JB or ‘Sloop’ to most bloggers, is an avid supporter of our blog sites and is keener today than ever before. He has his own blog page on the “Civilian Blogs” for those who (very occasionally) browse these forgotten pages.

Hereto is a hotlink to TAUNTON SLOOP where you can read his exploits as a rookie soldier drafted into 1DCLI.

(15th May 2011) JB informed me yesterday of their 56th Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations to you both, many more to come we hope. Best Wishes from all Light Infantrymen of 1DCLI.

John & Peggy Billett. Wedding Day May 14th 1955


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  1. Terry Simons says:

    Hope that you Peg and the family are well at the moment we are all fine. The weather here today is very hot and sunny yesterday it was dull and overcast and drizzle went to lunch at the Borough Arms Bodmin with 7 Bermuda boys and their wives it was a good lunch and day. Our Anthony has passed all his exams with honours to go to Norwich Uni in September so I’ll wish you and Peg all the best from a sun baked Cornwall. Terry.

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Terry, Peggy and I are both fine thank you. We’ve had some beautiful weather here, quite a job to keep the hanging baskets alive. Glad you enjoyed your Lunch with the Bermuda boys and their wives and that the day went well. We’re both very pleased for your Anthony passing his exams, that’s going to be a wrench for him when he goes off to Norwich Uni, who’s it going to hit most him or the rest of you. Thank you for the best wishes, you and June take great care, bye for now.

  2. John Billett says:

    Met up with E/Coy in Bridgwater for lunch today, really enjoyable get together, 13 of us in attendance, had a good natter talking over old times.

  3. Terry Simons says:

    June & I wish you and Peg all the best for Easter also the family. Lovely weather down here at the momen,t hope it continues so take care of yourselves. All the best. Terry and June.

    • John Billett says:

      Hello and thank you Terry, may we in turn wish you & June the same. We also have had some beautiful weather, shaping up nicely for the summer we hope. you take great care of yourselves, hopefully see you later in the year.

  4. Terry Simons says:

    Hope that you and Peggy are OK at the moment June and i are likewise. Hope that you were not washed away with the recent floods. Weather here today in Penzance is very spring like, long may it continue. Take care God bless. Terry.

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Terry, we are fine thank you, glad to know that you and June are keeping well. We were well away from the floods, very sad for the farmers and other people living on the moors, going to take them ages to get over their tragic curcumstances, hope the insurance people treat them right. Soon be time for Holiday makers again.

  5. Terry Simons says:

    Hi John. I have just put Jack Madron’s name on the Memoriale. I was only talking to him at our last Meeting. Its very sad. Take Care, love to Peg. Terry.

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Terry, I’ve just caught up with this page again. Yes I had noticed you asked to have Jack’s name be added to the DCLI Memoriale page. I couldn’t believe it when Sylvia Scott emailed me with the news, another good mate sadly gone. You take care Terry, hope to see you later this year.

  6. Terry Simons says:

    The weather here today is pretty miserable. I hope you and Peg are both well we are OK. Its all quiet at the moment before the kids come for lunch. Our Anthony celebrated his 18th birthday so all the family went out for a meal at the local meadery very nice. Any way take care god bless. Terry.

  7. Terry Simons says:

    June and I are both very well and we hope that you are. Went to a ruby wedding in Saltash and Saturday gone we went to a golden one here in Penzance so take care of yourselves. All the best Terry.

  8. Mervyn Chandler says:

    Hi John, we’re going up to Yorkshire on 17th to see Graham & Grace, taking up the mug you got for him he’ll be pleased to get it. Hope you’re all OK up there.


    John, its on the 9th, a Wednesday in Bridgwater with a bit of luck 14 of us. Merv

  10. John Billett says:

    Hi Terry, pleased to hear that you and June are both well. Peggy is almost back to full health, still building up her strength. Our town is surrounded by floods, council keeping eye on river Tone in case it comes up high enough to flood part of the town. Not good news for Swanny, we’ll keep him in our thoughts. I’m going for a bit of lunch on the 12th with Merv Chandler in Bridgwater, doesn’t seem a twelve months ago that we met up for the last one. Take care.

  11. Terry Simons says:

    Email address still the same, hope you and Peg are OK. At the moment we are fine down here. All the best to you. Terry.

  12. Terry Simons says:

    Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and all the very best for the new year. See you next year sometime. Take care of yourselves. Terry and June.

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Terry. Thank you for your Christmas wishes, Peggy & I would like to return the compliments. Yes we’ll see you in the New Year, probably Open Day at Bodmin. Take care of yourselves, good luck to you, June and all your family.

      • John Billett says:

        Terry, have you changed your email address, I’ve tried to contact you and the letters have been returned as your end isn’t receiving, please advise me on this.

  13. Terry Simons says:

    Hi John and Peggy, good to see you both in Bodmin yesterday. Hope you can come to Penzance for our Regimental Dinner in November. All the Best. Terry and June.

  14. Sloop JB says:

    ED, thank you for putting the Wedding photo on blog for me and thank you also for putting on the Jamaica post cards on my personal blog, hope they bring back any memories to any one that views them.

  15. Check out JB’s personal blog page – Taunton Sloop – where 6 Jamaican postcards have been doctored and published. Might invoke a few memories of happy times of 1954.

  16. Sloop JB says:

    Hello everyone, even though I’ve put quite a lot of my National Service on paper I’m sure you will all agree with me that there were things we did or shared with friends and mates that is still personal. No matter how much you write about or say about (them) it still stays within you as your very own fond memories, and that’s how it will always stay, not just for me but all of us.

    ED: Hear Hear JB. What is I feel, of particular relevance, the fact that a memory shared by one often triggers a recall by another, and your fine work demonstrates how mateship and military comradeship – however misinterpreted or unexpected at first (when we enlisted) – endures for the human lifetime. I hope that others will be inspired by your efforts. Well Done ‘Ole Mate.

  17. Swanny Swanson says:

    So pleased JB has his own blog, since meeting John some time ago now we have become close friends on the blogs and private emails. I would like to say how he and a few of us have kept the blogs going. JB is a credit to us and a very constructive writer for our blogs etc so if as said many times before any EX LI GOYA and give us your views. I send emails to many ex DCLI but to no avail to get them to go on the blogs, but I am a persistent bugger and will keep asking all to join in.

  18. JB, you quiet old devil! Have just logged into Civilian Blogs and discovered your recent ‘mini-memoirs’. They make good reading Old Mate – good recall. Keep ’em coming.

    NB: Readers kindly note. Comments on Taunton Sloop and all Civilian Blog pages are in reverse order to those shown on the main LI Most Wanted pages.

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