UK SAS Commander quits over ‘metal coffins’

This article posted today (4th November 2008) in OZ shows how poorly British MP’s value the lives of British Soldiers fighting for ‘freedom’ in Afghanistan. More evidence of snouts in the trough where preferences to allocate needed funds for the military are misdirected to the greedy, avaricious, grossly overpaid corporate wankers – who have bastardised the financial markets. Where’s the justice in this?

My opinion as follows, posted last year still applies: I’m seldom lost for words – but – the obscenity of this war in Afghanistan and it’s aftermath for some, surely couldn’t be expressed more adequately than the Ben Parkinson article in the Daily Mail 28th August 2007

Click the bolded titling to the article. Every soldier – past and present – needs to read this!

“Forward the Light Brigade!
Was there a man dismayed?
Not though the soldiers knew
Some one had blundered:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die:
Into the Valley of Death
Rode the six hundred”

Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade

What’s changed?

ED: 8th January 2008: I received this reply from Downing Street – in response to my Petition signature. Did You?

Derek Lovemore, Editor, Brisbane Australia.



This is a ribbon for soldiers fighting in Iraq/Afghanistan. Pass it on to everyone and pray

This is a ribbon for soldiers fighting in Iraq/Afghanistan. Pass it on to everyone and pray


Bed a little lumpy, toss and turn any, wish the heat was higher, maybe the a/c wasn’t on, had to go to the john, need a drink of water. Yes, it is like this! Count your blessings, pray for them. Talk to your Creator and the next time when:-

The other car cuts you off and you must hit the brakes, or you have to park a little further from Walmart than you want to be, or you’re served slightly warm food at the restaurant, or you’re sitting and cursing the traffic in front of you, or the shower runs out of hot water. Think of them, protecting your freedom!

The proud warriors of Baker Company wanted to do something to pay tribute to our fallen comrades. So since we are part of the only Marine Infantry Battalion left in Iraq the one way that we could think of doing that is by taking a picture of Baker Company saying the way we feel. It would be awesome if you could find a way to share this with our fellow countrymen. I was wondering if there was any way to get this into your papers to let the world know that ‘WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN’ and are proud to serve our country.’
Semper Fi
1st Sgt Dave Jobe

The attached photo was forwarded from one of the last U.S. Marine companies in Iraq. They would like to have it passed to as many people as possible, to let the folks back home know that they remember why they’re there and that they remember those who’ve been lost.











Subject: The Sack Lunches This is a must to read

The Sack Lunches: I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight. ‘I’m glad I have a good book to read, perhaps I’ll get a short nap,’ I thought. Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle and filled all the vacant seats, totally surrounding me. I decided to start a conversation. ‘Where are you headed?’ I asked the soldier seated nearest to me ‘Petawawa. We’ll be there for two weeks for special training, and then from there we’re being deployed to Afghanistan.’

After flying for about an hour, an announcement was made that sack lunches were available for five dollars It would be several hours before we reached the east, and I quickly decided a lunch would help pass the time. As I reached for my wallet, I overheard a soldier ask his buddy if he planned to buy lunch. ‘No, that seems like a lot of money for just a sack lunch. Probably wouldn’t be worth five bucks. I’ll wait till we get to base. His friend agreed. I looked around at the other soldiers. None of the young men were buying lunch.

I walked to the back of the plane and handed the flight attendant a fifty dollar bill. ‘Take a lunch to all those soldiers.’ She grabbed my arms and squeezed tightly. Her eyes wet with tears, she thanked me ‘My son was a soldier in Iraq. When you help these young men you’re doing it for all of American warriors – so thank you for helping my son. Picking up ten sacks, she headed up the aisle to where the soldiers were seated. She stopped at my seat and asked, ‘Which do you like best – beef or chicken?’ ‘Chicken,’ I replied, wondering why she asked. She turned and went to the front of the plane, returning a minute later with a dinner plate from first class. ‘This is for you.’ After we finished eating, I went again to the back of the plane, heading for the rest room.

A man stopped me. ‘I saw what you did. I want to be part of it. Here, take this.’ He handed me twenty-five dollars. Soon after I returned to my seat, I saw the Flight Captain coming down the aisle, looking at the aisle numbers as he walked, I hoped he was not looking for me, but noticed he was looking at the numbers only on my side of the plane. When he got to my row he stopped, smiled, held out his hand, and said, ‘I want to shake your hand.’ Quickly unfastening my seatbelt I stood and took the Captain’s hand. With a booming voice he said, ‘I was a soldier and I was a military pilot. Once, someone bought me a lunch. It was an act of kindness I never forgot.’ I was embarrassed when applause was heard from all of the passengers. Later I walked to the front of the plane so I could stretch my legs. A man who was seated about six rows in front of me reached out his hand, wanting to shake mine. He left another twenty-five dollars in my palm. When we landed I gathered my belongings and started to deplane. Waiting just inside the airplane door was a man who stopped me, put something in my shirt pocket, turned, and walked away without saying a word. Another twenty-five dollars!

Upon entering the terminal, I saw the soldiers gathering for their trip to the base. I walked over and handed them the seventy-five dollars. ‘It will take you some time to reach the base. It will soon be time for supper. God Bless You.’ Ten young men left that flight feeling the love and respect of their fellow travelers. As I walked briskly to my car, I whispered a prayer for their safe return. These soldiers were giving their all for our country. I could only give them a sack lunch. It seemed so little. A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to the ‘ United States of America for an amount of ‘up to and including my life.’ That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it.

May God give you the strength and courage to pass this along to everyone on your email buddy list?


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  1. Afghanistan: Can the war be won?

    The death this week of 2 Aussie Diggers – both from Brisbane – has re-focussed my attention to recent detail on happenings in this shit-hole country called Afghanistan. This British Telegraph article attracts a well worth reading comment. Draw your own conclusions.

    RIP: All Honoured Coalition Dead

  2. JT says:

    As to swearing:

    Wee Wee and Bum so there

  3. Sloop JB says:

    ED. I appreciate what you say about the remarks are not aimed at me specifically. Likewise I was not having a blast at you, I have more respect for you and your years of computer literacy. As regards your swearing, if it makes you feel better about things that’s entirely your own business. It wouldn’t be much fun if everyone felt and did the same things.

    If I may say on this blog, with due respect again, you opened up the KRAP blog for that sole purpose, now because it’s got too popular for it’s own good you’ve closed it. I would be one of the first people to say that at times it became real Krap, but we were using the blog to keep in touch with each other. I personally am not an intellectual sort of guy so don’t expect scintillating conversations with me, but I get through life the best I can using the knowledge I have gained through life.

    I hate this Afghan war as much as you, in fact I hate all wars, all the loss of lives for the sake of someone somewhere, is greedy for power. When will the human race come to terms with living together in a peaceful sort of environment, we might just as well piss against the wind.

    ED: You ‘Ole Smoothie You! Convincing me that I’m a victim of my own success eh? Of course you are absolutely right and I’ve no wish to be a spoilsport – or get a bollocking from Sylvia (or a spell!)

    ‘Tis interesting though, now that I have taken the favourite toy away, that I get the feedback that I should have received earlier on.

    Here’s what I’ll compromise with. You Old Bloggers be on yer best behaviour for 2 weeks – until May 1st. Get yer acts together on the existing Blogs. Use the ‘thread’ system and use the URL cut/paste where applicable, and I’ll restore a social ‘Krap11’ Blog for your social communicating (but definitely NO military stuff there at all). I shall delete offending military comments. Gottit?

    PS: Now git orf this Afghanistan blog and transfer yer smooth talk to Old Grumpy!

  4. Sloop JB says:


    We live every day with what is going on in Afghanistan, don’t you think that if there was anything we could do to stop the situation we would not put it into operation? All the personnel being brought for their families to bury them isn’t what we want. Just because we don’t come on blog and write about it doesn’t make us any less feeling about the situation.

    Our government led by Blair was without a doubt bloody stupid to fall in with the Yanks which meant our Forces didn’t have a choice. When you think how corrupt our Government have got what do they care as long as it isn’t them out there getting killed. As I’ve said before on another Blog all the cursing and swearing isn’t going to alter things, if there was a chance it would I’d swear as good as the next man.

    ED. Sloop, I have no argument with your point of view; as to language – individual choice if it vents your spleen! At least you have clearly read the Blog and made comment in the correct place. As I also have proclaimed many times before, these Blogs originally were set up for intelligent (and humorous where applicable) comment across a wide spectrum of separate topics of choice – such as yours herein – and the Times Readers on the published link. Swanny’s also, in the earlier misplaced illustration, that highlights the weaponry of the enemy. These details – and my previous comments and illustrations about Allied rifles etc, brought SFA response, mainly ‘cos this blog ain’t read – to even canvass a response.

    My aim has and will be quality blogging – not quantity Krap. Not the infantile garbage that clogs the bandwidth, ignores many logged in comments by other subscribing bloggers and in my opinion, degrades the Light Infantry Blogs.

    I’ve been computer literate for over 30 years and Internet connected for 25. When these Blogs were set up initially, I had no expectation of competing with (say) Twitter or Facebook or MySpace etc etc. and I sure ain’t gonna let that happen now. Any Blogger without appreciation of the purpose of these LI blogs and seeks a social intercourse with like minded others, can search the Internet and clog the bandwidths there.

    NB: This angry comment is not levelled at you personally, but ALL Bloggers generally. If the cap fits wear it!

  5. JT says:

    I am very very pissed off that Amnesty International are now openly supporting terrorist suspects and worse. Including that creep Beg (ex Guantanamo) “innocently” captured after a stint in a Taliban training camp. He openly supports terrorism and says so at Amnesty meetings. One of Amnesty executives has resigned in protest.

    As a charity they continue to beg support from the public. In fact I firmly believe that most charities are crooked and corrupt.

    ED: Good point JT, thanks for timely comment on this Blog, just what we require to fuel intelligent repartee.


    Today at 1733 hrs, Swanny placed a Comment (about 7 recent British deaths from Taliban snipers) on Unbelievable that I declare unequivocally to be best suited to this Afghanistan Blog. Dialogue on Old Grumpy exhaustively dissects the purpose of each Blog page respectively, to the point now that I request ‘Responders’ to wrongly placed First Comments, to amend and place a ‘Transfer Reply’ to the correct Blog – as is being done here.

    Time is proving that ‘DCLI’ & ‘Reggie Mental’ comment is fairly well exhausted and Bloggers are (seemingly to me) running out of appropriate newsworthy comment and resorting to the General Krap Blog for communication of banter. It follows that ‘blog discipline’ is suffering to the point of poor selection of appropriate comment on other Blogs.

    Swanny strives to makes an important point, albeit on the wrong Blog, but he at least makes the effort. Afghanistan, our lads in harm’s way and related tragedies at the front line, are newsworthy topics that hold interest for we former squaddies. By example this Afghanistan Blog is underutilised, compared with Banter & Krap, and I believe, more noteworthy involvement is due, rather than much of the Krap that is currently focussed upon.

    British National Newspapers, The Telegraph, The Times etc. ALL have sections devoted to “Defence” and Bloggers can browse these newspapers on the Internet, use the internal Search Engines, cut/paste relevant pages, and hook ’em into a fresh Afghanistan Comment daily. Why not? We are after all, proud ex British Servicemen, with (between us) 100s years of experience and stories. Lets put that to use and indirectly honour and pay homage to our brave cheps out there in shitty Af-fucking-ghanistan.

    Be factual, to the point, lucid and smart. Use the techniques of the Internet and your PC/Mac to exchange, refer and share your intelligence about meaningful topics. We all might be old, but we ain’t fucking stupid!

    Click on the underlined Name Title for the Times Newspaper link

    When a reader makes the time and effort to firstly open this above link and then read the news article, but further to absorb Times Readers’ replies, we can gain some perspective on both interest and intelligent, considered response from the British Public at large. Surely the topical interest of Britain at War, Military deaths and funerals, Political clusterfucks etc. is a bloody sight more appropriate to a Light Infantry Blog site than much of the Krap that has been delivered on this site (on other Blog Pages) so far – to my utter dismay and disappointment.

    I am so disappointed that I’m strongly considering shutting down the General Banter Blog and not bothering with a replacement and resigning the fate of the existing Blogs to (hopefully) intelligent usage, aligned with the Titling. Anything that abuses the content I’ll just delete forever and fuck the consequences! ‘Tis quality not quantity that counts!

  7. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Cheps! – I am fucking incensed at the admission by the Grated Britain Electoral Commission, that votes from serving British Army members in Af-fucking-ghanistan, may NOT reach Britain in time to be counted on May 6th. Soldiers are maybe denied a voice in voting for their MP of choice. Not that there is much to choose between any of ’em.

    What a fucking debacle, what a shameful episode – yet again – in the manner in which the fucking Labour Government manage Grated Britain. Young men and women can be dispatched in harm’s way to this fucking shithole of a country, populated by fucking despots and criminals – all in the name of ‘Freedom’ – what a fucking joke! Often underequipped and poorly prepared against a cowardly enemy, who might next day be walking the local streets, yet the British Government cannot ensure a few bloody pieces of organised paper to register a vote.

    Shame! Shame! Shame!

    End this fucking debacle now!

  8. JT says:

    Kipling said it first.

    Nothing changes in Afghanistan does it ?

  9. JT says:

    Arithmetic on the Frontier

    A great and glorious thing it is
    To learn, for seven years or so,
    The Lord knows what of that and this,
    Ere reckoned fit to face the foe —
    The flying bullet down the Pass,
    That whistles clear: “All flesh is grass.”

    Three hundred pounds per annum spent
    On making brain and body meeter
    For all the murderous intent
    Comprised in “villanous saltpetre!”
    And after — ask the Yusufzaies
    What comes of all our ‘ologies.

    A scrimmage in a Border Station —
    A canter down some dark defile —
    Two thousand pounds of education
    Drops to a ten-rupee jezail —
    The Crammer’s boast, the Squadron’s pride,
    Shot like a rabbit in a ride!

    No proposition Euclid wrote,
    No formulae the text-books know,
    Will turn the bullet from your coat,
    Or ward the tulwar’s downward blow
    Strike hard who cares — shoot straight who can —
    The odds are on the cheaper man.

    One sword-knot stolen from the camp
    Will pay for all the school expenses
    Of any Kurrum Valley scamp
    Who knows no word of moods and tenses,
    But, being blessed with perfect sight,
    Picks off our messmates left and right.

    With home-bred hordes the hillsides teem,
    The troopships bring us one by one,
    At vast expense of time and steam,
    To slay Afridis where they run.
    The “captives of our bow and spear”
    Are cheap, alas! as we are dear.

  10. JT says:

    Every day we are treated to squalid and futile arguments in Parliament and Press. Pollies banging on about military equipment, who did what and when. Generals endlessly provide conflicting points of view. (We still have more Generals than Battalions by the way and more Admirals than ships)

    None of them has the moral courage to make a stand and say very loudly “GET OUR TROOPS HOME NOW”

    Read this ABC account of this pointless western war for a country without principle, common bloody sense or appreciation for the sacrifices made by Coalition troops. 3,000 fucking years and the bastards are still in conflict within themselves.

    The years ahead promise more troops, more crackpot theories from absentee elected Pollies in Westminster and Washington, more commitments, more deaths for the West, more financial draining of Western economies. Sadly these Afghanistan pricks don’t deserve our support. Get the hell outta Dodge now!

  12. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Doris and I met Darren Hicks’ gran while we were out shopping in Morrisons on Friday last and we were both lost for words of what to say to her. She said she had no details of the funeral etc as his body is still in Oxfordshire. As said a very difficult position to have a conversation on such a sad time for all his family. Will report on the blog when I get details of the funeral.

  13. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    A local soldier from St Ives killed in a blast in southern Afghanistan. The family described him as a “legend”. Sergeant Paul Fox 34, from 28 Engineer Regiment, attached to the Brigade Reconnaissance Force, died on Friday after being caught in a blast in Helmand.

    The “lovable rogue” known as Foxy had been taking part in the Coalition surge. Last night Paul’s family said “Paul was a legend not only to his loving wife, children and family but also to anyone who ever knew him. Paul was a proud soldier who will be deeply missed”.

    His commanding officer, Lt. Col. Matt Bazeley, described him as a “great man” Afghan Death Toll this week, Brits 3 Coalition 10. Total so far Brits 266, Coalition 1666. Living in a close community like West Cornwall losing these brave men brings it home as with Darren Hicks and now Sgt. Fox who were both well known down here, as most of us have said before a futile war.

    ED: A losing battle


    The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

    This is what it boils down to Cheps. British lives are being sacrificed for the freedom of this maggot infested country to revert to the centuries old practices of warlords fucking young boys. If there is an upside to Taliban occupancy it is the outlawing of this evil practice.

    View the newsclips and videos for your own conclusions.

    Mine – fuck ’em – (pardon the pun). What the hell is the point of so-called ‘Democratic Freedom for Afghanistan’ when the leaders of the country are evil personified. Lets get the hell outa Dodge and let the bastards sink in the mire of their own choosing.

    And this is Islam – well no wonder the fuckers want 70 virgins!!


    Not for the squeamish. See also The IED HUNTERS


    In movie terms The Hurt Locker shows possibly how our lads in real battle are facing the realities of this lousy theatre of war, each day facing worsening terrorism on a large scale. The stark realism of this film, shot in Jordan, depicts the totality of evil across the entire Middle East, where Americans (and British) are reviled and (IMHO) where the hatred will never stop.

    The accurate mock up of IEDs shows the skills of the enemy and the killer nature of this cowardly form of warfare. Worth a few bob to look, but have a pee first, ’tis a long movie. It has now won the British BAFTA Best Film and Best Director Awards, plus others.

    In reality, regarding Iraq & Afghanistan, why we remain in these shitholes is beyond me, let it revert to the neanderthals and goats.

  16. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    More sad news, another one of our Military family killed in action, a TA soldier from Devon serving with 6th Rifles which is our nearest Battalion based in Exeter.

    According to reports on this soldier he was a serving member of Devon and Cornwall Police and, as his superintendent said about him on his TV report, was an outstanding man and such an advert for these TA soldiers serving on active service.

    Mark Marshall, the police community support officer from Exeter was serving with the Territorial Army and Lt Col Nick Kitson, commanding officer of 3Rifles Battle Group said he epitomised everything great about our Reserve Forces.

    RIP Mark Marshall.

  17. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    I would like to give you a big thank you for this blog, reading about the sad death of Darren Hicks, one of our close knit Cornish family. From this blog and I got more news on this blog than is published in our local press up till now. The citation etc from his CO about this brave soldier was second to none, and as I said on the other blog will keep you all posted on the future arrangements ie Funeral etc.

    ED: Daily Telegraph article for Darren Hicks.

  18. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Some very sad news yesterday, L/Cpl Darren Hicks who hails from Newlyn Cornwall was killed by an explosion in Afghanistan. L/Cpl Hicks was serving with the Coldstream Guards. How sad is this. He was flown home two weeks ago for the funeral of his father in law Jimmy Richards who died suddenly of a heart attack at the young age of 58 years old, a man who Jack and I knew from Mousehole. How sad that this young soldier, 29 years of age, leaves a widow and two young children and Mousehole and Newlyn have lost a valued member of this close knit community.

    A similar tragic event was felt in this manner was when we as a small community felt when in 1981 we lost our Lifeboat with all hands. Now with the biggest battle of all now taking place in Helmand we all must hope and pray are to keep our boys as safe as possible.

    God Bless you Darren Hicks, Coldstream Guards. RIP.

    ED: Interactive List of British Deaths in Afghanistan

  19. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Error again. Thanks Derek, not thinking again, 252 for me.

    ED: Just a Guiness, next time we meet ‘Ole Mate.

  20. Geoff Cherry says:

    (Sorry) and thanks ED.

    ED: No problems Geoff, easily done at my end and thanks for appropriate Comment.

  21. Editor transferring for Geoff Cherry says:

    Geoff Cherry // February 8, 2010 at 4:38 pm | Reply

    Afghanistan, a repeat of Ireland and the IRA. How many years did that go on, from the time of the Black & Tans. Not won by the Military, it is said blindfolded idiots run the country now.

  22. Editor transferring for Swanny says:

    SWANNY SWANSON // February 8, 2010 at 2:28 pm | Reply

    More sad news. Two more boys killed in Afghanistan. 250 the same as we lost in the Falklands War. Now NATO is gearing up for the biggest offensive yet in clearing the Taliban. The might of the Russians couldn’t do it, and as said before in my blog comments about that country, no one on the planet has ever beaten them. What a futile venture this is going to be again

  23. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Quote: The trend suggested that by the time the battle group’s tour ends this month as many as one in four of these infantrymen will have been slain or injured, a figure that compares with British infantry casualty ratios in Europe during the later stages of the Second World War. Endquote:

  24. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Two books that are worth reading.

    1) Butcher & Bolt by David Loyn. 200 years of foreign engagement in Afghanistan. ISBN 9780099522638 Windmill Books. Random House # 954009. GB (2008)

    2.) Hunting al Qaeda by Anonymous. ISBN 13-978-0-7603-2252-9 Zenith Press. USA (2005)

    Both make highly interesting reading, albeit #2 is now 5 years old, but gives insight into the US political pressures that affect the deployment and performance of the US Special Forces.

  25. Editor in Brisbane says:


    The XM25 is an airburst grenade launcher derived from the XM29 OICW.

    It fires 25 mm grenades that are set to explode in mid-air at or near the target. A laser rangefinder in the gun is used to determine the distance to the target. The user can manually adjust the detonating distance by up to three meters shorter or longer. The gun automatically transmits the detonating distance to the grenade in the firing chamber. The grenade tracks the distance it has traveled by the number of spiral rotations after it is fired. These features make the XM25 more effective than traditional grenade launchers at the task of hitting targets that are behind cover or dug into the ground.

    The system is under development by Heckler & Koch and Alliant Techsystems. The target acquisition/fire control is developed by L-3 IOS Brashear.

    XM-25 video clip showing off new high technology. Hotlinked above.

  26. Editor in Brisbane says:


    An interesting clip of a RM land and waterborne operations behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan

  27. Editor in Brisbane says:


    100 British Soldiers have now given their lives this year, from an overall total of 243. Hereto is a Daily Telegraph interactive Honour Roll for our Glorious Dead in Afghanistan. So too are the many others remembered as we close this year of 2009.

    Pointless to argue against the resolve of the British Government to continue this god forsaken war in a god forsaken country against a god forsaken enemy with an obscure cause.

    Will we ever learn?

    RIP, Gallant Men. At the going down of the sun, we shall remember them.

  28. JT says:

    “In a hierarchy an employee tends to rise to a level of his incompetence”

    Thus by this definition generals are likely to be incompetent.

  29. JT says:


    Another pronouncement by a General.

    Recently various Generals (why do we have so many ?) have predicted that the war with continue for 40 years ; 2 years ; 6 years. next year etc.

    Now Sir Jock Stirrup (not a general but the boss) says 5 years.

    (The public say end it now and bring the troops home. Let the Neanderthals fight it out themselves)

    The conclusion is that they have no f….g idea and got to be Generals by just rising up the ladder automatically. Remember the saying “Lions led by donkeys”

    Fact is the Generals will have no effect on how long we stay in Afghanistan.

    Also lets face it Generals need wars don’t they ?

    Like plumbers need leaking pipes and dodgy boilers. “oo fitted this then ?) (t’t this ‘ll be expensive gov”

  30. Editor in Brisbane says:


    Maybe Whitehall should read this!

    22 October 2009 14:11, by Ahmed Binouf. “We all deserve to die of hunger, we really do”

    (Quote) Since we gave the chance to a cheater to manage our resources, this is the expected consequences of our own judgment. Why we are writing about it, what is the reason to the publicity if we know the cause of the famine? No one should urge me that this is because of natural disasters, or talk about rain, or any other reasons, because the main reason is a one single person has been working to turn Sudanese resources into his own pocket and leave nothing to other hungry poor people. In history we all learned that when leaders purposely hunger their people, they should be hanged on a public area, and this is what that regime deserves. Shame on us if we know the cause and we are not able to straight it out, shame on us if we continue to blame, condemned and look for ways to hide our own failures while other poor people are dying of “HUNGER”, really shame on us, this is the 21st century. (Unquote)

  31. JT says:

    I reckon that these Generals are as daft as the Politicians. In the last few months one said that we will be out of Afghanistan in 5 years, another said 40 years, another said 2 years. But they look lovely on telly don’t they with their little red collar tabs? and don’t they talk nice? Pompous pricks.

    Remember General Haig. WW1

    Good morning, Good Morning the general said
    as the men passed by on their way up the line,
    But mostly those men are mostly all dead
    or cursing his staff as incompetent swine

    He’s a jolly old chap said Harry to Jack
    as they marched up to Arras with rifle and pack

    But he did for them both with his plan of attack

  32. Dave H says:

    Yuo may have seen this but here it is again , just incase you havent

  33. Jt says:

    Last year Italian troops handed over a “quiet area” in Afghanistan to the French Paras. They neglected to tell the Frogs that it was quiet because they (the Italians) had been bribing the local Taliban not to attack them. French patrol goes out day one with light weapons, ambushed, 10 killed.

    Good old Ities absolutely true to form.

  34. JT says:

    Re the above link:

    Very interesting that there seems to be a growing consensus in America to pull out and strike hard at any future terrorist activity from out of country.

    I would add that as there seems to be an anxiety about Pakistan being able to control the Islamist hard liners and a possible threat to the Pak nuclear arsenal. Then when this becomes a real possibility take it out. Better do India’s as well while they are at it.

  35. JT says:

    What to do? Get out and nuke ’em. OK, so I’m a bit grumpy this morning.

  36. JT says:


    An American soldier was shot by an Afghan policeman he was training, for drinking water in front of the public during Ramadan.

    ED: Thanks JT. I’ve linked the entire article to your Comment Title. This is atypical of the fanatical pricks that our people lay down their lives for!


    (Quote) What to do about an ancient, distant land of impenetrable havens for holy warriors of all stripes, unified in their hatred of infidels and any central government? It’s crunch time. The stakes are enormous.(Endquote)

  37. JT says:

    If there were a real prospect of a decent democratic government emerging, (is there any such thing? – look at our lot) it might be different. Is it defeatist to suggest that our troops withdraw?

    ED: One might put that question another way. Do Regiments of the British, US, Canadian Armies etc, need more Afghanistan Battle Honours. The DCLI fought there 200 years ago! The Russians seemed to have retreated without any great criticism from the armchair pundits. Maybe let the UN fill the role, it seems to think that it has all the answers to global conflict. Let the other EU and Asian countries share the load proportionately, after all they rape and pillage the UK with their offcast villains and unwanted religious mayhem.

    My feelings on the matter are to get the hell outa Dodge and use the British troops in Britain, where the fucking coppers don’t appear to achieve much other than fanciful charges for terrorist insurrections that the Courts deny. The dark days of civil unrest and anarchy lie ahead for the UK, with its home grown terrorism and while I’m not in favour of Martial Law, there’s ample evidence that Civil Rule is fast disappearing in Grated Britain.

  38. Editor says:


    We draw your attention to those gallant UK service personnel killed in this godforsaken country in the cause of anti-terrorism.

    Shame, shame, shame on British Politicians for meddling in a cause that is unwinnable, a country that is unchangeable and for a drug growing nation that is the ass end of humanity.


  39. JT says:

    Which if any of our self serving pollies will have the guts to come out and say loudly that the war in Afghanistan of a waste of British or any Nato lives for that matter?

    The Government we are supporting there is a wicked disgrace. The entire population there is not worth the life of one British soldier.

    Get out now. If the terrorists start training there, bomb them into dust. (Civvies nearby ..tough)

    Observation from space. Massive coverage by drone aircraft and absolute assurance (with an early demonstration) that any training activity by terrorists will result in oblivion either side of the Afghan / Paki border.

    Poppy fields ? Agent orange should do the trick.

  40. Editor says:


    Now, this clown of a politician speaks his latest crapspeak on terrorism. What about the home grown shit that is happening under your very nose, you cretin.

    NOTE ALSO: Wouldn’t it make sense that civilians would stay away from stolen fuel tankers, which in turn would be targetted for retribution against the Taliban thieves. Are the Allies really helping these people? I noted that the DCLI battle honours include Afghanistan over 200 years ago. Anything changed? Certainly not the German attitude. Who won the fucking war (WW2)? As fucking usual, “let’s shit on Britain from a great height” and Brown and his cronies will provide the ass paper!

  41. SWANNY SWANSON says:

    Ed, Worst week for loss of life in Afghanistan since start of the war. Our new Regt, The Rifles lost six in a week all first class Soldiers. The politicians are at each others throat of who to blame? The media states that there are not enough air craft to get our troops to the front line etc and that most of our troops face roadside bombs etc, have not got the right body armour and suchlike.

    Like the old saying AFTER THE HORSE HAS BOLTED and being in action there since 2002 surely we should have made sure of protective gear for our troops was vital for fighting the Taliban, as the Russians found out when fighting these people was always going to be a very difficult enemy to fight? Also while our boys are up to there necks in it why are our European Partners not involved, as only the Canadians seem to be involved in it in the front line as are the USA troops. Come on you politicians, PULL YOUR FINGERS OUT.

  42. Paul (Barney) Barnes says:

    So Obama’s in the chair, first black Afro/American President of the USA. Well! How long before they change the name of the Whitehouse?

    And I can’t help but wonder, how much of the Winning Vote was to do with his Race, as opposed to his Politics? He says he’s of Mixed Race BLACK/WHITE, yet he describes himself as most do, as Black!

    Will he pull the American Troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and leave us holding the baby as it were?

    They say God Bless America! Maybe that should be – God Help America? and it won’t stop there I fear, not only that but I fear for his safety. Will he be joining the Kennedys?

    Time will tell?


    ED: Responses to this conversation on W&W please – see Daily Routine Orders.

  43. Paul (Barney) Barnes says:

    If anyone on here watches the X Factor on TV – the latest show, well the contestants on there have made a record of which the money raised from the sales will go to the RBL Poppy fund – as you know a very good cause, it’s called “HEROES” and I believe it has already made No 1 in the charts. So buy it now please – our heroes past and present need this money, god bless em all!

    This year is the 90th Anniversary of World War One!

    Regards to all


  44. Paul (Barney) Barnes says:

    People, as we fast approach the 90th Anniversary of the Armistice. Look at this link, I think it says it all.


    We shall remember them.


  45. Paul (Barney) Barnes says:

    Have a look and listen to this.

    This is for all our fallen and wounded Hero’s of now and the past, our Friends, our Family members, OUR Comrades.

    ARMS OF THE ANGEL (Sarah McLachlan)


    ED: Thanks Barney. Any open URL’s are converted to hotlinks. I have deleted 2 other duplicates of this message.

  46. Paul (Barney) Barnes says:

    Here we are, a response from our appreciative Government here in the UK.

    Look at this bollocks!!

    Speeches and Transcripts Statements and Articles Prime Minister’s Questions Press Briefings

    Wednesday 24 September 2008
    Wounded – Epetition response
    We received a petition asking:

    “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to create a dedicated Military & Veterans Hospital within the UK.”

    Details of Petition:



    We want Hospitals NOT BLOODY WARDS!!! The NHS can’t cope with the Civilian patients alone, let alone the Military patients, what the frigging hell is wrong with these people!! They really care about our guys and girls don’t they?


    ED: Thanks Barney. The FULL Report has been hotlinked to the above title to conserve space.

  47. Editor says:


    Inquest on 2 military deaths in Afghanistan reported on yesterday. Their vehicle was not properly equipped for explosive detection.

    What a fucking debacle! – Again and again – where British troops are underequipped to fight a cowardly enemy in a country that should be blown off the fucking planet, and the Ministry responsible along with it.

    Grated Britain!! – Shameful! – When will they ever learn?

  48. Jack Madron says:

    Sorry chaps. Haven’t read this blog for some considerable time. Haven’t written my thoughts before because I couldn’t express my feelings as good as you chaps. Agree with everything you all said.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, (I honour and thank all those who gave their lives for my freedom) but if they hadn’t done that and lost the war we wouldn’t have had to put up with money grabbing politicians, bone idle civil servants, PC brigade etc.

    The SS and Gestapo would have seen to those bastards.

  49. Paul (Barney) Barnes says:


    Thank You. I speak from my heart.

    Ex Light Infantry.

    ED: Should be more like you on the planet Barney. Cheps who are prepared to make the effort and voice their opinions – particularly over the rights and obvious wrongs of where Grated Britain is headed. That’s what these Blog Pages are all about – more’s the pity that you/we are the minority today. We’ve all done our bit for Queen/King and Country and where’s it taken us?

    Political Correctness? – Humbug!!

  50. Paul (Barney) Barnes says:

    When I look around today, and see what’s happening in this world and in this country in particular, I have to ask why is it like this? We don’t have to look far to see the reason why!

    My old man was not DCLI or even Army in fact he was Royal Navy through and through. Swanny will remember him and what he stood for, he joined the RN at 17 yrs of age as a Volunteer. By the time he was 19 he had seen 2 years of World War 2, Russian and Atlantic Convoys, sank twice off Crete, involved in the Battle of the River Plate, then went on with Mountbatten to fight the Japanese. When the war ended he left the Navy, but re joined again a while after. I only found this out recently that he then was drafted to HMS Glory – an Aircraft Carrier and was involved in the Korean War.

    When I look around I say to my self, “why did he and all the others bother”? If he was here today I reckon he would be asking the same question Unfortunately he died 3 days before his 57th birthday back in 1979, no age, but gave the best years of his life as have many others to and in the service of his country, this country, so that those that came after could be free, and have a decent life, free speech, human rights, the list goes on – and yet today here we are, are we any better off?

    I think many of todays troubles are caused by the so called do gooders of the day, who have in fact done no good at all, they have had it too easy, most will have done nothing for this country service wise, and have never made or had to make any sacrifice. I’m 51 now, doesn’t seem long ago that I was in my 20’s; done some time in the Army, Regular and TA, and some time with the Police Service, and I got some medals for my trouble.

    Now my eldest daughter has joined the Royal Navy, now 17 but joined at 16, and will soon be off around the world and will be going to and serving in the Gulf in a war zone, like many others whose sons and daughters have been and will be doing. I hope they don’t have too look back and say “why did I bother”? They are our future and deserve all the respect and support that this country and its people can give them, for what they do and might have to do. Our youngsters are not all wearing hoodies and hanging around on street corners. If my old man was here today I really don’t know what he would make of this world, he and others like him must be turning in their graves!

    Support our Heroes! We Will, We Must, Remember them.

    Sorry to hi-jack your forum page, but having read through the posts on it, I felt it needed saying. Gods Speed, and may your God go with you all.

    ED: Thank You Barney. Your comments are welcome and a poignant echo of the way that all of us Old Soldiers feel. Well Done.

  51. John Tenniswood says:

    I absolutely agree.

    Just what is it about ? Corrupt, cruel greedy Neanderthals in Afghanistan and clever greedy corrupt Arabs in the other place fighting each other (or using their young people to fight for them) for the spoils in the name of a primitive religion.

    Agent Orange on the poppies and f**k off.


    How many more young American and Commonwealth soldiers will be sent to their death to fight terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Bring ’em all home I say, and let the homegrown bastards sort it out between those that want power and authority and ‘so-called’ religious freedom.

    Beati pacifici – Blessed are the peacemakers

  53. John T says:

    Sunday Times journalist says on a recent visit to the embattled Camp Bastion that the Brit base in Afghanistan has already been got at by the Health and Safety police.

    It is against the rules to smoke inside a building. “Smoking is bad for your Health”


  54. John says:

    Guess we have gone the distance on this lads. We don’t want to be considered negative do we? I may want to open another topic called “Underneath the Burkha” e.g like Flanagan and Allen tune – “Underneath the Arches” lyrics invited.

    Ed…We need another site for this topic

    ED: Thanks John – all suggestions up for consideration – both for New Site name and “Burkha’s Secrets” lyrics.

    ED: Pondering on your thoughts John. I sense that we need a more ‘general’ page where we can air a wide variety of views on different topics, so I’ll publish a suitably named sub page. The contributor will probably need to compose a heading to define the content.

    ED: Now done John – the “Wise & Wicked” sub page is up and running – let’s hope that all the lads ‘getaroundtuit’.

  55. Well, my message to the lads in the Middle East got on to the News of the World…But I wonder how many of these messages will actually get to can bet your life they won’t all be published..
    Be interesting to see


  56. John Tenniswood says:

    Yes – and stuff by Guy Mitchell, Frankie Lane, plus songs like You belong to me (“See the pyramids along the Nile”), Oh Mein Papa, Rose Rose I Love you, Queen Farina Queen of all the Wogs etc. (Pure nostalgia)

    ED: Don’t recall the last one John! – but I’ll bet that in every song all the words were decipherable!

  57. John Tenniswood says:

    Yes, nothing like this blog to hike the blood pressure. Double up the beta blockers guys! Lets have another linked blog – e.g Hit songs of the 50’s

    Ed can we get You Tube clips here?

    ED: Don’t think so John, allocated file space is tiny – but I’ll check for future reference. But we can of course hotlink to You Tube if you send me the particular segment. Q: Are we thinking Doris Day and “Once I had a secret love?”


    Dunno about you! – but I need my daily dose of disbelief and incredulity to keep my mind off important issues, such as which celebrity wanker is cheating on whom and which soccer player is reaching the height of obscenity in appearance fees and how big his wife’s tits are!

    I guess that I (as a claimed responsible editor – after all I am an Old Soldier!) need to rein in the descent of this Blog page into the squalor of the cesspit of reportage on British Government ineptitude – but someone needs to take over the piss-taking function of Spike Milligan (apologies Spike – but you did emigrate to Woy Woy in OZ).

    BUT – have you ever read such crap? – as the bolded link above shows.

    I quote “Removal centres cost so much to run because they must follow rules to protect the ‘dignity’ of failed asylum seekers.

    Harold MacMillan once said that “You (the British Public) have never had it so good”

    Too f*cking right Harold.

    Whaddya think cheps? Edward – no more bear jokes thank you – be content under that burka!

  59. John Tenniswood says:

    Might get this in first…heard it on the radio
    Woolworths have stopped selling teddy bears
    “They can’t make a prophet”

    ED: Very clever John – I’ll let Edward Bear know!

  60. After reading the Sunday Times article written by Jeremy Clarkson’s wife, I am sure that her views are shared by many thousands of others but – because they are not celebrities, or have connections with celebrities, cannot air their views in the press.

    I have tried to have comments posted in all the Dailies..and they will not even acknowledge my letters. As I have often said, if I was an overpaid footballer with a sprained ankle I would get front page coverage. Perhaps our newspaper editors as well as the stupid Government officials should get real, and come out fighting with the rest of Old Soldiers, who are trying desperately to gain respect admiration and positive help for our lads returning from action in countries which do not appreciate what our lads are trying to do for them.

    Let them print OUR views as well as those of well known personalities.

    I say, bring our lads back, let them (the Iraqis, the Afghanis) stew in their own juice, then we would not need to beg for this stupid government to give up a little of their own excessive salaries and expenses to build swimming pools for our lads.

    Bill Griffiths, a disgusted old soldier.

  61. PS to earlier comments

    Now I really am getting pissed off! Where the hell are the British Legion now, they are keeping very quiet about all this. Their top eight executives were paid £600k in 2006 – what for?

    Their accounts show Fund Balances carried forward at the end of 2006 of £198,386k – £18,657k UP on the year 2005′

    How much do we need for a swimming pool?

    I bet some wanker is going to make a huge profit from building swimming pools for the Olympics!

    Even more disgusted now.

    Bill Griffiths.

  62. With regard to the Sunday Times opening a Subscription Fund.

    Why the hell should the British Public have to come to the rescue once again? Surely, there should be no need for this. The Government sent our lads out to fight, it should be their responsibility to look after them when they return, having served their country with distinction and valour.

    Bill Griffiths, STILL DISGUSTED.

    Bill’s PS to earlier post..YES lets have Jeremy Clarkson as Prime Minister.

  63. Edward Bear says:

    Hello Cheps – from over here in The Sudan where everything is hunky dory and we’re back to beheadings, cutting off hands and floggings – Hoh Hum! – business as usual.

    Thought you might be interested in this snippet that was sent to me from a good ‘ole army mate to show that incompetence reigns wherever.

    (Quote) My reply to Government incompetence

    Another case of promotion by failure and incompetence, the man was no good at his job and he compromised the security of millions of people and yet he gets promoted. Perhaps the people that promoted him should be sacked for incompetence, however if we sacked every incompetent government official we would not have a government.

    The dumb duck that down loaded and created the disc, apparently had to resign – a dumb junior administration clerk. However the person that should have been sacked was the person that set up the computer system that allowed a dumb untrained junior administration clerk to download the information. If you think this is contemptuous of our incompetent Government, then just consider the total disregard they hold the British people in for allowing such an insecure system to hold our personal details.

    Now that is really contemptible.


    Just click on the bolded hotlink to view.

  64. John Tenniswood says:

    Big article again in Sunday Times re Ben Parkinson.

    Also story about army amputees taken for Physiotherapy to local swimming baths being screamed at by women “in case they upset the children”

    Jesus, this F**king country!

    ED: Thanks John – see the bolded headline hotlinked to The Sunday Times article.

  65. John Tenniswood says:

    I see the Sunday Times has a opened a subscription to fund better facilities for wounded.

    The Press to give them due are giving a good bit of space to the conditions of troops and there are several petitions on the go.

  66. John Tenniswood says:

    Dear Cpl Teddy,

    Welcome to the blog. You know you have the fullest support of your Government and the National Health Service will provide counselling when you are posted back to Blighty.

    Don’t complain too much, the Army lads serving in MELF in the 50’s never got to get under Burkhas. Even if they could catch one the MO would not approve.

  67. Edward Bear says:


    Listen to me! – you Krazy Khartoum Kop wankers and all those bloody sword swinging genocidal mediaeval maniacs in the Sudan with buggar all else to do – how about MY feelings? Nobody asked me about being named ‘Mohammed’ by some well-meaning innocent little kid – when for bloody years I’ve been happy with good ‘ole ‘Teddy’. And I have a pedigree that’s quite a deal longer than any of yours! See the website hotlinked to my bolded name above.

    How would YOU like to go through a name change without so much as a considered question. I’m not one to complain and I don’t even have an email connection to read what the world is saying about me – but I can guess what the reaction will be to this monumental injustice. I’VE GOT RIGHTS TOO!!

    I’ve been Teddy for over a century now, good enough for the Pres. of the Good ‘Ole US of A and for years now I’ve had picnics named after me, biscuits are munched in my name, and probably even the fair female gender in Khartoum wear me under their burkas, although what would you know about that?

    What bloody right have you got to muddy my personage in the pursuit of religion?

    All I want is a warm pair of arms to cuddle me, a ride in the backseat of a car occasionally without some prick blowing himself up deliberately, and me with it.


    One Pissed Off Bear. (L/Cpl – Kitchener’s Dirty Dozen, Defenders of the Muslim faith, 19th Century)
    c.c. Jesus (Edward) Bear in OZ

    ED: Thank you Edward, join the Club of Five, or do we hear more?

  68. "Swanny" SWANSON says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just been reading News of the World paper about sending a message to our Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan with a Xmas message? I wonder how many of our nation will bother to reply?

    The Website is hotlinked let’s hope for a good response from one and all in the UK!!

    Neil (Swanny) Swanson DCLI Association.

    ED: Good Idea Swanny – just under 23 days to make a REAL show.

    Swanny emailed me after posting his comment to clarify the ‘connection’ to the News of the World website. I am able to confirm that the HOTLINK works, as both he and I have each logged in messages to our Armed Forces. When you click the bolded link, you will need to scroll down the presented page to reach the ‘message log’ box. I suggest that you compose your message carefully beforehand in Word or WordPad and then ‘cut and paste’ into the Christmas Message entry box. May I also remind you that Commonwealth and US soldiers are subject to the same high risks that our British lads are exposed to.


    Those of us with common old first names (note that I did NOT write ‘Christian’ names for want of avoiding the wrath of the religiously righteous), will be glad (?) to learn that the first name of Mohammed is about to become the preferred choice of name for the majority of parents of THAT faith over and above “Jack”.

    Buggar me – and here’s me thinking that the name Teddy would take over.

    Check out the article hotlinked to my bolded name above.

    Must say though I’m kinda glad that the kid in the Sudan didn’t take his pet toy cat named “Pussy” to school – that would really give the Krazy Khartoum Kops something to get their teeth into! Whoops, what I really mean is…

    Gotta larf dontcha!

  70. Bill Griffiths says:

    Good morning all,

    I look at this site every morning and I just cannot believe there are only FIVE of us left on this planet. Either Heaven must be pretty crowded, or those left behind are too idle to respond, or have just lost interest. How the hell do we get hold of them? I have tried to get the Daily Newspapers to help spread the word – without success.

    Perhaps WE should parade in public carrying Teddy Bears?

    I sometimes despair.

  71. Neil Swanson says:

    In answer to all you guys about the Taliban, Muslims etc. and this pointless war in Iraq and Afghanistan, I am known in my house as the military Victor Meldrew? I rant and rave at the treatment of our troops not only in the wars but as I have said before, the treatment they get when they return home wounded etc.

    Now this week all we get is about this woman teacher put in prison and going to receive 40 lashes; she put herself in that position as she should have realised what a bloody fool to trust the very people she is helping to educate.

    Our troops do not have the option other than do their duty!! I think most people in the UK all think as we do but do Governments listen? And as for the loss of soldiers lives it is about time to let the RAF drop a big one on them?

    Cpl Jones would have said – “If they don’t like it – up them Mr Mannering!!!”

    ED: How ironic Swanny – as you say – placing trust in the very people she is helping to educate – and the children of course are the losers in the ultimate sense – but the cynic will probably argue that they’re being educated (some of ’em anyway) to read the instructions on DIY bomb kits!

  72. Bill Griffiths says:

    Petition for Ben Parkinson

    Derek, I would like to bet my army pension, (which would not cover the PM’s coffee pot for a week), that this Petition will end up in some weedy little civil servants pending tray, then find its way to the shredder in a few months time.

    All your valuable time and effort will go unrecognised by those in government.


    Ed: Thanks Bill for your acknowlegement – only time time will tell ‘Ole Soldier! I feel also that those of us who feel strongly about this matter might be prepared to post a supportive comment to the LI sites Webmaster on the LI Message Board.

  73. Bill Griffiths says:

    Hey Derek,

    With reference to the 70 virgins; don’t tell them what I have just found – let the b**t**ds find out for themselves – see following. When the suicide bomber died, he was met at the Pearly Gates by George Washington, who slapped him across the face and yelled: “How dare you try to destroy the nation I helped conceive!”

    Lyndon Johnston approached, punched him in the nose and shouted: “You wanted to end our liberties but you failed.”

    Franklin Roosevelt followed, kicked him in the groin and said: “This is why I allowed our government to provide for the common defense!”

    Thomas Jefferson was next, beat him with a long cane and snarled: “It was evil men like you who inspired me to write the Declaration of Independence.”

    The beatings and thrashing continued as Ronald Reagan, John F Kennedy and 64 other early Americans unleashed their anger on the terrorist bomber.

    As the terrorist lay bleeding and in pain, an angel appeared and the terrorist wept and said to him: “This is not what you promised me.”

    The angel replied: “That’s right, what I said was – there would be 70 Virginians waiting for you in Heaven. What did you think I said?”


    To the other 2,230 signatories of the closed total of 2,231, I say a BIG “Thank You” for making the effort. At least a rounded average of 25 per day over the 90 days managed to go to the trouble to activate a contribution for a worthy cause. What remains now is to see whether Whitehall does anything about the protest.

    I could ask the question: “What do Paratroopers, Typists and Teddy Bears have in common?” Answer: (IMHO) “Blind Stupidity”.

    Most of us in some way or another, strive to live in peace and harmony, governed we hope by commonbloodysense. Yet our planet is afloat on a sea of maggotry, unparalleled as never before in human history. Our valiant dead in many “Wars to end all Wars”, would surely reject a return to this planet if they had the chance, when they view those injustices we have permitted to happen by granting power to morons.

    Thankfully 2,231 of us “GOYA” and registered our protest. What next?

    Carpe Diem!

    PS: Maybe the Best Prime Minister that Britain never had had something after all in his directional principles way back then. You be the judge – fire up the bolded hotlink. Would YOU now – in 2007 – knowing what you do – follow this former British Army Brigadier into the affray?

  75. John Tenniswood says:

    Re Bill’s unfortunate but innocent reference to Heaven and Ed’s equally uncalled for reference to Virgins.

    There seems to be some discrepancy regarding the actual number of virgins available depending on which newspaper one reads. Indeed there is apparently one claim that the translation is false and it is in fact RAISINS and not virgins which are promised. I for one would hesitate to blow myself up for a few raisins.

    Frankly though I would welcome the latter option. I have always thought it would be somewhat intimidating to arrive in Heaven and be presented with a large number of virgins understandably eager for gratification without delay.

    Particularly after the stress of recently blowing oneself up. Would I get counselling first ?

  76. John Tenniswood says:

    Thats OK Bill. God’s not insulted, he will I am sure let you off this time as you are a Pensioner.

    But should we worry about the carbon emitted by your rocket? It’s not exactly Greenpeace approved is it?

  77. Bill Griffiths says:

    After having looked at what I had just written, I thought I ought to apologise for making any reference to Heaven in connection with these people, so can I amend it to say that ‘When these guys go to meet their MAKER..whoever, and wherever he might be, (and obviously not a very skilled craftsman). He will then admit to making one bloody great big mistake.

    There, I feel a bit better now.

    Sorry God, didn’t mean to insult you.

  78. Bill Griffiths says:

    Well, how can I add to what has already been said on this subject.

    We can’t let little children name a Golliwog – OOPS! SORRY – a Teddy Bear, we can’t fart in church, in fact we can’t fart anywhere without some stupid prat from a far off country, (now most probably living in OUR country claiming every benefit made available by our own stupid prats in government), wanting to start yet another war and wander round OUR country ranting and raving like demented LUNATICS.

    I say, put them all into a great big rocket, and blast them off in to space, without a return ticket.

    God save the Queen, Land of Hope and Glory. GREAT BRITAIN? Remember them? Not any more.

    ALL GONE, thanks to our prats running our country for us. I wonder how all these Middle Eastern guys get on when they go to Heaven? Do they still act like prats in front of their Maker or does their Maker agree that THEY were one of his biggest mistakes?

    ED: Don’t overlook the 70 virgins Bill – would the above guys have time to act like prats? Mmmm – wonder what the virgins think about it though? Not exactly equality is it – which is what they claim entitlement to in Good ‘Ole Grated Britain!

    Nulle Illigitimo Carborundum!
    Ossie! Ossie! Ossie! Oy! Oy! Oy!
    Oh! S**t – maybe that’ll be banned next!

  79. John Tenniswood says:

    Derek don’t get me started….I am so f**king bored with hearing and reading about Muslims.

    Boring Boring Boring Boring BORING! Also these lefty do gooders like this bloody stupid teacher going to these crappy Middle Eastern countries “doing good.”


    Brit troops in Aff ‘ganis STAN supporting hopelessly corrupt governments of drug dealing war lords who are just as bad as Taliban.

    Give it back to the Tallies but let’s do Agent Orange on the poppies first!

    Nato turns out to be a load of crap…lucky we always had the Yanks.

    Thanks Holland, Belgium, Germany etc for your support.

    In Basra the assholes have taken over and are stoning women etc etc and imposing Sharia law.

    Lets get out… F**k ’em.

    Meantime throw a couple a Jumbuck steaks on the barbie mate. Spring into your private billabong (chlorinated I hope) and get rid of that Matilda shiela before the wife turns up…

    ED: Goodonyer John – let’s see what else gets stirred up!


    Gidday Cheps.

    Bit of a clean out of my garage today and found my kid’s old teddy bear. His name is Jesus – that’s pronounced (He-sus) – in the Mexican vernacular, just in case some politically correct wanker objects. See the URL connection to The Daily Mail attached to my bolded name.

    Who knows – just might get all our Armed Forces away from all this Middle East bullshit if we change every British Soldier’s first name. What’s the world coming to? If I was God – (and that’s bloody unlikely – BUT – I’ll look over my shoulder in the event that some f**cking mediaeval moron claims jurisdiction over him/her/it) – I’d blow the f**cking planet up and start again! or maybe a good ‘ole flood is what’s required?

    Carpe Diem!

  81. Neil Swanson says:

    In answer to Bill Griffiths, I haven’t served on any Branch Committees for over 6 years now so I am not up to date with new RBL rules etc,. What I notice is that most RBL Clubs are not as I knew them, but I am not now involved in any way.

    I belong to my Local and pay a Pensioner’s subscription and I feel, as do many ex servicemen and women, out of place in Legions these days because of new rules of membership! There are not many of the rules of yesteryear, where (now) the membership ratios of the RBL have changed; in the past being 60-40 which was 60 per cent ex service 40 per cent non ex service.

    The current rules have changed and I’m not familiar with them at all. I only go out 2 nights a week to my RBL club, Friday to play cards, Saturday with my wife. On Saturday night I meet several old Army mates and their wives and we generally have very good evening, chatting about old times. But most of the members in our club have never witnessed service life! More’s the pity!

    In my Legion career the Legion was like the TA where most Legionaires were older men, who we respected; that was the way our generation as you knew it to be Bill, was all about!! My wife’s late father was my closest friend and mentor. He served as a Sgt. in the Royal Engineers (Bomb Disposal) in WW2 and I myself also served in the Royal Engineers in the TA and he was a big help to me in all things (Sappers). He was one of the founders of our RBL and if he came back today he would never believe how the Legion has changed? I hope this letter has helped in some way for you Bill.

    Best regards Neil (Swanny) Swanson.
    To Mr. Bill Griffiths Ex KSLI .

  82. John Tenniswood says:

    More on resignation of 3 Para C O. Today’s Sunday Times reports:-

    “Paratroopers only have 6 Land Rovers fitted with machine guns for by training prior to going to Afghanistan. Should have 110.”

    There are only 6 Challenger 2 Tanks available for training in UK because the others have been cannibalized for spares in Iraq. At one point the Paras had to borrow heavy machine gun rounds from Canadians because they were down to their last 1000 rounds.

    Micky Mouse Army of a Micky Mouse Country made so by successive lousy politicians all with their snouts in the trough. Looks like the big wigs in the RBL may also be at it. Can I take half the proceeds of my collecting box home please next year ? I could travel to my pitch by taxi.

    PS: Ed 19th November. Thanks John, read also the Telegraph on the same topic.

  83. I was not going to comment on this subject but, having read Neil Swanson’s letter of Nov 16th, I now feel compelled to. First I must congratulate Neil for being awarded a Gold Lapel badge for his 40 years of dedicated and unpaid services to the RBL, and I know that there must be quite a few more who have received the same, in fact we have one in my village, Phillip Jenkins ex KSLI, (served with me 1953-54) and his wife who acted as secretary for a very long time.

    I also applaud and truly and honestly admire all those ex servicemen, and their wives and all other VOLUNTEERS, who stand out in the cold and rain, collecting money for the Poppy Appeal each year. But, for each of those who has been chosen to receive a little lapel badge for VOLUNTARY work, there are others who get paid substantial amounts just for travelling expenses going to meetings. In fact in 2006, just 21 such members received £114K between them, (I will leave you to work that out as a weekly sum)!!!! Then, compare that with the amount received by the average ex serviceman as a PENSION.

    In 2001 I believe it was necessary to raise the membership fee by £1.. (I might stand correction on this) but I wonder how many members would have had to pay that £1 to pay for these expenses?

    Perhaps Neil would like to contact me, and he might be able to answer a few questions that I put to the financial director recently which he could not answer.

    As an ex regular soldier having served for 26 years, at times on active service, then a further 13 years as TA, I joined the RBL, but left in disgust on 8th Nov 2002, three days before Armistice Day, when not one of the ELEVEN welfare officers in my district came to knock on my door when both my wife (also a member of the womens RBL) and myself were ill, to ask if we were alright.

    Look forward to hearing from you Neil.

    Bill Griffiths ex KSLI…RAPC
    address; Fairview, Eardisley, Hereford HR3 6PQ

    PS: Editor logged in 18th November. I know both Neil Swanson and Bill Griffiths and have knowledge of their services and would encourage open forum in any ensuing commentary that these two Old Mates would care to make on their respective experiences. We can all benefit I feel from open exposure to rorts that seemingly are abusing the service and sacrifice that Tommy Atkins has made from way back to WW1.

  84. John Tenniswood says:

    We hear today that the CO of 3 Para has resigned because of the “appalling” way in which soldiers serving, wounded and ex servicemen are treated.

    Lack of equipment, terrible accommodation etc etc. Meanwhile the politicians and mandarins line their pockets. Is it any worse though than say at the time of the Korean War? and Kiplings “Tommy” poem suggets that it was always thus. Luckily we have now a powerful Media which occasionally gets on the right band wagon.

    PS: Editor. Thanks John – here’s the hotlink to Kipling’s famous poem for those of us who need a reminder. Does death and sacrifice really change the general attitude? I fear not.

    Carpe Diem!

  85. Neil Swanson says:

    As a Member of the Royal British Legion of many years standing I must make a comment. I served for over 40 years as service secretary.

    I must speak of the loss of membership of ex service personal now joining their local branches on leaving the forces. In most RBL’s the committees are made up of non ex Forces, also there are more Clubs all over the UK closing for losses in Membership. I served in the RBL on committees where most were older ex Service men and the respect we had for them was second to none?

    I received a RBL Gold Badge in 1984 for services rendered. Most ex service don’t bother about joining the RBL these days but the ones that do, get the same camaraderie as is experienced in the Forces. I was on the Remembrance Parade last Sunday and after went into my local RBL club for a drink and I was in the company of two serving Royal Marines Commando’s who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and we had a highly convivial time together.

    Let’s hope we can get more service personnel interested. If not the RBL will fade away?

  86. Neil Swanson says:

    I feel that most of the British public don’t understand what our Armed Forces go through in Iraq and Afghanistan? I watched a documentary on TV of the Grenadier Guards in Afghanistan and the bravery of these men? At nearly the end of their tour of duty the expression on their C.O.’s face said it all. The pressure put on our brave troops is unbelievable.

    I served for 24 years, NS, TA, RMR, and I never saw active service in my entire service time. I was one of the fortunate, but how many of the British public realise the number of Reserve Forces that are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan? What is the reward our brave service men and women get when they come home, especially our maimed and wounded? Not being put into Military Hospitals as we had in our service days.

    It must be so frustrating for them to think of all their brave heroic acts, and then to be treated in this way? Finally their reward for their heroism is a pittance in compensation!

    Come on MOD pull your fingers out and reward our heros with the compensation that they deserve, and hospitalise them in Military Hospitals???.

  87. John Tenniswood says:

    Thanks Bill

    I for one had no idea that the Brit Legion was also a trough for the pigs to feed from. That really does shock me.

  88. I cannot agree more with Derek Lovemore for his views on what is an absolute disgrace. He has just referred to The Daily Telegraph editorial in which that newspaper has reported on the remarks of Air Chief Marshall Sir Jock Stirrup about what our lads can expect when they return from active service. Sir Jock refers to a breakdown in communication between the Armed Forces hierarchy and the British Public and the consequential effect on our British Armed Forces returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Are your Blog readers also aware of the apparent rorts in the British Legion where the majority of the funds raised by the great British Public during the Poppy Appeal are siphoned off to ‘executive overheads’.

    I recently wrote to the Finance Director of The RBL asking how much was spent on the totally disabled servicemen in 2006… His reply, ” It is difficult to estimate how much was spent” – and he is the Finance Director… It seems that all these really highly paid top ranking geezers are out to grab as much as they can, and totally ignore poor old Tommy Atkins. I wonder how much active service these guys have seen??????

    I served for 26 years as a regular soldier, from 1946 till 1980, then with the TA for a further 13 years, so I think I have a right to comment. I reckon the whole of the British Army should now ground arms, and tell these damned pen pushers to get out there and do the bloody job themselves..

    After all, they couldn’t Court Martial the whole Army could they ????

    I feel ashamed that so called serving officers in their cosy little offices have any say at all…I think all decisions of this nature should be made by serving Officers, who are, or have been, on ACTIVE SERVICE…not pen pushers.

    Bill Griffiths, a Disgusted Old Soldier.
    ex KSLI

  89. John Tenniswood says:

    Hey Bill

    Bet there aren’t many who can tell you to “get some in” or “get your knees brown”

  90. John Tenniswood says:

    It is sadly a fact that there is a huge groundswell of ignorance within our uneducated (and educated) population. This also includes by the way the so called educated with their degrees in Media Studies and sociology etc. Many of this type become Members of Parliament (big expenses) or members of the “education racket”, or civil servants who have never even held down a proper job let alone have any capacity or willingness to understand what you are talking about. They have no knowledge or interest in history except to repeat their mantras that the British Empire was an evil thing which enslaved millions ete ete..this is what they have been taught.

    They equate our soldiers in their tiny minds with the Waffen SS. It is easy to foresee a disastrous lack of recruits in future.

    Yes I am also very very pissed off .
    By the way my local MP is called Khan.
    Bet he’ll really go to bat for the British Army

    OK OK so arrest me assholes, I’ll blame the Aussie red wine.


    Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup says it all. Reported in the Daily Telegraph 14th November last.

    “Speaking for the first time on the issue, Sir Jock says that troops who have put their lives in danger on the front line have to accept poor standards of accommodation and a lack of appreciation from the public when they arrive home”.

    Read the full article in The Daily Telegraph.

    Just what the bloody hell is happening at the MOD? Daily (almost) we are hearing of the scandalous treatment meted out by Whitehall to our brave troops who are placed in harm’s way without appropriate consideration.

    Are these wankers watering down the might of the British Armed Forces by their crass ignorance and stupidity? What will they expect next – Dad’s Army or the Home Guard – to fill in for a non-existent military?

    Our close associate in the appeal to see justice done for the former Boss of 1KSLI, KIA 1955, and left forgotten in a decrepit grave in Nairobi, has a son who is serving his 3rd term with the US forces in Iraq – who advises me.

    The mimimum the US Army offers someone permanently disabled in action is now US$1.3 million and climbing, more if with dependants, plus a disability pension for life, plus specialist no-wait care for years if necessary at a Veterans hospital.

    He’s totally appalled by what is offered in Britain in comparison.

    Let’s ‘Get These Bastards Off Their Asses’ (GTBOTA) – cheps – appeal to your local MP and bombard the crap out of these cretins. Maybe another E Petition? If we can muster 2,200 signatures for Ben Parkinson – consider what we might achieve for the entire British Armed Forces!

    Tempus Fugit!

  92. I ‘discovered’ this timely reminder today when reading The British Telegraph

    Time to stop insulting Tommy Atkins

    It is the soldier, not the reporter
    Who has given us Freedom of the Press
    It is the soldier, not the poet
    Who has given us Freedom of Speech
    It is the soldier, not the campus organiser
    Who has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate
    It is the soldier who serves beneath the flag
    Who salutes the flag?
    Whose coffin is draped in the flag?
    Who allows the protester to burn the flag
    It is the soldier, not the politician
    Who has given his blood, his body, his life
    Who has given us these freedoms?

    Posted by Remember Them on October 12, 2007 12:46 PM

    Read the entire article if you are really up in arms over this bloody Whitehall debacle.

    Nulle Illegitimo Carborundum

  93. I agree 100% with Bill Griffiths and Derek Lovemore. If the Army does not want to have a legion of desertions and hopes to attract a continuing stream of officers, men and women, it has to start behaving decently in compensation for those killed or maimed in active duty. It cannot continue to treat its soldiers with such contempt and fail in its duty when they have done theirs.

    I have a son in the US Army who has been to Iraq twice. I understand the US Army will pay a minimum of US$1 million to any active-duty soldier, or a dependant spouse or family, in similar circumstances.

    Why does the MOD have to be so incredibly stingy in comparison? It shows an incredible meanness and nastiness of UK politicians of all political stripes.

    Keith A. Forbes

    PS: (Ed) 13th October 2007

    Thank you for your succinct comments Keith and how appropriate are your views as a parent of a soldier on active duty.


    Why am I not surprised over the apathy of the British nation as a whole, especially the militarily connected sector, in their miserable response to the E Petition for Ben Parkinson opened by the webmaster of the LI websites. To date at closure of Petition there are 2,231 names logged. At best that’s an average of 25 per day calculated on 90 days; not an exceptional result from over 60,000,000 people, plus those millions of British expatriates swanning it up overseas. The LI webmaster, to whom we owe thanks for his industry and offer of Guestbook facilities deserved a far better response for his prompt reaction to the Daily Mail article.

    Ben Parkinson and the entire British Armed Forces deserve the support of a nation of people steeped in the rich history of survival, whether or not there is agreement for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. This bloke did his duty and look at how he’s treated for it.

    GOYA Britain – put the bloody ‘Great’ back in the name where it once belonged and do something proactive for once and force Whitehall into some commonbloodysense. To accept the inadequate Forces Compensation Act as it stands today – without protest – indicates an acceptance of the calibre of government that you deserve. What other moronic laws and judgements do the chinless wonders in Whitehall make? Where would they stand in the queue to serve the nation?

    Shame on you politicians and law makers for sending lads into danger without adequate protection. Take your eyes and minds off your own gravy train benefits for a while and GOYA and do what you’re elected to do!

    Pissed off in Oz with Whitehall Wankers!

    Derek Lovemore, Brisbane

    PS: By Editor added 12th October 2007


    How’s this for insult to injury. Can’t Whitehall get it right even now? We’ve reached just over 2,000 signatures in 42 days on the E Petition raised to draw attention to Ben Parkinson’s plight and still the bastards in government don’t get it. What price life and body in the service of a country. As Ben’s mother accurately states “how can a 12 hour visit to Iraq by Gordon Brown assess the true feelings of our fighting men and their families?”

    Whitehall – GOYA and each one of you politicians (small ‘p’ is just about your entitlement to match your sense of decency) pretend for a moment that Ben Parkinson is your son – and then assess the commonbloodysense of these injustices. Maybe backdate the injuries and sack the soldiers the day before the accidents and make ’em civilians again – to get some sensible compensation. (That’s a joke by the way – just like the current Compensation Act).

    Still pissed off in OZ!!

  95. Neil Swanson says:

    As a ex Soldier, I think it is a disgrace the way our government has treated all our service men and women who have served with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan in such a very difficult war.

    I for one say all our services who have served with such Valour should be awarded a Medal for their service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  96. John Tenniswood says:

    An absolute bloody disgrace isn’t it?

    Add this to the fact that all Military Hospitals have closed so that wounded lads are being shipped home and taken into ordinary A and E departments where they wait and take their chances with the drunks and druggies.

    Example :Soldier in casualty told to get out of uniform unless it upsets Muslims. SHAMEFUL

    Soldier recovering, wakes to see at foot of his bed a Muslim family accusing him of murdering Muslims in Iraq.

    PS: (Editor) Added 30th August 2007.

    Thank you John, your reaction endorses those opinions of many Old Soldiers.

  97. Barry Cornish says:

    Like Derek, I was lost for words, when I read this report. However, Bill has put my feelings into words so well that even though, thankfully, I do not have his first hand experience of war as a soldier, I fully endorse all that he has to say.

    If ever there was a cause worth championing, this is it!

    PS: (Editor) 30th August 2007

    Thanks Barry, Bill has more to suggest and will be posting soon.

  98. Bill Griffiths says:

    I have already expressed my feelings and disgust about this via the LI website. I think all politicians should be forced to serve in the armed forces, so that they can really appreciate just what it is like to go to war. None of them have any idea what they are talking about, and they have no regard for anyone but themselves, they are greedy, arrogant and totally selfish If I had my way, they would all serve a period in one of the armed forces just so that they could appreciate what our lads have to go through.

    I am just one of thousands who have witnessed horror and loss of comrades…in previous wars and conflicts… What a pity we can’t be heard…if we were overpaid pansy footballers…we would get top billing, especially if we sprained an ankle…


    SHAME on all those who are supposed to be in power.

    Come on guys, join with me, and let’s show these useless prats in government what we think of them…

    (Signed) Bill Griffiths, an absolutely DISGUSTED old soldier..

    PS: (Ed) Thanks Bill – let’s hope that your appropriately ‘disgusted’ comment is the first of many.

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