It’s quite quite clear to most of us (I guess) that some of our ‘Ole Mates are not nearly so well health wise as they would hope to be. The same applies to wives (I further guess that we’re all too old to have just ‘partners’) and other close relatives. “Soldiering On” is a term that most of us are familiar with and indeed apply most of the time when we are “one degree under” as my Old Grandma used to pronounce, before she sipped her gin and tonic.

None of us are whingers, that’s obvious, but so far there is no provision anywhere on our blog site to send a “Cheerio”, to a mate in strife with his health or family member’s health, or general sentiments that might add a lift to the day, when sadness or depression prevails. Many of us live in fairly isolated communities, far away from families or loved ones, and rely on a community spiritedness to make it through the day.

So here is a Well Wisher Page to communicate your thoughts and good wishes to a LI Mate, whom you know to be doing it tough, or unheard from for some time, either by email or absence from our blogs. I can think of several.

Lets use this page to just offer up a friendly “G’Day” to someone, excluding Banter & Bull (use the Geezers R US for that!), in the hope that a smiley attitude will make ’em smile or chuckle.

PS: I’m reminded of the endquote to a humourous and meaningful quip sent to me by Bill Griffiths in July 2010. “REMEMBER, GROWING OLDER IS MANDATORY. GROWING UP IS OPTIONAL. We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. ‘Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.”


343 Responses to WELL WISHER PAGE


    As 2016 draws to a close marking our 10th year of memorable exchanges that recorded happy military times and oftentimes outrageous opinions across a wide range of topics, I wish to you all a Happy Festive Season and an even better New Year 2017. The site is now closed to regular comments, but can be opened occasionally for requested access.

    Best Regards to All. A Very Happy Christmas 2016 & New Year 2017.

    Derek and Audrey in Brisbane. Click image to enlarge card.



  2. Easter-and-Always[1]

    For those among us with the Christian Spirit, we now more so than ever, need to uphold our beliefs and hopes for the renaissance of those ancient promises trampled by the unbelievable atrocities that affect this world in 2016. We in OZ wish for you a sincere Happy Easter with all the promises that we all hope for. Derek and Audrey.





    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Memories. Can any of you OLD GEEZERS remember being issued the DOG BISCUIT on exercises? Thanks for the reminder ED.


    XmasCardBill1 TO: A wonderful LI friend and loyal supporter. Bill, we all wish for you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year in Eardisley. You may be on your own for lunch Bill, but you are with us, and we with you on the day and at all times. We picture you at The Tram sinking a toddy or two and sampling the pork and the crackling in the traditional spirit of Yuletide. We shall toast you in absentia. Goodonyer Old Mate from Derek and Audrey in OZ and all the other lads and ladies on the LI blogs. BIG HUGS.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Well said Ed, we are all with you Bill.

    • Hello Derek Audrey and all old Geezers. Thanks ever so much everyone for your wonderful good wishes and I am glad to say that, although being here physically on my own, I have in fact, been here with ALL of you, our great big family of old Army Pals, a family that cannot be equalled and I am so PROUD and lucky to be part of this wonderful Family. Thank you again for all your support and good wishes to ALL of you. Bill


    SagiSign1 Many Happy Returns JB, on the 20th. Hopefully many more ahead. Have a great day and not too much of Bill’s Tram medicine.


  6. Terry Simons says:

    Greeting from a rain lashed Penzance, hope everyone is OK. All the best. Terry Simons

  7. THE YEAR 2015

    SantaSendUp1 Timely I thought to dispatch some “Get Well Soon” wishes for all we Old Geezers of the Caribbean era, plus Bill of course, our Korean Vet. We all (apparently) need some TLC (Bill’s Tram Medicine) to straighten us out again after all the medical challenges that have happened this past month or so. Dunno about you guys, but swinging the legs over the edge of the bed most mornings is taking longer and getting the joints working is quite a process. BUT – here we all are and keeping the pot boiling! The Mad Season is upon us with plenty of reasons to splash out big on unneeded gifts and tucker. I send Seasonal Good Wishes and thanks to you all for your support and contributions during 2015, with fond hopes that we’ll all survive well into 2016 and beyond. 2 December birthdays due – Audrey and JB. Happy Birthday to you both. Take the medicine Cheps.

  8. Anne Knight says:

    Hi John and Geoff. Thank you for your messages it was great to hear from you both. Yes I noticed how slow it was on messages coming in which is such a shame after all the effort Derek put into bring us together for the 2009 Re-Union. It looks like its just us three to keep it going. Come on all of you out there get moving put pen to paper and send your messages we want to hear from you. Take care John and Geoff. Best wishes from Anne.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Anne. You may get better response on “GEEZERS R US”. Having a nice lady on there might help to bring the happy band back together again? Very best wishes, Geoff

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Anne. If you read this please join us on GEEZERS R US, you don’t have to be serious, let your hair down, have fun, life is short. I think I speak for all the dwindling band, when I say we would love to have you back, best wishes take care.

  9. Barry Cornish. says:

    Barry,Pete,Keith,NobbyOct2015 Hi! Derek, Geoff, JB and Anne. Keith Mannings was down on holiday, enjoying the beautiful weather, last week and on Tuesday he, Peter Rule, Nobby Clarke and I met up for lunch at The Mount’s Bay Inn, Long Rock, where we had a good meal and enjoyed reminiscing about our days together in Bermuda. As you can imagine, both ‘The Buckaroo’ and ‘Mocking Bird’ featured in our conversation.

    Last month, it was really good to meet up with you and your wife, JB at the Bodmin Reunion, as well as Sylvia Scott (Harold Royffe’s older daughter). Earlier this year, I took over the duties of Secretary and Treasurer of The Light Infantry Association, West Cornwall Branch, from Frank Baxter, who made an excellent job of both positions for the last twenty years. I am at present working on the arrangements for of Lucknow Lunch, which will be held on 18 November, at The Queen’s Hotel, Penzance. I hope that 30 to 40 members will be present.

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Barry, Derek, Geoff & Anne, hope you’re all keeping well. Barry it was good meeting up with you and Sylvia at Bodmin Re-Union, my wife Peggy & I look forward to the event, not knowing who we will meet makes it more interesting. I assume you’ve received the group photo, Rhonda made a very good job of it, she said the worst bit was getting us all in position. I went to the bar with my ex Cpl Ken Ridgment and had a drink with him, the first since we parted company in 1955, we talked old times. I’m sure you’ll make a good Treasurer for the West Cornwall Branch and I wish you well in organising the Lucknow Lunch and I also hope you do get the number of Members you are anticipating to be present, take care old friend.


    80th Breakfast Alex Hdlnds Caloundra1Sept2015 As one of the above with an 80th birthday just celebrated it occurs that many who shared the Bodmin winter of ’53 would have now achieved this milestone on Earth. Sadly many have not, but perhaps we can pause a moment to reflect on our good fortune and resilience together with the memory of those with whom we shared some memorable times in our youth. Carpe Diem!

    (Upper Pix) Audrey, sister Judith from Brissol (left) and I on holiday on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in September 2015.

    • John Billett says:

      G’Day Derek, welcome to the 80s club, with so many other ex DCLI guys, who ever thought we’d get this far. Congratulations and may you see many more. So pleased your sister Judith got to Australia to see you. Happiness all round, take great care.

      • Thanks JB. Maybe we need a new page “Over 80’s Platoon” – Dad’s Army (maybe).

        • John Billett says:

          G.Day Derek, if you think you’ll get a solid response why not, have you got enough broom handles or pitchforks to go around, Geoff can be the Vanguard on his Mobile Transport.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Hi Old Mates, standing by eager to go, have a few spare broom handles at the ready, mobile charged up.

        • G’Day JB & Geoff. This might prove to be a fresh era in our history – so let’s be democratic about it and devise a new page name between us. I move “Geezers R US” for a start. Don’t hold back with your thoughts. The content doesn’t have to be military (in contrast to all other pages) and might offer a wider platform for many of those Old Mates who so far have never appeared in print. I fathom that Bill Griffiths (when he returns from HK), yourselves and maybe Annie Knight will join in, plus a few more who need some encouragement. Wives and widows too. Let’s hear from you all.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Hi Derek. Good idea mate, but we have to get to them first, even if they check on this site they don’t talk, traffic is very slow must be the road works, the clam up type! Like the title, like it to gush into action, or is that wishful thinking we are waiting all ears flapping?

            • Thanks Geoff. Can spring into action very soon – by the end of this week – after my sister ships out to the UK on Saturday. Let’s hang fire to await response from any others in the meantime. We can of course restore the Birthday Greetings option, now that the 80s Club has increased it’s membership! Thanks for your support.

  11. Anne Knight says:

    Hi my friends. I’ve been out of action for some time but nice to be back. I’ve missed you all, over the months but I’m looking forward to our messages to one another again. I hope you are all well. I will be in touch soon. Take care of yourselves, God bless from Anne.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Anne. So nice to hear from you again. The traffic on the site these days is a bit slow, we have never had the privilege of meeting, might bump into you some time in the future, on visits to the hospitals you never know, keep well Geoff

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Anne, good to hear from you again, as Geoff says not much happening on here these days. We had our Annual Rally at Bodmin this weekend gone, quite a gathering to. Hope you’re keeping well.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi John. Nice to hear from you again, would you believe it tiling still not completed in the bathroom, has been three months 2 weeks now on first visit said it would take one day perhaps one & half, did the one awaiting the half HA! HA! moaned but to no avail. Keep well best wishes

        • John Billett says:

          Well Geoff that is unbelievable, whatever are they playing at, is there no one in charge of these people? I feel very sorry for you but it seems this is the way the country has gone, no one cares or gives a damn any more, perhaps the REFUGEES will come and finish it. Take care Geoff and keep well.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Hi John. I think you have the answer there mate, as you say that is the way the country has gone, it annoys me when I think of all the brave young lads, that lost their lives back in the 30-40’s to keep this country free and now the way governments, have wrecked it, The latest highway code for scooters by the B H T A states “fit a revolving beacon light to the scooter and join the fast moving heavy traffic on the dual carriageways” (assisted suicide) and our clever MPs have just thrown out assisted dying? Look up the code on the net – read the dribble that it contains, reminds me of comic cuts, glad I am the age I am but feel sorry for the young ones, I am an old soldier they can’t get me down HA! HA!

            • John Billett says:

              Hi Geoff, I had to smile too myself at the thoughts of you or anyone with Mobile Scooters with the revolving light nipping on down the Motorway, they’ll have you fit a blade on the front then ask you to help with snow-clearing next. That’s what we get when High- Flying College Boys in Government. We had a few of those in the Regiment, glad I didn’t go to War with them. I’ll keep my eyes open for you as we go up the motor-way to Scotland, I’ll forewarn the Coach Driver, take care, get that light fitted, HA HA.

  12. John Billett says:

    Hello Geoff, good to hear from you, that was a long wait for your scooter to be repaired lets hope it doesn’t take that long to fix the tiles in the bathroom. I bet you’re itching to get on your scooter and go round the block to try it out, as Roy Rogers use to say “Happy Trails to you”, take care and stay safe.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi John. The tiling in the bathroom, will take a bit longer half was completed yesterday and no sign of the contractors as yet today, must have laid on their shirt tails, and made it impossible to get up this morning, HA! HA! The longest part of the wait for the scooter exchange I would say has been from when they told me on Monday, knowing at last it is going to happen some time today, have run out of nails on my fingers, have to start on my toes? I hope to zip around the village later. Nice to hear from you John I hope you are all well, it seems we are all doing the rounds again health wise as we age. I have just been fitted with two stents by my ticker, made the flow a lot better, can brag now have shrapnel in the old body. Stay well old mate, best wishes Geoff,

  13. G’DAY

    Over 2 months since I last posted a comment on this page, having then wandered down memory lane via a few pages of comments from Mates now in Old Soldier’s Heaven. I’ve heard recently from Geoff Cherry and Terry Simons and ‘nuther Jamaica Mate, John Goddard who like many of us serving in 1955 has just turned 80. JG hasn’t been too well recently but advises a return to full health. JG lives on Queensland’s Gold Coast, about an hour from me in Brisbane. Bill Griffiths has been a tad poorly recently and he and I email regularly. Here’s to you Bill and a swift recovery from the spinal tap – keep drinking the stuff from the other taps Sjnt Major. Your Hong Kong holiday is just around the corner Bill.

    I had also hoped that Ann Knight would pick up the comments on this page following a mention from daughter Emma – so maybe this’ll jog her memory.

    So far so good with yours truly here. Bloody cold for the sub tropics – dunno how you blokes in Blighty manage – 18 degrees and we complain. Healthwise a bit battered and undergoing rude invasions to my nethers, but so far no problems except for writing rude poetry in the snow with my you-know-what.

    Interesting how the HMT sections are thriving with Old Mates from the 40s and 50s cranking up some memoirs of troop ship travels, and children (then) of those years logging in comments. Traffic is however very weak with interest having truly faded in Regimental matters, although I can examine ALL ‘hits’ and note that around 50 daily are registered, so there’s some life around the Old Country still.

    A fond ‘Cheerio’ to you all, keep the throat wet and your bum pointed down. Good Luck to you all wherever you are and Get Well Soon if you’re crook.

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Derek, just read your letter, sorry to hear JG and Bill Griffiths aren’t too well, old age certainly takes its toll as you’re finding out for yourself, one thing for certain we can’t bring back time. I was quite surprised to hear about the snow over there, my niece sent pictures of it and the people making use of it, is it a regular occurrence, I don’t associate Australia with snow. You’re lucky to be able to use it at all even if it’s only to write any sort of messages in the snow, LOL. Time shooting on so fast it will soon be time for the Rally at Bodmin, I think for the last time, age and time changes things, not always for the better. You take great care old Mate.

      • G’Day JB, thanks for comment. Only certain Queensland border areas (SW – the Granite Belt) took snow, but around Brisbane the temperature certainly registered very low with biting winds on some days. Nothing like Blighty of course, but NSW & Victoria both have Alpine regions for skiing and snow sports. Not for me that’s for sure – give me the tropics, board shorts and a fishing line and 26 degrees.

        “Age shall not weary them” – wish that were true of Life rather than imminent Death, I have to focus these days on not dragging my feet and tripping over steps and uneven footpaths. Pal of mine (6 years younger) recently tripped over his pajama longjohns (he was quite unwell), broke his hip and never fully recovered from the post-op – dead 6 weeks later from pneumonia. Tough call!!

        Might catch up with JG soon as he and Sheila live on the Gold Coast where we visit for dancing at the GC German Club occasionally.

        Hope you and Peggy are travelling well and will enjoy Bodmin in due course. My best regards to all Old DCLI Squaddies.

        • John Billett says:

          G/Day Derek, thanks for the information about the snow region over there, snow is nice to look at and very pretty on cards, but it can be a damned nuisance for everyday living. I also do the shuffle trip job now and again, thank my lucky stars I haven’t fallen over, I lost my elder brother three years ago, he got out of a car tripped broke his hip got pneumonia died within days.

          If you go to see JG wish him well from me, we must have served at the same Cocktail Parties in Jamaica at the Governors House, the Buglers use to help out.

          Peggy & I are well thank you and I’m sure we will enjoy our day out at Bodmin, depending on the state of the mass photo they hope to take I’ll send you a copy in time. I’ll pass on your regards.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi all, have just catching up, have now had the second stent inserted and have been cleared from hospital for the time being, sounds like we are all doing the rounds again with our health. I hope all are now improving, I have at last had some good news regarding my scooter, it is to be delivered some time tomorrow Wednesday, I have yet to find out the make etc, it will be exactly 18 weeks from when I broke down, how’s that for service? Have the builders in today replacing the tiles in the bath room, so will have to close now as the want to shut of the power. Best wishes for now. Geoff

        • G’Day Geoff. Maybe you should have borrowed a Bedford from the Motor Pool for the duration. LOL. Good to hear from you and that you are progressing well. Same here so far, but more probes scheduled for October. Take care.

    • Anne Knight 123 says:

      Hello. I’m Joe Knight’s daughter. I’m hoping that I’ve sorted my Mum Anne Knight’s laptop out so that she can keep in contact with you all. Thank you.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi I am Geoff. Good to have contact again, give your mum my best wishes. I hope I speak for all, in welcoming contact again.


    For no better reason than curiosity I backtracked through 300+ Comments, taking me back to Swanny’s final blog contribution in 2011 prior to his death in November of that year, now 3+ years ago. It occurs that despite alterations, privatisation, threats of closure and Spam bombardment, the LI blog site survives albeit on smaller rations. I further note that many of our former “Ole Mates” have vanished from the pages and I know for a fact that Anne Knight is keen to re-establish contact. I note also that since Swanny’s passing we of 3 Platoon have lost Joe Knight and Johnny Griffin – (that we know of) – and only Terry Simons and I remain in casual contact.

    Maybe a renaissance is on the horizon – via these Well Wisher pages – and just a little note of encouragement is all that is needed. By this year’s end, most of those of the 16th Intake will enter the realms of their 9th decade on Earth, following older mates who survive to this day. No doubt health issues loom – as indeed in my case recently – but we soldier on.

    Let us not forget our happier times on this LI blog and maybe send a ‘Cheerio’ to someone from our vibrant blogging past, who would relish a mention.

    Good Health to you all.

    • John Billett says:

      G’Day Derek. Happy ANZAC Day, hope you’re all keeping well.

      • G’Day JB. Thanks for your reply – in turn we wish for you both and all Old Mates, good health and enjoyment in our waning years. Anzac Day this year is to be more memorable than ever before and the entire country is caught up in the Spirit of Anzac. Faint hopes indeed that others on the planet would hold precious the sacrifices made by our forebears – I shudder with revulsion over what is happening in the Middle East & North Africa where so many gave their lives for freedom. Where in the name of God is common bloody sense these days? Beam me up Scottie!!

        Have been a tad poorly lately with some ‘orribles – hopefully now under control, especially as the stable weather looms for Queensland – beautiful one day, perfect the next and the humidity gone for another year. Not so elsewhere in OZ unfortunately with some nasty weather systems happening.

        Take Care ‘Ole Mate.

        • John Billett says:

          G’Day Derek, thank you for your kind wishes. Sorry to hear you’ve had some horribles lately, just hope you get better soon, your winter is on the way keep yourself warm and comfortable. We’ve had a hint of summer all this week, sign of things to come hopefully, we can dare hope if nothing else. Peggy & I had a short break in Scotland last week, enjoyed the scenery again even though two of the days were damp, will send some photos on email, you’ll be interested in them. say hello to Audrey for me, Take great Derek.


            G’Day JB & Peggy.

            Many thanks for photos of your wee trip – very interesting photos of an engineering phenomena that boggles the brain. You are both travelling well by the look of you. Anzac Morning now passing here where we have joined an ever increasing throng of locals at our Anzac Service just 1km at the Kalinga Park Memorial Gates. There is a surge of support for this Centenary Event. Not a burka in sight, but many other foreign national Vets.

            • John Billett says:

              G’Day Derek, enjoy the day and everything that is happening there today. I thought you’d be interested in the engineering side of the photos, as you say mind boggling, I didn’t say at the time but it’s a hundred foot (feet) lift, and as one boat is going up another is coming down. Have a Brill Day.

  15. John Billett says:

    Hello Everyone, on behalf of my wife and myself, I wish you all a Happy Easter and may all your Easter Eggs be everything but addled, enjoy the moment, take care.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi John, thank you, and I hope yours will be a rewarding one, and I would like to join John and his Wife, in wishing all our old mates, wherever you are a very happy Easter.

  16. Barry Cornish says:

    Hello All! I have just heard from Rhonda at The Regimental Museum that she has at last, been able to trace the group photograph which was taken at last year’s Open Day at Bodmin and she is able to print this at A4 size. (eleven and a half inches by eight and a quarter). She has already produced and sent out a few of these to people who have asked for them, with a suggested a donation to the museum for of £5 to £10 for each one, to cover the cost. JB, when I tried to e-mail this information to you using the e-mail address that I have for you, it was rejected as undeliverable. Please could you please e-mail me with the correct one?

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Barry, I too have heard from Rhonda, with a copy of the photo, the photo is very good. I will email you with my address, good to see you are OK. Hello to everyone else, hope you’re all well.

      • Geoff says:

        Hi John, nice to be able to catch you. All is well this way, my best wishes to you and yours, now looking forward to the good weather, Geoff

        • John Billett says:

          Hello Geoff, good to hear from you and that your still well. The warm weather can’t be far away now, we’ve been lucky down our way, few frosts but lovely sunshine to follow, raining at the moment. You keep well.

  17. Terry Simons says:

    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and all best. Terry Simons.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Terry, thanks, hope you have a very rewarding one. How are you keeping these days, fit and well I hope? All best wishes Geoff.

  18. John Billett says:

    Good Morning to one and all, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all your families “A Very Merry Christmas” and a “Happy New Year”, may all you wish for comes true. Good Luck.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Thank you John. Relax and enjoy old mate, steady on the falling down stuff. All my best wishes to you and the family, Happy Christmas, and may the New Year be very rewarding for you,

  19. Editor says:


    G’Day from Down Under and all the best of good wishes to you all for the Silly Season ahead. Dunno about you in Blighty but the merchants in OZ are hell bent on ramming Good Cheer to all (translate that to spend up BIG) and I’m constantly reminded of those happier (?) times when we all lived simply with a few nuts, an orange and an apple with a squeaky toy in our Santa’s Stocking was good enough. For all that enjoy your break and shopping trips. Regards and Well Wishes to you all and thanks for your support during 2014.

    • John Billett says:

      G/Day Derek and Audrey, yes as you say that silly time of year again. Peggy and I wish you both and all your family the very best for a “Merry Christmas” and a “Happy New Year”. We hope the heavy weather didn’t affect you too much, those hail stones done quite a bit of damage in the area. We certainly lived simply all those years ago at Christmas Time, and we appreciated what ever we were given. Every year we get the same moans from shop keepers “How are we going to get more money in out tills”, haven’t they learned people have only X amount of money to spend, Xmas far far too commercialised, but people still gullible and overspend. Enough of my whining. Enjoy the Christmas Season from all of us here.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Everyone, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas followed by Prosperous and rewarding New Year. My New Year wish is to hear more from our old mates, God bless you all Geoff.

  20. John Billett says:

    Good morning everyone, hope you’re all keeping well. I would like to wish everyone a good day for tomorrow, especially on your Memorial Parades where ever it takes place, how ever big or small God be with you all. Take care everyone.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi John. Thanks for your good wishes, I can’t do parades anymore but have been on poppy duty selling every other day for the last week. Has gone well response fantastic, best wishes to all hope you had a good day, Geoff

      • John Billett says:

        That’s good enough for me mate, hope the weather has been kind to you, in the main the British Public are friendly and generous, take care Geoff.


    As well intentioned the recent round of Comments might be, it must be obvious that the preferred Page is DCLI Memoriale for recording details of funerals for former 1DCLI Mates. Note that Comments will thread <10 deep at which point legibility suffers.

    • Barry Cornish says:

      I am sorry about that Derek. I had not realised the effect of continuing the ‘Reply’ thread has on the legibility of the posting and I will ensure that any future funeral report that I make appears on the DCLI Memoriale page. Would you like me to repost my report on Terry’s funeral there, so that you can delete the one on this page?

      ED: OK Barry – an easy mistake when the progression of threads gets too long. I have transposed your Funeral Comment to DCLI Memoriale.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Derek, thanks for keeping us all in line, it is very easy for us few who are left on this plain to get carried away, I hope you are all keeping well over there. Best wishes to all, Geoff.

        ED: G’Day Geoff, thanks for your good wishes. Still marching along – not at 140 ppm – but managing quite well in our season for coughs and colds. Life in general is good with few challenges that we can’t conquer. Off to a cancer fund raising event today with friends and then on to wining, dining and dancing – a bit tough but we’ll manage!!

        • LAW ‘N ORDER

          As Editor, Publisher and Webmaster I am using Geoff’s sensible comments to make a mention of matters – namely the use of this site. Dec 2014 marks the 8th Anniversary of the 1st blog, which was then followed by an enormous flurry of support and participation from – mainly – Caribbean Mates of the 1954 Empire Clyde era. Natural attrition has regrettably accounted for the death of some Mates plus the snotty departure of others who in my opinion, reacted adversely to repartee and piss taking extraordinaire. A few others seemed unable to maintain decorum when exchanging comments of a non military content. Since the halcyon days of pre Re-Union (June 2009) the site is now severely restricted due mainly to poor support and ultimately (??) will disappear off the radar. Current usage to accessible sub pages requires commonbloodysense on the matter of location and content – horses for courses – Geddit? Finally the use of unapproved cyphers such as “limostwantedblog” which are confusing and pointless – will be deleted immediately – so the guilty party needs to amend his practices. Simply use your name (or a reasonable pseudonym) – it presumably has served you well for nearly 80 years??

  22. John Billett says:

    Good Morning everyone hope you’re all well. We attended the Rally at Bodmin on Saturday. We had a good day, met old friends and made two new friends. We heard that Terry Joll and his wife are in a bad way, both are in hospital, different wards because his wife has a virus and has to be in a ward on her own, we hope they both get well very soon. We met Silvia Royffe, Roger Allen, Barry Cornish, Ken Ridgment, Bill Easton. As I said we had a good day. Take care everyone

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi John. Thanks for the news, sorry to hear of Terry and his wife, I join in wishing them a speedy recovery, I am in touch with Barry and he keeps me informed, he passed on the photo’s you took, its nice to be able at this distance to see old mates, keep well old mate. Geoff.

      • John Billett says:

        Hi Geoff, Barry is a lovely guy, I’m glad he passed on the photos I took Saturday. We had a good day, quite a few turned up on the day. It’s very sad what is happening to Terry and his wife, when you remember them being active and outgoing it hurts to hear that they are laid up. Hope you’re keeping well Geoff and still able to get out and around, you take great care, keep well.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi John. Yes mate good news all round, after all the scares, passed all tests no sign of the return of the cancer, I have rapidly dividing cells in my blood but cancer cells in the bone have not as yet appeared, just the paraprotine clinic tomorrow, so fingers crossed. best wishes. Geoff

    • Barry Cornish says:

      Good Evening all. I am pleased to say that Wendy Joll has been discharged from hospital and is now back home. However Terry, who after being in Treliske hospital for a month, has now been transferred to Helston hospital, where I went to see him today. Sadly, in addition to other serious medical conditions he is suffering from a severe gastric disorder, following a second round of chemotherapy, and is very weak at present. He still maintains his positive outlook on life and was very interested to hear news of the rally in Bodmin and a recent get-together that Keith Mannings, Peter Rule, Terry Simons and I had at Lamorna, at which we all wore our 2019 Carribean Reunion sweatshirts, that Derek designed and Terry had had manufactured for us.

      I know that many old friends will be wishing Terry well. I plan to visit him again in the near future and would be pleased to pass on messages from anyone.

      • G’Day Barry. Thank you for the update on Wendy & Terry Joll. My heartfelt best wishes and regards to them both for a swift recovery and return home in Terry’s case. I shall appreciate my thoughts being passed on to them.

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Barry. Please pass on my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Terry on your next visit. I am rooting for him, I have been in touch with Bill in HONG – KONG, and pleased to say he is in an area out of the protesting, although he has to pass through at times, all my best wishes to you Barry, Geoff

        • G’Day Geoff

          Your comment is most welcome in all respects. I was panicking over Bill, not having heard from him and of course he’s not at Eardisley to answer his phone. Good to know he is OK and out of the troublesome areas.

      • John Billett says:

        Hello Barry, hello everyone else. Came across this mail today, sorry, good news indeed that Wendy is at home, shame that Terry is not at home with her. When you see him next would you please wish him well and a speedy recovery from myself and my wife Peggy. Missed him not being at Bodmin, though there was a good turn out this time we still miss all the chaps that have passed, not quite the same any more. I emailed Sylvia Scott and we both said what a pity they didn’t take the group photo when all the old associates were in attendance, will be interesting to see the photo never the less.

        I to was a bit concerned about Bill having not heard from him lately but thanks to Geoff, glad to hear that he is safely on his holiday in Hong Kong, I admire him travelling all that way on his own at his age. Take care everyone.

        • Barry Cornish says:

          Hello All. Thank you for your comments John. I went to see Terry again today and passed on the good wishes from Derek and Geoff, which I had printed out for him to keep. I will do the same for yours John, when I next see him. Unfortunately, Terry is still really poorly, but he greatly appreciated your messages. Wendy and their two sons who have come down, were just leaving when I arrived and it was good to see Wendy looking much better, although she still has to use crutches in order to get around. Terry told me that he had had a surprise visit earlier in the day from a retired Lt. Col, whom he last saw when they were sergeants together- 48 years ago!

          I was pleased to hear that Bill is OK and in Hong Kong, where his family there always make him so welcome.

          With best wishes from Barry.

          • Geoff Cherry says:

            Hi All, I hope Terry improves soon, and glad to hear his wife is now on the mend, please pass on my best wishes to them when you see them again, it is good to be able to read all your comments makes me feel a bit closer. I do zoom in on locations with the help of Google Maps, but they are dated, a lot has changed since my last visit in person. All my very best wishes to you all take care, Geoff

            • Barry Cornish says:

              It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Terry Joll passed away peacefully in Helston hospital last night. I am in touch with Wendy and will let you all know details of arrangements for his funeral, as soon as this has been arranged.

            • TERRY JOLL RIP

              My condolences to Wendy and Family. A sudden and unexpected loss of one of our Old Mates, who was revered and respected by all. I only met Terry in 2009 and appreciated his popularity among the boys. He was vitally involved and helpful with the 2009 Caribbean Re-Union and it was a pleasure to spend time in his presence. Terry you are sorely missed over here in OZ.

            • John Billett says:

              Thank you Barry, very sad news indeed, all our condolences to Wendy and their family. RIP Terry Joll.

            • Barry Cornish says:

              I will certainly pass on your condolences to Terry Joll’s family. I have just heard that his funeral will be held at Treswithian Crematorium, Camborne at 3 pm on Wednesday 22 October. A guard of honour will be provided by the West Cornwall Light Infantry Association, with Nobby Clarke carrying the standard and Graham Martin blowing the bugle.

            • Geoff Cherry says:

              I have just caught up with the very sad news, my condolences to Wendy and his family at this sad time, RIP Terry

            • John Billett says:

              Thank you Barry for information. My wife & I will be in Scotland.

  23. John Billett says:

    Hello everyone, we hope you are all well and that you all have a wonderful bank holiday monday. The year is well on its way, better start saving for Christmas it’ll be here before we know it, I thought that would bring a smile to your faces, take care everyone.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi John. Sounds like it will be a wet one as normal? put the nail in to hang my stocking on, I used to be a scout a few moons ago, the motto (be prepared). Nice to hear from you again and the face is cracked, best wishes, Geoff

      • John Billett says:

        Hi Geoff, good to know you’re still with us, we were brought up with the same saying ‘Be Prepared’ and I’m still prepared but I don’t know what for. Well the forecast turned out right, the rain is with us, the gardens need it so I won’t moan about it. I’ve got my nail ready for my stocking, it’s one of my wife’s pair of tights cut in half, she doesn’t know it yet. Soon be time for me to make the Christmas Cake, you take care Geoff and keep well.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi John. Yes mate still batting, nipped out this morning on the scooter and dodged the rain, picked up the local rag, pity this site is no longer used, I pop in have a read a reminder of the past, good luck with the cake making, me being lazy I buy one HA! HA! catch you again old mate, Geoff

  24. Terry Simons says:

    I hope that Anne Knight has fully recovered from her fall while here in Penzance in June. I hope so anyway. My best wishes to everyone Terry Simons.

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Terry, I also hope Anne has recovered from her fall, it must be very frightening when that happens. I have elder sisters and two of them has done the self same thing, seeing the bruising after such a fall is very upsetting, and it distresses them very much. Old age doesn’t do any of us any favours and who knows what is ahead of us, that is why I say take great care everyone.

  25. John Billett says:

    Good morning everyone, here we are half way through 2014 already, seems that time flies faster than ever. I must say the weather is glorious and I hope everyone is enjoying it. If and when you take your holiday I hope you enjoy every moment. Peggy and I enjoyed a week in Cornwall and we are looking forward to a coach tour to Scotland later in the year, God willing. Take care everyone.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi John, the weather sure is top’s for the time being, nice to hear you and Peggy are making the most of it, as you say the time is flying by soon be the time for your coach tour, I hope the weather is kind to you for that, have a good time, old mate. Best wishes to you both, Geoff

      • John Billett says:

        Hello Geoff, would you believe, turned my back and the rain sneaked in, just can’t trust it.

        Yes, really looking forward to going up to Scotland, the Hotel is right beside a loch and it belongs to the tour company, this will be the 5th out of their 7 we’ve visited they look after everyone very well, which is why we keep going back to Scotland with them. We will be going to Cornwall for The Rally Day at Bodmin September, hoping to see some of old faces which will be good. Take care Geoff.

  26. Terry Simons says:

    Weather cloudless sky and hot sun here in Penzance so I thought I’d sent an email hoping that all the bloggers are well all the very best. Terry Simons

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Terry, nice to be able to contact. Just having a nose around to see if anyone has been on and spotted your blog. The weather here is just the job, what I now call good scooter weather, nice to be able to go out in shirt sleeves, having a bit of fun catching rats and taking them for a ride out into the countryside, pesky things, pinching me bird seed! Having a blip at present with my health otherwise, everything fine this way, a pity we do not hear more of the bloggers, anyway best wishes to all. Geoff.

      • John Billett says:

        Hello Derek, Geoff, Terry and anyone else who may be looking in, we too are enjoying the lovely warm sunshine, It’s good too have some pleasant weather at last. We are glad that everyone are as well as can be expected and still getting on with life.We had a few days down in Cornwall, didn’t come down as far as Penzance Terry, stayed up around Charlestown, really beautiful it was too. Take care everyone.

        • Geoff Cherry says:

          Hi John, nice to hear from you again and glad you are enjoying life. This weather is just what the doctor ordered, although we had a thunderstorm last night and quite a lot of rain, did the garden good and saved me watering this morning, and it has left it a bit showery today but the forecast is good, so can’t grumble, all the best to all, Geoff


    My best wishes to all bloggers who participate in our unique LI fraternity. I hope for you the best of health and happiness at this renaissance memorial of Christian faith, invoking the memories of all those Old Mates who have now departed this life. I shall remember you all as the morning of Good Friday dawns Down Under, with thanks for your fantastic support over the years.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      Hi Ed. Hardly a day goes by when a name or face flits through the mind of one of the lads who have gone ahead, paving the way for us. Best wishes old mate, a bit late but happy Easter to you and yours, from all of us, and we should be thanking you for all the hard graft you have done for us over the years. Thanks. Geoff.

      ED: G’Day Geoff. Many thanks for your thoughts. Easter is (for me) but another public holiday in a long list of ’em in OZ, but I respect the beliefs of Christians the world over. We have enjoyed the break and our balmy weather with picnics by the river and liunches with old friends from Melbourne times. Best Regards. Derek

  28. Editor, for Anne Knight says:

    Hello everyone. I would like to wish you all very happy and healthy new year. Take care of yourselves. Keep in touch. All the best from Anne.

  29. John Billett says:

    Good morning everyone, I would like to wish each and everyone of you a “Happy” and trouble free “New Year” and I would like to think that 2014 will be a good year for you all. Please take care.

    • Geoff Cherry says:

      I would like to join John in wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2014.

  30. John Billett says:

    Happy Christmas

  31. CHRISTMAS 2013 & NEW YEAR 2014

    Christmas Eve in OZ as I type, thinking of you all in Blighty, Canada & Australia. We have Old Mates and friends from many places on the planet and as we in OZ swelter in 30C we send greetings to all in the cold and snow elsewhere. 2013 is closing – inevitably – and for some a year best forgotten with personal issues that were challenging. I hope for a better 2014 ahead and an enjoyable Silly Season with family, friends and neighbours. My very best wishes and hopes for you all in the future. The weblog site continues despite falling enthusiasm, except for the regulars who have supported the site with continued enthusiasm and appropriate comment. Thank you all.

    • Bob Smith says:

      We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the wonderful DCLI members and friends a very Merry Christmas and an extremely healthy and prosperous New Year. With love from the Smith family.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello Derek. On behalf of all bloggers, thanks for all the good wishes, and I too hope that 2014 will be a better year for all of us.

      I fear it is no good wishing for peace in the Middle East, there has never been peace there since time began. Strange? I feel sure that is where most of the writings in the Bilble originated and for years, British soldiers have been employed there seemingly wasting their time, and lives. It’s a funny old World.

      BUT, let’s plod on regardless, and hope all bloggers keep in touch through this wonderful medium of yours and thanks for your tireless efforts to keep us all together.

      Best wishes, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.

  32. John Billett says:

    Good Morning everyone, I would like to wish you all and families of friends who are with us no more, wherever you are a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, another notched up, and I hope next year is kind to you.

  33. Anne Knight says:

    Hello my friends. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Don’t forget to hang up your stockings or else Father Christmas won’t come. Ha!Ha!. I will be in touch in the new year until then look after yourselves. Best wishes to all from Anne.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello Anne, great to hear from you and thanks for the Christmas Greetings Christmas stocking will be hoisted, although I don’t have a fireplace or a chimney, but will leave a glass of Port and a mince pie for Santa! Best wishes to you as well. Bill

      • Geoff Cherry says:

        Hi Anne. Very best wishes to you, went to hang my stocking and had to darn it first, Geoff

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello again Anne. I hung my stocking up as you suggested when I got up this morning, guess what was in it? That’s right, a blooming BIG HOLE. Luckily I still have my ‘Housewife’ the one issued to me on the 27th May 1946, but that only has a bit of old grey wool left in it?Ah Well! Hope your Festive season is going well. Bill

  34. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Derek, Audrey, and all bloggers who are still about AND if you are still about WHERE are you? Here we are almost at the end of yet another year, and they seem to pass by so quickly now, but I am sure we can plod on for a bit longer yet. I am doing my best, though sometimes it feels a bit of a chore especially when the doctor says “Medicine and Duty” when I feel like having a day off.
    BUT, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and best wishes for the years to come.

    I am still running around like a demented lunatic but in a way I feel quite chuffed when people say to me ” Why do you walk so fast” and I can boast that it is as a result of my Light Infantry training AND I am still singing with the Choir and have another concert to sing at next week,it is great fun and I enjoy it so much. I am also quite active in my Masonic Lodges I belong to two in Hereford and also one in Shropshire and visited several in Hong Kong recently where I was made very welcome and made lots of new friends. In two Lodges in Hereford I have been appointed as Almoner where my duty is to look after the sick and needy, including the Widows of departed members. It is a rewarding job, when I see and am responsible for relief of suffering AND the strange thing is there are very few members older than me, nearly all young chaps with no Military backgrounds. Having said that, there is a Lodge that I visit in Hereford where there are a few serving members from the Regiment here, most of them nice young lads who I get on with very well.
    SO, lets hear from you Guys and Gals switch your TV OFF for an hour, get your fingers moving over the keyboard, swing the lamp and tell us what you are up to. Bye for now. Bill

  35. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Audrey. I am getting in early to wish you a really happy birthday this coming Saturday the 7th and I shall be thinking about you and drinking a very special toast to your health and well being, make sure Derek takes you out for a fabulous time and enjoy every minute of the day and the many years to follow. Birthdays come and go but our thoughts and love are with you every day. Lots of love


    • Hello Bill
      Many thanks for your kind thoughts. We have just returned home to Brisbane after a week in the South Pacific on Norfolk Island, where Old Grumpy took great care of me walking around the shops and the many walking adventures amidst the pines and wonderful cliffs and picturesque beaches. We reacquainted ourselves with several old friends from over 30 years ago from 1980s Melbourne times and made many new friends within the small community, some of whom are 6th generation descendants of Fletcher Christian and the Bounty Mutineers. The weather was a balmy 27C with gentle breezes and gorgeous sunsets and blue skies all day. We wined and dined most evenings at exquisite places and enjoyed fresh kingfish, trumpeter and prawns caught daily – straight from the sea that day. We shall return soon no doubt as the beaches beckon Old Grumpy who can’t resist the challenge of discovery.

      He spent hours wandering the Penal Colony of Kingston which holds the graves of many Old British Soldiers who accompanied the 1st Fleet on HMS Sirius. He will publish a new Picasa Album soon and display an update on British Colonial History on a new web site.

      Take Care Bill.


      • Bill Griffiths says:

        Hello Audrey. GREAT to hear from you and that you had such a fab time on Norfolk Island, I really envy you although I can’t really complain after my recent visit back to Hong Kong. But, it sounds as though you had a really nice break, and enjoyed your Birthday. I was thinking about you, and drank to your good health. Your break has obviously done you both a lot of good. Hope you now have a wonderful time over the Christmas and New Year festivities, mine will obviously be quiet BUT I will ponder over all the past wonderful years that Nancy and I enjoyed.together. All love and best wishes to you all and you also. Take Care.xxx Bill

      • John Billett says:

        Hello Derek & Audrey, I think you photos are great, glad you had a lovely break, take care.

  36. John Billett says:

    Hello everyone, hope your’e all keeping well.

    Hello Bill, just catching up with your exploits in Hong Kong, sounds like you’re having a whale of a time, good to hear you’re making loads of new friends as well as enjoying meeting your old friends, keep at it old friend.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello John. Yes having a great time, weather is fabulous, friends and relatives making every day enjoyable, food out of this World, beer is good but very expensive so am drinking red wine in my flat and only a beer with meals out. Have been out every day and night, wonderful.

      I am situated in Happy Valley a really nice area near the famous Hong Kong Racecourse haven’t watched any racing, only on the TV but not my cup of tea anyway. Just about to go out on my days wandering and will probably go over to Kowloon on the mainland for little look round, we always used to spend more time over there when I was stationed here. Great to hear from you. Keep it up and try to keep the blog pages open. All best wishes Hong Kong Bill.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello once again. Yes having a great time. Yesterday was my birthday and I went out with family and was treated to a most fabulous evening at The Shangrila a famous really top notch hotel. You have to book something like a month in advance and you just go out and help yourself to everything even whole lobsters,crabs and any type of fish you can think of, any meat, cooked in dozens of different ways and you can sit there all night eating as much as you want. I don’t think I need to eat for another week. Anyway hope you are ALL OK, still have two more weeks to go. WOW. Best wishes to all bloggers.

      • G’Day Bill. Best belated birthday wishes Ole Mate. Doing it tough eh? What about the poor people? Good to hear from you Sjnt Mjr, enjoy the journey, makes us envious Dahn Undah!!

        • Bill Griffiths says:

          Hello yet again Derek, and here I am loving Hong Kong and all it has to offer and it offers EVERYTHING you could wish for except of course the company of loyal friends except via computer of course. Had a great meeting today..with a Chinese friend who I have only known previously via computer and he is in fact a very distant relative several times removed being the brother of my nephews wife who lives in Canada, but just came to Hong Kong to visit his aged Mother who is now 96. Wow hope I make it somewhere close to that.

          I will be out to dinner again in a couple of hours time with my niece Betty and her husband. Then lunch with friends tomorrow, Masons meetings on Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and sadly leave here on the 20th. Looks like I will have to book for two months next time getting difficult to fit everything in. Best wishes to you Audrey and family and any Bloggers who are about. Bill

          • John Billett says:

            Hello Bill, late on parade again with your birthday wish, please accept my belated “Happy Birthday” too you, it gives me a reason to have a glass of wine today. Really pleased your having a Wonderful time over there, as regards to having a month there next year have you thought about moving there permanently, maybe too late in life to consider now. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, best regards to you.

            • Bill Griffiths says:

              Hello John, Many thanks for your birthday wishes. Yes having a great time, in fact just arrived back at my apartment after yet another night out with family with once again a fabulous Chinese dinner. I shall be as fat as a little Pig in no time. The time has flown by nd only another eight days before I have to return to Blighty. But will probably start planning my next holiday here next year which I better plan for longer than 4 weeks, we shall see. All best wishes and thanks once again. Just having a glass of wine and drinking to yours and everyone’s health. Bill

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hi everyone, still having a great time and can’t believe three weeks have already passed by. iI was three weeks ago just at this time when I arrived here only to find that a typhoon was imminent and was confined to my apartment for the first two days. But since then have had a wonderful time, downed a few beers and glasses of wine, have been treated to many meals, out to another one tonight. My nieces’ Dad is cooking tonight, out again tomorrow and Monday (a local Holiday), then a few parties next week before flying home next Saturday. WOW its a tough life. BUT Derek, John, Barry thanks for keeping in touch. All best wishes to you all. Bill, the Hong Kong Wanderer.

      ED: Good to hear from you Sjnt Mjr, and the good news of happy well earned entertainment by Family – so important and you’ve earned it all with your dedication and support to others. Keep Well.

      • Bill Griffiths says:

        Thanks Derek and I also have to say thanks to you for making it possible to keep in touch this way. Hell, I wish I could wave a magic wand and bring us all together for a great big Knees up. Still so difficult to believe that we all started our army lives so many years ago for me 67 years ago. WOW !!!!! So keep plodding on as long as we can. Best wishes to you all. Bill

  37. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello everyone. Here I am out in Hong Kong again bringing back fond memories of over sixty one years ago. In fact it was sixty four years ago this month when we The KSLI arrived here, just after a typhoon and all out tents which had all been put up for us by the Buffs Regt had been blown down, covered in mud.soaking wet, no electricity, no running water, one little paraffin lamp with only half a tank of fuel between eight men. Lasted no more than about two hours. What a wonderful introduction to life in the Far East. BUT we survived, that’s what army life was about, survival not having everything done for you as today’s kids seem to expect.

    Back to today Hong Kong is great. Dramatic changes since 1949, but nevertheless Fantastic. I have already made new friends, met up with old friends and do you know dear friends LIFE IS REALLY WORTH LIVING IF YOU SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. So come on. let’s hear from you PLEASE make the most of what we have left. Good old Derek has built the platform on which we can do it. So let’s DO IT. All best wishes to you all. I am in my apartment room just now, on my own but drinking a toast to you all. Good Health and God Bless. Bill

    ED: Hello Bill, well done Ole Mate, good to hear from you with your usual enthusiasm. Steady on the falling down water.

    • Bill Griffiths says:

      Hello Derek. It’s like flogging a dead horse ain’t it? Here am I thousands of miles away, there are you even more thousands of miles away and here we are chatting to each other. I went to the church where we were married yesterday. I should have gone last Sunday when it would have been our 61st anniversary but we had a typhoon here and therefore Confined to Barracks but made up for it yesterday. The Vicar who I had spoken to earlier started the service by announcing to a packed congregation, (without exaggeration some two hundred & fifty people, there was not ONE empty seat in the whole church and people were standing) that there was a special person Mr Bill Griffiths sitting at the back of the church returning 61 years, after he was married here and the whole congregation turned and applauded. I have to admit WITHOUT shame I CRIED unashamedly. The Chinese are WONDERFUL people and MY kids although half Chinese won’t even look at me. THIS HURTS. More than you will ever know.

      YET, a few hundred complete strangers welcomed me and took me to their hearts nd the numbers who came to me after the service and shook my hand was amazing the large majority of them who obviously were not even born when I was married there in 1952 and lots of them expressed a wish to see me there next week. So, off to a Masons meeting tonight afterwards being wined and dined. so I can’t complain and I have three more weeks of this yet. WOW. All best wishes. Bill

      PS I have even had to borrow a computer to make sure that I can keep up my Blogging.

      ED: Amazing Grace Bill. Goodonyer Sjnt Major, so pleased that you are so well accepted and obviously being looked after. Let’s hope some Mates at home will join in!

      • Bill Griffiths says:

        Hello Derek, thanks once again. Just got back from my Masons meeting where there was an Australian Mason who was also visiting, we got on well. We were the only TWO visitors on this particular evening and as guests we were both satisfactorily lubricated with red wine and port by the end of the evening. By the way the food was great as well, l almost forgot that. Hell!! it’s a tough life, better have a lie down. All best wishes, Bill.

        • Bill Griffiths says:

          Hi Derek and everyone. I am having a fantastic time and on (Sunday 29th) went to the Church where Nancy and I were married 61 years ago Sunday 22nd. I couldn’t actually go ON that day because of the typhoon which stopped all form of transport and confined everyone to their respective abodes. The Vicar who I had spoken to earlier in the morning started the service by announcing to a packed congregation, (without exaggeration some two hundred & fifty people there was not ONE empty seat in the whole church and people were standing and this for a Church where all services are held in English) that there was a special person, Mr Bill Griffiths sitting at the back of the church returning 61 years after he and his wife Nancy were married here and the whole congregation turned and applauded. I have to admit WITHOUT shame. I CRIED. the Chinese are WONDERFUL loving people and MY kids although half Chinese, won’t even look at me.THIS HURTS more than you will ever know YET a few hundred complete strangers welcomed me and took me to their hearts and the numbers who came to me after the service and shook my hand was amazing. The large majority of them who obviously were not even born when I was married there in 1952 and lots of them expressed a wish to see me there next week. I will have to be there.

          Another lovely touch is at the end of the service ‘communion’ is held but those who have not been confirmed can still go up to the Altar where they receive a hands on Blessing by the Vicar or one of his deputies EVEN, DOZENS AND DOZENS of young kiddies as they came in to the church at the end of the service from Sunday school (can you just imagine several hundred taking Communion? I have never witnessed anything like it in the whole of my life) and the Children were loving it and the Clergy were so genuine nd loving. The main sermon was given IN EGLISH by a Chinese Rev Canon a really nice guy who spent ages talking to, and listening to me. Then everyone was invited to light refreshments of coffee and biscuits outside. I am really in awe of this wonderful experience.

          WOW. I wish in a way I could see the end of my days over here, amongst such genuine LOVING unselfish and honest people. Spent the rest of the day with Niece Betty exploring fishing villages over on the other side of the mainland, a totally different kettle of fish if you will excuse the expression but loads on places where you can pick live fish from tanks hand them over to the staff and they will have them cooked straight away. One place even offered to cook FISH & CHIPS ENGLISH STYLE.

          Well enough for now, better have a glass of wine (or two! might even try a bottle what the hell it’s only coloured water after all). Best wishes to all, sorry for being long winded.I Will be back. Hong Kong Bill

          • Hello Hong Kong Sjnt Mjr Bill. Good to hear from you, keep up the flow Ole Mate, so great to know that you are having a great time with your Chinese Family. Take plenty pictures for us. Best Regards

            Derek and Audrey in OZ

            • Bill Griffiths says:

              Hello and Thanks Derek and Audrey, yes am keeping ahead at the moment although had to come back to my apartment for a short break this afternoon very hot outside. Will be going out for dinner tonight with a couple of friends David Bellis who runs a fantastic website here on the History of Old Hong Kong. He published my story about ‘Nancy Get Your Gun” which attracted lots of attention here and put me in touch with quite a few people who have become good friends.

              If you would like to have a look at his site ‘Google ‘.GWULO.’ I am sure you will find it interesting. Also with us tonight will be a really nice lady from ‘Hong Kong Radio’ Annemarie Evans who interviewed me here last December and broadcast it over ‘Hong Kong Radio’. it lasted about fifteen minutes and was all about me coming to Hong Kong way back in 1949 and my courting and marrying Nancy and her prowess as a champion shot in the Navy.

              Keep in touch all best wishes to you all Hong Kong Bill

  38. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Derek, and any of our Bloggers who are still with us. It seems very quiet these days and I wonder what everyone gets up to each day. I have to say, that the first thing that I do each day is to switch on my computer to see if there is anyone out there. Living on my own is very lonely these days, and I do hope that there is someone to chat to, and to share little stories BUT it seems to have been very quiet recently and I do hope that everyone is OK. The years are rolling by far too quickly and almost every week now I have notifications of yet another old KSLI guy passing away.

    Come on guys, just a few minutes to let us know how things are although I have not met some of you, I do think about you all each day.

    Derek, you are a star and you have worked so hard to keep us all together, many thanks dear friend.
    I only have 14 days now until ‘Lift Off’ for my trip to Hong Kong and will soon be packing my Kit Bag, can’t find my steel helmet though, better wear a baseball cap and jeans that should get me anywhere I suppose.

    All best wishes and hope to see some blogs before I disappear for a month, but hope that my niece will once again provide me with a computer so that I can keep in touch even though I shall be partying every day. Bye for now. Bill

    • G’Day Bill. Good to see a comment from you – a continuous repeat performance I must say – you too try valiantly to hold the lads together. Traffic is very slow from genuine bloggers (you should see the horrible crap that gets filtered out). I’ve been well down these past few weeks with lurgies that just won’t go away and am having some other tests to verify a few issues, but soldiering on.

      Had a great barbecue with Shed Mates today, most enjoyable in our warmer weather and a few beers went down well. Our General Federal Elections tomorrow when hopefully at long last we can rid ourselves of some Socialist pricks who haven’t a clue. As usual it’ll take many years to restore the cycle of a good economy by our Conservative Party.

      Been busy too with seeking out a new location for my Men’s Shed after we’ve been kicked out by another bunch of shitheads who attempted a desperate takeover after 2 years and were short shifted when we branched out to independence, but not without a shit fight. Nulle Illigitimo Carborundum alright. Onwards and upwards anyway, we have a great bunch of 25 guys and one gal and can see light at the end of the tunnel.

      Take great care in Hong Kong ‘Ole Mate and enjoy the family there. Best Regards, Derek in Brisbane.

      • Bill Griffiths says:

        Hello Derek many thanks and YES trying to keep in touch with everyone, but sadly things are very quiet.
        As for me. keep plodding along sixty four years ago today we the KSLI, had just arrived at our new tented camp in Hong Kong only to find that a Typhoon a few days before had blown down and completely blown down, and soaked in m our tents in mud, what a day that was to remember took us ages to put them all up again and it was weeks before they all dried out and I was still just eighteen then and had my nineteenth birthday just four weeks later STILL covered in mud BUT great memories.

        Only ten days to go now and I will be back there again but in a nice warm comfortable apartment. Hope to hear from some of our bloggers. All best wishes to everyone. Bill

  39. Bill Griffiths says:

    Well, here we are now well in to August and still not much action on this site. Where are you all ? Come on guys and gals lets hear from you tell us what you are up to, there must be something exciting going on somewhere. I think I ought to have an open day here in my place you can all come and have a look round. You can pop out in to my garden and see if you can catch my Blasted Mole. Tell you what Fifty quid to whoever catches him and a few bottle of wine to celebrate, any Volunteers? It hasn’t stopped raining all day here so confined to the house, the Local is closed on Mondays so have to settle for a few glasses of wine at home. It’s a hard life ain’t it? Well, best wishes to all from this page. Bye for now. Bill

  40. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello everyone. Sunshine at last, getting our knees brown just like the old days. I went to the Rifles freedom of the Town parade in Ross yesterday, a bit disappointing in some ways as they seem to do these days all parading in some sort of desert uniform, really scruffy and not smart at all. Also wearing their berets screwed down over their foreheads badges over their left ears and the foot drill left a lot to be desired? BOY what a field day our old RSMs would have had. Honestly I felt a lot more smart in my suit. They have three Battalions apparently in Bleachly Ballykinler and Edinburgh with detachments in ‘Afghan’ as they all call it. I could tell from the lack of medal ribbons that very few of them had ever left the country, yet all the speeches by the dignitaries kept on about Afghanistan.

    As I say VERY disappointing it is not their fault I suppose BUT the powers that be are not really doing them a favour. The Band and Bugles were OK but even they are small in numbers these days, so not as effective as they used to be. Ah well, so be it. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. Cheers. Bill

  41. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello John, great to hear from you and yes, taking it easy here not much to do in the garden, only cut the grass. Cherry tree is loaded at the moment just about ready for picking before the birds get them, but I have hung loads of CDs on the tree to frighten them away. Mr Mole is hiding at the moment too hot for him I expect and no worms for him in the dry soil.

    I have been invited to join the top brass at a nearby Town (Ross on Wye) on Saturday where the Rifles are being given the freedom of the Town, it will be nice to mingle with the Mayor, some ex Colonels etc and me just an ex Sjnt Major and not have to go on parade myself. Will see if I can take some pictures.

    Bye for now, got to go to the surgery had a massive big boil on my neck lanced yesterday, damned painful and messy, never ever had one before WHY NOW? when I am just coming up 83? Ah well. Bill

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Bill, I’d like to come along and pick your cherries, might have to try one or two, I thought the CDs were to entertain them whilst they ate the cherries, I was going to ask what their choice of music went down well with them.

      You do have a good social life don’t you, rubbing shoulders with Mayors, Colonels not too mention the Rifles, well done Bill. Looks like the weather is going to hold for the occasion, Ross on Wye is a pretty town, I went there a long time ago with two of my sisters, the husband of one of them and my wife Peggy, my sister lives in Chipping Campden and they took us out on a day trip to the area, we enjoyed every minute of it.

      Well Bill enjoy YOUR day out and I hope everything goes well, look forward to any photos that are taken. Take care.

  42. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Folks, anybody out there? 1st July today, not a peep from anyone in June on the Well Wisher page, can’t all be out in the garden. We have had lots of rainy days which should have driven you indoors. I took a drive this morning to the neighboring Town of Leominster pronounced ‘LEMSTER’ strange language we have ain’t it or as they say in Hereford ‘ENNIT’. No wonder foreigners find our speech so difficult. But great fun and we are enjoying a little bit of sunshine today, not boiling but enjoyable. Hope you are all OK. I think about you all a lot. Bill

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Bill, you’re quite right of course, we are all hiding away but we can all come out now the weather seems settled. But the truth is we will all be hiding away from the heat, I can imagine you out in your orchard on your drive around mower catching the sun rays and of course your liquid refreshments by your side, chasing that mole for all your worth. The foreigners may not understand our language but they sure understand our money. Have a good day.

  43. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Folks. As you are aware this month is a sad month for me, as on the 24th it was two years ago that I lost my darling Nancy. On that day, I was actually visiting the doctor trying to get myself together for my vacation back to Hong Kong in September, I didn’t pass out A1 but close to it, so with some added medication to those I already take I should make out OK. I have to go for a scan of my stomach which is beginning to protrude a bit ( nd NO it is not the beer honestly) but the Doc is confident it is nothing serious.

    SO ‘carry on “swinging the lamp” remembering the good old days and enjoy the wonderful company of all on this blog page for a few years to come ‘fingers crossed’. So come on guys and gals make a point of dropping a line or two, you can’t be out in the garden all the time. Look forward to hearing from you all. Bill

    PS: ED you are a STAR please help to keep us all together.

    ED: Message received Sjnt Mjr – loud and clear


    Early May 19th as I type, thinking of you all in Blighty, especially Bill in his time of sad memorial for Nancy. Keep Well Old Friend, you have lots of mates in absentia who are thinking of you.

    Trust that you are all well and bounding along with your Spring in the air, we have the onset of winter ahead with autumn chills bringing out the sweaters and electric blankets. The northern sun brightens our mornings and encourages the birds, the possums and the fruit bats into our tropical fruit trees. The morning ski is liquid blue and a placid sun rises in promise of another ‘beautiful one day – perfect the next’ in sub tropical Queensland. This time of the year observes many local Festivals, so we are busy with visitations around the city.

    You’ll note I trust that the site is public again as I yo-yo between total frustration of cyber bullying and poor support from other LI who seem to have deserted we regulars. I’ll try – yet gain – to keep us afloat.

    Keep Well.

    PS: Just for the record – within 10 hours of demounting Privatisation – I’ve been invaded by 3 cyber wankers!

    PPS: Yesterday (19th May) we recorded 48 ‘views’ which is 300% up on the day prior to dismounting ‘Privatisation’. This is quite revealing in that clearly by opening the site to public view – we receive increased scrutiny – which includes cyber wankers, (please sod off you ferking idiots and leave respectable blokes in peace). However IF – IF – the ratio of Krap 6: Genuine 48 prevails – (ie 1/7th or 13+%) it is somewhat manageable but still annoying. Cheps – you might begin to see the problem here! Fortunately as advised many times previously – Akismet (the Spam filter) captures 99.9% of the krap and holds from blogger view.

    PPPS:Just an afterthought. In March there were 2040 ‘views’ and 619 blocked spam attacks – just about 30% of the traffic is SPAM – makes you sick – dunnit?

  45. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello John, so glad you and Peggy had a nice holiday. The last holiday I ever had with my darling Nancy was way back in 1995 when she was still fit enough to travel, a long time ago. And two years ago today, sadly, was when I went to visit her in the nursing Home and found her unconscious after a massive heart attack and stroke. Sadly she never regained consciousness and passed away on the 24th May 2011. This is a very sad time for me, especially as my children will have nothing to do with me.

    I am on my own except for my dear friends on this wonderful Blogsite. You, Derek, Anne, Sylvia, Barry, Thank you all for your friendship and GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  46. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello once again folks. Now in to yet another Month Maytime and still nobody about, where are you all? I have been knocking about, planning my next trip to Hong Kong, already booked my flights and seats and an apartment this time up in the posh area near the Happy Valley Racecourse. Not that I am a betting man but I don’t mind watching the fillies galloping around the course. I will be there for what would have been our 61st wedding anniversary and also for my 83rd birthday. Look out Hong Kong here I come. Seriously folks lets hear from you, the years are rolling by too quickly. Best wishes to all of you. Bill

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Bill, you’re right the year is shooting bye again, I can’t believe Peggy and I have had our annual two weeks down Cornwall and we’re back home again, plenty of sunshine but a bitter cold wind. Not the weather for sitting around in the beautiful harbours. Good to hear you’re all fixed up for your trip to Hongkong, I’m wondering, you said you’re looking forward to see the Fillies running, I take it you mean the Horse kind, LOL. keep safe and take care.

  47. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello everyone. HELLO>>>>>>>>where are you all? out in the garden now that spring has sprung? Here we are nearly at the end of April and already less than six months before I take to the skies again and fly off to Hong Kong. I think I have already mentioned that I will be there for what would have been our 61st wedding anniversary and for my 83rd Birthday when I shall celebrate with my Chinese family who just love parties so LOOK OUT HK, Sgnt Major Bill will soon be there. Whoopeee.

    So folks hope you are all well, coping with the advancing years as best as possible. I think about you all a lot. All best wishes. Bill

  48. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello everyone, here we are well in to February already. Chinese New Year on the 10th, The Year of The Snake,so beware. Although my niece in Hong Kong is a snake and the most delightful and loving young lady.

    Well where is everybody? Things seem awfully quiet. Now that the snow has gone ‘Spring has sprung’, flowers are beginning to sprout all over the place So are the WEEDS and my Blasted Mole. My garden looks like a battlefield after a fierce shelling. I am scared to go out there in case I fall down one of his holes. Anybody like to pay me a visit and help me catch him? I can feed you and supply plenty of red wine whilst you are in action!

    Here’s hoping to hear from you all soon, come on brush the cobwebs away and lets get stuck in to 2013. Make this Blog page worthwhile for all the effort Derek puts in for us all. Best wishes to you all. Bill

  49. John Billett says:

    Hello Barry, haven’t heard from you for a while. I hope Nora has improved in her health, and that you are keeping well within yourself, which in turn allows you to look after Nora. I also hope the weather is not giving you a bad time, take care and keep well.

  50. John Billett says:

    Hello and good morning to all bloggers, with the old year fading fast I would like to wish you all A Happy New Year. First let’s hope it’s drier than this years been, secondly, I hope you all have a healthy and trouble free new year. Take care everyone.

  51. John Billett says:

    Happy Christmas to all

    ED: Thanks JB. Click the hotlink All

  52. John Billett says:

    Good morning everyone, I’m hoping bloggers in Cornwall are safe from the floods in your area.

    I would like to send everyone the Heartiest of Christmas Cheer,and may you all have a trouble free Happy New Year.

  53. Sylvia says:

    A Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year to you all. xxxx

  54. Anne Knight says:

    To you all. i would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All the very best. Anne

  55. Geoff Cherry says:

    To all. Have a very Merry and Happy Christmas and New Year, you will all be in my thoughts, we may be miles apart, but in the mind together, the glass is raised, Geoff

  56. John Billett says:

    Hello and welcome home Bill, good to hear you enjoyed your short stay in Hong Kong, I don’t mind you having a tear or to, we all get like that from time to time, that’s what lovely memories do to you. After eatig all that Chinese food have you had to let your belt out a notch or two, I bet that lovely young family member looked after you I hope she did. I think it’s nice that the Church hasn’t changed at all, and lovely that the Vicar let you in to go back in your memory and have a little time with Nancy. We all wish you well. Have yourself a Good Christmas and a Happy New Year, book that holiday now.

  57. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello everyone. Just back from Hong Kong where I had a fabulous time with my Chinese Family. I was out partying nearly everyday, ate so much Chinese food and it was lovely. I visited the Church where Nancy and I were married way back sixty years ago, the Vicar kindly opened up and let me go in, say a few prayers, reflect on that Wonderful day 22nd Sept 1952 and to take some pictures, inside and out and do you know it hasn’t changed a bit. I don’t mind telling you, the visit reduced me to tears.

    As I say, had a really wonderful time and will now start planning next years visit when I intend to maybe stay for a month, two weeks flew by far too quickly.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all, hope you are all well and like me making the most of our twilight years. Great to be back with you all. Bill


      Good to hear of your adventures Bill and especially to hear that you returned with no ill effects from travelling – no coughs, bugs or colds. Well Done Sjnt Major, have a great Christmas and Happy New Year. Best Regards. Derek.

  58. CHRISTMAS 2012 & NEW YEAR 2013


    In happier times past, we boasted a special blog page for Seasonal Greetings, but I regret that fewer bloggers and sad news last month of Swanny’s death, and also the passing of other Old Mates, means that we shall simply resort to this page.

    Audrey and I in Brisbane Australia wish all Old Mates and regular bloggers the best of the Season and send our greetings to you all from Dahn Undah. We of course are almost mid summer, with balmy breezes and beautiful days and nights. Our “Wet” is upon us with the threat of storms and hammering rain, but so far so good. We are almost in holiday mode with a trip on the 21st south to Melbourne for the break, with family and old friends.

    Happy Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year. Easy on the tipple and take a taxi if you do. Take Care.

  59. John Billett says:

    Let us all wish Bill a safe voyage to Hong Kong and that he enjoys the time with his family, good luck Bill.

  60. SWANNY

    I am receiving reports from Bill Griffiths regarding our Old Mate’s failing health. Our thoughts and prayers and, best wishes for a recovery back to his former self. Swanny if you get to read this ‘Ole Mate, we are missing your cheeky banter and bull and sincerely hope that your health will improve.

    Best Regards

    Derek and Audrey in OZ

  61. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello everyone, see general chatters for latest update on poor old Swanny, not good news I am afraid. Bill

  62. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi Guys, re my last chat. I said the doctor was a chatty young Scots lad. I MEANT LASSIE and very nice too, she will be calling again tomorrow. I shall have to tell her that I am from Scottish extraction, my mother was a NICOL, o I am entitled to wear a kilt. I do have one but a Black Watch Tartan which I wore when I was attached to the Scottish Infantry Training depot Edinburgh years ago. Bill

  63. John Billett says:

    Hi Bill, sorry to hear you’re ‘Excused Boots’ again, if it isn’t one thing it’s another, you’ll have to do a circus trick and walk on your hands, take the small change out you pockets first, lol. Now we have to hope that the gout disappears ready for your holiday. Has your young niece got a cure for all your ills.

  64. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello again everybody, as John says, my gums are all healed up now ready for the great Hong Kong restaurants and Chop Suey and chickens feet etc etc. BUT, the blasted Gout is back had a terrible night last night and today couldn’t put my feet to the ground, so had another home visit from the doctor a very chatty young Scots lad, with tablets to take to get myself fit for ‘Lift Off’ to Hong Kong on the 30th. So fingers crossed that all will be OK. Cheers for now. Bill

  65. John Billett says:

    Hi Bill, your gums must be almost healed up now, good news for when you get to Hong Kong, at least you won’t have to take a box of straws with you. I bet you’re looking forward to seeing the young niece as well as the rest of the family, I’m sure she will look after you very well, not long to take off, take care.

  66. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello John, great to hear from you and yes you are right about the prospect of being restricted to certain foods as a result of my dental experiences BUT as my little Chinese niece told me, I could take a blender with me and grind everything down including roast suckling pig. Ha! Ha!.

    BUT I feel sure that all will be OK in a couple of weeks time and I will be able to tuck in to lots of my favourite dishes especially all the lovely fresh seafood, oysters, crab, lobster mmmmmmmmmmmm. LOVELY
    feeling hungry now. All best wishes. Bill

  67. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello again everybody. I thought I would just give you an update on dear old Swanny. I have just been on the phone to him, and he sounds quite cheerful, and tells me he is feeling a lot better but nowhere near 100 per cent. I gave him best wishes from all of you and told him that we are all rooting for him and wishing him a complete recovery. He says thank you to everyone. I also spoke to Doris, and she sounded quite chirpy..and said Swanny was behaving himself…
    OK guys, that’s it for now.

    I am suffering a bit after having two teeth out right at the back. My chewing teeth, now I am having to just suck for a few days. Don’t like dentists although this one is a pretty young lady, I might go and have some more out. Only Joking. all the best for now. KEEP BLOGGING

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Bill, thank you once again for updating us on Swanny’s recovery, glad he was in good fettle when he was speaking to you and also good news that Doris is fine, we can only hope and pray that they both keep getting back to a normal life style. It won’t be long now before your off to Hong Kong, hope your gums heal up soon otherwise you’ll eat nothing but bird nest soup and chop suey, keep drinking the amber nectar to help it on it’s way. Take care and keep Blogging.

  68. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello everybody, including all old bloggers who we want to hear from again. Come on Guys, the years are rolling by far too fast, let’s keep them interesting by swapping tales of yesteryear.

    Coming up to November 11th and I know you will all be remembering those who have sadly left us. I will be holding a short service on Wednesday at the Korean Veterans Memorial Plaque here in my Village of Eardisley, and members of my Branch will be doing the same at six other Plaques which we set up in the neighbouring Market Towns way back in the year 2000. I will also of course be remembering all those who have passed away and for the health and strength of those of us left behind. Come on all you old Soldiers, let’s hear from you. All best wishes to you all. Bill Griffiths.

  69. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello all again, please see General Chatters for todays update on Swanny.

    Sunday 21st October

    And sixty years ago today I was still on the ship bringing us back from Korea, due to dock in Southampton on the 29th Oct. WOW how the time has flown by. I was only twenty two then, a little corporal. Bill

  70. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello all. See General Chatters for the latest update on dear Old Swanny. I have just spoken to him on the phone. He is OK. Bill

  71. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Derek. such a pity we can’t get in touch with someone close to Swanny. I don’t have email details of anyone else as I have only been in contact via this splendid avenue nd personally I think this bloody Facebook that they use is a kids outlet, all playing silly games and childish messages to each other. Still I suppose kids will be kids! I will see If I can contact someone via the British Legion, they must have a website that we can reach via Google.

    All best wishes to you, Audrey and all the family. Bill

  72. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Derek. Have you heard any news of Swanny? I have sent emails hoping that his son Donald will pick them up and send on my prayers and best wishes to the poor old chap, but have not had any reply as yet. I will keep praying for his recovery to a better state of health. Bill

    • Hello Bill. No news whatsoever, not from Swanny himself or other closer by who would have some detail. I last spoke to Johnny Griffin in Brissol who reported that our Old Mate Swanny is very down. This lack of information from other ‘so-called Old Mates’ via the blog pages, which at a time when most needed, is indicative of the low interest (now) of the system. Reading between the lines however, with you not being kept in the loop either, I would guess that Facebook or Twitter or Skype is used as an alternative – if anything at all. I sense that the seeming ‘difficulty’ in blogging, especially on a privatised site, is just too challenging for many. Over 20 Invitations have been dispatched and at last count only 3, plus myself are exchanging remarks. As you know, the process is simple, and once achieved is a quick ‘logon’ from a saved ID/Password, same as using an ATM.

      Let me just say that I miss his chatter and nonsense and trust that he will recover his well being and get back to us. His past contributions were the soul of Light Infantry spirit.

  73. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello all, see General Chatters for my latest update. Thinking about you all and am now really in to count down for my vacation in Hong Kong at the end of next month, leaving on the 30th Nov.And to think that sixty years ago at this time I was on board the troopship bringing us back from Korea and I had my wonderful little wife of just nineteen days with me. Such wonderful memories and I had just celebrated my 22nd Birthday. The years have flown by so quickly. Bill

  74. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello all. Well here I am, survived another birthday. Had a visit yesterday from a Freemason friend and his wife and daughter, they brought me food a birthday cake and lots of loving friendship, we had a great afternoon together and it helped me such a lot especially as still no contact from my own family.

    I am off to Hong Kong on the 30th November for two weeks and have lots of people to see, lots of partying with family and seven Masonic Lodges to visit, a busy, busy holiday. Look forward to hearing from you. Bill

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Bill, we’re glad you had a good Birthday in the company of good friends I bet the cake was delicious, it won’t be long now before you’re on your travels to Hong Kong, it’ll be here before you know it. Quite the Globe Trotter wouldn’t you say. Take care, will speak to you again.

  75. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Derek. See General Chatters for details of the choir competition, we came second. We have been invited to our Local Town Hall to receive our Trophy and to have pictures taken with the Mayor who organised the competition to raise funds for Charity so it was really a worthwhile cause. We have also received acclaim from the top brass in Freemasonry and had a decent write up in the local Press.

    Great to see that Anne and John are back in the fold love to hear from them both. all best wishes to you, Audrey and all bloggers. My birthday on Friday will be 82 and still feeling like a two year old. Well not really but much better than a lot of guys around here half my age.

    Another 132 words, another Prize?

  76. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Derek, I had a couple of beers last night and a couple of glasses of red wine to drink to your health and mine of course and to remember my Nancy on our Diamond Wedding anniversary, I am sure she was looking down on us. Yes, the Pub was packed again and the restaurant had double bookings on many tables, it will be interesting to see how many covers he took.

    I won’t be going in today because we have our Choir Competition this evening in the Hereford Theatre, fingers crossed that all will go well. All best wishes. Bill

    • G’Day Bill, Happy Memories to you – I’m sure that Nancy was with us, she was probably sitting in spirit at your favourite table. Spent most of yesterday at the Danish Club with friends, during a Street Festival, a very hot day in Brisbane it was good to sit in the aircon. Monday morning now, and all the festivities are over, back to Life’s challenges. Hope the Choir Comp was successful for you.

      Take Care Sjnt Major and Good Health. Derek

  77. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Derek, thanks to YOU for all the hard work and dedication you have put in to providing a link for all us old soldiers to keep in touch. So sad that a lot of them didn’t appreciate your stirling efforts.

    You will not lose me, not until I peg out that is and I don’t plan leaving just yet I have a few more re-unions to attend yet and I plan to be the last one standing, so that gives me a few more years yet, fingers crossed.

    The numbers of comments you have recorded are fantastic and pay credit to your efforts to keep us all together. I am extremely PROUD to be a part of your family and I say YOUR family because it is YOU who have brought us all together. You are a STAR. God Bless you.

    Once again. Happy Birthday. Don’t count the candles. just blow the bloody things out. That’s what I am doing from now on.

    ED: Thanks Bill, for your understanding and appreciation of what has gone on behind the scenes. It’ll be interesting to see who takes up the Password Invitations. Take Care.

  78. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Derek. GREAT to hear from you and that we can be in touch again via your fantastic blog and expertise. I really have missed being able to have my little say and share little stories. Today the 17th SIXTY years ago we the KSLI set sail from Pusan in Korea, tarting our journey back to the UK after seventeen gruelling months at War in Korea, leaving behind 62 of our mates killed in action and buried in the Pusan Military cemetry, and bringing home with us more than two hundred wounded including my late Brother Bob.

    Also, I was on my way to getting married on the 22nd to the most WONDERFUL woman in the World my Darling Nancy. It would have been our Diamond Wedding on the 22nd, the day after your Birthday Derek.

    I will be saying a few prayers and having a drink with you both this coming Friday and Saturday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Derek, have a great day and thanks again for letting us get together again. Whoopee YOU are a STAR.

    Look forward to hearing from Swanny and John Billett. Hi to both of you. Best wishes to you all. Bill.

    • Hello Bill.

      Many, many thanks for your enthusiastic and heartfelt greetings and comments. You are the 1st to post under the Privacy Invitations, many have been dispatched but any one else who is interested may advise me. For the record, in our blogs in just under 6 years, we have recorded 11,570 genuine comments and 13,785 Spam that contain rubbish. One might now understand why I’m curtailing access.

      So too I have further privatised certain blog pages, until such times when sufficient interest is shown by request to open ’em again.

      Thanks again Bill.

  79. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi Swanny
    Keep your chin up and chest out old soldier, as I have said many times we are all praying for your return to good health Great to hear from you, give my love to Doris and to your lovely daughter for looking after you.

  80. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Hi All
    Just to say thanks for asking about my welfare, been to hospital twice this week for tests etc and go back next week for radio thereapy, also my eyes are are playing up and got to have tests on them next week. My daughter has driven me there and has been a godsend, I am finding it hard to write on the PC so excuse my writing as it gets me down. Again thanks guys for all your kind thoughts I really appreciate it, lets just hope all comes good in the future.

    ED: Well done Swanny, good to hear from you, just keep yer chin up ‘Ole Mate.

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Swanny, thank you for coming on line and letting us all know how you are, how good of your daughter to run you around, it’s a good job we have children that devote themselves to us and our needs, they’re worth their weight in gold. Good luck with your hospital appointments, and as I said on FB we are hoping to say hello at Bodmin, keep in there Buddy.

  81. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi John, thanks for the advice but wouldn’t invite him in for wine but I know where I would shove my boot if I got close enough. I have just been out to cut the grass and when I got near his run I slowed down and put the blades down low, didn’t hit him of course but I bet I frightened him. Bill

    PS: just had a short message from Swanny thanking me for best wishes I sent him yesterday

  82. John Billett says:

    Hi Bill, I suggest you put your 180 paces to the minute boots on to catch up with him then give him his Marching Orders, or invite him in for a glass of wine.

  83. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello John
    Blasted mole has been making a hell of a mess in my garden, I have tried prodding all over with the garden fork but the little blighter must be running around at Light Infantry pace, I can’t keep up with him. Prhaps I shall have to resort to a couple of blasts from my shotgun or perhaps erect one of the old ‘Thunder boxes’ over his last location and let fly. Don’t think the neighbours would appreciate that though. Hell it’s a difficult life. Bill
    PS. Heard anything from Swanny?

  84. John Billett says:

    Hello Bill, our machine was out of commision for a few days, it’s alright again now. I don’t know where everyone is hiding, perhaps they’re on holiday. You want to be careful of those moles they spy on you then tell everyone all your business, lol, take care Bill.

  85. Hello John and everyone. Been having a bit of a problem with the computer so quiet for a few days BUT I was determined not to let it beat me, so my brain (did you say ‘What Brain?) has been working overtime, BUT. I won in the end learned a lot from help on the Windows website, but it did make my brain ache for a while. And here I am back at it.

    Hope you and everyone are alright. Everyone? Where are they all?

    Just been out and cut all the grass and a blasted mole has been digging all round my garden but he won’t dare to pop his head above ground I would whip the mower round quite quick and give him a short back and sides if he did. Keep smiling chaps. Bill

  86. Hello John
    Yes I agree in fact I am off to Hong Kong again in December and I am due to meet several new friends that I have made via the internet as a result of the little story I wrote about my darling Nancy and her shooting prowess. In fact I am taking all her trophies and medals etc to present to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, where they can be admired for years to come.

    I can’t believe the weather at the moment. THE SUN IS SHINING and I have been able to take my long johns off. Ha! Ha!

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Bill, steady on about taking they Long Johns off, we wouldn’t want you to catch a chill now, Ha Ha. It is nice to see some sunshine, I thought the summer was going to pass us by, hope it lasts until the Rally at Bodmin, going down to see as many of the boys as possible. What a lovely thing you’re going to do as regards to handing Nancy’s trophies to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, better there than being sold off, well done Bill.

  87. Hello John, I am pretty sure he will supply the wine and if it is made up there, bet there are pretty little Angels who tread the grapes to make it. Would love to see that, but not just yet I hope, tho’ the time is obviously getting close now. Bill

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Bill, can’t go yet, too many people to see and places to go, hang on in there.

  88. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello John and Derek. Yep! you both have got it right and I think we have been fortunate enough to live through some good times, the little bad bits we can forget, they were nothing really. I certainly would not like to be in my teens or early twenties today. I think we had some of the best years and the memories we have could not be equalled today I am sure and I like you John would not change things if I had my time again.

    Yes, keep taking the tablets, wash em’ down with a drop of ale or wine and soldier on for as long as the good lord will allow and, if there is a life hereafter what a great re-union we are going to have. Bill

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Bill, when the time comes will we have to take our own communion wine or do you think he’ll supply it, just a thought, lol.

  89. John Billett says:

    G’day Derek, you just about summed it up right, we have all advanced in years, we’ve lost several along the way, but they won’t be forgoten. As you said all the aches and pains, the little niggles that come with advanced years makes your mind wander back to when times were easier, wishing it could be like that now. I think to myself no matter how bad I feel there is someone worse off than me. I’ve enjoyed my life and if I had to live it all again I wouldn’t change very much of it, I’ve met some wonderful people and had some great times. I’m going to keep taking the tablets and enjoy what time the Big Man grants me.

  90. 1935 was a very good year

    Most of us in 16th Intake, 5th November 1953 were born in the year ’35, which makes us around 77 or more in this year of 2012. Three score years and ten the Good Book tells us, so those of us who can read this have done quite well – in biblical terms. I dunno about you Cheps, but this past winter in OZ has been far from kind and while I would hotly deny the fact, I’ve slowed down a bit physically, but still maintain a soldierly air when I move in circles that I need to impress. Privately, a few aches and pains, coughs and chills abound and the paracetamol has taken a pounding this year. Of course, feeling tired is pretty common and I’m tired by 22.00, but when I get up at 05.30 most mornings, I guess thats not so difficult to accept. This Sunday I’m Team Leader of 10 blokes in a cricket, croquet, football, table tennis Veteran Games Event, so on balance I guess that I’m doing OK.

    For those Old Mates who report in that they’re not so good these days, and especially those who can add a sizeable number to 77, I’d like to say “Well Done Cheps”. We’ve experienced a lifetime of changes and developments that none of us would have imagined possible, so lets not be sad as we run down the autumn of our years, still facing the dawn with the realisation that inevitably one day, our name will appear in Memoriale. I remind all my friends that Life is like a balance sheet – profit & loss, income & expenses, good & bad, long & short term forecasts. Travel well my old mates, remember the good times of our youth, drink yer hot chocolate and take yer pills, and imbibe a wee drachm now and then. Good Luck and better health to those of you in pain and need.

  91. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi John, that sounds pretty nasty but quite common in the old days. Were they regimental cooks or ACC? We had Regimental cooks when I joined up but that is not what we called them. and they could ruin anything that was put in front of them and yes I can also remember bacon swimming around in big trays of fat, ‘ORRIBLE’ But we survived. Bill

  92. John Billett says:

    Another bad time in my life, after being released from the DCLI in the month of May. In the September I had to go to Salisbury Plain on TA service, arrived alright on the Friday evening on the Saturday morning had breakfast consisting of bacon out of a tin, within an hour I was wrything around in great pain. I ended up in Hospital with gastroenteritis, I thought being seasick was bad enough but my god the pain was on a different level. It took the whole two weeks to get better, just in time to come home. So much for my TA session.

  93. Hello John, thanks for the idea. I could have used a pole vault to get over the six foot wall on the assault course, I used to take a good run at it but always ended up just smashing my face against it. Hell six foot to me is damned high, I am only five foot one AND after being thrown up on to the 12 foot wall I needed a parachute to get down the other side. How I never broke my neck I will never know but here I am. Bill

  94. John Billett says:

    Hi Bill, you could have used it as a pole for pole vaulting. Talking of PTIs, we had a PT session at Bodmin and a couple of the boys started sniggering much to the disgust of the PTI, he had us go down on our haunches and had us hopping around for ages, when he let us stop and stand upright again we were in agony, so after that no more sniggering.

  95. Hello John (Tarzan). I was never able to throw the javelin being so short, when I threw my arm back, the back end of the javelin always stuck in the ground behind me much to the amusement of those watching, except the PTI of course, he just used to say “Next”. Bill

  96. Great stuff chaps, keep ’em coming, see if we can get some of our old Bloggers back. Bill
    Nice to hear from you ED.

  97. At Prospect Garrison in Bermuda in 1955, as our growing confidence among the junior NCOs developed with each other, particularly knowing the limits of piss taking that one could push during the more serious Quarter Guard mounting, I happened to be the incoming GC opposite Ken Young. Imagine the moment when with all due ceremony the seriousness was broken by Ken announcing “1 flagpole and 2 tennis nets under close arrest” and other nonsense that I have forgotten. I’m afraid that the discipline for that time barely held as we all sniggered and choked our laughter. Good job that Jock Massie CSM wasn’t in earshot, we’d all have been doubled inside the Guard Room.

  98. John Billett says:

    A lighter moment for me happened at Bodmin during our basic training. We went up onto an open bit of ground, the object of the exercise was to throw an object as far as you could. The things to throw were a cricket ball and a javelin as far as I can remember. My turn came to throw, Sgt Cook hande me the javelin and said ‘Throw this javelin as far as you can, lets see what your made of’ well I’d been a bit of a celeb at school with the javelin, so I duly took the javelin and threw it, when the javelin landed Sgt Cook looked me in the eyes and said ‘Right Tarzan, now go and fetch it’, I don’t know whether he was pleased or being sarcastic, it amused me.

  99. Bill Griffiths says:

    Here’s my first story and true. I was on the ranges can’t remember where, but we had to start off at 800 yards fire five rounds from the prone position, then double down to the next firing point and fire five more rounds from a different position and so on, you know, kneeling, resting against a post etc. Anyway we got to the position where we had to jump in to a trench and fire our five rounds from there, OK no problem, that is for normal sized bloke. When I jumped in to my trench it was so deep I couldn’t see over the top, and my rifle was sticking up in the air pointing to the heaven and all I could hear was the instructor shouting ‘Griffiths get out of that f**#ing hole’ and I couldn’t it was too deep. They had to drag me out. Talk about being embarrassed. But now after all those years it really seems quite funny. Bill (little Bill that is) Come on, your turn, who can beat that?

  100. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Derek, great to hear from you and thanks for your thoughts and concern for all our dear friends. Yes of course we are all getting older and slower but I am sure our memories will never fade, and that we are still capable of sharing some of those fun moments we all enjoyed together all those years ago. Come on Chaps let’s hear a few more of those old stories, start the lamp swinging again. I am probably one of the oldest in years but never let it be said that I was too old to share memories and funny stories and I would love to hear some more of your stories from the tropics. Come on guys, lets have a competition, see who can tell the most stories and the most funny. S’gnt Major Bill


    Significantly, there are several Old Mates that we don’t hear from much these days and that could be ‘cos they aren’t feeling up to scratch, with maybe health issues, the weather, ageing or family matters. We all experience problems from time to time, with medical tests and worrying functions that all of a sudden are looming more as we age and grow weary. You are not alone Cheps and that feeling of change and challenge when you wake up in the morning is – I can assure you – felt by most of us.

    Just to let you know that wherever you are and undergoing some private matter that is not for public airing, you are in our thoughts. The comradeship of the Light Infantry is etched in our pysche and you are not forgotten, despite the silence that prevails.

    In that quiet reflective corner of your mind, just cast back to those times when we cussed and fussed for a new boot lace or a piece of essential kit needed for Guard Duty; that moment when the Duty Officer was approaching your spot for inspection, or that poignant moment when the the bugler sounded the Last Post while you were at the present and the evening breeze brought those tropical scents to your nose.

    Take Care and Good Luck Cheps, life has been good to us and there are many who never made it even half way to this time in our lives. See the glass half full and let your mind wander to happier times.

    Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity. Louis Pasteur

  102. John Billett says:

    Hello everyone, would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Fathers Day, hope everyone is keeping well, take great care.

  103. John Billett says:

    Hello Terry & June would like to take the opportunity to wish you both A Happy Wedding Anniversary, have a good day with all the family, wish you many more.

  104. John Billett says:

    Bill Eaton: wishing you well after having your knee operation, get well soon, get back into training for your marathons.

  105. Anne Knight says:

    Hi Swanny. What good news for you Swanny. I let John and Jenny know. They like myself are so relieved for you. keep up the good news, we are all looking forward to seeing you both in 4 weeks time. Take care of yourselves. All the best love from Anne, Jenny & John.


    Geoff at MQ Prospect circa 1954

    Geoff has discovered a Bermuda pix (about 1954 while he was then a Cpl MT) taken with his 2 nippers at the MQ. Geoff reported some time ago that most of his photo memorabilia had been lost, so ’tis good to see at least one, Geoff. Many thanks, hope all is well and that you are keeping to the speed limit on your scooter! No switching off the ignition while in motion, like you used to do in the old Bedford.

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Geoff, I bet that’s peeled the years away. Happy memories.

  107. Sue Hunter says:

    I wonder if you can help me? I’ve spent the last couple of years searching for a Joe Knight who served with my father (Len Humphries) in Korea. I’ve seen mentions in your posts of a Joe and Ann Knight and wonder whether this might be the man I was looking for. I see from this site that Joe is now deceased as, sadly is my father (17th June 2011). We have a lovely photo of Dad and the Joe Knight I’m looking for together with some other lads in Korea. Dad transferred from the Royal Fusiliers to the 1st Middlesex and set off for Korea in January 1951. The Joe I was looking for was in the HQ stores, do you have any info which will confirm whether or not I am on the right track? If I am then I can post a copy of a photo that perhaps someone could pass on to Joe’s family together with details of a rather interesting story of the preferred mode of transport one night, ie. a water buffalo. Sorry if this is not the right place to post this, or indeed if I have the wrong Joe Knight. I just need to carry out my father’s wishes and to try and track down Joe.

    ED: Sue, I can pretty much guarantee that our Joe Knight (a close army mate of the Editor and other DCLI) is not the Chep you seek. Our Joe was Ox & Bucks Light Infantry and served in Egypt before 1954, when he travelled with 1DCLI on the Empire Clyde to Bermuda. Joe demobbed (I believe) in 1954. I don’t ever recall him speaking of Korea. However if it will assist, you can email attach a JPEG file to me and I’ll publish it with a caption.

    Also if you care to browse the Re-Union 1 album on our Military Picasa Albums page, you’ll see many shots of Joe with many of his mates from the Caribbean, taken at Penzance in 2009

  108. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    I would like to thank you Derek and all of you for your kind words and comments about my latest blip! Hopefully with new treatments I will beat this disease again, as you that know me well I will fight this till the very end and win again. I met a close mate who was DCLI-KOYLI having treatment at the Sunrise Centre when I was there last week having a blood test and he like me was upfront to fight this awful disease. Again thanks for your kind thoughts and words and as you know Derek I won’t give in without a fight.

    ED: Goodonyer Mate

  109. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Swanny. Yes I agree with all that Ed has said, you are a Trooper, solid and without equal. Stick with it old soldier we are all with you every minute of every day. Bill


    Our loyal Old Mate Swanny is facing a tough uphill battle against unwelcome news on the health front. ‘T’ain’t easy to publicly announce these issues and Swanny will I know, get our heartfelt support in battling his way through this latest challenge. Swanny ‘Ole Mate, you’ve stood by us all through thick and thin over the years and be assured that we are all thinking of you with every best positive expectancy that you’ll pull through. Keep us informed Champ, every step of the way, we’ll share the challenge with you. Best of Luck. Derek and Audrey

  111. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    I have written a full report of my scans etc on Swanny Swanson Blog if you wish to read it.

  112. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Hi All
    I have written about my visit to the Radiology on my Swanny Swanson page for my scans etc.

  113. Hello John
    Thanks for the kind words about nice things coming in small packages, but I was also reminded often, that it only takes a little bit of poison to see you off. No wonder I got the nickname ‘The Poison Dwarf’. Ha!..Ha!.

    We have had a bit of sunshine today nd I will be off to Hong Kong again in December, it will be lovely and warm then, a bit of a way off yet, but I have booked before the prices get too high.

  114. John Billett says:

    Hello all Cornish bloggers, I know it’s rather late in the day but we hope you all had a good St Piran’s Day, lots of Festivities every where, if your’re still celebrating whoop it up.

  115. John Billett says:

    Hi Swanny, mind you don’t get blown away whilst hanging out the washing. Glad to hear Doris is doing fine and well on the mend. We will be thinking of you Thursday, and we also hope every thing will be fine, think possitive, nothing but good luck to you and Doris.

  116. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    HI All
    Just hanging out the washing! Doris is gone on her morning route march on her crutches out to the end of the road and back in FSFO will be in FSMO in a day or so. All joking aside she has done marvellous in such a short time of having her two hips done in the last six months. I had a letter from my surgeon and go to see him on Thursday about the results of my CT Scan which I had couple of weeks ago, lets hope its good news as I have been suffering with very bad stomach pains the past few weeks, it is nice to have some remarks on the blogs as they haven’t been used like in the past.

  117. Hello John. Not a bad weekend although very cold and this afternoon we actually had a hailstorm here. mini snowballs rattling on the conservatory roof just like machine gun fire. ‘But they missed’ Ha! Ha!because I am only five foot two I don’t have to duck. All best wishes to you and all the other absent Bloggers. Where are they all? Bill

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Bill, glad you had a good weekend, I don’t know if we had hailstones but we had quite a drop of rain, the first for a long while, good job you were under cover or you would have been driven into the ground. As for being short you know the old saying about ‘nice things coming in small packages’ I’m sure that applies to you. Best regards, and take care.

  118. John Billett says:

    Happy weekend every one, hope the weather and life is kind to you, take care.

  119. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Thanks for your remarks Derek, sorry I haven’t replied earlier but my duties to Doris etc is a full time job! I have my usual bollocking from Doris, she is like Jock Massie! can’t do a thing right! I was never cut out to be a carer, but joking aside she really appreciates all I do for her.

  120. Make sure you hang on to the Old Buggers arm Doris – going up and down your front steps. Welcome Home!

  121. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Neil and Doris. Welcome home Doris, great to hear that you are OK and we all know that Neil will look after you and we will pray for your quick return to full health. Once again, all love and best wishes Doris.


  122. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Good news. Went to hospital last evening in my daughter’s car and Doris was sat waiting to come home. The surgeon saw her in the afternoon and said she was confident enough to be discharged from hospital. We have all the apparatus, ie high chair etc as we had on her last OP and all went well when we got home. Again thanks to all who sent get well cards etc and your kind words and deeds, now to get her prepared for route marches!

    • John Billett says:

      Well done Swanny, Doris will be more comfortable at home, not that I’m knocking the Hospital, you will know what I mean from your own experiences of Hospitals. Wish her well from Peggy and me, and God bless her and watch over her. Take care Buddy.

  123. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and words, Neil (Swanny)

  124. Bill Griffiths says:

    Great to hear the good news Swanny, give Doris a big hug from me

  125. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Good news I drove back to hospital this afternoon after contacting the ward nurse who said she was back in her room. My daughter went with me and same as the last OP Doris was loooking very well indeed, so hopefully she will be out of hospital on Saturday next, we stayed till 5-30 and returned home, as said before I will keep you posted on her welfare.

    ED: Good News indeed Swanny. BIG HUGS for Doris from all dahn undah!

    • John Billett says:

      Well done Swanny, glad Doris is ok, she’ll be home and chasing you around in no time at all, better practice your running, take care.

  126. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Drove Doris to hospital in Truro at 7-30 this morning for her other hip operation, booked in etc and she saw surgeon etc and she went down to theatre at 10-15 am,lets hope the OP is as successful as her last in August last year wil keep you posted.

  127. Bill Griffiths says:

    Feeling a little better this morning, seems to me the port and brandy might have done the trick! Managed Church parade this morning, and had to do 140 all the way there and back to keep warm, it is about five below outside. Brrrrrrrrrrr and supposed to get worse by the weekend, glad to say I have quite a good stock of P & B in the cocktail cabinet

  128. Bill Griffiths says:

    Thanks John
    Wise words and yes of course they drink wine in Church. I always feel envious of the vicar at the end of communion when he finishes off whats left. But I will not go to the pub tonight, still not feeling up to it although I might just have a little glass of port and brandy. Used to be a favourite way of putting little upsets right. Yep, I definitely will do this nd drink to yours and everyones health.

  129. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello John, the weather here is very cold, frosty mornings, yet sunny and well below zero but we haven’t had any snow thank goodness. My car has been stuck away in the garage and me in the nice warm house, or of course in the pub just a hundred yard dash from here, don’t even get wet if it is raining. I am not feeling so good this morning, still nasty after effects following my two trips to the dentist on Monday, can’t seem to shake off this pain and shortness of breath. I don’t think I will manage to get down to the Church this morning, that is a mile round trip and I don’t feel up to it this morning

    All best wishes to you, and to everyone

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Bill, sorry to hear that the trip to the dentist has left you feeling off colour, as the pub is closer to you than the church I suggest you keep on visiting there with a promise to visit the church when you’re more up to it. Just say a little prayer of thanks as you’re lifting the glass to your lips, just remember that wine is drunk in church. I dont think the Lord will be too hard on you. Keep warm.

  130. John Billett says:

    Hello everyone, hope you’re all keeping well. You sound in good fettle Bill, I couldn’t agree more that Derek is doing his utmost to keep us all in contact with each other. They keep on about all this bad weather that’s around but I must confess that my part of the country has been fortunate to miss it so far, keep warm and safe everyone.

  131. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi guys. just looked at the introduction to this part of the site again and Derek has gone to great lengths to try to keep us together. Read it again and let’s do what Derek wanted us to do. Come on guys, lets hear from you, time is getting shorter as each day goe’s by, we know this and we can’t change it. Send a message of good cheer or a G’Day to those that you know and to those who you would like to know.
    God bless you all

  132. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi guys, just had a very unpleasant day with the dentist, never did like dentists even though this one was a very pretty young foreign girl but still administered the needle in a very painful way. I had one extraction and two severe fillings, my mouth is aching like mad and you know what it is like when you try to drink something and you dribble all down your cheeks. Well, I am mopping up the Port and Brandy and I will keep going until I succeed. Hell, it’s tough growing old.

    Hope you are all well, seems very quiet on the blog pages. Come on Guys, lets hear from you. Time is rolling by far too quickly.


  133. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Ed. Had a email from Judie Fossey to say John had a minor blip with a little seep of fluid from his throat area, so is on non fluids for a day or so but is in good spirits. Hopefully this will rectify itself shortly, will keep you posted on John’s welfare and we all hope all goes well for him. Nil by Mouth is the term used for feeding by tube etc.

  134. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Thanks Bill. No it was not planned for that date, but Mr Bracey said last year that it would be in the New Year and kept to his word which we both really appreciated. Lets hope it goes the same as her first OP and all has gone so good for her since the first OP, and she has been free of pain in the last six months, again thanks to you on the blogs for your thoughts and kind words.

  135. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Swanny and Doris. Did you plan this OP for the 14th? Valentines Day. Hope you get some nice big bunches of Roses on the day and we will all be thinking about you and praying that all goes well


  136. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Thanks for all your kind comments.

  137. John Billett says:

    Hi Swanny, and Doris, that is good news for your next hip operation, we pray the next one goes as well as the first, then as Bill said, run jump skip, the world will be your oyster, you’ll leave Swanny standing, good luck and God bless.

    I like the Ed’s comment.

  138. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Doris. All best wishes and success on the 14th. I will be saying a special prayer for you and hope that it won’t be long before you are running around again like a two year old and keeping Neil under control. Love Bill

  139. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Hi All, had a phone call from Doris’ surgeon’s wife to say Doris is to go in to hospital on 13-2-2012 and have the OP on the other hip on the 14-2-2012. The surgeon kept to his word and said he would do it in the New Year which is very good news indeed. Her new hip has been such a success so hopefully this will be the same outcome.

  140. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:


    Had an email from Judie Fossey this morning to say John phoned her early today and was sounding very perky which is very good news. I mailed her to say we were all thinking about her and their family.

  141. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Ed. Not long had a email from John Fossey’s wife, the DCLI chap who today had similar operation as I had, and she said the surgeon says it went well, let’s hope he will get over the operation and back to full health. I think you met him when we had the Re-Union in Bodmin, he is a first class gentleman as most of the DCLI have always turned out to be.



      We wish you well ‘Ole Mate, with the latest news of your operation and prognosis. We send our best wishes and hopes for a swift and full recovery. Happy years ahead.

  142. Bill Griffiths says:

    Well, here we are in to the third day of 2012 and so far nothing seems to have changed!!. It is still cold and wet, prices are going UP. nothing ever comes down, we are all getting older, some of us quicker than others.

    But the one thing we still have and gets better every day is the knowledge that we as old soldiers have good friends, friends and comrades that are worth more than gold and I for one, thank God for all you guys that have become MY friends. God Bless you all and hope we continue this friendship for many years to come.


  143. Anne Knight says:

    Hello everyone. I would like to wish you all good health, good fortune, and happiness for many years to come. Have a happy and wonderful new year 2012. God bless, best wishes from Anne.

  144. Bill Griffiths says:

    Sydney fireworks FANTASTIC. we didn’t have anything like that in Eardisley, the only blinking lights I saw were the street lights when I was walking back from the PUB and I don’t think it was the lights that were blinking.


  145. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Derek and Audrey, and thank you so much for your good wishes and positive thinking. I will try hard to be optimistic and accept things as they are and will look forward to the good times and endure the not so good times. Thanks again for keeping us all together, you are a STAR. Happy New Year and all best wishes to everyone.


    ED: Thanks Bill and good luck for 2012.

  146. John Billett says:

    Happy New Year to all our friends where ever you are, we wish you nothing but good luck through out 2012 going hand in hand with good health. Take care.

  147. John Billett says:

    Thank you Derek & Audrey, may we in return wish you everything you’ve wished us. May the Year 2012 be kind to you all, good luck good health and take care of each other.

  148. NYE 2011

    May I wish you all a Happy & Prosperous New Year 2012. Good health and enduring optimism for a better year ahead than many across the globe have experienced. We’ve lost a few Old DCLI Diggers and others are in mourning for lost loved ones, but persistence prevails in keeping positive about all manner of things, with focus on ageing gracefully. Enjoy the dying moments of 2011 and open the door to the New Year with high expectation.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes from us all down here in OZ

  149. Bill Griffiths says:

    Well hello everyone, here we are almost at the end of another year, just three more days and we will be in to 2012 and I pray that it will be a good year for everyone. I will be thinking about you all and praying for you and your good health and fortune for the coming year and indeed for many years to come.

    Hells Bells, we’ve got a long way to go yet hopefully. As you can imagine, it has been a lonely Christmas for me but I know without doubt, that my darling Nancy has been looking down on me and making sure that I am OK. I miss her so very much.

    Again dear friends, all best wishes and good fortune for the year to come. Thank you for your friendship.


    PS: Next year is the year of the Dragon (Chinese Year). Hell, I have met a few Dragons in my time, how about you Derek, how many Dragons can you recall?

  150. John Billett says:

    Hello everyone, we would like to wish every one of you a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

  151. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello everybody. Not long now and Christmas will be here. I have decided to stay at home on my own.for Christmas and no Xmas Turkey. but I will be celebrating eating many different Chinese style dishes and of course a few bottles of wine.

    I feel sure that my darling Nancy will be looking down on me and in a strange way I feel that we will be together.

    I will be thinking about you all. Have a great Christmas And a very special Christmas wish for you Derek and Audrey of course. hope you have a wonderful time. Bill

  152. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Hi Bill, as you said Bill, thanks to Derek for all his work on the blogs and just a few of us who try to help keep the blogs going. It is as you said Bill, Christmas again is here, how the years pass so quickly, no fun getting old but we have to be thankful to have great friendships, especially us few on the blog. I do still enjoy going on even if it is not so busy as in the past, and as you said Bill – a Merry Christmas to you all.

  153. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello everybody. A week today it will be Christmas day and I wish every one of you a Very Merry Christmas, and of course a Happy New Year.

    Let us all pray for a better year, not just for ourselves, but for all those who are suffering for what ever reason, be it War, ill health or just old age.

    Thank you Derek especially for making it possible for us all to communicate this way and I am sure I am speaking on behalf of all our bloggers.



  154. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Met up with John Fossey at Truro Christmas Lunch, good to see him as he lives in Dorset and is going through chemo the same as I went through for cancer of the oesophagus, He was looking good hoping to have the operation in the New Year. He goes swimming on a regular basis and has not lost weight like I did so I tried to assure him that hopefully he will be OK. He and his wife thanked me for saying keep positive and he will be OK. As I email him as I thought it is his wife that does the internet and I said you should take it up and learn yourself about PCs etc and said I would be lost if I didn’t have my PC. He thanked me for being a big help since he got this terrible disease, and I said thats what DUKES do best trust all your comrades. TTFN

  155. Bill Griffiths says:

    Thanks John. I will take care, so that I can hopefully make another trip to HK next year, health permitting. All best wishes

  156. John Billett says:

    Welcome Home Bill, glad to hear you had a great holiday with your Chinese family, also pleased you had a safe trip. Take care.

  157. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello everybody.

    Here I am back from Hong Kong, had an absolutely fabulous time with my Chinese family, they spoiled me rotten and I don’t think I have eaten and drank so much in such a short space of time ever before. I didn’t want to come back but, here I am, sorting out all the photos I took and ready to start planning another trip next year.

    Thanks Derek for everything and look after Audrey and give her a big kiss from me on her Birthday. All best wishes to everyone. Bill

  158. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Hi Bill
    Thanks for your mail and photos of your Hong Kong family, glad you had a good holiday, just what you needed after all you have been through. Doris saw her surgeon last week and he was very pleased with her progress, he is going to do her other hip in the new year, she has done remarkably well since her op in August last but the left hip is more painful now so let’s get Christmas over and hope she will be completely free from pain in the New Year.

  159. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hello Guys. Here I am in Hong Kong having a great time partying with family and also made two visits thus far to Masonic Lodges where I have been treated with great respect, sitting at top table for dinners with the Top Brass and having been asked to make after dinner speeches, really great. The weather is just right, not too hot, but yesterday it absolutely ‘hissed’ down. I didn’t get wet, made good use of the great taxi service here.

    Thinking about you all with every pint and glass of wine that I have. Cheers everybody, off out again now. Bye for now. Bill

    ED: Good to get the news of you Bill, having a great time. On behalf of the lads I wish you peace of mind with your HK Family and every possible moment of contentment with them. Take Care Sjnt Major.

  160. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi Guys
    I am off to Hong Kong tomorrow for two weeks, going to visit family on Nancy’s side, should bring back happy memories of yesteryear. Such a pity my darling Nancy was not here to join me, but I know she will be with me in spirit.

    It is sixty two years ago since I first set foot in HK. in September 1949. WOW! where have all the years gone? I will have a few drinks and drink to the health of all of you. Cheers everybody


    ED: Travel well Bill and good luck and good fortune – rub the buddha’s belly Sjnt Major. Check your email while you’re in HK.

    • John Billett says:

      Good luck Bill and a safe voyage. May you have many happy memories while you’re there, and as you said Nancy will be with you all the way. Take care.

  161. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    I have just had a phone call from Anne Knight to say thanks to all of Joe’s close mates and friends for the kindness shown by all for our kind thoughts and words to Anne and Joe’s family and those who attended the funeral for which Joe’s family appreciated so much. Anne is holding up very well in the cicumstances of the loss of a very devoted family man.

    ED: Thanks for the update Swanny. Our collective thoughts of support are with Anne & Family. Joe was indeed a close mate and a fine bloke and will be missed by all of 3 Platoon Mates.

  162. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    I have received a email from John Fossey with a photo taken of him in hospital while having chemo and drugs etc. He said the drugs seem to be working as he can eat a little bit as his throat cancer seems a bit better. I will send you the photo Derek by email. Also it was nice of Joe Knight’s daughter to put her write up about Joe on the blog page.

  163. Bill Griffiths says:

    Thanks John
    I am out tonight, having started a new venture. We have formed a new Masonic Male Voice Choir in Hereford, I am singing in the Bass section. We have practised for some months now and in fact given two concerts which went down very well. Tonight is practise night, so I better lubricate my tonsils, not with beer though until after practise, then will no doubt have couple. All the best. Bill

    PS. Yes I guess that Nancy will be not far away and looking after me and she is in my thoughts and my heart for every minute of every hour.

  164. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hi everyone. Just a quick message to let you know I am plodding on, now a week in to my 82nd year. Time flies they say but every day seems to go slow at the moment, thinking about all the good days gone by, trying to keep the house all clean and tidy, just as I used to do for Nancy. Although it seems so different now.
    Anyway, all best wishes to you all.

    • John Billett says:

      Hi Bill, good to hear from you, great to hear your feeling fine, I’m sure Nancy isn’t far away, take care and good luck.

  165. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Doris and I visited Mike Nobby Clarke today and he is looking very well after his ordeal, he had stents replaced and blood flushed etc and is looking well. We have Truro Branch Autumn Lunch at Newquay on Monday next and will be driving Nobby and Mary there hopefully. I will give them your regards Derek as they mention you from your visit over here for our Re-Union couple of years back, also Nobby sends you his regards. We have a West Cornwall Branch meeting on Tuesday next and as usual Derek I will sent you a report of it.

    ED: Many thanks Swanny. Regards to all.

  166. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    just to say Mike Nobby Clarke was admitted to Treliske Hospital last Friday for tests on his heart etc. He had scans etc and they found he had blood problems with it thickening and all out of balance. Doris has phoned his wife Mary on a daily basis for updates etc and hope fully he should be home soon, will keep you posted.

    ED: Best regards and good wishes for a quick recovery Nobby.

  167. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Just to say John Fossey emailed me to say he has cancer similar to what I had, he is starting shortly to begin chemotherapy and to have the operation in the near future. We all wish him well in the coming months and like me hopefully have a good result. I know all on the blogs wishes him well, a former DCLI soldier who like us is one of the family as ex Duke’s. We always try to look after each other especially as one of us. Swanny.

    ED: Good Luck John.

  168. Joe Knight. says:

    Dear Swanny & Doris.
    Many congratulations on your 55th anniversary, sorry we are late sending. Lots of love, good health and happiness together always. God bless you both, from Anne & Joe xxxx

  169. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Ed and Sloop
    Thanks for sending your best wishes, as I said Doris is getting better every day, I gave her her breakfast today like I always do in bed, she is getting up earlier now evey day and apart from a little discomfort from her other hip and knee you can see by her face most of the pain is gone, long may it continue. She went to bingo at our Legion last night, her friend Barbara drove her there and back which was kind of her.

  170. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Just to say tomorrow the 8th September it is our 55 years anniversary and as Doris is going on so well after her hip operation it will be a bonus to have her here feeling so well after a long year of pain. Doris has booked for us to have a meal together at lunchtime which will be very nice, and I suppose the family will be visiting during the day. We like all married couples have our moments but we are so lucky to have such a close family who have helped us go through a very happy 55 years.

    ED: Congratulations Doris & Swanny. Good to hear that Doris is well. Have a great day.

    • John Billett says:

      Hello Swanny, good to hear Doris is getting on fine. We send our congratulations to you and Doris for your 55th anniversary and enjoy your special lunch time meal. See you at Bodmin Saturday, keep our fingers crossed that the weather stays fine for it.

  171. G’Day Bill Griffiths

    We may not be emailing as much these days Bill, but you are still on our minds as regularly as ever. We trust and hope that you are soldiering on after dear Nancy has left us and that you are managing to restructure your days with Old Mates and the Masonic Choir and a few ports -? Take Care Sjnt Major.

    Derek & Audrey

  172. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Well another week has passed, Nurse coming this morning to do Doris’ wound dressing, can’t believe how the time flies. We went for another walk yesterday another 500 yards further than the day before and she is doing exceptionally well walking on her crutches, and with very little pain in her hip, normally it is very painfull after surgery. Let’s hope it continues, I am still Mrs Mopp doing the household chores! but it comes with the job in hand.


  173. John Billett says:

    Well done Swanny, glad to hear everything is going well with Doris. You’ve been spoilt, keep up the good work.

  174. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Just to say Doris is going on very well, nurse came last Friday and removed the stitches from her hip and redressed the wound. Still taking the pills etc but very pleased with her progress, I am not the best of carers but I do my best with the washing and ironing etc OK doing the cooking etc but I am not cut out as a housemaid! Swanny.

  175. John Billett says:


    Good to hear you’ve taken over the house hold chores, only trouble is if you make too good a job of it Doris will let you continue after she’s better. Wish her well from us once again and may she soon get the swing of that leg (hip), not too much polish on the floor mind, LOL. Take care.

  176. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Thanks JB for your kind words and all on the blogs that have sent and phoned us since Doris’ OP, she is doing remarkably well and getting around the house with her walking aids, had lots of visitors and the house is like a florist shop with so many flowers.Tto you Derek as a carer now I could now be like Sloop and have a job in the Officers Mess? as I am cooking and cleaning like a gooden! I have asked Terry Joll to give my appology at our Branch Meeting tonight as I cannot attend as my daughter who lives near me is on holiday with her family in Turkey,she deserves a holiday as she was down on her nerves for the last few months and has earned a holiday. Best regards to all our bloggers that are left here. Swanny.

  177. John Billett says:

    Glad to hear Doris is home, as you said full time job, different than in hospital, your daughters will help make things easy for you and Doris will be well in no time. Wish you all well.

  178. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Hi All. Me and my daughter drove Doris home from hospital on Saturday. Didn’t realise the work involved as a carer – full time job! She is going on very well in the circumstances, moving around on her walking aids and then lying down on the bed etc. My youngest daughter Moira came in yesterday and got shopping etc and cooked our lunch, which was much appreciated. A lot more difficult at home with the toiletries etc as with walking frames etc in smaller spaces – is difficult as in hospital you have more space to carry out these duties as you well know. Also my daughter who lives near us is gone on a weeks holiday, but I hope to cope OK. Best regards, Swanny.

    ED: Welcome Home Doris. Take it easy now, make ‘Ole Swanny do the washing up. Good to know you flew through the op. Keep well and heal quickly. Best Regards, Derek.

  179. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Phoned Doris this morning and she was sounding very well, seeing the physio also this morning to get her back on her feet. My daughter and her hubby gone up there this afternoon and her sister Val will drive me to Truro tonight. She was sounding fine so it seems all is fine, we will go from 5pm till 8 pm. Had a phone call from Joe and Anne Knight this morning and I sent a enail to them as my voice doesn’t do phones like I used them before my voice box problems. Again all thanks for your kind words and thoughts.

  180. John Billett says:

    Hello Swanny, we’re both glad Doris has had her OP and that everything is okay with her, having a hip OP isn’t so bad as a knee job, they get them back walking quicker, we’re sure Doris will be up and about in no time, wish her well from us both, take care.

  181. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Doris had her OP yesterday morning and all went OK. My daughter Lesley and I drove there at 2-30 and she was looking vary well indeed, very alert and talkative, we were very surprised as we both thought she would be groggy etc but she was bright as a button. She was still numb from the OP on her bottom half, we stayed until 7-00 pm and I phoned her at 9pm to wish her goodnight and she was still very alert, hope she doesn’t have a reaction to the pain today. Had a phonecall from John Griffin which I really appreciated when I got home, will keep you posted Derek and would like to thank all for their kind thoughts.

    • Well Swanny, why would you expect anything else? I’ll bet she’s having a bloody good rest as well. Living with you – you old bugger – she’ll need a break. LOL. Best Wishes to her ‘Ole Mate, when you next visit.

  182. Joe Knight. says:

    Hi Swanny.
    We hope all went well for Doris after her operation today. We wish her a speedy recovery and back to her old self again soon. Get well soon. Love and best from Joe & Anne.

  183. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    Took Doris to hospital last evening, Duchy Hospital is a private hospital but Doris is having her treatment on NHS. She has a private room and lovely accommodation free TV etc. I stayed with her for couple of hours. She is scheduled to go to theatre at 7-30 this morning so lets all goes well for her after such a long wait for this hip operation,. Thanks for your kind comments.


    Swanny reports that Doris is into hospital tomorrow for her long awaited operation. We know that this is a routine job Doris and that you’ll go through the procedure like the stalwart you are, but we shall be thinking of you with best wishes for a 100% outcome. Get Well Soon after the op!

    Derek and Audrey

  185. Neil Swanny Swanson, says:

    I am almost sure we went by train. We Cornish lads in each intake on 36 hour passes etc would take someone out side the County who would not have time to go home and back again and they would stay with the Cornish lads family for the short period and return to duty on the Monday after getting a train from Penzance eg on the Sunday night. On one occasion I took a lad I think name of Worely? who came from Portsmouth, memories memories Derek. As said before not too many of our mates still around so sad and we are lucky to be able to remember them.

  186. John Billett says:

    Hi Derek, good to hear you’re still mobile, we’re at that age where we do have a few scares, as I know only too well. Glad to hear you’re still cursing those damned Pollies, makes you feel better don’t it, got to be done from time to time. I had a little look at your Mens Shed activities but will have a good look later, seems there’s plenty to get involved with.

    The reason I sent the photos of the trains is that was the branch line from Bodmin Parkway to Bodmin when we joined the DCLI all those years ago and riding on it the other day stirred memories. Going back to 1953 I travelled on the line Six times, how many times did you travel it?
    1:- To join the DCLI.
    2:- To go home on leave.
    3:- To go back off leave.
    4:- To go home on leave after passing out.
    5:- To go back off leave.
    6:- To leave Bodmin to go to Minden to join the Battalion.

    Keep recovering, take care.


    • Thanks again JB, I did receive your railway pix and will attend in due course, also other emails. I’ve just felt unenthusiastic about many blog site issues lately, but am slowly getting back to normal service. Interesting recall that you have with the Bodmin Flyer, I honestly can’t recall any intermediate trips on leave although I obviously had at least one – Christmas 1953 I guess. Not sure how we of the 16th Intake got to Crownhill – maybe by rail. Definitely returned to Bodmin from Paddington for demob and then to railed up to Gloucester for discharge.

      Thanks for the memories!

  187. John Billett says:

    Hello Derek, we are sorry to here you have not been well lately, We also hope you make a full recovery and quickly. No doubt Audrey has been looking after you and keeping a close eye on you. Get well soon.

    Peggy And John.

    • G’Day JB & Peggy

      Thank you for your kind comments. Still upright and cussing here ‘Ole Mate, but had a bit of a scare that is still being investigated, but no apparent major issues. Still walking, dancing and blasting the Pollies (to no affect unfortunately) and (probably) doing more than I should, but after bunkering down for a few weeks am starting to feel brighter.

      Have 2 additional major interests these days, one being the care of an old mate in a parlous health condition, abandoned by his family and another as chairman of a local Men’s Shed – a phenomena that is sweeping Australia these days. See the link under my name.

      Thanks for your concerns. Keep well also.

  188. Bill Griffiths says:

    Sadly I report another death, this time Mrs Wilson, wife of John Wilson, who although Middlesex Regt served with us in Korea, so we really regard him as LI.

    His wife died two days after Nancy(can’t recall her christian name), but she too had been ill for a long time, and like me John gave all his time to look after her, in addition to being secretary of our Hereford branch of Korean Veterans since its formation in 1984.


  189. Bill Griffiths says:

    Thanks Ed and Swanny so much for all your kind words and thoughts. Life seems to be so very difficult just now and I know I will never get over it completely, but have to think of all the good times we have had together. Such a pity that I can’t rely on my children for support but, in one sense it is their loss not mine. What they are thinking and doing is not ‘MY’ problem, it is’THEIRS’

    Thanks again for all your kindness and good friendship. Bill

  190. Swanny Swanson says:

    Just like to endorse Derek and Audrey’s letter, and as you know we will still be here for you as LI family, and as I said to you before if there is anything we can do for you just ask. If you feel like a break to get away from Hereford you are very welcome to come down to Penzance and stay with Doris and I. We both know what a difficult year it has been for you and like us you have been poorly yourself and you deserve a break, the offer is always open Bill. Our best regards Doris and Neil.

  191. Editor in Brisbane says:


    A short message to you Bill from Audrey and I, on behalf of all your 1DCLI Mates in Cornwall and the other parts of the UK, to let you know that you are on our mind every day. We think of you regularly Bill and send our best wishes and thoughts of respect for you and your dear wife Nancy, now at peace. We are happy for you too, that your son and his family accompanied you on Nancy’s last journey and that she will be back home with you again in Eardisley. Rest easy ‘Ole Mate and make the most of your time.

    Carpe Diem

  192. Terry Simons says:

    June and I would like to thank relations and friends for cards and presents for our Ruby Wedding on the 20th May 2011. Also everyone who attended our party at the Pirates Rugby Club and made our Anniversary a lovely day.

    Thanks again . Terry and June .

    • Sloop JB says:

      Hello Terry & June.

      Peggy & I are very pleased that you had a good day on your Anniversary, Sorry we couldn’t be there with you on your big day, our thoughts were with you. Let’s hope you have many more Anniversaries, take care and look after one another.

  193. Joe Knight. says:

    Our hearts go out to you over the sad loss of your beloved wife Nancy. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you.

    From Joe & Anne.

  194. Sloop JB says:

    Our Condolences and Deepest Sympathy go out to you Bill at this sad time, our thoughts are with you, god bless.

  195. Swanny Swanson says:

    Now had the sad news from Bill to say his Dear Wife Nancy passed away today at 15-50 our heart goes out to Bill who has looked after Nancy so diligently over the past months. I am lost for words as since I met Bill at last years LI Reunion at Shrewsbury we have become the closest of friends, Doris and I will be praying for you at this very difficult time.

  196. Sloop JB says:

    Terry & June Simons,
    Peggy & I would like to wish you both a very Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary for today, here’s hoping you have another 40, Good luck to you both, have a fantastic day.

    • The Ruby Wedding Celebration of Terry & June Simons in Penzance Rugby Club yesterday. Terry & June with Fred & Mrs Phillips. Courtesy Terry Joll

      • Sloop JB says:

        Lovely photo Terry, lots of smiles so we’ll assume everyone enjoyed the day. good luck Terry & June.

  197. Joe Knight. says:

    Bill. We found on Well Wishers that your wife Nancy is having a poorly time. We hope that she will improve very soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both at this difficult time. God bless you.

    Joe Knight & Anne.

  198. Sloop JB says:

    All our thoughts and best wishes are with Bill at this sad moment, we wish Nancy well, we will keep our fingers crossed and say a prayer for her, god bless her.


    We’re officially informed by our ‘Ole Mate Bill that Nancy his wife for nearly 59 years, is gravely ill in Hereford Hospital. Nancy is the victim of gross negligence by Nursing Home staff and a more telling tale of incompetence would be hard to believe. Nancy was effectively rescued by Bill following his supportive visit last Saturday, when he discovered that Nancy’s readings were off the charts. Nancy remains in trauma care, and we fear the worst news.

    Bill and Nancy, we send our love and most heartfelt wishes and hopes for better news. I know that all LI brothers will wish you happier times and news of recovery, however remote those hopes might prove to be. I remember clearly the lady I met in Hereford in June 2009 and have a wonderful photo to recall that occasion.

    You have been a valiant husband and carer Bill, none of us could have surpassed your energy, dedication and spirit and we envelop you in our love and concerns at this time. God Bless you Nancy and Bill.

    • We announce with great sorrow that Nancy passed away today 24th May 2011. We offer our sincere condolences to Bill, who has laboured valiantly at his wife’s side for many years and we share his grief for his loss. Nancy and Bill were married for almost 59 years and Bill has shared his love for Nancy with us on the LI blogs during his many contributions.

      Nancy Griffiths RIP

  200. Swanny Swanson says:

    Nice to see you have found this new Well Wisher page, good for us few regulars on the blogs these days. Writing on the blogs was full time job for me and others, only wish it could get a few more to come on. I am now in contact with a Darren Smith from Bodmin ex 2-3 LI who has a DCLI link grandfather RSM 6/DCLI so let’s hope I can get him interested in joining us.

  201. Terry Joll says:

    Hello Dear Friends.
    I have only just got around to visiting this new site, I think it is marvellous and I send my warmest good wishes to all those members who are suffering and also their loved ones. May the good Lord let his light shine upon you all.

  202. Swanny Swanson says:

    Just to let you know Derek, a couple of weeks ago Donald’s wife Debbie was admitted to Southampton General Hospital and had a growth removed and had a hysterectomy operation. All went well with the operation etc and she is at home convalescing, with Donald as chief cook and nurse helping with all the chores that goes with house keeping. I know that we all wish her well and to get back to her normal self as soon as possible.

    • Hear Hear Swanny.

      Our thoughts and best wishes to Debbie, one of our own, to return to top health and mobility. The quicker the better with Don cooking eh? Gotta Larf! This is precisely what this page is all about, no banter or bull, just plain ‘ole good wishes and heartfelt thoughts for Mates and Families in distress. Well Done All.

  203. Swanny Swanson says:

    Thanks for your very positive remarks relating to Bill, he knows we all think about him and is always grateful when I correspond with him. At long last Doris is to see her surgeon on 20th May at Treliske Hospital hopefully for a date to have her ops. It has been a year since she saw him there so let’s hope something happens as she is in constant pain, again thanks for your concern for her well being.

  204. Swanny Swanson says:

    As you know I correspond with Bill on a regular basis. Doris and I have offered if he wished, to come down to Cornwall and stay for a bit of a holiday. He knows he is always welcome. It is a very trying time for him with Nancy in her present state and we realise it is difficult to be away from his area, as she is now in care near to him with access to her at short notice. He knows that we his close mates, think of his welfare and really appreciates our friendship.

    • Swanny and Doris.

      Hope you 2 in turn are keeping well and healthy. I know that Doris is on the waitlist for surgery, which I hope will happen soon to alleviate her pain.

      I appreciate your remarks regarding our Old Mate Bill and know that given his peace of mind with Nancy, he would be down to Penzance like a shot. I do know however that he is ever mindful of his sole support role to Nancy and that Eardisley is some distance in drive time and effort from the Hereford Nursing Home. I too, invited him down to the Re-Union in June 2009, to accompany me at that time, but he has reservations about being away for any length of time. I sense also that he’s not comfortable with a long rail jaunt. He’d need a couple of changes to get to Bristol Temple Meads to catch the Penzance Rocket.

      Let’s all just keep up the good support that we can via emails and maybe a phone call, now and then. He’s ever grateful for what we all do, and knowing that we’re all there for him, keeps him buoyant and upspirited. He also has his niece from Hong Kong who plays a vital role in his well being.

  205. Sloop JB says:

    I would like to second all you have said to Bill, we miss his presence here on the blogs, he was a good influence to us, it’s very sad that he is virtually on his own without his dear Nancy by his side.


    Bill and wife Nancy.

    G’Day ‘Ole Mate. Here’s a greetings to you both just to let you know that Audrey and I are constantly thinking of you. My sister Judith too, from Bristol who has just returned home from OZ after a short visit. Seems only yesterday that we all had some joyful times in Eardisley and Hereford in June 2009. I know that you and I email frequently, but I’m going public – so to speak – to let other lads know that you’ve not been well and that Nancy is unable to travel these days from her Nursing Home in Hereford and that you’re virtually on your own without any family support.

    Bill and Nancy. The Light Infantry enduring spirit lives on, with you both in our thoughts for better times to come soon, an uplift in your health and increased opportunities to spend more time together.

    Goodonyer Bill for being a fantastic husband, a great LI mate and a grand Old Soldier. God Bless you both.

    Derek and Audrey in Brisbane, Australia

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