimental silver. Takes me back when I did a stint as a waiter in the Officer’s Mess in Bermuda. I spent hours cleaning the bloody stuff. In addition to waiting I was looking after an RASC captain and the MO. Also when we had the Canadian pipers in for the tattoo.

    Kerno bys viken. Mike

  143. Bill Griffiths says:

    I am with you all the way – 100%. I hope all the others will support you as well and as you say, less Krap and more real delving in to our past, to bring back happy memories and friendships.

    ED: Thanks again Sgnt Major.

  144. Bill Griffiths says:

    You are doing a fantastic job for us and have been doing for years now, all for OUR benefit and enjoyment. I am sure everyone will say the same, even though we have not really supported you 100%. I for one, have let you down by being absent for such a long time, but I am back and will try my hardest not to get lost again. Okey Dokey


    ED: Thanks Bill, I appreciate your supportive remarks. Several other “Old Mates” – Ho Hum! – are not so forthcoming, but that’s life – can’t please ’em all. I’m getting to find out who my genuine Old Mates really are. I’m being damned if I do and damned if I don’t, Bill. Unless you’ve been on the end of the editorial pencil, no – one has much idea of the foolish krap that passes for commonbloodysense.

    I’m now moving on and what you see in the Page Titling is just about what will continue in my search for genuine LI Memorabilia – not banter and krap. Don’t be surprised to see a few names MIA, but Good Luck to ’em – getting their own Krap & Nonsense Blog – is best for ’em.

  145. Editor in Brisbane says:


    My announcement recently to close these pages – now altered (on account of genuine support given – to downsize the site generally and only leave the ‘Regimental’ Pages) was done to realign the original purpose of the 1DCLI blog site, started in November 2006. If it is not obvious (!) there was a great amount of editorial effort placed in all that has gone before, supported by all Contributors, for which I thank you all.

    The consequences of that action is not an invitation to rape and pillage my intellectual property for other purposes. Page construction is not rocket science and where needed I will happily co-operate and agree to page links if required. I believe that my support for all genuine contributors over the past few years, entitles me to that.

    Play up, play up and play the game!

    Vitai Lampada

  146. Swanny Swanson says:

    Thanks JB, was he a batman or did he work in the Mess as a cook or something? I think I last saw him as mentioned, didn’t see him on the Clyde or ever again. He must have come home a month or so before me, and as said died in that accident. We were great friends when we were in school together.

    • Sloop JB says:


      Ken was a waiter in the Mess. He, Furnley Wickett and Ray Olver waited on the officers with food. We would all muck in with laying tables ready for meals then we would all muck in to clear tables and give the dining room a good clean up after meals. Myself and Ken Ridgement would serve Officers with what ever drinks they ordered. any big party nights we would all wait at tables to keep things flowing and hope for no cock ups to occur. On evenings like that we had to stay on duty till the last Officer left the Mess, then we had to clear all the regimental silver away before we could retire for the night.

  147. Sloop JB says:


    Crownhill was were I met Ken for the first time. If he was batman to Maj. Fry it must have been in Germany, I cannot remember Ken saying anything about it.

    I also remember a lot of activity in the Mess with all the packing at that time, our friend Tom Howell was in the Mess but I’m damned if I can remember him. Is it possible you saw Ken on the Empire Clyde, ’cause I can assure you we dropped you off at Bermuda then went straight to Jamaica. I also said I didn’t move into the Mess immediately but I can also assure you that Ken was there.

  148. Swanny Swanson says:

    Reading back in the blog that Sloop wrote some time ago now, I mentioned the name Rendal (Ken) Maddern who was killed in a road traffic accident. A motorcyclist from our local area hit Rendal while he was riding his pedal cycle and he was tragically killed.

    I said I thought he was Maj. Fry’s batman when I was helping to get crated material ready for the trip to the West Indies. In answer from Sloop he said he did not go to Belize but I understood Maj. Fry was Coy Commander of E Coy. The getting ready for the West Indies took place in Crownhill and I think that was the last time I saw Rendal Maddern. Can you or Sloop tell me if this is the fact?

  149. Editor in Brisbane says:

    “E” Company Re-Union Lunch, Bridgewater.

    The Front (Home) Page of this blog site shows signage for an E” Coy Re-Union Lunch gathering in Bridgewater, Somerset. Now I guess that some of you will attend, Merv Chandler is contactable by phone (only) and Tom Howell has acted in concert with Merv to publish that message.

    The point of my comment here is to advise a suggestion of mine – to Tom and likewise to Marshall ‘Nobby’ Clark (in Wagga Wagga OZ), and to ALL other interested parties, that an “E” Company Blog page be published.

    Clearly I need some support here, particularly with the recent decision to downsize the site generally, for want of enthusiastic traffic BUT, an “E” Coy page is an additional piece of DCLI Memorabilia – and resultant new ‘Old Mates’ – that might breathe some new life into our tired blog activity.

    So, anyone with Belize material, photos with captions, anedotes etc, please contact me in the usual manner and when Tom returns from holiday, we’ll get the new page on the road.

    Ta! Carpe Diem!

    • Editor in Brisbane says:

      Good News

      Marshall ‘Nobby’ Clark from Wagga Wagga NSW has advised of a collection of “E” Coy photos that he will forward in due course for the “E” Coy (proposed) new blog page.

      Thanks Nobby and to any others out there who can help.

  150. Sloop JB says:


    Be very careful what you water in the garden, otherwise you won’t have a garden left. That wine can be quite potent. lol

  151. Bill Griffiths says:

    JT. That wine that kills weeds. I often kill some at the top of my garden after any wine, but not from the bottle!

  152. Sloop JB says:

    ED Bill JT

    Peggy and I enjoy a glass or two of Isla Negra Cabernet Sauvignon, a Chilian wine or a glass or two of Stormhoek Cabernet Sauvignon South African, both suits our taste. I’m with Bill, get it on prescription.

  153. Sloop JB says:

    Getting my knees brown all over again. Taken in St Mawes.

  154. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Click above to see Picasa hotlink, page header.

    Sloop, the Taunton Terror, loose in Cornwall. Reward.

  155. JT says:

    Could we get Phylis Stein the Beano wine critic to join as adjudicator?


    Would you Connie Sewers like your own blog page?

  157. JT says:


    PS: I think its turning my dentures black.

  158. JT says:

    Billy Boy

    After a several “half” pints of beer I suppose we can rely on your appreciation of a fine wine like “City de Carcassonne” £3.99 (with free “crystal” decanter) from any Tesco). I am now appreciating a little bold red from Bulgaria. (It also kills weeds by the way)

  159. Bill Griffiths says:

    PS to earlier comment, couldn’t resist another drop of red JT. A Merlot ‘Cite De Carcassonne’ 2009 13.5 %
    Not sure where I bought it, but very soothing and satisfying. Hell, it’s a tough life ‘aint it?

  160. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi everyone,
    Just been in to Hereford where we are forming a new Masonic male voice choir, really amazing. About twenty turned up, we had some special arrangements done for us by an ex top army musician, who was the Director of Music at Kneller Hall, the home of Military music. Honestly guys, it was quite good, and our intention is to present concerts eventually for charities.

    Oh! by the way, we just happened to call in to my local for a beer afterwards, that was about two hours ago, can’t remember how many halves I had, but very very very nice.

    Cheers everyone and goodnight.

  161. Bill Griffiths says:

    I had a message telling me there was no increase in Pension this year, but my Tax coding took it down by 1p a day. The most shocking thing is that last year the Pension was increased by 1p a day. I wrote to the MOD and offered to give it to them for any Charity of their choice. They didn’t respond of course. This time I have written to my MP, who says he will take the matter up somewhere along the line. You know what means ‘SOD ALL’

    A disgusted old pensioner. Bill

  162. JT says:


    Why has your Army Pension gone down?

  163. Bill Griffiths says:

    Quite right Sloop, what ever would we do without MPs? We would have nobody to moan about. Anyway, taking your advice, just opened a bottle of French ‘Corbieres’ very tasty, and only 13% proof, so I should be able to get most of the bottle down before bed. I won’t look in the mirror to see if I am smiling, just make believe.

  164. Sloop JB says:


    A question. If we had sex education then, do you think we would have started having it earlier in life.

    Not funny having your pension docked, I know the feeling, never mind got to keep the MPs and councillers pensions topped up even if it is at our expense. Have another glass of wine and keep smiling.

  165. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi All,
    JT afraid I had to pay more, even Sainsburys have put their prices up and what makes matters worse, is that my army pension actually went down this year be a penny a day, thats a whole bottle of cheap plonk,
    where will it all end?

    Had to give up smoking years ago, gave up the thing that kept bringing children it to the world,
    should have done that fifty years ago, then I wouldn’t have the problems I am having now. Trouble is, I didn’t really know what I was doing, didn’t have sex education in those days! Never mind, carry on regardless.
    Nice to be back with you all.

  166. Swanny Swanson says:

    As said keep your pecker up, and keep taking the medicine ie red wine. You are not the only one with family probs, it happens in all families. My rations these days is two halves of Guiness on Saturday nights.

  167. Geoff Cherry says:

    You never can tell Bill, doctors now holding the purse strings.

  168. Bill Griffiths says:

    Thanks Derek,
    You certainly will, I am determined not to let them grind me down any more. It is ‘hissing’ down with rain at the moment, but I don’t care, I am quite comfortable here with, guess what? correct, a nice bottle of red. I might go to the doctor tomorrow, see if I can get some on prescription. What do you reckon my chances are? Anyway, all the best to all of you.

  169. DCLI alive and kicking, but only in the USA.

    ED: Thanks Steve. We might have the RSM write to ’em about that “Slope Arms” drill procedure.

  170. Bill Griffiths says:

    Well chaps,
    The start of another week, went to see Nancy this morning, she seems OK and I will try to have her home again in about a fortnights time, fingers crossed.

    Had a good kip yesterday, and last night and today I feel that I have started a new phase in my life. Sod all those who are giving me trouble, they have a lot longer to suffer their troubles than I have, and I hope their troubles are twice as many as they have given me.

    The Local is closed tonight, so I am sampling a few glasses of Red, ‘Italian Merlot Canti’ not bad. Cheers all.

    ED: Well done ‘Ole Mate – Nulle Illigitomo Carborundum – here’s to hearing regularly from you.

  171. Bill Griffiths says:

    Many thanks Derek. I too had a message from Archie, just to confirm that he is now on email and of course I have already sent him a message.

  172. Bill Griffiths says:

    Just back from the local ‘FUFTB’ old Tommy Handley saying for ‘full up and fit to burst’ Really great meal and three glasses of a good quality red wine. Ready for a quick ‘kip’ now for a half hour or so, then, who knows. I might even go back to the pub again!

    Thanks for your good wishes, Sloop, Ed, Barry and all. I will do my best not to let you down any more. See you all again after a little zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    ED: Thank you Sgnt Major. You have not let us down, simply taken a rest, which is your entitlement and under the circumstances known to me. I don’t blame you. S’about time that younger people – family or not – showed some bloody respect for we Older ‘Uns. In recognition of your MacArthur (“I shall return”) I have re-instated the KSLI and Korea Blogs for Comment. These 2 blog pages will remain open under the site revision that is happening. Looking forward to many witticisms from you. I also had an email from Archie t’other day and can now return his Korea photo album. Let me know if you need his new email address.

  173. Sloop JB says:

    Hello Bill

    You don’t know me but I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and Nancy well and good luck to you both for the future, take care of each other, God bless.

  174. Bill Griffiths says:

    P.S to earlier message.

    I am going down to the ‘Local’ (one of the many ‘Locals’ for Sunday roast and a few glasses of beer and red wine. I will drink a toast to the health of all of you. Especially you Derek.

    ED: Cheers back to you Bill, ‘Ole Mate. Thanks for your kind words. Not too many now Sgnt Major!

  175. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi everyone,
    It’s me, back again after a long absence of AWOL. So sorry guys, but I am afraid I let my problems get the better of me, but I trying hard now to fight back, and become my old self again, after all, the years are rolling by far too quickly, and I know deep down that we have to make the most of what we have left, and I don’t want to let Derek our great ‘ED’ down for all the hard work he has put into this site especially for us all. Thanks Derek…you are one in a million.

    Anyway, I had my little Nancy home for three nights during the last week to celebrate her 85th birthday. We had a nice time and she was so pleased to see her name ‘in lights’ on the blog pages. I will try hard to get back in to the swing of things now ‘okey dokey’

    All the best now, to ALL of you

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Dear Bill,

      It is really good to see that you are back with us and that you were able to help Nancy to celebrate her 85th Birthday, at home. I am looking forward to reading more of your interesting and amusing contributions.

      With kindest regards to you both from Barry.

  176. Swanny Swanson says:

    Bravery at the highest level. l/Sgt Matthew Turrall-Irish Guards was awarded the Military Cross and presented by HM the Queen last week for outstanding bravery for leaving his section and rescuing an Afghan father and mother and three children to the safety of the battle and put them in a sheltered position away from severe fighting by the Talaban. His fellow soldiers said this was one of the most bravest of brave to have risked his own life to take this family to a safe haven in the middle of fierce fighting. Hope the pollies take note of this and think again about taking money off their pay that Cameron had promised them when he was out there a week before fighting as said before by me and many others of a futile war.

  177. Swanny Swanson says:

    Nobby, Swanny, Bob Fox with the Branch Standard attended Forces Day Parade in Marazion today. As I was not in the best of fettle I had the privilege of riding in a Willys WW2 Jeep driven by a member of wartime vintage vehicle society to the Follys Field site where there were several hundred people for Help the Heroes Day, and various Military Regalia Stalls and TA and regular Forces on view to the public.

    On route we did a salute to Lord St Leven and several dignitaries. At the head of the parade there was a Police Pipe Band and Veterans and Cadets of the three services and quite a few students dressed in WW2 uniforms and at the field they were singing all the wartime songs etc.

    We will be attending again tomorrow at a Drum Head Service at the same venue with the same top brass in attendance,this is due to take place at 11am. All the stalls and Sevice personnel are staying in tents for the full weekend, ie Regular TA etc. Lets hope the weather stays fine for more collections for Help the Heroes Charity of which today the public of Marazion did us proud in giving in the collection buckets etc.

  178. Sloop JB says:

    A few snaps I took of Truro (armed forces day) and Bodmin Rally June 2010, enjoy. Feel free to add names.

    ED: Thanks Sloop. Good to see a few faces from last year (for me).

  179. JT says:


    Was Sloop excused boots ? I still think you should see him on the verandah one morning as soon as you are fit.

    • Sloop JB says:


      I’m too old to go on a fizzer, I couldn’t do all that running, probably be alright to polish the brasses in the fire station and maybe peel a few spuds. Don’t give Terry any ideas, he’s got enough as it is.

  180. Terry Joll says:

    Sloop JB
    I think the sight of those brown shoes must have been the cause of my fall and subsequent stay in hospital. I am OK and taking it easy for a day or two.


    • Sloop JB says:


      I’ve got broad shoulders. Brown shoes with uniform is enough to make anyone pass out. Very pleased it was nothing more serious, you’ve too much more to do on this earth so don’t get any ideas.

  181. JT says:


    Heard you are on a fizzer for wearing your Teddy Boy shoes. Did you have your DA Hairstyle as well ?

    • Sloop JB says:

      Hello JT

      Terry Joll assured me he would say nothing to anyone, what a stinker. All of a rush to get to the Cathedral I forgot to change my shoes in the car park. I took a photo of him and the next day I was informed he had been rushed to hospital, thank god he’s alright.

  182. Geoff Cherry says:

    Glad to hear the good news Terry, now no more skipping for joy?

  183. Jack Madron says:

    Good news Terry. Glad to know you’re OK. You know you youngsters must take it easier.

  184. Swanny Swanson says:

    Now sent an answer to your email you sent me, as said good to know you are OK. I was visiting Frank Baxter this morning for couple of hours, he had a little blip at Bodmin like you, I think it must have been the heat, we that have had heart problems must learn to slow down. I am a good one to say and have suffered in a similar way to you Terry, I know you are a month older than me but we aren’t young any more. Lovely to have you back in harness.

  185. Terry Joll says:

    Well Folks, I am now back on Parade after a visit to the MI Rom at Treliske. Slipped of a seat in the bus station, my hob nails slid and I went A over T, two passing Paramedics picked me up and I was on way to A & E before I knew what was happening. Have had two days of tests and results all good. I must learn to slow down a bit and anyone wanting still heeled brouges give me a call. I am OK, pity I missed the dinner etc; but there is next year.

    Oh, and on a final note I met up with Sloop JB who was looking very smart and Regimental until I noticed his bloody brothel creeper brown shoes. He let the side down.

    Nice to see the Standards on parade. Thanks for your good wishes, Will write again dreckly

    ED: Very good news Serjeant Major, took our eyes off the horizon did we? Are you not telling us summat about alcohol blood residues from last Wednesday’s soiree with the Family?

  186. Swanny Swanson says:

    As Jack said, firstly when in Bodmin yesterday we heard that Terry Joll had collapsed in Truro on Saturday. Terry paraded with us but was taking photos etc of us on parade, there were so many people there we didn’t see him after the parade as he was going to The Cassino Dinner in Newquay on Saturday evening.

    Terry apparently collapsed after the parade and was taken to Treliske Hospital and stayed the weekend there for observation. I rang his wife Wendy when I got back from Bodmin yesterday and she told me he didn’t have a heart attack as we all feared, but had palpitations due to Saturday’s heat; they are keeping him in for more tests today but hopefully he will be home shortly, I will keep you posted.

    Yesterday at The Keep with the Annual Open Day I had great pleasure in meeting up after more than 50 years Derek, with Maurice White who joined up with us and was with us in 3 platoon for his Army service. He met with great surprise Terry Simons and Pete Rule and a few more old Bermuda mates, we exchanged email and addresses etc so hopefully will keep in touch. He told me that he had been living in Spain for last few years but is now back in Cornwall for keeps, also he had suffered with skin cancer which he got from Bermuda but he is optimistic he has beaten this awful disease.

    Also the highlights of Bodmin Jack and I met the Royffe Girls and had a excellent day talking with them in the flesh, they sent their best regards to all our bloggers at home and abroad to end a very good day at Bodmin, also had quite a few photos taken will send them on to you Derek in due course.

    PS: Sloop was there and had printed a lot of flyers of the Clyde Mug details to all that wanted them.

    ED: Thanks Swanny.Good news about Terry, was a bit concerned, please keep us all posted of his progress. Maurice White – nice surprise – nice bloke, hope he can blog!

  187. Jack Madron says:

    Had our yearly gettogether at The Keep today. The only thing that marred it was, I heard that Terry Joll was in hospital.

    Get well soon Terry.

  188. Swanny Swanson says:

    Received my mug yesterday, there was a problem with the security number on my visa card, my daughter came in on Sunday and rectified the matter. I wrote Badges on Mugs and thanked them for their quick service They mailed me directly after getting my mail and said thank you in return, it sits above my shelf above my PC.

    ED: Thanks Swanny

  189. Swanny Swanson says:

    Good news. Nobby has got a new laptop, hopefully his grandson can help him to get accustomed to it and join us on our Military Blogs. I am sure it will benefit him and us to join our DCLI team on the blogs. I feel quite chuffed as I have been on at him for yonks to join us, first there was Keith and now Nobby, I feel like a recruiting Sgt. Got Ya.

    ED: Well Done ‘Ole Mate, keep yer steel toe caps on though – to foot ’em up th’arse. Mannings has a laptop – he’s using the fucker as a doorstop! Haven’t seen or heard from him since.

    PS: Where’s your report on the Clyde Mug?

    • Jack Madron says:

      Keith has used his laptop. I’ve had emails from him. This voodoo machine is a bit daunting at first, as I found out, but once he starts, look out. Go to it Nobby.

      ED: Thanks Jack, good to know he has it working. Maybe now he can communicate in 21st century style instead of Shanks’ Pony!

  190. Jack Madron says:

    We paid last year. This price also includes a pasty or bap and something. Hope the pasty is better than last year. Yuk.

  191. Terry Joll says:

    The Royffe Girls
    I was in Falmouth yesterday and had lovely Cornish ice cream at Castle Drive Point, then clambered down the footpath to the Gullies but chickened out at jumping across them, lots of youngsters fishing there still.
    See you on Sunday.

    • Margaret Royffe says:

      Hey! I remember the Gullies, we were about 8 or 9 and we used to climb all round the gullies in search of shrimp and winkles, I don’t know why we went for the dangerous bits when there were plenty of winkles all over the rocks. If I went back now I know I would shudder. Which brings back another hair raising memory of climbing the outer wall to the castle and making it. Look forward to seeing you Terry, take care.

  192. Swanny Swanson says:

    Now had Frank Baxter our Hon Sec on the phone about the arrangements for transport etc for our annual open day at Bodmin, this year for the first time ever we all have to pay an entrance fee of £3 to enter The Keep, don’t know the reason for this but still as Frank said let’s hope the weather is fine and that all who attends will meet up with lots of old mates from our past.

    Derek I will remember you to all the lads who met you last year, as there were quite a few at Shrewsbury that you met last year and at Bodmin. Going to put my ear defenders in in case of all the gunfire that will take place.

    ED. Thanks Swanny.

    • Margaret Royffe says:

      Dear Swanny, I am looking forward to meeting you and Doris again at the Open Day on Sunday. I do hope there will be many more of the bloggers there too.

      Ed, we will miss you but be thinking of you never the less.

      ED: Thanks Margaret.

  193. Terry Joll says:

    Yes Swanny, some of us know how to do it correctly and show the English how well the Cornish can sing. See you next Sunday.

  194. Swanny Swanson says:

    The ones that didn’t stand or came up with us to sing our County Anthem by the Band and Bugles, lost out because we got a good applause by all and sundry. The Geordie ladies on our table thought we Cornish boys were the Creme de Creme and showed the all what Cornish Lads can do.

  195. Jack Madron says:

    Too busy yapping I expect Terry. Maybe the only tunes they know are the ones for sore throats.

  196. Terry Joll says:

    As Swanny has mentioned, the Re-Union was a great success and although the Band & Bugles were the TA from 6th Rifles they did a splendid job. The Regimental Marches were all played after dinner and as is customary, members stood up when their own Regimental March was played.

    I took particular notice of two members seated at another table who were DCLI who refused to stand up during the DCLI March. So they have gone down in my estimation. I will not name them but they were from West Cornwall Branch. Not bloody good enough.


  197. Jack Madron says:

    Wouldn’t mind a quid for everytime I’ve marched to that tune.

  198. Swanny Swanson says:

    While in the beer tent at the LI Weekend Re-Union, four young Rifles soldiers sat down on our table and addressed us as “Sir”, when speaking to us about their tours in Afghanistan etc. What a credit these soldiers are to our society, not the yobs you see on TV for all the wrong reasons not all but the minority. While talking to these young soldiers General Brims came and said hello to me, he was my son’s Adjutant in 2LI and I generally have a chat with him when I go to Shrewsbury over the years. While there talking with us and these young Riflemen I said how proud I was to be part of the modern new Regiment as like all the LI Regimental Associations we were all against this amalgamation when it was formed a couple of years ago, but they have done us all proud. Even the DLI boys now say what a credit they are to our old Regiments as they were the most against this at first.

    How proud I felt last night as on Westcountry TV they showed the 4th Rifles marching through Dorchester with the Band and Bugles playing ‘Mechanised Infantry’ as they did on the square for us on parade last Saturday at Shrewsbury. When all the Associations marched off you felt so proud to belong to the family of the Light Division and to wear the badge of the DCLI in my beret.

  199. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi Bill
    Sorry to hear you are having all the family problems, I wish you all the best for the weekend, and I will raise a glass with you.


  200. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi Swanny and all.
    Yes meeting you in Shrewsbury was also a highlight for me and I really am trying hard to get back in to the blogging with you all. I am still having lots of family problems, but glad to say the Nancy is not too bad, and I manage to bring her home for a few days at a time, every so often, in fact, I will be collecting her (hopefully) on Friday, and having her here with me for the weekend.

    I will have a few glasses of wine and drink to your health, all of you.

  201. Editor: Relaying for Swanny's misplaced Comment on a photo link says:


    Had a very good weekend at Nesscliff and Copthorne Barracks for LI Re-Uunion, not so many from our part of the Country, but who went I think they enjoyed it. The Parade was a very good as usual. Highlight for me was meeting up for the first time with Bill Griffiths and had a photo taken together on the Saturday,he did not attend the Regimental dinner which was a shame he went to a garden party in Hereford.

    Nobby and I travelled up and back with Geoff Burley a former mate of Terry Joll when they served together in the KSLI, what a nice chap he turned out to be, he wouldn’t accept any help with the expenses etc. He said we both gave him food etc while going and he would be insulted if we gave him any money, he said our company there was really appreciated as he was going anyway.

    We met the Bristol contingent there, Rex Brain,Terry Male etc and Nobby’s and my old mate Gordon from North Cornwall, and he was wearing the track suit of the RGJ I gave him several years ago as his former Regt was the KRRC. He is looking so well as he is in his late 80s, as said we really enjoyed the weekend.


    Swanny has forwarded additional photos of the two early June 2010 events last week – additional to those from Terry Joll posted at the header section on this page above.

    Travel to Old Mates Picasa Albums (Military) to view under Swanny’s alphabetical listing.

  203. Jack Madron says:

    You look well but who’s the improperly dressed chap who you are holding up? He never could wear his beret correctly. Could have done with some “S” Coy discipline.

  204. Sloop JB says:


    I have just returned Don Moores photos, I thanked him on behalf of everyone from A Coy. I don’t know whether it means anything to you or Swannie but he asked me to put this on line ‘Has any one seen Scanning’ , apparently he was so skinny they use to pull his leg.

    • Editor says:


      I regret that I don’t remember Don at all, but no doubt would have marched him around in a Quarter Guard or Drill Practice, which of course all “A” Company NCOs were skilled at doing. Has he any more photos for us?

  205. Editor says:


    I’ve just had an email from Bill, acknowledging the posting of his and Swanny’s photo from the LI weekend past at Shrewsbury. Bill is a grand Old Soldier and thankful that he now has 2 DCLI Old Mates, who’ve visited his home county. The brotherhood of the Light Infantry surpasses all!

    Bill apologises for his untimely absences from the Blogs, he has good reason believe me (all personal), but he’ll get back soon and test us all with his sharp memory recall, and banter.

    Good Luck Bill.

  206. Editor says:

    16th June 1948

    The approaching anniversary reminds us of the incidents that sparked the Malayan Emergency, 62 years ago. Mindful too, of the wide unrest on our planet to the current day.

    Lest We Forget

  207. Swanny Swanson says:

    I recognise quite a few faces on Don Moore’s pics. Ken Williams with the footballer. As said good photo of Alan Mitchell, and you and Dutch, I am awful for names to this day, but faces I remember. Thanks Don for supplying these, I am sure anyone on the blog will recognise a lot of the faces shown, nice one of Sgt Love and Lt Middleton (he is the one Derek that had the horse sent to Bermuda – Maj Toots pet hate (get it).

    Derek brings back memories, Terry Simons was only saying the other night, if it wasn’t for him I would never had any photos of our time out there.

  208. Editor says:

    Don Moore, 1 Platoon,”A” Company, Bermuda 1954

    Don Moore has added some 30 odd photos of our Bermuda Posting to our Picasa Album Collection, with more to come. Sloop and son Steve are involved in the production, for which we thank ’em.

    There are a few faces that I recognise, Dutch Hoon and myself, Tony Willis and Robbo Roberts, Mick Turnbull, Bert Love and I think Cpl Mitchell.

    Take a peek and report accordingly Cheps!

  209. Swanny Swanson says:

    Had our meeting last night at Heamoor RBL DCLI-LI West Cornwall Branch. There was a good attendance of members. I will sent you the minutes when Frank has done them. Our visitors at the meeting were Graham Bradshaw, John & Jenny Griffin, Joe & Anne Knight, who really enjoyed the get together of former mates from Bermuda and Jamaica.

    We had a group photo taken will send as soon as I get them. Terry Joll as usual did his endless charity work selling Help the Heros miniature medals and wristbands etc. We are so lucky to have Members who do so much work for the cause.

    Off to Shrewsbury LI weekend on Friday with Nobby Clarke, we are travelling with a ex KSLI C/Sgt Geoff Burley, he served in Korea with Bill Griffiths so lets hope the weather will be fine. I really missed going there last year with you Derek and meeting all our mates from up Country, only downside is I can’t drink like I could in previous years, but am a very lucky man to be going there again.

    Best regards, Swanny.

    ED: Thanks for update ‘Ole Mate. Good to hear about our old mates too. Hope the photo was taken before you had too many Guinesses.

  210. Mike Cummings says:

    Thanks Jack. I hope to make it on the 27th look forward to it every year. See you.


    Good New Cheps! have shown highly professional interest and competence in production. We are midway in production proofing and final costing.

    Shift your commentary to the Clyde Blog – linked above. Place your expression of interest ONLY on the Clyde Blog. Kindly also spread the word to others not Internet connected, because we would like to reach 50+ orders to help production costs.

    NB: Orders and payment will be direct with the supplier in the UK.

  212. Sloop JB says:


    Even though I didn’t join your get together last year can I put my name forward for a mug, if you pull this off wouldn’t it be great.

    ED: Thanks Sloop. Follow the updates and register your interest on the Clyde Blog.

  213. Jack Madron says:

    I didn’t think that this firm did orders of what we want for a commemorative mug. I only mentioned this firm in case anybody wanted a memento of their army service. If it’s possible to get Empire Clyde mugs, I’m still interested in getting one or two. Still think it’s a good idea.

    • Editor in Brisbane. says:


      Quite the opposite Jack. They appear to be interested in meeting our needs and have a large style mug that is standard in their range. I am now in touch exchanging the proposed imagery and await response for productions costs and shipment. Can you put the word out to assess potential interest?

  214. Jack Madron says:

    Hello Mike. Nice to hear from you. Fit again I hope.

    About mugs. I got one from off the web. DCLI badge on both sides of the handle and in between, my Number. Rank and name. Any detail you want for £7. Go to Click Army Historic and go to page six. Very nice little mug and a nice keepsake.

    Hope to see you on the 27th, Mike. Take care.

    • Editor in Brisbane. says:

      RE: Empire Clyde Commemorative Tankard

      I have emailed this website Jack, and inquired for the commercial production of our (2009) proposed Clyde Tankard. Their standard product is probably not suitable as we really require text matter and images that are outside of the usual format. Desirably also, a facility is needed for ‘direct’ orders (and separate shipment) from buyers rather than a convoluted production arrangement that will only add to administrative issues and cost.

      Thanks for reference. Will advise in due course.

  215. Mike Cummings says:

    If you want a photo put on a mug or other things my local Asda does them for a fiver. Take a memory stick or CD with the photo on and they will print one for you. I had a mug with my dog’s picture on and was very pleased with it

    Kernow bys viken

    ED: Thanks Mike

  216. Sloop JB says:


    I have just looked up the holiday camp on google thats been advertising activities on camp. They do the heat printing on mugs plus other articles, I don’t know whether they would be interestd in doing a batch as a special.

    The web address is;
    I dont know if you can get it on google and have a look for yourself.

  217. Swanny Swanson says:

    Hope you are all bulled up for the Shrewsbury Parades. I am so looking forward to this trip, meeting up with you and all our close mates, I am feeling very well and hopefully take my place on the square. I have missed this trip the last couple of years and always enjoyed our times there, hope all our arrangements for Nobby and I will go to plan. See you on the 8th June with your good lady wife.

    Best regards

    Swanny and Doris.

  218. Terry Joll says:

    I knew Ben Dunster very well, he was my C/Sgt. CSM, in DCLI . Then RSM in KSLI. I will give exact details as I know them to Ed via email.

    Swanny, looking forward to the 8th June


  219. Swanny Swanson says:

    I wrote on the General Artie Culates Blog that John and Jenny Griffin, Graham Bradshaw, Joe & Anne Knight are coming down to PZ on holiday from the 5th June and that we have a West Cornwall Branch DCLI Meeting at Heamoor RBL on the 8th June at 1900 hours. A Tuesday evening and would like to invite anyone that reads the blogs they are very welcome to attend and will receive a warm response from all DCLI members attending.

    PS: Last year at our Re-Union was such a success to see so many former mates attending the meeting at that time.

  220. Editor in Brisbane. says:


    DOD: 27th March 1989, aged 62yrs

    I need information and/or contact about a Light Infantry RSM, who served in Malaya during The Emergency and Germany with SLI, and maybe KOYLI. The RSM also served with DLI and our own Regiment at some time during his career in the ’50s. He is referred in Tom Howell’s Memoirs as a Platoon Sjt. at the Bodmin Depot on Tom’s enlistment.

    Son Christopher from Bodmin has made contact and is releasing photos for a Picasa Album compilation, but has little other service detail or contact. I am persuading Christopher to attend the Bodmin Rally to meet some of you, particularly Barry Cornish, who might help with the scanning needs.


  221. Jack Madron says:

    The parade you said was a shambles. Was this the Coronation Parade, June 1953 in Minden? It took place the other side of Minden from our Barracks. We were the only LI on parade and had to mark time for some time before marching past saluting base and still caught the other slow pokes. That was as you say, a complete shambles. Lol.

    • Sloop JB says:


      It was definitely Kingston. I had only just joined at Bodmin when the Coronation took place, we were given home leave and I watched ceremony on TV.

      • Jack Madron says:

        I remember Minden but not Kingston. Met an ex Intelligence Officer Royal Signals a few years ago who was on the same Coronation Parade in Minden. We were chatting about the army and he asked what Reg I was in. When I said DCLI, he said he did a parade with them in Germany. I asked him if it was Minden. June 1953 and he told me it was. It’s a small world.

  222. Terry Joll says:

    Sloop JB
    Yes, Joe Kendall would have been at the DCLI Museum in 1993. Joe had been a Bugler in the Regiment, I do not think he went to West Indies.

    Joe was taken ill about the same time as I was, but unfortunately Joe passed away, only about three and half years ago, he had retired to live in Banbury. Hopefully I will see his wife Ann at the Rally in June.

    I do not think Geoff Dear has passed on. He sometimes attends the Rally. He was not DCLI but an Hussar or other donkey wallopper.


  223. Editor in Brisbane. says:

    REG (‘John’) WARRILOW. RIP

    Further photo updates now published from son John’s discoveries. An “A” Company Parade in Hamilton (in BD) – with Major ‘Toots’ Williams CO, so must have been early in 1954, soon after arrival, together with more Warwick Camp and MQ shots. The “A” Company group photo is later in 1954 when Major Tony Marsh took over from Major Williams.

  224. Terry Joll says:

    Sloop JB
    If you let me know the date approx that you met the Cpl at The Keep I may be able to find who it was. In 1984 Charlie Gough was the Attendant. Previous to Charlie was Charlie Benney but he was a WO2 CSM. After Charlie Gough was Geoff Dear, he had married Tommy Hendras’ daughter.

    Geoff then went part time and shared the job with Joe Kendall. Joe was in to all things DCLI, he could get badges etc from contact in India. Joe passed away some three and half years ago, He was not a Cpl but his wife used to frequent the Museum with him. I think that sums up who was there during the past few years.

    It was not I who was looking for mugs etc of Empire Clyde. Hope to see all you lads in June.

    ED: Terry. Memoriale accuracy might require some names of Old Mates and their DOD – possibly from you, the fountain of knowledge of the Regiment – you serving long after we N/S squaddies returned to civvy street.

    • Sloop JB says:


      The year I received my Nominal Roll Bodmin Branch LI Assn. list was 1993, which was the year I would say I became a member, so it was around that time I saw the photos. Perhaps it was Joe or Geoff I saw. All I know is a person died and as Joe only died three year ago, it might have him I saw. When did Geoff pass away, any idea?

  225. Terry Joll says:

    Sloop JB.
    I think you will find that the former Corporal at the DCLI Museum was Cpl Charlie Gough, a little dapper chap with a Chaplin type moustache. He was the attendant in about 1984 and was there when I arrived back to Cornwall, I was offered the job there but I lived too far away.

    There must be hundreds of photographs stashed somewhere in The Keep, perhaps never to see the light of day again, unless someone gets on to it.

    • Sloop JB says:


      Thank you for your comments but it definitely wasn’t Charlie. I saw some photos going back to that time either last year or the year before, I think they were pinned onto the wall in the room next to the kitchen area. Who ever took the photos got himself some height so that he was looking down and along the columns of us marching. I tried to pick myself out but we all looked alike. As I said in another blog, we had to wait until everything in front of us had a good start but once we got marching we caught up with them pretty quick, needless to say we ended up marking time several times, what a shambles it turned out to be. Not a happy RSM.

      Terry, on the tele a holiday camp somewhere in Devon advertises classes, workshops, and one of the classes puts photos or prints like you wanted with the Empire Clyde and the DCLI badge on mugs, I’ll get the address next time it’s advertised if your still interested.

      ED: Sloop, Terry Joll is an Honorary West Indian Chep, viz a viz his activities on our behalf for the Caribbean Re-Union last year and unfortunately wasn’t with us on the Empire Clyde. If you read the Clyde blog you will uncover our earlier endeavours to create a Commemorative Mug, following an offer by JT to produce a lapel badge. Any information you can forward about Mug production to me, will be greatly appreciated.

  226. Sloop JB says:

    When my wife and I started going to The Keep Bodmin, there was a Cpl and his wife looking after the Museum, he showed me some brilliant photos, in his own private album. It was of the battalion march on the Queens Birthday 1954. When we went down to Bodmin the following year he had passed away so I couldn’t ask for copies. I know there are photos are at The Keep but I’m not sure if it’s the same photos. Whats more sickening is I can’t remember the Cpls name.

  227. Terry Joll says:

    It was Johnny Travers who first taught me to bugle in 1949 in Falmouth Drill Hall. We sounded Last Post and Reveille at many Armistice Services in Cornwall.

    Johnny could light a fag in his pocket rather than take the packet out to share around. Fine Bugler right until the end.


  228. Swanny Swanson says:

    I would like to mention a great friend of mine and a soldier who served with me as a private soldier in the RAMC in 23rd Field Dressing Station(TA). I was a Sapper serving with this unit.

    Sadly John passed away a few years ago now. John Travers hailed from Falmouth and Terry Joll knew him, John was a Bugle Major in the DCLI and served in India and the second World War with distinction and Derek could you place John Travers name on the DCLI Memoriale for me please, I could tell lots of tales about John but this one comes to mind, while travelling to TA camp one year on private coaches in them days, as we would enter the Town or City were we were to carry out our yearly TA commitments, John would blow his DCLI silver bugle out through the coach window and on one occasion the Police stopped the coach to say we were breaking the law to making bugle sounds after a certain time, and John’s reply was we always play the bugle when we are in Cornwall, after a bollocking peace was restored.

    I could tell scores of yarns about him, RIP John Travers a first class soldier.

  229. Jack Madron says:

    Re Lucknow tape.
    I haven’t a clue where I got this recording. Someone must have loaned me a tape and I copied it as the tape I have has my writing all over it. Whoever loaned me the original, thank you very much.

  230. Terry Joll says:

    I take full credit for getting that recording put on to tape. One day whilst working at The Keep I found some old reel to reel tapes and after a long search I got them put onto audio tapes and had several copies made which I passed around amongst my pals. I did not know Jack in those days so it has been around the block a few times.

    Incidently I had just joined the Bugles in October 1957 and took part in the Lucknow Celebrations and Parades. Got absolutely legless at the Other Ranks Lucknow Dance. Spent the night lying with head in the bog.


  231. Swanny Swanson says:

    Jack Madron visited me this morning and gave me a tape of the Band and Bugles DCLI of the Lucknow Centenary November 1957, recorded in the gymnasium at Mercer Barracks, Osnabruk, Germany, by the BBC for BFN featuring the Band & Bugles 1st Bn DCLI.

    On the tape is the CO, Lt Col. David Tyacke addressing the assembly on the history of our most famous Battle Honour, the Siege of Lucknow. The sound presentation is first class, as we are so used to CDs these days. I really appreciate this tape Jack has given me, again Derek comradeship, as you say “Carpe Diem”.

  232. Jack Madron says:

    Mind they don’t fly over those handlebars if you suddenly brake.

  233. Terry Joll says:

    Some of you chaps need to look in your own mirrors before making remarks about us old & bold chaps.

    I admit I am not the same slim lad I once was but the mind is still as sharp as ever and the memory gets better each day. I do not think I will chop off the whiskers, my lady friends hang on to the handlebars when giving me a kiss good night.


  234. Tom Howell says:

    Take my word for it, Terry has not improved over the years!

    Changing the subject, on the other site you were talking about your Picasa site so having nothing better to do I had a look. I recognised and remember well Bill Ricks, Ken Madden, Wicketts and Ridgement. I also remember as Mess Cpl I slept in a little hut next to the laundry hut and every morning a little groundsman brought me a nice cup of tea. I thought his name was MacDonald but I could be wrong.

    What did interest me was Photo No. 104 taken on board Empire Clyde. I think the chap on the left is called Cpl Smallman who was storeman of some sort. If I recollect properly he married a local girl and transferred to the Worcs Regt who took over from DCLI and stayed on in Jamaica.

    In 1971 when DADOS 3 Cdo Bde we had a flap on and I had to do a recce to Cyprus. I was taken on a tour of a barracks where I went into their armoury and came face to face with the (still) Cpl Smallman. Unlike Terry he hadn’t changed a bit. I greeted him but he pretended he did not know me – a little embarrassed I think.


    • Sloop JB says:

      Good morning Tom,

      I’ll wait and see what Terry has to say about that.

      Yes all the mess rogues are there. Wicketts Christian name is Fernley, he is still alive and kicking, you didn’t mention Ray Olver, did you not meet him. Tom you mentioned the little groundsman, his name was Luther (Buller) McFarlane, he told us his father, grandfather, great grand father, was Scottish which is feasible I suppose.

      If you go back to my photos and look at photo 88 you will see the very man we are talking about. I can’t help you with the name of the Cpl in that particular photo. The only guy I remember married a local girl was Dunbar, lived down around Plymouth, Plymton way, when they came back to England she did a disappearing act, he had a write up in the national papers asking people to contact him if they saw her.

      • Tom Howell says:


        Sorry, I inadvertently omitted Ray Olver from my list – I recognised him immediately in your photos but would have been hard put to put a name to him.

  235. Terry Joll says:

    Sloop JB
    As time goes on we all look different from 50 years ago, in my case I still retained my good looks but the chest has dropped down to my waist, but who amongst us can say they have not changed. Nice to be remembered as a young lad though. I did not have whiskers in those days

    • Sloop JB says:


      Take off those whiskers and let us see those youthful looks that you’ve kept all these years, then I’ll have another look at the photo and see for myself.

  236. Terry Joll says:

    You did not recognise me as you did not know me then. I was a little slim chap, a bit like a rat catchers dog. I thickened out a bit once I started to rise to the dizzy heights of Serjeant etc.


    • Sloop JB says:

      Terry Joll

      You’re quite right I didn’t know you then, but sometimes you look at a photo and you see some sort of recognition. I was speaking to Mike Isaacs, he saw the photo of you at the war memorial and an old army mate said it was you, and Mike couldn’t believe it was you.

  237. Sloop JB says:

    Terry Joll,

    I have just browsed a SCLI blog and saw you in a photo of you on NCO cadre, I didn’t recognise you at all.

  238. REG (JOHN) WARRILOW. L/CPL ‘A’ Coy, BERMUDA 1954-1957. RIP

    Swanny at least, will be interested to learn that I am in contact with son John, who is to forward me more pix of our Old Mate and Rosie his wife. RIP.

  239. Terry Joll says:

    As you are aware I have recently been busy organising the Bugler’s Sword and Presentation. Apart from that task I have just completed another behind the scenes job.

    On a visit to Truro Cathedral I noticed that the Regimental Colour of the Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry was becoming detached from the supporting pole. My initial enquiries with the various RHQs did not get an immediate response so I went ahead on my own, arranged for the Colour to be taken down from the wall, collected by me and taken to a lady who has just repaired it and completely re-hung it on the pole and yesterday I took it back and had it replaced in the Cathedral.

    Please call in to view it whenever you are in Truro and see what a wonderful job the seamstress has done. At no cost to the Regiments.

    ED: Well Terry, another exemplary example of selfless leadership and executive achievement in the quiet background that we have all learned is your major attribute. Thank you for my part on behalf of we many enthusiastic survivors of The Light Infantry Regiments.

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Terry, I would like to add my thanks to you for your keen eye and prompt remedial action.

      I look forward to seeing the result of your efforts, the next time that I visit Truro Cathedral.

  240. Sloop JB says:


    Did you say you were a driver for Support Coy, if so did you know Micheal Austin? His widow just told me he used to drive, so I’m just wondering if you did get together back then.

    • Jack Madron says:

      I can’t recall Michael Austin. I was driving in Germany. I was Sgt Dutchy Holland’s T16 driver. (Track Vehicle) but got promotion and number one on the Vickers in Jamaica.

      Do you know what platoon he was in? We had Anti Tanks. 3in Mortars. Assault Pioneers and the Cream, haha, Machine Gun Platoon. As you can guess, we had quite a few drivers in “S” Coy.

      • Jack Madron says:

        Oops. Are we on the right blog?

        ED: Likely No! On perusal seems like a “Jamaica Blog (“S” Coy)” matter, but not knowing the details, keep going here.

      • Sloop JB says:


        I don’t know which platoon he was in, I only know it was Support Coy. He lived down St Just in the Roseland.

  241. Jack Madron says:

    57 years of good and bad memories. Plenty of good ones, I hope.

    • Sloop JB says:

      Hello Jack

      Mainly good ones thank you, we push the bad ones to one side.

  242. Sloop JB says:

    Good morning Fellow Bloggers

    A double anniversary for me today; 57 years ago today I joined the DCLI, 55 years ago I was released from the DCLI, so bottoms up, steady REV.


    Hotlinked above are the photos from Swanny, taken by Terry Simons, of the Bert Angwin Presentation Bayonet, organised by Terry Joll at the West Cornwall DCLI Association, in April 2010. I am advised that more details are to follow including the Cornishman Editorial on the Event. The Picasa Album will be uploaded with these details when received. Feel free to advise suitable Captions, or amended references herein.

    Thank you all Cheps, for your interest and enthusiasm and in particular your continuing efforts in providing comradeship and family contact among our wider DCLI Family.

    PS: (3rd May) 4 additional photos from Terry Joll now included.

    • Sloop JB says:

      Looks like another DCLI occasion enjoyed by one and all that attended. Well done lads and keep up the good work. The photos were very good.

  244. Graham Martin says:

    Just thought I would say a big thank you to Terry. His gift of his personal bugle is greatly appreciated. I will as expected look after and treasure it, and use it with pride. I will be using it at The Keep for the purposes of a memorial service this week end.

    Hope you don’t mind me using this site just the once as I am not ex service but do take a lot of interest in all things DCLI.


    ED: Graham. You are our Number One 1DCLI Honorary Member, Number Two Honorary Caribbean Member (after Terry Joll) and a welcome part of our group. You are hereby accorded approval to record your Reggie Mental comments at any time. Plus of course – on other appropriate sites – you may also test out the Bullshit Meter. You’ll be in good company!

  245. Swanny says:

    No photos or write up in this weeks Cornishman. I rang Frank and he said the paper said sorry but it will be in next weeks issue.

    ED: OK Swanny. I await all the information before analysing it and composing a photo album. I hope that the scans of the letters will be legible, if not I’ll transpose ’em into a separate text entry. I appreciate your industry for this important piece of Regimental History.

  246. Swanny says:

    I have downloaded and sent you photos that Terry Simons sent to me. I think I also sent you the write up etc of the presentation of the bayonet presented on the night. Also we are hoping that the write up etc is published in the Cornishman Paper tomorrow, I will send these to you as after downloading same.

    ED: Thanks Swanny & Terry. I am still pondering on the best way to present both the pix and the letters, plus of course any fresh material that you send. A Picasa Album might be the preferred place, linked here on Reggie Mental. I’ll await the Cornishman editorial. Many thanks.

  247. Sloop JB says:

    If any one remembers Bugler Austin Chaimberlain, or met him at Rally days at Bodmin or Regimental Dinners at Sandy Lodge with his wife Bubs, sad news I’m afraid, Bubs died this week in Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton.

  248. T Howell says:

    Sloop JB
    Spoke Merv Chandler tonight and told him of your Dec 09 blog. He was delighted and would love to be in touch with you and ‘Hutch’. He now lives in Axminster and is recovering from a second hip operation. He is still computerless so you would have to ring him. Don’t want to put his number on line but you should be able to locate him via directory. If you have any problems let me know and we will find another way.

    Good luck

    • Sloop JB says:


      Thank you for the information, I’m glad he’s recovering okay. It will be good to talk about old times. Take care Tom.

  249. Sloop JB says:


    I couldn’t agree more, Mr Stevens was a gentleman, I met him at Bodmin a few years back and he recognised me right away.

  250. Terry Joll says:

    With ref to my previous post regarding Officers at the Memorial Service for General David. I had forgotten to mention, Major Bill Stevens. A big chap, lovely OC.


  251. Editor for Rex Brain says:

    Life in the Australian Army

    Text of a letter from a kid from Eromanga to Mum and Dad. (For Those of you not in the know, Eromanga is a small town, west of Quilpie in the far south west of Queensland )

    Dear Mum & Dad,

    I am well. Hope youse are too. Tell me big brothers Doug and Phil that the Army is better than workin’ on the station – tell them to get in bloody quick smart before the jobs are all gone! I wuz a bit slow in settling down at first, because ya don’t hafta get outta bed until 6am. But I like sleeping in now, cuz all ya gotta do before brekky is make ya bed and shine ya boots and clean ya uniform. No bloody horses to get in, no calves to feed, no troughs to clean – nothin’!! Ya haz gotta shower though, but its not so bad, coz there’s lotsa hot water and even a light to see what ya doing!

    At brekky ya get cereal, fruit and eggs but there’s no kangaroo steaks or goanna stew like wot Mum makes. You don’t get fed again until noon and by that time all the city boys are buggered because we’ve been on a ‘route march’ – geez its only just like walking to the windmill in the bullock paddock!!

    This one will kill me brothers Doug and Phil with laughter. I keep getting medals for shootin’ – dunno why. The bullseye is as big as a bloody dingo’s arse and it don’t move and it’s not firing back at ya like the Johnsons did when our big scrubber bull got into their prize cows before the Ekka last year! All ya gotta do is make yourself comfortable and hit the target – it’s a piece of piss!! You don’t even load your own cartridges, they comes in little boxes, and ya don’t have to steady yourself against the rollbar of the roo shooting truck when you reload!

    Sometimes ya gotta wrestle with the city boys and I gotta be real careful coz they break easy – it’s not like fighting with Doug and Phil and Jack and Boori and Steve and Muzza all at once like we do at home after the muster. Turns out I’m not a bad boxer either and it looks like I’m the best the platoon’s got, and I’ve only been beaten by this one bloke from the Engineers – he’s 6 foot 5 and 15 stone and three pick handles across the shoulders and as ya know I’m only 5 foot 7 and eight stone wringin’ wet, but I fought him till the other blokes carried me off to the boozer.

    I can’t complain about the Army – tell the boys to get in quick before word gets around how bloody good it is.

    Your loving daughter,


    • Sloop JB says:


      They breed them tough over where you live, we could have done with a few of them in the DCLI, we could have sat back and let them get on with it lol, it would have made things a bit more exciting, what say you.

    • JT says:


  252. Command Reduction Of Army Personnel (C.R.A.P.)

    As a result of MoD budget cutbacks, we are forced to reduce the size of the force. Under CRAP, older soldiers will go on early retirement, thus permitting the retention of lower paid soldiers who represent the Army’s future.

    A programme to phase out older soldiers via retirement by the end of the current fiscal year will be placed in effect. the program will be known as Retire Active Personnel Early (RAPE).

    Employees who are RAPE’d will be given the opportunity to seek civilian employment within the Department of the Army. To that end, RAPE’d soldiers will be required to fill out numerous DA Forms (currently in the development, test, and evaluation stage) detailing their education and experience. This phase does not guarantee retired soldiers a civil service position; it does, however, guarantee that the soldier’s unique capabilities will be considered before being bypassed in the hiring process. This phase of CRAP is known as Survey of Capabilities of Retired Warriors (SCREW).

    Soldiers who have been RAPE’d and SCREW’d may request review of their situation by higher authority. This is the Study by Higher Authority Following Termination (SHAFT) phase.

    CRAP policy dictates that a soldier may be RAPE’d once, SCREW’d twice, but may be SHAFT’d as many times as the Army leadership deems appropriate.

    If a soldier follows the above procedures, he or she will be entitled to get Half Earnings for Retired Personnel Early Severance (HERPES). As HERPES is considered a benefit payment, any soldier who gets HERPES will no longer be RAPE’d or SCREW’d by the Army.

    The Army leadership wishes to assure younger soldiers who remain on active duty that the Army will continue its policy of ensuring that soldiers are well trained through our Special High Intensity Training (SHIT) program. The Army takes pride in the amount of SHIT our soldiers receive and can boast that it gives its soldiers more SHIT than any other service.

    If a soldier feels he or she does not get enough SHIT, see your commander. Your commander is especially trained to make sure you receive all the SHIT you can stand.

  253. Sloop JB says:

    Terry Joll

    The only way I can express what you did is to state my full admiration for you, to give away your most prized possession certainly took a lot of courage. I can only hope that Bugler Graham Martin will treasure it as you yourself did for all those years. You’re truly a Man amongst Men. It will give me great pleasure to shake your hand when I see you at Bodmin.

  254. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    On behalf of our West Cornwall DCLI-LI Assn, I would like to say a big thank you to Terry Joll for his presentation of his Silver Bugle to our Branch Bugler Graham Martin.

    I think this is a wonderful gesture for him to give this bugle to Graham who I know will cherish this as it was Terry’s personal prize possession from his distinguished career in the Light Division.

    ED: Hear, Hear Swanny. Terry Joll is so supportive across many ‘behind the scenes’ Regimental activities and many ‘upfront’ activities too. Our unsung hero. Wish we had him in “A” Company.

    PS: I have this set of drums that I no longer play, so I’ll ship ’em over to your next door neighbour – OK?

  255. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    I would like to endorse all the comments made by my comrades that attended Gen Tyackes service. Derek I downloaded the Service pamphlet of the service and have sent it to you.

    I met for the first time in over 50 years Captain Jeremy French at the service, last time I saw him was while stationed in Bodmin waiting to rejoin in my new intake which was your intake the 16th, while being the dogsbody in the Depot. I did many duties one of which was to go to the ranges with the then full LT Jeremy French and help him train his springer spaniels to get gun dog training with the sound of gunfire etc, On this I was supposed to hold on to the dogs while this was happening, you’ve guessed it one of the dogs bolted away, he was not amused with this and like so many times in my Army carreer I had a severe bollocking from him, and he remembered the incident.

    On a more sober moment he told me his wife was there with him but she is suffering with dementia and stayed in his car when the service was taking part, but I met her in the pub afterwards. What a distress it is for him as she dosn’t know anybody, but we had a very good chat about the Regt etc.

  256. Terry Joll says:

    I will further add that amongst the Truro branch members were two veterans from 2nd DCLI who served with General David in The Battle of Cassino. One is now aged 92 the older 90.

    ED: Thanks Terry. Any chance of some pictures of the Old Mates? Maybe they were at the Cassino Dinner last year and we can ID ’em from my Picasa Album?

  257. Sloop JB says:

    Well done to all DCLI contingent, sounds to me like Major General Tyack had a damn good send off. He would have been proud to think so many ex DCLI members remembered and respected him.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Speaking for myself, I can honestly say that Maj Gen Tyack was a true Officer and Gentleman. I was proud to have served under him in Minden. May he Rest In Peace.

  258. Terry Joll says:

    Well I am fresh home from the Memorial Service for Major General David Tyack. The church at Breage was almost filled to overflowing, a very good turnout of Association members from the West Cornwall Light Infantry Association and the Truro Branch of the DCLI Regimental Association.

    The Standard of the West Cornwall and Truro Branches were on parade in the church, ably carried by Bobby Fox and Peter Male. On arrival at the church I was “volunteered” by Jack Madron and Swanny to read in the church. I read the Collect to the DCLI. The church had several DCLI Officers present including Toots Williams, Hugo White, Richard Vivian-Robinson. Simon Rudd- Clarke, Jeremy French, Arthur Meadows, Peter Michell, Trevor Greenslade, Nipper Sharland.

    The Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall Lady Mary Holborrow attended as well as several other officers that I do not know their names. General David’s son read a fine Tribute. Major General Barry Lane gave a wonderful Tribute also.

    The Last Post and Reveille was sounded by two Army Cadets dressed in Rifles Uniforms they did an excellent job. Afterwards we went to the Queens Hotel for refreshments.

    At this time I made a presentation to our Bugler Graham Martin, I had scrounged a Dress Cord from the Rifles Bugle Major for Graham and I then presented him with my own Silver Bugle which I have used for over fifty years, I finally realise I have no puff left, Graham was delighted and will no doubt be Sounding Off for us in the future.

    Hope I have not missed anything out.


    ED: Thanks Terry, an excellent piece of reporting, we all appreciate your individual and joint representation. One and All.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Spot on Terry.
      What a lovely service. Befitting a true Officer and Gentleman. I have some lovely memories of Gen Tyack when he was my Coy Commander, “S” Coy in Minden.

      PS: What’s it like to be volunteered for a job? Ha ha.

  259. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    I had a phone call from Terry Joll yesterday for me to get a message to Graham Martin, Terry has something to give him, I don’t know what it is but also to ask him if he will wear his BD with DCLI flashes to Maj. Gen.Tyackes Memorial Service at Breage Church. As you know, Graham does the WW2 transport, lorries, motor bikes etc at various fairs etc and with the old BD would be very apt at the Memorial.

    We are expecting a good turn out for this with members from all the DCLI Associations Cornwall-Plymouth etc, will report to you after the event.

  260. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Had a excellent turnout for the presentation evening. Two members of the Rifles, a C/Sgt and Bugle Major from 6th Rifles based in Exeter received the bayonet from Bert’s daughter on behalf of the West Cornwall Branch.

    The press photographer from the Cornishman Newspaper took photos, will send photos of the event when I get them. Bert’s family were in attendance and his grandson who is serving with the Royal Logistics Corps was so proud of the event and he said how proud his Grandad would have been to see this take place. The two Rifles soldiers who received the bayonet on behalf of the Regiment spoke of the close bond is still as strong as ever being part of the Light Infantry and RG Jackets family.

    After the AGM a lovely buffet was laid on, a credit to our Lady Steward Karen Wilson of Heamoor RBL. Maj. Peter Michell our President thanked all and sundry and said there was more in attendance than when we first formed 25 years ago. This Saturday 17th there should be a good attendance for the memorial for Maj. Gen. Tyacke at Breage Church nr Helston and a reception at the pub afterwards, will give details after the event.

    ED: Thanks ‘Ole Mate. Get well soon. Regards to all.

  261. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    We have the AGM tonight at Heamoor RBL and afterwards a buffet laid on. This is a very important evening as we have representatives of our Rifle Regt to be presented with a bayonet, on behalf of the late Mr Bert Angwin, to the Rifles Regt. The bayonet is engraved with Bert’s name and number and will be presented to a Bugler of the Regiment.

    Bert’s daughter will do the presentation on behalf of her father and the West Cornwall DCLI-LI Branch. Hopefully the Press etc. will be there and I will send you the details etc in the near future.

    ED: Thanks Swanny, good information, hope all goes well. Regards to all in attendance.

  262. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Not long got back from Truro Branch DCLI-LI Association Spring lunch and AGM. I was going to go with Nobby and Mary but he rang at 9am to say they had both been hit with the dreaded bug. So I drove to Sandy Lodge Hotel, Newquay where again we had an excellent lunch.

    On the branch agenda was the minutes etc of last years events etc and I said that Derek had really enjoyed the Cassino Dinner with your Branch, he told me how much he felt as to everybody the hospitality you gave to him at that time and how friendly you all were to him.

    I said I always give him a an agenda of the lunch etc to put on our DCLI Biog pages, all members sent their best regards to you Derek and remarked how good it was of you to organise our Caribbean Re-Union which was such a success and thought it was wonderful for you to re unite so many old mates and families together after so many years.

    ED: Thank You Swanny. Good to hear that the Branch is fighting fit as usual. Great bunch of people, wives too – very supportive.

  263. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Just got back from the Military Funeral at St Ives for Sgt. Paul Maurice Fox. Several hundreds in the crowds of mourners from the Town, Standard Bearers of the RBL and various EX Services attended out side the War Memorial and Members of his Unit did the guard of honour etc.

    We had N. Swanson, J.Madron, Terry Joll, M. Clarke, S. Cocking, Ex DCLI From St Ives. Bob Fox carried our Standard, our contingent were invited to the RBL club and had refreshments and home made pasties given to us which was very nice of them. His private family interment was at Towednack Parish Cemetery.

    INTERACTIVE WEBSITE FOR BRITISH WAR DEAD IN AFGHANISTAN (DAILY TELEGRAPH): Click a square for more detail – date sequential.

  264. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Reading in the paper today the plight of the Gurkhas and their families who expected to live a comfortable life in the UK, is in tatters as most have no money they were promised and a place to live etc. They have been let down yet again by the powers to be for a future in our Country. Some of our Gurkha families are living in rooms in the offices of the Gurkha Welfare Centre and their families are still in Nepal. When are the people who are responsible for their welfare going to rectify this?

    When we were at the recent funeral of Kevin Hicks our DCLI group met two Gurkhas and spoke of our close relationship as a Regimental Family as Riflemen, isn’t it a big let down after all the work done by Johanna Lumley did on their behalf seems to be quickly forgotten by the powers to be.

    • Sloop JB says:


      It isn’t only the Gurkhas getting that treatment from our government, it is most of the British people as well, unless you have big money you’re a nobody.

  265. Terry Joll says:

    Swanny. Thank you for the above information ref Funeral of Sgt Fox. I trust there will once again be a good attendance from our West Cornwall Veterans. I will be there myself

  266. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    A funeral with full military honours will be held in St Ives to pay tribute to the second soldier from Penwith to be killed in Afghanistan this year. Roads will be closed and the town will draw to a standstill at 11am on March 31 as family, friends and comrades of Sgt. Paul Fox attend the service at the Parish Church of St. Ia.

    Sergeant Fox, of 28 Engineer Regiment, was killed in action by an (IED) on Friday, February26, while serving with the Brigade Reconnaissance Force clearing enemy positions in central Helmand.

  267. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Swanny recently forwarded a few Bermuda photos from Ivor’s widow for publication, which has now been attended to on Old Mates Picasa Albums (Military). There are no captions provided, although I can recognise Sgt Johnny Allsop supervising the trench digging. Maybe other Old Mates can assist.

    • Jack Madron says:

      Ivor Barratt’s photos. Number 9. Is I believe Cpl George Boulton and photo 10 is Fort Charles. Port Royal. Jamaica.

      ED: Thanks Jack.

  268. Terry Joll says:

    My Light Infantry flag is flying at half mast on my flagpole at home. It will remain at half mast for the foreseeable future. Our Regiment the Rifles, are taking a real hammering lately. Let us all say a prayer for their safe return home.

    The Standard of the Truro Branch of the DCLI Association will be at the funeral of Major David Ruttledge on Friday carried by Peter Male. There will be a Service when David’s ashes are interred in the future when it is hoped some members will attend. Further details once known.

  269. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Terry Joll sent this to me for all concerned. The Memorial Service for Major General David Tyacke will take place at Breage Parish Church on Saturday 17th April at twelve Noon. Afterwards to the pub for refreshments.

  270. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    The West Cornwall Branch DCLI-LI Branch formed a guard of honour at Paul Church for the Military Funeral of L/CPL Darren Hicks. Those attending were Standard Bearer Bob Fox, Terry Joll, Neil Swanson, Michael Clarke, C. Pryor, Mrs. M.Clarke who carried the RBL Standard, Jack Madron. There was a large attendance there of many Regimental and RBL Standards and like us formed on both sides of the road leading to the church. The church was full to capacity and the service was relayed by a loud speaker system to the big crowd in the car park opposite the church. At the end of the service the Regimental lieutenant Colonel Brigadier Jonathan Bourne May thanked us all for our attendance before going to the private cremation at Truro.

  271. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Just now had an email from Terry Joll to inform me Major. David Rutledge had died on the 24th February in Amesbury. The funeral is on Friday 12th March in Amesbury. The Royffe Girls would have known him when they were in Bodmin in the 1950s as Maj. D. Rutledge was CO of the Depot when they were there living. Maj. David Rutledge was another first class soldier and gentleman he will be greatly missed by all who knew him. He every year lead us in the DCLI Association at Light Infantry Weekend at Shrewsbury and was so proud of us all and our own Regiment. RIP Major. David Rutledge.

    • Sylvia says:


      Thank you for letting us know this very sad news. What a wonderful couple the Rutledges were, they both always spoke to us and remembered our names, even when I went to Newquay for the Tercentenary they knew I was a Royffe and spent a long time enquiring about the rest of the family. Please pass the condolences of all of us Royffe’s to the Rutledge Family.

      A very sad loss, RIP Major Rutledge

  272. Terry Joll says:

    I will be on parade Swanny, will call at your home at 1130 hrs. You can drive me in style.


  273. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Now had Nobby Clarke on the phone, the funeral service for L/Cpl. Darren Hicks will take place at Paul Church on Friday the 5th at 1300 hours. We are going to form a guard of honour of the DCLI Association if there is enough of us. Hopefully we will have about 12 members present there to represent the Regiment, I will contact Terry Joll to give him times etc.

    ED: Thanks for update Swanny. I’m sure that I write on behalf of all we ‘Reggie Mentals’ in passing on our condolences when you meet the Family. Our heartfelt thoughts of Darren’s sacrifice in this awful war, so far away from peaceful Cornwall.

  274. Jack Madron says:

    According to an article in todays “The Cornishman” newspaper, Major General Tyacke’s Memorial Service will take place at Breage Parish Church on Saturday, April 17th at noon.

  275. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Doris and I met Gwen Passmore when shopping in Penzance yesterday, haven’t seen her for ages She has had a knee replacement and is still in a great deal of pain. As said sometimes these are not always successful, had quite a natter with her for several minutes.

    She mentioned the death of Maj.Gen.Tyacke and said she was invited a couple of years back to meeting him when he stayed at Maj. Peter Michell’s house and she spoke of the good relationship “RSM” Jan Passmore had with him when serving together in the Regiment. As said he was a perfect gentleman.

    She was in very good spirits and spoke much longer than usual and wished to be remembered to all who knew her.

  276. T Howell says:

    Have just seen the above comment’s re Maj Gen Tyacke’s death. He was much respected and admired by all and will be sorely missed. By strange coincidence my family have booked this week a holiday cottage in Breage in July.

  277. Joe Knight. says:

    Hi Donald,
    Just had to send you a message, to wish you all the best with your recovery. God bless get better soon.

    Joe & Anne.

  278. Terry Joll says:

    Major General David Tyacke was a true Officer and a Gentleman. He was the last Commanding Officer of the DCLI.

    He did not take kindly to the amalgamation when it was announced but eventually came to accept it once it had taken place and he had moved on to great rank. The great success of the amalgamation was largely due to the fine welding together of the two battalions by our own Captain Jan, RSM Jan Passmore as we all knew him. Two very fine men now united in another place.

    RIP General David.

  279. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    At the Tercentenary of the DCLI some time ago the Associations met at the Keep in Bodmin to celebrate our Regiment. While there at Bodmin, Maj. Gen. Tyacke came and spoke to us from West Cornwall. In particular as he always called himself as a West Penwithian as he came from Breage near Helston and at that time he was talking to the late Hugh Tonkin whose mother had the grocers shop in Breage when Gen. Tyacke was a boy. His father was the Vicar of Breage and he always showed great affection for West Cornwall Also he and Maj. Peter Michell were great friends and he stayed with Peter a couple of years ago in Penzance. As said what a gentleman he was.

    RIP Major General Tyacke.

  280. Sloop JB says:


    Major Tyacke, as he was then, name comes to mind but I can’t picture him. I would like to pass on my condolences to his family and also to say Maj Gen RIP.

  281. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    On February 10th 2010 at Brendon House, Winchester, aged 94. Major General David Tyacke CB,OBE, late Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. Loving husband of the late Diana for 64 years, father of Nicholas, grandfather of Katherine and great-grandfather of Lily.

    Funeral Service at Basingstoke Crematorium on Wednesday,February 24th at 2.00pm. Followed at a later date by a memorial service in Cornwall. No flowers, donations to “RSPB” may be forwarded to Richard Steel&Partners, Alderman House,12-14 City Road, Winchester, SO23 8SG (01962-862333)

    Frank Baxter phoned me to say most probably be held at Breage Church, nr Helston for the Memorial at a later date.

    ED: Thank you for this post Swanny. You have ably transferred the Times Obituary verbatim. Many of us have some memories of the Major General from times past and given the opportunity at the Memorial Service, we (all the absentees) shall appreciate the passing on of our condolences to the surviving Family.

    David Tyacke, Major-General RIP.

  282. Jack Madron says:

    It is with sadness that I’ve learned of the death of a real gentleman. Major General David Tyacke. Major Tyacke, as he was then, was my Coy Commander in Minden and was one of the reasons that “S” Coy was so well liked by members of the Coy. He would often stop and have a chat about different things like home in Cornwall, families etc.

    Funeral at Basingstoke Feb 24th with a Memorial Service in Cornwall at a later date.

    Gen Tyacke. RIP.

    • Sylvia says:

      The Royffe family would like their condolences passed to Major General Tyacke’s family. I remember Dad speaking of the Major General with the greatest of respect.

  283. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Now been reading on the Afghanistan blog about the death of Darren Hicks who was killed last week. Doris and I know the Hicks family his Mother and Grandmother are from Newlyn, also his father and his family who originally came from Heamoor. As all of us in the area know both these families, they like us are absolutely devastated by this very brave soldiers death.

    I had an email from Terry Joll enquiring from me details of his funeral arrangements etc, will keep you posted on this when I know them.

  284. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    These were the Members present at the Meeting. Jack Madron, Fred Philips, Mel Harry, Pete Rule, Terry Simons, Roy Morris, Peter Michell, Frank Baxter, Michael Clarke, Neil Swanson and Mary Clarke, Doris Swanson, Reg and Val Norris.

    I omitted to say Roy Morris thanked the members who formed the Guard of Honour at the funeral of his late wife Jean, he was very impressed by the forming up etc in the Church.

  285. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Now got in from Heamoor RBL for our first meeting of DCLI West Cornwall Branch of 2010. I have sent you the Minutes of the meeting of the December Meeting on 8-12-2009, will send you the Minutes of tonights Meeting when I get them.

    Mr Frank Baxter our Hon Sec read out a Christmas Card sent to the Branch via Swanny, wishing all members a Happy Christmas from Margaret Royffe, this was really appreciated by the members present. Not many members turned up for tonights meeting and the members present will be recorded on next minutes in April, all the members sent their best wishes to all and sundry DCLI members at home and abroad.

    Doris Swanson and Mary Clarke did a raffle and raised £20 for Branch Funds. Up The Dukes.


  286. Editor says:


    Don Swanson, who is home recovering from his recent operation and in need of our best wishes, has referred this Daily Mail news item of interest.

    Many Thanks Don. Get Well Soon.

  287. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Now been watching the funeral of Capt. Dan Reid on local TV News. He was killed two weeks ago by an explosive device in Afghanistan. Capt Dan Reid of the Royal Logistic Corps, like his close friend and mate S/Sgt. Olaf Schmid was a proud Cornishman and both these brave soldiers was given a Full Military Funeral.

    A Scots Piper played a lament and his bearers were from the R L Corps and they gave a full Military Gunfire Salute outside Truro Cathedral with hundreds of local people giving their respect to such a brave Cornish Hero. He had survived being wounded not long ago in Afghanistan. RIP Capt. Dan Reid we are so proud of you.

    One And All on behalf of all Ex Service men and women.

  288. Terry Joll says:

    I have finally sold the remaining DCLI Bermuda Re-Union sweatshirt to a new member at Penzance. Jeff Marshall was a clerk I believe in Belize, if that is wrong some clever bugger here will put me right. Got £20 for it which is on it’s way to Help for Heroes. Thank you Jeff (Geoff)

    As this is the Reggie Mental page nothing is more Reggie Mental than that sweatshirt.

    ED: Well Done Terry for your diligence and Jeff for your interest. Maybe Terry, we should design a DCLI sweatshirt, print another 50 and flog ’em on E Bay for Help for Heroes?

  289. Joe Knight. says:

    Hello Geoff. Thanks for your message regarding your dob, sorted now, sorry about that. No relation to the Wheatley Knights, but my ancestors were the knights of the round table! Only a joke, ha ha. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Joe and Anne.

  290. Terry Joll says:

    Hello Derek.

    Good morning from sunny but cold God’s Country. The Tankard mentioned by the Penzance correspondent was in fact glass. It was beautifully engraved with the DCLI Badge with inscription on the rear side, no fear of it getting tarnished by scrumpy. Once again Keith was in fine form. Spielburg had better watch out.

  291. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    We had a very good turnout at Heamoor RBL Club last night for the Presentation of a Engraved DCLI Tankard. Our Chairman Mr Michael (Nobby) Clarke presented it to Mr Keith Mannings for all his service to the West Cornwall Branch DCLI-LI Association for filming most of our yearly events over the past years and our appreciation supplying DVDs for our Branch funds which he has done free of charge.

    Our President Maj. Peter Michell could not do the Honour of presenting because of a hospital appointment because of his heart problems as he has been quite poorly over the past months. All of our members and their wives wished to be remembered to all our overseas mates and especially you Derek after meeting you at the Re-Union last year.

    Keith filmed during the evening and when the DVDs are produced most probably will be available to all, also Derek I hope to have some photos of the evening and will send them to you for the blog site.

    ED: Thanks for the update Swanny, greatly appreciated together with the mention of the Re-Union. Keith is most deserving of the DCLI Tankard. Hope he doesn’t put cider in it, that’ll etch the silver off!

  292. Geoff Cherry says:

    I have just caught up with the message you posted on “A” company on 13th, Greenslade was a driver I had to keep my beady eye on, as you say he was a bloody good bloke and a good driver. I remember Maurice Truscutt well, the HGV was not needed to drive heavy goods until about 1964 as long as you held a full licence, when the law was changed. If you were at the time driving heavy goods you automatically qualified, so sorry to hear he has taken passed on.

  293. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Quite a few from our area in the building trade a few years ago after the Falklands War, went out there to work on the building regime to update the Airport and housing facilities for over 2000 troops that were stationed there. Very well paid job but awful place to live and the climate is as you most know, not very hospitable.

  294. Jack Madron says:

    They’re not interested in the Islanders. It’s the oil that might be in that area.

  295. JT says:


    Falklands. What a miserable posting then and now. Worse than Catterick.

  296. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    We had RM Commandos of all ranks that were billeted in Prospect, they were based in the Falkands. I think they stayed via going home to UK. Remember speaking with them and they remarked about our history there with whaling etc and the wrecks of ships of our whaling days.

    Years later when we went to war there in 1982 a lot of what they said was reflected on my memories of what those RMs told us about the place which was British and all those miles from the UK and after that War our government has spent millions on building a large airbase and military base there as we all know about.

    As always we are all wiser after the event, MPs never listen to the Military on these topics.

  297. T Howell says:

    Re HMS Sheffield
    The full designation was originally ‘North America and West Indies Station’. It was shortened in 1956 to ‘West Indies Station’. Originally the command extended from Brazil to Greenland and included several cruisers and other support ships. HMS Sheffield was of a number to carry the name and this particular one was laid down in 1935, paid off 1959, and after some years on reserve was broken up at Faslane in 1967. Hope this helps

    • JT says:


      Was Sheffield sister ship to HMS Belfast now moored in London ?

      • T Howell says:

        No. HMS Belfast belonged to the Edinburgh class, Sheffield was a Southhampton Class Light cruiser. However Belfast was an uprated version of Sheffield, which was a so called Treaty ship, who’s size and armour was limited by treaty. Actually Belfast was also ‘Treaty bound’ but because the war was so close, the restrictions were ignored. She was laid down in early ’30s and launched in 1939. Finally laid up in 1971 in Thames berth.


  298. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi Joe, sorry to disappoint you mate but had to get a correction made on the blogs as regards my date of birth. My correct date is 26th not 30th. I would say the JR hospital is the most likely place that I have seen you. I have been a regular visitor there since it was built, as escort not a client, as a matter of interest Joe are you related to the Wheatley Knight’s, I can’t remember Ted or Ray speaking of you. Best wishes, Geoff

  299. Joe Knight. says:

    Hi Geoff.
    Snap! My birthday is on the same day as yours 30-3-34. Where you might have seen me Geoff, was at the JR hospital, where I worked for some considerable time when the last large extention was built, that was 15 yrs ago.
    All the best, Joe.

  300. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Just goes to show the responsibility we had in Bermuda to look after the Atlantic and you lot just had the Caribbean to look after. And you had all those extra Rifle Coys to us and just goes to show the trust the government put in us, in Bermuda.

    We always said Bull Shit Baffles Brains. Ha Ha.

  301. Geoff Cherry says:

    I was not posted to Belize, I was posted to British Guiana, I took over the MT from the Black Watch, at an air strip in the jungle, quite a change after Bermuda. My family did follow me there. I went advance party.

  302. JT says:


    When you were posted to Belize did the family come with you ?

  303. JT says:


    I think that Sheffield was on the Bermuda station sometimes. For some reason some of the PO’s and RM Sgts stayed in our Sgts Mess for a bit.

  304. Jack Madron says:

    As an aggravating ex machine gunner, if HMS Sheffield was on West Indies Station. What was she doing in Bermuda (Atlantic Station) for NATO. Bloody stirrer Jack.

  305. Geoff Cherry says:

    If my memory serves me right there were trips on submarines for some of the lads. I never sailed in one but did pay one a visit with my two sons, while I sampled some of their falling down water, some of the crew took my boys to look at the engine room. From where they collected some samples of the black stuff on their clothes I remember getting it in the neck on my return home.


    • Barry Cornish says:

      Hi! Geoff,
      I was one of the lucky ones to spend a few days on a ‘jolly’ on the submarine ‘Astute’, when she was involved in working up exercises for the Canadian Destroyer/Cruiser, ‘St. Laurent’. It was a memorable experience, which I have recalled on my ‘Memoirs’ webpage.

  306. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    T Howell
    You are so right Tom, HMS Sheffield was the flagship of the NATO fleet when we were in Bermuda at first, and several of our Coy were taken by her to Norfolk Virginia as a sort of favour? One of our chaps Micky Harrold from Newquay was one I know went on her for his boxing abillity. The One and All Journal 1954 has a story in it about this, I still have two journals 1954-55, I believe I showed it to Jack on one of his visits to my place some time ago now.

    ED: In March 2007 I visited Invergargill and Bluff, South Island NZ and discovered an old (100+ years) wreck, bearing the name HMS Sheffield, rotting on the deserted foreshore. Extensive inquiries to the NZ Maritime Authorities evoked only an admission that the wreck was not NZ registered.

    That’s as far as their interest developed. Appeals to the Invergargill news media failed to produce even a courteous reply.

    Any true Brit with appreciation for the sacrifices made by a succession of RN ships legitimately bearing the honourable name “Sheffield”, including the FFG so named involved with the Argies in the Falklands, would likely share my anger at this display of so-called humour, and be sickened.

  307. T Howell says:

    I may (to be topical) be on thin ice here but I am certain there was a Cruiser on the West Indies Station during our time. It came to ‘show the flag’ in Belize more than once. I believe it was HMS Sheffield.


  308. Jack Madron says:

    About RN ships in Jamaica while we were there. The only ones I can remember are the RN Survey ship that took S Coy to Haiti for hurricane relief and the Royal Yacht.

    The only other navy ship was the US one that got our town patrol to help out their shore patrol. These are the ones I remember. Probably a lot more that I don’t remember.

  309. Sylvia says:

    Whilst you are all chatting about ships, can anyone tell me why, every time the HMS Newcastle came into Jamaica, us kids were invited on board and the sailors put on a ‘fun day’ for us. We found a lot of memorablia when we sorted out Mums flat, menus and a journal similar to the Light Infantry’s ‘One and All’

    Forgive me if this is on the wrong blog Ed.

    • Editor in Brisbane says:

      REF: HMS Newcastle

      Hello Sylvia,

      As good a place as any – particularly as your topic implies a ‘connectivity’ to DCLI Family stuff – ergo “Reggie Mental”. I’m interested in your comment, as thus far, there is little mention of our Regiment’s connection and experiences with the RN, while we served in the Caribbean.

      In my case, along with several mates – Swanny included (why not – that bugger was everywhere!), we knew of matelots and RM Bandsmen off the Super B (HMS Superb) and made several ‘runs ashore’ with ’em.

      Additionally, there are a few photos and reports and anecdotes from some cheps – about exercises and trips taken aboard HM vessels during the posting. Let’s see where this thread takes us.

  310. Jack Madron says:

    I know ships can travel a long way in a year but according to a piece I read on line about Captain Cook, she was damaged by fire in New Zealand in 1957. Probably after she brought A Coy home. They sure got their money’s worth out of that old timer.

    • Editor in Brisbane says:

      Yeah Jack, I read that too. Must have happened after Fraser’s return trip as you state. He would have disembarked in April ’57 up the Clyde. I’ve personally (in later years) made the UK/New Zealand trip via Panama a few times. Takes about 6 weeks, allowing for a few stopoffs. So the Olde Tubbe could easily have been in NZ later that year of ’57.

  311. Jack Madron says:

    Thank you Tom and Ed.
    I can’t figure out though, why two ships were used to bring the Battalion home, when only one was used to take us out to the Caribbean. Maybe the Empire Clyde was a bigger ship.

    ED: Well Jack, ’tis like this. “A” Company needed to work on their tans a little more. Joking aside, the MOD were switching troop transport to air and possibly HMTs were less available – so far as the full Battalion complement (families etc) were concerned. Hence the need for splitting the arrangements.

    PS: Interesting trivia: Dilwara grossed at 12,555 tons. Captain Cook (Letitia) 13,475 tons with total accommodation 1,516 passengers. Empire Clyde 16,385 tons total accommodation 1,735 passengers. Appears our assumptions are correct.

  312. T Howell says:

    Jack, Ed,
    Dilwara brought the Bn home directly to Southampton. I do not recall a diversion to Bermuda.The boat running between Kingston and Belize was the RASC Vessel ‘OXNA ‘


    ED: Thanks Tom, query answered now. Seems pretty clear that the Chauncey was lightering “A” Company entirely out the TSS Captain Cook en route for Scotland, where Fraser Pakes disembarked. Thanks for the update Tom.

  313. Jack Madron says:

    Re Dilwara. I think you’ll find that she was the ship that went between Jamaica and Belize. I believe it was Caribbean Re-Union Blog that Mike Cummings commented on.

    ED: You’re partly correct Jack. A query there, from Mike after the Re-Union, looking for the Picasa Albums, but prior to our Bodmin Memorial, he was writing to the ‘old’ blogs. Anyway, I have emailed him with an invitation to get involved.

    • I’ve had an email reply from Mike. He reports being well and recovered from his knee operation and awaiting a second one. He reads the blogs and seems aware of most of the banter.

      Interesting too, how a common thread of interest and memory threads its way through the 1000’s Comments. Mike indeed reported loss of memorabilia and property overboard when MV Cato sank in the ’60’s. He reported that on the old “A” Company blog – hence my remark, Jack.

      PS: Just thought I’d embellish the foregoing a bit – might attract Mike to contribute. The coaster vessel MV Cato was evidently moored in the river at Avonmouth Portbury Dock in 1962 when a ship of the Ellerman line (either being built or repaired) rammed into her from the opposite river side slipway and sank her. Mike’s personal gear evidently went down with it all. Mike might care to fill in the gaps in due course. Have exhausted all Google searches on the matter.

  314. Jack Madron says:

    Mike Cummings was at the Reunion in Bodmin on the Thursday. He is in photo 118 with Swanny, Margaret and her husband. Also in photo 151, on my left, wearing glasses and with walking stick. I’d never met Mike before until that Thursday.

    ED: Got that Jack. Thanks for the ID. I now realise that Mike was “A” Company in Bermuda, but I can’t remember him and didn’t spend time with him at Bodmin (too much to do). You clearly hadn’t met him in Germany – pre Plymouth and embarkation. However, over the past 2 years he has chosen to make comment on the (old) blogs – yet not on these current pages, I wonder why – especially after getting hotlinks from me. Also having met us all at Bodmin. I’ll email him again and test the waters.

  315. Jack Madron says:

    It was me that said about kitbag in the sea. We were watching gear being loaded on a barge when this kitbag went into the water. Deliberately, we thought. When we shouted, the coloured fellows pulled it out and put it with the rest of the kit.

    ED: Thanks Jack. We’ll wait now and see if Tom has anything to add, we might need to wait awhile, as his computer study is occupied with family. Maybe Fraser Pakes in Canada might be reading the blogs too. He embarked on the Dilwara (correction – TSS Captain Cook) with “A” Company.

    • Editor in Brisbane says:


      I’m researching the old blogs to find the mention of ‘lost records’ after a kitbag was dunked. I thought that it was Mike Cummings (not Collins as referred above) – but evidently not. That’s another mystery.

      However, I believe that Mike Cummings is known to you from Lt Hodder’s time in Germany and also in Jamaica – maybe with you? Anyway, he is clearly internet connected, he made a few comments on the old (original) blogs and indicated knowledge of the Caribbean Re-Union in June 2009. At that time he was recovering from a knee replacement.

      Did he actually turn up and did you make contact and is he in any of my Re-Union Picasa photos? If so he might be interested to contribute on these current blog pages. Given your response, I’ll suss out his email and contact him.

  316. Jack Madron says:

    I take it that the three funnel ship in the back ground is not the ship that the Battalion returned home in.

    • Editor in Brisbane says:

      That’s very observant of you Jack. My interpretation from memory of the Hamilton Wharf, is that the 3 funnels belonged to either the Queen of Bermuda or Ocean Monarch, both of which were able to pull alongside.

      HMT Dilwara, the trooper that took the Regiment back to Blighty in March 1957 (?) would have been moored in the Harbour Roads, either being too large (?) or not staying long enough to justify docking.

      Whatever, maybe Tom can enlighten us, as he was there. The Chauncey M Depew (being a lighter) did however, disembark “A” Company on arrival on March 1st 1954, from the HMT Empire Clyde, that also moored in the Hamilton Harbour Roads.

      JT by all accounts remembers this vividly. There is also a report somewhere in the blogs (Mike Collins?) who lost his kitbag over the side (?). Can’t fathom that, as we were all bulled up carrying only our rifles in readiness to form up dockside in preparation for the Grand Parade up to Prospect with the Band and Bugles. We marched at 140+ through Hamilton and slowed a little en route – about 2+ miles I recall, to the Garrison, where Pathe News recorded the event.

      PS: Bit of confusion reigning here ‘Ole Mate. The referred undated article published above only refers to the Chauncey, which is a lighter. Fraser Pakes and “A” Company returned to Blighty on the TSS Captain Cook in April 1957. Tom mentions the Dilwara – so there were 2 ships involved to return the Battalion. Seems that “A” Company might have left a holding party behind the main exodus. So the print above is (presumably) recording the April (final) departure.

  317. Editor in Brisbane says:


    While tidying up my extensive document files recently, I re-discovered a package sent by Keith Mannings in 2007 that included a printed page from a published book (unknown title), or One and All. The caption reads “Men of the DCLI leaving the City of Hamilton in 1957 on the Chauncey M Depew, when the British Garrison was withdrawn from Bermuda after 256 years. (Author’s collection)”. Our thanks to this unknown author and appreciation from this Editor assuming publication rights. We respectfully acknowledge copyright and will append accreditation when known.

  318. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi Joe & Annie.
    Yes mate, Wheatley. If you worked over here, Cullum Road ring any bells? that is now my stomping ground.

    I also joined as a regular in the Ox/Bucks early 1947, I was transferred to the DCLI in 1949, I served with them till 1957, when as a senior NCO, the War Office, gave me the option to transfer back to the OBLI. As I had served in Germany, with both regiments and the DCLI was returning there, I decided to come back to Cowley.

    I took over holding platoon and was awaiting posting to Cyprus, when the situation arose and I was discharged on compassionate grounds, I met and have enjoyed the company of some very good and loyal friends during my service in both Regiments, I found that being in married quarters, I missed out on a lot.

    Best wishes Geoff

  319. Joe Knight. says:

    Hello Geoff.
    I understand you come from Wheatley which isn’t to far away from Banbury. My working days finished at Wheatley due to an accident just off the Old London road where we built two or three houses and bungalows.

    Geoff, I joined the Ox and Bucks Cowley Road Barracks 1952, after training I finished up in the Canal Zone Egypt, from there we went to Osnabruck Germany. After a year there I volunteered to join the DCLI, I think I did the right thing, met some good mates, but deep down I’m an OBLI man. All the best Geoff .

    Joe & Anne.

  320. Geoff Cherry says:

    Joe and Annie are that close, had I still been mobile we could have had closer contact, I may be mistaken but am pretty sure I have seen him around, perhaps at the local hospitals. I visit them quite often these days.
    Best wishes, Geoff

  321. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Was speaking to Joe and Anne on the phone tother night so glad you are now in contact.

  322. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi Jack
    I well remember the naming of the T 16’s on one of the exercises that we did in while in Minden, I remember to test a winch on a Bedford 3Ton lorry, I tried to winch a T 16 out of a crater. The carrier driver drove it into the crater put the brakes on, we attached the winch cable, I ran a anchor cable round a tree, not thinking started winching, pulled the carrier about its length up the side of the crater, before the winch hotted up and the grease melting made it slip.

    At this stage we remembered the carrier breaks, had they been off I am sure it would have winched out, as we had the lorry for testing I made out a report and the lorry was returned for check and repair. I never did get the opportunity to try again, I am still going through the blogs looking at photos, and having as you might say a refresher course.

  323. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hi Joe & Anne. Nice to have contact, so close yet so far.


  324. Joe Knight. says:

    Nice to have you aboard. Welcome to the blogs.

    Joe and Anne.

  325. Jack Madron says:

    My pix on Old Mates Picasa (military) photo, number one is Universal carrier Sir Gaywent. Driver is David Johnson who was promoted with me in Jamaica.

  326. Jack Madron says:

    Good morning Geoff. If I remember right, we were instructed in driving carriers by the older drivers in the platoon. I preferred driving the T16s to the Universals. Steering was a lot easier, tillers instead of a wheel but still enjoyed driving either.

    I believe our carriers were the only ones with names. Tim Hodder’s T16 was King Arthur and the others were named after the Knights of the Round Table. Mine was Sir Bedivere. Sgt Dutchy Holland’s number one section T16.

    We used to take regular road tests when in Minden, just to visit the Minden Gap, Hamlyn and other places. Had some good times.

  327. Geoff Cherry says:

    Jack Hi
    While I was well acquainted with Mr Hodder I did not have anything to do with testing, so mate not guilty for a change, also the driving instruction was on four wheels, not tracks,

  328. Jack Madron says:

    Geoff Cherry.
    When in Minden, were you in cahoots with Lt Hodder of the MMG Pl?Reason I ask is, members of platoon took their driving tests (universal carriers) while I was home on leave. Some failed but I was given my licence when I returned from leave.

    I know JT will have an answer as he and Mr Hodder were acquaintances in Bermuda.

  329. Geoff Cherry says:

    Hello Barry,

    I was so pleased to hear from you as you say 50 + years. I think we have now mellowed a bit, I hope for the better. Regards to your wife and I hope she has a speedy recovery now.

    I was going to say, now it is quiet after Christmas but the extended family makes that impossible, but then they keep us young. I would have liked to be a bit closer, we could have then had closer contact.

    I now have Diabetes and treated with injections four times a day, I also have had two major ops in the past four years, a reason why I don’t travel now, enough of that it’s in the shall I say “forgotten past”.

    As I read the names I brings them back in focus, Freddie Phillips I believe was the first Post Corporal, I believe I signed the Motor Cycle over to him. I have been going through the Blogs and have caught up with a lot of the news, but just coming on it’s a lot to go through. Notice the boys haircut do you remember that literally a basin on the head and the wife shaved what was showing, by the way do you recall a driver Eddie Allan, Land Rover driver, or am I placing him in the wrong place? I know I trained him to drive in Minden, but after all this time the mind is a bit foggy. I will say cheers for now best wishes mate.


  330. Tom Howell says:

    Thanks for the ‘fix’. Like Jack a while back, I inadvertently replicated the entry. Put it down to my Alzeimer’s, myself. Don’t know what Jack’s excuse is!

    Thanks also for the Civilian Blog entry. Very remiss of me but my study (where my computer is located) has been out of bounds to me for most of the time as it is acting as overflow bedroom for grandchildren, great-grandchildren and in any case my wife will throw me out if I spend too much time on line!


    ED: Gotta Larf Tom. No problems – all in a days (editorial) work.

    • Jack Madron says:

      I’ve no excuse, but your comment about vibration fom the Vickers seems to be a good one.

  331. Geoff Cherry 19044336 says:

    Swanny & Tom

    The tash went some time ago now lost it’s colour for some reason.

    Swanny the name of the driver was Greenslade, another that has come to mind is Eddy Allan, he used to drive the land rover in the early days, he was also at Minden. Tim Dennison did not ring a bell but I do remember a very tall lad.

    I think we have all weathered well one thing we cannot do is put back the clock, only remember.

  332. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    As Tom asked about your tash, I still see you when we served together in Bermuda and after all these years we have all gone that much older. To think of the old days I wore Teddy Boy clothes. Nice to see your photo and still looking good. When we have our DCLI Assn meetings I always say to Barry and Trevor Webb and we remark about looks etc. Can’t believe that when we served was nearly 60 years ago.

  333. Tom Howell says:

    I do believe I have caught your stuttering affliction!


    ED: Fixed that Tom – but no doubt a mystery will have been created!

  334. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED, Terry Joll
    I have now sent an email to DCLI Rifles office to verify the new name of our museum. As I said on the mail I had might have got the name wrong as it was 7am when I heard the report with Trevor Stipling speaking to Radio Cornwall and Doris and I didn’t get in from the Legion till 2-30. I was not pissed but had a few more than normal. I will let you know when DCLI Rifles office reply to me.

    • From: DCLI Museum
      To: Neil Swanson
      Sent: Monday, January 04, 2010 10:48 AM
      Subject: Re: new name of the Museum

      Hi Neil and a Happy New Year. The new museum will be called “Cornwall’s Regimental Museum” with a strap line – housing the The Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry and Light Infantry collections.
      Yours Trevor

      REGISTERED AS A CHARITY: Number 272359

  335. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Could you check out the new name? I heard the report with Trevor Stipling talking to Radio Cornwall, I might have got the name wrong. I heard the report early in the morning, and we didn’t get in till the early hours. Had had a brey old drop of POP for me these days? I’ll email the keep and verify?

  336. Geoff Cherry 19044336 says:

    Hi Barry
    I heard on the grape vine you are having trouble with your wife’s health at the moment, I was sorry to hear that give her our regards, and wish her a speedy recovery, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since I last saw you how are you doing mate.


    ED: Mug shot of Geoff supplied 2nd January 2010. Geoff’s pix added to our Hall of Fame on the link page to Civilian Photos.

    • Tom Howell says:

      Am I right in thinking you had a black moustache in Minden days?


    • Barry Cornish says:

      Dear Geoff,
      It is great to hear from you. It must be fifty-five years ago, since we were last together. Thank you for your good wishes for Nora’s health. We have our daughters, son-in-law, three grandsons and a dog staying with us over Christmas and the New Year. Nora really enjoys their company but is feeling absolutely exhausted now.

      Unfortunately, I am not getting much opportunity to contribute to the blogs at present, but I do try to keep up with reading them as often as possible.

      We have a very active branch of the Light Infantry Association in Penzance and it is really good to meet up regularly with Swanny, Nobby Clark and Freddie Phillips, who were both post corporals in Bermuda, as well as Trevor Webb and Terry Simons, who you might remember, amongst others from those days.

      Last Summer, Derek organised a ‘DCLI Caribbean Re-Union’, in Cornwall, when he came over from Australia. It was a great success, with over sixty of us sitting down to a meal together, as well as other great ‘get-togethers’ during the week.

      Do you remember taking the photo of the four one-tonner drivers, together with your two children, at the Hamilton Docks?

  337. Terry Joll says:

    Ed. Most things that happen concerning the DCLI are carried out in what appears to me to be in Secret.

    The Associations do not in my opinion get consulted or considered. It makes my blood pressure rise and many times I feel like saying bollocks to the lot of them but being loyal to the Dukes I keep my peace.


    • I can understand your feelings over this matter Terry. The sheer effort and enthusiasm that you and many others put into supporting the Regimental Associations, the support given to the Memorial Dinners and much much more, are clearly ignored – no doubt by some chinless rupert – with ‘connections’. I hope that there will be an outcry over this. Let me know if these Blog pages can be used. Nil Illigitimo Carborundum!

    • Sloop JB says:


      Even though I’m not a Cornish lad by birth I would like to throw my weight behind what Terry is saying. Why do these people push their way in and change things just for the sake of change. If it is one amongst us they should be ashamed. As it’s been the Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry Barracks and Home for many many years why change it now. I say keep your hands off and leave well alone.

      ED: Hold that thought Sloop! Woulda thought that with all those Cornish Pasties you’ve munched over the years -you’ve had the autotransfer to a Cornish identity.

  338. Terry Joll says:

    Well I most certainly do not like the new name of the DCLI Museum as “The Cornwall Museum”. Before long there will be nothing left that bears the name of DCLI. I am afraid that the past is looking as if it is disappearing over the horizon quickly.

    The Royal Cornwall Museum is in Truro, we do not need a Cornwall Museum.

    This has started my year off badly, I am wound up and bloody disgusted.

    ED: Agreed Terry, couldn’t there have been some discussion among the fraternity to arrive at a more significant Regimental title?

  339. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    On Radio Cornwall this morning The DCLI Museum has now had all the LI regalia etc transferred from Winchester to Bodmin and has now changed the name to the The Cornwall Museum.

    Maj T Stipling was speaking about the issue and said there is going to be a much more space etc to accommodate items such as a large piece of The Berlin Wall which is 6ft by 4ft showing both sides of the wall, ie the East and West and Light Infantry artifacts etc. Will be interesting for us to have these extra additions to see.

  340. Geoff Cherry 19044336 says:


    I agree with you, I doubt if I would like it now with all the gangs and pirates, in our time we helped to keep order, some of the locations that we went to were reached by track rather than roads, at that time I enjoyed being there.


  341. Geoff Cherry 19044336 says:

    To perhaps help to put a face in the frame, in Minden I was Tech Storeman MT section and was promoted to Cpl, was also driving instructor. My time in Somalia we flew out in Dakota C-47 aircraft from Northolt November 1949, spending the first night in Malta, and the second in the Sudan, arriving in Somalia, the following day.

    I was at that time a Bugler so the main of my time was spent on Band and Bugle parades, in those days we had the odd skirmish, but when that happened my role was to take over as duty bugler for the duration of the trouble, sounding the necessary calls, we used to put on a show Beating the Retreat in Mogadishu. Main of my spare time was spent swimming and of course bull on my kit. On the odd occasion walk into Mogadishu for a drink but more often the Naafi in camp.

    Looking back not very exciting but never boring, we handed over to the Italians and returned by troop ship.

    • Tom Howell says:

      Thanks for the info. I was never sure what the Bn role was out there. I was there looking after the needs of refugees – about a million of them!

      My work took all over eg El Wak near Kenyan border, Luq on the Ogaden side, and way up north around Hargeysa and Berbera. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there but I doubt I would like it now! I lived in the El Aruba Hotel very near to the old Fort. The hotel was built by the Russians during their short stay I believe in the ’70s after your time. There is a photo of the fort on the blog site somewhere, along with shots of a few of the poor roads out there.

  342. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    A name you might remember, Jim Dennison L/Cpl 2 Platoon, he I think was tallest in the Coy and Battalion. I was great friends with him when we were first in Bermuda, he was a Korean Vet and served in many MMG Regts in Korea and I think transferred to DLI? He was only a few months in A Coy and think he went back to UK via Jamaica. He was considerably stressed from the war and spent time in Nettley Hospital? Didn’t ever hear from him again. He would tell me horrifying stories fighting the Chinese etc, a really hard case but a gentle giant. He was a good mentor for me.

    He would have been your sort of age and regular soldier, I put a photo of him and I on one of the websites.

  343. Tom Howell says:

    Welcome! Know the name but can’t put face to it. I was DCLI for 8 years before moving to RAOC. Served in Minden (B and A Coys), West Indies (mainly Belize) and Depot. In later years as civvy worked in Somalia circa 1980’s all over the country. Would be very interested to hear of your Mogadisco experiences.

    Best Wishes

    Tom Howell

  344. Geoff Cherry 19044336 says:

    Hi Swanny, I will keep that invitation in mind but they (the women in my life) keep this frisky old chap on a tight leash these days.

    I think Phipps was “Posty” I can picture the driver in question but the handle still evades me. I know what you mean about us innocents. I often wondered what the two lumps on my shoulder blades were, but they faded away, Geoff

  345. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Hi Geoff
    The “Waster” I was referring to was one of your drivers in Bermuda, he used to be in the Naafi gang always on the piss with the Geordie boys when we first got to Bermuda. Buster Phipps I think his name was but like you it is a long time ago to remember names. I wrote a comment on one of our old blogs (Wild and Wicked) about some of these characters. Most were sent to Jamaica because they were trouble makers setting a poor example to us innocent young soldiers.

    If you are ever down Penzance or the area look us up, I am in the Cornwall phone directory.


  346. Geoff Cherry 19044336 says:

    Hi Swanny, it has been a long time still I was always a bit slow on the uptake, proven by the time it has taken me to find the site. I originated from Oxford joining the OBLI early 1947. I did my training in Ireland, then was posted to Germany, Luneburg and Gottingen.

    On returning to Blighty, I had an operation and was downgraded for six months. The OBLI went to Cyprus, I joined the training battalion in Bordon Hants, on upgrading back to A-1 was the time I joined the DCLI in Mogadishu. I at the time was a Bugler, that was 1949.

    In the past I have visited your patch on holidays, never had the luck to bump into anyone not knowing addresses, I could have been as close as just outside. Now with sight dropping off, and a visit from (C) who I kicked out, I no longer drive.

    The (Waster) I get the impression that you are referring to one of my team for some reason. I am really pleased I have now been able to get in touch, after all these years, but sad at the losses. Best Wishes Geoff

  347. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Welcome aboard Geoff. So glad you found our blog sites, haven’t seen you since I left Bermuda June 55. Did you originate from Falmouth? I am so glad to have one of our own on site.

    Last time I saw you we were having a bit of banter with Malcolm Truscott one of your drivers. Sadly Mal passed away at a very young age, he came from Foxhole nr St. Austell. Last time I saw him I was in the TA for lots of years and spoke to him in Truro. I have met his family several times at Association Dinners etc.

    Lots of our old mates are now on the square in the sky, another was our good mate Bernard Lark who passed away few years ago.

    Lovely to have you on board, as you will read on the blogs Joe and Anne (Knight) stayed at our house for the week in June last and we all had a fantastic Re-Union. Looking forward for more of you on the site. Remember Waster Greenslade?


  348. JT says:

    Yup. Jack is definitely the ‘Vicars’ no 1 man. Tee Hee

  349. Jack Madron says:

    Hi Geoff.
    Welcome to the mad house. Most are mad all the time, (ex Rifle Coy’s) but the rest of us are only affected on a full moon. I was in Minden. MMG Pl. S Coy. Sgt Dutchy Holland’s driver. Made Cpl in Jamaica and was number one on the Vickers MG.

  350. Cpl Geoff Cherry 19044336 says:

    How could I forget Joe, I worked with him some time, but I must say my memory has faded as regards names, but I can still picture people, it has made my day to be in touch.

    ED: Ref your comment it was the injections we had, and I had a cow penned in my garden in Bermuda to keep the grass cut HA HA.

  351. Sloop JB says:


    As JT said welcome aboard, I was in B Coy in Minden, you may think we’re nutters at times, believe me you’d be right.

    ED: Told you about the crazy bullshit Geoff. Just wait until they switch to General Banter to see how really crazy these buggers can get!

  352. JT says:


    Welcome aboard. I remember you very well as a Cpl in Bermuda and when you were made up to Sgt. I expect you remember Joe Erith the RASC MT Sgt.

    John Tenniswood
    “A” Coy Pay Sgt

  353. Cpl Geoff Cherry 19044336 says:

    Hi Sylvia. I am sorry it was not my brood who lived there. On returning from the West Indies I had a flat at Pendeness Castle, but I returned to the OBLI in Oxford to go on posting to Cyprus. My wife fancied a chap down there and dumped the children.

    I left the army to look after them, I had three children the two boys and a girl who was the youngest, sadly she left me in 1960 owing to a brain tumour. I had served with the DCLI in Mogadisue, Minden, Bermuda, Jamaica, and British Guiana.


  354. Editor in Brisbane says:

    (Cpl) Geoff Cherry MT, Prospect

    Have just intercepted a Comment from Geoff on the “A” Company Blog and have emailed him direct with details of our Blog pages. He will hopefully join us in due course.

    • Sylvia says:

      I wonder if it was Geoff Cherry’s family that lived in the flats above us in Falmouth the second time we were there?

      ED: Geoff will hopefully provide more details Sylvia. He was originally married to a German lass and I believe had 2 boys. Both boys are photographed with the MT Platoon in Bermuda in the “A” Company collection.

  355. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Keith Mannings rang me yesterday to say my Bermuda girlfriend rang him to say she is sending cuttings from The Bermuda Gazette about the sale of Maj. Marsh’s medals. Keith said it could be some time before he gets them and asked me if I could let you know about same. I said OK and could you Derek look them up on that paper to see if you could find any results, as I said Derek you are better at that sort of thing than I am, he said this could have been a couple of weeks ago’s issue.

    ED: Co-incidence eh? – after my email to you yesterday about most bloggers not scanning/reading the various blogs, not looking at photos, poor blog discipline and my enduring allocation of appropriate blogs for specific topics. Problems too with Keith Mannings not web connected and relying on snail mail and shanks pony! Also my unpopularity when I draw attention to the proper use of these blogs.

    *** There has been a full update of the ‘Marsh Medal’ scenario on the Marsh blog for almost 2 weeks now, including a hotlink to the Royal Gazette of the 16th December that Keith Mannings is alluding to – no doubt. No one – thus far – has been interested enough to make comment! ***

    PS: I’ll leave this entire Comment, with my addendum here on Reggie Mental with the notation that it is best suited on the Marsh Blog.

  356. JT says:

    ‘People sleep peaceably in their beds only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf’
    George Orwell

  357. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    More sad news, the two Soldiers from the Rifles killed last week, their bodies were flown in to Wiltshire today, the loss of life is always very hard on the families but nothing seems so bad as the loss at Christmas time, RIP those dear boys, it again is a loss to two more of our family.

    ED: I appreciate the update Swanny, sad news indeed. How many more precious lives will be lost in foreign conflicts that appear meaningless, whatever the outcome? Bring ’em all home I say and quote JT “Let the Neanderthals work it out themselves”.

  358. Terry Joll says:

    Members of the West Cornwall Branch.

    I have posted the cheque for £100 to purchase the Sword for a Bugler in memory of Bert Angwin, 2nd DCLI 1939-46. They will try to arrange for it to be presented to a Cornish Bugler in due course. Watch this space.

    I have spoken at great lengths to RHQ The Rifles and although they are extremely busy they will assist as necessary.

  359. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Seven members of the West Cornwall Branch attended the funeral yesterday of Mrs Jean Morris who had fought a hard battle over the last year against cancer. Jean, wife of Roy Morris who served in Support Coy DCLI in Minden was a member of the Branch Womens section.

    We as a Branch did the Guard of Honour at the Church in two files and it was well thought of by the family.

    ED: We appreciate the update of the sad news Swanny, and thank The Branch for its support to Roy. Please pass on condolences on behalf of all we bloggers and mine particularly, as I met Roy in Penzance several times last June.

  360. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    As a Member of Truro Branch of DCLI Assn, I would like say thanks to those attending Staff Sgt Olaf Schmid’s funeral service at the Cathedral yesterday, and a special thanks to Peter Male for carrying the Branch Standard after driving all the way to Cornwall from Somerset. Without saying, I am proud to belong to our Light Infantry family and the respect for the Rifles is still being carried on as it has always been. The feeling of them in respect of S/Sgts Schmid just shows the cameraderie still exists.

    RIP OLAF or OZ as he was known as to 2 Rifles and all ex RGJ-LI Soldiers.

  361. Sloop JB says:

    Well done everyone who attended Truro Cathedral to honour Staff Sgt Olaf Schmid yesterday. His wife showed great restraint and dignity, a very Proud Lady indeed.

    RIP Olaf.

  362. Terry Joll says:

    Along with ten members of the Truro DCLI & LI Association, I attended the very emotional Funeral Service today at Truro Cathedral for Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid of the RLC.

    His Widow held up very well and gave an emotional tribute to him.The Branch Standard of the DCLI was carried by Peter Male who made the journey down from Somerset to show his respects and to carry the Standard with great pride. The Cathedral was filled to overflowing.

    Rest in Peace OLAF, the Bravest of the Brave.

    ED: Thanks for the update Terry.

    Olaf Schmid RIP

  363. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Terry Joll mailed me last week about going to C/Sgt Schmid who was killed in Afghanistan. His funeral is taking place in Truro Cathedral today, I had to decline because Doris had a doctors appointment this morning and both of us went to see him about Doris’s worsening arthritic problems.

    This funeral will be on our local TV programme news today, and listening on our car radio there was a big attendance for this very sad event.

  364. Terry Joll says:

    Swanny, Thanks for the latest. Very sad news that another of our Regimental family has passed away.

    Mine and Wendy’s condolences to the family.


  365. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Just had an email from Trevor Webb to say his wife passed away yesterday morning at 10-45. He asked me to pass on the news to all of his old mates etc. I rang Frank Baxter and Nobby Clarke and also Keith Mannings in Frome. When I phoned Nobby his wife Mary said her brother in law was found dead in his chair at his home near them on Tuesday morning last.

    I sent Trevor a reply email passing on condolences on behalf of all his mates at home and abroad and all members of the DCLI Branches.

    ED: Thanks Swanny from us here in OZ. Sad times for many folk back there.

  366. Terry Joll says:

    Our condolences to your family at this sad time. No matter about the bugling, there wil be plenty more chances for you to strut your stuff. Next thing for you to learn is to change hands.


  367. Graham Martin says:

    All at the Lucknow dinner,

    My apologies for not attending and sounding The Lucknow call as promised, the reason being that Carol’s mother passed away on the Thursday night/morning. My thanks to Den for standing in at such short notice. He taught me the call especially for the evening, glad all turned out well in the end and we have found a decent venue.

    Hopefully you were all happy with the bugling at the Remembrance Parade. I wore Pete’s (Joe) beret with pride.



  368. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    More sad news another member of The Rifles killed yesterday, on the news another Cornish Rifleman is being flown home today killed last week. The Rifles have now lost more troops than any other Regiment serving in Afghanistan and several of those killed were TA Soldiers. Makes your heart bleed for all our brave men who have died for Queen and Country.

  369. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    I see in todays paper there are a lot of top brass Officers are spending most of their time in inhospitable places like The War Office. Not a very good example to our War Torn Troops on the front line in Afghanistan, but whats changed? My late Father who served in the Great War always said LIONS LED BY DONKEYS! So whats changed?

    • Jack Madron says:

      We can’t send top brass out there. It’s not safe. Same reason our two young warriors from Buck House aren’t out there. They might miss a night or two boozing in Soho. Poor diddums.

      • JT says:


        Be fair. Ginger knob having admitted he is thick as a plank. (GCEs in colouring, beads and mud pies) is on permanent training to be helicopter pilot (when he has time). We hope he will do adding up and joined up writing in the next few years. Good luck lad.

  370. Terry Joll says:

    No problems but you know I like things to be correct in all aspects. No half measure are acceptable from you Pioneers Staff.

    Nice to see you enjoying yourslf on Friday. Give our armest wishes to Doris.

  371. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    This meal was light years ahead of F**kfaces Union Hotel – you and I will go there next weekend? I will get all the bloggers online and arrange a meal, and no Crab sandwiches HA HA.

    I only said to John on the phone last week about that debacle of a meal at the Union, still we learn by our mistakes. The Lugger Hotel has a very good trade all year round, and Mine Host was very good to bother to get our Branch a sit down dinner, usually he only does a Carvery. Also Derek the staff of waitresses etc were excellent and very polite and not a Crab sandwich in sight.

    ED: Very Good Swanny. Pity that it took the lengths that it did during the Re-Union week to establish that we were all dealing with a dickhead at the Union – staff included. We must have handed that hotel some prime custom over the several evenings that we all attended. Anyway ‘Ole Mate – haven’t you read the blogs? – no more crab sandwiches for you, only snoek and chips!

  372. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    My apology for not putting your’s and Wendy’s name on the top table and Mrs Bolitho, getting absent minded. Neil.

  373. Terry Joll says:

    Also on Top Table was our dear friend and great supporter Mrs Elizabeth Bolitho, plus of course yours truly and Mrs Yours Truly. Yours truly was once again Toastmaster.

    It was a great evening and as our tame Bugler Graham Martyn was AWOL former Bugler Dennis Barratt stepped in at two minutes notice, sounding the Dinner Call and Lucknow call on my own Bugle, Dennis has not lost his touch. A good time was had by all.

  374. Sloop JB says:


    Well done again, I’m glad you all had a good evening. The meal you had sounds absolutely delicious. What a good attendance you had with 50 members and wives there.

  375. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    The West Cornwall Branch DCLI-LI Association held their Annual Lucknow Dinner at the Lugger Hotel last night. There were over 50 attended and a first class meal. I have sent you the menu card Derek with meal details etc. On the Top Table, Guests included, Maj. Hugo White. Maj. PTressider (RE) and their wives, Mr Mike Clarke, Chairman. Mrs M Clarke didn’t attend because of flu. Mr F Baxter Hon. Sec-Hon Treasurer and his friend Hazel. Mr. Frank Grigg and his wife. Maj. P Michell our President and his lady friend Madeline.

    The meal was excellent with the biggest main meal you could imagine, followed by the biggest sweet (reminded me of the sweet selection we used to get in The Buckaroo in Bermuda), followed by coffee.

    Mine Host was first class and his staff were the same they were so polite and couldn’t do enough to make us welcome. Peter Michell in his speech said it was 21 years since we were at the then named Marine Hotel. In those days it was a regular venue for DCLI functions. All and sundry asked to be remembered to all our DCLI family and friends all around the globe and in the UK. To finish it was the biggest meal I have eaten prior to my illness last year.

    ED: Thanks Swanny, good reporting as usual. How did the crab sandwich go down?

  376. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Received in the post this morning a programme from Keith Mannings for the Remembrance Day Service at the War Memorial Portway-Warminster. He paraded with The Yorkshire Regiment through the Town as a Representative of the DCLI and said he felt so proud to do so.

    ED: (11/11/09). Thanks for update Swanny. Good to know that most Old DCLI’ians remember the call on this Armistice Day. Your doctored 2007 clip now posted to your own Blog page.

  377. Terry Simons says:

    Thank you all for your condolences to June for the loss of her brother Domonic, they were appreciated.

  378. Sloop JB says:


    Sounds like you had a busy day attending all the services, you really are on the mend, well done.

    I attended service at our St Mary Magdeline church then went to the war memorial in our Vivary Park for the wreath laying, very good turnout.

  379. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Had a good turnout for yesterdays Remembrance services, in the morning marching from St Johns Hall to Chapel St Methodist Chapel; and after to wreath laying service at the Memorial, Mike (Nobby) Clarke and his wife Mary, myself and Doris attended the evening service representing our DCLI Branch at St. Thomas Church Heamoor, Both services were excellent and the morning service was well represented by DCLI members.

  380. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    I got it wrong. I meant to say 3 chaps that died last week, Bert Angwin our Branch Member, Lt Col. Martin Scrase Queens Lancashire Regt, Tony Downing DCLI, Dominic Hall 17/21 Lancers, Terry Simons Brother-in-law.

    Sorry for misleading you, I got a bit carried away with so many that have passed on in such a short time. I met Col. Scrase’s widow yesterday after I had laid the DCLI Branch wreath at the War Memorial at Battery Rocks and passed on my condolences.

    They lived next door to me when I lived in Newlyn and he was a first class Gentleman and Soldier and his widow was a tireless worker for SSAFA for many years.

  381. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Now got changed into my LI blazer etc to go to our local Armistice Parade with our Branch in Penzance. As you know I missed the Parade last year due to having hospital treatment, first I had missed in over 50 years.

    Doris and I went to our local RBL last night and watched the Annual RBL at the Royal Albert Hall on TV, our Heamoor Branch Standard Bearer was there and all picked him out among the crowd of Standard Bearers attending, which made us very proud to have one of our own attending the event.

    It has been a very sad week for us with 3 of our Branch members passing away and also the loss again yesterday of another Member of the Rifles killed yesterday in action, I shall pray for them all at our service today.


    On a more sombre note, reading the paper and watching the news today. So sad to hear and read about Staff Sgt. Olaf Schmid was killed just a week before coming home to UK yesterday. He was hailed as “a legend” as senior officers paid tribute to the nerveless courage that had prevented casualties on countless occasions.

    His CO, Lt Col Robert Thomson of 2Rifles Battle Group, said “He saved lives in 2 Rifles time after time and for that he will retain a very special place in every heart of every rifleman of our Battle Group”.

    A crack bomb expert who saved scores of lives as he defused 64 Taliban devices was killed as he tried to to dismantle yet another. S/Sgt Schmid – Born in Truro, Cornwall, and with 13 years Service, was due to come home on November 7th for two-week break to be with wife Christina and stepson Laird five, in Winchester, Hants.

    RIP Staff Sgt Olaf Schmid. Royal Logistic Corps attached to 2nd Rifles as bomb disposal expert.

    Terry Joll Response (Transferred)

    Very sad news ref the RLC Soldier, he is a TRUE HERO. May the dear chap Rest in Peace and the condolences of us all go to his family.

    JT Response (Transferred)

    Thanks Terry

    Well said

  383. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Hi Jack
    Could you put my name down at Tony’s funeral please, as I cannot go due to having my flu jab and appointment is same time 1400 hrs.

  384. Jack Madron says:

    The funeral of Tony Downing, ex DCLI will be this Thursday 5th Nov. 1400 hrs at St Clements Methodist Chapel.

  385. Forwarded by Don Swanson Read the Mail Online article and click the video link at the footer.

    2 Rifles granted Freedom of Croydon

    The heroes who survived ‘one day, one hour of tragedy’: Battalion that lost 13 men in Afghanistan enjoys homecoming parade

  386. Terry Joll says:

    I will pass all the remarks to John Opie, he has been crippled with Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years. He is a very good artist. I will ask him which Company he was serving with.

    He will most certainly remember the RSM Harold and will have seen the children about the place. Thanks for your kind remarks

  387. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Like Derek I can’t recall anyone named Opie when we were there, would I know him? is he a member of any of the Branches DCLI? If you do see him ask him if I would know him, anyway give him my best regards.

    I know the feeling of being in hospital for long time, he like me has a very good wife which is a massive boost to his morale.

  388. Terry Joll says:

    When talking to you chaps at the Re-Union in June the name of JOHN OPIE was mentioned as being in Bermuda with A Coy. Many of you know that John has suffered ill health for several years but he keeps smiling and gets on with things. He never moans or complains and we usually have a good chat when I see him at the hospital, I did not know he was DCLI.

    Today I met his dear wife Enid in Tescos and obviously I enquired where John was and she said at home. She further stated that he has spent six months in hospital this year. He remains his cheerful self. He is not on the computer and I told his wife I would pass his regards on to the DCLI pals.

    If any member wants to send good will messages send them to me and I will see they get delivered in person. Hope this is in the right place Ed.

    ED: Absolutely the right spot Terry, have 5 more fish fingers! I don’t recall John Opie, my time being Empire Clyde landing (March 54) – Oct 55, mainly 3 Platoon, then 4 Platoon. Would be good to get some more detail and find out if he’s on any of the photos. Give him my regards and best wishes for a healthy recovery.

    • Sylvia says:


      I am sure John Opie wouldn’t know any of the Royffe Family, but that doesn’t stop us all wishing him all the very best, and a speedy recovery

  389. JT says:

    2 Rifles are marching through Croydon today in memory of one of their KIA from that town.

    ED: Wonder how much coverage the Meeja will give?


    In a pig’s arse it does. Read this – it’ll make your hair curl!

  390. JT says:

    Condolences to family and friends

    John and Annie Tenniswood

  391. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    The Funeral of Mr Bert Angwin will take place on Wednesday 4th November 2009 at 2pm at Chapel Street, Methodist Church, Penzance. As said, a Guard of Honour of the DCLI West Cornwall Branch, Bugler Graham Martin, Branch Standard Bearer Bobby Fox, and Members of the RBL will be in attendance.

    ED: Thanks for the update Swanny. A fitting tribute to a wonderful Old Soldier in the truest sense. We shall all remember him. Our condolences again to the Family, if you will kindly pass them on.

  392. Sloop JB says:

    Terry & June,
    Peggy and I would like to say how very sorry at your sad loss, I know we didn’t know June’s brother, but that doesn’t stop us from feeling for you and all the family. Please accept our condolences.

    Peggy & John.

  393. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Sad news all round, now had a phone call from Terry Simons’ wife June to say her brother passed away last night, only talking to Jack about him on Monday. Was a close neighbour to him, Dominick Hall.

    He was a Korean Vet who served in 21st Lancers and was wounded in Korea, bad news as said. I also knew Tony Downing very well and spoke to him a couple of months ago, he was quite a sick man for some time with severe breathing problems, as Derek says GOYA.

    I had asked him for years to come to our DCLI dos, but same old story. RIP Tony and Dominick who was also a close mate who served in the same unit as me in the TA. He was a skilled OTT in the RAMC, a very quiet and laid back man. RIP Dominick, and condolences to June and Terry and their Family.

    ED: Swanny, our condolences to the Families.

    • Sylvia says:


      A very sad time for you at the moment, you are in my thoughts. Please pass Royffe family condolences to the families of the deceased.

  394. Sloop JB says:

    Very sad news for you, nothing worse than losing an old mate. Condolences to his family.
    Tony, RIP.

  395. Jack Madron says:

    I’ve just learned that my old school mate, Tony Downing, Cpl Assault Pioneers. S Coy. Minden. Jamaica has passed away. No details yet but will keep you informed.
    Tony, RIP.

    ED: Our condolences to the Family, Jack.

  396. Sloop JB says:

    ED Swanny
    Here here

  397. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Just had some bad news. Our oldest member of the West Cornwall Branch DCLI LI Association Mr Bert Angwin passed away last night, one of the most unassuming men you would ever wish to meet. A first class Gentlemen and outstanding Soldier in WW2, serving in the DCLI and the Leicestershire Regiment. Bert will be big loss to all of us. No details yet of the funeral, but Mr Frank Baxter our Hon Sec has arranged a Guard of Honour of our Branch and the Standard Bearer, The Branch Bugler to be present. Will give you the details etc when I get them.

    PS: Bert has been very poorly for the last couple of months staying at his daughters home.

    ED: Sad news indeed Swanny, you seem destined to deliver these advices. I’m sure that the other Bloggers will echo my condolences to the Family and in my case in particular, the fact that I met him at Heamoor British Legion in June. Keep us informed ‘Ole Mate.

    • Sylvia says:


      Please pass condolences to the Angwin family from the Royffe family. Rest in Peace Bert.

  398. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED. A report in The Cornishman Newspaper dated 22-10-09 (Thanks Section).

    The sons of Rex Trevor Wallis; Mark, Jeremy and Julian, would like to express their sincere thanks to the DCLI Standard Bearer and Guard of Honour for their attendance at the funeral of their father and to the West Cornwall Branch DCLI LI Association for their kind thoughts and words of comfort to our Family.


    Following the earlier exchanges for Ken Launder and his connection to the RSM, I have published a photo received from Swanny, taken at The Keep in the 80s. Photo is now at view on the RSM page.

  400. Editor says:


    We are indebted to Swanny Swanson for forwarding a scanned copy of the Cornish Guardian, 14th October 2009, which editorialised the Service at St Petroc’s Bodmin. The article also include some fine shots of many of our Mates. The entire article has been ‘doctored’ from the halftone print and published to a Picasa Album, hotlinked at the page header for space conservation.

    Thank Swanny for your efforts to obtain the newspaper from The Rifles Office in Bodmin and in turn for their supportive actions in sending a copy to you. We look forward to see more shots that were taken.

  401. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Received The Cornish Guardian in the post from Rifles Office from Debbie the Clerk, not a lot of photos of the Harry Patch like we thought we would have and have sent them to our Editor.

    We were hoping to have had a lot more photos as I said before, on the day the photographer took loads of pics and one in particular as we arrived, a photo of The West Cornwall Branch enblock. I will email the reporter to see if they have the photo – photos on the day.

  402. Sloop JB says:

    My Hero. I can only take my hat off to you. Whilst on schemes in Germany we were dug in on the edge of a corn field, on the other side of the field were about six to eight tanks. On the order given they started to advance towards us, coming across the field they would stop advancing then do a pirouette, they flattened the corn. Then continued to advance towards us. I didn’t relish this so when they got too close for comfort I jumped out of the trench. I was reprimanded of course but I didn’t fancy being crushed in a trench.

  403. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Hearing about the digging of trenches in Germany. Just give a thought to us poor Pioneers who through sweat and blood had to build firing Ranges – build the Butts- erect low wired entanglements etc etc in searing heat! You lot had it easy HA HA, and all this in Bermuda with the softest sand on the planet that’s we poor “A” Coy boys had to do.

  404. Sloop JB says:

    OK ED, thank you for your quick response.


    A Picasa Album collection of photographs taken by John Billett are published under a hotlinked title at the page header.

    Thank you JB.

  406. Terry Joll says:

    Was really only joking about the trenches, I shall of course partake of the Bratty & Chips and possibly a beer or three, will stock up on NAAFI Duty Free Booze, for medicinal purposes only you understand.

    PS: Whilst I am away I leave Swanny in charge of the Cornish Pirates.

  407. Sloop JB says:

    Follow this link to view The Herald, which has a story of the Memorial Day and 5 photos. Click on next under the photo of Harry to view them.

    ED: Spammed JB, now released.

  408. Sloop JB says:

    Tery Joll
    We did a spell at Sennelager didn’t dig any trenches there. We did our digging whilst out on army war games. Some bits of ground were too hard to dig but in the Black Forest we were digging in sand. Every time we dug a shovel full out, two fell back in. We didn’t look forward to rifle inspection next morning.

  409. Terry Joll says:

    Well done Swanny, I knew we could rely on you. The lady clerk at the Bodmin office is; RHONDA.Look forward to receiving a copy once I get back home on Saturday morning.

    I am off to dig a few trenches in Sennelager, live in them for five days, fill them in again and then come on home. Anyone remember doing that?


    • Jack Madron says:

      Didn’t dig any trenches there but did dig carrier pits.
      Now that’s what you call digging in.

  410. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED. Went up my paper shop this morning as I had asked the owner if he could get a Bodmin Gazette for me. No luck. I browsed through the Cornish Issues of The West Britain of different areas in the County. no photos of the Harry Patch Memorial and there were photographers everwhere taking photos when we arrived at Bodmin etc.

    I rang Frank Baxter our Hon Sec he had no joy either. So I decided to ring The Rifles Office and the Lady Clerk took my particulars, address etc and she will post The Bodmin Gazette to me which was very nice of her. I asked about postage and she said thats OK you can put a donation in the box when you come to Bodmin again, which I thought was very good of her.

    I will download pics when I get them and send to you for the Blog.

  411. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Above is a hotlinked connection to the 1DCLI Memorabilia website (not blog site) which contains many worthwhile photographic memorabilia.

    It also provides an alphabetical list of Old Comrades who sadly have passed on. I can only recall 2 additions this year, Vernon ‘Bill’ Edwards and Rex Trevor Wallis, and while hoping that there are no more, it is an open offer to Family and Friends to advise me accordingly of names that you wished placed there as a permanent reminder.

  412. Terry Joll says:

    Further to Ken Launder: His younger brother Arnold Launder is the Treasurer of the Truro DCLI Association, he will willingly take enrolment fees from anyone wishing to join this very active and well supported branch.

    ED: Terry, I echo your comments regarding the well administered Truro DCLI Association, having personally experienced the organisational arrangements for the Cassino Dinner last June at Newquay.
    C’arn lads – GOYAs and join up!

  413. Terry Joll says:

    Ken was a great supporter of the RBL. There is a road named after him in either Saltash or Liskeard named Kenneth Launder Court. More I think about it I am fairly sure it is Saltash.

  414. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    All, I served under Maj. Ken Launder in 4/5 DCLI, also great friends with him and his wife, as RBL comrades. Sadly as said Ken passed away few years ago now and will always be sorely missed. Maj. Ken and I were on parade some years ago when the Queen visited Truro for the Centenary of Truro Cathedral representing the RBL, always a first class gentleman.
    RIP Ken.

  415. Terry Joll says:

    Ken Launder was a pre war TA soldier, joined Paras and returned to Truro after the war and joined the TA in Truro. He was commisioned and when the TA were drastically reduced to just a small cadre of about a dozen or so, Ken was the OC as Major.

  416. Terry Joll says:

    Sorry about my poor typing but it is better than my handwriting

  417. Terry Joll says:

    Hello Sylvia.
    Yes, I knew Major Ken Launder extremely well and also all his family. I was with Joan and younger son Kim at the TRURO BRANCH Annual Autumn Luncheon held in Newquay.

    I also know the other two sons, one who enlisted into the SCLI in the early sixties but only did a very short time. Kim has had poor health for three years now, Joan is still plodding on. They are members of the Truro Branch of the DCLI Regimental Association. who meet each month on the first Monday. Hope this helps

    Ken Launder was in 4/5th DCLI after the war he got commissioned and ended as Major. He was Paras at the time of D Day and landed the night before.

    • Sylvia says:


      Thanks for the info, it just crossed my mind that the photos may have been of use to ED, obviously not. Am sorry to hear that Kim is not too well, I expect we will have an update in the ‘Christmas Card Letter’ Joan and Ken were a lovely couple, and the cake she used to make us is out of this world.

      Please don’t apologise for your typing, it isn’t you it’s the computer, mine never prints the letter that have struck and sometimes it prints it twice!

  418. Tom Howell says:

    Are you sure about the name Launder? There was a Ken Maunder who would be of the right vintage. I did not know him well myself but others might.

  419. Sloop JB says:

    My wife and I went to the Museum after the service last Saturday, took photo of Harry’s medals, very impressive. Whilst there I had a look on the upper floor where all the gear from Winchester is being stored. Quite a lot of work to be done yet, they are hoping to be ready by April next year, then everyone can view.

  420. Jack Madron says:

    Good morning Sylvia. I’m afraid I don’t know a Ken Launder but I’m sure Terry or Swanny could possibly help on this. It’s well worth looking into.

  421. Terry Joll says:

    Have just returned from the West Cornwall Branch of the DCLI and LI Association. Good attendance once again. The Annual Lucknow Dinner was discussed and this is being held at “The Lugger” hotel in Penzance on Friday 13th November, the nearest Friday to Lucknow Day 17th November.

    ALL members of the Regiment, past and present will be welcome. Put a note in your diary

    • Editor says:

      Maybe the Branch might care to invite that prat of a (so-called) landlord from The Union Hotel, to show him how it should be done! Swanny could then give him a crab sandwich – up his Khyber Pass!

    • Sylvia says:


      Would the West Cornwall Branch of the DCLI be the same one that Ken (RIP) and Joan Launder attended. We always visited them when we holidayed in Cornwall, as Dad and Ken were very good friends. The reason I am asking is, he had loads of photos of the Regiment, and the last time we saw him, he was putting them in some sort of order, sadly he died soon after that visit. If you knew him, you would also know his son (also in the DCLI) who would have access to the photos. I can’t remember him being in Jamaica, but was only young at the time. We had an Xmas card from Joan last year and am assuming she is still here, or her son would have let us know.

      This is just an idea I had when I discovered both you and Jack went to a DCLI meeting last night. I have not given it much thought so could be barking up the wrong tree (so to speak).

  422. Terry Joll says:

    I only met Rex at the DCLI Re-Union in June so cannot say anything about him but as a DCLI Soldier he will be sadly missed.

    Rest in Peace Rex.

  423. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Attended Rex Trevor Wallis’ funeral this afternoon, five of us formed a DCLI Guard of honour including Mike (Nobby) Clarke who paraded the DCLI Standard as Bobby Fox could not attend. The minister mentioned Trevor’s time in the Regiment in BG and Jamaica. All of his family thanked us for forming a Guard of Honour and our being there. I represented all members abroad and in the UK on behalf of the Regiment and Branches.

    The Church was full for the service which showed he was well liked and known. The Minister said about how he gained a degree in the Arts which he attained late in his 60s. Each of his sons gave a comment on his life etc, the youngest sang and played the guitar in a tribute to his father which was really touching.

    RIP REX you are now out of pain. God Bless you.

  424. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    ED, I think this is a very idea of yours, anything about DCLI comments etc, well done D.


    This is a fresh blog page that is (hopefully) going to replace the DCLI page that has been shut down to Comments, but is open to View. I regret that I have no apparent editorial control over ‘opening’ the DCLI blog site and despite many requests to WordPress, SFA is happening!

    So please use this alternative BUT please oh please! follow the expressed hopeful intent of this page and keep ALL blogging herein, strictly to Reggie Mental stuff.


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